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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 4, 2018 11:00pm-12:05am EST

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still reeling. thousands of people in the dark as neighborhoods wait for their power to come back on. stranded, the storm is taking its toll on people and man's best friend. crews scrambling to restore power to our areas. left in the dark. two days after a major storm, thousands of people are still without power across the region. i am denise nakano and tonight entire neighborhoods are still reeling after a storm slammed our region.
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dozens of schools closed tomorrow. you can see those at the bottom of the screen. let's start withdrew smi-- with drew smith. >> reporter: if you don't see destruction outside your door, you may see it on the way to work tomorrow. this road is still closed here. these ones over here are being empowered by emergency power generators. still in the dark tonight. with only the light from our cam ra to see. >> we lost power before but never for this long a period of time. >> reporter: under this blanket,
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her 55-gallon fish tank. the all the fish died because of loss of power. people are using flashlights to find their way around. and this roadblocked with a random sign and caution tape. delaware county is using every generator it can get its hands on. further up west chester pike utility workers directed traffic. >> they can't get to the wires because of the number of large trees. so we need all of the resources available through the state. >> reporter: those resources include chainsaw gangs and these big generators. the county says power should be back to everyone by wednesday or thursday. >> and i am sure they are doing the best they can. >> crews have been dispersed but we don't see them. >> reporter: we have seen people
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out here trying to drive into these hazard areas ignoring roadblocks and that is not safe. state police will be here assisting with traffic managing. asking people to take their time and go slow. i am drew smith. live team coverage continues with steve sosna, a few days of sun will bring relief to people still cleaning up. >> we need the sunshine and the quiet weather. first and foremost, it is cold outside. if you still do not have power, this is a rough night to get through. the wind busy out of the north, northwest at 23 miles per hour. 1,000 miles offshore, and this wind machine continues. if you are stepping outside right now, feels like 19 in
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philadelphia. 19 in allentown. showing know signs of handing off the baton. the temperatures and feels like temperature are the big story. when you step outside, at eig 8:00 in the morning, it will feel like 31, like the teens in the suburb. by afternoon, looking at a nice warm up. temperature jumping up to 41 degrees. i will have to break down new information on the nor'easter coming in. in chester county, reunion for dog owners and their pets. when friday's storm hit, a tree and pole fell blocking the road in and out. a meeting place was set to get
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the animals back to its owners. they are expecting 125 dogs to be dropped off monday morning. >> they took amazing care of my dog and now i have them. >> reporter: happy to have them back. >> you have no idea. >> reporter: and that's alphie. a tree landed on this driver's vehicle. came to a stop on old golf road. neighbors tell us they heard a loud noise and everyone came outside, the driver managed to escaped with minor injuries. >> a gentleman came and had blood on his face and disoriented. it turns out this was his car and he was in it. he said he managed to crawl out
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the window. >> she saw the driver come back to get some things out of his vehicle and & he is okay. slowly but surely the power is coming back on. reinforcements arrive from as far away as illinois today. septa hopes to be running smoothly for the morning commute. nbc 10 spotted crews working to fix overhead wires coming down on the track. here is a live look at 30th street station. all scheduled amtrak trains are back in service. all trains between boston and washington, d.c. are running normally. and count on nbc 10 news to get you prepared for the workweek as the area still recovers from the
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major storm starting at 4:00 a.m. a fight inside a pizza restaurant got out of town. inside chuck e. cheese. the fight involved 16 to 20 people. officers were called to help. two women were taken into custody. no word what sparked that fight. in delaware county investigators are trying to piece together what led to a shooting. a woman who was stabbed several times ran to mckinley fire company for help. officers shot him. no word on his condition. three weeks ago today a fire tore through this building on chestnut street. apartments and businesses were damaged some beyond repair. and today one of the restaurants
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impacted by the fire held a fundraiser. 80 employees who are now out of jobs. the owners of mad rex and fish town donated staff, food and beverages. red cross flag flying high tonight. march is american red cross month. and the battleship is lid up in red lights. march has been recognized as red cross months for 75 years. bill cosby heading back to court tomorrow morning. prosecutors want to call as many as 19 other women to show cosby had a five year pattern.
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cosby's attorneys say they will asked for the trial to be delayed. his first trial ended in a hung jury. jury selection is scheduled for the end of this month. >> all eyes on wall street storm after a wild ride on friday. responding to president trump's announcement on tariffs. tariffs were meant to target china, but could hurt canada. as for gop criticism. >> donald trump ran against 16 republicans and none of those republicans supported donald trump's position on trade. >> president hasn't officially signed off on the tariffs. some republicans are still hoping to talk him out of it. next on nbc 10 news at
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11:00, a gift on life. honoring those who made a sacrifice. another storm coming. it is out across the mountain west right now. it is going to make a hook up the coast and what that means for us in terms of snowfall. i will break down the forecast coming back next.
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tonight, nbc 10 responds continues its work erasing medical debt. since the nbc universal television sets announced this benefit. donating enough money to forgive well over a half million dollars for medical debts. tonight george spencer is looking at how the medical debt problem can be fixed. >> reporter: walking near his home veer may recognize him for his advocacy report. but suddenly, he too is a medical debtor. >> honestly, i am pretty i don't know what i am going to do. >> reporter: late last year doctors discovered blood clots
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in his legs and abdomen and other serious complications. has been on medical leave ever since and big bills rolling in. >> i am now realizing they were pretty pricey. >> reporter: too many patients are in the dark not knowing how much their medical care costs until it is too late. price transparency can be a major first step towards reducing our medical care crisis. almost like comparing the price of the same car at different dealerships. >> even if they wanted to make a conscious decision about it, finding the information is difficult. >> reporter: taking steps toward that transparency with this
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online medical tool. the other big fix might be more difficult. streamlining the system to reduce the costly overhead that drives up prices. >> it is so complicated that a lot of expenses aren't really the time you are with the doctor but just the administration. >> reporter: we partnered with rip medical debt on this initiatives but our viewers can't sign up to have their debt erased. their process is entirely random and anonymous. only you will know if your medical debt has been paid if you get a yellow envelope like this in the mail. >> our viewers added to the $2 million of local medical debt paid off. you will find a link to donate and if you do receive one of those yellow envelopes, let us
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know. living donors were being honored. celebrating the gift with friends family and staff from the region's hospitals. there was a pinning ceremony. 2018 philadelphia flower show on its way. leading floral and garden designers have created masterpieces under the theme the wonders of water. jungle forest and landscapes and the plants that thrive there. >> it smells great. and everything is alive in here compared to outside. definitely getting me excited for spring. >> the philadelphia flour show run. the jersey shore saw more
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severe flooding today than yesterday. tidal flooding created problems around lunchtime. first alert meteorologist steve sosna joining us. >> this is a lousy march pattern. if you like don't storm, because we have been battered by one after another. another one headed at us here by wednesday of this week. here is what is new at 11. tonight we have a numbing night. feels like the teens in many neighborhoods with that abrasive wind coming at us. thanks to a good amount of sunshine. that will lead to good clean up weather. they will be out there. so know that. on tuesday the winds are fairly light. then we are dealing with the next nor'easter. that is on board for wednesday. and new info rolling in here in
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the last hour or so. and i will walk you through that here. right now we have temperatures in philadelphia ranging around 32 or 33 degrees. when you factor in that wind, it feels like the teens in low 20s. 33 right now in society hill. northern delaware you are cold as well under mostly clear sky. 34 in harmony hills. let's bring you down into kent and sussex county. 32 in milton. it really is about the wind. you can still hear it roethlisberger in spo in spots. you know anybody who don't have power, check in and give them a call. temperatures right around 30 degrees in the morning but again, you will need jackets and
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sweaters to say the least because the wind chills will once again be in the teens. tomorrow warming up to 48 degrees. expecting chilly breezy weather and a lot of sunshine. high temperatures tomorrow in our neighborhoods from philadelphia in the upper 40s. south jersey you will be in the mid-40s. so right now, we have the cold air on top of us and this is an important piece to this next storm. more cold air to start with which means less in the way of trying to clear the atmosphere down. snow at the onset. lovely 70 degrees in the dallas area. it makes a bee line across the country and arrives in our neck of the woods by tuesday evening.
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and our american models are very consistent on bringing this storming within close proximity to the coast close enough that it will bring snowfall into philadelphia. most of this storm in philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs will likely be snow and a heavy snow at that. down at the shore, do you stay rain or mix over the snow? and we will be working on those answers throughout the week. let's go over to danny pommells with more sports and another look at the storm in the next half hour. >> did not forget his roots. and those details next. every time embiid hits the floor, fans get nervous.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. hey, danny pommells with you once again. will the process finally lead to the playoffs. for most people as many as seven or eight. believer it or not the sixers can move into the sixth seed. going knee to knee with chris middleton. he was okay. here is the proof, how about the alley-oop. hit in the three and getting fouled on the far corner. sixers up a dozen at the break.
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third quarter things fell through. taking it to the tenant. slams home repairs. down seven going into the fourth. things did not get much better. then he fouls zeller. sixers with a season high 26 turn overs. meanwhile the flooiers, today things got worse against the panthers. in the first, in on peter mori zet, goal. make it is 3-ny panthers. i think you see the theme. behind the d. and throws on the brakes and scores on a pretty backhand.
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good news and in fact great news inviting stoneman douglas students to the game. >> it is the least i can do. i have to thank the panthers for setting it up and the flyers going with it. get their minds off something and have some laughs. >> to football now. nfl teams luring away eagles coaches but so far the bird's roster remains in tact. the eagles are in negotiating
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contract. meanwhile, carson wentz and jeffrey were the main attractions at the memorabilia show. the pair poses for pictures and signed plenty of autographs four weeks go tonight the eagles won the super bowl. while the championship is fresh in the mind of philadelphiians. here they are, oh gosh, rile lands and bret myers. striking out justin smokes. spanks a hot shot off the third baseman. tying the game.
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later up two in the eighth. much more on the one month anniversary on the eagles anniversary a bit later. but nbc 10 news for now coming back. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement. a florida police chief says a ten-year-old boy needs intervention after being caught of stealing a car from a dealership. last week he was with his mom shopping for cars when police say he stole two sets of keys. came back and tried to unlock the vehicles but the staff noticed the keys were missing and disabled the cars. he was charged again. teachers in the entire state of west virginia will not return to the classroom tomorrow morning. tomorrow is day eight of their strike. on saturday people say the senate passed a paid grade but
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not what they. experts think he won't back down.
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right now at 11:00, out in the cold. thousands of neighbors still without power days after the major storm swept our entire region. welcome back. i i am denise nakano and tonight we are not out of the clear. first alert meteorologist steve sosna joining us tonight to tell us about the next storm heading our way. >> storm arrives on wednesday and the concern with this one is again tough evening commute with heavy snow. differences with this storm compared to the last one, there will be a pocket of strong wind but looks mainly confined to the north coast. this is why we say check back in, there may be changes. any shift in the track can have differences with the impacts. but right now based on what i am
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seeing, winds confined mainly to the coast. coastal flooding certainly on the table but in the minor category. biggest impact thumping heavy snow. the storm is spinning out in colorado right now. there is still time to buy here for changes in the track. a lot of the models starting to agree now that there will be some impact here. winter storm alerts. blizzard warning here. this is a strong storm system and it will maintain its strength all the way to its coast before tag teaming and giving energy to a new low that drops to our south. what does that mean to us? rainstorm developing tuesday night to wednesday morning and changing to a heavy snow. the impacts of the snow is coming up. downed trees impacted our
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areas. a tree fell town blocking the way to this doggy day care. lauren make has that story. >> reporter: on 3-ton road, the spot of blacktop before the orange cones has been a default gathering spot. >> i couldn't get back there, but they were in touch with me all the time. they made sure i knew he was safe. >> reporter: more than 100 dogs were at the boarding center when friday's storm took down a pole and wires. blocking a road to come in or out. ramon drives an 18 wheeler and was doing a pickup when the storm hit. stranded here for days. enable to get the 70-foot long truck out of here.
11:39 pm
a pico truck was a welcome sign. open the road and get the power back on to businesses on the other side. >> going to take a cut back through the woods to get on the other side of the damage. >> reporter: for now, this path is the way those who have work or dogs to attend to have found to get around the blockage and avoid the downed wires. my evening progress repced the trek with traffic on the road. 3-ton road is now open again. the truck stuas finally driving out. while trucks move out of here tonight, this is one of the places where crews have been working to restore power. pico tells me they hope to have most back on by tomorrow night all by mid-week. i am lauren make nbc 10 news.
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president trump getting a lot of criticism over tariffs of impa imports. no sign from the president backing down his plan. >> we are going to put american steel and aluminum back into the backbone of our country. >> going to be instituting tariffs. >> reporter: heard like a fire alarm across markets among allies and even in the president's own party. >> reconsider your solution. >> reporter: in places like west virginia where trump's trade positions have traction, enthusiasm can be found from a democrat. >> we are talking about fair trade. free trade hasn't worked out for west virginia. >> reporter: the trump plan will
11:41 pm
impose tariffs on steel and aluminums coming into the u.s. but unintended consequences worry the owner of iowa based des moines steel. >> our supply and demand is going to be hard because almost all of our stainless steel is made in china and overseas. >> reporter: with days to go or maybe more until the president says he will sign the tariff plan, today commerce secretary wilbur ross say other nations want a chance to influence the terms. >> a lot of countries have been talking with the president and talking with me and others. we'll see the president makes the decision. >> reporter: ross dismissed concerned that threats of retaliation. >> it isn't going to change the price of beer or change the price of the car.
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it is not going to. calls for change. the new push for lawmakers in the wake of a deadly shooting at a south florida high school. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill?
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(yelling) isn't always best. unless it's a aaa plus membership. get 100 towing miles and free emergency gas delivery. aaa. go ahead. a bill named after marjory stoneman douglas high school. maya rodriguez reports. >> reporter: 17 days after 17 people were gunned down the debate over guns in schools reached a fever pitch at the florida state capitol. >> the root cause is a society that now worships violence. >> reporter: in a 20-17 vote along party lines all but two
11:45 pm
republican state senators voted in favor of banning bump stocks. creating a voluntary program to arm teach. millions in mental health funding for schools. what did not pass a ban on assault weapons and a sale on large capacity magazines. now focusing on their up coming march. and the midterm elections. >> we say we are going to see change or we are going to change our politicians. >> reporter: the bill still needs to be approved in the florida house, but with five days left in the session the students at to see if any measure passes.
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nbc 10 responds continues erasing medical debt. tonight revealing the ways that unpaid doctor's bills can impact all parts of your life. donating enough money to forgive a half of medical debts nbc owned television stations are helping wipe out medical detonation wide. how this big payoff has multipl >> reporter: she is now in medical billing but even she is facing a $1,200 bill for medical lab work. nydy has an extra $1,200.
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>> reporter: it started with a mistake from her doctor's office. she is worried about her credit record. the financial record used by banks to determine eligibility from everything from car loans. >> a debt that i didn't had. >> medical debt is one major thing that harms peoples' credit reports. >> reporter: it could show up on your credit record as soon as it was unpaid. you now have a six-month grace period to resolve medical debt before it appears as past due on your medical report. use that extra time to double check your bill. >> scrutinize everything. make sure that is a line item.
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>> reporter: the amount of time those creditors have to file lawsuits varies from state. four in pennsylvania and six in new jersey. after that statute of limitation passes bill collectors may harass you to pay. izy recommends that you are diligent from the start. >> be aware and check your bills. >> reporter: for this initiative, nbc universal have partners with rip medical debt. it is a random process so you cannot sign up to receive a portion for nbc pay off. getting one of these yellow envelopes in the mail will be your only indication that your debt has been forgiven.
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george spencer reporting, nbc 10 news. >> all nbc owned station are taking part in this. click on this story where you will find your link to donate. a $ten donation pays off $1,000 in original debt. if you receive a yellow nf envelope, we would love to hear from you. here is a look at your weather forecast. quiet weather that extends even to tuesday. the clean up continues. getting everybody outside safely. another nor'easter coming at us on wednesday. important thaw make your preparations before wednesday. it looks like wednesday afternoon and evening the storm
11:50 pm
will be coming down at a good clip. a plowable snow will certainly be likely now wednesday afternoon and evening. >> live look. couple weeks away, but all of with ungrily anticipating it.e the winds gusty at that. a lot of viewers still without power. 30 warwick. 30 in lanesdale. so we have tonight that fall into the middle to upper 20s. factoring that breeze. upper teens so it does not feel like spring is nearby tonight or tomorrow morning. you are waking up to a temperature of 29 degrees.
11:51 pm
34 9:00. march sun angle. look at that 1:00 afternoon temperature. 42 by philadelphia. 41 in the suburbs. in the lehigh valley go from 26 into the 40s as well. nice recovery in the afternoon. that is the benefit of being in march as opposed to january. a lot of sunshine across the board. there is our storm and we will be following every inch of it as it moves towards the east coast. sparkingonsign of its health riw and vitality. that storm will cut across down to the south. now, it is march and so i talked about the sun angle and it will play a key in the forecast. if it is not snowing heavily, all of the snow is going to melt in the ground. it is all about the snowfall rate at wednesday, wednesday afternoon and evening.
11:52 pm
you will put snow cover on the roads and it will be a slick and terrible commute. know that rain snow line will be flirting with the i-95 corridor and may try to back down again. we will be adjusting and fine tuning that tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. tammy will be with you here in the evening. what you need to know about this snow is it will be heavy, clumpy and wet. it will be tough to remove and power outages and also looking at some poor evening commute conditions there. i will have the ten-day forecast at the end of the show. i am danny pommells. philadelphia earlier, we told you about a 21-0 run. temple got to a worse start.
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a month ago tonight, philadelphia eagles m the super. looking back on their celebration coming up. ♪ gus, you are crushing it! just trying to shed those extra pounds. (giggles)
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it is march. how about some madness. big champion. oh my, current lead jones from radford. winning 55-55. going to its first ncaa tournament since 2009. some conference tournaments are coming to an end. locals tip things off with an automatic big to the ncaa at state. big east begins wednesday. american athletic conference begins thursday. march madness can make you mad. going straight to the ten. tulsa jumped out to a 24-0 lead.
11:56 pm
second half, temple showing light. this is turning theto a dunking. too much of an uphill climb. finishing the regular season with a 16 and 14 record. charleston and the caa finals second half. drexel down four with under a minute to go. dials distance. drexel falls. all right. just think about how you were feeling one month ago at this moment. you probably weren't climbing light posts maybe you were but probably celebrating as the eagles celebrating the first
11:57 pm
title. here is a look back. here is john clark. >> reporter: philly, it finally happened. 57 years since the last nfl title. third longest drought in the nfl. phillies got a super bowl. >> yes we did. >> it is not about how hard you get hit, it is about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward. that's how winning is done. >> can you believe this? where is nick? >> i don't think anybody deserves it more>>ear it on my . but right now, this is in my heart. >> it means the world to
11:58 pm
everybody in philadelphia. and that is why we play so hard >> you shocked the world. >> shocked the world. and shocked the whole world. you know why? because we are champs. >> we are going to be back. guarantee. i promise you that. >> man, all the feels right bet watching them celebrate it is watching jerry jones trying to explain how the birds passed them on the way to a title. >> they took it down to the bone and brought it back up and have a world championship and we have been doing the same thing.
11:59 pm
where is ours? that is fair. >> it burns so good. that's your look at sports. i am danny pommells, we'll be right back.
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up next it is in depth and here is a preview. >> in the middle east spending two days with formula one chairman. the billionaire opens up from the recent sale of the
12:02 am
organization to vladimir putin to donald trump. >> he is the guy that says he is going to do something. >> all of that coming up later on nbc 10. >> looking at that ten-day, it is interesting. a couple of days of sunshine, right? >> thank you for your optimism. 48 on tomorrow and tuesday. looks like it could be a significant snow event in the hours and evening hours wednesday and wednesday evening and then the next one. commuter model is bullish. we will be tracking number two and number three for you throughout the workweek. looks like busy weather ongoing. in between the nor'easters temperatures not too bad. a couple of days of sunshine to clean up. >> we need a little bit of a
12:03 am
break. that is nbc 10 for now. i am denise nakano. have a great monday.
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12:05 am
. the world's premier racing league for more than half a century and the man the most synonymous is bernie ekle stone. one person said bernie is a democratic dis-tator. >> must be a close friend. >> hearsay unmatched work ethic and fierce negotiating tactics gained him notoriety and incredible wealth. we traveled on the cas pi an sea to spend two days with the f-1 supremo as the azure grand prix. he talked about everything from president trump -- >> you had conversations with him? >> i said we better remind him. >> to his ouster and o


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