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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  March 5, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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getting back on track and restoring power to the powerless. the massive effort to clean up from friday's storm continues. tracking another storm as our area works to recover more heavy rain, strong wind and even snow is in the forecast this week. back in court, bill cosby is fighting to stop some of the accusers from testifying at his sexual assault retrial. right now at 11:00, the cleanup continues this morning following friday's major storm that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in our area. take a look at this damage. this is along wissahickon avenue in germantown. good morning to you, i'mer ri e
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coalman. here's a look at the effort to get power on across the area. more than 61,000 homes and businesses are still without electricity. the vast majority of them more than 52,000 are peco customers. four other major power companies each have less than 6,000 outages remaining. >> nbc 10 is live in sky force 10 showing us damage that still remains. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: we're over havertown, seen damage in delaware county. down from the street view we can see this is at the intersection of glendale and colonial drive and there is a tree down right in that area right there. we have seen the public works crews and peco crews working hard to try to get that damage repaired and get that off the road. you can see glendale road is blocked offer. take a look at video from earlier this morning. my photographer and i were down there at old west chester pike where it meets up with west
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chester pike and there you can see it was a utility pole on ground there, a couple of them with the wires down there. and a lot of debris in the street as well. then earlier this morning, we were at -- a residential where we can see homes without power. another live look here from sky force 10, you can see down there on glendale road, a lot of work ahead for these public woxs crews. i was talking with a representative from delaware county earlier this morning and she told me they have state rangers going out to assist and they also have peco crews bringing in crews from other states to come in and help to try to boost numbers of staffing because all of the work that is ahead of them and perhaps with the next storm on the way, there's a race against the clock. a lot of work under way right now. i'll continue on to find out more of the damage and the cleanup under way right now. for now i'm live in sky force 10, nbc 10 news.
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as the cleanup continues we're bracing for another coastal storm. this model shows the next system expected to move into our area late tomorrow night. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist britney shipp is here. >> tracking another new nor'easter as we go overnight tuesday into wednesday. as far as today is concerned, lots of sunshine but still cold temperatures with our windchills it's going to feel like we're in the 30s for the entire day. we'll see clouds starting to increase as we go through the day on tuesday and then we watch the approach of the next coastal storm. 41 degrees in philadelphia, 40 in allentown and 40 degrees in trenton. 43 in atlantic city but when we factor in our wind speeds today, we're back down to the 30s. it feels like it's 34 degrees in philadelphia, 33 in allentown and that's the story for today that it's going to feel like we're mainly in the 30s for most of the day, dropping quickly in
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the 20s but coming up, we'll talk more about the track of this system, what you can expect as we head into tomorrow night and wednesday. we'll have all of the details in about ten more minutes. >> be sure to turn to the nbc 10 app to get the latest updates on storm damage, power outages and of course school closings plus you can track the forecast right down to your neighborhood. it could be a pivotal day in the bill cosby case. the comedian is back inside a montgomery county courtroom as prosecutors fight to call more of cosby's accusers to the stand when he's retried on a sexual assault charge. dray clark has an update. >> reporter: good morning. court is in session as we speak here. the hearing was scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. but the proceeding did not begin until after 10:00 this morning. bill cosby arrived around 9:15.
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there was only one cosby protester waiting here outside the courthouse, she yelled shame on you and we will be vindicated speaking on behalf of the alleged victims. there were no visible or vocal cosby supporters. this is the first time we've seen bill cosby publicly since the recent death of his daughter from kidney disease. she was very supportive of her father during his first trial. as for the hearing happening this morning here, first the prosecution, they are hoping the judge will allow as many as 19 other women to testify in the upcoming trial. in the first trial you may recall only andrea constand and another accuser were allowed to testify. the defense will claim the testimony from the other alleged victims is too old and vague and not be allowed to testify. meanwhile the difference will ask for the case to be thrown out alleging prosecutorial
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misconduct for discarding or withholding evidence. the defense team claims it can prove bill cosby was not around when the alleged assault happened involving andrea constand. they maintain she has her time line mixed up. the 80-year-old cosby is accused of sexually assaulting constand almost 15 years ago. cosby has pleaded not guilty and as you know his first trial ended with a hung jury. back here live outside the courthouse, the judge set aside two days to hear these motions and then he will make his ruling. no timetable on when that would happen. meanwhile, why are selection is scheduled to begin for the upcoming trial, that retrial on march the 29th. one other note, defense attorneys say if they do allow the new alleged victims to speak during the upcoming trial, they will ask for a delay in the case to give them more time to investigate the new claims. we're live in norristown, dray clark, nbc 10 news.
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a woman and teenage girl are in the hospital this morning after a shooting and robbery before dawn. someone fired shots just after 3:00 this morning inside a home on north 5th street in north philadelphia. that shooting left a 16-year-old in critical condition. a 26-year-old woman was also shot. she is stable. police say the shooter was invited into the home with two other men and investigators say the men took $4,000 and ran off. police are still looking for them. an elderly woman is in the hospital after a bullet flew through her bedroom window and hit her in the leg. police were called to the seniors apartments in southwest philadelphia around midnight. they found the victim with a gunshot wound to her knee. she's been taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. no one is in custody. also in philadelphia, a fight at a crescentville beer store led to gunfire. two men are in the hospital in critical condition. police say it started at a store on the corner of whittaker and roosevelt boulevard around 11:00 p.m. five men started fighting.
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one man pulled a gun and shot two victims in the chest before running off. no one has been arrested. >> a firefighter is in the hospital after falling through the roof of a burning home in bucks county. he was fighting a house fire on henry avenue in feasterville. he was conscious when he was taken from the scene. no one was inside the house and investigators say it appears the fire started in multiple places in that home. in gloucester, two women are under arrest after eye fight at the same restaurant got out of hand. police responded to the chuck e cheese's and the brawl involved more than a dozen people. one customer suffered a minor stab wound. a restaurant employee who was hurt trying to break up the fight is recovering. investigators are looking into the cause of the brawl. time now 11:08. time to check the roads with jessica. >> we're starting in new jersey, this is the 42 freeway, around atlantic city expressway, we
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have construction where this is the northbound side. that's traffic moving towards 295, philadelphia here, heading down towards the jersey shore obviously right to the atlantic city expressway right here. not seeing delays because of that. everything is over into the shoulder or right lane. not doing too bad right now and brewerytown watching a little outside kelly drive still closed from an earlier dress and we're watching the boulevard in oxford circle, part of the inner drive is blocked with a crash there. between campus drive, blocked off to traffic and they'll detour you around the scene and watching the schuylkill for slower drive times and slow moving maintenance vehicles. 23 minutes from the blue route to the vine and only 16 minutes if you're heading westbound. >> good morning, i'm matt delucia, more storm damage in
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haverford, where we can see these folks have been tealing with a lot of downed trees. right there they've taken the lumber on the ground right there. this road is still blocked off. a lot of scenes like this one playing throughout our area. we'll continue flying to find more of the trouble spots. >> that's also a big concern more downed trees and more power outages as we track a new nor'easter tuesday night into wednesday. i'll go over the details after the break. 'sup, world? it's the box with 30% savings for safe drivers.
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good morning, checking out the storm damage from friday's storm, three days later, a lot of poles on ground and trees down and power outages. you're looking at old west chester pike. we gave you a shot of this from the ground a little while ago and it still looks the same here in terms of the utility poles on the ground. and this is causing a lot of road closures in the area. this is something you need to watch out for. this is also the reason a lot of schools in this particular area close down because of the concern people driving and buses getting through the area and also kids walking to school. we saw a lot of power lines down on the ground when we were out there before. we'll keep an eye on some of the conditions up here. we'll be back again in a few minutes with another look at the storm damage. nbc 10 news. last week's powerful storm left one massachusetts home literally on the brink.
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this is in the city of sandwich, the house is danging over the water. everybody was able to get out safely. we haven't even cleaned up and now another system expected to move in overnight tuesday into wednesday. as far as is today is concerned, chilly conditions and breezy. by tuesday the clouds will increase and we'll see late light rain and as we push into wednesday that's when the second nor'easter starts to move through. a closer look now at the satellite-radar shot showing a few clouds. if we wind out the picture we'll show you one piece of the system, it's back here towards the dakotas and will track east as we go into tonight and into tomorrow. and then another system is going to develop off the coast near the carolinas and two are going to interact and it's going to be a classic nor'easter setup for us. as we go overnight tuesday into
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wednesday, that's when we'll watch for the potential for the system to develop and park itself off the coast. this is what one model suggests with colder air coming in, right over your evening commute, possibly producing snow, heavy snow, heavy wet snow for parts of philadelphia or suburbs north and west and poconos. the question is how far south will the snow go? and will we just see rain by the shore? so we're going to continue to watch this. you have to keep checking back with us and we'll continue to time it out for you. but here's what we know so far. we're going to see wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour and that's going to be our main concern because we've already seen power outages. we expect to see more. we could also see downed trees when we get wind gusts that strong. messy commutes for wednesday morning and more so as we approach wednesday evening depending on the track of the system. then shoveling snow, it's possible we'll have to shovel heavy wet snow depending on your neighborhood, depending on where you are. the things we're going to be working on for you over the next
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24 hours is the exact track of the storm, snow totals for your neighborhood and time will start to see the rain switching over to either wintry mix or wet snow. those are the things we're working on for you. as we go into the rest of today, things stay nice and quiet, 41 in philadelphia and 37 in pottstown and 40 degrees in allentown and 43 in atlantic city. but our windchills with our wind speeds moving around 10 to 20 miles per hour, our feels like temperature will stay in the 30s for throughout most of the day for your lunch hour. still feeling like we're in the mid-30s even towards the afternoon, high 30s although the actual temperature today will be anywhere between the mid to high 40s. here's a breakdown for philadelphia, high today of 46 degrees, 42 in west chester. ocean city, 45 degrees. wilmington a high of 49 degrees. over the next three days, similar conditions today and tomorrow and take a look at what happens as we head into wednesday as we track the track of that nor'easter. we're going to see temperatures
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drop down and track rain or wintry mix or snow. we'll have details on what else to expect with the forecast in another ten minutes. still ahead, kobe's new hardware, landed an oscar.
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good morning, overlooking the damage that happened on friday. we're still over haverford, this is wood lane and manor road. we've seen a lot of road closures in the area and you can see a downed utility pole and a lot of downed power lines because of fallen trees as well. where you find a lot of downed power lines you're also finding a lot of downed trees. we have seen crews trying to break up those branches to try to get them off the roadways earlier this morning i saw a tree that had landed on top of a car. there's a lot of damage as a
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result of this and right here you see a lot of utilities and comcast truck right there. a lot of people at work right now trying to get everything restored. not only have power that needs to be restored but you also have cable, phone lines that need to be restored as well. right there you see a gentlemen up there in one of those cherry pickers trying to tend to some of those overhead utility lines because right here you see a lot of wires down there on the ground. there's a lot of damage in this area. this is the same kind of thing we've been seeing throughout the area, especially in delaware county. this area seems to have been hit quite hard. i've been talking to folks in delaware county earlier this morning and they tell me they are trying to keep up with all of the requests for work orders and repairs that need to be done right now. we're going to keep flying and sky force 10e to try to show y trouble spots. for now, sky force 10, matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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comcast, the parent company of nbc 10 and telemundo 62 is hosting a military career fair and women veterans hiring event. here to tell us all about, michael peters for comcast freedom region and stephanie rogers, petty officer seconds class in the united states navy and technical operations manager for comcast freedom region. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> tell us about the big event. >> comcast is extremely excited to partner with the public private partnership of the u.s. army reserves at the horsham air national guard base next wednesday, march 14th. the event is open to men and women in the military community and their families and there will be in addition as you mentioned to celebrate women's history month, a special portion focused on women's veteran success in the military. and it will be two events, one at 9:00 a.m. and one at 12:00 p.m. we ask anyone who's interested in participating register at the
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event. they can rsvp to tammy.l.cartegena -- all there or the website as well. but we're really looking forward to seeing everyone next week. >> talk about your experience, making that transition from military to working for comcast and how it's been for you. >> thank you. i transitioned from military life to civilian workforce almost 17 years ago and i have to say it was just as nerve racking getting out as it was going in. i didn't know what to expect but over time as i started to use the tools that i learned in the military and apply them to the transition itself and actually working at comcast, those leadership skills outside of on the job training, it's really where i found success and comcast has been so wonderful in fostering that leadership ability within -- for the veteran workforce. >> what advice or what would you tell another veteran, perhaps maybe looking for a job out
11:24 am
there? with comcast or someone else, what would you say? >> there's so many support groups out there, we have an employee resource group and i belong to the veterans and women's network. all of these tools within companies and also outside where you can get information from like minded people and those that have similar experiences and leveraging them to make sure you're really show casing those skills we did learn in the military and applying them to the civilian workforce. >> why is comcast so committed to hiring veterans? >> well, it's really a wholistic approach. we've hired 13,000 veterans since 2010. and we know that they provide such an awesome skill set and they really tren strengthen the foundation of our company and who we are. we provide extra benefits to veterans in the guard and reserve and paid differential for those activated or pto training as well.
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our veterans employee resource group is fantastic. over 6,000 members and growing of folks there committed to support internally and externally the military community. >> all right, michael and stephanie, thank so much for being here. >> we appreciate your time. >> the comcast military community sales career fair and operation women veterans success event happening next wednesday, march 14th at the army reserve center at the horsham air national guard base. two sessions, first at 9:00 a.m. and second at noon. do you need to rsvp by friday if you're going to attend. you can get all of this information and more just by tapping on the nbc 10 app and looking for find it on 10. trees and power lines down, damage everywhere and still so many people without power. sky force 10 is live surveying the damage in lower merion township as we continue to give you a bird's eye view of the aftermath of storm damage across the philadelphia suburbs this morning.
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>> and the quest to keep his accusers quiet. we'll have a live update from montgomery hearing.
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this is a common sight for drivers today, blocked roads and detours remain in the aftermath of friday's powerful storm that smashed cars and damaged homes and left so many powerless. here's an update to get the power back on across the area. the number of outages is down slightly since about 30 minutes ago. a total of 58,000 homes and businesses still without electricity and the vast majority of them more than 51,000 are peco customers. four other major power companies in the area each have less than 6,000 outages remaining.
11:30 am
matt is surveying the damage across the area. what are you seeing? >> reporter: the damage is spotty from the areas we're seeing. it doesn't look like widespread damage but the areas that are being hit, being hit pretty hard. let's give a look from the air. there's a work crew down there on conshohocken state road, over lower merion township and this is a busy road. there's a tree right there going across that road. this is not going to be open any time soon or as fast as these guys can work to get this thing off the road. so those crews have been working here. we have seen a lot of these orange trucks and the white utility trucks throughout the area, especially in delaware county. but as we pull back a little bit. i want to show you, again, where those trees go down, a lot of times it brings down power lines as well. you're looking at the map where conshohocken meets with manay k manayunk. those cherry pickers trying to
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do what they can. let's look at video from earlier this morning on wynnwood road. a tree toppled on top of a car. so hopefully that person was able to get out safely this morning but again, this is definitely a scary thing for people to experience when something like that comes down on top of you. we saw a lot of trees down around houses as well throughout the morning and of course the big issue that remains three days later is the power. you heard erin talking about numbers from peco and there are a lot of people who still do not have power this morning. right there let's come back live again to sky force 10, our view from the air. of those cherry pickers looking at those wires there trying to repair some of that damage from friday's storm and right over here you see a lot of debris. we saw a lot of this on the roadways as well and that caused a lot of issues for schools, a lot of them had either delays or
11:32 am
closures especially in delaware county because of the safety concerns about the kids walking to school and you also have parents and people going to work driving over those live wires and that's a big concern. we'll show you more of the damage. but for now i'm live up here, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> definitely tell the story. our friday storm as we just saw there a seconds ago, still very fresh in our minds and another nor'easter is heading this way. future cast showing the system that will i mpact us starting tomorrow night. brittney shipp is breaking it down. >> the last thing you want to hear if you still do not have power that another storm is on its way late tomorrow night into wednesday. here's a live look outside right now. wilmington, we're resisting a few clouds and lots of sunshine today our wind speeds will stay breezy so you couple that with the cold air already in place and it's going to feel like we're in the 30s for moests of the day. the big story will be the next
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nor'easter set to move in late tuesday night. we're talking after 9:00 or 10:00 into wednesday. we're tracking the strongest with wind gusts between 40 up to 50 miles per hour sustained wind speeds between 20 and 30 miles per hour which is the most concerning thing just due to how saturated the ground is from the rain and snow we've been dealing with and the fact we're already seeing power outages and downed trees. we can see more with the next system moving in. some coastal flooding looks to be minor and the other big impact is heavy wet snow you possibly might have to shovel and it's going to come down right over your wednesday evening commute. those are all of the things we're watching with the next system. let's look at the wind speeds as we go into the overnight hours tuesday into wednesday. it starts off with lighter wind speeds around 24 miles per hour but as the system revs up and gets going, wind speeds balloon to 43 miles per hour by 11:30 on
11:34 am
wednesday. take a look near atlantic city, up to 46, up to 55 in atlantic city. this is just one piece of the puzzle a really strong potentially damaging wind speeds. the other part is the snow, who it's going to affect. we'll have more details on that in ten more minutes. >> with this next storm on the way, make sure you have the free nbc 10 app where you can get updates and alerts for your specific neighborhood. comedian bill cosby is back inside a montgomery courtroom today. prosecutors are fighting to call more of cosby's accusers to the stand when he's retriered on a sexual assault charge. let's get an update from dray clark live in norristown. >> reporter: erin, good morning right now. court is in session and inside the courtroom is deanna duranty, she covered the first trial from ga ga gavel to gavel. so far it seems it's been a bit contentious between the prosecution and the defense.
11:35 am
at one point in time members of the prosecution asked the judge to have defense lawyers removed off the case for calling them unethical. the defense in turn accused prosecutors destroying evidence and failing to investigate the claims of a key defense witness who says that she believes and can prove that andrea con stand made up the allegations against bill cosby and because of that the defense team is now asking for the case to be dismissed. the judge will have to go ahead and make that ruling at a different time. court was supposed to begin at 9:00 this morning proceedings started just after 10:00 and this bill cosby at 9:15 this morning. take a look. >> andrea constand will be vindicated. >> you heard that woman yelling, she was the only bill cosby protester waiting for him to arrival outside. she was yelling shame on you and
11:36 am
we will be vindicated speaking on behalf of the victims. there were no visible or vocal cosby supporters. this by the way is first time we have seen bill cosby publicly since the recent death of his daughter who died from kidney disease. she was very supportive of her father during his first trial. let's talk more about the proceeding that's happening right now. again, first the prosecution. they are hoping the judge will allow as many as 19 other women to testify in the upcoming retrial in the first trial only andrea constand and one other accuser were allowed to testify. now to the defense, again, they will be asking for the case to be thrown out, alleging prosecutorial misconduct and claiming that the prosecution would help or destroy evidence. also the defense team led by former jackson attorney, michael jackson, tom messer rue claiming
11:37 am
bill cosby was not around at the time of the alleged assault. we'll keep you updated and deanna is inside the courtroom and we'll have another update on nbc 10 news beginning first at 4:00. live in norristown, nbc 10 news. from president trump at the netten i can't h netten hue and his wife will have lunch in about 20 minutes. back home in israel, netanyahu is battling corruption allegations. a bit papartisan pair of senators announced a plan to put forward new gun safety legislation this morning pat too many toomey and coons are lining
11:38 am
up. tell us about what this is about. >> reporter: this deals with people who are not supposed to have a gun, convicted felons. it says if you lion a form to try to get a gun and not supposed to have one, the federal authorities who do the background check would notify state authorities. now right now in states like pennsylvania, they do their own background checks. in those states, they would have this information. but in the majority of states, including delaware, the feds handle everything and state and local officials just might not know so this proposal comes as lawmakers are under pressure to do something, to address gun concerns and make schools safer after the shooting in parkland florida. the question now, what will republicans and democrats be able to agree on? >> senator coons and i are working to bring this -- that you can make progress and can find common ground and can do something to enhance the safety and security of the people we
11:39 am
represent. >> our simple common sense bipartisan bill would make sure state and local law enforcement gets notification. because it's a terrific predictor of likely imminent illegal activity. >> reporter: now, the concern is that people who are turned down to buy a gun might be more likely to steal one or try to do something to go around the background check system. that's why they want state authorities to be notified. now, this again is a bipartisan bill and really any bill that has a chance of passing would have to to get the 60 votes in the senate. live in old city, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. hollywood handed out the highest honors last night any 90th annual academy awards and a cold war fairytale took the top prize and a night that saw history made. here's the report from los angeles. >> this year when you hear your
11:40 am
name called, don't get up right away. >> last year's envelope mix-up was top of minds to open the oscars and to wrap them up. >> it's so nice seeing you again. >> reporter: but no mistake, this time. >> the shape of water. >> the romance about a mute woman and sea creature earned the top prize and three others including best director, in the acting categories go gary oldman. >> there were no surprises. gary oldman in darkest our brought him best actor and supporting honors to san son channy and rockwell for three big boards. that film's star was overwhelmed by her second oscar. absoluted female nominees encouraged supporting in hollywood. >> "get out" jordan peele became the first african-american to
11:41 am
win best original screenplay. just two years after the #, oscar so white. this year show cased the increasingly diverse voices. >> in hollywood, nbc news. . >> lower merion's own kobe bryant has an oscar to go along with five nba championships. dear basketball won an oscar for best animated short film. the six minute short is based on a poem he wrote to commemorate his nba retirement two years ago. >> i feel better than winning the championship to be honest with you. i swear i do. >> reporter: bryant has recently gone on record saying his oscar nomination served as validation that he was more than just a basketball player. "today" show anchor hoda kotb has a lot of reasons to smile and huge parts is the little girl haley joy. we'll talk about high her daughter inspired her newest
11:42 am
project. we're not even done cleaning up the last nor'easter to moved through and we're tracking another one. i'll go over the details and what to expect for your neighborhood after the break. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more
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at the ikea kitchen event. and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card.
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good morning, live in sky force 10, surveying the damage from friday's storm, still a lot of cleanup left to go. you're looking at cliveden near lincoln drive and wayne avenue.
11:45 am
some of the crews are putting in a new utility pole and another work crew at work. again this is what we've been seeing a lot of, a lot of downed trees in the area as well, be careful, there are a lot of road closures and be careful if you're walking or driving over these wires as well. nbc 10 news. >> an organization serving up the sport of tennis has a big fundraiser coming up. the executive director of down the line and beyond. >> thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> as you mentioned we're down the line and beyond and our mission to use tennis to serve up education, skin care and health and wellness and good character. we try to build a community around these values in the sport of tennis. the perfect example one of our
11:46 am
flagship programs and serves 100 of 1900 we serve. we started there and put a small 10 foot by 10 foot tennis court in their gym. we left it there and every day we go and teach them another life lesson to go with the sport of tennis. by the time the year was up, they only had three girls on their team and finished every year. this year 16 girls on team and promoted to the highest division in philadelphia. >> no way. >> that is only a fraction of what we want. tennis is just the vehicle as i mentioned. we want to build the community by -- we rebuild courts and given the young girls jobs and all of our coaches who are retire tirees are able to have jobs they wouldn't and have able to work with these girls as well. we've been able to build these communities within the city of
11:47 am
philadelphia. talk about how it's building confidence and character as well. >> tennis is an interesting sport because it's an individual sport. a lot of time you feel you're out there by yourself. and that can get very frustrating especially as a young difficult. what we really stress on even though you're out there by yourself, you're not really by yourself. you're still part of a down the line team. once you get off the court we're there to help you. but on the court like in life when it really counts, sometimes you have to do some of these things by yourself and rely own the morals and everything -- >> thank so much. we appreciate you. the down the line and beyond foundation hosting the eighth annual gala, 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. in bala cynwyd. we have all of the information you need and details on the nbc 10 app. look for find it on 10.
11:48 am
it's been a year since hoda kotb became a mom to haley joy, she's the inspiration for hoda's latest project. joining us live from new york. hey, hoda. >> girl, how are we doing? look at haley on the back of the book. stop it. she's -- she's grown so much from that then too. >> tell us about the new book. >> i loved you since forever and it's really about if you've ever had the feeling of loving someone before you met them but you just felt them, you knew they existed and knew they were going to be part of you but had to wait until the timing was write and i was won deferring about haley and wishing and hoping and praying she would come to be. i loved you since forever. and the book just sort of reflects that in the in the introduction part. there was a friend of mine who said to me -- i said can you
11:49 am
believe i'm a 52-year-old mom and mom for first time and she said hoda, can i tell you something, you know what that child is? i said what. she said that baby is right on time. i thought, you know what, you're right. >> for anyone who's been touched by adoption, this message is going to resonate with them but really appeals to everyone, right? >> i think so, if you have a child, you will feel this book because it is -- i mean, the first couple of pages are before birds flew over rainbows and monday kiz swung on trees, there was you and me. all about existing before you even imagined it. and i feel like that's what haley was to me and i'm sure a lot of moms regardless of whether you had a child the old fashioned way or through adoption, you felt that feeling of you just knew and knew her when they put her right here, she belonged there, fit right
11:50 am
there. >> thanks for joining us, love the book. haley joy is growing and she's beautiful. >> thanks. >> thanks, honey. >> once again, hoda's new book, i loved you since forever. >> we are track being another storm that will move in tomorrow night into wednesday. we'll see sunny conditions but cold temperatures. we'll be dealing with windchills that will make it feel like we're in the 30s for the entire day. lots of clouds start to move in on tuesday ahead of the next system right now we're seeing clear conditions on our satellite-radar shot but this is part of the puzzle that's going to come together for our next coastal storm. it's a typical setup, we'll see this transition close of us and combined with another piece of energy that will develop off the coast of the carolinas and work
11:51 am
its way north. then tuesday into most of the day on wednesday, we'll start to see this system. now, where it parks itself exactly, the track is a little uncertain right now and that's going to determine who sees the most snow. so this is a breakdown of what we know exactly as we go into the next 24 hours or so. we do expect strong wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour, that will bring down trees once again. we expect to see another round of power outages. our confidence is high we'll be dealing with really strong wind speeds again. gusts up to 40 even 50 miles per hour. coastal flooding is expected to be minor. the them is not as strong as the system we saw on friday, which is good. our confidence is high with that. shoveling snow we have moderate confidence that you'll be dealing with heavy wet snow and also the timing. right now we're focusing in on our wednesday evening commute. wednesday morning will be messy and wednesday evening probably worse as the system starts to set up off the coast which will help draw in colder air and
11:52 am
potentially produce heavy snow right over that evening commute. we're going to continue updating you as we get closer to the system moving into the area. highs around the region for today will stay mainly in the mid to high 40s, 47 degrees for a lot of our pa suburbs and jersey mid-40s, and 46 degrees in lee lhigh valley. wind speed 10 to 20 miles per hour so our feels like temperatures are actually going to stay in the 30s for the entire day and when you get ready to head home from work will quickly drop down in the low 30s. it's going to be another cold day on tap. the actual temperatures will push into the 40s. ten-day forecast into the next two days we'll see breezy conditions but it will be on wednesday that we start to see wind speeds kicking up to 40, 50 miles per hour. our temperatures will drop with the coastal storm moving closer to us and we see rain or wintry mix or wet snow moving through. thursday and friday we'll continue to see really windy conditions here. temperatures will recover back
11:53 am
to the 40s and the other thing we're watching as we get into the weekend another weather disturbance that's going to move through bringing us a chance of rain potentially another wintry mix monday and tuesday of next week. we are tracking a lot with your forecast. we'll have more details coming up right after the break.
11:54 am
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eagles season ticket holders will get a chance for a special watch party at the nova care complex. the super bowl film goes on sale tomorrow. and nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp with one more look at the forecast. >> we have changes on the way and if you're still dealing with power outages do not want to hear another nor'easter tuesday night into wednesday. so that's what we're tracking for you. today sunny but definitely cold. temperatures going to feel like we're in the 30s then we gear up for the system. you have to keep checking back because we're firming up details to make sure you're prepared when this next system arrives. >> hard to believe, we have not recovered from this. trees down everywhere and now we've got this other thing. >> we don't want you to get caught off guard. >> thanks for watching, i'm erin coleman, for all of us here.
11:57 am
have a great day. we'll see you at 4:00.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> julie: family and friends, it is time for the ceremony. who wants to see these two beautiful people become husband and wife? [cheers and applause] >> hope: but first, first-- thank you, julie. um, rafe and i... >> rafe: have an announcement. >> hope: yes, thank you. [laughs] >> julie: we didn't discuss an announcement. >> hope: it's a surprise. yeah. first, uh, we wanto thank everyone so much for, um-- for coming tonight. we're so excited to share this moment with you. i have to be honest. we really... there were more than a few times that we thought we would never get here. >> rafe: well... >> claire: hey, grandma? >> ciara: claire! >> claire: i'm sorry. >> hope: claire, what is it? >> claire: i need to talk to you before you do this. >> hope: honey, can it wait? >> claire: no, no. uh, can we go somewhere private? >> ciara: claire, now is not the time. >> claire: iex


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