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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we have a developing story in the bronx. a rising death toll from legionnaire's disease. the infection has spread to more people and more buildings. good evening. i'm diane macedo. cindy shoe is off. the outbreak is affecting more people in the south bronx tonight. 65 people are now been infected from legionnaire's disease, up from 57 cases last night. dave carlin is live with more on this developing story. dave? >> reporter: diane, we are talking to bronx residents who are worried and want answers. especially now that the number of cases grows. >> the number of confirmed cases of legionnaire's disease in the south bronx is now 65. with four confirmed deaths. >> it could be in the air.
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it could be anywhere. it could be anywhere. how do we know? >> reporter: health officials say they became aware of the first case around july 10. people with the disease live in highbridge, mont haven and hunt's point. and the source has not been found. more than two dozen buildings were checked for the legionella bacteria which grows in warm water. the testing focused on cooling towers and the results came back positive for the concourse mall on 161st street, lincoln hospital, the opera house hotel and two more buildings. and this building that houses a plastics building and the building that the health department says includes offices for verizon. all are disinfected. we will see what happens in a affects anybody else. >> symptoms include fever, cough, chills and muscle aches. contagious. so it is not spread from person to person. >> people get sick after breathing water vapor from faucet, showers and whirlpools or cooling towers. and people middle aged and
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older are at highest risk especially with weaker immune systems. the disease is treated with antibiotics. community leaders including ruben diaz jr., the bronx burough president want the city to have a new inspection system for cooling towers. a town hall set for monday,. disease. so we are making sure we educate new yorkers on how this is preventible and how it is treatable. >> again, this impacts water vapor, so the health department officials are saying that this does not affect the tap water in new york city. live outside lincoln hospital in the south bronx, dave >> dave, thanks. we are getting conflicting reports reports that a poaching incident in zimbabwe took the life of jericho, killed in the national park but a researcher at the park says jericho is still alive and gps
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on his collar is sending normal signals indicating he is moving around. zimbabwe is trying to extradite american walter palmer on charges he illegally hunted cecil the lion. protecting the endangered species is a special presentation at the empire state building and giant images of endangered animals such as know leopards and mant rays will be projected on the southern face from 9:00 to midnight and they hope it inspires a global conversation about the plight of endangered species. security says terrorists may use drones in an attack. the alert went to authorities across the country. it comes as the faa investigates two drone incidents here at jfk airport. dick brennan spoke exclusively to the nypd counter-terrorism bureau. >> the department of homeland security bulletin warns police agencies around the country about drones being used as weapons. either in criminal or terror activities. he says the increased use of drones underscores potential security vulnerables that can
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be used by adversaries, the nypd told cbs 2 in an exclusive view that a reconfigured drone could be very dangerous. >> to have a simple thousand dollar drone fly in, with the payload of explosives, and just set it off, detonate it, with a cell phone, you can kill a good amount of people. >> the nypd's deputy chief of countser terrorism salvadore depass says terrorists are bent on turning simple drones into deadly weapons. indication? >> absolutely. if you go to the internet and what we monitor here, it is surprising what these drones can do. >> drones are a menace at airports, two close calls yesterday at jfk. flight 1842 reported a drone on approach to the airport. and then around 5:00 p.m., delta flight 407 was about 1700 feet above the ground, when a drone appeared. >> about a mile back, there was
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a drone flying, just under the starboard side of the airplane. >> about 100 feel below. just off the right wing. >> drones are not allowed to fly above 400 feet or five miles from any airport but many recently have violated the restriction. >> the drone itself can cause damage to an engine. >> the nypd says there is no specific drone threat against new york city but daily chopper patrols are running with an eye on drones. a wing flap that could be from from a missing malaysian airlines plane has arrived at a military testing facility in france. investigators will analyze the wreckage found on a french island in the indian ocean and they hope to get details of the chemical traces. the malaysian airlines disappeared in march of 2014 with 239 people on board. and a plane crash in
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england has killed several members of osama bin laden's family. the saudi ambassador to the united kingdom would not identify the dead but say they are relatives of him. and they died when a private jet crashed into a parking lot while trying to land at an airport in southern england yesterday. the nypd is warning everybody in central park to be on high alert after another violent robbery. they say a panhandler is behind the latest attacks. ilana gold shows us who they are looking for. >> reporter: this sketch shows a suspect. police want visitors in central park to be aware of. after an attack at 10:00 thursday night. investigators say he asked for money in the rammable section by 72nd street and west drive. he approached a 53-year-old man claiming he was hungry and needed money. when that man said no and walked away the suspect followed and put him in a choke hold until he lost consciousness. >> it is terrible. and it is frightening. >> when the victim woke up a half hour later, his wallet and backpack were gone.
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be found. >> something needs to be done. >> but the increased presence of aggressive pan handling and the homeless over the summer have the attention of mayor deblasio. he says the city is tackling the issue following several violate issues. >> we will enforce quality of life crimes ability commissioner is dedicates resources to the hot spots where we believe we are having serious quality of life issues. >> and police have stepped up patrols in central park, too. but the crimes continue. the robberies here in central park have recently spiked. police tell us both men and women have been victimized at all times of the day and night. so far, this year, there have been 20 robberies here. that number has doubled compared to the same time frame last year with only 10. >> how concerned are you? >> very concerned. i mean i walk here all hours of the day with a baby. >> so the authorities are warning everybody to be alert, especially since the suspect linked to this week's robbery hasn't been caught.
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in central park, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. this just in. vice president joe biden may be challenging hillary clinton and running for president. the new york times says his staff is meeting with democratic leaders who haven't backed a nominee. biden's son beau encouraged him to run before he passed away. some in the democratic party vulnerable. and we could be just hours away from a strike by thousands of verizon workers. a contract covering 39,000 verizon employees and 9 state, including new york, new jersey, and connecticut, expires at midnight. the union negotiators and verzen are trying to reach an agreement under health care benefits and pensions. the contract covers workers in verizon's wireless business. which provides line service and fios internet service as well. coming up, a minivan crashes into a home in new jersey. >> all three of us could have been killed. >> the front of the home was boarded up just hours after that crash. we will tell you what the driver says went wrong. >> plus, saying goodbye to
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bobbi kristina brown. tears and anger at her funeral. why one family member stormed out of the service. >> and then later, valerie harp ner her own words. the actress is putting rumors to rest. first, here is elyse. >> a warm day. and more warm humid days are part of the forecast before we get a cooldown. those details are coming up. >> well, last night, one yankee set a major league record in one very impressive stat. and what a week it has been for wilmer flores. how he went from shedding tears to tears of joy in just a matter of days. see his hollywood ending, later
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a family feud erupted at the funeral for bobbi kristina brown, the daughter of bobby brown and whitney houston in georgia. the relationship between the brown and houston families apparently is so bad, one relative got up and walked right out in the middle of the service. >> bobbi kristina brown's casket pulled up to a church in suburban atlanta this morning. fans lined the streets watching as family and friends of the 21- year-old also arrived. tyler perry was there. as well as singer monica. bobbi kristina's father bobby brown hugged loved ones outside the church. but inside during the service, long time frustrations between the houston and brown families
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apparently boiled over. bobby brown's sister leola brown walked out of the church telling reporters should he was angry because pat houston was speaking at the funeral, sister- in-law and the former manager of the late whitney houston and brown has accused of her of trying to profit from bobby chris bobbi kristina's death. bobbi kristina died sunday, six months after she was found unresponse nive a bathtub. similar to the way her mother died three years ago. houston was found dead in a hotel bathtub. the medical examiner ruled cocaine and heart disease contributed to the 48-year- old's death. after the funeral bobbi kristina's casket was draped in pink flowers, placed in a hearse and placed in fairview cemetery in westfield. autopsy results on how bobbi kristina died are still not complete. well, no drivers allowed. a new attraction at summer streets, plus imagine if this happened to your home. a minivan crashes into a
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physically's living room. we will tell you what went wrong. >> and a live look outside. sunny skies today. what about tomorrow? elise finch has the forecast. >> don't forget to follow cbs 2 news on facebook, you can find us at facebook .com/cbs new
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york. well, workers are cleaning up after a driver lost control of his car and smashed right into his neighbor's house. the elderly driver had just undergone hip surgery and says his foot locked and he stepped on the gas instead of the brake and sent the car crashing into the house on karl's place in westwood around 7:00 last night. as you can see the crash left glass and debris all over the house. two children ages 11 and 12 were actually inside. but luckily they weren't hurt. their mother was out running errands. >> last night, i was grateful. and i'm still very grateful. because we are all okay. but i'm a little angry to be honest.
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we could have, all three of us been killed. >> the cell phone video of the car being removed from the property and the driver was not injured. actress valerie harper is disspelling rumors she was in a coma. the actress is out of hospital and resting comfortably with her family tonight. she was rushed to the emergency room on wednesday, before an evening performance at the main playhouse. the 75-year-old who has battled brain cancer posted on facebook, quote, i am happy to report i am not, nor have i been, in a coma. she went on to say the highlight was being escorted by two handsome young men and a pilot, in a med-evac helicopter, as the full moon lit the sky. talk about movie magic. and it was a sizzling day, perfect weather for the eighth installment of summer streets. this year, it was a big slippery addition to the fun. cbs 2 vanessa murdock reports. >> thrills, near spills, rest and relaxation. >> what are you up to right now? >> nothing. >> nothing? just chilling out? >> yeah. >> it seems that there is nowhere else you would rather be. it is summer streets.
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>> free fun for all ages. you can bike, run, walk, along park avenue. from central park, to the brooklyn bridge. no motor vehicles allowed. >> you can run, you know, and anybody, it is better to run in the park. i love it. >> better than the park? >> yes. >> it is a little boring. i see it every week. so this is a nice change. a nice break. >> a totally different way of seeing the city. you take streets that you ordinarily have filled with cars. get the cars out. and just let people walk and bike and play. and people just love it. >> if you would rather sleep, that is okay, too. hit up the foley square rest stop. there is a beach for that. and if corn hole is your game, you ask play it here. the main attraction without a doubt is the slide of the city. 30 feet high. nearly 300 feet long. >> i was going down the slide, and at the beginning i felt like i was having a heart attack. >> but still -- >> i just loved it. >> butterflies in my stomach. >> yes. >> were you a little nervous. >> a little bit, yeah. >> me, too. >> that's right. i got a chance to take the
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plunge as well. >> let's go. whoo! the ride was a little bumpy. but so worth it. from foley square, vanessa murdock, cbs 2 news. >> vanessa murdock by the way did not go down the slide once. she went down twice. but if you missed out today, no need to worry. summer streets takes over park avenue again on saturdays, august 8 and 15. and runs from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. and now, elise finch is here with our exclusive cbs 2 forecast. elise, a beautiful day today. what do we have in store for tomorrow. not a lot of different difference in the temperatures, today's are similar to tomorrow as well. let's look at the weather watchers and see what kind of temperatures they are reporting around the area this morning and how they're enjoying. it one of the warmest readings we are getting, anthony in plains boy township. 83 degrees. nice and unhumid day. and a few clouds here and there. and nice but the humidity is not high. but the temperatures have
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climbed up and it did not feel bad at all. the lower hudson valley, adam in middletown, 83 degrees where he is. and everybody gives us the icons that basically show a pretty nice day. a live look outside. lots of sunshine. blue skies. a few clouds out there. and we will call it partly sunny and eu678 degrees. and winds out of the west/northwest, at 16 miles an hour. we have a nice little breeze. not bad at all. in spite of the fact it was a little on the warm side today. i'm not sure it qualifies as hot considering the heat and humidity combinations the past week. but we hit 91 at newark and jfk. islip and laguardia, high temperatures of 90 degrees. and central park, one degree shy of the 90-degree mark. at 89. and bridgeport, 88 was the high. a look at the township trend. at 87 degrees for your thursday. and 89 for friday. and we hit 89 today. and we will do it again tomorrow. but we will be back solidly into the 90s on monday. and so more of that 90-degree heat. and a bit of a cooldown as well. so no matter what you like, a little bit of everything this week. take a look, here is the vortex
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satellite and radar, a few decaying thunderstorms out of pennsylvania and the tri-state area. and generally speaking, here is the setup. you can see we have a cold front moving through the area. aglan not going to cool things down extremity dousely but giving us a chance for early showers. that's tonight. and tomorrow's day is looking good. warm, bordering on hot. and hot where you are. as we head back through monday, and not only do the temperatures, soar back into the low 90s but hot, also muggy as well. so the humidity really returns on monday. and if you're headed to the beach tomorrow. the temperatures not bad. and 83 to 87 degrees. and water temperature, 72 to 77 and know there is a moderate risk for rip currents and the u.v. index is high heading to the mountains. beautiful, mostly sunny, and 82. to 8 of 6 2kr50es. and here is a look at your seven-day forecast. it shows the temperatures, so we sort of spike early in the workweek. and 92 degrees the forecast high for monday. then we gradually start to cool down. by this time next week, instead of upper 80s and low 90-degree temperature, it looks like we will be in the low 80s. we do have a chance for some thunderstorms as we head into
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your monday and then again on thursday. >> nice. >> i am a fan of the warm weather but i am sure there are many people who are happy to see the low 80s in the picture. >> a little bit of something for everybody. >> elise, thank you very much. still ahead a night to remember for wilmer flores at city field. the giants continue camp without jason pierre paul. hear from his team mates in
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sports. time to check in with steve overmyer and your cbs 2 sports update. steve, i understand the mets made a trade, a real one this time. not just a rumored one. >> this actually happened yesterday. before the 4:00 deadline. a wild ride they sent us on. if nothing else, they are a very interesting team to follow this year. after what was a crazy week of tears and broken deals and big wins and devastating losses, they finally got that impact slugger at the trading deadline. jonas sespedes will make the mets debut batting third and playing left field.
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a story of redemption. on wednesday, the shorp for the mets wilmer flores thought he was traded and his emotional response on live television that captivated a nation. he wasn't traded. last night, he wasn't the center of attention again because of an extra inning game- winning walk-off homer. the hollywood ending leaves mets fans crying tears of joy. >> what a day. >> new york fans face a lot of criticism for being tough and they take a lot of heat but how hard they are on people, and what they did for wilmer flores tonight, you will not find that in a lot of places. >> fantastic story. but can you believe, this season, for mark teixeira? this guy is on pace to surpass his career best in homers. last night, he hit a grand slam from the right side. and another homer from the left side. and it is the 14th time in his career he has hit one from both sides in the same game. which is a major league record. right now, he is third in the league. and 28 homeruns.
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he is also tops in rbis. and importantly, the yankees had a six game lead in the division. a scary scene at giants training camp yesterday when adele beckham jr. started signing autographs, the fan surge caused the stands to buckle. no injuries but it forced the giants to change the rules and now kids only 12 and under can ask for autographs. and giants continued to practice without jason pierre paul, the star pass rusher. he hasn't been seen much since the fowrnlg accident. his hand was wrapped and giants camp, we talked to robert acr about jpp using his hands in the trenches. >> his biggest, the best attribute is his ability to knock people's hands down and quickness and first step and stop and go and get guys going wrong way and club them. and none of that is grabbing. and i have a lot of confidence that he will be a very dominant
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player going forward in his career. >> jets new gm spoke to the media today and sheldon richardson surprising rest was certainly disappointing and a quote-unquote degree of trust has been broken but he doesn't say if the jets were going toish richardson any further. nyc, fc soccer. montreal, struggling on the road. but ignacio piotte taking advantage of a scoring opportunity. montreal up 2-0. how about dobby beas, with a spen ty kick for new york. and unable to net the equalize ner the closing moments of the match. new york falling short. by one. final playoff spot. third round the quicken loans national. tiger woods three off the lead heading into today's round. he took a few steps back 74. he is nine off the lead at 5 under par. but there is this. almost holing out on 16. which would have meant an
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automatic $1 million payout to a lucky family. >> oh, come on. >> final round coverage tomorrow on cbs. finally, it is an ailment that affects millions of men. and finally a minor league baseball team is doing something about it. back hair. the buoy bo sox had their back hair appreciation day, complete with free waxing, and for every strip of back hair, the waxed participants getting $50 gift card, and others with the less painful route of having a design shaved into their back as well. so nice seeing fans getting pampered at the ballpark. >> you participate, and will we see any evidence? >> thanks so much. that dos it for cbs 2 news at 6:00. for the entire team, thanks for joining us. we will be back tonight at 11:00. see you then. wow, time warner cable really upgraded their network. 300 meg internet, clearer picture.
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