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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  March 8, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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your planner for today, temperatures in the high 30s. the wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour, making it feel like 31. 41 for summerton. feeling like 32, west chester. 37 the high. it will only feel like 29 throughout most of the day. the lehigh valley, same thing. new jersey, berlin, 32 degrees the feels-like temperature. that's your daytime high. 44 the actual temperature but feeling like 35. inte delaware, smyrna, feels like 33. i'm tracking changes, but for now the big story is the messy roads through the commute. we'll send it over to jessica boyington for a closer look. >> it's obviously not going to look like yesterday afternoon. we're only seeing improvements from here on out. 95 at cameras at academy road, they're empty now. they look primarily wet. at least they're not slushy and snow covered. for now, both directions are
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okay. the on and off ramps and the secondary roads i think will be the worst of it this morning. 45 miles per hour for a speed restriction over the new jersey turnpike all the way down south from the delaware memorial bridge and both directions up to south brunswick around exit a. 45 miles per hour, speed restrictions because of tricky road conditions there, too. and also watching 295, our cameras around route 30. both directions on 295, the white horse pike, not seeing big problems, delays, or accidents right now. right now, tens of thousands of people are waking up in the dark following the storm. in fact, more than 50,000 homes are without power in bucks county alone. one of the hardest hit areas. katy zachry joins us live in langua langhorn. tell us what the red cross is doing to help those in need. >> reporter: fortunately, they have moved in overnight, setting up inside the municipal building behind me. at the top of the story, you mentioned just how many customers, about 60,000 here in bucks county, are without power. i can tell you here in bucks
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county, they are experiencing the most outages of any county in our viewing area. there's good reason why the red cross is here, really offering people a warm, safe place to stay. look at some video we got in the overnight hours. this is a look at what people are dealing with in the aftermath of the storm in bucks county. the power went out to thousands not far from where we are in newtown. we found some families shopping at their local grocery store with very little light. some stocked up on firewood so they could stay warm in the hours and days to come when they don't have power. other homes are relying on generator power to help get through the dark, cold spell. even hospitals and fire departments have only generators to keep them going. back out here live, we did speak with the organizer here inside of the red cross shelter. he told us what people can expect and how many people they're expecting and when that's going to happen later this morning. coming up in the next half hour, we'll take you inside and show you all of the resources they
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have to help people get through this dark, cold aftermath of the storm. reporting live in bucks, katy zachry. >> thank you. we continue team coverage with nbc10's matt delucia tracking road conditions in storm force 10. when we last checked in, you were in roxboro. tell us where you are now. >> reporter: right now we're in delaware county checking out hard-hit spots. the spots had icy hills that you see in manayunk and roxboro. now you're looking at route 291 near the platt bridge near the airport where it would pick up with i-95. this area doesn't look too bad. you've got the major roads really wet at the moment, but you have to watch for black ice. in manayunk, there were spots where you did see the black ice. you just have to be careful any spot that looks shiny in the light, the spots that aren't well lit, be careful because you might not see it at all.
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advice from aaa. cars did not clear the snow completely off of their vehicles. of course, that can create a hazards if there's ice chunks flying to the cars behind you. also just add extra time to where you need to go. some of that stuff did ice over throughout the night. might be a little bit harder to shovel this morning. and if you see the plow trucks on the roadways, keep your distance. try to stay at least six car lengths behind the snowplows, salt trucks, and road crews. right now we're on the platt bridge toward delaware county. another car with snow still on the roof. please take care of your fellow motorists and clear vehicles before you head out. for now, live in storm force 10, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> good advice. thanks. today it's about the cleanup after yesterday's storm left a thick layer of heavy, wet snow
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all around the region that we just mentioned, that's frozen in a lot of places. >> crews are working overtime to clear roads for this morning's rush hour. we found a plow here clearing lafayette drive overnight. mt. laurel here. police officers in camden county lending a helping hand yesterday in camden. they went on snow patrol to clear the heavy snow from sidewalks and address, paying special attention to the older residents. in montgomery county, the storm made a mess of the roads. snow sent cars sliding in king of prussia and caused a truck to get stuck on a turn. now to wilmington. areas north and west of wilmington got the most snow with greenville and brandywine measuring ten inches or more. you can count on the nbc10 app any time severe weather strikes like yesterday. also, send us your snow and damage -- i hope we didn't have a lot of damage -- pictures. and get updates on the power outages and on school closures
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and delays. now for the other top stories that we're following for you this morning -- >> a philadelphia man now faces charges in connection to this hit-and-run crash that injured two young children. police say zachary lauer drove on to the sidewalk on tyson avenue tuesday night hitting a mother and her 3 and 4-year-old kids before running away from the scene. the 3-year-old remains in critical condition. and today is international women's day. a call to action to press for gender equality and inclusivity. >> to mark the day, the philadelphia fire department is hosting a conference on women in public safety at the university of pennsylvania. today and tomorrow speakers will discuss the challenges of recruiting, retaining, and promoting women. 100 mcdonald's restaurants across the country will flip their logos upside down today to mark international women's day. the signature golden arches will look like a "w" on packaging and uniforms, and a restaurant in southern california, they even flipped its outdoor display.
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in per riperris, the automa rifle -- in perris, t-- the eif has a message "now we act." the symbols are hoped to lead to greater equality. 4:37. games and gun violence. president trump meets with video game leaders today as the gun debate rages. how the industry is getting caught in the center of the battle. fighting the process. the billboard battle unfolding as the fight for lebron james heats up. also, more than one winner. wait until you hear how the mystery powerball winner planned to share the half billion dollar prize. (alex trebek) $8,000.
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good morning, i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. messy roads, so drive slowly when you wake up and head to work. we're still tracking slippery areas. we have a lot of leftover snow. a lot of locations close to freezing. you could find a few icy spots even on the sidewalks. again, be careful. whether you're walking around or driving into work. dress for the windchills. feeling like 20s and 30s through the entire day. be careful shoveling. we have the heavy, wet snow. you have to take frequent breaks. watch for the melting snow as we get toward the afternoon, and actual temperatures in the 40s. we'll see melting snow which could cause ponding on the roadways. clouds over the area, a few snow flurries to the west. the main system has now departed our area. still bringing snowfall to parts of boston. closer look at our futurecast. we're tracking a few flurries as we go into tomorrow morning. then once again, a slight chance as we head into the afternoon.
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this is around 1:30. you could see flurries tomorrow. another quick shot at 4:00. the next thing heading into sunday around 9:00 a.m. -- sorry, as we get into sunday evening, 9:00 p.m., another chance of a system bringing us snow to the region. this will last throughout most of the day on monday. it's still early. we're definitely putting that on your radar s. it's going to be a few days away after we clean up from the last nor'easter. 41 in pottstown. 35 in philadelphia. 34 wilmington. 33 in millville. mid 30s in mt. holly. 34 degrees in atlantic city. our wind speeds will stay strong today and tomorrow. you factor those together, we'll be dealing with a windchill. gusts around 21 miles per hour in wildwood. into thursday morning, we'll continue to see wind speeds staying strong. gusting closer to 30 miles per hour for westchester and
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wilmington. same thing heading into the afternoon. feels-like temperatures, by 1:00, around 39 degrees. the feels-like is going to stay in the low 30s for most of the area. coming up, a closer look at the ten-day forecast. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking the road conditions starting with the schuylkill expressway. the schuylkill expressway probably looks the worst yesterday. a big mess in both directions. right now not bad. i'm surprised how clear most of the majors are at this point and this early in the game. the schuylkill and around spring garden is where we're watching, eastbound toward center city, westbound toward the king of prussia area. 422 doesn't look too bad. pretty much looks the same. eastbound 29 to the schuylkill, an eight-minute trip, no delays. also checking mass transit. service has resumed for septa and the regional rails.
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there also will be bus suspensions and detours. check there before you head out. atlantic city, a rail service for new jersey transit is currently suspended, patco has resumed service. amtrak keystone service running a modified schedule, that won't affect everybody. at the same time, you want ton to check before you head -- you want to know to check before you head out the door. back to you. >> thank you. sanctuary city fight. the attorney general steps up his battle against cities like philadelphia. his message for leaders. an unbreakable bond. the florida school shootings leads to a moment that changes a school quarterback's future.
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philadelphia getting back to normal following yesterday's storm. broad street in center city, the philadelphia skyline. offices and schools will reopen. if you normally have trash pickup on wednesday, that will
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happen today. the poconos picked up nine inches of snow. that's great news if you're a skier or boarder. here's a live look here at camelback. fresh powder there for those heading that way. now to an update on the story we told you about earlier. police believe a former salon skpi -- former russian spy and his daughter were specifically targeted with a nerve powder. the just department is suing california over its -- the justice department is suing california over its sanctuary policies. >> the state limits cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigrants officers. the justice department says the policies hinder enforcement of federal immigration laws and endanger agents. attorney general jeff sessions blasted oakland's mayor who warned the public about impending immigration raids. sessions says 800 undocumented immigrants got away.
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>> how dare you -- how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open-borders agenda? >> california's governor fired back saying undocumented immigrants contribute to the economy and should have a right to due process. experts say the lawsuit against the state could foreshadow other fights across the country. 4:47. when it comes to gun violence, could video games be part of the problem? >> president trump will meet with industry leaders in the white house and talk about whether violent video games may encourage mass shootings like the one three weeks ago in florida. researchers say there's little evidence that playing violent video games leads to violent behavior. >> for every shooter who is playing a violent video game, there are hundreds of thousands or millions of kids out there playing these games who aren't doing that. >> researchers say more studies need to be done about the effects of violent media but
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believe policymakers need to look beyond gamers when it comes to gun violence protection. and florida lawmakers passed a school safety bill that includes restrictions on rifle sales. the bill spurred by the school shooting massacre in parkland would also raise the minimum age to 21 and create a program to arm some teachers. governor rick scott must now decide if he will sign it into law. meanwhile, the accused gunman at marjorie stoneman douglas high school was formally charged with 17 counts of murder. nikolas cruz's public defender says his clients will plead guilty if prosecutors take the death penalty off the table. a quarterback at marjorie stoneman douglas high school formed an unbreakable bond with two recruiters who visited the school on the day of the shooting. >> tyler goodman hid in a room with the dean of admissions and assistant coach from nichols college in massachusetts. they survived the frightening ordeal together. that's why goodman is committing to play at the college next season. he hopes to wear number 17 to honor all 17 people who died in
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the shooting. the hoopla. dwyane wade surprised students at marjorie stoneman douglas high school during the first full day of school. he took pictures with the students and tweeted that he's looking forward to being more involved in the change those teens hope to create following the shooting. now to this story. what do you think? another city jumps into the billboard war over lebron james. >> wonder where they got the idea. a lakers fan has taken a dig at sixers' fans after attracting the cleveland superstar with this new billboard that says "forget the process. we win banners." >> okay. whatever. >> a direct shot at billboards by a philadelphia business outside cleveland. they want to complete the process. word is lebron james will go through the playoffs and take stock of the nba landscape.
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a look before he decides to be a free agent and possible leave the cavaliers for another team like maybe the sixers? >> might not happen, but it's fun to talk about, isn't it? >> we just create -- we're the best soap opera going on, our sports teams here. >> true. let's find out what's going on with the weather today. >> a lot to talk about today. then into the weekend. britney, take it from here. >> yes, a soap opera in the weather department, too, with the nor'easter that moved through. the potential for a third nor'easter going into sunday and monday. a closer look t headlines, messy roads -- look at the headlines, messy roads at least until 7:00 a.m. be careful driving around. a lot of areas are close to freezing. we could see moisture and icing over, be careful. more expected today into tomorrow. wind gusts between 20 to 25 miles per hour. some spots up to 30 miles per hour. isolated flurries expected for us as we go into friday. our neighborhoods now, 31 at our p.a. suburbs, 35 in the lehigh
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valley. mid 30s in philadelphia. 33 degrees in south jersey. closer to the jersey shore, 34. temperatures in delaware this morning at 34. we'll fly you into neighborhoods and show you areas that are close to freezing like chestnut hill. 33 degrees. 32 in mt. airy. graduate hospital is at 34 degrees, as well. cinnaminson, 34. mt. laurel, 33. pittman, 32. swedesboro closer to the mid 30s. 32 for pennsville. depends where you are, but a lot of locations are close to freezing like hopewell township. then we'll take you to the p.a. suburbs where coatesville's at 32. west chester, we saw a good amount of snow come down. elroy, 33 degrees. lansdale, 31. 32 in hatboro. again, all the areas that are close to freezing have a good chance to see a lot of the snow icing over. windchills today, already
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started. our wind speeds staying strong. windchills feel like 27 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 25 when you head out in wilmington. only feeling like 27 in allentown. satellite radar shot shows lots of clouds, a few snow flurries mainly to the west of us. we have the system that's now out of our area, but still bringing snow to parts of boston. today, staying nice and dry. a chance of snow flurries pushing into friday. these will be isolated. this model is showing just a few outside of reading heading into tomorrow morning. we'll keep a close eye on that for you. a closer look at your neighborhood planner shows temperatures today staying close to 40. the feels-like temperature is going to make it feel like we're in the low 30s. the p.a. suburbs, actual temperatures, 38 by 2:00 a.m. lehigh value, around 38 by 2:00. for delaware, 42.
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new jersey in the low 40s. jersey shore seeing temperatures at 39 degrees by 10:00 a.m. a look at the forecast shows a nice end to the workweek finally. i think we deserve it. take a look at the weekend. temperatures pushing into the mid to high 40s. that's a nice looking weekend forecast. the seven day showing that we're going to see another weather disturbance heading overnight sunday into monday. the models are not in agreement yet. as we say, they're not agreeing. which is good. it's good they're not agreeing. >> right now. 35 degrees, most areas around freezing. there's a slope in the parking lot -- i almost fell. had to take tiny baby steps to get here. >> be careful today, walking or driving. >> slick out there. thank you. speaking of driving, let's check the ride to work including 38. >> jessica boyington is looking
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in south jersey. i have cameras here. hopeful we have a camera outside where vai almost spilled it this morning. >> pull the video. >> breaking news. starting on route 38, cameras at nixon drive. it was around nixon drive, morristown. i don't know the intersection because they just turned it around and zoomed in from far away. it's flashing lights at the intersection right there. definitely something to look into and get exactly where it is. either way, the nixon drive camera they turned around and zoomed in on this spot. i'm going to double check. traffic is getting by, just slow. it's so early that it doesn't totally matter. in mt. laurel, downed wires at hartford near the highway, they're blocking the road. they'll be detouring you around. speed restrictions on the new jersey turnpike down to 45 miles per hour in both directions north and south from the delaware memorial bridge to exit 8a in south brunswick. back to you. free ride.
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why one man's drunk uber journey is getting paid for. going green. why one group isn't letting snow stand in the way of their tradition.
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wilmington is getting a jump on the preparations for the annual st. patrick's day parade. >> despite the snow, the irish culture club of delaware will paint the traditional green stripe down king street today instead of tomorrow. the city says the group rescheduled the stripe-painting ceremony because of tomorrow's memorial service for wilmington police captain steven misseptic. it's set for saturday at noon. now to the gloucester man who got drunk in west virginia and mistakenly ordered a $1,600, u-- the $6,600 uber ride.
4:58 am
they will not charge him because they're happy he didn't drive while unsafe. the money instead will go to mothers against drunk driving. today a star of the "star wars" films will get his star. mark hamill will be in california for the unveiling of his star on the hollywood walk of fame. best known for playing luke skywalker. co-star harrison ford and "star wars" creator george lucas are expected to attend. an nbc show is celebrating a major milestone. >> you tell them hank boyd wants to see him in one hour -- hank voight wants to see them in one hour. >> "chicago p.d." celebrated its 100th episode with a special crossover with "chicago fire" and "chicago med." we talked with them of the major accomplishment. >> reporter: of all the episodes, a memorable one? >> i remember the first episode, you had a knife o a guy, i said, "stab him." you almost put it in his eye. >> everybody has one show in
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each season. pretty special, unique. >> and you can see part two of the crossover tonight at 10:00 on nbc10. i'm waiting for "philly fire" and "philly med." now for more of the stories we're following now on "nbc10 news today" -- >> cleaning up. road crews working to clear snow from the streets and sidewalks after the winter storm. take it slow. most main roads are clear, but side streets, they could be slick this morning. power out, nearly 100,000 customers in the dark in the tri-state area. more people could lose electricity today. coming up on 5:00 a.m., floods, and "nbc10 news today." i'm -- 5:00 a.m., thursday, and "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. the commute could be slow and is
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slick. still closings and delays scrolling at the bottom of the screen. we'll get to brittney shipp. >> we are staying under the first alert until 7:00 a.m. this is what you'll wake up to in a lot of locations. a lot of the major roadways are going to look fine. a lot of the sidewalks will have snow. temperatures in philadelphia are above freezing. a lot of locations especially in the suburbs, still right at freezing, just below. we're expecting some of the snow to ice over. be careful walking from your car to your job, the bus stop, anywhere you're going. be careful driving, as well. we expect everything to stay slippery through the day. the actual temperature will be into the 40s, melting snow in the afternoon. with the wind speeds moving in, it will feel like 20s and 30s. a few snow flurries to the west. the area of low pressure would be


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