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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  March 7, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> we're in a first alert for a major winter storm that will last hours and hours. the conditions are different depending on where you live. here's a live look from philadelphia's chestnut hill neighborhood. >> and we have storm force 10 out checking conditions on the road. right now it's live along route 1. this is in springfield, delaware county. you see the roads are wet, otherwise no accumulation on the road. >> now let's look at limb rick, in montgomery county, conditions will be different again. that's why we do neighborhood weather. conditions are significantly different in the areas across our region. have you that picture there. >> see those plow trucks there moving snow a little bit. you're looking live right now the at i-95 in south
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philadelphia. gerard point bridge. the i-95 corridor will get the brunt of the storm. road crews are working to keep these highways clear as the snow continues to fall and it will come more a little bit later in the afternoon. >> it's been wet snow in that area, but now let's show you bucks county where it looks much different. this is quakertown along west broad street. within the last half hour the snow has started to pick up here so you can tell conditions are very different. >> turning now to delaware, here's a live look at the blue rock stadium. the conditions worsened just a lil by the the delaware dot advising drivers to watch out for worsening conditions throughout the day especially throughout the afternoon including trees that may fall and block roads. >> i think brittany was telling us a couple minutes ago just wait, something's coming. that's what it is in wilmington. the storm willing with us into the evening. how much snow you get, again, depends on where you live. here's a live look at the radar we've been calling it tay dynamic storm because it's
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changing. it is constantly change thing. that's showing you in the purple that's where the heavy snowfall is right now. and then in the green you can see the areas getting rain. but things continue to change and we have many more hours of precipitation go. >> and you can see on the radar how things are changing by the minute. good mong, i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. the school semipacts willing frefrg schools to mass transsits. right now we have several school closings, early dismissals across our area. you can see a full list of event closures on our nbc 10 app right now, it's a free app, check it out. it has a lot of information there. also we can tell you that septa regional rail and j transit trains operating on special snow schedules. we is have that information there too. we're also watching power outages which have been a problem since friday's storms. thousands of people still not back online and with today's wind and heavy snow adding to the issue, well, we'll see what happens. right now nearly 15,000
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customers are without electricity. >> the and our live team coverage of this major storm kicks off with nbc 10 first alert brittney shipp. brittany. >> it's been a busy morning for us and now we continue to see this changing testimony. so sometimes we're seeing rain, sometimes a mix, snow, it will go back to mix sometimes. here's a closer look at allentown. look at the heavy snow coming down on our camera there. so earlier we were seeing light snowfall but now things are picking up and wire under a first alert until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. this will affect a lot of our neighborhoods stretching into south jersey, most of our pa neighborhoods, northern delaware. the shore have their own issues, which include heavy rain, possibility of thunderstorms and coastal fld flooding. this will stay in effect until tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. why and what? accumulating sticking snow that could hang to power lines and trees. it's going to mess up your evening commute. hopefully you're able to just stay home and watch this from
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home. we'll see wind gusts up to about 40 miles per hour. those are all the issues that we expect to deal with today. let's walk you through an hour by hour breakdown as we go into your noon hour we'll see some of the heavier bands starting to develop right over wilmington, philadelphia, up through pottstown, northeast philly, doylestown, trenton stretching down into mount holly. when we see the dark are blues that's how we know the snowfall will be more intense. things willing lighten up near allentown, reading, lancaster. millville will see a mix and we'll see those warmer temperatures near atlantic city stretching down into cape may. everything about atlanticic citi around noon o 1:00 we could see heavy downpours but by 1:00 that dark blue is over that entire area. it's mainly that i-95 corridor and upper bucks county. that will be the main area where we'll see those really powerful and heavy bands of snow coming down. by 2:00 the story is still the same. so that's a long period of time between about noon to at least
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3:00 where we start to see the heavy bands. you start to see hear that things will lighten up right around 3:00 for parts. area near allentown and pots town. that heavy snow is still coming down in philadelphia, northeast philly, mount holly, trenton, doylestown and that mix starts to make its way to atlantic city but it's just too warm. we'll continue to see lots of moisture moving through at least through 4:00. but you start to see more pink in there, that means the system is going to start breaking down and pulling away and we'll get warmer air moving in. for a closer look at some of the currents right now, we'll take you there i a few cameras. steve. >> we're seeing conditions deteriorate depending on where you are. so in philadelphia, you're waiting for that wall to arrive and it's right across the river there in new jersey. but take a look at shot i'm about to show you right now out of wilmington. we've been watching that wall of snow come up from south to north and this is what we we are talking about. it's the rate of snow at which
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will come down once that wall arrives. you can actually watch the vi visibility just drop before our eyes. three-quarter mile visibility, i would surmise lower now. that means heavy snow falling in your area. other spots that we have heavier snow, allentown, reading, wherever you sthees numbers at the loft lowest that's where you have the most intense pockets of snow happening right now. notice that the visibility is four uright now in philadelphia but that wall is just to the east. as i can show it to you on the radar, wherever you see the darker blue colors, that's the very heavy intense snowfall rates. now, you saw some snow last night, that was one piece of energy moving through. this is the real game here. this is the storm system that will become the nor'easter. notice the lightning strike taking place off the coast of new jersey here. we mentioned the possibility of thundersnow, and that's when the system really goes under that rapid intensification.
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that's happening right at this home. so this wall of snow that you see through areas of camden county, gloucester county is moving off to the north and west. and we saw the conditions down in wilmington, that's the type of conditions that will be moving up into your direction. notice in the state of delaware we're seeing all kinds of mixed conditions and then down to the shore we have all rain. so as we go through the half hour we'll show you more cameras, we'll show you the progression of that rain and snow line up to the northwest and walk you through the storm. >> all right, steve, thank you. you can count on us, we want you to count on nbc 10 to bring the most accurate weather forecast. we have sophisticated weather equipment, weather tools to help in in that effort. one of them is storm ranger 10. it's live here at the airport in collegeville giving you this picture. >> storm ranger is a powerful radar on wheels that gives our meteorologists a look at the storm that no one else has to help them really perfect the forecast in your neighborhood. >> our first alert team coverage continues now with nbc 10's dray
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clark who's ploolive in cheft chestnut hills. >> reporter: we're right along german town avenue here. we've been watching the conditions throughout the morning. this has been what the roads have been like most of the morning, wet. you can see just a slight layer of slush going across the road here. the snow, it let up a little bit but still slippery on the road and the sidewalks. we know that the city really activated their snow plan early this morning. they have some 40,000 tons of salt to work with along with 400 pieces of equipment. and we know they have crews spread out all across the area. but mostly those salt trucks have been very busy with the plow trucks on stand by. behind me we happen to be at a good stop because right here you have a septa bus station and buss have been coming through here pretty routinely. then if you turn the corner and go down have the chestnut hill west regional rail station. you can see a train right there waiting to pull away. we though that right now septa
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is operating on a saturday schedule, if you will, which is typical when we have storms like this blow through. we haven't seen as many people riding public transportation. there's a bus going by right now. most people who have the option are just staying home because the conditions are just not ideal to be outside for the most part. but all in all people are getting by for the most part. sidewalks still a little bit slippery, some folks still have to do some shoveling and salting to give people more traction. as you know, chestnut hill say walk neighborhood so a lot of people have been out and about this morning. some businesses open as well. katy and chrissy actually work here along chestnut hill and they were kind enough to first bring us some coffee and sandwiches as well. they had some compassion that we're out here working this morning. talk to me about the decision into opening up because we have this storm coming through, the worse is the yet to come. some folks say if i can stay home what better day do so than
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today. but you decided, no, let's go to work. >> reporter: we have a lot of walkers to work for us so it's great and it helps us out to be able to open because we do really well on snow days. people come in for bread and we're almost sold out. we're open until 12:00 today and we have bread and coffee and paste tries and breakfast sandwiches available until 12:00 noon today. >> you have any problems? >> there was a little bit of floodings. but it wasn't bad. the snow didn't really stick to the ground until basically i got into chestnut hill this morning. the drive twhaent bad. >> reporter: all right. katy and chrissy giving us a little insight into their day this morning. it's not 0 so bad but the worst we know is yet to come. >> this is not so bad where you are, but we're being loog at a live picture the 95 in south philadelphia where steve sosna says you know that band that we've been talking about, that wall of snow? it's just arrived and we good see it here in center city behind us. i also just got an e-mail from
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jim rosenfield who says the large flakes they're now coming down in center city. >> let's check in with jessica boyington to see what's happening on i-95 at gerard. >> i'm look at 95 too and actually picked this camera because my other 95 cam raw couldn't see it at all, it was completely covered with ice and snow. so there was all over the camera lens and this one was one of the only ones i could show you. at least because it wasn't covered. so right now you can definitely see it coming down. the good thing is that i want to focus on that not a lot of cars are out the door. you want to follow that example and not head out the door especially considering the worst is yet to come. right now we're just watching a lot of slippery spots. off ramps, back roads dealing with kpent department, one in lower providence around egypt road and windchilling things over in new jersey. cherry hill, the visibility looks north than i-95. east and west not to too bad but everybody has their headlights on and they're all completely
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saturated and in adoition that we're seeing a lot of snow into the center immediatians and you've into the shoulders. drive times are okay, we are seeing some accidents pop up, but it's not because of volume, it's because of the slippery spots. stay home if you absolutely can. back to you. >> thanks. we have hundreds of cameras showing you the conditions. we have live radar showing you the conditions, and now say great time to download our free nbc 10 app. it has all kinds of information just four. you can get weather and traffic alerts as this storm intensifies, as this wall of snow moves in. you can also track this storm with our live interactive neighborhood radar. >> all right. this storm continues to shift and change. we saw a little dry spot over philadelphia but within the last five minutes or so we're seeing heavy snow coming down. we're tracking all the changes for you and not everyone's getting snow. some just seeing rain. what you can expect in your neighborhood is coming up after the break.
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quarter past 11:00 a.m. on this wednesday morning. we're tracking this major winter storm that's impacting our entire area. mears a live look at the first alert radar. the snow and the rain will be with us for several more hours. >> now let's take a live look at philly international where officials there tell us they have a number of cancellations. we expected that. we can get airport picture up, the sarpt reminding travelers check the status of your
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flights. wow, that's -- you usually see a much better picture of the airport there. and that shows you the reduced visibility that is happening out there. >> that visibility is going to be a problem especially for the afternoon drive. we'll give awe i live look right now over the schuylkill river looking towards man knee yok, you see the snow there, it's a little bit -- it hasn't fall 2011 like it has some in some places. i-95 down to south philadelphia, that area is getting much more than that right now. we continue with nbc 10's pamela osborne who's live in storm force 10 showing us what the roads are like right now. pam, where are you? >>reporter: yeah, we're nao in drexel hill right now. i wanted to give you a different perspective are the right now we're on a neighborhood street in the is cedar lane. you can see a little bit slushy right now, very wet on the roadways but no major problems on any of the majors that we've been on this morning so far on the way. so earlier there was a little bit of rain, we saw in new
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jersey would whereit would transition from light rain to snow and it's now snowing here in drexel hill. back to you. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is holding a news conference. >> he just stepped up to the podium and we're going to take a moment and listen in. >> conditions can change quickly and i think we need to understand that. you look out the window right now here in the harrisburg area and you could be forgiven for thinking this isn't going to be a big deal. we're still thinking this is going to be a bill deal and in certain parts of pennsylvania it's going to really hit very, very hard spot we're doing everything we can to prepare and to respond to that. we know this is already been a difficult week for many of our citizens in the areas that are going to be affected most heavily today. and this has been a really tough week for our first responders, emergency managers, transportation utility workers and state and local officials.
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and i want to thank, i think all of us in pennsylvania owe a deep debt of gratitude to those people who have worked around the clock, many of them hours and hours on end. they're really tired and we're looking at another storm right now. so they've worked in difficult conditions of extreme cold and wind to help their neighbors keep safe and warm and i think all of us owe them a great thanks. these storms are difficult for these workers, they're difficult for their families, and i think all of us, again, need to make sure that they fwhars thunderst what they do is much appreciated. given last week's storm we're focusing on getting power restored, roads open and communities back to normal from last week's storm and this storm complicates that effort that's under way. but we made progress. since last weeks storm we reduced power outages from 600,000 to just under 40,000. we've lifted work restrictions
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to allow utility companies to work to restore power more quickly, but we still have to -- we still have work ahead of us. so i ask residents to be patient, be safe, and be helpful to your neighbors. heed warnings from emergency officials and law enforcement. third, please limit your travel and allow emergency responders to do their work. it's really helpful if you don't have to travel, don't. stay off the roads, that's going to help keep you safe but it's also going to help keep others safe. it allows -- also allows crews to clear and treat roadways without disruption. had is all important. we're taking precautions to prepare for the worse that this storm can deliver. here's what we've done. we've staged and moved equipment and personnel to respond in the areas we believe are going to be most heavily hit. penndot is lowering speeds on roadways and restricting commercial traffic. penndot has moved most equipment to areas expected to be impacted
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most significantly, so we're sharing resources whenever we can. we have 450 members of the national guard mobilized and on stand by throughout the eastern half of the state. and fema is doing work to make sure local communities have the resources they need to manage and respond to the storm. counties in the direct path of the storm have people and pa national guard on-site ready to assist immediately as they're needed. we're doing everything question to support communities, assist citizens, and first responders and most importantly we want to keep people safe. i ask all pennsylvaniaians to be safe, help us in this endeavor. limit your travel, heed warnings from your local officials and check on your neighbors, especially the elderly. now i want to turn this over to fema director rick flynn for a further update on the state and local responses. rick. >> thank you, governor and good morning. again, governor wolf is heavily engaged in what we do and always
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is in keeping in contact. one of things we did in preparation for this storm is start at 10:00 yesterday morning and activated a coordination center. that gave us time to do the plaining efforts and coordination efforts with all of the counties affected. as the governor pointed out, our significant concern has been those folks that are still in a disaster survivor mode, if you will, because they've had no power. and that is obviously up in the northeast and specifically in pike county. we've been working very closely with them. as the governor mentioned, plenty of resources, in fact our management team support there functioning right now working with the counts ties and working to help disaster survivors. but the comwealth center activated yesterday the penndot area command came in also at the same time. then we activated the full comwealth response coordination center today with the state police, attorney general's office, civil air patrol, the public utility commission, the department of health, the
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american red cross, department of human service, department of environmental protection, the department of conservation and natural resource, vit transawears, ddap agency, as well as penndot and turnpike. and, again, you know, i think probably more than ig else at this point is the -- one fortunate things that happens when a storm occurs is that obviously people do heed at times stay off the roads an such. but then when they get out and the storm slows down, they believe they can travel. and we don't want that to occur. you know, our concern is the storm's not -- our role is not over until everything is back to normal. and so we're going to be engaged here for that event. i will say to you that we have resources available. you know, one of the most valuable resource if you're on a highway and you get stuck is the pa 511 connect. because wireless emergency alert
11:23 am
will come to you and messages will be able to be sent to you. i encourage if you that happens, not only be prepared, a go kit in your car if you will, but be able to get that wireless emergency alert and connect. we were able to connect with over 200 vehicles in this past event and gave them valuable information. but in addition to that were we have the ready pa, it's a great resource for prepreparedness information and that's www.readypa gov and on our facebook and twitter. and it allows a service that allows two-way communication. we hope no one gets in difficult times. as mentioned our most vulnerable population is our elderly. take care of your neighbors, that's what we ask. thank you very much. >> okay. now we're all ready to take any questions you might have. any questions? >> that is governor wolf giving us anne update on the situation
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throughout the state of pennsylvania advising people to heed the warnings of emergency officials, limit your travel. of course telling us that they're deploying their resources to the areas where they expect the most impact. >> and he said don't, you know, if you look out your window and you donk think it's bad like in harrisburg, that doesn't mean that it couldn't get back because this is a dynamic storm, we've been saying it all orange. and sort of echoing that, we just get a message from ng kot saying people shouldn't being lulled into a false sense of security because conditions aren't bad now. they can change rapidly. let's look at cape may. shore we've been tilling mostly rain today. we just checked with the office of emergency management there and they say raindrops, that's what they've got are the they have winds 20 to 25 miles per hour, gusts up to 30 miles per hour. they had spotty flooding at the southern end of the county but otherwise just fine. we'll continue our live team coverage just ahead.
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and meanwhile, snow is falling in philadelphia at this hour and in the surrounding areas. >> that say live look at center city philadelphia, our team coverage after this winter storm continues just ahead.
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we'll continue our live team
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and we are tracking this major winter storm that's hitting our area right now with snow and rain. and as the day goes on we'll also see wind gusts picking up and possible coastal flooding. >> and take a live look at center city right now. well, cameras really wet, the lens is really wet but we can tell you that it's coming dund we could see more falling trees, more power out ages today. our live team coverage continues just ahead. falling trees, more ages today. our live team coverage continues just ahead. trees, more power ou
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today. our live team coverage continues just ahead. falling trees, more ages today. our live team coverage continues just ahead. trees, more power ou today. our live team coverage continues just ahead. -if you told me a year ago where i'd be right now...
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here's a live look right now from the adventure aquarium looking across delaware river at center city, philadelphia, where things have deteriorated. looking much worse now than it did a half hour ago. that's the skyline of philadelphia. >> that wall of snow. here's a live look at conditions in montgomery county. we got new information from county officials who say right now relatively quiet, we can see that in a live picture. they hadda about a dozen accidents between 9:30 and 10 clock this morning when a heavy band came through but nothing serious right now. checking conditions right now in quakertown, bucks county. this is a live look at west broad street where the snow is falling. not as hard as it is in other places. the officials are telling us extra staffing in the 91 waund county agencies standing by to assist residents in bucks count if i. they say we are ready. >> they know it's coming. now let's go to delaware county
11:33 am
and show you wind cheeld wipers on. this is a look at storm force 10 in drexel hill where they tell us they're watching and white waiting for things to get dicier this afternoon. but we have you covered. stay right where you are. if you didn't go to work today, no school, we'll show you what conditions look like around the area. >> here's a live look at wilmington. things there have gotten worse. this sour camera at blue rock stadium. no baseball weather today. dell dot is asking people to go slowly and be patient. >> and checking our cameras in center city, we can tell you that, you can see that the snow is really coming down. that's ocean city. we've been saying all along down the shoor mostly going to be a rain event. and they're not even worried about major, major flooding, just in a couple of places, cape may county was i forming us about that. >> not as bad as we've ben telling down the shore areas. >> right. >> good morning. >> this is what we're covering 40 we have live cameras
11:34 am
everywhere to show you what's happening as this storm is shifting and changing its dynamic. nbc 10 is committed to bringing you the most up to date weather conditions. >> we have a cruyff journalists reporting live from neighborhoods across the area to help keep you safe. over a dozen of them at the bottom ever your screen there's a list closings today. you can find the same mftion information on the nb 10 app. >> here's what we know. 13,000 customers without power. some still left in the dark from last week. early dismissals across the delaware valley leentd high valley. snow's also impacting travel. septa rail and nj transit trains operating on snow schedules. all the information son our nbc 10 app. you can get it right now to see a full list of closings and that travel information. >> we have the experts standing by. our coverage continues now with brittney shipp. brittany. >> the video paints the picture for us where we're seeing one of those heavy bands that we said
11:35 am
was really going to come around this time. and we'll continue to see those heavy snow bands moving over our i-95 corridor. this is going to be a snowfall right up to 2, 3 inches an hour and you're going to couple that with wind gusts closer to 30, even 40 miles per hour. so the main concern is going to be our decreased visibility as well as a little bit of accumulation. but even driving in it it's going to be hard to see in front of you. if you can avoid over the next couple hours going anywhere, i would suggest doing so and waiting until this dies tloun do down a little bit which should happen around 6 could clock, 7:00 this evening. we want everyone to make sure that they're safe as we go into the next few hours. here's a closer look at our visibility that's now decreased, down to a quarter mile in reading. a lot of times this happens when we get those heavy snow bands moving if. typically our visibility is anywhere between ten to 12 miles, it's down it to a mile and a half for parts of
11:36 am
philadelphia. trenton down to one mile in atlantic city, 2.5 in millville. here's the bigger picture with this system and it's just revving up here as we go into the next couple hours. it's going to organize itself and become that weathermaker that's going to drop a lot of snow right over parts of philadelphia, but if you were closer to the shore you're going to continue to see rainfall coming down. here's a closer look at some of our snow totals. our forecast snow totals. not a lot here near ocean city, cape may. if you're closer to some of the south jersey suburbs we'll be in the 2 to 6 inch category. mill toing ton, 4 to 8 inches of snowfall. the bull's eye will be closer to upper bucks and montgomery counties. allentown, lehigh valley in the range of 6 to 10 inches, some areas could see upreasonable doubts waf a foot of snow. for a laoser look at what we expect in terms of our radar and where some of the heaviest snow bands are we'll so go over to steve '. >> thank you. we're finally starting to see
11:37 am
this storm rev up. we've seen it come in chunks. we had an initial chunk push through last night. that came through as this burst of snow that you saw. now here's the real storm. this is the nor east every that's getting under way. i know a lot of you woke up and it was an unemprissive start. that's a live look at i-fient 5 if south philadelphia. now you're seeing the storm get into motion. reading saw the first wave of snow come through and coat the ground with several inches of snow and you'll get another round of snow coming up this afternoon and evening. we watched this skycam go from per inspect vis akt and just wet to now we're seeing that heavy snow if the looks like less than a quarter mile. by definition that's heavy snow falling there. you're not seeing it stick right away, by give it a little bit of time. the reason why, when we were in between systems the temperature did warm up to the middle 30s so a lot of this is melting on the pavement right now. but ha happens when you get these really intense rates happening, it chilled the atmosphere and so you're going
11:38 am
to watch these numbers slowly come down into the lower 30s and that's when you're going to see that pancaking of the snow on the ground. so you're not seeing it just yet, but it you're out in the outer burbs you've seen that already. 32 in blue bell, 28 mount pocono, here's the center of storm right now. it's just getting going here. we've been watching the looikt strikes off the coast of new jersey, that's a storm that's insurance tense fying right now and we've watched all these vis abling abilities in the last hour foul. we are moving into the heart of the storm and this will last through the afternoon hours tapering off after about 5:00 or 6:00. if you're at a destination right now, you don't need to leave now. if you leave after about 4:00 or 5:00, that gifts plow cruiews t remove this because it will thump, snow coming down 2 to 3 inches per hour at the height of this storm.
11:39 am
will colle it will collect quickly and then shut off like a valve. >> we've shown you pictures, montgomery didn't seem to be one of the places that was that bad. >> we had a band move through earlier but let's see what it looks like right now. this is montgomery county and deanna, tell us what's happening. >> reporter: it's been a very interesting morning. we started the day in lower montgomery county. plymouth meeting area, we saw rain. we went to potts town and as we were driving on 422 you can see how much it's changed. it's wet, heavy snow but it's not coming down with those big fluffy flakes. right now we've got a rain/snow mix and we've seen it all. we've seen sleet, periods notify seminole at all. take a look at how it looked about 11:00 this morning on 4:22 as you got on the on-ramp towards pottstown. commuters who hit this area where are when have you seen the ramps that empty before. look at how snow packed the roads there are. we did see one car in the ditch there in the westbound lanes
11:40 am
between the sarasota exit and pottstown. state police were on scene there. we can tell you that montgomery counting crews are reporting less than a dozen traffic zebts. countywide officials are saying most people heeded the warnings and stayed home. and this storm seems to be changing within the hour and also the neighborhood that you're in. because as we started off about an hour ago we saw those big, heavy thick flakes and right now we're seeing a rain/snow mix. i just talked to a contractor who working the roads for penndot in a private plow and she said right now it's not to bad out there it's just wet. but ve she, like most rest of us are waiting for things to ping and for it to get worse. so stay inside if you don't have to be out, don't. that's the very latest. nbc 10 news. watching and waiting. thanks. now, as the day goes on, the snow spike up in center city and that's a look at -- look at that camera. that's a live look at eighth and
11:41 am
market. roads look wet but we talk about the travel conditions. it's also about the visibility and that's significantry reduced from an hour ago. let's look at the dns on the ground zbrn ro ground. >> rosemary connors is and itting by. how's it looking? >>reporter: conditions are changing just within the past fen to 15 minutes we had a steady rain out here but as you can see especially in the front of my umbrella it's changed over. those raindrops have turned into a more thick wet snowflake. take a look at our video from just within the past few hours. people had their umbrellas out, their hoods up because it was like a rain day here. but again we've got this snow coming in now so a ditch picture. we're posted up near jefferson hospital. we spoke to nurses, social workers who had to head into work today. i talked to one nurse who lived in south jersey. she said by and large her commute was running just fine.
11:42 am
>> i commute from westmont station. i take the 6:15 train. . it was raining mixed with snow then. commute was fine, trains were on time, everything was smooth, walk here was great. >> i actually walk, i live in the neighborhood so it wasn't too bad. most of my colleagues weren't able to make it in this morning, so. >> they're coming from the suburbs a little further away? >> yes. i think they got more snow out there. >> reporter: yeah, here in center city even though that rain has changed over to snow just within the past 15, 20 minutes, you can see on the ground it's not sticking, not yet. however, for some of the cars, some of the drivers that did come in from the suburbs, that's where you're seeing that accumulating snow right here on the roof of this car. quick note about these cars parked up and down chest nus street here, again, this is one of those emergency snow routes so northwest majors in philadelphia we're talking chestnut street, walnut street, market, gerard avenue, lancaster avenue, you are not supposed to park on them because plow crews, street crews have to make their
11:43 am
way. so even though you see cars parked, don't do it because you may end up with a ticket our may end up towed to another location. live at 10th and chestnut, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. some stlies could say you a couple hundred bucks. in bucks county, meanwhile, this tweet came to us, you can see sparks from power lines that came down at ford road and immediate did i road. wow, look at that. we're told the lines there are no longer making those sparks but they are still laying down across the road. >> we're continuing to get new pictures, new video from around the region. this is a tree down from a viewer in ardmore. that true came down and, remember, they're still working to clear downed trees from friday's storm. the upside, no word on any additional outages right now but we're checking with utilities to kep kooep you updated on that. >> this is where your pictures
11:44 am
keep us updated on what's going on there. our camera is live at the airport in collegeville. >> montgomery county is seeing a steady snow this morning. we just checked in with deanna and she said said it's been an interesting morning as it's been rain, snow, stopped for a while. that's why we have our meteorologist there tracking this storm. brittany. >> look at our picture here, i-95 where we're seeing slowing conditions here, almost whiteout conditions. as we see these heavy snow bands moving right over some of our major highways, our visibility is going to decrease. so we're being trtracking exact the heaviest snow and is we'll have that right after the break.
11:45 am
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11:47 am
we're just commenting on the visibility detier rating and the snow falling there in center city behind sfwlus that live picture and our live pictures of 95, jessica boyington has been monitoring all of her live cameras zblour we all knew there was something going to happen out in lehigh valley and we were waiting for it. i checked my cameras about an hour ago tnd tand was completely empty which i thought was peculiar. but now look. it's coming. it is hitting the lehigh valley right now. you can see the onramps right around lehigh street. looks like it's not plowed anymore. otherwise we're starting to see it stick and cover some of the roads. that's going to be the important part, watching it come down on the 42 free yay way near the atlantic city expressway. here northbound traffic moving towards 295 and philadelphia but we skipped over the morning rush
11:48 am
and now we're just really light volume, the cars that have to be out are out it seems right now. off and to the shoulder we're not seeing a ton of sticking here, especially since cars are moving through. but you can see where it's starting to stick in the areas that aren't being driven over. we're watching that too for any problems or issues and hecking in with the bridges. speed restrictions due to the snow. 25 miles per hour for the ben, walt, betsty. 35 miles per hour if you're heading over the bridge. >> let's show you another live picture from the lehigh valley and the snow has increased here. the individuals ability is reduced and the snowfall's increing. a live look at allentown right now. now let's take from you lehigh county to show what you it looks like in bucks county as well. >> steven joins us live in quakertown. you're right along west broad street where the snow there we can see is really picking up. >> reporter: yeah, we've had a good amount of snow come down. when we first got here a few hours ago, pretty much no snow
11:49 am
on the ground and now you can see it's coming down at a good pace, a steady pace. and it's also starting to accumulate not only on the sidewalks but also on the streets. he we do have west broad street which is typically pretty busy here in quakertown to my left, not today. over here you can see just some of the accumulation on some of the rails and such. and a lot of people, they like to stay in on days like today, but people here in quakertown, some of them like to get out, bundle up and walk to one ever their favorite local hot spots. take a look. >> on a snowy day in quakertown, people stop by sines 5 and 10 to step out of the cold and into the past. >> this is 106 years old on the teth of august this year. >> back in the day everything was 5 and 10 cents, basically. >> the prices may have changed over the years, but little else has. >> the building it self hasn't changed here since '50 zblim
11:50 am
it's a one-to shop. >> it has a little bit of everything at a reasonable, affordable cost. >> with a one mafr man show on the grill. >> i'm eye little busier today than i thought. >> i didn't know they were going to be open. >> even the snow didn't stop the regulars from ordering their usual, hot coffee with a plate of eggs sbr there was a little bit of snow flying but not enough to keep me in. >> it's usually it way on snow days, you get the same people that come in. >> andrew gilman is here waiting on the snow. >> i got the snow blower out so who knows. i haven't had to snow blow yet, so that's what i'm thinking. >> and in the meantime sharing a few laughs about the good old days. >> everybody's still doing that. >> yeah. >> in this gold old place. >> and to give you a good perspective on what has fallen here, this was just freshly shovelled by the owner hoar. now take a look over here put can see the amount of accumulation, quite a different contrast. bill has been out here three
11:51 am
times all ready to shovel this snow. he says it's wet, it's really good for snowball make, not great for shoveling, that's why he's doing little by little because he doesn't want to it accumulate so much and it's so much to shovel and it's heavy. but, again, we have quiet a bit of ways to go. we have another heavy band coming through the area, but for right now we have a steady constant snowfall and accumulation not only on the sidewalks here, but on west broad here to my left. we'll send it back in to you. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. take a look at our camera almost white jous conditions. we're seeing our visibility decrease down to a quarter of a mile put want to be very call of if you have to least house over the next couple hours. this is the worst of it at least 36:00, 7 clock. we're starting to see the system organize itself. you can see within the last 2.5, 3 hours this is organized and
11:52 am
you can see how widespread the snow now is. earlier it was patchy over parts of the poconos, lehigh valley, now that's not the case where we're seeing the steady heavy rain, the darker blues right over philadelphia once again. medicaltown, middleton, all seeing this heavy snow coming down. west chest, he lang caster is included this in, reading now, allentown, again, up through pottsville. this is the main brunt of this system here and it's even i think this radar just refreshed here so even heavier bands are coming down. you can see how darg the blue is. so as we continue to go in the next few hours here, we will see this rapidly intensifying coastal storm move closer to us. and what we're seeing as well is take a look at the rain snow line, it's pushing back closer to the shore. it's possible we'll see a mix affecting parts of atlantic city or cape may. we'll keep a close eye on that. wind gusts at 28 miles per hour in toms river, 17 in wildwood.
11:53 am
now we're seeing our wind gusts far reaching out to defer, 24 miles per hour. next up will be philadelphia and el len town. we'll have more details coming up in just a bit. >> if you're still without wifi because of this storm, comcast has opened xfinity wifi hot spots for anyone who needs them, even for those who are not xfinity internet subscribers. you can open the app, it's a free app, it has all the information on thousand access those hot spots. nbc 10 will continue our live team coverage still ahead.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
we are in a first alert for this major winter storm and we have you covered. we have storm force 10 checking on conditions on the roads in delaware county. we can tell you we still have another 5 to 6 hours of snow and the snowfall will be intense. right now we are traveling in landdale to show you the conditions there. >> want you give a live look at the stadium in wilmington delaware. that was not the case this morning. obviously the situations that deteriorated as has the visibility. our team coverage of this major winter storm kins. >> we are staying on the air to keep you informed about this storm, about the conditions. now you can watch days of our lives on coz itv which is
11:57 am
comcast 248, verizon 460 and over the air at 10.2.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> we are in a first alert for this major winter storm. we are on the air to keep you updated. the conditions are different depending on where you live. we have storm force 10 checking conditions on the road right now. it's live in southwest philadelphia. you can see windshield wipers on. >> a live look from montgomery county. officials tell us they have had about a dozen accidents this morning. you can see no one in the shot right there. one car that is at a light there. none of the accidents has been serious. that's the good news. a lot of people heeding the warning to be off the road. most people have been doing that. that has allowed the crews to do their jobs. things are actually better than


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