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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 7, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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and the heavy wet snow is bringing down wires and trees. this tree came to us from bensalem fire rescue around 10:00 this morning. look at that. you can see the sparks from power lines that fell at ford and meeting road. >> a lot going on this afternoon. nbc 10 has the most
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meteorologists and reporters committed to covering this major storm for you. we put our reporters in the right places to show you just how different this nor'easter is from pennsylvania to new jersey and down to delaware. and let's begin our team coverage with nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist tammy souza. tammy, you're tracking where the worst of the storm is right now, move out of the area? >> it's on a pivot point. it's starting to clear some of the area. let's get right to it. let's take a look. if you're in berks county and lehigh, you're looking at clearing already. in montgomery county, you're clearing. we're watching delaware county clear, chester county, clear. we're watching dell clear. let's go ahead and put this into motion. you can see it pivoting and swirling out of the area. this very dark shade of purplish blue. that's where we have the very heavy snow bands. some of the highest intensity snow is in that area right now. let's look at who is clearing. lehigh is clearing. allentown is clearing.
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richland, you're clearing right now. king of prussia, northtown, hilltown, philadelphia right on the edge of the clearing. chester, you're starting to clear. woodbury, starting to clear. all of delaware is beginning to clear. clouds are out there, yes. some of the snow blowing around, but you're clearing. stove creek is clearing. glassboro, about to clear in south jersey. morris river, clearing. over to seattle city, you're about to clear. you can see all along the shoreline, you're going to pivot and see that snow. so we still have snow to go in south jersey and over along the jersey shore. atlantic city, you're starting to see some of those stronger bands move. in but look at the pivot point as this rotates around. this is a quick burst of snow. look at the lightning as well. we've had thundersnow. manchester right here, boom, between 2:00 and 3:00, that's where the lightning struck was that struck that person. it's a middle school there. so we still have that threat of some thundersnow and lightning out there. so please be aware of that. now we're going to go ahead and look at this strongest band that you see stretching from trenton
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right down through south jersey, all the way down to atlantic city. and you can see the intensities are quite high. that's what we're seeing, perhaps two and three inches per hour. when we come back, we're going to look a little closer at your neighborhood and what you can expect. and steve going to be here with the snow totals so far. >> all right, tammy. one of the problem areas has been around king of prussia. that's where deanna durante tno bad. >> the morning commute not bad. but this afternoon is a much different story. >> reporter: right now things are clearing, but yeah, it was a little sticky here for about an hour and a half. you take a look here, 202. if you head anywhere from norristown to king of prussia, you know this road. you've driven it before. today it was shut down. this after 30 cars were stuck in the intersection of henderson and 202. police officers getting out to push them out of the way. on a normal day, workers at pottstown pots and pans family
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restaurant are not turning people away. but this is no ordinary day. >> we thought last night that this was going to be overnight. so we closed last night. and then at 5:30, 6:00 in the morning, there was nothing. so we decided to open just for breakfast. >> reporter: with the snow coming down, it's time to close down. >> i was supposed here in the afternoon. yes. i got the phone call this morning to come in. live right across the good. it's all good. >> reporter: closing early made sense for those living in the western end going east. because it wasn't easy. >> i was going to work at the airport. and came back because there is too many accidents on the blue roof. and they hadn't plowed the blue route yet. so i'm going back home. >> reporter: the eastern end of the county was hit hard and fast by the snow. at one point route 202 in king of prussia was shut down. it's typically a penndot plowed road but upper merion needed to take over 30 cars blocked the intersection. it's no surprise to some who say
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they never should have left home. >> i tried. i value my life and my vehicle little bit more than that. >> reporter: now good news to report here, even though people were out on the roads. cars were stuck. we are not getting reports of any injuries. however, some of the bad news. we are told that some areas here in king of prussia are once again without power. reporting live in king of prussia, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> it also looks like very light traffic behind you. people staying off the roads at this point. all right. deanna durante there. taking a live look at downtown allentown as you see right there the snow has let up. it is still coming down. you see that on the sidewalks and on the rooftops there as well. >> our live team coverage continues with nbc 10's steven fisher. he is in northampton county. >> we've seen the progression all afternoon from roads that had to close with the heavy snow coming down. it is still coming down where you are.
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>> reporter: yeah, it's till still coming down. we spend most of the morning in bucks county and moved out to northampton. behind me is the eastern town square. everywhere we drove or went today, it was like this. it was constant snow coming down. now some people we saw, they're going to wait until this thing is over to get that snow blower out. others say they're going to tackle it little by little with the shovel. business owners like big har in quakertown face the obligation of running a business and clearing off his snow-covered sidewalk. >> it's good snowballs. making snow, yeah. it pushes pretty easy. >> reporter: dressed in his short, bill came outside to clear off the snow three different times today, trying to stay ahead of the falling snow. >> i probably got here six or eight times probably. see how long they open today and come back later tonight. >> the shovel will get the job done, but maybe you're more like
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andrew gilman of quakertown. he decide to sit and relax with the idea of tackling the storm after it stops. >> i got the snow blower out. who knows. i haven't had to snow blow yet. so that's what i'm thinking. >> reporter: really, it's dealer's choice. you want to break out the snow blower or shovel little by little. if you live in easton and you want to wait, you're going have to wait a little longer. you see snow still coming down in parts of northampton county. steven fisher, nbc 10 news. >> maybe the gradual approach is the best. not to lift too much at one time. thanks. >> shoveling in shorts, though, wow. taking a look at the schuylkill expressway from our camera at the presidential city apartments. not a lot of traffic out there. but still more cars than you might think, considering how bad this weather is. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is keeping an eye on the trouble spots. >> a lot of people stayed off the roads today. but those who did probably wished they hadn't gone out. >> and you were saying there were enough cars on the roads to cause crashes, have issues with
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downed trees, downed wires. we're seeing a whole mixed bag of things as we're getting into the later afternoon hours. a quick snapshot on the road right now. new jersey, there are some crashes. route 73 northbound at evesham road around the marlton parkway area there is a crash there. route 130 southbound near creek road, all lanes are closed. i just checked that is still the case. route 130 southbound is closed at that intersection because of a crash. and then here is one of our many downed trees. it's on 76 eastbound. it's been out there for some time. it's between gerard and spring garden. it's as you head towards center city philadelphia. at route 49, this is in new jersey. and we recently had a crash into our system. route 55 southbound right near schooner landing road. the left lane is closed there. and actually, we're seeing some improvements on route 55. when we saw you about 10 minutes ago, they had not plowed route 55 to this extent. there was really -- there were really just tracks from vehicles
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that had trudged through the snow before. so this is looking better, if traffic is headed in that area. and then take a look at this. everything is in the red on mass transit. everything is running on a modified schedule. some services are even being suspended. we'll keep you updated in the next few minutes. back to you to you guy, all right eighth and market in center city from our camera on top of the loews hotel. we see traffic out there, and hopefully anyone out there can walk to their destination or for any errands. let's go to rosemary conners at the 30th street station. >> a lot of people are making adjustments if they depend on the rails or mass transit today. >> i just got off the phone with septa. they told me the trenton line suspended. it's shut down because of a signal problem. we'll be watching that through the afternoon and early evening hours. out here on the roads by 30th street station, the snow has tapered off. that's the good news. but it's still slushy out there. still slick. so people should take it easy. and the crews were trying to clear the roads.
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they need plenty of room to get around. in terms of the passengers here, patience is the name of the game at 30th street station. inside 30th street station, it's a waiting game. will the train shows up on time or not at all? >> yes, i'm hoping i'm traveling out. so far the train has not been canceled. i'm going back to washington, d.c. so please, could you keep the trains running? >> reporter: septa passengers riding regional rail have been pleased to see few delays on the board. but it comes at a cost. trains are running on a saturday schedule. >> i'm headed to sharon hill. i got off of work a little late. so i missed my first train. and because it's on the modified schedule, i have to wait for an hour until the next one comes. >> reporter: for travelers passing through philadelphia like this couple from brazil, the snowy scene will be behind them soon enough. >> i went to new york and now in philly. and then we go to washington. and before i come back to brazil, i will go to miami.
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>> reporter: a reprieve from this bitter blast. perhaps winter's last stance. but don't hold your breath. >> never, never expect what mother nature will do. you never can predict the weather. it's only march anyway. >> march. i mean, march is the unpredictable month. >> reporter: in like a lion for sure this year. one last note. we have been checking with amtrak. the amtrak board is inside. in terms of the acela express, there is one train cans frld washington to boston. obviously they made some adjustments knowing we were going have this nor'easter coming up the east coast. reporting live outside 30th street station, i'm rosemary conners, nbc 10 news. >> rosemary, the second time they've had to do that since last friday. all right. appreciate it. well, how much snow you see today really depends on where you live. and that's why nbc 10 has first alert neighborhood weather. >> meteorologist steve south is breaking down the snow totals neighborhood by neighborhood. how does it look out there? >> the highest numbers that i've seen so far are in our pennsylvania suburbs, consistent numbers too.
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so some of the latest updates, 8.1. coatesville, 8 inches of snow. plymouth meeting 8 inches of snow. and about 4.5 fell in about an hour and a half's worth of time. so a lot of snow all at once. it's what we call that thump that came through. it was just a heavy pounding of snow. and then the intensities lightened up. upper gwinnett, about 7 3/4 in upper gwinid. this was an old total. we'll have to see if we can get an update. the totals have been a little slow today coming in here. if you want the measure it, measure three spots. take those numbers, average them together. and post to our face book our or nbc philadelphia twitter account. i would love to see some of those numbers. newark 6.6. edgemoore 6 inches of snow in new castle county. new castle county airport 5.1 inches of snow. and some of these numbers are
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dated. the reports have been coming in very slowly. 2 inches in princeton. 1.5 in mount holly and yardville 1.5 inches of snow. one of the beauties, and i'm going to plot them on our computer system is we get the storm reports into the system. we can get information on the type of snowfall that was happening. as i mentioned, 4.5 inches of that snow fell in 90 minutes' worth of time in plymouth meeting. that's what got us in such trouble. in yardville 1.5 inches fell in 40 minutes. it was the rate today we were so concerned about. and we're looking forward to that slowly pushing out of the area. >> that snow rate so high. 4 4.5 inches in minutes. >> in mercer county. >> sydney, road crews really want driver to have stayed home this afternoon. >> that's right. and that's something because those plow crews, they can't keep up with how quickly, how fast this snow has been falling
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throughout the day today. we're still in the thick of this heavy snow. we easily have about 4 or 5 inches on the ground here. take a look. we're in this little sort of snow cave, because you can see our live truck right here. it's white. it's kind of blending in with this winter wonderland. when you take a look out here as well, this is what some of the road conditions look like out here. they're completely covered in snow. i just hung up with hamilton town police a few minutes ago. and he couldn't stay on the phone with me long. he said they're out responding to at least ten accidents per hour right now. and there are lines down all over the place. >> for 24 hours you're not going to starve. >> he knows the drill and gave this warning early on. >> stay indoors. yeah. stay off the roads and stay away from downed wires, trees and stuff like that. just stay inside pretty much. >> reporter: snow and slush-coated roads are hard enough to maneuver in an emergency situation. they need drivers out of the way so plow crews can do what they
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need to for safe. >> and just to help us out when we get up to incidents, we're able to get in and out of houses. sometimes we'll have to shovel walkways to get a stretcher in or out. or we might have to clear a path to get one of the engines in. >> reporter: hamilton fire ran errands in the nick of time. >> we're on a 24-hour shift. sometimes we can get there stuck a little longer depending if we can get personnel into work or not. but we always prepare, have a little extra food so we don't have to run thought the middle of the storm. >> reporter: now you saw that fire captain and the sound bite. that was about 12 noon. it was just sleeting then. and look at what it looks like out here now as this convoy of plow trucks starts to move by us here tathamle on the marketplace. we're getting again, guys, about at inch of snow per hour. it is not letting up. we parked by one of the two businesses that remain open in the shopping center. a number of them have closed. and of course this cracker
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barrel that has been nice enough to let us in, get a little something warm. we're live in hamilton township tonight, cyndey long, nbc 10 news. >> quite a contrast here with where the snow has start stodd let up. >> and cydney, still at the rate that snow coming down so heavily, it's hard for plows to keep up. >> jackie and jim, they're not keeping up at all out here. they've been through several times. take a look. you can see it is still completely coated and covered in white. we also -- i'll show you this over here. well show you'd the parking lot at cracker barrel a short time ago. and the plows were moving through over here on this side. but take a look. they've come through here several times already. this is completely coated in snow. we easily have about 4 or 5 inches. i know our meteorologists were putting out those accumulations. but easily 4 or 5 inches on the ground. guys? >> the view from mercer county right now. cyndey long, appreciate it. >> this afternoon as the
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situation started getting worse, the number of power outages soared. >> more than 67,000 customers now in the dark, most of them with pico. bucks county hard itself with 29,000. montgomery county more than 10,000. chester with about 4,000. and philadelphia just over the 2,000 mark. 2,000 customers without power. >> nbc 10's miguel martinez valle is live in downtown allentown where it looks as though there is no snow coming down right now. >> you should have a smile on your face because that of, miguel. >> yeah, well, a little bit of snow. not much, though. it's so little cold. but a lot of cleanup here. you see some people with their shoveling. they started coming out. there were some crews on the roads getting those cleaned up. everyone coming out and trying to get this mess off the sidewalks. earlier today it was virtually abandoned out here in the center of allentown.
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allentown streets nearly empty as snowfall picked up through much of the afternoon. >> i didn't expect -- i did, but i came out of my house and it wasn't like this. >> reporter: jimmy rivera ended up leaving his house to try to catch the bus to work. but the winter storm limited his transportation option. >> no buses are running and my car is down. so got to take the bad with the good, the good with the bad. you know what i'm saying? keep it moving. >> those who had to keep it moving, street crews trying to keep roads and sidewalks clear. and others like martin who said he is used to driving in bad weather. >> i can't drive, i just pull over to the side of the road or over to a rest hour and wait for it to past. >> reporter: still, for rivera, the snow was the perfect excuse to stay home. >> it's going to come down. so i'm heading back home. and getting back into a warm place. >> luckily, he go go home and go to the warm place.
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but ppl is dealing with 6500 power outages in their area. a lot of those here in allentown. so they're going to be working to try to get that electricity and the key and the warmth back for people in their homes. i'll send it back to you guys. i'm miguel martinez valle, nbc 10 news. >> the power out for so many still. miguel, thank you. want to get the latest on what this storm is doing right now. let's send it over to tammy souza. you talk than pivot. >> it is making a pivot, a hard pivot, and it's swirling through parts of south jersey. it's clearing a lot of the pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, even philadelphia beginning to clear. delaware already cheer from the heavy snow. this purple band is where we're still seeing those 2 and 3-inch an hour snowfall rates, and some of the lightning strikes with that thundersnow. look at it as it pivots through, from trenton stretching down to atlantic city. that's where we're seeing the most intense band of snow right now. so through southampton, all the way down to the jersey shore, that's what we're going to be
4:20 pm
looking at. philadelphia, a little burst as you cross the river right here. so in parts of northeast philadelphia, you're still looking at a pretty good clip of snow. but toward the airport, things are improving. so let's take a look. in lehigh valley, berks county, richland, you are starting the clear. northtown, king of prussia, starting to clear. parts of philadelphia clearing. woodbury, chester clearing as well. we get into south jersey. stow creek clearing. glassboro mixing in with rain. and morris river, you're clearing. middletown, wilmington, and clearing dover. clearing. let's go to the jersey shore. cape may now clearing. but we do have that pivot of that strong band of snow coming right down through atlantic city, ocean city. all the way up towards toms river. this is the area we're going to be watching for the heaviest snowfall rates at this point. take a look at this. this is montgomery county. this is where we placed our storm ranger. and to show you how good it is at picking up the amounts of
4:21 pm
snow, it's an x band radar that looks very localized area. you can see this little bit of snow right here that is taking place as it moves parts of montgomery county and bucks county. and that's that very light snow that is beginning to taper off. we are seeing verification of this winding down and moving out. on the back side we're still having spin-around flurries. we're looking at those tonight and tomorrow. this is what you need to be concerned with. the snow ends. the winds pick up. so we could still see power lines and branches downed tonight. overnight, the temperatures fall below freezing. you know that means? everything turns to ice. and we will see ice and snow-packed road for your morning commute. it will be a messy morning commute out there. so we are concerned than. how much more snow? nothing in delaware. nothing in berks county. pottstown maybe a 10th of an inch. philadelphia maybe an inch or more. it's over into new jersey that
4:22 pm
we could still see 1 to 2 inches of snow before this all out of here, and it looks like it's going to clear between 6:00 and 8:00. by 8:00, much of the area is already clear. back over to you. >> that's what we want to hear. the snow has stopped in parts of our area. >> but mother nature has left behind a big mess. taking a look at the snow-covered side streets from storm force 10. all that snow still there, will refreeze tonight. the roads just blanketed with snow. our live team coverage of this major winter storm continues. first, let's take a look at the closing bell on wall street. the dow finished in the red down 82 points. the nasdaq closed up 24 points. and the s&p 500 finished down a point.
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welcome back to our live storm coverage. you're taking a look from storm force 10 navigating the snow-covered roads in our area. this is along i-95 north in
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philadelphia. and they're just moving at a crawl there a lot of snow still on the road. so, yes, definitely want to go slowly out there if you are on the roads. okay. there are some who love this kind of weather. take a look at this. our digital team has put together this little survey, if you will, of pets that love the snow. and i love this. mom said we wouldn't see as much snow since we moved further south. but boy am i glad she was wrong. golden retrievers love. this moving along here, we're going to take a look at boomer. just running around. they love to sniff. all right. look at this cute guy. you get the idea. stay out there long enough and they become one big fluff ball. inside, what about the cats? prefer to take a look at the snow coming down from the safety and warmth of the living room. i don't blame them at all. and not just pets. here is a fox that was out there as well. keep those weather pictures and
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videos. tap the nbc 10 app and see it, share it. that's the feature where you can send in your pictures and videos. jackie? >> cutis there. we have been on the air for more than six hours now, covering this winter storm for you. and we're not done yet. this video sent to us from bucks county. the snow coming down there. tammie? >> winter storm still dumping some heavy snow in parts of the area. it is set to clear the area. but the temperatures, that's our next big problem. i'll explain with the full forecast, coming up. progress is being made as the snow is tapering off. i'm denise nakano live in delaware county. i'll tell you how people are dealing with it all as "nbc 10 news at 4" continues. i see other carriers touting their unlimited plans, but not all unlimited is created equal. sprint unlimited gives you more. it's the ultimate unlimited plan. get more of the tv you love with hulu, more music with the tidal hi-fi trial. more global roaming destinations. plus, streaming in full hd and 10 gigabytes of mobile hotspot. all included in the price of your plan.
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off in parts of our area, but look at that. the impact there. the heavy thick snow bringing down trees like that one in northeast philadelphia. and taking a live look at improving conditions in parts of the area. this is i-95 in south philadelphia from our eagles nest camera. some of the major roads look pretty clear. earlier 95 was in bad shape. so a definite improvement there. even as the storm starts to move out, it is leaving behind a lasting impact. >> any snow still on the roads is probably going to refreeze tonight. our nbc first alert team coverage continues across our area with our meteorologist and reporters all keeping you prepared for what's still to come. let's get up to speed with the storm's latest track with chief meteorologist tammie souza. >> last night it came in with a lot of fury, but a lot of that melted. the snow totals are going to be all over the place. i think they're going to be more than you think they are when it's done. we see this banding that has come through the whole area. look at this dark purple
4:32 pm
stretching now through parts of south injuries sift philadelphia almost in the clear at this point. you can see northeast philadelphia still looking at snow. glassboro is in clear. southampton right in the middle of the heavy though band that is going to rotate around. it's also moving through atlantic city at this point. it was really the snow that fell starting at 11:00 this morning to noon. that's when it picked up. and that's what you're seeing really sticking to the ground. we did get some decent snow totals overnight last night. some places picking up several inches of snow. for all of you in allentown and redding, up there in the lehigh valley, berks county, you're clearing out right now. let's take a look at the clearing as we go for the pennsylvania suburbs. clear by 7:00 this evening. some of the suburbs already clear. places like chester county and delaware county. delaware, you've been clear. you're going remain clear. this is just to let you know that things have wound down in your area. let's go into south jersey. the last place to clear probably by about 8:00 is when we're going to see the clearing there.
4:33 pm
and the same for the shore. take a look. about 7:00, 8:00 out of vintner city, toms river, and then everything is again. we will see some wraparound snow showers overnight because the main upper body, way up in the atmosphere of this storm system has yet to rotate by. but those are going to be rather nuisance snow showers. and we could see a flurry or two tomorrow. not a real big deal compared to what we are seeing wind down at this point. we'll have some snow totals coming up for your in just a few minutes. back to you. >> our live coverage continues with denise nakano in delaware county. >> denise, this storm is like putting salt on the wound for people still making repairs from last friday. >> reporter: that's right, jim and jacqueline. it's hard to deal with the first storm when you're under a second one and trying to do deal with that. take a look at west chester pike. we're seeing roads more of a wet road as opposed to a slushy mix. the plows have been able to do their work now that the snow is
4:34 pm
moving out. heavy snow put an additional burden on people, trees and power lines in delaware county thinking guy is even sliding. whoa. wow. >> reporter: trucks slipping on snow-covered roads. this guy pinned since friday getting covered by the latest round of snow. >> i heard a crack and boom. >> reporter: anita caplan is still trying to cover from the last storm that brought down a 70-foot spruce on to her father's car. >> it's like going from one disaster to the next. just hoping that nothing else happens. >> reporter: he is also hopeful. his home is surrounded by weakened trees, one that is blocking oxford road near manila. >> if that collapses the wires, that's going to take out the withhold whol street, and that will be bad. and if it gets windy, we're worried about our neighbors' trees across the street. >> reporter: crews with verizon are working in deteriorating conditions. some trying to take cover as best they can. >> it's slippery. well would love it if our public takes it easy in their cars, takes it's slow.
4:35 pm
realize they have to be on the ground as well. but that's the main challenge is basically keeping ourselves safe and not having any accidents. >> reporter: well, the snow has moved out, but we are feeling the winds pick up. as you can see, it's warming up out here. so it's starting to melt the snow and possibly refreeze for tonight. the national guard is actually located at the delaware office of emergency management. they're helping people with generators and responding to people who may have had trees fall down. reporting live in havertown, i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. >> so much worry out there after what they went through just last week. >> right. i'm glad that the roads are clear now. earlier with denise's story, we saw the taxi skidding on the road and so glad that the roads are better and the plows can do their jobs out there. >> let's talk about the airport. despite the storm, the airport is open. a few flights took off and landed at philly international airport today. but there are a lot more flights canceled. so the best advice you might expect is to check with your airline before you head out to the airport.
4:36 pm
and how much snow you see today really depends on where you live. and that's why nbc 10 has first alert neighborhood weather. >> steve sosna is breaking down the neighborhoods for you. >> i've just gotten a few reports in off of facebook actually. thank you for going out there and venturing out in the elements and the sloppy conditions to take your measurements. here are some of the latest numbers. lower makefield in bucks county 10.5 for you. 10 inches in horsham. that was a facebook viewer. thank you for choosing nbc 10. plymouth 8 inches. 7.7 in upper gwynned township. springfield 6 inches. gilbertsville 5.1. and eagle veil 5.1. in new jersey this was a facebook viewer. 4.5 inches in pittman. princeton, 2 inches. some of the other numbers are dated. and new castle county, i would love if you got out there and measured the snow. i'll give you a shout out on the air. so far the numbers that i've seen, 6.6 in newark, edgemoore 6
4:37 pm
inches. how much water is in that snow? these numbers are really impressive. so when you're shoveling out that 4 or 5 inches of snow, it may contain over an inch of rainfall in it. so it's absolutely back-breaking in many of these areas. do notice berks, lehigh, up through this corridor here, not quite as much. the storm track pivoted a little further to the east. the storms are very sensitive. 20 or 30 miles in the track change can make all the difference. so they escaped the worst of those conditions. >> and our live team coverage of this major winter storm keeps right rolling at 4:00. >> a live look at the center city skyline from our camera at the adventure aquarium. you can still see some of the precip on the lens. we're right back with more winter storm coverage.
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roads. we have breaking news. the burlington bristol bridge is closed right now to traffic in both directions because a truck got stuck in the snow. they're trying to correct that situation before they can open traffic in both lanes. but we do have speed restrictions on all of our area bridges. most are down to 25 miles per hour. those are in effect until this weather seems to move out of here. okay. we do have a situation developing on the schuylkill expressway. we have had so many problems 76 westbound, right around conshohocken, right around the exit for 476. there is a crash westbound right at the ramp for 476. there is a ramp closure there. a lot of delays as you can see behind me. >> the storm is beginning to wind down, but some of us still looking at heavy snow. and it's what's to follow. the cold air wrapping in, and the freeze we're going to see tonight. that's the next thing we face. i'll go over that with you in just a few minutes.
4:42 pm
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nbc 10 first alert weather tracking this major winter storm. this is a live look at storm force 10 at i-95 north near wood haven road. earlier there were so much snow coming down, that heavy wet snow. very limited visibility. you still see a lot of that slush out there on 95. but those cars are making it through, and the visibility is much improved. nbc 10's lauren mayk is joining me live. >> parts of the county got 10.5 inches we're just hearing from first alert weather. >> well, jim and jacqueline, the snow has stopped here where we are, and things have really changed so significantly that it almost looks like the storm was yesterday. take a look behind me. you can see that this we were watching earlier today was all white before. you can see that's not the case
4:46 pm
now. not only that, earlier today, we couldn't see those back behind the field. right now you have a clear view of them. residents here in berks county didn't know just how quickly things would clear out. so we found them preparing to be stuck at home. in the parking lot, cara alec used a broom from home to clear off her car. >> i can't reach the top. >> reporter: she was sweeping away snow in the time the snow fell at the grocery store. >> i got a half a loaf of bread in the bread box. and i said oh my god, i am going to be so snowed in for the next couple of days. >> reporter: a plow cleared the parking lot where shoppers darted in for supplies. vicky baker took her daughter to work here and then got food for her grandkids who were out of school today. >> what is your plan for them today? turkey, feed them and let them run out and make snowman for me. >> reporter: and george -- >> i can't wait until it's up to
4:47 pm
here. >> reporter: he didn't mind a trip to the store. >> ready to go shopping, grab a couple of things, grab beer and the necessities for today. >> reporter: with the snow continuing to fall, she was wary about getting home. >> when i heard the governor declare a state of emergency, i said oh my god, it's going to be terrible. >> reporter: and you can really see the difference when you look at that video. that was just wet, clumpy snow coming down on us as we stood in that parking lot. and take a look now. nothing coming down at all. although i will tell you guys it does feel colder. the temperatures dropping with or without the snow this evening. live >> with the dropping temperatures, we know that is going the create problems for tonight and for the morning. lauren mayk. >> let's lift our spirits. you got make the most of the day in this kind of weather.
4:48 pm
check out these dogs and people trying to sled in kenneth square, chester county. sounds like the dogs are kind of laughing at everybody. >> people making the best of it, as well as the canines. let's go to tammie souza. >> those dogs are funny. i don't want to sled. i just want to roll in the snow. so much for the dogs. and kids i'm sure are going to have some fun. but we still have a little bit of danger that we need to address. and that is right here in parts of south jersey where you see the deepest purple shades. that's where we have the intense bands of snow still moving through. look at the amount of area already cleared out. allentown, redding, most of philadelphia, dover a big chunk of south jersey right down to cape may. so let's go ahead and look at who is clear. hatfield, clear. only northeast philadelphia still needing to clear. glassboro, clear. vineland, clear. morris river, clear. here is that intense band that is still making its wait from trenton to atlantic city through southampton. toms river about to get clipped by that. and ships bottom also.
4:49 pm
but you can see that's where the heaviest snowfall rates are at this point. that's also where we have the threat for thundersnow. up in the lehigh valley, look at, this chestnut hill going to be clearing soon. lehigh, clear. buckingham on the edge of clearing. abington, just beginning to clear. again, woodbury, clear. glass grow breaux, clear. vineland, clear. morris river, we're going to waltz through all of these. ocean city starting to clear. not atlantic city. you're stuck with all this. the thundersnow today producing lightning strikes. somebody was struck right there in manchester. well can see exactly the time that that one lightning strike came down in the middle of snow. so that was thundersnow. same as the thunderstorm with rain. it's just the cold, cold air, and it is snow that comes down in a big burst. you'll hear the clap of thunder. you'll see that bolt of lightning, the bright bolt of lightning. to the west, we still have these little bands of snow that need to come through because the main
4:50 pm
body of the storm that is way up in the atmosphere, not the one down at the ground, is still off to our west. we could see some flurries tonight. let's walk you through hour-by-hour. key are going to be these temperatures. watch what happens. we're done. 7:30, this is out of here. the entire area. but we go below freezing later tonight. everything on the roads is going to freeze. out along the jersey shore, you won't go below freezing. but i would plan on a very sizesy commute tomorrow morning. we start below freezing. it's not until we get to about 9:00, we get above freezing and start to see thaws. tomorrow we make it only into the upper 30s and 40s across the area. how much more to come? less than an inch for philadelphia. looks like jersey, the same thing. maybe 1 to 2 inches. nothing in lehigh valley. or in dell or in the pennsylvania suburbs. the future winds, this is key. look at the winds out here along the shore where they're getting
4:51 pm
the heavy snow. we're going see the highest wind gust there's. tonight at 7:00 we can see 29 miles per hour wind gusts in philadelphia. these are going to continue through the day tomorrow. why is that important? because it can still bring down tree branches and power lines that are covered with that wet, heavy snow. guys? >> let's take a live look right now from storm force 10, navigating through some of the snow-covered side streets in roxboro. those small streets can be a challenge as can the hills in roxboro and manayunk. hard to navigate in weather like this, and trees down. live team coverage continues next.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
welcome back. take a look at how much conditions have been improving in the last hour or so there on the left. time lapse video from the nor'easter moving over i-95 in
4:55 pm
south philadelphia this afternoon. and then on the right, a live picture from that same location. so, yes, it is moving out of here. let's take a live look at wilmington right now. this is from our camera at blue rock stadium. is that some blue that we're seeing there? some light puffy clouds? that's a nice view. all right. so parts of new castle county. some parts of the county in the northern end just got dumped on with something like 10 inches. >> tim furlong spoke to delivery drivers in wilmington who had a really tough time getting their job done. >> reporter: this morning on new castle county roads -- >> the roads are fine. they're all plowed. there is no snow on the roads or anything like that. >> i'm expecting more snow. >> reporter: the shopping center at marsh in silverside, he was more of a slush wrangler than a snow pusher. >> nice packed snow, you can push rival real easy. but slush slides across the parking lot. can't keep it in one place.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: around midday, things changed quickly. the skies opened up and the snow came down. a leaf blower not cutting it in this type of snow. >> this snow is too thick. it's heavy. >> reporter: even the snow blowers were clogginging up in this stuff. and it's tough shoveling too. >> reporter: they're pumping out the pies, but walk-ins are way down, and deliveries, it's slow going. in weather like this they need customers to have pizza patience. >> tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> good to have extra pizza patience. next at 5:00 -- >> the know is moving out, but right now many roads are a mess. >> we have a team of reporters scattered throughout the region to help you get around. >> i'm deanna durante in upper maryland. nearly two dozen cars stopped in their tracks. and it's unbelievable how much snow some of us got and how little others got.
4:57 pm
it all depends on where that dark purple band set up. we'll talk about your snow totals and we'll talk about when this ends and what's ahead. that's coming up.
4:58 pm
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experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement. you're watching continuing first alert weather storm coverage on nbc 10. count on it. >> slammed for a second time. a wall of white brings a fresh blanket of snow to area streets.
5:00 pm
another blast of winter with much of the region still in recovery. >> it's like going from one disaster to the next. >> and nbc 10 has you covered. count on it. >> a live look at the steen scene in center city. the second major storm to slam the region in a week is winding down. you see the art museum steps. not before leaving its mark on the area, though. >> as the case with storms like this, what you're seeing all depends on where you live. we're showing you what the entire area looks like. the scene along i-95 in wilmington. >> how about the jersey shore. let's take a look at the scene in cape may. rain and wind are the big concerns now. that means the potential for flooding and beach erosion. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. nbc 10 has a dozen reporters committed to covering this major storm for you. and we have placed them in specific locations to show you what each area is seeing tot.


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