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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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them in and we will make sure that the faa deals with then. >> reporter: it's worth noting most drones have gps which carries a record of flights. that could be useful in a criminal investigation. captain sully sullenberger from the miracle on the hudson told "face the nation" sunday drones are just as dangerous as big birds. >> it allows people to do stupid, wrecksless, dangerous things with abandoned. i am heartened that the aviation and legal authorities have raise the the penalties for doing those things. unfortunately, the essential element that's still missing is the certainty of prosecution because it's been difficult to catch them in the act. >> reporter: it's already against the law to operate any kind of aircraft anywhere near here without two-way communication of the faa and the port authority police have already opened an investigation. lou young, cbs2 news. >> and the faa tells us drones
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have become so common pilot daily occurrence nationwide. new information in the trial. the jury you will consider the death penalty as it moves james holmes. it clears the way for another round of arguments before jurors decide between capital punishment and life in prison. the same jury rejected his insanity claim last month and found him guilty of murder. and the colorado shooting and the recent shooting inside a louisiana movie theater has prompted a new push for gun legislation. >> it brought together two schumers. dick brennan has more on the proposal and the reaction. >> reporter: when i heard about this news, i was completely devastated and i just wanted to go down to louisiana and then i was angry. >> reporter: movie actress and comedian amy schumer speaking out on gun violence. >> you are approachable. >> reporter: it was her movie
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train wreck playing on a screen in a lafayette movie theater when a mentally ill man john houser killed jillian johnson and mayci breaux. today she fought back tears. >> the thought of this community being turned around and upside down by this sickens me. excuse me. unless something is done and done soon, dangerous people will continue to get their hands on guns. we know what can happen when they do. >> reporter: amy schumer has joined her cousin senator chuck schumer who is proposing legislation it to approve background checks by requiring the states have about space abusers, felons. fund the substance abuse and health service administration. the national rifle association would not comment on today's legislation, but in the past its traditionally opposed tough
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inning the law. >> let's be honest. background checks will never be universal because criminals will never submit to them. >> reporter: federal legislation failed after the sandy hook shooting in part because of strong opposition from gun groups. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> reporter: amy schumer hopes this time is different. >> wener know why people do these things, but sadly we find out how. it's often something that shouldn't have happened in the first place. [inaudible]. >> he has crafted the legislation so it could potentially pass. >> and dick, were you able to get a raved what the likely you hood is of that happening in. >> schumer has put it in a way people could accept it. we have seen these laws blocked
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in the past. it will be a challenge. >> thanks so much. thank you. senator schumer's call for action comes after a weekend of gun violence in the city. this past weekend alone there were ten shooting incidents. 22 people shot. nine at a house party in brooklyn. last week overall there were 18 shooting incidents in the five burroughs. 33 people were shot between july 27 and august 2. we have received a lot of comments from viewers on our facebook page. they are angry about the weekend violence. coming up as six, marcia kramer will find out what some say needs to be done and what the city has to say about all of this. well, in less than an hour city officials are set to hold a town hall meeting to discuss the ledge theirs disease outbreak in the bronx. four people from the southern part of the borough have died. there have been seven one kisses cases. legionnaire's is spread through weight. it is curable if treated quickly with antibiotics.
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a retrial in the etan pate murder case is sed for federal. pedro hernandez, if he is accused in the 1979 killing of etan patz, a judge scheduled jury selection to begin on february 22. the defense attorney opposed the judge's ruling to delay the case to football to give the new prosecutor in the case more time to prepare. >> we just believe that the evidence listened to by a pair and impartial jury? the first trial ended in a mistrial in may after the jury was deadlocked. the lone hold out juror refused to convict hernandez in the case. police say they have caught the man who attacked a woman in her west village apartment. investigators say the map in this surveillance video is 35-year-old jeffrey joseph. according to police joseph scaled a fire escape, broke into the woman's west tenth street apartment and groped her while she slept. and the driver of a speeding
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minivan accused of causing a serious crash in new jersey faces charges. that left a dozen people injured including a jersey city police officer. jenel burrell spoke to the people who saw it happened. >> reporter: this mercedes one of several cars destroyed by the van that triggered the chain reaction. >> it was how fast that van was going. >> reporter: the driver allegedly speeding as he barreled down the crowded street hitting several people in its path. >> we just seen a van glike 100 miles per hour and ran the red light. the car that was coming down here, it hit into all other cars. >> reporter: the most severely injured a female jersey city police officer. this instagram video showing fellow officers and paramedics working on her moments after impact. he recorded it on his cell phone. >> she was screaming and crying. >> reporter: she was pinned between the cars? >> yes. >> reporter: investigators say the driver, 30-year-old keith jeffers of jersey city, was
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behind the wheel of the maroon minivan. he raced down ocean avenue in jersey city around eight sunday night, slamming into the parked cars, eventually rear ending the silver car that plowed into the officer who was standing on a sidewalk. >> we heard a big boom like a cannon went off and we looked down the street and there was a bunch of cars smashed up and browned. >> reporter: investigators say two other officers were hurt as well as two people in a parked car and two pedestrians. the driver of the minivan tried to run, but was quickly caught. police say that driver keith jeffers was report the flighted at the scene and two others who were inside that van with him we are told were also injured, taken to an area hospital, but refused treatment. reporting in jersey city, jenel burrell , cbs2 news. >> jeffers is charged with four counts of assault by auto, a injury and driving while intoxicated. jimmy carter is recovering
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from surgery to remove what's described as a small mass from his liver. he had the procedure in atlanta today. his representatives say his prognosis for a full recovery is excellent. he is 90 years old. back around here a pool close today kids during the hottest stretch of the summer and parents want to know why. >> the tryon pool is closed tree days a week. cbs2's jessica schneider looked into why the city says it has no choice. >> the sun is blazing. the temperature is sweltering. but this inglewood, new jersey pool is empty. >> on a hot day like today, not a child in the pool. >> reporter: it cost $100 for the summer for people to access the tryon avenue pool. but it's locked up. closed to the public on mondays, tuesdays, and wednesdays. >> i think it should be open like five, like seven days really. because my grand-kids enjoy going there. >> reporter: the city slashed the pool's hours last summer
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after revenue from the two pools city-wide amounted to just $20,000. but the city lost $150,000 operating the pools. mckay park pool is about a third of a mile way but can get crowded amid the soaring temperatures. city officials justify closing tryon pool three days a week by pointing to the relatively low attendance. tryon pool has seen 298 visitors this summer while mckay pool has had 822 visitors. the city rents out the pool three days week to the swim club. people who live close to the pool say it should be used for the local kids instead. >> other children come from neighboring towns and buses to enjoy our pool and our kids can't go? that's ridiculous. >> reporter: people are rallying together to convince the city council to leave room in the budget to get this now empty pool opened and full seven days a week next summer. in englewood, new jersey,
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jessica schneider, cbs2. >> the $100 summer pass is for a family of four and can be used at both of the city's pool. still ahead at five they are not the neighbors anybody hoped would move in. squatters moving into an abandoned home. no one can seem to do anything about it. we demand answers in a lot of finger pointing. saying good-bye to a life cut short. kevin frazier joins us next with inside details from bobbi kristina brown bare -- pairial. why did this pooch go home with the owner who left him in the heat. a a severe thunderstorm
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the tragedy of bobbi kristina brown and whitney houston finally came to an end today. >> the 272-year-old was buried -- the 22-year-old was buried next to her mother. kevin frazier was there, long time family friend, and he joins us with what that was like. >> the ceremony was very brief
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and it was under the tent to give the family privacy. but it was gut wrenching. it was so tough on the family. they were inconsolable. and it was one of those moments that you don't wish on anybody. as you mentioned, bobbi kristina was laid to rest right next to her mother and her grandfather. >> at the funeral home this morning dion warwick, crissy's aunt pat and grandmother cissy houston. cissy then with her hands folded in prayer during the procession to the burial site. the actual burial was held under a tent so the family could have some privacy. neither bobby brown nor tyler perry attended the funeral. pat and cissy houston held each other, sobbed uncontrollably, as they watched the casket lowered into the ground. now the one troublesome month of the weekend was during saturday's funeral in georgia. >> justice for bobbi kristina. >> reporter: bobby brown's
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sister suddenly going off the rails add pat houston stood to speak. she stood up and yelled at pat saying how dare you, tyler perry, bobby brown quieted leona and she was escorted out of the church by security. >> she will haunt pat. it's not over. it has just begun. it has just begun. >> reporter: the rest of the funeral was loving and respectful. crissy's father bobby in the program declaring just as whitney once sang, i also will always love you. the similarities between the way crissy and whitney died found unconscious in a bathtub were similar. their burials. transported in a gold hears.
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tyler thank profusely. there is also breaking news and it's disturbing. a photo of bobbi kristina was taken at her viewing on friday. it has been sold to tab laid. i talked to members of the houston family. they are outraged by this. has happened. >> i understand that photo came from a private event. do they have any idea who did this? >> there were two separate viewings. one for the houston and one for the brown family. it was controlled when the houston family was there. there were no cameras or cell phones. see krissy. i can't tell you enough, whitney's funeral was studded. it was televised. this was a funeral in the burial of a 22-year-old girl who lost their life underaging circumstances. it is something i will never forget listening to the wailing of pat houston and cissy houston the ground. this family is devastated.
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i hope people think about that before they get into the tabloids. >> privacy is so hard to come by for this family. when you heard her say this is not over, where is that going? >> i don't know what leeola brown, her problem with pat houston is. i will tell you this about pat houston. she was the first one to the hospital when bobbi kristina first fell into the coma. she beat the ambulance there. she was with her and rearranged her schedule so someone could be there 24 hours a day to bathe that child and take care of her. and that is why today she could devastated. that is someone she cared for and loved so much. >> kevin, thank you. gut wrenching stuff. >> and much more on bobbi kristina's burial beginning at seven tonight on the insider. kevin will have more on "entertainment tonight" at 7:30 on cbs2. there was an outpouring of love for a young bat boy who died after being hit by a bat
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during a baseball game in kansas. 9th-year-old carser carlisle was wearing a helmet when he ran to retrieve a bat saturday. at the batter taking practice swing didn't see him and accidentally hit him on the head. players, coaches and team managers met with reporters today. the little boy died a day after that accident. those players and coaches said kaiser, quote, always had a smile on his face. he was the best bat boy in baseball and always will be. now to a huge area in california. up in flames tonight as nearly two dozen wildfires are burning as we speak. the fire in northern california weekend devouring more than 93 square miles. an area larger than the city of baltimore. flames have destroyed 50 houses 12,000 evacuated. >> the fire because of the dry vegetation is historic. >> more than 9,000 firefighters are trying to contain the blazes. california army and air national
5:19 pm
guard were dispatched to help. all right. here at home we have had some nice weather. a good streak going. but will storms break it up? lonnie quinn has the answer in the weather center. >> look, there is a storm out there right now that's prompted a severe thunderstorm warning. you know what? it was in sullivan county. this has been allowed to expire. the county was shaded in orange due to expire around 5:15. it has expired. there is still a pretty good thunderstorm out there. what i want to do is track this particular cell right here in the southeast corner of sullivan county. it's pushing to the east-northeast. i mean, there could be a little breakaway activity. wall co5:45. washington. the broader picture, it's putting those oftentimes i call it like spokes on a bicycle coming through the air. tomorrow similar to today. i do want to say this low
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pressure system out around salt lake. that's going to be a game changer for us with temperatures and more significant rain. that is thursday or so. today you hit 90 degrees in new york city but you were in the upper 80s over the weekend. so it would be day one of a heat wave. i do not see new york city establishing a heat waive. newark, new jersey, have been cook out there. a heat wave for you. today is day number seven for the heat wave in newark. tomorrow new york city close. 89. it's just what looms after that for wednesday, thursday, and friday that's going to be -- i think that will jeopardize the heat wave. >> lonnie, thank you. well, if you your child got to pick every meal, what would they choose? >> pasta. >> bread. anything that has carbs in it. >> yes. >> picky eating could cross the line into something more serious. warning signs for parents z. alsoers mets mania suddenly to start august.
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mets fans -- the mood for mets fans is giddy. >> and they are in a tie for
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first place right now. steve observe meyer with more on month of august. >> and it has been a rollercoaster for this team and the fan base really. in fact, over the past nine years since the mets have been -- it's been nine years since the mets have been in the playoffs. that is a lot of bottled up frustration for mets fans. now they are in first place and a pennant race energy is once again flowing through the home of the mets. >> back-to-back home runs make it 3-1 for the mets. and it's quite a seen here in this ballpark right now. >> electrifying. it's the most electrifying that i have seen. >> reporter: in the six years of citi field's existence, this is the first time the mets have had a home field advantage. >> this my first experience with a new york crowd and the energy they bring to the ballpark is unbelievable. they are going to help a great deal to keep this club energized the next two months. >> reporter: mets fans have seen it all in the past few days from the tears of wilmer flores who
5:25 pm
thought he was traded to the thrill of watching him hit the game-winning home run. >> he gets the fourth standing ovation of the night as he ends with a long ball. >> reporter: the next night lucas duda's turn. and last night completing the sweep against the nationals. it may be august, but felt like october. >> i was at the game last night. it was magical. it's a feeling we haven't had a long time. it's great to know that the team you have been supporting so long, they are reaching that i potential. >> reporter: after enduring years of misery, a tormented fan base is ready to add to what has been a history of limited success. >> it's almost as good as '69. they weren't expected to be that good this area. that's how it was in '69. they weren't expected to do anything and they came out of nowhere. hopefully, they do the same thing this year. >> reporter: we were talking in the sports department about whether or not this was the biggest game in citi field history. the answer is probably yes.
5:26 pm
we are not forgiving about johan santana's big hitter. this allowed them to continue to chase the game. >> you have guys talking about '69 for crying out loud. this is huge. >> there is still a couple of months left. we will find out. >> bring back ed kranepool. if you know what i am talking long. >> thank you. up next here at five, homeowners frustrated by their newest neighbor. >> they are illegal. they shouldn't be there. they are not paying rent. they are not paying a mortgage. >> and they say there is nothing they can do about the squatters who have moved in. answers. a woman arrested for shoplifting died in her jail cell. to investigate her death. for iran. what he had to say today.
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what's coming up at six. >> [inaudible]. we work weekends he. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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[muted singing throughout] these girls have waited 62 days for this concert tonight. so far i've counted 32 omgs, 75 lols, 13 yolos, and i'm super tired! tweens--fun age, huh? you have places to go. [girls squealing with delight] let us worry about getting you there. bp gasoline with invigorate. fuel the journey. a neighborhood nightmare. a long island community pleas for help saying squatters have taken over an abandoned home. good evening.
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>> welcome back. residents want the squatters out. >> neighbors say the town or police should take action, but their hands may be tied. emily smith has the story new at 5:30. >> reporter: on hawkins road in selden you have a well maintained home like this next door to a home abandoned five years ago with garbage piled up on the side and two vehicles in the driveway. neighbors say squatters have recently taken over living rent and tax-free. >> they do have cable tv. they do have electric and water. and when we called the companies to find out how can you give somebody in the house, all they have to do is give a social security card. >> reporter: we saw a sign that found to be vacant or abandoned. you also see the broken glass mess. neighbors insist four adults and seven children living here and it. information.
5:31 pm
i believe that the town should these people. >> reporter: we called the town of brookhaven and officials told us the home technically still belongs to ridell ramos. it's on the vacant house registry and had been boarded in may. an attorney says it looks like underway with wells fargo planning to take ownership, eventually selling the home. please. we tried calling wells fargo several times and the didn't get a return call. >> right now the only person with authority to evict these people is the owner of the premises. and he doesn't care. >> reporter: mullins says town officials can take affirmative action if they find something unsafe happening in the home. otherwise, it's a quarter's paradise. >> they are illegal. they shouldn't be there. they are not paying rent. they are not paying a mortgage.
5:32 pm
nice. we work hard to pay our bills. and these people just come in and go into a house without >> reporter: we saw someone move but still no one answered the door. mullins says this could be a case of professional squatters. once evicted by the bank, they likely find another abandoned home and take up residence there. in sell din, emily smith, cbs2 news. >> neighbors have called the there is physical harm or surveillance video of something the town of brookhaven officials tell us they would have to work in conjunction with the police and need a reason to approach the current residents. the case of a woman who died in police custody in westchester. new york's attorney general is taking over the investigation into what happened to mount vernon. the mother of eight was found dead in a holding cell two days shoplifting charge. snyderman is acting for the
5:33 pm
first time under governor cuomo's order last month that gives the attorney general authority in cases where people die in encounters with the police. new poll tonight may put more pressure on senator chuck schumer over the iran nuclear deal. americans oppose the president's plan by a margin. tony aiello reports. >> reporter: chuck schumer used the line a week ago. >> i am not going to let politics, party or pressure influence me. >> reporter: and he repeated an almost identical version today. >> i will not let pressure, politics, or party influence me. >> reporter: but what about polls? a quinnipiac survey out today shows americans oppose the iran deal 57% to 28%. among democrats, the deal garners just 52% support. >> this is one of the most important decisions that i will make that any senator or congressman can make. so i'm studying it really seriously. >> reporter: last month the u.s. and five other nations reached
5:34 pm
an accord aimed at curtailing iran's newark capabilities in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. but israel, its republican allies, and american american jews oppose the deal and have made schumer a focus of the opposition. >> i am sure he is under a lot of pressure by obama right now and we are hoping that he is going to listen to our voices. >> reporter: the president has an 82% job approval rating from democrats and schumer is in line to lead the senate democrats starting in 2017. so opposing a key piece of the obama legacy could prove difficult for the new york senator. >> the white house is making every effort to answer my questions. so are the people who are opposed. >> reporter: many local members of congress are also officially undecided, but three have announced they will vote no. that is kathleen rice, grace mang and alvearo sirez.
5:35 pm
republican lawmakers want to cut off funding for planned parenthood immediately. it comes after an anti-abortion group released undercover videos of accusing planned parenthood of selling fetal tissue to researchers. the ba the won't be over. some republicans are willing to force a government shutdown in the fall if federal support isn't cut. the white house says that won't happen. >> what the president said is that planned parenthood provides valuable services, healthcare services for men and women all across the country and he would veto any legislation that tried to advance wholesale defunding. >> planned parenthood says it hasn't broken any laws and says misleading. the president's sweeping plan to help the environment. far. >> could picky eating be a sign of depression? the new study every parent needs to hear. ? 1949 the national basketball
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take a look at this photo. the winner of the national geographic traveler photo contest, photographer in mexico snapped the picture while diving with a humped back whale and her newborn calf. nearly 18,000 photographs from travelers around the world were submitted. the winner's prize an eight-day national geographic photo expedition to panama and coast auric. that is just spectacular. well, president obama wants to cap the amount of carbon pollution power plants are allowed to generate. >> each state will have seven years to create and implement their own plan to hit the goals. his opponents are taking legal action. weijia jiang has more details from washington. >> reporter: the president is ordering unprecedented limits on u.s. power plants. >> we are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation
5:40 pm
that can do something about it. >> reporter: the cuts on greenhouse gases are even steeper than expected with a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 32% by 2030. wind and solar rise from 5% to 28%. >> the nerdier way to say that is that we will be keeping 870 million tons of carbon atmosphere. it's the equivalent of taking 166 million cars off the road. >> reporter: opponents are promising a tough fight. 30 states said they will sue immediately and simply won't comply with the rules. >> i don't think it's realistic at all. >> reporter: environmental economist nick loweris with the conservative think tank the heritage foundation predicts the average home energy bill will spike 12 to 17%. >> because energy is such a staple for everything we produce and consume, those costs are going to ripple through the economy. so it's not just when your energy bill comes, but through
5:41 pm
all goods and services you pay for. >> reporter: states have until 2022 to comply with the new rules. critics also say the environmental protection agency is overstepping its boundaries with this proposal. ultimately, it will be up to obama's successor whether to keep it or throw it out. in washington, weijia jiang, cbs2 news. up next here at five, why would vandals target life- saving equipment? wires slashed, controls smashed. why some people expect a political motive into dana tyler with what's coming up on cbs2 at six. >> here is what we are working on for the 6:00 news. we told you yesterday about a dog stolen from her owner's driveway in new jersey. wait until you hear where the dog showed up. also, four people have died in new york city from legionnaire's disease. dozens more infected. tonight at six live in the bronx where the borough president is warning residents. a meeting about to begin.
5:42 pm
this multiple buildings.
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5:44 pm
those stories and more at six.
5:45 pm
a rescue boat counted on by tens of thousands of beachgoers and boaters on long island is out of commission after a mysterious act of vandalism. someone deliberately destroyed the boat's controls. many are pointing fingers. carolyn gusoff reports from suffolk county. >> reporter: in the quaint village of bellport controversy and mystery. someone on a rampage destroyed, of all things, the controls of this rescue boat. >> at the i command system that controls the entire boat had been smashed. >> reporter: ambulance crews arriving at the village dock sunday found communication lines sliced, shattered engine and steering controls, infrared cut. >> cutting that oil line would put flammable fluids into the boat and should there be any blew up and killed the rescuers. the south korea ambulance company who cover 14 miles of waterways say losing a life-saving vessel at the height of the season puts >> nobody can really believe
5:46 pm
that somebody would actually come down and do this to our boat. >> reporter: the chief believes the boat was targeted and he blames belfort village administration for setting a contentious tone on public safety issues. >> we don't believe the village itself was involved, obviously, but sometimes when you are the leader of a village and you set a tone you have a crazy or two that reads something into that and takes action into their own hands. >> reporter: the village recently replaced lifeguards who walked off the job and debates are brewing over a new ambulance company headquarters. the mayor says opponents harbor no animosity. >> they wouldn't do that. it not in their style to do that. they are all 55 or 60 years old. i think we are beyond the vandalism point. >> reporter: whatever differences there are between village administrators and the ambulance company, residents we spoke to were united in support of the volunteers and shocked that bad blood could boil over like this.
5:47 pm
and scary. >> reporter: for now the only working vessel left in the fleet backup. docked now on private property in bellport, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs2 news. >> bellport officials are viewing surveillance video with the police. estimated damage is more than $10,000. police in queens saved a small dog left in a hot car for more than an hour. they posted a photo of the dog to their twitter account. somebody saw the photo and called police. the windows were almost completely up and the dog had no water. the three officers got the window open and got the little guy out. the owner was issued a summons but was allowed to keep her dog. >> poor little thing. all right. time to check in with your exclusive cbs2 forecast. lonnie quinn with with a look at that.
5:48 pm
>> a nice string of days. overall, i think it's going to be a good night. that is what we see currently looking out over -- you see the statue of liberty there. temperatures coming in at 87. a sunny sky. a couple clouds here or there. north of the city a little wet weather. for the city itself tonight it's going to be georgous. north and west a little chance for wet weather. it's going to feel tougher on your skin tomorrow. cooler temperatures thursday and friday. i am talking significantly cooler. today you did max out at 90 degrees. that now makes it the seventh 90-degree day of the summer. so we are actually ahead of where we were last year. vortex satellite and radar. this is what we have. we have the front. you see it right here cutting through ulster county. the front is going to continue to push off to the east. the showers are going sort of east-northeast because they are going to travel along sort of the train tracks of the front. so kong there is a big risk of dropping to the south. now, the line itself is not
5:49 pm
going to drop south. making its way into the western fringe of warren county. you could get a shower like that in your area. you are not going to get the whole line coming through because that's weakened. big picture. this low pressure system like a wagon wheel spins and pushing a bout of unsettled weather through the area. same thing tomorrow. wednesday this is the air mass we are looking at. wednesday is the pick of the week. thursday into friday this area are around salt lake city, you see that rotation, that low pressure system will give a possible rain chance for thursday and friday. or so for highs. for tonight a thunderstorm chance is out there. the best bet is north and west. 76 degrees. for your day tomorrow high temp bump up the humidity. a 20% storm chance tomorrow. across the board, as i show you the extended forecast, here is what it looks like. bringing those numbers up and 90 tomorrow.
5:50 pm
20% chance for wet weather. storm could be brewing out there. wednesday 85 degrees. that's the pick of the week. i think a great looking day out there. thursday and friday we are looking at 82 on thursday, 83 on friday. those are high temperatures. 81 on saturday. that's like down a good ten, 15 degrees of what we have had of late. it's going to be because of that front and that low pressure system out around salt lake city right now. it will come complements of wet weather. wet weather chance for thursday and friday. right now saturday some clouds out there. the shower chance diminishes a bit. it's not ruled out sunday. 83 degrees. we will match that monday. a big drop this temps by thursday. >> that will be like 20 degrees less than last week? >> for some folks, absolutely. >> and how about newark? seven days in a row of a heat wave. >> you asked. lonnie delivers. >> thanks. all right. well, a tornado touched down. it was caught on video in
5:51 pm
central iowa yesterday evening. county. that's southwest of des moines. it was part of a band of storms that brought severe thunderstorms there as well as high winds and hail. several barns and buildings damaged but no reports of any injuries there in iowa. well, it is a frightening reality and it's happening a lot think. your medical records at risk of highest bidder. >> it's a commonly known fact that healthcare, specifically at information. >> so how is this happening and what can you do to avoid your stuff getting stolen and exposed? that is coming up tonight on cbs2 at 11. well, some kids at a boston windows asking who are you to call? and you won't believe who answered. the cast of "ghostbusters" showed up at the tufts medical center saturday. the all female crew came with
5:52 pm
proton packs. they posed for pictures and did a few under the bed inspections to put the kids at rest. what a moment for those children. >> huge, right? there had to be some slime under the building. >> apparently people who worked on the movie noticed the signs and they decided to go in. in just a moment, for parents the of picky the eaters dinner can be a tough time. a new study says those choosy children could be in for future issues. what you as a parent need to look out for. and then at six. >> a family excited to move into their new house on long island, but they say the movers sure didn't leave out the welcome mat. the family finds the refrigerator door off the hinges and more broken property. we will talk about making sure you can trust your mover. also, the high bridge between manhattan and the bronx, the railings this summer a lot of people going, but one woman tells us you need to look out for hidden dangers. we will talk to her about that
5:53 pm
burn and more tonight at six. have a story you would like us to investigate. call 8552 tips. it's easy and confidential.
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if you haven't already, don't forget to follow us on facebook and like our page. can you find us at many parents know the frustration and worry related to your child, when they are a picky eater. >> a study shows the problem is common. dr. max gomez reports it could be a sign of more serious issues for some kids. >> leah was a happy, healthy three-year-old. like many children, he is a picky eater. >> if it was up to leo, what would he be eating all day every day? >> pasta, bread, and anything that has carbs in it. >> reporter: it can be frustrating and worrisome for many parents. a new duke university study
5:57 pm
suggests it could be a signal of emotional issues in a small portion of picky eater children. the study shows 20% of children ages ages 2 to 6 are slick it i have have -- selective eaters. >> so a normal picky eater is a kid who doesn't want his carrots to touch his fish sticks. it might be a kid who you serve mashed potato and broccoli and when they see the green of the broccoli this he pick it out but eat the mashed potato. >> reporter: pediatricians say treatment for extreme cases could include therapy or even medication. for the majority of kids, though, who are more likely to outgrow the problem, she recommends parents work with them. this mom said it started working for her son. >> how is it? >> it's good. >> it's good? >> yeah. >> reporter: the majority of picky eaters will not developmental health issues but it's something to watch out. kids pick up on subtle cues from
5:58 pm
parents. if you are not a big veggie fan, chances are your child won't be either. set a good example. i used to tell my kids you don't have to like it but try it once. dr. max gomez, cbs2 news. >> the same rule in the macedo house. >> we have it in our house and we try and try. the best is the smoothie. grind it up and they don't know. how was it? it's good. the study found kids selected moderate selective eaters are more likely to develop anxiety. i will see you at 11. >> the news at six starts right now. more than 70 people infected with legionnaires' disease no new york city. neighbors growing concerned about the dangers. what you need know to stay protected. plus, burned on the high bridge. what was supposed to be a nice
5:59 pm
walk on the new bridge ended with severe burns on one woman's hand. plus this. >> then i heard more crunching and then another and then another and i just burst into tears z. >> most of their belongings damaged and destroyed. a move into a new home turns into a nightmare for a long island family. good evening. i am dana tyler. tonight at 65 buildings have tested positive for legionnaires' disease, including a hospital and a hotel. now city officials and medical professionals are warning residents. cbs2's matt kozar where an important meeting is happening right now. >> reporter: well, dana, the title of the meeting the facts about legionnaires' disease. officials have been handing out these flyers in spanish and english. the line to get into the forum, well, it stretches all the way down the block. people are here because five


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