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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 7, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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it shows the storm clearing out. now we'll have to deal with dangerous driving conditions. here your headlines. about 120,000 pico customers across the area are without power. a long list of septa buses, trains and trolleys are suspended right now. amtrak has already made the decision to operate on a modified schedule again tomorrow. and there are still a lot of problems on the roads. but things are starting to get a little better at this hour. nbc 10 chief meteorologist tammie souza is checking on the conditions out there. >> as long as the storm system continues to move out as quickly as it is, that means people can get in and start the cleanup. but we do have to worry about snow on the power lines, branches and trees. some of those are going to come down tonight, and even tomorrow. because the heavy wet snow is bringing stuff down. we've seen trees already toppled this afternoon. the good news is, it's winding out of here. look at it. this is a six-hour loop. the last of it right here out along the jersey shore. you have to zoom in tightly to see where it is, out towards toms river. this is the last 18 hours.
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now this is a precipitation map. and it pretty much looks at where the heaviest pockets were. okay. you got very heavy snow and rain in central delaware. in south jersey, a heavy combination of mixing. also out here out along the jersey shore. you can see that the lighter totals wound up being in the lehigh valley. that's not to say didn't pick up 6 or 8 inches of snow. but across the pennsylvania suburbs we saw a big streak of heavier snow total. when you combine the rain and the snow, that's where we saw the heaviest amounts. and again, out here, the last of it clearing galloway and ship bottom and pemberton. so we're seeing this move out of here very quickly. behind it, the winds will start to move in. you may see a snow shower. maybe even a rain shower if you're warm enough or mixing shower. tonight not expecting any accumulation from that that is on the back side of the storm system. it still has to rotate through. the winds increased. and that could bring down power lines, branches and trees. we will be below freezing with
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some flurries possible tonight. the roads are going to freeze. all that slush and snow is going to make for a dangerous commute on the snowpack and icy roads tomorrow morning. and then we turn partly sunny tomorrow afternoon. we'll be above freezing. so we'll start to see things melting away. steve will be up in few minutes. he's got some pretty impressive snow totals to share with you. >> along with our meteorologist, we have a team of reporters fanned out across the area. let's begin with cydney long who is live in hamilton toni township, new jersey. >> reporter: jackie, we're happy to report that the snow has finally tapered off in hamilton county, but not before the flurries came down at better than an inch an hour. we easily have 10 inches to a foot of snow on the ground. while visibility out here is not terrible, getting ahead of clearing these roads of all the snow and slush, you can see they're still coated in white. it's going to be an uphill battle. some got lured out before things turned on a dime.
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and what began as a clear day turned out to be nonstop heavy, wet snowfall at a pace that couldn't be beat. >> oh, i was completely anticipating this, which was it was bad idea to come out for lunch. >> reporter: ashley says her boyfriend is the brave one, wearing next to nothing in this cold. >> and he is wearing shorts. he is really brave. >> he is, yes. >> reporter: with word from us that police and emergency crews are dealing with downed wires and working to clear roads in treacherous conditions, their plan -- >> to slowly go home safely, yes. >> reporter: near whiteout conditions forced this guy off his bike. and other drivers out of their car, becoming stranded in the snow and slush that seemingly won't stop piling up. >> but i give credit to everybody in cracker barrel. they're all in there. we're staying open. and i said i'm so sorry you're all in here. but they're like we're going to be safe. and we enjoy each other's company anyway. so we'll sit around in an empty cracker barrel and have fun. >> reporter: and they're having fun out here clearing their
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cars. there have been more employees than customers as you might imagine at this cracker barrel for the better part of the day. but they know all of those plow truck guys are doing that heavy work. they'll get hungry. in addition to that warm, hearty meal, i can tell you the inside and the gift shop, they have all pastel and spring colors. and then also some of these. like a sparkly pair of bling flip-flops. so this pair happened to have my name on it. i know rosemary was head on a train to miami. whoever else wants a pair back there, i'll grab them for you guys. we're live in hamilton township, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> wishful thinking, the day for flip-flops. to montgomery county where the falling snow made a mess of the roads. this is king of prussia and that area. cars sliding on the sidewalks, causing one truck to get stuck on a busy stretch. >> deanna durante is live in king of prussia where at one point 30 cars were stuck in the intersection of henderson an 202. deanna joins us now live.
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>> reporter: it took the mighty might of police officers to get those cars out of the road. you can see what is going on now. crews are here using shovels and snow blowers to clean up. but it's not so much the sidewalks that are going to be a problem, according to officials here. it's the wet, slushy roads. each though the snow may be gone, the big freeze they say is still yet to come. for this big rig, it was a big mess along 202. and not the only truck with issues. along the state road, truck and cars, more trucks are stopped, stuck and blocking traffic. >> pushing the cars out. so i decided to come out and assist them. >> reporter: where are you off to now? >> plymouth meeting. >> reporter: donny hoffman's trip to plymouth will be short. about an hour later, he was back in king of prussia, and back on 202. this time the road had one stuck car. >> starting to pick up now. coming down. >> reporter: earlier today, as many as 30 cars blocked henderson road and 202.
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on 422 near oak, it was near whiteout conditions. drivers were stuck in ditches needing state police to help them out. and, jim, you mentioned at least one truck stuck. we saw three tractor-trailers that were stuck along 202 here. and it wasn't until upper merion crews came in, cleared the road, and later followed by penndot trucks to be able to get it back open. reporting live in king of prussia, deanna durante. >> a tough day for truckers. and drivers are going to have to take it slow on the ride home tonight the. this is live look in south philadelphia. traffic is pretty liggett right now. nbc 10's mitch blacher live for news storm force 10 along the pennsylvania turnpike near doylestown. so it's looking pretty good, mitch. >> looking really good, jim. we've been all over the area, from trees down on i-76 to icy road on i h-95. this is as good as it looks in
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many hours on the pennsylvania turnpike. keep in mind if you're going out, the speed restriction there's still in effect. 45 miles per hour on our major roadways. there are also trailer restrictions as far as the double trailers and empty trailers still on the roadways. so that the crews can get to the roads, break up some of the ice and make sure all of the roads look as good as the westbound pennsylvania turnpike. that's the latest from storm force 10 on the pennsylvania turnpike. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> it looks pretty lonely throughout too at this hour. all right, mitch. nbc traffic reporter katy zachry is checking on the traffic from our traffic center with broad perspective of the roads. >> we'll take it, right? i think people would prefer to be lonely on the roads than have the issues that we saw throughout the day. so we're watching a developing issue on 95 at wood haven road. so we do have a crash northbound. our cameras have been spinning around. but i think it's just gotten it in its view. 95 northbound near the exit for
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wood haven, there is a crash there. there are some lane restrictions. so the camera operated by the folks over at penndot are looking for that. but as you see turn it, you see some of the delays. we're seeing delays southbound between wood haven road and the exit for the vine street express way. that will take you about 20 minutes. still, things aren't too bad on 95 southbound. 76 east and westbound looking pretty good compared to what we saw over the last few hours. and the blue route is looking good. everything in the green. we do have a downed tree. this is in bucks county, route 1 southbound there is a lane closure because of this downed tree. and you'll find that between the exits for 213 and 413. back to you guy, okay, caindic . people jumped in to dig out a septa trolley stuck. this happened in the holmesburg neighborhood just a few hours ago. >> nbc 10's rosemary connors is live at 30th street station. rosemary, a lot of
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transportation issues, people are forced to really adapt to the changing situations. >> yeah, you got to go with the flow. be flexible. outside 30th street station in terms of driving, it's like a ghost town. think about it. normally, it's 6:00 on a wednesday night. this would be packed with drivers jockeying for position to try the get on the schuylkill expressway past 30th street. as you can see, the roads here are clear. sidewalks are clear. it's really just the snow. this slush has been pushed up by the crews that have been plowing and clearing outside streets at 30th station. that's what you have tro watch out for if you're walking to get on a train. speaking of the trains, we stopped inside a few moments ago. we spoke to one man. he is waiting for a septa regional rail line to open up. that closed a few hours ago this afternoon. we also spoke to a couple in from lancaster. they were headed to see the flower show, which was open today. the severe weather wasn't going to stop them. >> drove our car to the train in lancaster. only had to walk about 30 feet in the snow.
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and we've been hardly needed a coat to come to flower show and taking the train back. >> it was fabulous. it was great. the only problem is now we're delayed a little bit. >> the trenton line is suspended. so i'm sitting here until i find out what's the -- like when they're going to lift the suspension. >> reporter: you're stuck? >> stuck. >> reporter: we're going to be watching out for into the evening hours. that trenton line that has been shut down for the past few hours. we're giving you a look at the skyline in center city, philadelphia. you can actually see it. just a few hours ago, 4:00, even as we're getting into 5:00, visibility was still low. but since the snow has cleared, we're looking much better out here. reporting live outside 30th street station, i'm rosemary conners, nbc 10 news. >> you can see the top of the comcast technology center. the major storm it is some counties harder than others. >> snow totals around the
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region. >> that's right, guys. some sections getting close to a foot of snow. we've gotten new numbers if from new jersey. and again you have to think about the water content in this snow. an inch and a half of water within that several inches of snow. 9 inches in pennington. morristown, 8 inches. west deptford, 6 1/2. vineland, you picked up 6 inches. and that came in about two hours worth of time. 5 inches in cherry hill, and 4.4 in lindenwald. langhorne, 10.2. landonburg 9.5. haverford in montgomery county 8 inches of snow. actland, 7 inches. and quakertown on the northern half of bucks county, 4.5 inches of snow for you. let's take you down to delaware. new castle county. the northern part you got the jackpot here. 10.4 in greenville. north wilmington, 8 inches. pine creek, 6 inches of snow.
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new castle, 4.9. and clay mont, 4.2 inches of snow. so there was a lot of water in this snow. and it's very hard to remove. i'll let my colleague, tammie souza explain coastal storm number three that is coming up here in just a little bit. >> everybody is shuddering at that thought. count on us during the aftermath of this storm too. tonight keep the nbc 10 app handy because we'll have any information on further school delays and closings for you. we are taking you through the end of the major storm. coming up, what travelers can expect at philadelphia international airport. sorry. i can't make it.
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and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now. ♪ find out how much your car's worth ♪ ♪ at all right. here is a live look at philly international airport. here is a warning. the airport is reporting a lot of cancellations and delays as well as they work to clear the runways. the best advice here is, as always, check with your airline. now let's get a check on the roads. nbc 10's george spencer live in storm force 10 for us, moving along a side street that needs a plow. george? >> oh, yeah, jim. we've been talking about the major arteries being cleared. but is boone street in manayunk. one of the small side streets that typically waits quite a while for the narrow plows that can get through here. and definitely tonight, as you're seeing, well snow covered. a little treacherous as we make our way up and around these hills through much of the
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manayunk neighborhoods. a lot of the folks around here are going to be concerned about the commute tomorrow morning after a lot of this refreezes overnight. that's what we'll be watching in the coming hours. we are live in storm force in manayunk, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> and monroe county. this is what it looked like along route 33 near the strasburg exit earlier this afternoon. >> from monroe county to the hee lie valley, that's where nbc 10's steven fisher has been all day long. he is joining us now in easton. and the snow has stopped finally, steven. >> reporter: yeah, jim, for the first time i'm talking to you guys, there is no snow falling on me. it's a pretty good feeling. you recall this morning we were in bucks county. now in northampton county. everywhere we went, it was snowing all day. now i know a lot of people stayed inside today. but people in quakertown actually use the snow day as an opportunity to hit up one of their favorite places in town.
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on a snowy day in quakertown, people stop by signs 5 and 10 to step out of the cold and into the past. >> back the day, everything was 5 and 10 cents, basically. >> reporter: the prices may have changed over the years, but little else has. >> thank you. >> the building itself hasn't changed since '56. >> reporter: it's a one-stop shop with a one-man show on the grill. >> like today i'm busier than i thought. >> i didn't know if they were going to be open. everything is closed. >> reporter: even the snow didn't stop the regulars from ordering their usual, hot coffee with a plate of eggs. >> it was a little bit of snow flying. but not enough to keep me in. >> reporter: andrew gilman is here, waiting on the snow. >> i got the snow blower out. who knows. i haven't had to snow blow yet. that's what i'm thinking. >> reporter: in the meantime, sharing a few laughs about the good old days. >> everybody is still doing that. >> yeah. >> reporter: in this good old place. so we start off saying the snow
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has finally stopped here in easton. and now there is potential for freezing on the roads. that's because the roads, they are clean. no snow, but there is a lot of slush still. and they are wet. so depending on how cold it gets in your neighborhood tonight, there could be a potential for freezing tonight into tomorrow morning. you're going to want to be careful as you hit the road in your car tomorrow. reporting live, steven fisher, nbc 10 news. >> nice to see you without the snow coming at you. this major storm is winding down. all of this snow and slush is going the freeze over tonight. taking a live look outside. nbc 10 chief meteorologist timm tammie souza is tracking the conditions where you live. >> it's improving very, very quickly, at least as far as the snowfall. the cleanup is going to be there for a while. we're going see the winds, and lot of snow laden trees, branches, power lines. so things could still come down. please be careful if you're outside shoveling. if you hear a crack, get to somewhere safe. you could have a tree or branch coming down on you and there could be power lines to follow. queer watching that quickly. you can see this winding out, headed toward new york and new england.
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it's going to be their problem very shortly. the last of the most intense snow bands stretching from new york all the way down, almost to toms river. but for the most part, the intense bands are out of our area. you see all the clearing. now trenton pretty much in the clear. philadelphia, atlantic city, and everything is going to quiet down for just a bit. then off to the west, we actually have our next system that is going to be kind of moving into the area. between now and then, we see some flurries still associated with this one. so you can see the back edge of this one. here are the flurries. the light snow showers because the main body, the body of the storm system in the upper atmosphere is still rotating past this. it's going to bring the flurries and snow showers through here the next couple of days. we'll walk through it. this is what is going to happen. temperatures are going to drop down below freezing. we're going see that happen later tonight. the storm sought of here. there is going to be a lot of refreezing on the road waist. a lot of icing. we get down around 29, 30
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degrees in philadelphia in the outlying areas. a little warmer along the jersey shore. any place you've got a lot of snow, it's going to be colder air mass overhead. tomorrow we make it above freezing. we'll see some melting. but that is not going to be until after the morning rush. and some places could make into it the low 40s. i think wherever you have a deep snowpack, you're stuck in the 30s. what's left? a tenth of an inch maybe towards toms river. and that's clearing quickly. now the winds are something we're watching. out along the shore, winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. 41 miles per hour. we could see a gust to 29 miles per hour in philadelphia, and even overnight we could see the breezy gusts in to tomorrow morning. tomorrow's winds are going to be somewhere in the 15-mile-per-hour wind gust range. that's going to help, bury it could still bring down anything that is snow laden. temperatures right now, 35 in philadelphia. 36 in coatesville. 34 in atlantic city. vineland 35. trenton 34. so everybody is just above freezing. so we're seeing a little bit of slush out there. we're dropping below freezing tonight. 29 in wilmington. 29 in vineland.
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29 in philadelphia around the same for coatesville out there. so let's move ahead now. this is going to be your day tomorrow. maybe we see some flurries tomorrow, and also into friday. we possibly could see some flurries. and saturday looks beautiful with sunshine. sunday clouds start to move. in we start with sun. and then by the time we get into monday torning, another coastal storm is approaching. this looks almost identical to the last two. i got to tell you, we're in a pattern every five days. so we'll have to wait and see. will it be a rain maker? close enough to bring us rain, snow? at this point too early to tell. but worth watching for monday. that's the monday time fraim. so tomorrow, 39 in philadelphia. 45 on the jersey shore. friday, 42 in philadelphia. 43 on the jersey shore. we move ahead to the weekend. and that's where we're watching for the next storm system. guys? >> i'm john clark. coming up, the eagles are reloading. they trade for another former super bowl winner. a big name. birds making moves on a snow day that is next.
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this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm john clark from nbc sports philadelphia. no no day for vice president howie roseman. one month after winning the super bowl, the birds have traded for a big name pass rusher, michael bennet from the seahawks. the birds give up markus johnson and they swap draft pick. he had very similar stats to brandon graham, getting pressure on the quarterback. he is a very outspoken player. he won a super bowl with the seahawks. and he already tweeted out a pic of him photo shopped in an eagles jersey with some trophies
6:26 pm
out there. he is ready. now his former teammate and current eagle chris marigos tells us what he will bring. >> mike is the type of guy when he laces them up and puts the shoulder pads on, the guy is an animal. he is out there wreaking havoc on the quarterbacks, what's really unique about him is his flexibility to play all along the line. so it's going to be good for our team and our locker room. >> birds are going for another super bowl. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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one big sign the storm is moving out, we have new information right now. high schools and parochial elementary schools in the city of philadelphia will be open again tomorrow. after a day off today. >> and the best thing is the radar. take a look at it. that storm is clearing out of here very fast. now behind it, we're going to get freezing tonight. so we're going to see a lot of ice on the road. it will be a messy commute tomorrow morning because of that. we could see flurries in the wake of this. it is going to be breezy so
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we're still concerned about power lines and branches coming down. but the worst is past us now. >> we made it through. thanks for watching at 6:00. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and seem i'm jacqueline london. "nightly news" is next. tonight, the massive nor'easter slamming the east coast. states of emergency declared. heavy snow, powerful winds, coastal flooding, even thundersnow. the second major snow in a matter of days. a dangerous commute home for millions tonight. thousands of flights canceled. we're tracking the threat. president trump sued by the adult film star he allegedly had an affair with. what she's now claiming about her hush money deal. at a time when the white house is in damage control over its latest high-profile resignation. the v.a. under fire. the shocking new report alleging failed leadership in a major hospital that put our veterans' lives at risk. the police officer killed responding to a 911 call. the second tragedy in a matter of months for a sma t


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