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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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rescues tonight in the rockaways. the beach conditions so dangerous, four people were pulled from the water in one night. good evening. i'm maurice debois. kristine is off. cbs 2's valerie castro is following the breaking story and is live live tonight at ri -- and is live tonight at riss park. valerie. >> reporter: two are still in critical condition after nearly drowning. >> reporter: the fdny rushed one of two girls off the grounds at jacob riis park. they were rushed to a nearby hospital. daniel martinez witnessed the rescue efforts. >> they never answer or
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helicopter go. >> reporter: that drama playing out just an hour and a half after the near drownology a 62- year-old woman. >> when the guy took her from the water, she was unconscious. >> reporter: over the weekend, two men lost their lives on long island. one of the men was caught in a rip current off long island on saturday afternoon. it's unclear if the incidents today were the result of rip currents, but if you are caught in a rip current, the advice is to try not to panic and swim parallel to the shoreline, even if the water is carrying you away from the beach, and tread water until you can safely come back into shore. try not to swim when life guards are not on duty. valerie castro, cbs 2 news. >> valerie, thank you. now to more breaking news a circus tent has collapsed in lancaster, new hampshire,
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killing two and injuring 15. the area was under a severe thunderstorm watch at the time of the collapse. now to the outbreak of legionnaires' in the bronx. the city's health department says the number of dead has jumped to seven. matt kozar is live in the concord section where residents brought their concerns tonight. matt? >> reporter: good evening, maurice. it was packed inside of the meeting hall, shoulder-to- shoulder as health officials tried to calm the anxiety about a disease that is treatment and preventable. >> he has legionnaires', and he's in the hospital. >> reporter: barbara care says her 40-year-old grandson is in a coma after contracting legionnaires'. she came to the forum, hoping to get answers. >> i'm just very concerned. we are praying, they are praying, and everybody is praying. >> reporter: it was standing room only in the bronx museum
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of the arts, with seven confirmed dead from legionnaires', and 81 diagnosed cases, health officials say the disease is under control. they narrowed the ground break to five locations with cooling towers filled with the bacteria were found. >> they are using it for their cooling systems, ventilation systems, or heating systems. >> reporter: outside of the museum, health department doctors answered the questions of residents who couldn't get inside because of excess capacity. >> one of the supermarkets is in concourse plaza, and it's infected. i get my produce from there. >> reporter: reina was relieved to find out she could not catch it by eating the food, but she's upset her neighborhood is experiencing things others are not. >> it raises questions about maintenance in the area and whether or not our buildings are being maintained. >> reporter: and i asked you to
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tweet me your questions about legionnaires' disease, and tyrone said should my building's water system be tested for legionnaires'? you can't get legionnaires' by drinking something that is contaminated. it's a respiratory disease that gets into your lung, and you mist. a manhattan woman says she was drugged and raped in a popular bar. she talked to tracee carrasco and says she wants to show her face to tell her story and hopefully prevent it from happening again. >> i do feel like i was slipped something or drugged in some way. >> reporter: a night out at this lower east side lounge on broom street called happy ending is one that pepper allen will never forget even though she can't remember all the terrifying details.
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>> i remember we got drinks, and then sort of like the next thing i remember is the beginning of the assault. >> reporter: the 25-year-old says an employee at bar raped her after following her to the morning. she says she went to lennox hill health quest where nurses confirmed her cuts and bruises were consistent with rape, but once police arrived, it only got worse. >> it was three male police officers, which made me pretty uncomfortable. >> reporter: the male officers grilled her and treated her more like a suspect than a victim. >> he insinuated that my friend and i were partyers and that he actually said that regrettable sex is not the same as rape. >> reporter: she says the insensitive questions continued at the precinct for a grueling 10 hours. >> i never felt at one point that they were concerned about my well being.
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>> reporter: nypd did not respond to our request about the case, but she says the officers should handle the tough situations more delicately. >> reporter: a representative for the bar says they take the allegations very seriously, and the employee was fired immediately. reporting from the lower east side, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. new tonight, controversial video of a deputy sheriff in kentucky handcuffing an 8-year- old boy, and now a federal lawsuit has been filed in the case. >> ow! that hurts! >> sit down in the chair like i asked you to. >> the aclu says the child suffered pain and trauma when the boy's handcuffs were locked behind his arms, and it happened to another little girl. both have been diagnosed with adhd. they were being punished for behavior related to their condition. pilots around here are on
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alert again after a drone came into kennedy airport three times in three days. the latest drone sighting happening sunday night, and the pilot reported spotting a drone 30 feet to the left of runway 13, and none of the inbound jettings needed to take evasive maneuvers. the faa is investigating. donald trump tonight was a no show, but the other 14 presidential candidates talked up their credentials in new hampshire. >> reporter: it was almost like speed dating for politicianings. perry, graham, bush, walker, pataki, cruz, rubio. each had 8 minutes to make their presentations.
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governor christie said he will fix social security and other entitlement programs, and former governor pataki immediately pushing the conservative hot button issues. >> we should get rid of obama care and common core. >> reporter: the polls have wisconsin governor walker in the top tier, and he touted his controversial educational reforms. >> in our schools we no longer have seniority or tenure. we can hire and fire and pay based on experience. >> this president is trying to turn the american dream into the european nightmare. >> reporter: and hillary clinton. >> she lied about benghazi. >> reporter: all the candidates came acrossed as prepared and polished until lindsey graham's next remarks. >> next president needs to be prepared of who he or she -- he or she -- i'm sorry i can't talk.
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the next president needs to have their act together. [ laughter ] >> he stumbled but nicely recovered. >> ten candidates will be based for the next debate based on poll numbers. senator schumer is deciding how to vote on the iran deal still. he is in line to be the top senate democrat in 2017, and if he votes against the deal it could antagonize the white house. many jewish supporters are calling on him to reject the plan. he says he needs to take his time. >> it's one of the most important decisions i will make, any senator or congressman can make. i'm studying it really seriously. >> a poll out today shows 57% of americans oppose the plan, double the 28% who support it.
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the senator joining forces with his cousin, amy schumer, after the theater shooting during her movie "train wreck." i'm not sure why this man chose my movie to end these two beautiful lives and damage others, but it was personal for me. >> senator schumer is propose legislation to improve background checks. the shooter had a history of mental illness, but he was able to legally buy his gun. still ahead at 11 tonight a dad goes to extremes to defend his daughter. students sent screaming when police say he took matters into his own hands. >> this is stuff they have no business knowing. >> your medical secrets exposed for the world to see. how do you know if your records are secure? a fridge that falls apart? that's just the beginning. the dream move turned into a disaster for a long island family. did a famous author step in to save a brooklyn couple's
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marriage? how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... where were we? 13 serving 14! service!
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caught on camera, an irate dad goes after kids with his suv to defend his daughter. roy williams heard his 13-year- old daughter was involved in a child on thursday, and he first called police, but then he took matters into his own hands. he went off the kids with a and chased them. >> he was coming at us and revving his engine to speed up when he was getting close to people, and when he got close to me, i just jumped out of the way. >> no one was hurt, and the dad was arrested after witnesses showed the video to the police. concern tonight about a new tourist hot spot after a visitor suffered burns on a trip to the high bridge. terison ferrelle is still in pain after climbing the high bridge to the bronx. she held on to the railing and didn't realize she was hurt
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until she got to the top. she is now concerned for others. >> especially a little kid. their skin is so tender, and they can put one hand on that, and it's going to burn them. >> 126 degrees this afternoon, and that's what our surface thermometer showed, and the city is not sure changing the color of the black railing would make a difference. a family says its moves for queens to suffolk into a dream home turned into a nightmare when the moving company ruined many of their things, and they said their daughter's bed was splintered, ma stress was torn by a box cutter, and lamps were bent, and the door to the refrigerator would not stay on. >> one of the glasses was broken, and then i took it out and heard more crunching and then another and another. i just burst into tears. >> the company, in this case, bay shore moving and storage
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says they cannot refund the move, and the family must file individual claim form for each damaged item. is happening more than you may think. confidential medical information being sold to the highest bidder, and that's raising questions if enough is being done to keep your information from being stolen or exposed. >> reporter: it's done more and more. there's questions if enough is being done to keep your information from being stolen and exposed. >> i said leave me alone, and i hung up. >> reporter: chris carlin recently got a series of call says she was entitled to a payout if she involved a class action lawsuit for zofran. she was shocked the callerrings also knew she had a miscarriage. they wanted her bank account number to add her to the suit, but shy didn't fall for that. she was suspicious because in
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2012 her hospital notified her that her medical records had been stolen. >> that i find extremely frightening. >> reporter: she is not alone. since the u.s. government started to keep track in 2009, more than 30 million americans have had medical records stolen. >> you should be considerably worried. >> reporter: security expert paul violis says it's no wonder the thieves get top dollar to sell the medical information. >> the product is worth five times the street value of any other identifying information. if your social security number is worth a buck this is worth of five. >> hospitals are creating an easy pathway or breezeway if you will for hackers. >> reporter: the u.s. department of health and human servicings keeps track of bleaches and more than 1,000 are on its website. dozens of hospitals in our area are on the list. >> i think it should be a concern for everyone, really. >> reporter: cbs 2 asked a
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dozen local hospitals that had breeches to do oncamera interviews, but none would a spokesperson for the greater hospital association says hospitals do an outstanding job of protecting patient information, but viola says hospitals should do more and patients should demand answers, and ask them specifically how are you protecting my information. >> reporter: to see if your hospital has had a breech, check the health and human services breeches on our website, maurice, back to you. it was judy bloom to the rescue of a brooklyn couple's marriage. it seems katie lagun eels husband mistakenly put a copy of are you there god? in a box. when kenny realized what happened he is put up flyers all over the greenpoint neighborhood, and green heard
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about it, and she tweeted oh, no tragic! will send signed popty. not the same. i know. let's hope it saves the marriage. >> he speeded back, i'm the terrible husband! thank you from the bottom of i had heart! >> it was the last book that i wanted to be in that freebie box. >> she is still hoping someone will return the original copy. >> if that's you or me, we are sleeping on the stoop. >> we move forward. we try. weatherwise, it's great out there today for almost everybody, and around 3:00, skies opened up for a select few of you north of the city. right now, temperatures are hovering around the 08-degree mark. 76 right now in peeksgill, and this is greg up there, another nice sunny day, and the evening is on the low side. humidity is going up, and your day tomorrow, temperatures may
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be similar, but it hotter outside. let me show you right now, outside. mostly clear, and my headlines look like this. tomorrow is a repeat of today. wednesday looking the west. friday, could be in the 70s for some of you. tied to wet weather as well. speaking of wet weather, not much out there and we have this one cell, zooming in tight there. the western bridges of warren county, the northeast component to it. 11:23 and then roxbury, and 12:12 it's to ramiapo. the bigger picture is showing the future cast, watch what happens. some of this is bubbling up. there's a chance for some spots out there to see the early morning showers, and even a thunderstorm out there, and it will clear for tuesday morning, and tuesday afternoon could be a repeat performance of what we have this afternoon. the system is pushing out, and by wednesday, the beautiful air
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around the midsection of the country, and this spin around salt lake city with the rain chance on wednesday and thursday, and it's lowering the temperatures. looking ahead, a few storms overhead, and 90 degrees, and hitting 90 tonight, and then wednesday, it's your pick of the week, and we are going to go for the high temperature of 90 degrees today, 85 on wednesday, and wednesday is beautiful with that 85. saturday, sunday, and monday, temperatures 80, 83 at the best during that time span. >> thank you, lonnie. sports is next.
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america runs on dunkin'. steve overmyer in your otis livingston, and mets! it's like playoff time. >> they love to have this mojo going in october. the last time the mets made the playoff was before the invention of the iphone, but just because they are tired for first doesn't mean they are along for the postseason, but right now they are making a big statement. michael went down, but he came right back up, and that's his
11:26 pm
first major home run, and it's worth 3. number 52 continuing to rise to the occasion. and just missing the 3-run jack, that's his second double of the game. the most popular met as of late adding to the lead. flores even getting the applause in miami. just missing another homer, third double of the game. would you believe that ties the mets' franchise record for a single game. he also had four rbis, and it was 10-0 mets. colon riding the ship after 6 straight losses, and he had a base hit. mets keep the good times rolling, and here's the manager. >> we got him to be a big guy
11:27 pm
in the middle, and he has skills. he's the real deal. >> the whole trip around the bases, that's a flash in my mind a moment i will never forget. >> floating on air. the score board washing to another level. the diamondbacks coming into dc, and they crank out four homers. the mets were behind the nationals, but not anymore. 6-4, arizona, and the mets have the 1-game lead in the east, and the yankees are off tonight, starting the series with the red sox tomorrow, and what's the latest with j.p.p.? the g.m. says he has been in contact with the injured star, find out what his teammates think when
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where there's movement on j.p.p. front, the manager would not reveal the nature of the discussion. but that's a camp. at least the lines of communication are open. he is unsigned, and he has not been checked out by the team doctors, and he's training on
11:31 pm
his own, but how much can he do on the training front? >> he's the person if you cut his hand off, he's going to work it, no pun intended on the hand situation, but that's how he is, he's not going to let anything stop him. >> he was not trying to make light of the situation. >> we know what he was saying. >> he has to be able to grasp and grab the guys. >> he was saying j.p. p has great foot work, and that's why he's a great player, and that's what moves him around. >> it remains to be seen.
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thank you so much for joining us tonight. coming up in an hour, the late late show with james corden. for the entire team, have a great night.


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