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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  March 8, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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digging out. clearing heavy snow that fell across the area. waking up in the dark. more than 90,000 customers are without power this morning. why that number could still grow even though the storm is now gone. and on the road. the danger you could face during your morning commute. we've got you covered this morning. welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we remain under a first alert for another hour and a half until 7:00 this morning because of the dangerous conditions many of you will face heading out the door. we'll get to brittney shipp and the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast.
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>> that's right. we've been reading messages on social media where people are saying they don't have power, it's dangerous on the side streets. now we're seeing temperatures close to freezing or just below freezing. a lot of the snow is icing over, couple that with not being able to see due to the power outages, and it's going to be a dangerous situation for the day. especially through 7:00 a.m. be careful walking on side streets and sidewalks. power outages, poor morning commute, that's what we're expecting. temperatures at 35 in the lehigh valley. 31 in the p.a. suburbs. 33 in philadelphia. we're in the 30s in south jersey. 32 degrees in delaware. fly you in and show a few of the neighborhoods that are right at freezing like mt. airy, chestnut hill, 33 degrees. society hill, warmer at 35. the airport's at 33 degrees. a lot of locations, mt. laurel, 32. lumberton, 34. 33 in voorheis. temperatures in piney hollow, 32. vineland, 33. areas could see the snow glazing
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over. going to be difficult to walk from your home to the car, walking to the car inside of work. 33 in holmeswell township. coatesville -- hopewell township. coatesville, 1 1. milford township, 31. and the planner for the day shows although the temperatures will warn about freezing, wind speeds will stay strong. that will make the feels-like temperatures in the 20s and 30s. philadelphia, high of 39. the feels-like temperature closer to 32. the suburbs, west chester, 39. it's only going to feel like 29. kutztown, feeling like the high 20s. new jersey, 31 with the teletemperature of 41. -- actual temperature of 41. the feels-like temperature here in the mid 30s. cold temperatures, messy roadways. for a closer look at what to expect, we'll send it to jessica. >> thanks. starting on route 73 this morning. our cameras around greentree
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road. the intersection, flashing snow and slippery spots. this is the difference in the majors, the 42 freeway, schuylkill, vine street expressway. some roads still have a good amount of coverage. not seeing any problems reported because it's still early. a few accidents and disabled vehicles. west conshohocken at front street, here the roosevelt boulevard. looking good here around broad street. both directions northbound and southbound, nice and clear. live coverage continues with a closer look at what to expect when you hit the road for work or school. >> matt delucia is live in storm force 10. matt's riding shotgun, not driving, to be sure. matt, tell us where you are.
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>> reporter: we've been making our way through south philadelphia. we started in manayunk and went to upper chichester. we're checking the roads. this is 17th street in south philadelphia. we just turned off of bigler. you see that some of the road still looks a little snow covered. post of the roads don't -- most of the roads don't look bad. especially 95, 76, not looking bad at all. just a little wet. with the side streets, you've got to worry about the left and right sides, when the plows went through here, pushed some of the snow into the side of the street where the cars are. you'll have digging out to do this morning. the problem with the digging out today is that some stuff froze overnight. so it's harder to manage. you've got to get the snow off the car, as well. we'll continue through south foil, a look at the -- south philly, a look at the conditions. live in storm force, matt delucia, nbc10 news. the other lingering impacts of yesterday's winter storm,
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power outages. bucks county has the most this morning. more than 47,000 customers still without power there. also burlington county hard hit with more than 19,000 people remaining in the dark. check out the video of a tree toppling outside a home in northeast philadelphia during the height of the storm yesterday. you see more trees and branches fall today because all the heavy snow is piled up on them. that could lead to even more power outages. because of the deep snow and power outages, a state of emergency is in effect for parts of burlington county this morning. >> randy gyllenhaal is live in medford. people living and working there planning to clean up this morning. testimony us how that's going -- tell us how that's going. >> reporter: yeah, there were a lot of power outages here in burlington county. in fact, about 20,000 total between atlantic city electric, pse&g. we were going to show a gas station that was completely without power b. 1.5 minutes
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ago, take a look. lights are back on. that's a good sign this morning. we're chatting with the owner of the gas station here. you were going to tell us about the power being out. what happened? >> i worked here -- >> reporter: sorry. >> it went out yesterday around 4:00 in the afternoon. yeah, it's just come back. crazy here. >> reporter: when did it come on? >> just now. just minutes. just now. >> reporter: crazy. tell me about the storm yesterday. >> it wasn't really bad. not a lot of wind but snow. all day rain and snow mixed together. >> reporter: the heavy snow messed with the power lines. that's what came down, the trees and power lines coming down. and they had a ton of outages. as you can see this morning, crews are work iing to get thos back on line in medford. we'll check a few more spots, but at least 20,000 people in burlington county without power.
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the good news, it's slowly getting better. >> that's good news for that gas station owner there to be sure. a lot of work to do in burlington county still. crews have been working through the night to get the job done. in mt. laushlrel, we found plow clearing lafayette drive overnight. with firewood and water in the trunk of their car, the valen n valentino family in newtown are prepared for what could be days without power. they're among the thousands of homes and businesses making due without electricity in bucks county following the storm. our live coverage continues all morning. remember to check the nbc10 app for the first alert weather and traffic updates, as well as a full list of school closings and delays. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. the big story and first alert is because of storm cleanup. we have messy roads.
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with the wet snow piled up, temperatures close to or below 0, we could see everything glazing over as you try to make it into work. we want you to stay safe. drive slowly. we're tracking slippery areas. dress for the windchill. temperatures today will feel like they're in the 20s and 30s, although most locations will warm into the 40s. be careful shoveling, as well. this is still the heavy, wet snow, called heart attack snow. into afternoon, melting snow could lead to flooding areas and poor -- in poor drainage areas. temperatures, 35 in the lehigh valley. 31 in the p.a. suburbs. 33 in philadelphia. delaware now at freezing. we zoom you in, parkside, 32. west mt. airy, the low 30s. same thing near washington township. bridgeston, 31. lots of locations once we fly you in and look around are at or below freezing. exton, 31. massively earn, 30 -- malvern, 30. 32 in west chester. closer to lansdale, 31 degrees.
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the breakdown as we go into the rest of today, mainly warming to the 30s and 40s. but our feels-like temperatures are going to stay mainly in the low to mid 30s. our feels-like temperatures when you head out of the house and head out the door, 25 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 24 in wilmington. feeling like 24 in pottstown. 29 in allentown. our satellite and radar shot showing us dry conditions finally. we are done with the snow. all the snow is mainly near maine and parts of boston. what we're seeing as we look at the futurecast going into tomorrow, by 3:00, we could see a few little snow flurries. this is going to be short-lived. by 5:30, everything clears up. there's a chance for a few little, quick, snow flurries tomorrow afternoon and evening. the next thing is a potential for another system that could move through. the european model showing us by 7:00 on monday, snow for the suburbs to the north and west. a wintry mix for most of south
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jersey. that's one model. we'll show you one more. this shows snow flurry activity tomorrow around the same time. around 2:00 toward the afternoon. and then as we take a closer look at sunday night, same thing. this one doesn't bring the snow and as much as, as aggressive. by 5:30, seeing a chance of snow with another system on monday. models starting to agree. the chance of another coastal storm, but take a look at the weekend. something to be excited about is the fact that it's going to be dry. our temperatures are going to stay close to average in the mid to high 40s. guys? >> yeah. we're fixated there on sunday night heading into monday. i did hear -- i did hear you both say if it's shiny, probably black ice because of the temperatures. >> right. let's look at the road conditions and the vine street
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expressway. jessica? watching the vine at 8th street. i wanted to show one of the off-ramps, too. the majors for the most part are okay. you see the snow that's left over. see that precipitation left there. that very well could be ice. that's what we're talking about. where you don't really know what's coming up, it looks clear. most of the roads are clear for the most part. now also watching route 202, drive times not bad. ten minutes on the northbound side from 30 to the schuylkill. speeds into the 60s. also checking in with mass transit, seeing 45-minute delays for septa's warminster train 6400. that's a pretty significant delay. the atlantic city rail supports is suspended. also -- rail system is suspended. also, patco on modified schedule for amtrak keystone service. an unbreakable bond. what the high school quarterback decided to do after he survived the florida high school massacre while hiding alongside a visiting college coach. and do not adjust your tv. that is the famous mcdonald's logo there. up next, why the golden arches and other businesses are
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transforming their look today in honor of women.
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today, president trump's former campaign manager faces a judge on arraignment on additional charges of failing to pay taxes and bank fraud. paul manafort has already been indicted on charges brought by special counsel robert mueller. the new charges are separate from mueller's charges. the nypd says it's making progress in its case against harvey weinstein. the chief of detectives says the department has gathered considerable evidence in a rape investigation. they've been working with women who made allegations this fall that weinstein raped them. the chief says it's up to manhattan's d.a. to decide if the case can go to a grand jury. weinstein's attorneys deny the allegations. now to an update on a story
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we told you about earlier this week. police now believe a former russian spy and his daughter who were found unconscious in a british shopping mall over the weekend were poisoned with a nerve agent. police are treating the attack as attempted murder and think they were specifically targeted. the justice department is suing california over its sanctuary policies. >> the state like philadelphia limits cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration officers. the justice department says those policies hinder enforcement of federal immigration laws and endanger agents. attorney general sessions sessions blasted oakland's mayor who warned the public about impending immigration raids. sessions says 800 undocumented immigrants got away. >> how dare you, how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open-borders agenda? >> california's governor fired back saying undocumented immigrants contribute to the economy and should have a right to due process.
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experts say the lawsuit against that state could foreshadow other fights across the country. when it comes to gun violence, could video games be part of the problem? president trump will meet with leaders of the video game industry at the white house today. they'll talk about whether violence in video games may encourage mass shootings like the one in florida. researchers say there's little evidence that playing violent video games leads to violent behavior. >> for every shooter playing a violent video game, there are hundreds of thousands or millions of kids playing these games who aren't doing that. >> researchers say more studies need to be done, but they believe policymakers need to look beyond gamers when it comes to gun violence protection. florida lawmakers passed a school safety bill that includes new restrictions on rifle sales. the bill spurred by the school shooting massacre in parkland would raise the minutes museum
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age to buy a gun to 21 -- minimum age to buy a gun to 21. the governor will have to decide whether to sign the bill into law. the accused gunman at marjorie stoneman douglas high school faces 17 counts of murder. nikolas cruz's public defender says his client will plead guilty if prosecutors take the death penalty off the table. and a quarterback at marjorie stoneman douglas high school formed an unbreakable bond with two recruiters who visited the school on the day of the shooting. >> tyler goodman hid in a room with the dean of admissions and assistant football coach from nichols college in massachusetts. they survived the frightening ordeal together. that is why goodman is committing to play at the college next season. he hopes to wear number 17 to honor all 17 of the classmates who died in the shooting. miami heat star dwyane wade surprised the students at marjorie stoneman douglas high school during their first full
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day of school. he took pictures with the students and later tweeted that he is looking forward to being more involved in the change that the teens hope to create following the shooting. today's international women's day. a call to action to press for gender equality and inclusivity. >> to mark the day, the philadelphia fire department is hosting a conference on women in public safety at the university of pennsylvania. today and tomorrow, they'll discuss the challenges of recruiting, retaining, and promoting women. 100 mcdonald's restaurants will flip their logos upside down to mark international womens day. the signature golden arches will look like a "w" on packaging and uniforms. a restaurant in southern california, look, flipped its outdoor displays. the eagles made it clear that they're in it to win it, and they're already working on the next super bowl. the eagles agreed to a trade for seattle's michael bennett. the eagles get bent and a seventh round pick in exchange for fifth-round pick and receiver marcus johnson.
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defensive end has been a pro-bell bowler in each of the last -- pro bowler in each of the last three seasons. and bennett is already getting love. carson wentz tweeted, "welcome to the squad. excited to have you." also "i'm glad i don't have to play our d line, #nasty." ♪ fly eagles fly eagles center jason kelsey leading the crowd in the eagles chant -- wearing the mummers hat. a flyers one at that. he led the chant, "let's go, flyers," although the flyers lost to pittsburgh 5-2. they miss a chance to move up in the standings. >> yeah. saw that. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. we're still under a first alert until 7:00 a.m. that's due to the messy roads you're going to find when you head out the door today. take it easy as are you driving
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to work. we expect to see strong wind speeds. gusts up to 20, 30 miles per hour. going to make the feels-like temperature in the 30s versus the actual temperatures with our daytime highs pushing into the 40s. flurries expected as we head into friday. right now, our temperatures are close to freezing or even below freddie gray for locations like pottstown. 31 degrees. we're only at 31 in reading. 30 degrees in lancaster. 33 in philadelphia. 32 degrees in wilmington. basically what this means is all the leftover snow could glaze over. we want you to be really careful driving around and especially weaking around. you don't want to slip and fall either. that's dangerous, as well. future feels-like temperature shows the feels-like temperatures in the 20s. thursday at 8:30, in a few hours, we'll see feels-like temperatures closer to 24 in pottstown. by the time you head out to lunch, barely in the 30s. it will feel like 30 degrees in doylestown. heading home from work. same thing for linwood, feeling
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like 33. 32 in cape may. actual temperatures in the low to mid 40s. the feels-like temperatures staying in the 30s. part of that is because of wind speeds. gusts up to about 20 miles per hour. future shows through the morning wind speeds closer to 29 miles per hour. turning breezy toward the afternoon. then we'll see another round of stronger wind speeds by friday at 7:00 a.m. we're not done with the wind yet, but we are done with the snow. lots of clouds for us today. late afternoon sunshine. the area of low pressure from the nor'easter here, still bringing snow to boston. we're in the clear, although tomorrow, a chance of snow flurries. a closer look through the region, high 30s, low 40s. feels-like temperatures staying in the 30s for the most part. we'll talk more about the ten-day forecast coming up. eight minutes before 8:00. boy until the snow melts or we get everything plowed, it will
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be messy on the side roads. >> jessica boyington has been monitoring the conditions. most of the majors look okay. we might see parts of black ice headed toward the on and off ramps, as well. definitely more cars out the door than there were yesterday morning. that's at least something else that you'll have to battle with. here's 73 around greentree road. looking to the center, some people made turns into the intersection. and this is the kind of stuff that we're talking about that will be tricky to drive on. the roads may have been plowed. it's a little stickier and more of an obstacle to get through than on most of the majors like the schuylkill expressway. the 42 freeway, 295, 95. a crash on douglas at east philadelphia avenue at swamp pike. we're also watching mass transit. route 97 for septa is suspended due to icy conditions. atlantic city service is suspended. patco has resumed normal service. obviously wait and expect some
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delays. you'll want to check there before you go. and amtrak, keystone service is running on a modified schedule, too. >> thank you. taking a shot at the king and our own process. sixers' fans are not the only ones hoping that lebron comes to philly. next, we'll tell you about who else is in the billboard game trying to track the cavaliers star. come up with your own idea.
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good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with you and breaking news on 95 right around woodhaven road. the northbound side. traffic is stopped now. take a look -- kind of the center of the screen now. it is on the northbound side to the left-hand side there. a car on fire. we're watching that for you. they've stopped traffic and taking out lanes southbound, as well. i'll have updates on this and the rest of your commute when i come back. an nbc show is celebrating a major milestone. >> you tell them hank voight wants to see them in one hour.
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>> "chicago p.d." celebrated its 100 episode last night with a crossover with "chicago fire" and "chicago med." jacqueline london visit theed the set -- visited the set. >> reporter: a memorable episode? >> the first episode when you had a knife on a guy. i said, "stab him, stab him," and you almost put the knife in his eye. >> everybody has one show, each season. 100 episodes, pretty special. >> you can see part two of the crossover tonight at 10:00 on nbc10. another city jumping into the billboard war over lebron james. >> a lakers' fan has taken a dig at sixers' fans efforts to attract the cleveland star with this billboard in los angeles. it says "forget the process, y e win banners." give me a break. >> come on. >> a direct shot at several
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billboards posted by philadelphia area businesses outside of cleveland. they said philadelphia wants lebron to complete the process. word is lebron james will go through the playoffs. that means he's going to take stock of the nba landscape before he diseaecides whether t a free agent. the team is not ready to win the nba championship. i think our team is much better prepared. now to more of the stories we're following at 6:00 a.m. -- >> refreeze risk. nbc10 is watching any trouble spots with first alert traffic. off the grid. tens of thousands waking up in the dark, and the threat of more losing power not over yet. worry on wall street. the latest white house resignation says that's sparking financial fears and concern about the u.s. economy.
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6:00 a.m. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm two. two t-- i'm via sikahema. the snowstorm is gone, but facing slippery conditions on the roads, power outages. hundreds of schools closed or delayed. over 500. the full list on the nbc10 app. we begin with the concerns over the refreeze. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is watching the temperatures as they hover around the freezing mark. she has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> vai pointed out, walking from the car, it's slippery. he almost slipped. be careful. he'll tell you more about the story later. a live look, philadelphia seeing snow still. with a lot of temperatures at freezing or just below 0, we could see moisture glazing over. be careful walking around. slow down when you're driving. most of the area under a first alert until0


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