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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 3, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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with drama was held in atlanta on saturday. kevin frazier was inside the funeral and at the cemetery with the family today, but i'm hearing it's a different story today. >> no drama here today. just sadness. i was inside the burial and inside that tent just immeasurable pain and suffering. at one point, cissy houston had to be placed to put on krissy's casket. i will always love you >> at the funeral home, dionne warwick, krissy's aunt. and grandmother cissy houston, folded hands in prayer. it was held under a tent so the family could have privacy. neither bobby brown nor tyler perry attended.
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dionne warwick laid a rose on kris krissy's casket and pat and cissy watched the casket into the ground. the moment during saturday's funeral in georgia. bobby brown's sister, leola, suddenly go off the rails. as pat houston speaks, leola began to yell at pat saying, how dare you, tyler perry, bobby brown and others quiet leona and escorted out of the church by security. >> whitney will haunt pat houston from the grave. pat, it's not over. it has just begun. it has just begun. >> and there is breaking news today. we can confirm the existence of a desk photo of bobbi kristina
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which was taken friday. now, i do want to mention on friday, the brown and houstons both had separate viewings of her body. the rest of the funeral was loving and respectful. krissy's father bobby as whitney once sang, i also will always love you. at one point, the choir sang "jesus loves me" as krissy's mother, whitney, did in "the bodyguard." could barely get her through the performance but cissy, with tears down her face. it was one of the saddest things i've had to cover. the similarities between the way whitney and krissy died unconscious in a bathtub were certainly eerie, also similar. their burials, both transported in a gold hearse from the same funeral home. buried side by side in new jersey, both bodies flown into town on tyler perry's private jet and tyler, in fact, thanked profusely on krissy's funeral program. and there's another tyler perry connection. starred in the sitcom "for better or worse" still grieving for her mom who recently passed. in fact at the funeral, perry
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mentioned that krissy texted him hoping to come back to work. one person who didn't attend the funeral, ex-boyfriend nick gordon who as we reported had written a letter to the brown and houston family begging to come. we've now learned he sent a last minute text to pat houston saturday again asking to attend. it was to no avail. got to tell you, for me, the most touching moment was listening to bobbi kristina's friends, gretchen and ashley, at the funeral talk about the girl they knew. the two girls could barely get through their remarks and there wasn't a dry eye while they spoke. >> i'm sure there wasn't. gone too soon, bobbi kristina. kevin, thank you so much. other news we're tracking starting with this. "trainwreck" star amy schumer stepped out in front of the fight to curb gun violence. >> i was heartbroken when i heard about columbine and sandy hook and aurora and heartbroken again when i heard about
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lafayette. i'm not sure why this man chose my movie to injure others but it was very personal for me. >> holding back her emotions talking about the killings during a showing of "trainwreck," she joined her democratic cousin chuck schumer of new york. >> we need a background check system without fatal flaws. >> inspired by the woman related to a victim of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> these shootings have got to stop. i don't know how else to say it. in happier news, is that a baby bump, beyonce? mrs. carter spotted holding a laptop in front of her. we reached out for comment. she did not comment back by our deadline. announced they are separating after 26 years of marriage. much more tomorrow about the
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surprising split. one couple not splitting, will and jada pinkett smith. tabloid and internet chatter said inall caps, jada and i are not getting a divorce, exclamation. love the smiley face, will. got a call? the new "ghostbusters." melissa mccarthy, kristen wiig and leslie jones made a surprise visit to top medical centers in boston and looking at the smile on this patient's face says it all. >> i'm not afraid of no ghost. >> what a wonderful thing to do. the only bummer about this new "ghost busters" is we have to wait until july 22nd of next year to see it. in more movie niezews, let's go to could be new jessie's girl? well, meryl talked about the flash. >> favorite rick springfield song? >> do do do.
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>> jessie's girl. >> how did you two meet? >> i think i held an electric guitar one week when he said, come on out. we're going to audition with some guys. oh, god. well, at least it will be a lot of actors who also can't play. he picks up the guitar. >> i want to show him i can play. meryl is the mother of three who leaves her family to pursue her rock 'n' roll dream. and then comes home to reconnect with her troubled daughter, played by meryl's own daughter, mimi gummer. >> mom, you're here. like the '80s all over again. >> what was the toughest part about working opposite? >> she had a much larger dressing room. nerve. go figure. what was the most challenging part about working opposite your
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daughter? well, the weird >> the director asked me not to speak to her about the movie during the movie. film? >> said not to talk. >> wow. so i ignored him. >> you talked to her? >> yeah. >> by the way, meryl really does play guitar in this movie which i was surprised because she rocks it, but her coach said she practiced eight hours a day every single day for like a month. >> just when you thought she couldn't get more talented. probably played the guitar with an accent. coming up, new stars in bikinis and demi lovato showing off her bod and talking about her man. >> and candace cameron bure back with kimmy gibbler. why she broke down. >> here's the exclusive. i just cried. first, is gwyneth paltrow moving away from acting? we have an exclusive look at the gig getting most of her
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attention right now. >> i'm at goop every day. it's my main job. i will still act, of course, but right now, it's a critical time for the business. >> gwyneth's goop world, we live in it. she's setting the record straight on memorable headlines like conscious uncoupling from ex husband, chris martin. it was the staff person who came up with the line. >> i'm a persistent person. i don't get crushed under negativity or bad things that happen. >> the new issue of the company looks inside the fight founded by paltrow which was ahead of its time. >> i really wasn't aware from a trending perspective where the internet was going. i haven't had any disasters in the company yet. there's definitely been
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. look at the smiling faces. looks joy beaming right out of the photograph. girls back together again shooting "fuller house." candace cameron bure posting that shot with jody sweeten. cameron also posted this one. candace said she could not be more thrilled to be back with her tv family. >> we're shooting on the same lot, the studio lot we did the original and when i went in and opened the door and i smelled that smell, it was like the
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flood gate of memories from being 10 to 18, just washed over me and i just cried. >> hi, deej. >> hi, guys. >> for 8 seasons, she starred as bob saget's tv daughter, dj tanner and now, candace is a mom of three and like most moms, trying to balance work with being a good parent. >> there's always that piece of you that thinks, am i doing the right thing? am i not with my kids enough? but i have a dream that i want to do and the opportunity is here. but how is this going to affect my children or my husband or my family life? >> one of her dreams, making the finals on "dancing with the stars." but candace nearly cracked from the stress. >> it was week nine. i was so frustrated. i was so tired. and i went under the stairs and found a closet to hide in. so i could hide from the cameras.
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>> those trials inspired dancing through life, in stores now. >> i learned so much about myself and having courage and standing by my convictions that i thought, this is the perfect way to tell this story. and share the experience. >> i also talked to candace about joining "the view" this fall. how is she going to pull that off? "the view" is going to work around her "fuller house" schedule. and everything else she's got going on. >> awesome. i like her as an addition. nene's teeny bikini. her and other housewives showing off and inside tonight's "bachelor in paradise" and is one contestant about to lose her virginity? >> which would lead. >> did you find love? then our exclusive with blake shelton. >> you need to shut up. >> tell me this is true. i'm serious. >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided
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lena dunham supporting the breast cancer research foundation. she finished the paddle board race, barely. >> clair hamilton saved me. i was out there wondering if i was going to make it back alive and suddenly, water god appears. >> rihanna rocked it in barbados in a yellow bikini over the weekend with her bestie, melissa
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ford, and hit the streets covered in mud and body paint for a harvest celebration but kylie jenner kept it clean in l.a. posting this instagram of herself in a black number. and the housewives bared their bods. nene leakes in her hot yellow two piece and model hadid and back in the hamptons, bethany frankel proving she's a skinny girl just working for charity. and bikini fest on season premiere of "bachelor in paradise last paradise" last night. the location in mexico where she's got secrets of what's to come. check out video diary. >> we are in this adorable sweet little sleepy ocean town of cialita right outside of puerto vallarta. the perfect pool on the perfect beach. what makes it better? little lovers. but besides last night's
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surprise wedding between former paradisers marcus grod and lacy fadool fadool, we're not seeing a lot of love here. first, everyone's favorite crazy bird lady, ashley s., was taken away by an ambulance with zero explanation but we think we got the real story. >> i think i got sick the first week here. i so really wanted to go home. >> oh no. >> i think actually having that challenging situation made me stronger. >> we find out the other ashley. >> everyone knows. >> the one all drama and allegedly a virgin may be going all the way this season. >> i would like a date which would lead to a fantasy. >> wait a minute. you're not a virgin and you can be pregnant? >> oh my god. >> front row. so here's what she told me about all that. >> here, it went a lot deeper. and there's a lot more emotions involved. >> did you find love? >> i definitely found some
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intense like. >> and tonight, the paradise crew has a message for new girl clair. back up off my man. >> having had the girls already put dibs on the guys, does make it difficult for me. i really don't want to step on any toes. >> why am i so addicted to these shows? here's my question for you. are they crazy in real life as they are on the show? >> big personalities, big emotions and kind of all bananas. that's why it makes a great show. >> i'll watch any day. >> thank you. miranda lambert is single again. i don't think she'll be on "bachelor in paradise" anytime soon, but she has been hanging with her female friends. there she is getting a big hug her perform in nashville. high above the audience, #musicismedicine. meanwhile, miranda's ex, blake shelton, is back in business on "the voice" and the only one to sit down with him. >> vodka. i thought i'd go ahead and get started.
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one of those weeks. >> yep. one of those weeks. this was just two days after he announced his split from miranda. the interview, a contestant asked the super star how he was doing. he said he said, i got divorced. crack me up the room and totally easing the tension and next thing you know, he's laughing it up with brad paisley. >> really? >> he thinks he'll take my job. you know, i come in here and not drunk. if you're going to fit in around here, you have to start abusing yourself a little bit. >> i need to be a little less professional maybe. i'm going to fit in. >> brad helping mentor blake's team. you might remember they sang back in season one. give me the skinny on your team this year. you are a four time champ. >> right, you're exactly right. >> how much pressure is there? how badly are you wanting that trophy and is this the team to get you there? >> this is the team to get me there. they don't hire me to be on here to lose.
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you know what i'm saying? i want to win this thing every season. >> here's a little something you probably didn't know about mr. shelton way back in the day. he competed in a different kind of show. blake, i read you used to be a pageant kid. >> wait, what? you mean, like, compete in beauty pageants? i read where you need to shut up. tell me this is true. i'm serious. tell me this is true. really? yes. i was in pageants. i was in pageants. >> are there even male pageants for young boys? >> no, there's not. >> well, here's the proof. that is little blake. >> picking up chicks, man. that's why i did it. >> that's why you did it. >> so this isn't a talent show we're talking about. >> there's a talent portion of the pageant.
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so for me in the pageant like my mom wanted me to, i had to do crap. i've ever heard. >> so sad. >> i can't wait until i see blake next time to hear the new music, back in the studio working on some and big stars singing with the king. >> even though he's not here, i know he's still here. elvis' new album of duets. >> gives me chills. >> and taylor swift's dark side. >> terror. >> seductive in the shadows, that's tomorrow. and still ahead, demi lovato's comeback shoring more skin than ever and dishing about
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spontaneous 5k runs. which star couple took a major leap of faith in the ocean? you can find out on our star shots gallery on "e.t." online. travel consideration provided by -- call the season the comeback for demi lovato. a hit song "cooler for the summer" and hotter than ever from "cosmopolitan" magazine. she even strips down to her underwear for the first time. demi almost went back to rehab
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last year but telling cosmo's schwartz that she channels her self-destructive behavior into exercise. >> when she works out, she works out hard. she works out for two hours at a time. >> it certainly shows. and demi gives credit to boyfriend of nearly five years, wilmer valderrama. >> he is everything to her and he is very much involved in her day-to-day life. >> bye-bye, everybody. wod lloromhi swt.nnspt atno.soouc fa..
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