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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  March 7, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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4:30. nor'easter danger. right now heavy snow begins to pummel our area. here's a live look at center city, philadelphia, where drivers will be facing a dangerous commute. and here's a look at allentown. lehigh valley will likely get the most snow out of this storm. and don't expect it to let up anytime soon. we have you covered with everything you need to know around our area. >> we have issued a first alert for our entire area this morning. the storm is causing -- just
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checked, exactly 600 schools closed so far today. we'll have a full list scrolling at the bottom of your screen. lets get straight to meteorologist brittney shipp. >> it's great the schools are canceled because this is going to affect your morning commute and evening commute. that's why we are under a first alert all the way until tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. so, again, please be careful inyou plan on leaving the house throughout the entire day. the concern is going to be accumulating snow, which has already started for us, and we're going to factor in our gusty wind speeds which could bring down tree, power lines and power outages. a closer look to what the system is doing now and what it's doing for us, a parts of the area
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seei seeing no fall and mix of rain. allentown down towards pottstown not seeing a whole lot. if you're closer to philadelphia, we're seeing a steady snow coming down here. last check on some of our cameras, it is not accumulating in philadelphia on the roadways. but with the wind starting to pick up, our visibility is going to go down throughout the day. starting to ea rain-snow mix and snowfall. atlantic city, cape may, we're all seeing rain right now. the roads will definitely be impacted and they already are. for a closer look at that we'll check in with jessica boyington. starting off on the schuylkill expressway and our cameras on route 202, i guess because there is some white off into the shoulder and trees you can see it.
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it's going to be the on and off-ramps going to be the trickiest spots to get through this morning. the majors are being worked on and pretreated as well. and in pennsauken township all lanes are closed right there, and super slow because of the northbound ramp, route 130 is blocked and trying to head to 130 southbound, you can't do that either because they closed that all off, too. jessica, thanks. so some are still in the dark from the last storm. >> randy, those folks are getting ready and bracing for the worst. >> reporter: and you know delaware county had some of the most power outages during that last storm on friday. right now in the battle between rain and snow the snow is definitely winning. we have giant snowflakes coming down, a really heavy snasy
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slushy wet snow that is already sticking to the trees. and that's what could cause power outages later today as that wet snow starts to accumulate. you look at the roads, though, pretty much wet at this point, melting, turning into kind of a slush, a gross mess on the roadways. if we look over here on the cars park across the street, totally snow covered. going to be an effort to get all that wet snow off your car. and if we go up to power lines above, you can see the snow already starting to accumulate on those power lines. and that could lead to outages which people here in delaware county have been dealing with for almost a week now. >> i hope they're doing all right. i know a couple of people haven't had power for a long time now. >> reporter: and this new storm coming through? >> well, it doesn't look like much right now. maybe it'll change. >> reporter: yeah, that is going to change as we go through the
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day. the plow trucks already gassing up here at the wawa, getting ready to deal with all those roads. if you're at home keep an eye on the branches and trees outside your home as that snow starts to collect. we continue our team coverage now with nbc 10's matt delucia live in chester county. matt, you've seen consistent snow there as well. >> reporter: and the snow is steadily falling at this moment. take a look at the roadway now. mostly wet, but don't let that fool you. there are some slick spots right now. especially the areas untreated, you get a lot of slushy spots especially on those side streets. let me put the ruler back in the snow. last half-hour it was about 3 1/2 inches. it's pretty much the same level right now. we're right about 3 1/2, get closer to that 4 inch mark.
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we'll certainly be able to top that as the day goes on. look at those power lines. randy was talking about this a second ago with the issue of the snow falling on the power lines and branches. you've got it already caked on those power lines. i want to show you one of the trees over here. this is exactly the type of issue people are going to be facing. this branch is already weighed down by that snow. not good for power issues people have been seeing throughout the day. i just spoke to one gentleman who was is part of a snow removal crew, and he said the snow is not too bad but be careful if you have to head out the door. >> heavy wet snow has been falling in center city throughout the morning. here's a live look right now
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from our kimmel center campus camera. you can see the roads are wet there. the city has declared a snow emergency beginning at 8:00 this morning. if you're just waking up we want to make sure you know this so you can move your car off these snow emergency routes for plowing or else the city is going to tow it. the governor says this will allow the state to bypass the time consuming bidding process to quickly get the help they need. >> let's go to south jersey and a live look at cape may. the jersey shore should see mostly rain with this storm but could see accumulating snow throughout the day. right now we will take a look at camden skyline and the areas of south jersey that are close to
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philadelphia will expect 2 to 6 inches and you can count on our nbc 10 app to keep you updated no matter where you are. you can track the hour by hour forecast and get a list of power outages and school closings. and talking about school closings, we're up to 600. >> 600 schools, exactly. >> watch out for danger. what you need to know to avoid getting hurt in the weather. and there's a live look at cape may right now. parts of our area starting to see heavy, wet snow. others parts just seeing rainfall. what you can expect to see in your neighborhood throughout the day. we're breaking it down for you after the break.
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i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. we're tracking onor'easter moving through our area bringing
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different types of precipitation. if you're in philadelphia you're seeing heavy, wet snow but a lot of it melts when it reaches the ground. you have to be very careful as we go through today. roads are already slick but as we get into the a afternoon it's going to be even worse. philadelphia stretching up to abington all seeing snow. we do have a few dry pockets. if you're closer to norristown, you're not really seeing anything yet. east pikeland also seeing light snowfall. pottstown barely seeing anything. light snow and steady snow for wilmington stretching into newark and salem. if you're closer to middleton you're entering into a dry stretch as well. upper pittsburgh seeing light snowfall. vineland right on the cusp here where we start to see that rain switching over a wintery mix and eventually over to snow. if you're close door the coast where temperatures are warmer,
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we're just seeing rainfall right now. again, this is what we're watching for you just so you're prepared as you're leaving the house. closer to the poconos of course already cold enough for snow to be coming down. in allentown we don't have the moisture right now for that widespread steady snow. and parts of philadelphia seeing snowfall, ship bottom, atlantic city basically all seeing a bit of rainfall. our wind gusts are going to start to pick up as well. atlantic city, close to 40 degrees. if you're close to philadelphia we're mainly seeing that heavy, wet snow and our temperatures will continue to drop. this system, different neighborhoods are seeing different things. for a closer look at our break downs we'll go to meteorologist krystal klei. >> at different parts of the day you'll see different things. you can see the camera on broad
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street is wet, but not necessarily snow on them. i think that's where the concern picks up late morning through the afternoon. wet snow with some rain mixing around philly and particularly farther south. as we get from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. that snow line is going to drop further south. what i mean right now is the steadiest snow is in suburbs, and that's going to dip down. the heaviest snowfalls with the lowest visibility, we're talking at times 1 to 2 inches falling per hour. that's the type of rate where it's difficult to drive. snow totals across our region our highest amounts are going to be further north. that's where we're looking at 8 to 13 inches possible. 4 to 8 inches along the i-95 corridor. notice in chestnut hill, parts
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of manayunk, you're in that the potential for showers. and through this morning it's going to be messy. wet roads but not snowy roads yet. as we get into midday that's where some of the heavier snow is going to pick up. that's going to last through the afternoon, evening, and then we've got snowy roads. this is why we're seeing this time of day when the commute is going to be a big issue. wednesday night the snow ends but the roadways will likely still be impacted. by thursday morning we should start to see things clearing out, and isolated snow is possible on your thursday. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now with a check on the roads. we're watching things out in mount laurel, 295 and our cameras around church road.
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so where you can see some of the snow actually accumulating is into the center median and off into the shoulder. the actual roads just seeming a little wet, a little slushy in some spots. so both directions not reporting any problems, but we are seeing some in pennsauken township. the ramp from 73 north to route 130 is blocked and same goes for the 130 southbound ramp to route 73 southbound. so a lot of detours in the area there. and end here on i-95. just wanted to check in with some drive times through delaware. looking good from 295 to 495 with an 11 minute trip at the most. we'll keep watching the roads for you, and i'll check in with mass transit. for now we're going to send it over to pamela osborn. she's live in storm force 10. >> reporter: we're on the walt whitman bridge right now where snow is coming down, and the
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roads are just a little bit wet. we have some tips for driving today, and we're going oo show you what conditions are like in jersey when we come back.
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we are tracking this major winter storm for you this morning. right now storm ranger is giving us this live look at collegeville. county has declared a disaster emergency. county leaders say that opens up the resources that they need to deal with this storm, clear roads and protect people and property. now let's show you what it looks like in philadelphia, i-95 in south philly. always starts to pick up around 6:00 this morning. likely to be less traffic this morning as a lot of places are closed, a lot of people choosing to work from home and with more than 600 schools closed. we'll be driving all over
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south jersey checking to see what you can expect to experience if you're driving. tell us what you're seeing there. >> reporter: yeah, we just drossed over the walt whitman bridge. pretty similar to what we saw in philly this morning. it's just a wet snow that's falling down on the windshield. on the roads, the roadways are a little bit wet this morning. again, not seeing any major problems right now. but we're expecting things to change quite a bit over the next several hours with the storm system that's coming through. what do you need to know this morning? of course the usual things that aaa tells you. make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to get to where you're going. you're going to want to allow yourself at least six car lengths distance between you and the plow trucks are going to be out salting and plowing the roadways this morning. and there's something else aaa wanted to pass along, a tip just
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about being safe and smart on the roadway if you encounter any obstructions out there. take a listen. >> our crews out there on the roads are telling us that some motorists are not making the smartest decisions when it comes to navigating storm damage, downed trees, road closures, bodies of water. people are driving around these obinstructions a obstructions, and they're getting stuck. when you see an obstruction in a road you don't know exactly how dangerous it's going to be. it's not worth the risk. turn around and find an alternate route. >> reporter: and good advice there. another piece of advice as you're headed out your door this morning, if you come out and you have snow on top of your car, make sure you wipe off the lights so that way people can see you when you're out on the roadway this morning. we're going to be making our way to the south jersey suburbs.
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once we get there we'll give you a better look at conditions. for now reporting live from storm force 10 i'm pamela osborn, nbc 10 news. >> you saw in storm force 10 there and the roads are manageable this morning, but our meteorologist told us yesterday it'll be the afternoon that'll be the problem. >> yeah, that'll be the real concern. but let's talk about what's going to happen through the course of the day. brittney shipp has that. >> the evening commute is going to be worse, and once we start to get these heavier snow bands coming in. but even this morning coming into work you need to take a easy out there. roadways are still wet even if snow hasn't accumulated yet. it sticks to a lot of power lines and tree limbs and wind gusts close to 40 miles per hour. and that's going to be another
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concern for us. even as the system moves out our roads are going to stay messy. and that's why a first alert in effect until 7:00 a.m. thursday. we do expect to see accumulating snow for most of area. basically everyone is going to see the heaviest amounts of snow. if you're close to the shore, southern parts of delaware we're still going to see accumulating snow. not as much as we're going to see along the 95 corridor stretching up to the lehigh valley. and also we don't expect to see a lot of snowfall if you're closer to atlantic city. we'll have coasting flooding issues and really strong wind gusts. we're watching a lot of rain switchover to snow as the colder air starts to move in with this system. chester starting to see a steady snowfall as well. we start to see the darker blue here versus the white that's when we know the intensity is
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starting to increase here. salem, upper pits borough, and as we go into the rest of today, again that heavy snow will continue to accumulate. but for a closer look we'll send it over to meteorologist krystal klei. >> you were showing off some of the points where it's rain versus snow. this is the philadelphia national airport. and yok see the roadway there is wet but not necessarily snowy. it's not going to be until this afternoon. let's talk about the timing hour by hour with our commuter model here. notice the temperatures. talking 40s at the coast. midupper 30s in dover and millville. that was going to be the trouble zone. it's why it's so difficult to forecast totals when you have that mixing zone right over a highly populated highly traveled area.
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we see the snow line edge over to the north. so don't be surprised to see a little sleet, rain, mixing with that snow. and right along parts of south philly into delco and wilmington, this is some of the snow that's going to have the mixing. and watch as we go later into the morning. by 10:00 a.m. now snowfall rates are intensifying as the coastal rain starts to approach. the coastal rain going to continue wedging in a little bit of mixing as we have this wraparound from the coastal low. high winds, heavy rain even some thunder possible along the jersey shore. and this snow continues steady through about 5:00. everything starts to exit as we get into the evening hours. this is what we're calling a high impact snow from about 10:00 a.m. to 5:00. is to 2 snowfall rates. that means it's intense.
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wind gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour and that doesn't include the 95 corridor, which is why we've been putting out that warning. already getting gusty around 30 miles per hour, but the big concern. look at the shore. around 30 to 35 mile per hour wind gusts possible which could lead to more damage. we have live reporters, photographers, and a network of live cameras to show you what it's like. >> jessica boyington the brunt of the storm is going to hit the lehigh valley, so let's look at i-78. >> it actually doesn't look too bad right now. definitely wet, but you can see with not a lot of cars on them it's definitely to see all the time. off into the shoulder we're not seeing a lot of accumulation here, but the roads are definitely wet. and like we said it is coming. so at least if you have to go, go now. now would be the time, of course. the regional rails dealing with
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so call now. (mellow music) ♪ 2 before 5:00. we're tracking this major winter storm for you. you can see the storm over our region right now. snow totals will vary widely depending on where you are, which is why we do neighborhood weather. so stay with the nbc 10 app and nbc 10 on-air for constant updates. doctors say slips and falls will likely cause the most injuries during this storm. >> in some cases those accidents can lead to broken bones as well as head injuries and can even be deadly. if you do have to go outside
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make sure your shoes have rubber soles and if you use a cane make you're it has pikes. stay hydrated and make sure to bend at the waist. if you have a major health issue, don't shovel at all. >> and don't drink coffee if you're concerned about that, because it's extra exertion. now to the stories we're following for you at 5:00 a.m. >> heavy snow and a dangerous commute. another major winter storm rolling into our area could lead to more damage, more power outages. a live look shows the conditions right now in allentown, south philadelphia, and wilmington to your right. it's not letting up anytime soon. we have issued a first alert for
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our entire area until tomorrow morning because the snow will be sticking around, and it will continue to come down. we have you covered with what you need to know. good morning this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikehema. this storm is also causing classes to be canceled at this hour. we have those schools closed at the bottom of the screen. >> the entire area is virtually under this first alert. the concern as we go through today and really it's already starting is accumulating heavy, wet snow. this is going to affect both of your commutes as you go to work, head home from work. we'll see wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour, and with that heavy, wet, sticky snow it could bring down trees and power line. we're barely recovering from the system that moved through on friday. cook look at timing. now through 8:00 we're seeing


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