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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  March 5, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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from the academy awards and how stars were showing their support for the me too movement. good moments from that show. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikehema. this morning dozens of schools are closed after the major storm impacts were felt. and we're tracking that. >> that's right. yet another storm is heading our way as we push into late tuesday night into wednesday. today we're going to start off with cold temperatures but lots of sunshine towards the afternoon. temperatures in trenton in the 30s. 29 in lancaster and 29 in
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reading. we'll continue to see gusty conditions or feels like temperatures will stay basically in the high 30s, low 40s. satellite radar shots showing us quiet conditions. but that again is going to change for us as we go into late tuesday and wednesday. as far as the next couple of hours are concerned, your late morning hours, 39 degrees for philadelphia. feels like temperatures closer to 31. cold temperatures by the time you head out the door. your feels like temperatures are going to be in the high 30s. we'll talk about the second nor'easter and also check in with jessica boyington for a closer look at the roadways. hey, brittney watching out in new jersey this morning. not too bad for the east and westbound sides right now no cars on the roads pretty much. watching the southbound side of the blue route at least moving off the off-ramp to the schuylkill expressway for a construction project. drive times, though, are good.
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speeds there into the 60s. and still watching this crash out in manayunk on wissahickon bridge. we are following breaking news in bucks county where a firefighter has been rushed to the hospital. in the last ten minutes we learned the firefighter fell through the roof. official tells us when the firefighter left the scene he was conscious. we will be bringing you updates all morning long as we learn new information. and we are following more breaking news. two people were shot during a home invasion in north philadelphia. leaves a teen hurt there. this is live look right now of the scene on north fifth street. the gunfire happened just after 3:00 this morning. a 16-year-old is listed in critical condition and a 26-year-old woman was also shot. police say someone took $4,000 from this home. thousands of people across
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our area remain in the dark as crews continue to work to pick up the pieces from that powerful winter storm. nbc 10's matt delucia joins us live from havertown, delaware county with the latest on the cleanup efforts there. >> a lot of streets like this one we're on now still do not have power. you can see the street is littered with debris here on wood lane. and you can see the trees that are down and also some power lines that were knocked counsel as well because of that storm. a lot of people living in the dark right now wondering when their power will come back on. the peco number right now is literally over 50,000 customers without power and 22,000 in delaware county. they're getting used to the sound of generators and chain saws as well that fill the air in the past couple of days. the havertown ymca has been helping people over the weekend.
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a phone changing station and a spot for people to get a shower. peco has brought in teams from other states, telling residents power might not be fully back on until wednesday and thursday. >> it's been 50 degrees in the house, and we've lost power before but never for this long a period of time. >> reporter: some frustrated residents still out there right now, and another problem with this are traffic lights are out because of this power outage and roads are closed. so for people heading back to work and school this morning it might be challenging today. and some schools have closed today as well. >> here are the latest power outage numbers. peco reports more man 50,000 customers still in the dark. you can see fewer numbers for
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psg & e. nbc 10 was in berkeley township ocean county. tidal flooding created problems around lunchtime yesterday. water covered streets and pilled onto lawns and driveways. we're hearing a survival storey of a tree landing on a car. the driver had to come to a stop on old gulf road. neighbors tell us they ran outside after they heard a loud noise. the driver escaped amazingly with just minor injuries. >> i poked my head out and a gentlemen came in, had flood on his face. a little disoriented obviously because this was his car and he was in it. he said he manage today climb out the window. she said she saw the driver come back saturday to retrieve personal belongings from his car
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and he was okay. the treetopled saturday morning while the woman was walking her dog. neighbors who heard her screaming ran to help. first responders rushed her to the hospital. not clear if her dog was hurt. and the storm zone of damage and power outages stretches from the carolinas to maine. coastal flooding in new england, submerged streets and coated houses with mud. hundreds of thousands of home owners with no electricity are frustrated after three days in the cold and dark. utility crews as far away as chicago were called in. download the free nbc 10 app to get weather alerts sent straight to your phone. allentown's convicted mayor
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will write a letter to -- one local newspaper reports that pawlowski told them he has hundreds of supporters who will write the judge on his behalf. today a philadelphia community will come together to remember a hero killed in the line of duty. a vigil will be held for sergeant robert wilson iii killed in a shootout at a game stop on march 5, 2015. family members will gather outside the 22nd district where he served to honor him. last fall the president pledged to revoke protections for younger immigrants, dreamers, if congress had not acted by today. lawmakers have not acted. two federal courts blocked mr. trump from doing away with daca
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while judges are hearing legal challenges. the u.s. supreme court up held the rulings by those courts. it means 700,000 immigrants who had permits can legally apply to renew them. a new study shows children are being hospitalized at an alarming rate because of accidental opioid overdoses. doctors say the kids are getting ahold of their parents pain medicine and accidently eating it. it doubled between 2004 and 2015. 2% of these tiny patients died from opioid exposure. >> when you think about two children out of a hundred dying from a condition that could have been completely avoidable, that's disheartening. >> an estimated 2.6 million americans have an opioid use disorder. now to taking a stand at the oscars. an actress uses her moment to
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spread a message. >> well, i'm hyperveptilating a little bit. if i fall over pick-me-up because i've got some things to say. >> we're live in hollywood with her statements. a helping hand. the emotional show of support for people left out of work because of a massive fire.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you with a quick check on it roads. we're watching route 309250 start. our cameras right around the pa turnpike a little dark out there and so a little difficult to see. both directions look good. we're watching a vehicle that wept off the road taking out the right-hand lane of the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike. traffic is still getting by the scene there so you really don't need an alternate, if you want
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you can take 295. i'll end here with mass transit. septa train only 11 minutes late. new jersey, amtrak and patco are all on or close to schedule. and i'm first alert meteorologistbra meteorologist brittney shipp. we were tracking yet another nor'easter. breezy conditions, bright, lots of sunshine. chilly conditions will settle in for us. and as we head into tuesday our clouds will continue to increase. late rain expected and then wednesday when the main system gets here. so we are firming up all the details but we're putting that on your radar for again wednesday for potentially another round of dangerous weather conditions. right now at 31 degrees in trenton, 30 in wilmington, a
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cold start to the morning closer to allentown. below freezing. but this is part of our system that's going to head our way. we'll continue to see that system move to the east and going to tap into more moisture with another system that's going to develop off the coast here as it comes together and starts to move up towards philadelphia by late tuesday. that's when we start to see moisture moving in, and the big question is how much cold air will be have a will it be cold enough to make another snowstorm for us. parts of south jersey more of a rainstorm mix and our suburbs, lehigh valley, poconos could see major snowfall. of course we'll keep you update adthese two-pieces of energy start to come together over the next 48 hours. chestnut hill, 45 degrees.
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43 degrees in westchester. doylestown, 44. lots of sunshine expected. vorhees 44, smyrna, 46 degrees will be your high. coming up we'll talk about nor'easter number two heading our way. a message for hollywood. how diversity took center stage at the oscar and the efforts to make amends for last year's best picture mixup. ♪ gus, you are crushing it!
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well, the stars shined bright at the oscars, and this year's ceremony was about more than just movies. actresses and actors talked about everything from the me too movement to racial diversity part of a night full of special moments. >> jennifer, good morning. got a lot to cover. >> reporter: got a lot to cover. tracy, vai, good morning. as you mentioned hollywood had its serious side. this year a lot of activism, a
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lot of change is taking place. but last night was still a lot about fun and frivolity and celebrating those changes starting to take hold. to wrap them up. >> it's so nice seeing you again. >> reporter: but make no mistake this time the romance about a mute woman and a sea creature earned hollywood's top prize and three others including best director. >> growing up in mexico i thought this could never happen. it happens. >> reporter: in acting categories there were no surprises. gary oldman's portrayal of winston churchhill brought him best actor. and sam rockwell with three bill boards outside ebbing missouri. that film star was overwhelmed
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by her second oscar as best actress. >> i'm hyperventilating a little bit. if i fall over, pick-me-up because i've got some things to say. >> reporter: the night also produced some history. >> jordan peele, get out. >> reporter: he became the first african-american to win best original skin play. >> i know if someone allowed me to write this movie people would hear it and people would see it. >> as basketball players we're really supposed to shut up and dribble, but i'm glad we're doing a bit better than that. >> reporter: just two years after the hashtag oscar's so white, this year featured diverse voices. and phantom thread, the costume designer mark bridges took home possibly the most interesting
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prize. it was that bright green jet ski which was promised to the oscar recipient who gave the shortest acceptance speech. so bravo, well-done. that was a really fun portion of the evening and a running joke throughout the night. >> kobe bryant of course from this area, winning an oscar. thank you, jennifer, appreciate it. and you didn't have to go to hollywood to walk a red carpet last night. the philadelphia film society hosted its annual party. people had a chance to mingle and talk about hollywood's biggest night and then watch the awards show on the big screen. now to weather. let's talk about today and nor'easter number two. >> let's check in with brittney shipp who's got the first alert forecast. >> i know. we're still recovering from friday but yet another one in our seven. day forecast. this will start late tuesday into wednesday. the big differences are the wind
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is not going to be as intense. we're tracking wind gusts closer to 40 miles per hour, some coastal flooding. biggest impact is potentially heavy snow. so we just want to get you geared up that this next system is heading our way. coastal look at the second nor'easter. by tuesday at 9:00 we start to see precipitation moving in. and closer to philly looks more like snow right now. lehigh valley, poconos, parts of south jersey, delaware looks like rain to start. and as we go through most of the day wednesday we start to see a lot of that switching over and a lot of the rain switching over to snow here for parts of philadelphia, northern parts of delaware stretching down to parts of south jersey. so this will continue throughout most of the day on wednesday which means your evening commute will be challenging. strongest winds going a to be at
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the coast. some coastal flooding is expected for us, and the biggest impact potentially again heavy snow over that wednesday evening commute. our temperatures will be an easy day compare today what's in store late tuesday into wednesday. 31 and chilly in philadelphia. our wind speeds are going to stay strong for us as we get into the rest of the afternoon. so our feels like temperatures is going to stay down for us. we'll be closer to the high 30s in terms of our feels like temperature. we're in the 40s today, tuesday same thing and then our temperatures drop as that next system moves in. for the suburbs, 45 degrees on tuesday and we drop almost 150 degrees wednesday with that next system moving in. we're back down into the 30s. if you're closer to jersey mid-40s today and tomorrow dropping down to the low 40s by wednesday. jersey shore temperatures closer
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to average for us. low 40s tomorrow. and as we take a look at delaware we'll be in the high 40s and we drop back down to the low 40s. so that's a closer look at of the next big system we're tracking. we'll have a few details coming up in just a bit. >> all right, thanks, brittney. eight minutes before 5:00. let's get a check on the roads. >> jessica boyington has got some information for us. >> watching 295 and our cameras right around white horse pike. so far so good. both directions north and south not seeing any delays. no closures, no construction. only a 12 minute trip now from the blue route with speeds into the 60s. and high-speed line trolley service running with about 15 minute delays. but for the most part everything else is on time.
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developing this morning overseas. election projections in italy point to no clear winner. that could mean weeks of political haggling before a new government is formed. no single party has enough votes to take control of the italian parliament. how a community is rallying around local workers impacted by a massive building fire in philadelphia. plus taking the stage. a local man getting set to step into the spotlight on "the voice." we give you a sneak peek at his performance.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now with a quick check on the roads. pretty quiet this morning and same goes for our cameras here, route 73 both directions look good. we have a problem though on the new jersey turnpike. updates for you on that when i come back. well, two weeks ago a fire
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tore through this building on chestnut street in old city. >> apartments andwi businesses were damaged, some beyond repair. the owners of the little lion has about 80 employees who are now out of work. the owners of mad reck and fish town donated space and beverages for the event. >> i always knew we had a tight-kn tight-knit restaurant community in philadelphia. when its your own restaurant and own employees are the ones that need to be lift up, it means a lot. and people came out in full force, you know. over 100 restaurants are represented here in some way or another. >> right now the future is still uncertain for the little lion. they expect to be closed for at least two months. in montgomery county celebration of the ultimate gift. organ donors were honored yesterday in the king of prussia. they celebrated with friends,
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family and staff from the region's hospitals. the 76ers will have to wait for their chance to jump into playoff position. joel embiid, goes to the floor. not to worry, he was okay. bucks win the game. sixers remain six in the eastern conference. well, it's march. so that means some buzzer beaters. check this out. the big south tournament carl ae jones of radford drained the game winner. some stunned looks there from liberty folks. many of our local teams will tip off this week with their tournament bids. the atlantic conference starts on thursday.
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temple wrap udup its regular season with a loss at tulsa. they cut it down to seven but no further as tulsa wins by 18. and drexal took on charleston. they ended drexal's season with a late surge. well, you'll want to pbe wih nbc 10 tonight for "the voice." ♪ you don't want to have fun >> he will be up second tonight in a field of eight contestants auditioning in the blinds for the superstar coaches. that's all "the voice" tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc 10. >> you can tell from the faces
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of the judges that i think he's going to work out very well. >> it's so fun to watch their faces as they're sort of listening inteptntly thathen th hear a note like that. in the dark. three days after the storm power is out, trees are down and crews are scrambling to beat the next round of wicked weather headed our way. we're on the scene with an update. and pivotal hearing. today bill cosby emphasis lawyers will try to convince a judge to block the comedian from testifying at retrial. we just barely had time to come up for air after the storm of the weekend and now we're bracing ourselves with another one. let's check in with brittney
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shipp. >> we have another chance for nor'easter number two. not quite as strong in terms of the wind speeds but potentially more snow associate would the second nor'easter. let's get a closer look out the door. bus stop weather for us. allentown, low start. same thing for quaker town, reading, 32 degrees. dl be chilly out especially with our wind speeds gusting strong although our actual temperatures will be closer to the mid-as we go into the afternoon. expect temperatures by 4:00 in philadelphia, 43 degrees, 44 in pottstown, low 40s in allentown. same thing for parts of toms river. nice quiet day but big changes on the way. for now let's check in with jessica boyington for a


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