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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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this new storm threatening to deliver a second punch. bring understand to date. >> it will deliver more snow than wind. it's flipping over. any weakened tree branches or weakened trees or power lines not fallen yet could fall and we will see 35-40 miles an hour wind gusts. we have a first alert south jersey and northern delaware. this is from wednesday morning, 4:00 in the morning to thursday morning at 7:00 and start to see that very late tuesday night mixing in with rain. we're concerned of accumulating snow and a lot of it. we will see messy commutes thursday morning, more of a rain-snow mix unless you're in the upper suburbs of lehigh valley and straight snow. wednesday evening, a nasty commute for everybody. we're looking at more trees and
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branches and power lines coming down not the extent they did last time. not expecting 70 miles an hour winds. it will have mixing with snow tuesday night, very late, after midnight. wednesday morning, rain and snow toggling back and forth. wednesday at noon and 2:00, in the philadelphia area and suburbs this transitions to all snow and all snow in the suburbs and lehigh valley. wednesday, before ten at night, we will have more and we will tell you exactly what to expect. the storm cleanup from friday, picked up power lines. we saw similar problems, tree limbs and debris lining the
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streets. and a local restaurant still without power 72 hours after the storm. >> it's been a loss. hopefully insurance works out in some way but it's definitely been a big loss. >> joe said a lot of food spoiled because they lost power and told electricity may be back wednesday. tim is live in havertown. >> a long weekend for some. >> reporter: right. we're live in havertown and the guy holding the camera, jason, our photographer's house. it is dark and cold. we tried to figure out the temperature. check this out. the thermostat is electric. we don't know what's going on there. it's so cold in this neighborhood, some of his neighbors without power came and sat in our live truck, you see in the yard, just to get warm. so many people in this area and many areas hoping the lights and heat come back on. the damage in this area pretty
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dramatic. this car was crushed in wynnewood, thankfully nobody was in it. neighbors wondering why nobody came out to cut the tree down off the wires. >> she heard a thump and fell over on the street. >> lived here all my life. >> reporter: really? the worst you've seen? she's one of the lucky ones that didn't lose powers. >> it dimmed for a few seconds and crossed my fingers and it came back on. >> reporter: most of her neighbors have been waiting and waiting for power to come back on and most important heat. >> it was friday and then told 11:59 tuesday. >> reporter: another powerful storm is on its way. >> absolutely. i'm concerned it's taking a while. another storm is coming. that may push things out even further. >> reporter: this is inside jason's fridge.
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all his food has to be thrown away. peco tells me they have a priority system for power outages. this could make it complicated and if the power goes out again the priority is hospitals and first responders and schools. in theory, homes like jason and other areas, maybe many of you watching on an app in a cold dark house right now, you could pushed down the line as they have to reassess at the top and do it all again. we're pulling for all of you who don't have power. inside our photographer's house. >> hopefully he doesn't get knocked out again, tim furlong. last week's storm was one of the most damaging the power company ever dealt with. they restored about 2,000 homes in allentown. about 30,000 customers still without power. still without power three days
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and feeling the frustration. >> i have a generator in the garage and can hook my microwave up. we also don't have television service or computer service or cable. it's kind of rough. >> he expects to have it on by wednesday. looking at damage high above the area in skyforce10. >> i imagine it's not hard to find it from the air. that looks like a rough situation there. >> reporter: jim, all too common. this is one of those you have to see to believe. the driver really in the wrong place at the wrong time, as this very large tree fell on stewart avenue and lands just within the past hour or so. very dangerous as well. we have seen stunned neighbors out there taking pictures getting way too close to what potentially could be live power wires on the ground. you can see that tree slammed hard onto the backside of this gray car and that tree and its
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roots likely weakened during last week's storm. this a sign of damage you couldn't necessarily see until a tree like this falls, how much damage occurred during friday's storm. good news out of all of this, somehow the driver of that car was able to escape with no injuries. live in skyforce10 above landsdowne. george spencer, nbc10 news. >> that is good news. amazing. more than 40,000 customers are still without power. peco reporting 42,000ages. ppl has 4,000 customers in the dark and delmarva and ps&g down to 1,000 each. in our free nbc10 app download, track the storm as it tracks your neighborhood and we will send you information at your home or work or current
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location. bill cosby gets bad news, his attorneys wanting to toss out sexual assault charges against him. >> you were in that courthouse all day. walk us through what happened. >> reporter: for start the district attorney asked cosby's attorneys be removed from the case. the judge didn't agree with that one and also didn't agree with defense motion the case should be tossed out completely. >> bill cosby's return to norristown had little fanfare, not the large gathering we saw last summer. the 80-year-old was again escorted by his publicists. his out-of-state legal team took jabs from prosecutors who accused them of lying to the court and being unethical. the d.a. asked they be removed. the judge said he would warn the group but not remove them. he's fighting other accusers
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from taking the stand. he is facing andrea constand in his house in january 2004. prosecutors say they have 19 other women who tell stories of being drugged and assaulted and want all of them to tell their stories. only one accuser was allowed to testify in his trial. they are working to prevent that woman from going before the jury but the woman's mother as well. defense lawyers also want to know the names of the entire jury pool even before they arrive here in norristown and the jury that will decide cosby's fate right here in moer montgomery county. jury selection starts the end of the month. nbc news. the families of three men who were dismembered and burned are suing the family of the accused killer. they announced a wrongful death suit against the parents of
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cosmo dinardo. the families' lawyers say the dinardos didn't do enough to keep the gun out of their son's hands even though they suspected he was unfit. cosmo dinardo confessed to the killings during a three-day spree. today, the victims families opened up about their loss. >> nobody should ever have to deal with losing their child and not in the way he was taken. >> i never thought i would feel this. and lose my son. >> it is devastating to our family, everything. >> cosmo dinardo confessed to avoid the death penalty. his cousin, sean kratz was also implicated in the killing. another storm moves our way. >> the nbc first alert weather team is keeping you ahead of it all. >> that's right. we will see more snow and wind
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and everybody shaded in pink is going to be shoveling or snow blowing. we will break down your neighborhood after the break. >> an arena upgrade. the wells fargo center about to look quite a bit different inside. plus this. >> surprise, why this was a monday some area students won't soon forget. cancer challenges us. to find smarter solutions. to offer more precise and less invasive treatment options than before. like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy. see how we're fighting to outsmart cancer at right now, comcast business is doubling your internet speed
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more than pearle. here's a live look at the wells fargo center. the arena is getting a major face lift over the next few months, a thousand new seats and concourse to show the philly skyline and more screens and better wifi. tonight, nbc10 responds continues its work erasing medical debt. more than 1 million people across our region are facing crushing medical debt. over the past week, nbc10 responds has been on a mission to erase medical debt for those who need help. >> the parent company of us is buying medical debt and then forgives it. >> a working mom, family working to buy a home, breast cancer
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survivor and someone who is drowning in medical bills. the number of people struggling to pay medical debt is staggering. >> this one is for $6,080. >> reporter: marie watched bill after bill trickle in after a work related injury two years ago. >> this is $15,040. >> reporter: she said it came to 40,000 and hard to meet day-to-day needs. calls from debt companies aren't helping. >> they make you feel like less of a person. >> when you're getting collection calls and receiving letters in the mail, the stress is off the chart. >> reporter: the family of eight has $5,000 of medical bills and collections after nicole's husband unexpectedly got sick. the debt is crushing the family's dream of owning their own home. >> bills are piling up and i'm
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overwhelmed. >> reporter: breast cancer survivor, tammie torres had eight rounds of chemo and had $4,000 of medical bills and too sick to work. >> i didn't ask to be sick. >> reporter: this child psychologist was floored. >> i needed emergency surgery. as a doctor you hear these things but never thought it would happen to you. >> reporter: after insurance she was stuck with $15,000 in medical bills. >> if this is what it is doing to me i can't think what it is doing to other people who don't know how to address it. >> what a shock it can be. there is a way to help medical debt in our area. head to the nbc10 app and you can donate any amount of money you like. it goes directly to rip medical debt, a nonprofit that buys medical debt in collections, a ten debt erases up to $1,000 in medical debt for someone in our viewing area.
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nbc10 has no way of knowing who receives the contributions. the process is random and confidential. there is no way to sign up for this debt forgiveness. as of tonight, nbc10 viewers have donated more than $8,000 that can help clear $800,000 of debt. >> here at 6:00, the sound of theater dreams coming true. in west philadelphia, they just got a $10,000 grant for their theater program thanks to nbc's rise scholarship, one of 50 schools around the country that won the grant. >> i thought i was going to graduate without knowing the experience what it was like to work as a cast member and do the art and singing. once i learned about the grant it blew my mind. >> all inspired by the upcoming
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that school will also be getting a grant. >> talented students. the nor'easter will be knocking on our door a couple of days. >> still people without power and picking up branches and starts again. >> we may see light rain showers and light snow showers across portions of the area. that will start wednesday afternoon and the night. doppler radar is quiet. any branches you see hanging from the trees you can safely get to, pull those down. they will go flying by wednesday. it will not be as strong as that last storm. that was extraordinary but gusting 35-40 miles an hour which could bring down any power lines or branches. here's our main storm system. curling up out of the northern plain business and iowa and chicago and that will move up
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the country and area of low pressure moving up the coastline, where all the energy is. the difference this time, it will move quickly, in and out. less wind and more snow. let's walk you through what will happen. first, temperatures that will be starting below freezing tomorrow morning. we get up into the 40s tomorrow. here comes the rain. by the time we get to 7:00, we see snow across the lehigh valley and upper pennsylvania suburbs. still a mix in south jersey and delaware and philadelphia. looks at the suburbs, they are in snow now. a messy commute for those in the suburbs and lehigh valley. between 1:00 and 2:00, it converts to all snow. could be in some places 1-2 inches of snow coming down an hour, wet heavy snow. out of here about midnight and in its wake it leaves shoveling
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snow. let's look at your neighborhoods. first in south jersey. this is what will happen, walk you through 5:00 tuesday evening through 1:30 in the morning. you are looking at flurries flying, we could see south harriston, 1-5 inches. not too much, by newark, wilmington we will see perhaps 3, maybe 4 inches. dover, you could pick up a quick 2 inches of snow. let's go right into philadelphia the lower suburbs. this is what will happen. watch what happens. we start with mixing and wednesday, in the afternoon, here comes that snow very quickly. toes see we could get 1-4 inches in the lower pennsylvania suburbs, 3-6 inches, finally the upper pennsylvania suburbs and
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lehigh valley, not pretty in some place, ten inches of snow or more. allentown, blue bell, perhaps 12 inches of snow, redding maybe a half foot of snow, bridgeport, 7 inches of snow. a bit of a mess on wednesday. be prepared but winds will be lowered, good news, snow totals will be higher. i'm john clark. coming up. what have eagles been offered for mvp nick foles? and spring bats ingoing today. next. sorry. i can't make it.
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i'm john clark from nbc sports philadelphia. free agency in the nfl starts in over just a week. eagles may use players. birds believe they will lose tight end fray burton and nigel adams and bradham and how about nick foles. they have gotten an respectable offer for nick. they have been offered a second rounder and looking for at least what they got for sam bradford, first and fourth round pick. look who is working and rehabbing, carson wentz. the eagles reportedly expect carson to be ready for the start of the season. the eagles effect of winning continues. kobe bryant is an oscar winner now, won for his animated short film on basketball. he spoke to the birds in december from l.a.
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it is all rubbing off. let's go to clearwater. good start with a strikeout in three innings. and hoskins, his second home run of the spring. 1-0, phillies. watch out for those sunbathing out there. carlos santana doubles off the wall. that will bring home a run. 3-0, philly. mike elfranco next, brings in another run. phillies beat the twins, 4-3. sixers last night blew two different leads of 15 or more points. hopefully better in charlotte. they had 23 turnovers. brett brown says sixers need to be tougher. >> we're seeing teams crawl into
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our chins and how we react and respond is going to be a real key influence to how successful we are. >> sixers fans took over that road game in milwaukee last night. afterwards joel embiid and brett brown spoke to all the fans who made the trip, phillies fans proving again they travel better than anybody. i'm john clark, we're right back.
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at is so convenient. get some of that finance stuff out of the way from wherever you are, at the doctor's office, karate practice or my favorite... back at the doctor's office. knowing before you go means more quality time sewing a costume for the school play that is not going to look anything like a frog. just a little heads-up, mrs. davis... ha ha ha, yay kids! we're going to be looking into this nor'easter getting in late wednesday and tuesday. clouds move in late and rain or snow starts tomorrow evening and very light and picks up throughout the day wednesday. key times to be aware of all of wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening. we could see messy commutes on both ends and will be doing shoveling. >> not the damaging winds? >> no. but if you can take a tree
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branch down, do it but don't touch the power lines. >> thanks for watching. >> up next, "nbc nightly news," lester holt at 11:00. tonight -- the major new storm threat. another nor'easter taking aim as the east coast digs out from this weekend's deadly winter blast. tens of thousands still without power. tonight, the race against time before round two hits. a massive teachers strike now entering its eighth day. [ chanting ] schools shut down again for nearly 300,000 students with no end in sight. refusing to testify. the interview with a former trump campaign aide who says he will not comply with a subpoena from robert mueller. practically daring mueller to arrest him, but also suggesting the special counsel may have something on the president. hacking your taxes. i


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