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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 6, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EST

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safety first, airbags deployed. ready. power is still being restored for tens of thousands from last week's nor'easter be. now a new storm is brewing, ready to drop large amounts of snow over wide area. and if it's roger, i'm not going to testify against roger. roger did not do anything. roger was treated terribly by donald trump. >> and he is one of donald trump's oldest advisers? >> trump is the most disloyal person you're ever going to meet. >> one-time trump aide sam nunberg is referring to roger stone and the mueller investigation as a looming subpoena hangs in the balance. the superintendent passes a school safety bill putting new restrictions on rifle sales and guns in the hands of teachers. meet the 2-year-old who was
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mesmerized by one michelle obama, and find out what she said. "early today" starts right now. >> good to be with you on a tuesday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. a major winter storm is sweeping across the nation, packing a punch with heavy snow and ferocious winds. travel advisories have been posted in a large swath of the midwest, including minnesota, where whiteout conditions are making travel nearly impossible, leading to dozens of crashes and road closures. now that system is making its way to the east coast, a region far from ready to suffer another blow where residents are still cleaning up after friday's devastating nor'easter that killed at least nine people. the second wintry blast comes as utility crews are racing to restore power for hundreds of thousands still in the dark. >> here is nbc's dan scheinman. >> reporter: mother nature has shown the east coast little merciry. in massachusetts a seawall protecting the town of duxbury was breached. crews are hustling to protect
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homes. >> you lose the seawall, you start losing ground and losing houses. >> reporter: further nor, ethel williams worked to save what she could from her mother's beach cottage in north scituate. >> at this point the whole back of the house is open. and it's -- i'd say pretty much everything on the first floor is completely compromised. >> reporter: the storm knocked out electricity to tens of thousand of customers from virginia to massachusetts. and some may go without power for a few more days. >> obviously some of the residents are frustrated. they've been without power. it's cold. and everyone is used to having power there is frustration out there. >> all of this is ruined. >> reporter: frustration that may grow later this week. snow blanking the midwest is expected to move east. >> prepare for another storm. prepare that you might lose power again. this might happen all over again. >> reporter: one storm is over, but another is on the way. dan schenamen, nbc news. >> bill, good morning. >> good morning.
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this northeaster is different. it's not going have the extreme tides, coastal problems with the flooding, and it's not going to have the extreme winds. this is a huge snow event. probably one of the bigger snowstorms we've seen this winter in the northeast. from just north of baltimore, all the way through maine, winter storm watches. and now starting to convert over to winter storm warnings in vermont. that will happen everywhere during the day today. this is 5:00 p.m. today. we're are watching a little bit of snow starting to break out of central pennsylvania. as we go through the night we do get a little bit of snow. there could be a coating on the ground at a.m. wednesday. then the storm becomes the nor'easter. it develops. it gets stronger. the colder air gets dragged in on the back side. the snow intensifies. wednesday near whiteout conditions from new york city, northern jersey through the hudson valley. the evening commute is going to be horrendous north of i-95 on 84, across the mass pike and back up into southern new hampshire. by the time we get to thursday morning, it's all the way up in maine. hopefully the thursday morning commute will be a little bit better and the road crews can clean it up. it is going to be a mess. it is a quick hitter.
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it will be high intensity. >> bill, thank you. after hours of emotional debate, florida lawmakers narrowly approve a school safety plan that would allow some teachers to carry guns in schools, as well as create new restrictions on rifle sales. few, if any senators walked away completely happy with the vote. democrats opposing a first of its kind voluntary school marshall program that would deputy advertise school personnel. and republicans unhappy with the raising of the minimum wage to buy rifles from 18 to 21. and also opposing the new three-day waiting period on the sale of weapons. the bill now moves to the state's republican-controlled house weeks before the march for our lives rally is scheduled for march 24th. will he or won't he cooperate? that's the question around former trump campaign aide sam nunberg after sending mixed messages about whether he'll comply with a subpoena from special counsel robert mueller. late last night, nunberg told nbc news he will likely cooperate after all, but said, quote, i just don't want the make it easy. that was a different tune from earlier in the day with nunberg
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belligerently defying mueller, telling the media he won't comply. here is what he told msnbc's ari melber. >> this is so ridiculous. i'm not going to give them every e-mail i had with steve bannon and roger stone. i communicate with them every day. i'm not going to testify against roger. roger did not do anything. roger was treated terribly by donald trump. >> and he is one of donald trump's oldest advisers. >> yeah, but trump is the most disloyal person you're ever going to meet. >> nunberg also dismissed the idea of being arrested for not cooperating. and even suggested possible wrongdoing in the election by the president himself. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: defiant and digging in, sam nunberg, a former trump campaign aide turned trump antagonist dropping this bombshell, becoming the first former adviser to publicly suggest candidate trump may have done something wrong. nunberg spoke with katy tur live on msnbc. >> do you think that they have something on the president? >> i think they may.
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>> what? >> i think that he may have done something during the election. but i don't know that for sure. >> why do you think that? >> i can't explain it unless you were in there. >> reporter: but this the same interview, at times siding with the president. >> i mean, mr. trump's right. the president's right. it's a witch-hunt. and i'm not going to cooperate. >> reporter: the white house firing back, noting nunberg only served on the campaign in the early days. >> your reaction? >> i definitely think he doesn't know that for sure because he is incorrect. as we've said many times before, there was no collusion with the trump campaign. >> reporter: nunberg was fired from the campaign in 2015 after racist social media posts. the president later sued nunberg for violating a confidentiality agreement, despite that, he says he won't comply with a subpoena by special counsel robert mueller to appear before a grand jury. >> it was ridiculous to me. the subpoena is absolutely ridiculous. >> reporter: so is nunberg prepared to go to jail over the issue? >> you should have higher legal bills?
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>> i think it would be really, really funny if they wanted to arrest me because i don't want to spend 80 hours going over e-mails. >> it's the latest development in the intensifying russia probe. nunberg is among those subpoenaed for e-mails, texts and other documents related to the campaign. intercontinental this is a little bit of bravado. it's a little bit of drama. but in the end, the grand jury is entitled to every person's evidence, and i'm quite certain they will get it. >> reporter: witnesses can refuse to answer questions by pleading the fifth amendment. but if for some other reason they simply refuse to answer questions, they can be thrown in jail until they cooperate or until the grand jury expires. frances? >> kristen welker, thanks. republican lawmakers are pushing back against president trump's proposed steel tariffs. a spokesperson for house speaker paul ryan saying the gop leader is extremely worried about the consequence of a trade war, and is urging the white house not to continue with the plan. but president trump is refusing to back down, denying the tariffs will lead to any kind of trade war.
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for more on this, let's go to nbc's tracie potts in washington. hey, tracie, good morning. >> hey, phillip. good morning. 25% on steel. 10% on aluminum is what the president said he wanted to impose. we're waiting for more details on that, and possibly him signing off on it this week. initially, president trump said that yes, the u.s. may be able to win a trade war. but now he's defiant, saying that he doesn't expect that to happen. listen. >> we're not backing down. mexico is -- we've had a very bad deal with mexico. very bad deal with canada. it's called nafta. our country on trade has been ripped off by virtually every country in the world, whether it's friend or enemy. >> reporter: allies like canada and the european union have threatened to retaliate with their own tariffs, thus possibly sparking a trade war. it's something that paul ryan, the house speaker is concerned about, and other republicans as
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well. we could hear more than this week as white house lawyers review the president's plan. phillip? >> a rare opposition from the speak over the house there. tracie, thank you. caught on camera, some scary moments at a major international airport. video shows powerful winds blowing away part of a roof in china. look at the debris fall right there on the cars. and look at it from the inside. fortunately there were no reports of injury. flights were briefly suspended after that incident. >> behind that glass there, the best place to view that my goodness. let's check with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill? >> we are seeing winter storm watches converted to warnings. all of new hampshire from scranton up to the catskills. here is the snowfall prediction map. the biggest thing with this storm is going to be how intense the snow is and how quickly it falls and accumulates. we could even get numerous reports of thundersnow. you're may even see flashes in the sky and hear the clap of thunder.
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from philadelphia, north of the areas, someone is going to get 6 to 12. wouldn't surprise me if someone ends up with 18 inches. it depends where the heavy bands are during the day tomorrow. don't want to forget our friends on the plains. still dealing with blizzard conditions. just a lot of
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for skin that looks younger than it should. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay regenerist. ageless. now try olay hydrating eye. hydrates better than the #1 prestige eye cream. a moment of sheer awe captured by a photographer at the national portrait gallery. that right there is 2-year-old parker curry, and she is staring up at the new official portrait of michelle obama. here is what she had to say when she was asked what she saw. >> a queen. >> a queen? >> yes. >> do you know her name? >> michelle obama. >> michelle obama. so you do know who the queen is. >> yes. >> adorable is she? a photo was taken by another museum visitor, and it became an instant hit on the internet.
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>> i don't know what is cuter, the photo or her responsive interview. >> both. leading the news this morning, a new warning in the west where there is a serious risk for avalanches after five people were killed in washington state in just a week. and with more snow expected, some mountain ranges are being closed off to the public. one near death experience was even caught on camera. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has details. >> reporter: screams for help following a cascading sheet of snow. their scramble to find avalanche survivors. >> responded to that snowboard sticking out. good job. >> reporter: rescuers using their bare hands, digging out snowboarder evan hock. >> looked back over my shoulder and saw about a 10-foot wall of snow barreling towards me at 60 or 70 miles per hour. >> reporter: hock was buried alive. the mountain crumbled. >> at that point, i tried to kind of slow down my breathing and conservative air. >> five were swallowed by a wall
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of white at squaw valley ski resort. fortunately, everyone survived. but in washington state, the mountains were deadly. >> okay, hike is over. >> i'm shaking. >> reporter: this avalanche caught on camera by those lucky to get out of the way in time. >> listen up. the tracks of the people in front of us disappeared. >> reporter: in just one week, five people have been killed in avalanches here. the state normally averages five deaths every two years. police officer james larson among the victims. throughout the west, where whiteout conditions are still possible, the threat continues to rise as fast as the snow falls. miguel almaguer, nbc news. new research from the university of california san francisco suggests teens who vape poison themselves with many of the same deadly chemicals as traditional cigarettes. the report published in the journal pediatrics find the
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now to an innovative way to help kids improve their behavior in school, even when there is violence and fighting all around them. >> in exchange for doing the right thing, they'll get a big reward. and it appears to be working. nbc's rehema ellis has the story. >> reporter: in southwest philadelphia, life can be rough. even in school. >> it's like running the hallways and fighting, cutting classes and stuff. just like terrible. >> reporter: we're very excited to be on day 80 -- >> reporter: the principal had a bold idea. give each eighth grader $100 at graduation if no one fights for the whole school year. if any of the 37 students mess up, they all lose the cash. >> when people say that's just bribing these kids, what do you say? >> i'd say it's not much of a bribe. it's something that will get kids motived to do something very great for our school. >> reporter: suspensions are
3:50 am
down. grades are up, and so is morale. >> a lot of young kids look up to me. so if i do good, they're going to do good. so i'm really much a leader. >> reporter: it's now more cool to be good than to be tough. >> they are now getting that status as a peer group with peaceful problem solving. we flipped the switch. >> reporter: patty barnes sees a difference for her daughter. >> last year she was fighting. phone call every day, every day. this year, nothing. i'm so proud of her this year. >> reporter: students proud of themselves and counting on each other, money well spent. rehema ellis, nbc news, philadelphia. >> it's a cool story there. >> yeah, flipped the switch and they get to splurge a little bit at the end of the year. >> everybody wins. just ahead, 10 million more reasons to play pro football. plus you know that iconic lacoste al gator? well, it's out for now. find out what's replace it, next. you're watching "early today." constantly interrupting you
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sumatran tiger. but i think that is fantastic down the road. when you're wearing it, people may not know it's lacoste. but the cause and the meaning of it is so much more important than a label. >> i went online to see if they had made more. but it sold out. but such a smart idea. they have 40 of the burmese turtle, 350 representing how many are left. can't make any more animals. it makes sense. the nfl getting a brand-new and much higher salary cap this year. is reporting that the league is increasing the cap by $10 million to $177.2 million for 2018. this is the fifth straight year the cap has gone up by at least $10 million. and that cash is sure to come in handy as free agency is set to begin later this month. >> a whole lot of cash at that. all right. just ahead, a florida school removes a teacher for hosting a white supremacist podcast. details when we come back here on "early today." fred would do anything for his daughter. get in, fred! even if it means being the back half of a unicorn.
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preparing for another storm. crews are rushing to get the lights back on as another round of dangerous weather nears our area. we have team coverage tracking it all. delivery attack. robbers shoot a delivery driver on the job and the gunmen are on the run. fighting to testify, bill cosby is back in court today as the battle continues over whether accusers can share their stories at a retrial. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. >> we have a lot to get to. and everybody is listening to storm information. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. crystal has your latest but we
3:59 am
begin with brittney shipp. >> it's going to start tomorrow acting all the way until thursday. starts at 4:00 a.m. wednesday and goes all the way until thursday at 7:00 a.m. the big concern about the next nor'easter moving in, it's accumulating snow and it's going to happen over both of our commutes wednesday. wednesday evening, expect it to be worse wednesday morning. both, expected to be messy. gusty wind speeds up to 40 miles per hour. not quite as strong as the last nor easter that moved through to bring down trees and power lines. part of system is still bringing a laot of snow to parts of the midwest. we'll see dry conditions, we'll see a dry day until we get on later to this evening. closer to 9:00 is when we'll see rain showers moving through. this is the bake timing. by wednesday at noon, your lunch hour to 2:00, now, we're
4:00 am
starting to see more of a changeover. and as we get closer to the morning commute hour, that's when the steadier snow starts to ping and intensify. in terms of temperatures for today, we are going to warm into the mid to low 40s. the feels like temperatures in the low 40s. coming up, we'll break down temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood in just a little bit right now to jessica with a closer look at track. >> thank you, britt, we're looking at the parkway. and near 30th street with the lanes blocked there, watching delays because of that, and watching the p.a. turnpike. 24 minutes on that westbound side from route 1 to valley forge. speeds in the 60s. answer speeds in new jersey looking good as well, 42 right around the atlantic city expressway. and as you go here, the black horse pike, northbound where we


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