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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  March 6, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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flames burned through a house in lower pottsville township in montgomery county. we have a lot to get to. it's 5:30. thanks for starting your day with us, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. cryst chr cyst as krystal klei has the forecast. but we start with brittney shipp. >> first part of the main steam won't get here until tomorrow. but dry conditions through today. light rain and snow expected through the evening. most of the area under a first alert which will go into effect until thursday at 7:00 a.m. here are the concerns with the first alert. accumulating chevy know. messy commutes tomorrow morning
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and especially tomorrow afternoon and evening. wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour which could bring down more trees and more power outages. agency we go through the day today, we'll don't see the clouds increasing through the afternoon. then by the time 8:00 rolls around, now, we're dealing with light rain through part philadelphia, south jersey. more of a rain/snow mix for pottstown, doylestown, allentown. and then through the overnight hours when you wake up tomorrow morning, it's a different story. we start to see colder air moving in. by the time you head into work tomorrow, the temperatures are cold enough for accumulating snow for allentown, pottstown. and more of a rain/snow mix through philadelphia. this will start to change as we go through the day on wednesday. so, our evening commute on wednesday is going to be the worst of the two. i'll break that down coming up.
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krystal has a closer look. >> thank you, brittney. on the black horse pike, everything looks good. northbound and southbound side, no seeing any problems or delays. watching the blue route on the schuylkill expressway, traffic getting by. and we had an earlier train cancelled out of septa. the line market frankford line. and more problems upcoming so we'll keep watching that for you. check in with mass transit and the rest of the roads when i come back. >> thank you, jessica. power crews in the area and out of state are working together to restore power after last week's powerful storm. >> and the race is on before the heavy snow moves in tomorrow. >> nbc10's matt delucia is live in havertown. matt. >> reporter: this is one of the spot still without power. we're along beachwood drive in havertown. look at this tree, still laying across the road, four days after
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that storm. wires still on the ground here. that tree pretty much on top of this car. and now folks around here are concerned about the next storm on the way. there's a lot of damage in hard-hit places like havertown. the trees knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. plenty of them are still wondering when their electricity is going to come back on. for now, they're keeping the flashlights on and depending on others who do have power right now. >> if it's cold in the house in the morning, and i have a wood-burning stove but i don't stay up all night putting wood into it by 12:00 or 1:00, it's real cold at night. >> reporter: and on the way over here, we did spot some traffic lights that are still out, although most major roads are back up and running. again, this is a problem we've seen a lot of for the past several days. wires are down, peco crews
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working around the clock to get things up and running. here in delaware county, state foresters were out helping crews clear the roads and expected to be out again later this morning. live in havertown, matt delush yashgss nbc10 news. >> if your power is still out, you can head to a warming center, in middletown, marple, sharon hill, upper darby all open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. peco reports 25,000 customers are still in the dark and cold. ppl has more than 1700 homes and businesses offline. scattered outages for delmarva, atlantic city and png customers. the robbers who shot a delivery driver and took off with the pizza remain on the loose this morning. investigators say the robbery could be a setup. investigators believe a fake call lured the driver to this
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area lat night. police found the delivery man by a gunshot wound to the neck, possibly in shock. the victim right now is in critical condition. we'll have a live update on this story coming up at 6:00 this morning. new from overnight in montgomery county, fire rippeded through a home at lower pottsgrove. firefighters raced to the scene just before midnight. they got the flames under control in about an hour and a half. no one was hurt. today in montgomery county, bill cosby's legal team will try to sway the judge of who can and cannot testify against the man next month. >> the cosby team, they're behind the 8-ball because they lost one legal round yesterday, right? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, vai and tracy, bill cosby's legal team was trying to have the case dismissed. but after several hours of arguments yesterday the judge decided that the retrial will go on as scheduled.
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bill cosby arrived a little late and was quickly led into the courthouse by members of his team and security. inside the courtroom there weren't many pleasantries exchanged between members of defense and prosecution. prosecutors wasted no time with their arguments that the legal team led by tom massero should be thrown off the case because they remained in court and unethical. the judge allowed the team to remain on the case. meanwhile, they're claiming prosecutors with evidence in the case. and now cosby is accused of sexually assaults andrea constand in 2004. also, the defense claims they can prove with travel and phone records that cosby was nowhere near constand when that alleged assault occurred. prosecutors are hoping the judge will nowal allowen an additional 19 women to testify in the upcoming trial against cosby.
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and we will hear more arguments on that motion in court this morning. now, we also know that the defense is trying to keep details of that civil suit involving andrea constand from being mentioned in the upcoming retrial. jury selection in the retrial begins march 29th, with the case set to begin in april. and court will resume later on this morning. at 9:00. we're live in norristown, dray clark, nbc10 news. "first alert" meteorologist krystal klei here. we've been running through the neighborhood impact diving down into different neighborhoods. right now, we're going to visit lehigh valley and parts of the pennsylvania suburbs. in the hour-by-hour model, showing 5:00 tonight, we might start seeing very light spotty rain showers mixing in in the north viewing zone. by 9:00 tonight, this is going to turn over to snow or wet snow. that's the pink that you see
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here. temperatures are fairly marginal. roadways above freezing as well. the first through flakes, they won't stick but make the roadways wet. but cold air is going to come into the region as we progress through the morning hours wednesday. 8:30 in the morning, wednesday, that morning commute in the lehigh valley. berks county. upper parts of the pennsylvania suburbs. we start to seat snow coming down steadier and stickier. it may start melting farther south in bucks and chester county. by 1:00 in the afternoon, now, it's coming down at a steadier rate. the intensity is picking up. now, it's starting to stack up the snow. these areas starting with a rain/snow mix overnight tonight. we're talking 24 hours of snow. right around freezing. then we continue around freezing out there the rest of the afternoon into the night. the snow will start to get a little light at 8:00 tonight. at this point tonight, the damage is done, we're going to see the icy roadways and snow packed roadways as well.
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everything moves around on the overnight hours. and thursday will be another cleanup day. let's talk about the time line. this afternoon, dry conditions for the commute home. maybe a few sprinkles out there. but by tonight, light mixing starting to occur. tomorrow morning, now, the commute is getting a bit more messy. we are snowing across parts of the suburbs, lee shy really, berks county. snow-pack conditions by wednesday evening's commute. this is why we're talking it's the worst commute. the intensity will be higher, the winds will have picked up and visibility will be down. the roadways will be a bit of a mess except for major roads. so, just plan accordingly, maybe if you can leave work a little earlier that might be the best bet in these zones. those in green not looking at much, rain to one inch that the. areas in light blue, extends right into parts of philadelphia here, 2 to 6 inches but philly is on the cusp of that lighter
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pink in the suburbs, 5 to 9 inches. berks county all looking at 7 to 12 inches of snow by the time the system is out of here. same view in lehigh valley and the poconos. remember, just last week, they got reports up to 22 inches so a lot more snow to deal with. parts. upper bucks county, montgomery, northern parts of chester county also looking at 7 to 12. and hatfield, norristown, phoenix, over to west vincent. we're still looking at high amounts. half a foot or more through the pennsylvania suburbs. chester county, westchester to coatesville, all looking at that 5 to 9-inch range. and into the northern edge of philadelphia county. so, what we're looking at as we talking about that "first alert" for the pennsylvania neighborhoods all that we just showed you, south jersey and north delaware all looking at accumulating snow. brittney is going to run through the wide view of the region
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coming up. >> krystal, thanks for that. let's take a look at route 202. >> jessicas? has that. what are you seeing. >> route 209, not too bad right now. let's get ahead of the curve as we see any major delays but most look good. watching in which construction, right lane is blocked route 130 northbound. and you should be able to get by, and look around bustard road and fry road, we have a downed pole and closed road in darby paoli road. back over to you. >> jessica, thank you. left week's storms smashed cars, homes, property. we asked the experts what you need to do when you file storm damage insurance claims. also, backyard craters. up next, what neighbors in chester county suspect is causing a series of sinkholes.
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it's a quarter to 6:00. another nor'easter will slam our region tomorrow bringing with it the potential for downed trees, crashed cars and other property damage. >> nbc10 is live in the digital operations center dealing with what you need to know with damage and suffering from the storm. >> that's right, vai and tracy, the first thing you have to do is file a claim with the insurance company so the repair process can finally begin. the big go, of course, who is responsible for what. aaa is helping us break it down for us this morning. let's start with your -- the damage would be covered under the comprehensive portion of your auto policy, which is optional. if a tree falls on your house,
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your insurance company would cover the removal and repairs to your home. if your tree falls on your neighbor's house, your neighbor's homeowner policy would provide the coverage there. and if the tree falls in your yard but doesn't cause any damage, you'd be responsible for the cleanup. wind and roof damage to your home or under insured structures on your property is covered under extended policies. we understand if you've suffered serious damage already. you've likely gone through the process. but with another storm headed overnight and tomorrow. in the digital operations center. pam lal osborne, nbc10 news. a new lawsuit has been filed in a local massacre that made national headlines. the families of three wrung men who were shot, dismembered and burned on a bucks county farm have sued the family of the confessed killer. the lawsuit contends the parents of cosmo denardo didn't do enough to keep guns outside of
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the man's hands even though they was mentally unfit. cosmo denardo confessed to the killings during a three-day spree. the victims' family opened up about their loss. >> nobody should ever have to deal with losing their child and not in the way he was taken. >> i never thought i would feel this and lose my son. >> it's devastating to our family. >> cosmo denardo confessed to avoid the death penalty. his cousin sean kraft is implicated in killing. the family of the fourth victim filed a separate wrongle death suit last year. neighbors are blaming sinkholes on a controversial national gas pipeline. two new holes formed over the weekend and forced one family from their wholes in west
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whiteman township. it shows crews from the state department of environmental protection and sunoco working to fill them in. one neighbor says the sinkholes plus one that opened up last fall are directly linked to the construction of sunoco's marin east pipeline. >> they did the 24-hour drill. they did that until 3:30 in the morning. they actually stopped but i come to find out they hadn't stopped because they opened the other hole up. >> sunoco said they took immediate action to fill the holes and that the areas are secure. sunoco says it will continue to work with the dep, the township and homeowners to monitor the situation. the dep closed down the pipeline in january for permit violations but the department allowed construction to resume just last month. powerful waves and churning sea from the weekend storm helped reveal a mysterious ship wreck. >> visitors flocked to catch a
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glimpse of the ship. the ship was recked 150 years ago, before the civil war. get this, parts of the hull are still impact. >> i don't know how told is but it's incredible to see it still in the sand. >> and i've heard people talk about this ship and it shows up everybody once in a while. >> observers predict by the time high tides roll in, the ship wreck will disappear again. and i'm "first alert" meteorologist brittney shipp. we have a "first alert" that's going to go effect tomorrow at 4:00 a.m., lasting all the way into thursday. we have a big nor'easter on our way. this is one of the storm impact scales and if we switch the computer sources and go ahead and show you the nor'easter that is on its way. right now, we show you dry conditions as we go into rest of tonight, we will see rain moves in. that "first alert" starts
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wednesday 4:00 a.m., the rain starts to move in this evening but until after the commute. here's the system that we're tracking through the east as we go through today. what happens is another coastal low is going to move up from the south. and the combination of the two brings us the colder air. it's going to whip upwind speed. as we break down each commute by 7:00, really light rainfall. we don't see widespread precipitation, whether rain, wintry mix or snow until the overnight hours. by the time you wake up, tomorrow morning, we have a messy commute. for most of us, it's rainfall. more of a wintery mix for parts of philadelphia. lehigh valley, we're talking snow for the pocono mountains tomorrow morning. this is going to be relatively light. as we go into your lunch hour and especially towards your wednesday evening commute, that's when we start to see the darker blue. that is heavier snow coming down. and a lot of our temperatures you can see are dropping to
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freezing to support the accumulating heavy wet snow. by 7:00, wind speeds will be the strongest, gusting up to 40 miles per hour. now, we have heavier bands coming in over trenton, and looks like philadelphia is going to see more of a wintry mix or snowfall here at 7:00. we're watching this closely. if you're closer to the shore, cape may looks like mainly rainfall by tomorrow morning's commute. it's still going to be messy with strong wind gusts. there's a quick moving system it's not as intense agency ts t one. and now quick facts, we're expecting accumulating heavy snow. gusty winds up to 40 miles per hour. messy commutes expected for us. wednesday evening will be the worst of the two. look at the storm totals and shows not a whole lot to the shore. 2 to 6 inches in philadelphia. just to the west.
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lehigh valley expected to pick up 7 to 12 inches. today is that golden window to get ready for this. maybe rework some of your travel plans if you were planning on traveling tomorrow. and just get ready we're going to see another round. >> and with it for me means the severity of when and where, is that right? >> right. it starts tonight in north parts of our neighborhoods. but by tomorrow morning, we start to see rain and light snow. and the biggest is noon until later which does improve that wednesday evening commute. that's when a lot of people are seeing not only the turnover for snow. but the winds are up, visibility is impacted. that's why we're stressing if it's two inches or six inches, it's hard to see if you're driving. that's going to be dangerous. >> ladies, appreciate it. >> let's check in and see what's happening with your morning
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commute. >> jessica boyington has that. jessica. >> yeah, guys, coming from 95, not too bad. those directions east and west. no crashes there, no conditions. everything look goods. watching that on buster road. and then we still have brief storm in dumfries and worcester road, bustard and pike and jolly roads. and on 95, drive times not seeing any increase. 13 minutes southbound. woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. speeds there into the 60s. vai. >> jessica, thank you. delaware transit will hold two hearings today about service changes scheduled for later this year. the agency is looking for public input or several route changes. it affects seven routes in new castle county. and d.a.r.t. wants a hearing on beach service. i can't say this enough, the
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eagles are super bowl champions. the eagles are super bowl champions. and the winners now have say new home for the coveted lombardi trophy. up next, where the super bowl prize is now proudly on display.
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hey, good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with you right now with a check on your "first alert" traffic. and so far, so good. as we've been saying a muff different morning it's going to look today than it will be tomorrow. get out the door if you can. route 70, kings highway and cherry hill. you can see here, roads are dry, not a lot of construction to worry about. we did have me of storm damage from earlier this week that we can highlight for you. drive times, i'm going to check in with 95 moving through delaware and more of the cameras, too, when i come back. ♪ could hip-hop royalty be coming to south philadelphia this morning? maybe, "people" magazine reports beyonce and jay z will go on tour together. the july 30th tour date was
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posted on beyonce's facebook page and quickly deleted. we checked the website as of now, there's no date listed for the couple but we will keep you posted. after a postgame party in minneapolis. we can there. the super bowl trophy is now in its rightful place. >> birds' public relations posted this picture of the trophy in the glass case. image of the lombardi trophy now on display at lincoln field. yesterday, the eagles but up this huge banner in the off-season victory. and we might call tell off-season decorating. >> i like it. >> and nbc10 is your super bowl champion station. we're always looking for tips for the champs. >> one caught our eye last night on a game show. take a look at this, hmm, what does this spell?
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it shows the phrase philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. yeah, i would have gotten that with, i don't know, three letters maybe. >> no vowels. it's been a month and still hard to believe. now for the stories we're following for you at nbc10 news at 6:00 a.m. double whammy, less than a week after a winter storm blasts the area, a second snowy threat starts moving in tonight. pizza delivery driver shot. developing overnight, a man's life changed forever while he was trying to make a living. cosby's court battle. the fight faces the next challenge today after his lawyers fight to keep his accusers from taking the stand. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts right now. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. the next round of winter weather
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creeps in tonight. but this storm will have a different impact than the last one we track the storm and what to expect in your neighborhood, we begin with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> two big differences in the nor'easters. the first one, we'll see accumulating snow and but as strong as wind speed. 40 miles per hour, still strong, but it's not going to take a lot to bring down more trees and power lines. rain showers to the north, rain showers to the south. and that starts this evening. your evening commute will be fine. closer to 8:00, 9:00, that's when we see precip moving in. wednesday, steadiest snow to the north. keep in mind, your commute is going to be messy, worse by your lunch hour. definitely by the evening commute. now we're talking heavier snow. the rain/snow line drops farther to the south. then as


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