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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  March 8, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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sily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. digging out, people in our area are spending their morning clearing await snow, but it may not be the last time they'll have to use their shovels this winter. power problems, many families relying on generators and candles and some homes never got their electricity back from the last storm before we were hit again. and a team effort. we're going to show you how a group of young female athletes took matters into their own hands had they're bus got stuck in the snow. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. and right now at 11:00 it is the day after. a live look from center city's shows snow is still covering the rooftops and we could see more snow before winter finally says farewell. i'm aaron coleman. today it's all about the cleanup
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as our area tries to gets get back on track after yesterday's nor'easter a nor'easter, the second in less than a week. thousands of people are in the dark. the worst of it in bucks county where more than 43,000 power customers are without electricity. burlington county also hard hit. more than 20,000 people there don't have power. camden, mercer, and montgomery counties are also seeing ous out ages. we begin in south jersey with randy gyllenhaal. randy. >> reporter: across south jersey trees are down, the power is out in many places, and the snow is really starting to pile up. the worst damage we saw by far was in medford burlington county. >> during the peak of the storm, nabors neighbors heard the sound of trees crack, transformers blowing. >> 7:00 it start and just
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popping all over the place. it was like fireworks. it happened so quick. >> reporter: alan blair lot of power had the hiss family spent the night sleeping in the cold. >> do you have a generator? >> no generator. >> reporter: blankets? >> we got blankets. we got blankets, but pretty bad. >> reporter: and ron sheller's home on forest avenue, trees down left and right pay the large branch flew into his roof crashing through his living room skylight. >> that's waur skylight there? >> yeah, right next to the chimney. >> right through the window. >> there was a big pile. i cleaned the chunks up already. >> reporter: the cleanup is under way, crews are out fixing traffic lights, but power is still out for thousands. this wawa had to close their doors as volunteer firefighters get to work on those trees. >> we were out all night long clearing trees, debris on the road. >> the trees so bad that some people had thai band on their cars. >> one guy would get stuck and then -- 73 was just a disaster.
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>> reporter: in cam ben county the heavy, wet snow made shoveling a literal paid. >> the heaviest we've hadny while. not toes shovel. >> women meade also had a tree down in his front yard, this one about to bloom, growing bulbs, a sign that spring maybe close but swirnt he winter is here till the bitter end. >> reporter: all eyes on that possible storm monday. meanwhile, psc and g says they've got 20,000 pout power in burlington county about camden power seeing outages. they say they are bringing in resources and that will give them a better estimate of when they might get the lights back on but it could take several days to get everybody up and running. nbc 10 news. check out this video snent by an nbc 10 viewer. that's wires sparking there. this is in wind coat in montgomery county. a viewer sent us this video as
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well, a tree toppling outside a home in northeast philadelphia during the storm. fallen trees are still a threat this morning because of awe the snow that is weighing down the branchs across the area. we sent nbc 10 matt delucia out to get a look at the aftermath of the storm from above. he joins us now in sky force 10. matt. >> reporter: right now we're over one of those hard hit areas randy was mentioning a few moments ago in the is down on wood thrush trail. you can see what happened with this storm. a large tree crashed into that car that you see right there. so that person's going to have a lot of cleaning up to do. we've seen a lot of this in this particular neighborhood of medford with trees down, some leaning close to the houses or in the yards. we understand that a lot of trees that were on the roadways have since been cleared up from the what we can see up here in sky force 10, not a whole lot of road closures, per se, in this particular area because a lot of that work was done early in the morning trying to get those
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trees out of the way there. you see one person right there with the snow blower just trying to get the driveway cleared out. again, this is that heavy, wet snow that in many areas froze overnight so it's heavier and harder to deal with this morning. but most of the roads you see right there not looking too, too bad. they're alt least passable. we did see a couple of utility trucks nearby trying to service some of those customers that did lose some power or other services with that storm that came through. but you see a lot of trees in this particular area. this is the pine barons area, south jersey really big area with a lot of trees. and so you have them coming down and with the weight of that snow that fell last night and that you have situations like this where it falls into people's homes and cause a lot of that property damage. people make calls to their insurance companies this morning and we're going to start heading with sky force 10 through new jersey and over to pennsylvania to show you some of the damage there. it's not just here. for now i'm live in sky force
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10, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. people in delaware are ticking out from the storm as well. this was the seen in will mong ton 40 acres neighborhood just a short time ago. many people spent the morning clearing parking spots and sidewalks. a visiting basketball team got stuck in our snowstorm yesterday but they took matters into their own hands. >> push. >> push. >> the bus for northeastern women's basketball team got stuck on a hill after a practice at saint joe receive's university yesterday afternoon. the women got off the bus, they helped to push it back up. of course you hear them cheering there the. team made it safely back to their hotel. they played delaware in the caa quarter finals this afternoon. instead of using brute force, these neighbors used a shovel to come to the aid of a septa trolley after the trolley got stuck in the snow in the homesberg neighborhood yesterday. they took turns ticking it out. well, melting and refreezing are now the issues when it comes to our weather, and we're also
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tracking a chance of flurries for tomorrow morning. brittney shipp is here with your most accurate forecast. >> that's a big concern. you can still see the snow here at the philadelphia international airport. our temperatures this morning dropped below freezing so we did see a little ice over with a lot of this wet snow that's still around the city. now as we go into this afternoon we'll see a lot of snow melting with temperatures pushing into the 40s, but once again, we expect it to refreeze and to create black ice as we go into tonight. so keep that in mind. right now we're at 37 degrees, 40 degrees in northeast philly, 37 allentown. temperatures in the poconos at 28 degrees. it still feels like we're in the 20s in philadelphia, stretching down wilmington feeling like 31 in mount holly. we are going to see strong wind speeds today and tomorrow so that feels-like temperature will stay in the 20s and 30s. closer look at our satellite radar shows a few clouds. the stham we saw yesterday bring us all the snowfall has now pushed well away from us and what we'll see as we go into the
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rest of today as temperatures pushing right around 40 degrees by 4:00 p.m., feels-like temperature at 32 degrees, and then we'll quickly drop back down to feels like temperatures in the 20s. our actual temperatures tonight of course getting down below freezing for most of the area, philadelphia down to 29 degrees, 23 for allentown, 24 degrees in coatesville, and 27 in wilmington. again, the concern is going to be black ice. coming up we'll talk more about a potential nor east are 'easte nor'easter number three. i'll tem you about that in just a bit. >> well, you can stay up to date on the weather conditions ant storm cleanup in your neighborhood, just download the nbc 10 app and get first alert forecast at your fingertips. plus updates on power outages and school lowsings the. take a look at this. our traffic camera was rolling as they worked to put out the flames. this was around 6:00.
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we're told no one was hurt. let's check in with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter boy boil for a look at the roads. >> nothing like that now, that was a pretty serious accident and closed 95 down for the better part of an hour, hour and a half or so. we're watching the schuylkill expressway here and on the westbound side some delays approaching south street. right after this on-ramp it's stop and go bafs crash up ahead. there are people out walking around. one splaine getting sboi that's why we have this backup and delay. backed up into south philly. the eastbound side not too bad. in wilmington a crash so you see big delays here. approaching mok boulevard. we have traffic blocked off to the left-hand side and everybody's squeezing by to the shoulder. and a crash in white marsh, germ monthtown pike around may flower road. moving they deputy ford, it's the shoulders but the roads are back to normal it's the secondary roads that you have to
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watch for still later on today. back to you. wilmington is getting a jump on its preparations for the saint patrick's day parade. despite the snow, the irish club of delaware will paint the green stripe down king street today at noon instead of tomorrow. this is video from last year when, as you can see, there was light snow falling. the city says the group rescheduled the stripe painting ceremony because of tomorrow's memorial service for will mong ton police captain steven ma settic. the parade is set for saturday at noon. in chester county, state regulators have shut down the mariner in east one pipeline again. for months, homeowners have questioned the safety of the sunoco pipelines that run through their property because of a series of sink holes and water contamination concerns. the most recent sink holes opened up in west whiteland township over the weekend. now the public utility commission says continued operation in that area could be catastrophic. the commission also shut down
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the construction of the mariner east two pipeline. they need to inspect the ground and that could take ten days or more. at first glance it looks like a normal traffic stop but authorities say there is something different about the person in this uniform. wait till you hear about his true identity, that's coming up. plus, another live look from sky force 10 apps we're continuing to survey the damage from yesterday's nor east pert we'll check back in with nbc 10's matt delucia coming up. and i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. we're tracking the potential for a third nor'easter. i'm going over all the details coming up after the break.
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and financing is now available good morning, i'm mat delucia live in sky force cam. we're over burlington township. you can see that we're in the mount holly bypass right there, we just passed 295. most of the major roads as you can see on this map do look clear and passable. a lot of the parking lots as well have been cleared out as well. a lot of folks did have a lot of time to clear this out overnight. once that storm moved through yesterday evening. so right now you can see that there are a lot of trees in this particular area. we saw a lot of trees down, a lot of power outages as well. right now on sky force ten we're making our way over to bucks county so we'll see new a few minutes. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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a man way gun who threatened to blow up a federal building is dead after a two-hour standoff with authorities. this all happened in southern california. long beach city hall was on lockdown yesterday afternoon. s.w.a.t. officers tried to negotiate with the man outside of that white van before they moved in with a armored vehicle. police confirm at least one officer shot the man. he died later at the hospital. no officers were injured. when it comes to gun violence, could video games be part of the problem? this afternoon president trump will meet with leaders of the video game industry at the white house. they'll talk about whether violence in video games may encourage mass shootings like the one three weeks ago in florida. but researchers say there is little evidence that playing violent video games leads to violent behavior. >> for every shooter who is playing a violent video game, there are hundreds of thousands or millions of kids out there who are playing these games who aren't doing that. >> researchers say more studies need to be done about the
11:16 am
affects of violent media, but believe policymakers need to look beyond gamers when it comes to gun violence protection. florida lawmakers passed a school safety bill which includes new restrictions on rifle sales. the bill spurred by the school shooting massacre in parkland would also raise the minimum age to buy a gun to 21 and create a program to arm some teachers. governor rick scott must now decide if he will sign it into law. meanwhile, the accused gunman at marjorie douglas stoneman high school was formally charged. he will plead guilty if prosecutors take the death penalty off the table. a quarterback at marjory stoneman douglas created an unbreakable bond with two victims on the day of the shooting. he hid in the room of two people in the closet. they survived the frightening or deal together.
11:17 am
and that's why goodman is committing to play at the college next season. he hopes to wear number 17 in honor of all 17 people who died in that shooting. miami heat star dwiuane wad surprised them at their first day back to school. he tweeted he's looking forward to being more involved in the change those teams hope to create following the shooting. new this morning, police in southern california arrested a 14-year-old teen for impersonating a sheriff's deputy. surveillance video shows him pulling into a woman's driveway in an unmarked vehicle with emergency lights. she said he tried to enter the home, asked about a domestic interview and then took off. police caught up with him and his grandmother in the suv. they searched his house, found a uniform, bullet proof vest, fake guns and counterfeit money.
11:18 am
the mcdorm mate is pleading not guilty. he was arrested avenue was spotted with mcdermott's statuette after the ceremony. she won the award for her performance in a movie. he fasds three years in jail if he's convicted. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. big concern for us as we go into the next few days as we'll continue to soot ♪ ♪ snow melting with temperatures pushing into the 40s and then overnight our temperatures will drop below freezing so we'll see all of that moisture refreezing creating black ice. you want to be really careful driving over the next couple of nights. we're also tracking friday's flurries and then watching for a potential for nor'easter number three late sunday night heading into monday. storm cleanup continues today, so just a reminder to drive slowly, watch out for slippery
11:19 am
areas, dress for the wind chill. our wind chills today it's going feel like it's in the 20s and 30s for most of the day and be careful shoveling the wet snow. watch for melting snow. we could see drainage issues, maybe a lit little bibit of ponding and flooding on the roadways during the afternoon when the sun comes out. right now 37 degrees in philadelphia, 40 in philly, 38 in millville, temperatures in atlantic city 38 and 35 currently in reading. most locations now above freezing with the exception of the poconos and as we go into the rest of today we'll push close to 40 degrees for center city. feels-like temperature in the low 30s. same thing for summerton, pottstown 37 degrees and then our feels-like temperature closer to 29. allentown same thing. berlin and new jersey 39, the actual high with the feels-like temperature of 32 degrees. our satellite radar shot showing us we are seeing lots of clouds here. if we wind out the picture, there's the system. it's still bringing a little bit
11:20 am
of snow to boston but it's losing its steam and it's power. hour by hour breakdown shows a little chance of a few snow flurries tomorrow morning and then once again near reading and allentown tomorrow at 1:00. this should be short lived. it's possible we could see more moisture lingering until about 4:00 but it will be very light. the next thing we're watch saying few different hod models track the potential for another nor'easter. this is one model and it shows us with snow here around 230 near philadelphia, parts of south jersey stretching to cape may but then quickly moving aweigh. the next model shows this system moving up as well around 1:30 so it brings it in a bit earlier and shows us with lippingering snow chances through monday evening and maybe even potentially another little round here tuesday at 11:00 a.m. two different models saying two different things, we have to keep checking back with us. we're going to keep updating you as we get closer, but right now the potential timing looks to as
11:21 am
we go sunday night into monday. over the next three days you will notice at least over the weekend lots of sunshine, temperatures back to the low to mid-40s. so, anne, i thierin, i think we nice weekend. >> we sure do. much of our area is still a mess after yesterday's nor'easter. sky force 10 is up surveying the damage this morning over bris tal bucks county. we'll get another birds eye view coming up. and texas takeover. we'll show you why a big group in philadelphia is heading to the lone star state on a mission. friends, colleagues,
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and we're back lye now with another live look from sky force 10 at the aftermath of the yesterday's nor-easter. this is a live look at power crews hard at work in bristol, bucks county. a lot of folks still do not have power. about 40,000 homes and businesses in bucks county are in the dark.
11:25 am
we'll check back in with matt delucia in sky force 10 coming up in our next half hour. well, people from around the country will soon get a chance to learn about everything philadelphia has to offer. the city will once again have a presence at the annual south by southwest festival and here shall the preview are david silver and mick michelle friedman from the management company witty gritty. thanks for being here. for people who don't know, talk about south by southwest and how you're really putting philly out there this year. >> south by southwest is the largest mousse music media tech conference in the entire country. it's where me technology or musician gets discovered down there. this is our third year representing philadelphia on this international level bringing the best of philadelphia, both the tech and start-up muse sitions to shine bright in the spotlight. >> it's called the amplified philly initiative. talk about that sfwlps all about amplifying philly, it's about talk about the great things that
11:26 am
be happening in the city, great people, great ideas, great startups and music community that we have. >> you've been there several years in a row now. is there something new that you guys are showcasing about our area? >> we brought on the witty gritty team. >> that was new. i think the biggest change is that last year the amplify philly initiative was in the convention center and that year the big shift is that we have a two-story venue that we've rented out in the heart of the activity downtown that's aultd amplify philly house. two days, sunday and monday, all day program, happy hours and parties in the evening. so really 15 hours of programming sunday and another 15 hours on monday. >> so the role of your company was getting that and taking it to the next level, bringing all that together? >> i'd say so. >> all these logistics minute by minute where my organization at rec philly put together the nighttime pro bramming and
11:27 am
brought the sponsors back on this year. >> talk about some of the performances you'll be staging and how that's helping to put philly out there once again. >> well, for the third year the deejay will host our house party. >> that's so cool zblantd second night is our official concert. we have two local big philly bands but local hantsds aktsds like hard work movement and ill fated natives are opening up the sets. >> so exciting that we're a part of it again. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. >> and we should mention than comcast nbc universal is a sponsor of the 2018 amplify philly initiative. all right. digging out and trying to restore power, those are the two biggest tasks today after our second nor'easter in less than a week. nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal is live for us in south jersey. hey, randy. >> reporter: part of the reason we're seeing so many power outages is because of this heavy wet snow that's been piling on
11:28 am
to the trees. up next, what it sounded like in burlington county when those trees started coming down. from the ground to the air, sky force 10 is giving us a bird's eye wust damage. a live report high above the philly suburbs. that's coming up. it's the ross spring dress event. where you'll find the perfect dress at the perfect price. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you've gotta get to the ross spring dress event. on now! ♪ you gotta go to ross.
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if you're looking for anbloom incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now at 11:30 it is the day after a live look right now at boat house row shows snow still on the ground. don't put those shovels away just yet. more snow could be on the way before winter ends. good morning and thanks for staying with us. i'm cole co. first things first, people are still clearing the snow from their sidewalks and driveways and power crews are working to restore electricity. here are the counties across the region with the most power outages. wuks county is at the top of the list, more than 43,000 customers without power there. more than 20,000 people in the
11:32 am
dark in birling ton county. camden, mercer, and montgomery counties also seeing a lot of outages this morning. we have team coverage of the cleanup from this winter storm. let's check in with randy gyllenhaal who is live in cherry hill. >> reporter: hey, good morning. we're in cherry hill, as you mentioned camden county is still seeing a lot of outages. the good news, the roads are completely clear at this point. outside many parking lots they're piling up this snow pretty high but that's beginning to melt thanks to the sunshine beating down. pretty warm temperatures. it's already melting on the ground. that's going to take some time though. over in burlington county they got hit the hardest. spoke with neighbors thered they said they heard the crunch of branch snap, trees falling, the trees knocked out power lines. right now as we mentioned more than 20,000 in burlington county
11:33 am
still without electricity. >> all of a sudden they started cracking all over the place, kind of weird. sounded like tree -- the house right across the street from us got hit, two doors down got hit. >> we just heard this noise. trees are just leaning and they weren't really swaying, they were just leaning more and more. and all of the sudden you could just here like firecrackers. i have never seen that in all my life. >> reporter: yeah, that home on forest avenue in medford had a large tree branch fly through the skylight window into the family's living room just missing the couch. we should mention mercer county seeing some pretty significant tree damage. as for power issues, pse&g says they're asking for patience. they're bringing in more manpower to assess the damage and that should give them a better estimate on how long it might take. they do warn it could take several days to get everybody back online. we're live in cherry hill, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news.
11:34 am
all right. help has arrived in delaware county, the emergency services department sent us these photos forest rangers and army troops getting ready to help with storm cleanup today. let's check back in with nbc 10's matt delucia. we saw new south jersey now you're in the pa suburbs. >> one of the heartest hit areas was bucks county, especially bristol township. let's give you a look from our vantage point up here. we're about 1500 feet in the air, but you see these guys on the ground doing their best to be bent e 20 feet off the ground touching these power lines. you see this crew here, we've seen them at work for about the last 15 minutes or so and they've been trying to address the issue with one of these lines right here. so this is over weston avenue and winter drive in bristol. there are a few of these electrical utility trucks in this neighborhood. this area certainly hit hard as well. you see a lot of that snow on
11:35 am
the ground, a lot of trees in this area as well. that is, of course, one of the big concerns with all those trees going down and hitting those power lines much like what we saw on friday, last friday's storm. so right there you see we've got the map up there, weston avenue and a lot of these crews, there's one truck here, another truck right here. so they have been trying to get the power back on. a lot of people, of course, just trying to do what they can. we have seen people trying to help out with their neighbors and try to open up some of the warming centers, places to get your phones charged if that is needed as well. so this is one of the areas that we have seen a lot of activity, at least in the last half hour or so that we've been flying in this particular area. we're going to continue flying in sky force 10 throughout bucks county. you heard that number there, about 40,000 customers of peco without power in this county alone. there are a lot of folks just really hoping that the power does come back on soon and there's a lot of work to be done to make those repairs as soon as possible.
11:36 am
for now i'm live on bristol and sky force 10 matt delucia nbc 10 news. melting and refreezing are the issues when it comes to our weather and we're tracking a chance of flurries tomorrow morning, right, brittany? >> that's right. still a lot going on with the weather and we haven't even mentioned the possibility of a third nor'easter. this could happen overnight sunday into monday morning and monday afternoon. but let's start with what we're dealing with today. and you can see the roadways look good but on the sidewalks we'll continue to see melting snow. but as we get into tonight temperatures expected to drop below freezing once again. this is going to all ice over so you want to be careful as you're going through today and definitely by tonight. plus, we have our wind speeds that are going to stay strong. so our feels-like temperature today staying in the 20s and 30s, it feels like 28 degrees in philadelphia, feeling like 26 in wilmington, 27 reading, 28 in allen toup, 29 be in atlantic city. our actual temperatures are 40 degrees in northeast philly, 37 philadelphia, 36 wilmington.
11:37 am
we're above average and the sun is out so that's enough to melt a lot of snow that's already still on the ground. here's a closer look at our temperature trend. the great thing about the weekend is we're going to see lots of sunshine, temperatures back in the mid to high 40s, however, it's monday that we're concerned about and we'll go over more details on the potential for a third nor'easter. i'll time out our chance of flurries heading into friday. that's all coming up in about 15 more minutes. be sure to stay up to date n aught weather continues conditions and the storm clean up in your neighborhood by down loopeding the nb 10 app. if you haven't done it get the first alert forecast at your fingertips but updates on power outages and school closings. allistentown mayor ed pawlowski is scheduled to make an announcement in a few hours. he scheduled a news conference at 2:30. he has not said what this announcement is about. as you know, i was convicted last week on federal corruption charges and city law states the mayor must resign following conviction. stay with nbc 10 and
11:38 am
throughout the day for more on this developing story. happening today, president trump's former campaign manager faces a judge for arraignment on additional charges of failing to pay taxes and bank fraud. paul manafort has already been indicted on charges brought by special council robert mueller. the new charges are separate from mueller's charges. the nypd says it is making progress in its case against harvey weinstein, the chief of detectives said the department has gathered considerable evidence in the rape investigation. they have been working with women who made allegations this past fall that he raped them. the chief says it's now up to manhattan's district attorney if the case can go to a grand jury. weinstein's attorney denies the allegations. well, one of the country's largest health insurers is looking to buy one of the america's benefit managers, cigna will buy express scripts for $67 billion. it's the latest in a string of
11:39 am
proposed buyups and tie-ups in a rapidly shifting lang skapd for health services industry. regulators still need to approve the deal. the eagles are making it clear they are not going to set will for just one super bowl afraid. the team agreed to a tradetor seattle's michael bennett. the eagles get bennett and a seventh round pick in exchange for a fifth round pick and marcus johnson. the defensive end has been a pro bowler in each of his last three seasons and, like many of his new teammates, bennett has been very outspoke when it comes to social causes. he tweeted a picture of himself in an eagles jersey with a bunch emojis and the words free meek male. his new team merits welcoming bennett. they tweeted welcome to the squad, excited to have you. also i'm very glad i don't have to play our d-line, #nasty. wentz isn't the only eagle excited about the new addition. mayor gos was his teammate in seattle. >> mike's the type of guy when
11:40 am
he laces them up and puts those shoulder pads on on sundays, you know, the guy is an animal. he's out there, you know, reeking havoc on the quarterbacks, what's really unique about him is his flexibility to play all along the line. so it's going to be good for our team and our locker room. yeah, that's eagles jason kelce leading the crowd in a rendition of fly eagles fly at the wells fargo center last night. he wore a special flyer's themed mummers hat. line back irrelevant mychal kendricks also helped fire up the fans. unfortunately it didn't help the flyers. they lost to the penguins by two. downed trees and snow-covered cars and squauks, those are the site dominating landscape a day after the major winter stoorm. here's another live look over leavitt town, bucks county. we'll check back in with nbc 10's matt delucia n aught other side of the break.
11:41 am
a live picture oft wilmington, you can see some of the snow is melting as we continue to see more sunshine and above freezing temperatures. however, we do expect this to all refreeze once again. i'm tracking all the details and your weekend forecast coming up.
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11:44 am
that we saw with this storm, a power line and an entire utility pole that will fell over because of that storm. now right over here to the left of your screen you can start to see some of those crews that have been work to try to get this power restored to the area right now. again, leavitttown, part of bucks county an area that was hard hit by that storm in terms of power outages. right over here on this part of your screen you can see on inwood road all of those utility crews. this truck right here a moment ago was positioning that auger to install a new utility pole. we've been seeing that even after that last storm on friday they've been trying to put more of these utility poles in the ground because of the ones that got knocked over from that storm. we're going to keep an eye on the sky here. nbc 10 news. a warning this morning about taking too much accede met fin. a new study found that people who used it for more than a week
11:45 am
exceeded the maximum dose on at least one day. the risk was higher during the winter months because many over the counter cold medicines also contain the painkiller. past reserng has shown the overuse of acetaminophen can hurt the liver. it may be linked to a lower risk the kauns we are vitamin "d." they found the people with the highest levels were 20% less likely to develop cancer than those with the low. he eest if the had no impact on lung or prostate cancer risk. and a new study finds women are much more likely to donate a kidney than men. research shows more than a third of women who are medically suitable donate a kidmy to their husbands who are in need of a kidney. only 7% of men donate a kidmyne to their wives. they have a deep desire to help their family survive, this is according to research. today is world kidney day and
11:46 am
international women's day. 100 macdonald's restaurants across the country will flip their logos upside down today to mark international women's day. the signature golden arches will look like a w on packaging and uniforms. and one restaurant flipped its outdoor "m." the royal couple visited crowd in birmingham before they attended an epent e vent that encourages women to pursue careers in the stem field, that's science, technology, engineering and math. ♪ i'm tapping my feet to that one. this weekend the best of broadway comes to broad street thanks to the philly pop. the trio of celebrated broadway stars are coming to the kimmel center to borm some famous show tunes and we're pleased to be joined by two of those stars.
11:47 am
welcome to you both. >> thank you so much. >> all right. todd, let's start with you. what can audiences expect when the lights go down? >> we have a great program of broadway classics and modern broadway music on hand with three fantastic singers and that philly pops. that philly pops orchestra, they are the most talented band i've worked with. >> now people may recognize your voice about disney's hercules, what are you performing in? >> i think we're going to highlight that family sort of feel and i'm doing a lot of the disney princess material 'this time around and also highlighting some of that broadway show tunes that families really love from shows that i've done, like thoroughly modern millie and beauty and the beast. >> always beauty and the beast. >> always known forever, there's nothing wrong with that. >> she was the original belle on broadway. >> really. >> a lo lot t of us can sing al
11:48 am
the words to that. >> you'll have to come to the show and sing along. >> how were the songs selected and what makes a great broadway tune in the ones that are catchy that everybody knows? >> we chose the songs because of the connections the singers have to the material, and i think that, you know, the material it's what moves people. that's -- those are the things that last the longest, the cole porter, the classics like that and the disney material. people respond to that and it resinates with them on a deeper level. that's what keeps them living on. >> you also conducted the philly pop memorial salute cons certify and i understand you're coming back? >> i am. memorial day at theman center and the holiday pops in des. i'm doing that as well. >> oh, my gosh. so cool the philly pops best of the broadway begins tomorrow, runs through sunday, all performances are at verizon hall at the kimmel center for performing arts.
11:49 am
for more information tat tapp the nbc 10 mobile april and certainly find it. thanks for being here. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. the cleanup continues. we'll continue to see melting snow as we go through the rest of today with our daytime highs right around 40 degrees. but as our temperatures drop overnight we will drop below freezing. it will aba cold night ahead. a lot of locations dropping down into the mid to high 20s so we'll see refreezing all over again and that be means black ice is expected to form. you want to be very careful driving around tonight, especially after the sun goes down. friday flurries we're tracking for you as well friday morning and 2011 we're watching for a potential for another nor'easter, nor'easter number three overnight sunday into monday. so as we continue to clean things up, drive slowly, just a reminder for you we have slippery areas, just little pockets of ice even when you're walking on the sidewalks today.
11:50 am
dress for the wind chill. they'll stale between 20s and into the low 30s although our actual highs will be in the 40s. be careful shoveling. that's still heavy wet snow and watch out for melting snow. we could see a little bit of ponding on some of our streets around town as well. right now we're at 40 degrees in northeast philly, 37 in the philadelphia, 36 degrees in wilmington, 37 lancaster but the feels-like temperature is closer to the 20s so it feels cold when you step outi'd for today. closer look at the breakdown. highs around the region 39 in center city but the feels like at 32. chestnut hill 39, the high feels-like temperature 29. pottstown 37 is the high, feels like in the high 20s. allentown will feel like it's at 30 degrees although the actual high right around 40. a bit warmer here down the shore, 45 degrees in stone harbor, 40 in smirn that ar and temperatures feel like 33 degrees heading into the afternoon. tonight black ice say concern for us as a lot of our
11:51 am
temperatures overnight stay below freezing ranging anywhere between the low 20s in allentown up to the high 20s for parts of philadelphia. satellite radar shot shows today we'll see clouds, a little bit of late sunshine expected and the big story will be what's going to happen as we go sunday night into monday. the weekend is fine but as we push closer to the end of the week and heading back to work, that's when we'll start to see another chance potentially for a nor easter to form. the other thing we'rech wag right around 2:00 a.m. is a chance for a few isolated flurries between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and it looks like towards the afternoon around 5:00, 5:00 p.m. we could see passing flurries as well. we have one model to show you which brings in another coastal storm sunday night into monday, brings it right up to philadelphia. this is monday afternoon. and then another chance right around tuesday at 11:30. the second model we watched for sunday heading into monday keeps the system off the coast and really to the south of us so it
11:52 am
doesn't bring the snow up to the philadelphia area. so right now the models are not agreeing, you always hear us talk about computer models. if you just keep checking back we'll firm up all the details. but we're. i putting a chance in for wintry mix and snow for now. as far as today, 39's the high for philadelphia. saturday sunday look great with temperatures pushing into the mid to high 40s and then next week looks like we have a warming trend, up to the 50s by next weekend. stay with us, you're watching nbc 10 news.
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our top story this morning, the aftermath of yesterday's storm as many are digging out from the snow, tens of thousands of people are without power. in bucks county more than 43,000 customers are in the dark. there are also widespread outages in many other areas including south jersey. two nor'easters in less than a week and we're not out of the woods yet. >> we're not. we are not. >> there is a slight chance right now for to us see another nor'easter forming at the end of the weekend right as we're all trying to get back to work. but before then what we're watching is melting snow with our daytime temperatures pushing close to 40 degrees today and then dropping below freezing. so all of that moisture's going to refreeze, it will be slippery out each night, so, again, be careful. black ice is expected to form. friday flurries expected tomorrow morning and then
11:56 am
watching that third nor'easter potentially we're going to keep checking and firming up our forecast. right now we're at 37 degrees in philadelphia, 40 degrees in northeast philly, mid-30s in pottstown, 37 allentown, 38 degrees in atlantic city. and the poconos still below freezing. just a remind we are our storm cleanup, drive slowly, there's slippery areas out there, dress for the wind chill, we have windy conditions and it's going to feel like we're in the twentsds and 30s. be careful shoveling that heavy know snow. the ten day shows our temperatures will warm up ska and vund, we lose an hour of sleep and we watch monday for that koes coastal tax reform that will make it far enough north to bring us snow and rain. >> we deserve a warm-up break. this is too much. a lot of people are saying not again, we're still cleaning up, a lot of people don't have power. >> i just leftmy car in the parking lot last night. >> that was yours next to mine? >> yeah. everyone was asking who's car is that. >> i parked next to you. thanks for watching nbc 10 news.
11:57 am
from erin coleman and brittney shipp and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day and we'll see you here at 4:00.
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>> abigail: so what's the deal? >> stefan: hello, gabi. wondered when you'd be back. >> abigail: you know, i've been watching all the news feeds. haven't heard anything about the case. i'm still under arrest. no new suspects. i mean, i thought u were gonna frame somebody else and get me off the hook. >> stefan: not to worry. it's all been taken care of. >> gabi: isn't this the best? is it yummy? hey, are you cold? well, that's not good. well... we can't have you being cold, since you just got done being sick. i probably have something in here to keep you warm-- a scarf or something. [mysterious music] ♪


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