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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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another blast of winter with much of the region still in recovery. >> it's like going from one disaster to the next. >> and nbc 10 has you covered. count on it. >> a live look at the steen scene in center city. the second major storm to slam the region in a week is winding down. you see the art museum steps. not before leaving its mark on the area, though. >> as the case with storms like this, what you're seeing all depends on where you live. we're showing you what the entire area looks like. the scene along i-95 in wilmington. >> how about the jersey shore. let's take a look at the scene in cape may. rain and wind are the big concerns now. that means the potential for flooding and beach erosion. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. nbc 10 has a dozen reporters committed to covering this major storm for you. and we have placed them in specific locations to show you what each area is seeing tonight. some of you are getting quite a
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show. >> wow. that was the sound of thundersnow today in gordontown, new jersey. pretty rare. we have team coverage from the nbc 10 first alert weather center as well. meteorologist steve sosna is breaking down the snow totals neighborhood by neighborhood. but we begin with chief meteorologist tammie souza tracking where the worst of the storm is right now. >> the worst of the storm right now is in south jersey. take a look at this. stretching right through toms river, all the way back through atlantic city. that's where we have this purple band that you can see. that's the very heavy snow. but look. this is a six-hour loop. within six hours of time we had that super intense burst of snow that brought some snow totals of 6 and 8 inches in that short time period. we had some overnight. and some of that was 2, 3 inches. a lot of that melting on the road waist. but this is what really piled on today. so let's take a look at what's going on. the intense band right here, this is off to the north of
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atlantic city, stretching up towards trenton. this is where we will see the possibility of more thundersnow. maybe a lightning bolt coming down here. we had lightning across south jersey earlier today. but you can see the very intense snowfall from atlantic city, all the way through ship bottom, up to toms river, and curling back toward trenton. that's going to continue off to the north. so let's see who is clear. chestnut hill, cleared. lehigh, eastland, northampton, clear. hilltown, abington, king of prussia. philadelphia, yep, you have one little edge with some light snow still going. but you're clear. chester, woodbury clear at this point. stow creek, salem, morris river, clear. all of delaware, clear from the snow at this point. atlantic city still looking at snow all the way back into toms river at this pivots around. and you can see off to the west, we actually have what is known as the upper-level low. that's the area of low pressure
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way up in the atmosphere. that's still swirling around. we could pick up some flurries or a brief snow shower tonight. not expecting accumulation with that. just going to be a nuisance. and that cloud cover with that is actually going to keep the temperatures up a little. still, we drop below freezing. the snow ends. the winds pick up. that means branches could come down along with power lines. please be aware of that. it was a horrible ride at midday. a lot of the rides still snow packed. the temperatures will drop below freezing. everything will turn to ice. and yes going to see messy commuting tonight and tomorrow morning until things start to thaw out. guys? >> montgomery county seeing lots of crashes because of the storm. deanna durante is live in king of prussia tonight. >> you saw people venturing out despite the warnings and nasty weather? >> reporter: some people say they had no choice but to get out. and some of those people, well, upper merion police had to help get them unstuck. 202 is now back open at this
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hour. but earlier today was a different story. >> reporter: it came down fast and stopped traffic. from trucks to cars, the slipping and sliding caused big problems. at henderson and 202 in upper merion, police not only close down the road, but had to push stuck cars out of the way. >> i was going to work at the airport and came back because there is too many accidents on blue route. >> reporter: kevin cane told them he wouldn't be getting there. >> closed up at 11:00. finished things up and try to get home before the roads get too bad. others say as the day got worse, it's time to call it quits. >> i am working. >> what are you doing? >> doing my job, delivering tires. everyone needs snow tires. >> reporter: today of all days. >> today of all days. >> reporter: for some, getting off the roads was not an option. others say now is the time to get out and get to work. >> loving making some money. >> reporter: where did you drive from?
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and how was it? >> the roads aren't that good. >> reporter: we spent our morning in pottstown. our average in limerick and our late afternoon here in king of prussia. i can tell you the weather conditions very difficult in all three areas. we're coming down 422, it was near whiteoutness conditions. we got here where all of the cars were stuck. when you take a look at 202 now, what a difference a couple of plows make. that's the very latest, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. >> from the suburbs to the city, you're look live right now at center city, philadelphia. a snowy night for the few people that are out there on the road. let's bring in nbc 10's rosemary connor live at 30th street station. >> rosemary, how are things look agent this hour? >> reporter: clear. and that's good news. here is proof of the fact that many people decided the stay home today. normally 30th street would be jammed, drivers fighting to get on the schuylkill expressway. not the case. a handful of drivers. over here, this drop-off lane in front of 30th street station you
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wouldn't be able to get a parking spot this time of day, rush hour on a wednesday. but again, it's open. it's clear. that's good news because anybody who does have to take a train home, regional, rail or amtrak, you're going to experience some delays. >> just you have to be flexible and go with it. that's the one thing for sure is weather is unpredictable. >> tonight mother nature could leave some riders in the lurch at 30th street station, especially the ones just passing through, relying on amtrak. >> i'm sure you have a lovely train station. i don't want the sleep here. >> reporter: for those taking regional rail, the trains are arriving hourly. waiting is half the battle. anticipating what is at home is another battle. >> a lot of snow to remove. so i'll be shoveling a lot. >> reporter: crews on the sidewalks and streets have been working overtime to stay ahead of the snow and slush. meanwhile, commuters are hoping mother nature will take a break. >> i hope this is it. i think we had enough. it's ban cold winter. >> reporter: hope springs
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eternal. pun intended. you can see on the buildings here behind me the sun reflecting on it. that's because finally the sun is starting to peek out from the clouds. a couple of quick notes. i mentioned last hour that septa in terms of regional rail is dealing with a shutdown, suspension on their trenton line that remains in effect. we're going continue to watch it throughout the afternoon and early evening hours. reporting live at 30th street, rosemary connor, nbc 10 news. >> i like that a lot. hope springs eterrible. thanks. to south jersey. this is from the venture aquarium. farther north in mercer county. >> we find cydney long. you still got some snow coming down there. >> oh, we absolutely do, erin and keith. the snow started falling here fast and furious about 12 noon, and it certainly hasn't let up since. we have a half foot on the ground. crews are working out here. but people who had the day off from work, they got out well
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ahead of when things got this messy. little jack russell simba is lucky to have a teacher for a mom. >> as soon as the governor called for state of emergency, they put us out of work right away. >> reporter: the pair beat this heavy, wet and intense snowfall by about an hour, and enough time for a birthday bone at this pet store. a little fresh air before the snow? >> yeah, go have some fun. let him get something before we go back home because we're going to be stuck in the house. who knows if it happens. >> reporter: it happened, all right. to the point fast food restaurants quickly closed, and one guy who had a bike for transportation had to do this. for yolanda wright of pemberton -- >> make soup, stay warm. >> reporter: she knew better than to get lured thought the thick of things and become stranded. >> i'm like my grandmother. i keep stock so that when things happen, you never know what's going to go down. and i always have enough. >> reporter: yeah, and she had a really good plan. make soup and stay warm, as well as stay off the roads.
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you can see it coming down out here. state police have responded to about 800 calls for help out on the roadway today. hamilton township tells me they're responding to at least 10 of them each hour. that's the latest live in hamilton township. cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> you can see the snow there on the signs, on branches, trees, coming down on power lines. still a threat of, that particularly in mercer county. cydney, thank you. in delaware, the snow has tapered off. but that means the cleanup begins. that goprovideo was taken in wilmington by our tim furlong. the snow blowers are out. the plows are on the road. >> meteorologist steve sosna is breaking down the snow totals. as predicted, the totals vary depending where you live. >> it's so sloppy to remove. it's a real backbreaker. take your time. you'll want to get out there tonight and try to remove any of the snow that may get clowe plowed in.
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overnight, and tammie will talk more about this, it may turn into a hard rock. get it out of the way now, as much of a pain as it is. philadelphia, let's give you some love this go around. we have new totals. fox chase on the western end, 7 inches of snow. and roxboro 7 inches. so from what i've seen, the higher totals are on the western end of philadelphia county. a little bit lower to the east. but no matter where you are, that snow is containing about an inch to an inch and a half of water. so that's why it's such a backbreaker to remove. updated totals for new jersey. pennington, 9 inches. morristown, 8 inches. robinsville, 8 inches. burlington county 6.2. 5 inches in cherry hill. and millville all the way down in south jersey, 2 inches down there as that tail pivoted around. delaware updated totals for you. greenville, almost 10.5. brandywine, the north end, the southern end not quite as much.
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between 4 and 6 inches. it all depended if you were in one of the heavier bands. pa suburbs. you were some of the highest numbers i've seen so far. 10.3 in doylestown. i had this in chronological order, but it's been a long day. 11 inches in bryn mawr. 10 inches in north wales, my hometown. i've got give you some love. and valley forge, 8 inches of snow. a lot of snow in many places. >> oh, yes. steve. a closer look now at the roads. this is where the vine street expressway. 5:11 in the afternoon. the one good thing about tonight's commute, many people heeded the advice to stay home. you can almost count, count the cars out there. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is keeping an eye on trouble spots. a lot of aftermath with downed trees on week. >> throughout the coverage area that shot we just saw, that aerial shot looks more like 5:00 a.m. than 5:00 p.m. in the
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middle of the week, right? let's look at our bridges. i do have an update. the burlington bristol bridge for a short window there, it was closed in both directions because a truck got stuck in the snow. no surprise there. it has reopened. they've corrected that problem there are restrictipeed restric most of 25 miles per hour. we're going to start off in new jersey, the new jersey turnpike at route 168. that's our camera here there is a crash just out of our camera view. it took place southbound right at route 168. you'll find the right lane blocked because of that. it's a tractor-trailer issue there. there is a downed tree on route 1. this is bucks county. route 1 southbound, there is a closure because of a downed tree. between 214 and 414, all lanes closed. i'll update that in a few minutes. and lastly, 95 at academy road, a disabled vehicle. a lot coming into our system because of the conditions out there. it's tough to drive. in erin and keith?
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>> katy, thanks. much more ahead of our coverage of this major winter storm. >> chief meteorologist tamie souza is tracking the storm. which is resome flurry activity off to the west of us. and we still have to deal with maybe thundersnow in south jersey. but what comes next is going to make for a messy morning commute. well will talk than and why when i come back. i've steven fisher live in easton where yes, it is still snowing. but not bad for everyone. we'll introduce you to a few people who actually enjoy this type of weather. road conditions in your neighborhood on now. kwount on it.
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you're watching continuing first alert storm coverage on nbc 10. count on it. >> nbc 10 continues to follow the major winter storm system. this is a look at mt. airy today along germantown avenue. the snow didn't stop at least one person out there from taking their dog for a walk. >> got to walk the dog, right? our live team coverage continues with nbc 10's steven fisher. he is live at easton where it is still snowing up there. steven? >> reporter: and right now it's a little bit of a ghost town. a lot of places closed down, as you would imagine. but we did actually find some people that were outside today and not complaining about it. in fact they told me they love this kind of weather.
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the constant snow may have ruined your plans or made your commute a little more frustrating. but for some in easton, they're taking the snowfall in stride. >> nobody is out. it's quiet. >> reporter: the center square of easton was just that, quiet. except for a little snow removal. >> i like it. it's much better than rain. and the rain gave us a blackout for four days. so this is why i'm out today, because i've been stuck with no power. >> reporter: patricia says the umbrella worked well today. but william smith's bike was touch and go situation. >> well, it's slushy. so it's not too bad. it's not icy. so thank god, you know. >> reporter: william has been out in this weather all day. he doesn't mind it. and was puzzled when he found out most businesses were closed and most people stayed home. >> you think this is like a national disaster. this isn't anything. this is nothing. i went and shovelled snow. it was no big deal. >> reporter: yeah, no big deal for william, who is out here on
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his bike. but most of us can agree, we're ready for some warmer weather. now you can kind of notice the snow here, still coming down. very little, but tapering off quickly to expect this to be out of here in maybe the next 15 minutes to half hour. steven fisher, nbc 10 news. >> i'm you, steven. bring on spring. thanks for that. let's take a live look down broad street in center city. this comes to us from the kimmel center campus center. the roads are wet as the temperatures drop, you've got to worry about freezing. but the snow is stopped here. >> chief meteorologist tammie souza joining us once again. we're beginning to see a little sunshine there. >> that's great. any sunshine will help to melt things. the temperature profiles right around the freezing mark. it's a wet, heavy snow. and a lot of that is packing down. remarkably, i think the snow totals are going to be higher than what you see on the ground. because so much of it came last night and melted on the road waist and packed down. but it is all about where this purple band set up. this is the six-hour time lift.
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you can see from 11:30 in the morning until now, that is when it really fired up. that's what we're expecting. the afternoon and the evening commute to be the worst. the good news is it's speeding out of here a little faster than expected. so that's going to give everybody a chance to get things cleaned up this evening. another piece of bad news, though, is behind it, the winds are going to start to pick up. we could see some flurries tonight that is of no concern. but the winds, they are of concern. because there are so many snow-laden branches and power lines and trees that could still go down. this shade of purple that you see right here, stretching, oh, gosh, through toms river, back to atlantic city, that's where we're seeing the most intense bands right now. atlantic city actually seeing a little bit of rain mixing in. and we've seen thundersnow across all of south jersey. thunderstorms out on the beaches earlier today. so ship bottom getting some of the heavier activity right now. and you can see that from harvey cedars to ship bottom, beach haven, atlantic city, the heaviest snow has cleared your area. and all of this now is going to
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be curling off toward new york. take a look at this earlier today between 2:00 and 3:00. manchester, there. we had the lightning strikes with the thundersnow. and that's where a person actually was struck by lightning in a snowstorm. it can happen. so this is why we wanted all of you of course to pay attention and stay indoors. and you don't get thundersnow very often. it really has to be an intense storm to produce it. but it is the same -- the same thing as in a regular thunderstorm. you a lot of lift, and instead of rain coming down, you get a huge burst of snow coming down with that thunder and lightning. let's see who is clear? an allentown, limerick, abington, radner, phillipsburg, all clear. redding is clear. bensalem, you're just about to clear. maple shade, clear. philadelphia, clear. northampton, clear. haverford, clear. buckle ham, clear. winslow, you're clear. medford on the edge of clear. dennis is clear. cape may, sea isle, all clear, atlantic city very close to
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clearing out from this snow. off to the west we do have more snow showers coming in. maybe mixing with little bit of rain. so a flurry possible tonight. a brief rain or snow shower. this is not something that we're expecting to create accumulations for us. and this could happen tomorrow and friday too as the main body of this big storm system that lies off to the west takes its time to rotate through. so here we go. we may see some mixing, with temperatures on the back end of this. but it's out of here by 7:00. and then the temperatures fall. there you go. by midnight, a good portion of the area is below freezing. and that's when we see all the ice forming on the road waist. then tomorrow morning, you wake up. still at or below freezing. so snow-packed roads. icy roadways making for dangerous travel. we get above freezing by about 9:00 in some areas, making it to the upper 30s and low 40s that snowpack will keep our temperatures down. how much more snow? you know what? negligible, unless you're over here near toms river into those portions of south jersey and the
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jersey shore. pretty much is shut down for all of us at this point. guys? >> all right, tammie. for many folks, this storm has been a major inconvenience. >> for others it's a whole lot of fun. that's next as our coverage of this storm continues. adorable. road conditions in your neighborhood on now. count on it.
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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the future is for the unafraid. you're watching continuing first alert storm coverage on nbc 10. count on it. >> aside from the tough conditions in the roadways, this day belonged to the dogs. look at this. take a look at this sweet boy in drexel hill. he is having the time of his life, fetching a tennis ball in the snow. watch his tail. it never stops wagging. it reminds me of my own dog
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charlie right now. loves being out in the backyard. >> all right, this next video, thing is my favorite video of the day. this is nugget. nugget lives in coatesville. and nugget's mom penny hunt sent this in. he is having the time of his life, folks. that's the way to do it. she calls it a doggy snow angel. just keep going. get my nose in there. loving it. love nugget that is so awesome. thank you, penny for sending that in. our coverage continues. >> it's been an eventful day in the weather center for sure. and tammie, you have been tracking this storm for days. >> we have. we were tracking this storm before the one that hit last friday. and you know what? when i come back, we'll talk what might happen sunday night and monday. i know. tmi. you didn't want to hear that. and the snow stopped. now it's cleanup time in allentown. we'll show you what's going on, coming up.
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you're watching continuing first alert weather storm coverage on nbc 10. count on it. >> the heavy snow out there. it is toppling trees. watch this right here. there it goes. a homeowner in northeast philadelphia sent us this video of his tree, just going down. it looks like it came close to landing on a few parked cars
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there. >> the snow is really heavy. heart attack snow too. so be careful shoveling. here is a live look at the situation in center city. it's a top-down view of guess what? love park right there. you see some of the pathways snaking in and out. somebody already got to wit a shovel. >> from philadelphia to the lehigh valley, this is the current situation in allentown. we'll check in with our reporter on the scene in just a minute. but you can see crews there shoveling the sidewalk. >> let's head down to the jersey shore. a live look in atlantic city. residents there are now worried about flooding. you see somewhat of a wet picture there. it's been a lot of rain. the first alert weather team has been tracking the storm all day long. steve sosna has been breaking down the totals naked by neighborhood. >> we begin with tammie souza. it is clearing out and clearing out fast. >> it is like a bad relative after the holidays. get out of here, and it's up and gone. look at this. we still have some bursts of heavy snow near toms river. but we are looking at this clearing. the entire philadelphia area, much of south jersey, delaware you're in the clear.
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pennsylvania suburbs in the clear, except for the very eastern tip of bucks county. and allentown, redding, berks county, lehigh valley, in the clear. that's very good news. the last bit of intensity, again, that's right here by ship bottom and toms river. that's what we're seeing those, the last little burst of heavy snow. and it's that heavy snow this afternoon. i know some of you are wondering okay, well, why? why such a big deal? because the snow that fell between 11:30 this morning and about 4:00 this afternoon came down at such a heavy rate that it just made for dangerous travel. that's the worth time to be out. now the winds are going to start to come in behind this. the main body of the storm system, this huge upper-level low is swirling around. and it's going to bring in some instability, snow and rain showers the next couple of days. so we'll see partly sunny skies. then you may see a cloud. you may see a quick burst of snow that really shouldn't accumulate, or maybe even a brief sprinkle or rain shower. and then it will be out of here. that's on the back side of this.
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watch what happens. we're clear. it's out of here. yay, saturday is sunny. sunday not too bad. uh-oh, monday we see the next system coming up the coastline. it starts as rain. but yeah, right now, it looks like it could switch over to some snow. so we'll watch this closely sunday night, monday, early tuesday. that's the time frame for the next one that looks like it's going to be our next possible coastal storm coming in. so here is what you need to know tonight. the snow is ending. the winds are going to pick up that could bring down any of the power lines, branches or trees that are snow laden. please be careful if you're outside. listen for crack of a branch or tree to protect yourself. we are going to be below freezing. we will see some flurries possibly tonight. but that is going to create ice. everything that melted will turn to ice. and we already have snow-packed roads. a messy commute tomorrow morning. we'll be partly sunny tomorrow with flurries. and we'll get a little bit of flow thawing, but it's not going the get rid of all the snow. let's head to lehigh valley,
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a live look in allentown. >> that's where we find miguel valle. he is live in allentown. the snow has stopped there. is life returning to normalcy? >> yeah, a lot of cleanup now. so the snow stops. some sun peeking out. now we're seeing more cars on the road. and crews working to clear the sidewalks, to clear the roads, to get that nasty slush that has been collecting over the last few hours of snow. to get that off the sidewalks. and get everything back to normal like you said. but here is what it looked like. just a few hours ago when that snow was falling down during the afternoon. many offices and restaurants in the area decided to not open today. that caused a problem for a few people who opted to venture outside as they didn't get places to each lunch. they don't have as many options. most people, though, decided to stay indoors. i talked to one man who said he didn't think there would be as
5:33 pm
much snow as what we saw fall down earlier. after he found out his bus wasn't running, he just went along and went back home. >> you know what? i didn't expect -- i did, but up came out of my house and it wasn't like this. >> now one big issue people are still dealing with from last week's storm are the power outages. that was a big concern for people about today, saying some houses still didn't have electricity, still didn't have power. what was going to happen to them during the storm? well, so far ppl, they are still working on getting power back to around 6500 people in the area. so that is another issue. but now the snow, at least that is not going to be a problem for the rest of the night. it did stop falling here. i'll send it back to you guys. i'm miguel martinez valle, nbc 10 news. >> about 6,500 people in the lehigh valley. just got new numbers which have more than doubled as far as pico customers without power.
5:34 pm
currently 123,000 homes. so sizable numbers. we're going keep track of. miguel, thank you very much. let's head down to the jersey shore. two extremes. a live look at the boardwalk in atlantic city. you're going to see snow there. but really, down there it's been all about the rain we've seen. >> nbc 10's ted greenberg is live in atlantic city. along with the snow, beach erosion was concern there. >> it certainly was, erin and keith. we saw more beach erosion today. we saw the heavy rain you mentioned but also saw some snow. not a whole lot of it. you can see we have a layer of white out here on the boardwalk. as we said, small amount of snow. but definitely enough to cause some big problems, especially just a few miles inland. drivers finding dangerous conditions on the atlantic city expressway in egg harbor township this afternoon. >> it's crazy out here. >> cars losing control? just a small amount of snow and sleet.
5:35 pm
>> i spin and hit another car front. >> reporter: jersey shore beaches taking another beating, less than a week after the last nor'easter battered the coastline. at high tide, an angry ocean eating up more of atlantic city's already eroded beaches. on long beach island, high water spilling out of the bay, a blaze at a home in ship bottom. some communities dealing with a sixth straight day of coastal flooding. luckily most of it minor. joe angelino and his crew working on a house on waterlogged massachusetts avenue in atlantic city made sure most of their trucks were parked on higher ground. >> we put them up three blocks up. because i want to get out of here today. >> reporter: always a good idea to move your vehicles to higher ground when there is flooding. as for beach erosion, i spoked
5:36 pm
with a spokesperson for the state. the plan to start surveying the extent of that beach erosion along the state's coastline starting tomorrow. live in a windy atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> we can hear that wind kind of picking up there, ted. thank you. let's take a look at the scene in south philadelphia there is lincoln financial field, the home of our super bowl champion eagles, covered in a fresh blanket of snow. >> meteorologist steve sosna is keeping tabs on the snow totals neighborhood by neighborhood. >> that's right. >> guys. trying to get you the freshest numbers out there. new jersey got some updated numbers for you. pennington, 9 inches of snow. lumberton, thanks to a facebook viewer, 7 inches. west deptford, 6.5. pittman, 5 inches. millville, 2 inches. and in the suburbs, how much snow have we picked up there? broomall a foot of snow. garnett valley, 11 point 8.
5:37 pm
horsham 10 inches of snow. berwyn 9 inches. and exton, you picked up about 6.8 inches of snow. huffs church in berks county. and you can see i ran out of time typing. so let's give you some of the latest totals there. we have in machine row county, 8.0. bartonsville 7.2. and pocono manor 6 inches of snow. i was being yelled at to the weather wall here there are your latest totals. we'll be back with more numbers in the next half hour. >> you say up-to-the-minute, we mean up-to-the-minute. all right, steve. thanks for that. >> hard at work. to the roads now, and we have a look at the scene in delaware. this is i-95 in wilmington. coming us to from our camera at the blue rock stadium there. much clearer than it was earlier today. no doubt first alert traffic reporter katy zachry keeping an eye on trouble spots on the road. >> she ran on by too. >> most people luckily he'ded the warnings.
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they stayed home today. >> overall, things are improving, if we wanted to look at the vast region of roads. everything is improving there are still plenty of problems to slow you down as you try and make your way home. or unfortunately, if you have to go to work or somewhere else. this is a look at 95. so all of this backed up traffic is southbound. it's approaching wood haven road. part of the reason it's so back upped is the ramp to wood haven, that is blocked off. there are so many disabled vehicles on that ramp, and then further on wood haven. so police have decided to close that ramp until they can move all the disabled vehicles out of the way. so we're seeing some serious delays 95 southbound right as it passes wood haven road because traffic is not allowed to pass there. all right. we are following a downed tree and a closure on route 1 southbound. this is in bucks county. between route 213 and route 413, all lanes closed because of that downed tree. crews are out there on their way to try to clean that up. moving into new jersey, this is 295 at creek road.
5:39 pm
we have a downed tree that is really affecting things on 295 southbound right near route 541. the right and center lanes are blocked because of that downed tree. if you can see some of the delay there's behind me. and finally, a look at your bridges. we did have an earlier issue on the burlington bristol bridge. that has corrected itself. it's reopened. but we're seeing speed restrictions of 25 miles an hour on most of the bridges in our area. back to you guys. >> all right. our team coverage of this major winter storm continues. >> our mitch blocker is going to join us in a bit live in storm 10 keeping an eye on the road. >> it's slow going across many of the major roadways as we are starting to see freezing on our roads. we'll give you all the places to avoid, after the break.
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you're watching continuing first alert weather storm coverage on nbc 10. count on it. >> the major winter storm may be moving out, but there are still some trouble spots on the road. >> nbc 10's mitch blacher joins us on board storm force 10. he is keeping tabs on the roads out there. hey, mitch, where are you now? see if we can get mitch back. he has been cruising pretty much the entire area. oh, here we go. mitch, are you there? >> i'm here, keith. we're on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike. and the road conditions have dramatically improved. just about 10 minutes ago, we
5:43 pm
were on the transition from i-95 south to the pennsylvania turnpike. and it was like driving on a road full of potholes. the road had completely frozen. and it was so uneven, it was like driving on a potholed road. you can see there is this penndot and turnpike snowplow doing its work right in front of us. we've seen those up and down the turnpike. it's good that the traffic is so light. because these plows, they're able to break up that ice on the roadway and push it out of the way, keeping the road clear. but we are starting to see some freezing. still, those speed restrictions, just 45 miles per hour on our major interstates, i-95, 76, 476, and of course the turn pipes, guys. >> good to see the crews getting out there. and we want to make a note too. when you look at the picture, it seems the crew is moving a lot faster. the wide angle lens has that effect. >> and notice that our truck is keeping a nice distance between itself and the work crews.
5:44 pm
you should do that. six car lengths so you're not getting in their way and they can get the job done and get the roads clear. mitch, thank you. the first alert weather team, the center has been very busy all day long. >> and we're not totally out of the woods yet. tammie? >> no, not totally out of the woods. we still have some snow that is falling in just along the jersey shore. out towards toms river. but we also have cold air that is going to be flowing in. breezy conditions. maybe some flurries tonight. we have to deal with icing tonight. and tomorrow. and then a little bit further to the west, there is another storm system. we'll talk about all of that when i come back. snow-covered side streets are the story in much of northwest philadelphia. we're live in storm force, coming up, the lingering concerns in the next few hours and into the overnight. we'll talk about that, ahead.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
you're watching continuing first alert weather storm coverage on nbc 10. count on it. >> nbc 10 has been on the air for hours, bringing you the latest conditions across our area. in berks county, the snow came down. this viewer is -- this viewer sent us video from douglasville. and you can see it falling
5:48 pm
there. >> let's head to nbc 10 george spencer. he is in storm force 10, navigating some of the really tough roads, especially after it snows, george? >> keith and erin, we've really been driving around. right now we're in roxboro. we've looked in manayunk as well. this is monastery road in roxboro. as you can see, it looks like one of those narrow plows has made its way down this street, just within about the past 30 minutes since we passed it last. but there is still that thin layer of icy snow cover down just on top of the black top that makes a lot of tight maneuvering difficult in those small streets. we have seen so many people out here trying to get their cars shovelled out, trying to get their sidewalks cleared. and that is going to be just critical. especially in these very narrow areas where there is not a lot of place to put the snow. because as we've been saying, as
5:49 pm
we move through tonight and into the overnight hours, we're expecting plenty of refreezing. we're in a really good four-wheel drive vehicle here. but as you can see, these roads for smaller cars, not easy to get around right now. so the idea of refreezing as we move into the overnight hours is going to be really difficult for a lot of folks who may have to get out first thing tomorrow morning in this part of roxboro and in the neighborhoods around manayunk as well. that is the latest in storm force 10. i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> and george put it best a couple of hours ago saying in manayunk there where he was with the hills, it is so difficult. so george, thank you so much. all right. from the side streets, let's give you a look at the majors. this is where the schuylkill meets the vine. and not your typical evening commute. a lot of folks stayed home, heed the warnings. moving along there after a full day of snow. you can even see some of the plow. >> let's talk to chief meteorologist tammie souza
5:50 pm
again. this played out pretty much as you expected, except hey, bonus. >> i love it. like a bad houseguest. out of here. >> that is the bonus. because now it gives people a chance to do cleanup this evening rather than having this linger into the 8:00 or 9:00 hour. this is going to be out of here. but it did explode right when we thought it would. and it was by 11:00, 11:00, noon, that we really start the see the fury of the snow coming down. what came down last night and through the morning, in many places mixed back and forth. it did lay down a little blanket of wet, sloppy snow. but the true snow totals came down. this is a six-hour loop. watch this. saw the big purple van rotate around. neighborhood to neighborhood, it's going to be different we could see neighborhoods that are six miles apart. one with 8 inches of snow, one with 3. but it is all because of where that band was. let's look right now. we are looking at atlantic city, cleared all the way back through philadelphia. trenton just about to clear.
5:51 pm
for the most part, things have improved vastly. you see out along the jersey shore from bass river, back toward ship bottom. that's where we have the last is cleared. and the same thing for hamilton. the big picture now. let's move ahead. we are going to be looking at some clouds and some clearing overnight. we have the main body, the upper-level body of the storm system still off to the west. so that could rotate through, bringing us some snow showers or flurries or maybe even a brief rain shower. and that's going to happen tonight, tomorrow, maybe even into friday. it's going to take a couple of days for us to get out of here. but i don't think we're going to be seeing accumulating snow. and that is going to be widely scattered. well get into saturday, it looks like an absolutely beautiful day. and for the most part, sunday looks pretty nice too. so a lot of the snow out there is going to melt away. that's good news. let's go ahead and walk you through this. the temperature profile is going to hover right around the freezing mark by about 8:30 we're looking at the northwest winds. but look at this. we get in to the midnight, 1:00
5:52 pm
hour, and that's when we drop down to freezing or below. it's going to be a lot of refreezing of all of this ice out there. that is into tomorrow morning. so you're going to be out there slipping and sliding on black ice. we get above freezing tomorrow. we make into it the mid and upper 30s, even some low 40s across the area, especially down into south jersey. but where you have a heavier snowpack, it's less likely that you're going to see the 40s. it's going to stay a little cooler. let's martha's vineyard ahead now. saturday, sunday, beautiful. look what happens. sunday night into monday, we see a system coming up the coastline. sound familiar? five days ago, we saw one. then we saw one today. and five days from now, the timing is another possible coastal storm could affect us. it's really too early to tell if this will be rain, snow or another mixing situation. but this is next monday. so i want to put that in the back of your head. this is where we're waking up. we're going the wake up close to freezing in philadelphia. below freezing in pennsylvania suburbs where you have such heavy snow. below freezing in lehigh valley. below freezing in delaware, new
5:53 pm
jersey, and above freezing along the jersey shore. guys? and today's snow meant a day off for kids all over the area. >> yeah, and that paved the way for some fun. denise? >> i'll tell you how families were making the most of it, coming up in a live report. road conditions in your neighborhood on, now. count on it. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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coverage on nbc 10. count on it. >> and continuing our team coverage, let's get right to nbc 10's denise nakano. >> this was a day of fun for plenty of kids out there. >> reporter: it sure was, erin and keith. this heavy, wet snow not the best for sledding, but pretty good for making snowballs. and kids and families alike were having fun out in the snow today. >> me in the back, you in the front! >> reporter: these havertown youngsters embraced the snowfall. some snowball throwing between siblings capped out their time in the elements. this family had veterans memorial park in broomall to themselves. >> this is nice. it's comfortable. probably 30, 35 degrees. so we can hang out and the a couple of nice runs with the kids. >> reporter: 6-year-old jackson trying to find the words to describe the cleanup in his neighborhood friday compared to today's storm. >> that they chopped down trees and they take them away.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: delaware county residents hope this second nor'easterer to strike in a week is more gentle than the first, where storm davrj continues to wreak havoc on arthur andersen, roads and homes. >> i want to get out and do some nice things outside in the sunshine. and hey, you take what comes. >> reporter: well, with sunset just minutes away, families are wrapping up their outdoor fun. live in havertown, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. >> and "nbc 10 news at 6:00" is next. >> next at six, we're taking you through what is next of the major winter storm. >> the snow is moving out, but we're not in clear yet. we'll break down the problems on the roads and mass transit. >> that's right. we could see some ice storming tonight. temperatures are going to go below freezing and the winds are going to pick up. that means possible branches and power lines coming down. we'll talk about all of that and the timing for your neighborhood, when i come back.
5:58 pm
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6:00 pm
it shows the storm clearing out. now we'll have to deal with dangerous driving conditions. here your headlines. about 120,000 pico customers across the area are without power. a long list of septa buses, trains and trolleys are suspended right now. amtrak has already made the decision to operate on a modified schedule again tomorrow. and there are still a lot of problems on the roads. but things are starting to get a little better at this hour. nbc 10 chief meteorologist tammie souza is checking on the conditions out there. >> as long as the storm system continues to move out as quickly as it is, that means people can get in and start the cleanup. but we do have to worry about snow on the power lines, branches and trees. some of those are going to come down tonight, and even tomorrow. because the heavy wet snow is bringing stuff down. we've seen trees already toppled this afternoon. the good news is, it's winding out of here. look at it. this is a six-hour loop. the last of it right here out along the jersey shore. you have to zoom in tightly to see where it is, out towards toms river. this is the last 18 hours.


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