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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 4, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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southbound new jersey turnpike about a mile before exit 12. a dump truck over turned and the fire department is still on the scene spraying water into that area. that turnpike is closed in both directions. on the southbound lanes of the turnpike there's traffic from south of exit 14 down to exit 13. that's where all the traffic is being diverted off. again, the southbound lanes of the turnpike. that's a 4 to 5 mile delay. the northbound delays, traffic is being diverted off at exit 11. we are see 6 miles of traffic stopped on the northbound side of the turnpike. they will begin to fill up with alternate traffic into the afternoon. once again, the turnpike completely shut down between exits 13 and 12. live in chopper 2, jim smith, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. smoke could be
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seen for miles away as the truck burned. >> janelle burrell is live. >> reporter: the truck over turned causing the over pass to catch on fire. now police aren't sure about the over passes stability. >> the massive traffic back up because of this truck over turning on the new jersey turnpike around 10:30, catching fire at the good avenue over pass between exits 12 and 13. >> it ignited the over pass. the over pass game became engulfed in flames also. >> new jersey state police so concerned they shut down seven lanes of traffic in both directions, 14 in all leading to this rare scene. cars actually turning around on the turnpike going the wrong way in their lanes, a result of the gridlock stretching for more than 5 miles in both directions. new --
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>> now it's up to engineers to decide the extent of the damage and whether the over pass is structurally sound. >> we believe the over pass has been compromised and we are going to have the turnpike shut down until that's checked. >> reporter: state police said once the fire clears officials from the turnpike will go back to the scene to check out the over pass to see whether it's stable enough to reopen. you should expect travel delays for several hours. live, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. parts of long island woke up to a major mess. >> residents are wondering what hit. the violent storms ripped up trees at the roots and toppling them onto homes. alana gold has been tweeting all morning. she's live with more good morning. , chris. those images are right from this neighborhood. there's so much damage to see out here. take a look. this is mud road.
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you can't miss the uprooted trees. they're all over the yards, on top of houses and blocking a lot of the streets too. the people who live around here say this is some of the worse storm damage they have ever seen. >> neighborhoods now torn apart after fierce wind, lightning strikes and hail hit the area at 5:00 this morning. >> i thought my windows were going to shatter. it was that heavy. >> chopper 2 captured dozens of uprooted trees. >> it looks like trees just exploded all over the place. >> that's how patty describes her backyard. one of the trees wiped out the side of her home and took out her bathroom and laundry room. >> this is the worse damage we've ever seen. >> two blocks away more problems on mud road. >> i knew something hit the house. it was shaking like crazy. >> this 50 foot tree crashed on eric's roof. >> what is it like to wake up to this? >> it was very scary. i mean, my stop mach was burning, my heart was racing.
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>> the trees took down power lines in this town and beyond. on nickels road we saw traffic lights knocked out. >> i love my air-conditioning sweaty. >> now these storm victims have a huge mess to clean up. >> how difficult is it to see damage like this? >> i'm just thankful we're all safe and alive. >> reporter: the clean up out here won't be an easy one. neighbors tell us it could take several days to clear all of the debris. we're live, alana gold, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. it appears to be straight line winds that caused that damage. >> john elliott is in the weather center. what happened here? >> it was one severe thunderstorm with a lot of momentum and winds. a big lightning show.
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at 4:40 the national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning. that means it's headed your way. you can watch this through the 4:00 hour into 5:00. numerous trees already knocked down, 1 to 2 inch size hail. then you can watch the lightning profile of this storm hugging the north shore. 10 minutes to 6:00; that's when we looked 70 miles per hour winds. the forward movement of the storm, 55 miles per hour. the combination of that is obviously going to lead to a lot of damage. by 6:14 the storm exits and we see a much quieter situation right now. more of your forecast coming up in a bit. right now back to you, chris. >> thank you so much. now to the legionnaires out break that claimed seven lives in the bronx. the city said 86 cases have been confirmed. lou young is live from lincoln hospital where mayor de blasio was holding a news conference on the deadly out break. >> reporter: he unveiled the
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five new cases a moment ago but no new fatalities. the mayor said we turned the corner. >> the peak of this out break was on july 30th. we're seeing a reduction over the last few days. >> as the city focuses on the rooftop cooling tours that likely caused this legionnaires out break new yorkers continue to assess the personal risk. >> one of the supermarkets in concourse plaza i get my produce from there. >> monday night the death toll stood at 7 among 81 diagnosed cases of the ailment here in the south bronx including this 40-year-old man whose family said collapsed into a coma after contracting the ailment. >> i'm just very concerned and we're praying, everybody, the church and everybody is praying for him. >> it was an over flow crowd at the bronx museum for the arts
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for a health department information session on this out break. the city said the five identified sources for the disease have been cleaned but the long period for the bacteria means other infected victims could begin developing symptoms. >> for too long the risk of legionnaires was underestimated. we are going to be very aggressive in dealing with this problem. we do not accept this as an inherent risk that can't be addressed. we believe there are additional actions that we can take as a city to improve the situation for the future. >> reporter: he's talking about inspection of those cooling towers that are the suspected source of this. you could only get this disease by breathing in infected droplets of water from those cooling towers or from a source like that. you can't get
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it person to person or by drinking in the water. that's where they're going to focus their effort on prevention. as we go through this summer anybody in this part of town who has flu-like symptoms should see a doctor because this is treat and. live lou young cbs 2 news. >> a story we'll continue to follow. thank you so much. happening now, crew s are working to repair a massive sinkhole causing major problems in brooklyn. steve langford is live with the latest for us. steve. >> reporter: the earth opening up in a major way about 7:00 this morning here at the corner of 64th street and 5th avenue in brooklyn. the sunny hole measuring about 20 feet by 20 feet and 20 feet deep. exactly the kind of crater into which a pedestrian or driver could have plunged. thankfully no injuries here today. just about ever local agency and utility here on the scene working on this. the cause likely a leak in a 48 inch
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cast iron water main here. >> it appears to be some sort of water leak that undermined the road, washed away the earth and that's why the street gave way. >> reporter: now right now neighbors say they have electricity but no water. some have been complaining about the possibility of this kind of thing happening for years and had no response from the city. the dep said it has no guarantees it will complete the work on this by today. steve langford, cbs 2 news. in lower manhattan two people were hurt when a wall collapsed during a building renovation. construction workers were digging around on a wall when it collapsed. two workers suffered bumps and bruises and both were treated at the scene. the building is safe. a manhattan neighborhood is on edge after a woman was attacked on the street. now police are looking for the suspect. hazel sanchez with the
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story from little italy. >> amy so was shocked when detectives told her a woman was attacked next to her salon in little italy. >> i think this is the first time. yeah, this neighborhood is very good. >> it was just before 5:00 tuesday morning when police say a woman in her 40s was sitting outside a closed produce store on mott off grand street. investigators say the victim was talking on the phone with her husband when an unknown man approached her, hit her on the back with a sharp metal object cutting her and then ran off. the weapon has not been recovered. >> locals were surprised to arrive at work this morning to police and a command center camped outside their doors. >> does that make you nervous? >> a little bit nervous, yes. >> white mott street is a bustling marketplace after 8:00 a.m. it's a ghost town before businesses open. so said because of this morning's assault she won't be working to or from work alone for now. >> we are very nervous right now. it's not safe right now.
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>> police are looking through surveillance video from shops in this neighborhood hoping they will find some footage of the suspect. as for the victim, we're told she's in stable condition and expected to be okay. in little italy, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. the search is on for a person who opened fire after a concert. gunfire erupted just after 11:00 last night in the parking lot of the pnc bank arts center in holmdel. it caused panic among the crowd attending the show by big sean and j. cole. witnesses said they heard several shots. >> we just heard gunshots, four of them. we thought it was fire crackers going off. then we heard five more and saw everyone in the parking lot start running. >> the unidentified victims were air lifted to the hospital and are in critical condition. it's unclear if they were targeted. next at noon, new information on the deadly circus tent collapse. what we are
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learning about the cause and those who died. >> out rage growing over the way an officer disciplined a 3rd grader handcuffing his arms behind his back. >> sunshining now but we have a potential rainmaker on the way. your 7 day forecast is coming
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up. we continue to follow that
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breaking news on the new jersey turnpike. i've live look at the scene in linden. a truck fire shut down the north and southbound lanes. traffic backed up for miles as crews work to clear the roadway. this noon investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a deadly circus tent collapse in new hampshire. >> two people died, 30 others injured. marly hall is in lancaster with how the weather may have played a part. >> new hampshire fire marshalls are inspecting what's left of the circus tent that came down yesterday in a fierce storm killing a father and his daughter. >> authorities say a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for the region just before the show began. >> we don't know why they were going on at that time and what they knew. >> about 100 people were attending a late afternoon circus performance when the storm hit, packing 60 miles per hour winds. brandon was inside the tent with his son. >> the flaps on the side of the tent were open. they weren't
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tied down to any poles or anything. they started going crazy. people who were part of the circus just yelled run. >> investigators will look at how the tent was set up, the manufacturer's specifications about wind and talk to witnesses. >> the state fire marshall said local fire officials would have expected the tent after it was set up if notified about the event. >> to the best of our knowledge there was no inspection done by any local or state official. >> the incident comes at a time when dozens of state fairs and other festivals are taking place across the nation, many using tents similar to the one that collapsed. marly hall, cbs news lancaster, new hampshire. controversial video of a deputy sheriff in kentucky handcuffing an 8-year-old. now a federal lawsuit has been filed in this case. >> that hurts. >> sit down in that chair like i asked you to. >> the lawsuit said the child
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suffered pain and trauma when the deputy bent the boy's arms behind his back and locked the handcuffs around his upper arms. the suit said it happened to a little girl also. both children have been diagnosed with adhd. the lawsuit says the children were being punished for behavior related to their condition. still to come, two of music power couples announce the end of their marriages. >> fliers and a frantic search over a book. how author judy
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bloom is helping out.
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items that was supposed to be given away. it was a gift from her late mom. when he realized what happened he put fliers up all over their neighborhood. bloom heard about it on social media. she tweeted oh, no, tragic, will send signed copy. i know it's not the same. the husband wrote back, i'm a terrible husband, thank you, marriage saved. >> at the time it was accurate because i felt like a terrible husband. >> it was the last book i wanted to be in that box. >> they are still hoping someone will return the original copy. >> let's hope for her. >> there's fly iers everywhere. if you're one of those people -- >> but judy bloom coming to the rescue. >> people are on that twitter thing. let's get to the weather and see how it's looking for today. it was crazy earlier, john. >> nasty. these folks have had the clean up on long island. they have another system late thursday into friday. you have
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a lot of work today and the potential for more of a soaker. these next few days will be crucial to them. the next few minutes will be steamy more parts of the island. raffle in plain view talking about significant rain over night. he's got pretty sunny skies right now. a lot of low 80s around the area. adell in new york has 85 and lots of sun and a hint or two of a good beach or pool day. don't forget the sunscreen. we'll talk about that in a second. charlie just sent in a few minutes ago, beautiful day along the delaware river. we are going to see the bright blue with a few clouds. north and east a severe thunderstorm watch. in the city sunny and 83. winds at 3. that's somewhat mislead ing ing. that's out of the park. at the airport 20, 25 miles per hour winds. a few other numbers around the area.
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79 in monticello, 86 belmar. the dew points is the other side of the story. you see a dew point of 60 and it feels humid and we're at 65 in the city. that's more moisture in the atmosphere. that 84 feels like 86. we're shooting for 9 0. not the record of 100 set back in 1944. sunset at 8:08. if you're going to go to the beach or the pool don't forget the sunscreen. uv forecast is an 8. once again, high rip current risks. i know i'm nagging but it's serious stuff. moderate risk for the jersey shore. don't fight it if you get caught in it. duchess county a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8:00. there's more activity to the north. we're concerned about the possibility of a few pop up showers or storms this afternoon into the afternoon hour. parts of middlesex county. then it's quiet over night. wednesday you'll see a northwest wind but
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that's a more comfortable wind with less moisture. then there it is, that system to the south that brings in that chance of rain, heavy rain possibly friday into saturday. that's going to be our next busy period. it will also be cooler. highs not even 80 degrees to wrap up the week. >> look at that saturday. >> started could be -- saturday could be soggy to start. >> thank you. we'll be right back. look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk.
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coming up on cbs 2 news tonight beginning at 5:00, it's a treatment that's been proven to work in some cancer patients. why are more doctors using a double dose of chemo. a truck fire shutting down the new jersey turnpike in both directions. we'll have a full report at 5:00. that's it for us at noon. >> thank you so much for watching. cbs 2 news is back at 5:00. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. until then,
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