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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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can help you reach your potential. ♪ ♪ nbc 10 news starts now. it's treacherous. >> it's slippery. >> it's insane. >> it's crazy. >> oh, my gosh! >> this guy's sliding. >> it's like going from one disaster to the next. >> never, ever expect what mother nature will do. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. the major winter storm that trounced our region today is leaving behind two major dangers tonight. first, all that leftover snow is icing over now. so your morning ride to work could be dangerous. then more power lines and branches could fall overnight with that fresh heavy snow weighing them down now.
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and that means even more power outages. >> right now at 11:00 more than 140,000 peoplener the da are in without power. parochial schools are on a two-hour delay. other schools are giving students a full day tomorrow. the closures are at the bottom of the screen. >> a lightning strike sparked this fire. no one was hurt. but in ocean county a teacher was injured when her umbrella was struck by lightning outside manchester middle school today. she'll fortunately be okay. >> drivers have been slipping and sliding all day. walking wasn't any easier. nbc 10 in center city, allentown, king of prussia today. >> delaware, this time lapse video shows the storm blasting through wilmington today. crews cleared the snow quickly but conditions are still slippery out there right now.
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>> we have an army of reporters to provide you this coverage. lower merion township, new town and camden. >> the weather threats we're facing now. >> it will be that cold air overnight and the ice forming on all the roadways. here's the last six hours. you can see this storm spinning away from us. we do have flurries and light snoers that will make their way through the area tonight. we're not concerned about those. up toward allentown to very light snow showers extending up into lehigh, not quite over to easton yet. you may see a passing flurry or a snow shower. that's all part of the main body of this storm system which is still in the upper atmosphere. but that's not going to be accumulating snow. no, it's the temperatures that we are to watch closely. right now we're generally right above that freezing mark. 34 in coatesville. 35 in philadelphia and wilmington and mt. holly and trenton. 36 in atlantic city and 36 in
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dover, but we are going to drop down. it looks like we'll be right below the freezing mark. we expect a lot of upper 20s and some low 30s tonight across the area. that means all of that moisture out there is going to freeze. what's next? below freezing and ice forming overnight tonight. tomorrow morning you'll see ice and snow-packed roads. it will be messy and treacherous commute. midday it will be breezy. we'll see branches falling because there's a lot of snow on the trees and the power lines. tomorrow afternoon it is sunny and we may see some flurries. when we come back i'll have some pretty amazing snow levels to share with you. there's another system in the pipeline. we'll discuss that as well. >> that gets our attention, tammy. conditions are finally calm on the schuylkill right now after a chaotic evening rush. you're looking at 76 and vine. earlier today the storm left drivers trapped for hours. the highway was more of a parking lot than it normally is.
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>> the focus now is on the morning commute. >> reporter: it's all about getting people to their jobs and to school tomorrow morning safely. we just got off the phone with penndot. they tell me there's about 100 different trucks on the roads right now in montgomery county alone. right now we are near 76 westbound near lower merion township, like you said it was a parking lot earlier this afternoon as drivers had to wait and wait and wait. trucks are out all night. the focus has now shifted to the morning commute. there's concern about refreezing. >> do you know what happened? >> i don't know. >> reporter: late this afternoon it was an agonizing wait for hundreds stuck in traffic for hours of 76 westbound near conshohocken. >> traffic hasn't move for hours. >> reporter: we took to facebook live as it was going on to give you the latest updates. many got out of their cars to get a view of the jackknifed semi truck.
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this woman and her family sat for nearly three hours. >> the snow stopped and we're still stuck. >> reporter: good luck, guys. >> we're going a little crazy. >> you ready? >> reporter: if you ventured out today, you saw this everywhere. we tried helping sharif parker. he was making his way to a hotel for the night since he couldn't handle the roads. >> don't drive in this weather. the weather is bad. i'm a prime example that i got stuck and they had to help me out. >> reporter: down on the road in belmont and bala cynwyd, crews had the roads blocked forever. trees fell on the lines slowing the drive even more. one driver summed up the word. >> philadelphia area traffic snowstorm, man. people don't drive, don't slow down, crash, here we are. >> reporter: we're told for those salt plow drivers and the salt trucks, they're going to be out here throughout the morning in the five-county area until all the main roads are passable.
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so, of course, that means an awfully, awfully long night for more than 400 drivers. for now we're live near lower merion township, reporting for nbc 10 news. >> you mentioned that tree down in your report. check out this video of a tree toppling outside a home in northeast philadelphia today. there it goes. we expect more trees and power lines to fall tonight because of all the snow that's still on them right now. a lot of candles burning tonight as tens of thousands are without power. things are especially bad in bucks county where more than 72,000 are in the dark. more than 42,000 are without electricity in burlington county. that neighborhood people just got their power back on. >> reporter: that's right, jim. power came back on less than two hours ago. when we first came to this neighborhood we walked around. it was so dark you couldn't see a few feet in front of you. that was the case all over
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newtown and other parts of bucks county where some people feared freezing spending the night in their own home. with firewood and water in the truck is valentino family is preparing for what could be days without power. >> hopefully it will come home tomorrow. >> reporter: the winter storm knocked out power to their newtown home and about 90,000 other peco customers in bucks county. it was the same story at this acme where people still bought their groceries with very little light inside. at a nearby development, the riccis fired up the generator. luckily they didn't have to wait too long for the lights to come back on. >> i was just in florida a fi weeks ago. so painful to come back to this. >> reporter: are you over winter already? >> i'm ready for spring. >> reporter: homeowners in
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delaware county are experiencing deja vu. some just got their power back from the last storm only to see it go out again. >> just hating another cold night with the little guy. and hopefully we don't have to wait like four or five days to get power back. >> reporter: a few were very happy to see those street lights come on tonight. several warming centers opened in bucks county tonight, one in middletown, became a shelter. we also have medical centers and fire departments that use generators to stay open. live in newtown, reporting for nbc 10 news. what a difference a few hours makes. time lapse video on the left of your screen shows how quickly conditions deteriorate on i-95 in south philadelphia this afternoon. a live look on the right. all clear tonight. but on those side streets and sidewalks we're not so lucky. keith jones takes us on a tour of philly neighborhoods that are still shoveling out tonight.
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>> reporter: melting memories of the storm's lasting punch, dropping trees in cobbs creek, burying side streets all over philadelphia. this man slid behind a snow blower clearing lanes in manayunk for hours. >> they're just awful. a lot of sink holes. all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: he's lived here for more than a decade. this one's different. >> it's heavy, slippery, wet. >> reporter: the first storm produced strong enough winds to bring down four huge trees just like this one toppling power lines, the second storm covered everything in heavy wet snow. we found these two guys in overbrook shoveling the heart attack snow. >> it's real heavy. you got to be in real good shape to do this. >> reporter: you take a break? >> i ain't take a break yet, but we are. we're about to take a break. >> reporter: jay and his buddy have been to a handful of homes to save backs and hearts and
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snow continues to melt. >> just to help the citizens out here, you know. every now and then we make a couple dollars. so we're out here just doing a good deed. >> reporter: reporting from philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. back your patience against tomorrow if you're planning on taking the train. septa plans to run a normal third day schedule. it will update times before rush hour starts. amtrak is on a modified schedule. so expect delays. as for new jersey transit expect a close to normal schedule for our region. >> when i woke up this morning, saw the schedule was a modified schedule, first train wasn't starting until 7:11. i was like, shoot. what am i going to do? >> sleeping in a train station is not on my bucket list, okay? >> airport workers cleared the snow off the runways tonight and flights returned to the air. this is a live look at philadelphia international. still a lot of delays and cancellations but the airport is
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open. >> before you leave the house tomorrow morning we'll get you ready for what could be a dicey commute starting at 4:00 a.m. make sure you're signed up for breaking news alerts on the free nbc 10 app. and we still have much more coverage of the storm's aftermath tonight. >> but first let's get you updated on the other stories we're following now at 11:00. we first told you about this last night at 11:00. today philadelphia police arrest this guy right here, zachary lauer. police say lauer drove on to the sidewalk on tyson avenue, hit a mother and her 3 and 4-year-old children before running away from the scene. witnesses actually lifted the car and pulled the 3-year-old out from underneath. the child remains in critical condition. to florida where lawmakers in the state house passed a school safety bill which includes new restrictions on rifle sales. the bill spurred by the school shooting massacre would also raise the minimum age to buy a
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gun to 21 and create a program to arm some teachers. it now heads to the governor's desk. today the accused gunman at marjory stoneman douglas high school was charged with four counts of ke%eáy his attorney says his client will plead guilty if prosecutors take the death penalty off the table. up next, girl power through the storm. a team that would not let the snow strand them today. to protect, serve and shovel. why a local police department felt it was really important to get out there and help out tonight.
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great snowman snow out here.
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>> i'm throwing snowballs. >> oh, yeah. a lot of people out having fun in the snow today. but something not so fun, having to shovel this wet, heavy stuff off your sidewalks and driveways. >> some camden county police officers actually jumped into people dig out this evening. drew smith went along with them. he's joining us now in camden with more. drew? >> reporter: yeah, we watched as these officers really got a workout. they normally go around and check on the elderly. but when you look at how messy and heavy the snow is, they were worried about people getting hurt trying to clean it all up. on snow patrol in north camden, they keep their eye out for seniors who need help shoveling. >> they appreciate it. >> reporter: this is heavy and time consuming to clear. >> all that water mixed with the snow. it's back breaking. >> reporter: officer bagley showed us the technique using
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his legs, never his back. >> if it gets too heavy, another way you can just use our hands and actually just push it. >> reporter: mel miranda's car is now free thanks to these public servants. >> yeah. real nice. i didn't expect that, but nice thing. good thing for the community. >> reporter: in collinswood, the sledding conditions are not so good and the wet slush tripping up even the snow blowers. >> have to go through it a couple times to clear it out. but better than shoveling it because this is tough on the back. >> reporter: people are helping out their neighborhoods. >> i have the snow blower. i try to help out as many people as i can, because some time i might need help. what goes around comes around. i believe that. >> reporter: remember that pushing instead of lifting is an effective way to get that done. make sure you take breaks, drink lots of water. if health department says if you are experiencing any heart attack symptoms, stop and get
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help. >> such nice people out there tonight. in chester county an nbc 10 viewer still has the olympic spirit. check out this sledder get something air in kennett square today. >> send your photos and videos through the free app. click on see it, share it. while the storm has moved out, it's leaving an icy mess behind. >> we're tracking the current threats tonight. >> we're checking those threats. we want to share some of the snow totals with you. here's bucks county, 13.5 inches, langhorne, 11.1, quakertown 6 and nottingham, 4. you can see it depends where the bands set up. rosemont high end with 14, him rick with 4.3, wynnewood with 4.7 and haverford with 11 inches. broomall 12 inches, media 10.7,
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get down to west chester, 4.3. we had a big variance out there. even in philadelphia, fox chase 8.4, philadelphia international 6.1, south philadelphia 3 and only 2 in center city and new jersey a huge range. pennington 10 inches, west stepford, 9.5, cherry hill 6, lindenwall, and some of these maces are still coming in. bushkill at 4, lehigh valley international 1.5. they got a warm streak in there. they lost the ability for a lot of snow. last night they were quite warm and didn't get as much snow there. delaware, 10.4, claymont at 4.2. this is our storm system. look at it as it rotates away from us. the dark purple is where we saw
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that big band dumping up to two inches an hour. we still have some light snow showers tonight in allentown and out toward lehigh. we'll see these passing flurries and snow showers. let me walk through what will happen because the temperatures now are our big concern. we may get a flurry but watch those temperatures go down. by the time they wake up in the morning down to freezing or below. that means ice on all the roadways. all that slush may be icy. please be careful if you walk or drive tomorrow. we may get up to the upper 40s or low 30s. we're back down to freezing and more flurries are passing the area. the winds tomorrow also a tiny concern because the wind gusts are still up there, 15 to 20 miles per hour tonight. we'll be up there in the 35-mile-per-hour range tomorrow. any of those tree branches, they can still come down tomorrow. let's go into the futurecast. we could pick up a flurry on
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friday. saturday looks sunny. sunday looks sunny b you you notice the clouds coming in from the south, we're going to have to watch our monday. sunday night we could see rain moving in and another coastal storm may pass us by. this could be another one of those rain/snow mixes or all snow. it's too early to tell. but right now the models are signaling, yes, five days from now we're going to get another storm very nearby. tomorrow you're going to wake up early at freezing, you're going to make it to 40 in philadelphia. 38 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 39 in the lehigh valley with a mix of sun and clouds. 41 in delaware. 40 in new jersey and 42 hoong the je -- along the jersey shore. up next eagles fans will never forget his speech at the parade. >> he's spreading his passion inside the wells fargo center.
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nbc 10 responds is helping erase medical debt. and you can help. go to or the app to make a donation. a $10 donation clears $1,000 of medical debt. your generosity has helped to raise more than $1 million in debt for people in our area. you can learn about this initiative and the nonprofit organization buying and forgiving the debt. a big milestone with a show you just watched here on nbc 10. the 100th episode of "chicago pd." >> you tell him hank boyd wants to see him in one hour. >> to celebrate the special episode is a crossover with "chicago fire" and "chicago med." i visited the set to talk about this major accomplishment. of all the episodes, one that sticks out the most to you? >> i remember our first episode when you had a knife on a guy and i said, stab him. stab him. and he almost put that knife in
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his eye. >> just one show, just one season. so pretty special. >> you can see part two of this crossover tomorrow night on nbc 10. >> i imagine they have a lot of camaraderie at this point after 100 open soeds. >> he says his voice is one part of his character but it's distinctive. >> a physical reason for it, too. >> he was in a car accident, had to be intubated, was in a coma for weeks. he embraces it now. but perfectly suited for being a rogue cop. up next, the eagles defense getting nastier according to carson wentz. a big trade by the birds today. i see other carriers touting
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there's some teamwork off the court and in the snow for the northeastern women's basketball team. their bus right there broke down not far from their hotel in center city this afternoon after practice at st. joseph's university, this happened. the women got off the bus right here. you see them helping to push it back on course. and off the hill. and they made it safely back to their hotel. >> look at them. nice. in south philadelphia, mother nature could not ruin the super bowl champion sign hanging outside the linc. on the left is video showing snow falling at the stadium this afternoon. on the right a live picture showing the conditions there now. all is calm tonight. there is a new superstar defensive player who will call the linc home. >> the eagles agreed to a trade for seattle's michael bennett. the eagles will get bennett and a seventh round pick in exchange for fifth round pick and receiver marcus johnson. bennett is a three-time defensive end and was heavily involved in social activism as
11:30 pm
well. he tweeted a picture of himself in an eagles jersey with a bunch of emojis. and his new teammate hs plenty to say on social media. carson wentz tweeted, welcome to the squad. excited to have you. very glad i don't have to play our "d" line, #nasty. eagles center jason kelce knows how to fire up the crowd. he led them in a chant and won a mummers flag. the flyers lost, though, to the penguins 5-2.
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well, it's done. >> yeah. >> at least the snow is, but the icy temperatures will be down below freezing tonight. so watch out for everything to refreeze. it will be a bit of a messy commute tomorrow morning. we'll make it above freezing tomorrow. it will start to thaw out. on friday we could see a flurry passing. the weekend looks decent. don't forget we have the time change saturday night into sunday. >> five days. here we go. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john cena, katherine langford,


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