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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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developing right now, after an entire day of delays, traffic on the new jersey turnpike is finally moving again. in the last half an hour, all the lanes were reopened, almost 12 hours after a fiery crash killed a truck driver. good evening i'm maurice debois. kristine is off. you can see the traffic moving steadily along a welcomed sight for those who need this route for the morning commute. in linden they were hoping to meet the midnight deadline, and they certainly did. valerie? >> reporter: maurice, we were here when the crews wrapped up their work in the last half an hour, and you can see the traffic is moving freely behind me, and as you mentioned, it
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was an all day ordeal that left drivers finding new ways to pass the time. >> reporter: nearly 12 hours after crash first happened, road workers and emergency crews were working to clear the scene in the southbound lanes of the turnpike near linden, new jersey. chopper 2 flew over the area, and you can see where the roadway remained closed after dark. the day's delays started a the 10:30 when the dump truck overturned, careened into the overpass and caught on fire. the driver did not survive, and this evening when the crews removed the truck, you could see how bad the damage was. the crash caused an all-day bumper-to-bumper nightmare. >> it was really bad, especially around 12. it was completely stopped, and no one was moving. >> reporter: 250 million vehicles travel the turn part- time each year, and today chopper 2 found many of them turning around on the roadway, headed in the wrong direction, hoping to avoid the jam. traffic diverted to route 109, and it left all lanes crawling
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into the evening commute. >> it's been stop-and-go, and really it's more stop than go. >> 2.5 hours from lower manhattan. >> reporter: some of those stranded in standstill traffic tossed around the football and took out the putter to pass time with golf, and rather than get angry, many accepted their fate. >> it's a freak accident, but like everybody, we have to deal with it, just be patient and get to where we are going safely. >> reporter: tonight police have not released the name of the driver who died. reporting live in linden, new jersey, valerie castro, cbs 2 news. thank you, valerie. a warning tonight from the nypd about a drug that is making users violent. it's called weaponnized marijuana. tony aiello reports. >> reporter: it's centered in harlem. a public safety and health crisis taking a particular toll on the homeless. >> it was actually making my heart hurt.
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i thought i was going to have a heart attack. >> reporter: michael asked we hide his face. he's a homeless man who has used the synthetic marijuana, also known as k2. many are having violent reactions including this naked homeless man. >> many individuals under the effect of the drug are totally crazy, and they do not feel the pain. the current practices do not work. >> reporter: in april 120 people were hospitalized after smoking the stuff. the nypd has been raiding the stores that sell it legally, $5 a package or $1 a joint.
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a few months back mr. nice guy was making the comeback. >> half the time you don't know what is in it, and it's causing havoc. >> reporter: cops recently confiscated 10,000 packages and promise a real continual crackdown on the synthetic marijuana. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> and the nypd released the crime statistics today, overall crime is down 5%, but homicides have jumped 5%, and rape is up nearly 6%, and the number of shooting incidents has remained largely the same. most of the shootings this year are gang related. combating gun violence was a concern with the national night out against crime, an event held in brooklyn, and in this case, officers and residents came together in brownsville, and there was dancing and sports, but the purpose was to try to instill a sense of community in making everyone safer.
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some loved ones who have lost someone to guns say they don't believe the mayor when he says crime is down. >> you have to live in it. >> something needs be done about it. i have lost other family members as well. >> i'm not going to say it's perfect, but it's better than what it was. >> reporter: mayor de blasio did attend the national night out events tonight. turning to campaign 2016, governor christie made the cut for the first republican presidential debate, and he ranked ninth in the polls, used to determine the ten participants. he was in a race with kasich and perry for the final 2 it. donald trump will be positioned at the center of the stage for the front runner. trump is 11 points ahead of his
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closest competitor, jeb bush. netanyahu went online today telling american jews the nuclear deal with iran is dangerous. >> iran can get to the bomb by keeping the deal or by violating the deal. >> reporter: it was arranged by the jewish federation across north america, and tomorrow the president will continue to push for support in congress by delivering a speak at american university. congress has until september 17th to vote on it. it's likely both houses will reject it, but it will be by a small margin that will allow the veto to stand. the city is cracking down on towers that use recycled water in the wake of the legionnaires' outbreak. the five buildings have now been decontaminated. the bacteria flourishes into the systems that are not
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properly cleaned. the city is working to identify, register, and inspect every such system in the city. a huge fire left dozens of people homeless tonight. chopper 2 was overhead as firefighter battled the blaze in ocean township, and 12 units were destroyed, and one firefighter was hurt, and investigators have yet to determine what caused it. thousands without power on long island, and in the rockaways tonight, after powerful storms cut the 40-mile path of destruction last night and overnight, the storms were centered on the suffolk county north shore. toppled trees, many falling on homes and cars, and in secaucus, you could see it tumble down, and 80,000 customers lost power, but now it's down to 18,000 tonight, and some residents thought they had been hit by tornadoes. >> it really sounded like nothing i had ever heard
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before. it's indescribable really. >> i heard the sound of a tornado. >> the lightning looked like a shell in the air. there was a sheet of ice on the porch in august. >> pse&g says it could be thursday before power is restored. lonnie quinn with more on the storm. ice in august? lonnie? >> ready for this? islip had hail, the size of golf balls out there. 4:00to 6:15 in the morning, super development out there the bigger picture showing you now for just about everybody out there, not everyone, we still have storms, and we will talk about that and where they are headed in a bit. over to you. >> lonnie, thank you. some people in sunset park were not surprised when a large sink hole appeared this morning. the crater, 20 feet deep opening up at 64th street and
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5th avenue, and no one was hurt. city officials said it appears a water leak washed away the road underneath and the street gave away. neighbors say the road had been sinking for awhile and they called city agencies about it, but nothing was done. a road collapsed sending cars crashing down, and how the drivers in this case were rescued,. >> and also shattered glass and terrified kids. a mother says she and her kids were attacked in their car in midtown. was it a road rage? a pill you can print. how your health is really going high tech. [music ]
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take my hand to the land, whoa-oh! (narrator) only one family goes to incredible lengths to bring the thrills, the adventure and the best of africa back home to you. kalahari resorts. now open in the pocono mountains. book now at happening now, the final concert at nassau coliseum, and who better to bring down the curtain than long island's own billy joel. jessica schneider is live at the coliseum with more on the venue's final show. jessica? >> reporter: maurice, it was the common refrain out here tonight. if you're going to close down nassau coliseum, you have to do
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it with billy joel. it wasn't just the piano man on the stage. the concert started with governor cuomo, and he started off the show, but the audience just inside, they were not a big fan. they did boo the governor, apparently not liking the mix of pop culture and politics. >> and billy never forgot where he came from. one, two, three, four >> reporter: the piano man brought the house down. [music ] >> reporter: before the lights go out forever at nassau coliseum. [music ] >> reporter: and the legendary long islanders never forgets his roots or his fans, and before the show i saw him backstage, and he graciously agreed to take a selfie this is the last act at the place fans
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call the barn it will be renovated and reopened in december 2016, but it won't be the same, the islanders are leaving for the barclays center in brooklyn, and fans say the nostalgia of the building will be erased. >> i came here for the first time and had a bear, and i was crying to be honest, and i have been to over 35 games last season, and i was coming here since i was 5, and it's bittersweet. >> reporter: billy joel was just one of the many legends to play here. elvis was here in 1973, and spring stein played marathon sets during three shows in 1980. >> he scores! >> reporter: it's the islanders that the fans have flocked to see for decades. the team skated for the final time at the coliseum on april 25th.
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>> i think the island lost something very valuable, the islanders. >> reporter: billy joel is closing it down fans say he's a fitting final act. >> billy joel is long island. it's wonderful. i hope he's here to open the next one. >> reporter: and lots of celebrities taking the stage as well. paul simon came out and sang me and julio down by the schoolyard, and kevin james made an appearance from the king of queens, and just after 11:00 tonight, the concert inside is still going strong, and billy joel and these 18,000 fans wanted to keep the lights on and the music going inside of nassau coliseum as long as they possibly can. in uniondale, long island, jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. >> so bittersweet, thank you so much. incredible video of a road collapse. look as a wall just topples
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over, taking several cars with it. it comes from the northern providence in china which just had the heaviest rain fall in decades. two of the cars were hoisted from the wreckage with a crane. close call on the tracks far driver in northern california. with seconds to spare, an officer pulled the driver to safety before a train smashed into his car, and off camera, another officer ran to the train to alert the driver to slow down. the driver crashed into the rail crossing arm before the train approached, and the authorities said he appeared to have been drinking. terrifying case of apparent road rage in midtown leaving a mother and her children shaken up. the woman's rear window was smashed in the confrontation during rush hour last night, and she was in her car with her 4-year-old daughter, infant son, and two other adults. she did not allow a white van in front of her, and the a van
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followed her east across town. she turned on to 59th street, and her window suddenly shattered. it's believed the driver of the van threw something. >> you want to empathize with her because she has young kids, but she probably started it and it set the driver off. >> little girl had cuts on her legs from the glass. police are searching for the driver of the van. for the first time the fda approved a prescription drug made through 3d printing, and it looks like an ordinary pill, but it's made by printing layers until the dosage is reached it will treat epileptic seizures, and it should be available next year. a tiny commuter with a big debut. a healthy debut was delivered by the port authority police officer police officer brian degraw.
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it was just after 2:30 this morning on the p.a.t.h. station concourse. mom, dad, and 2-year-old big brother-to-be were on their way to the hospital. she couldn't wait. the family was taken to the hospital in manhattan after she was born. right place, right time, great work. lonnie quinn is here to talk about weather. >> man, what a morning we had out there. >> looking to get that behind us, and now i think the story will change. will friday be a big soaker for us? what's going to happen? i have some new news to share with you, and just sit tight. we will get to everything. first we check on what the weather watchers are reporting, a 75-degree readings, and what is george telling me tonight, a nice night. that. nice night right now for everybody, and the live picture in new york city, it's a good- looking shot, and 81 degrees with the pleasant sky overhead. 81 was the high temperature today. yesterday, we found 90, and
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today we did not find 90, and tomorrow, i don't see it happening, and then it will get cooler out there. we will get right to it. on the vortex satellite and radar, we don't see too much, and maybe a couple of light little showers to the west of sullivan county, and not too much there, but south of the area, pushing it up a little here, there we. go the southern tip of ocean county, around stafford, catching good, moderate downpours out there. no thunder or lightning through the area. but it's rain through the southern tip of ocean county, down to cape may, and that's you have the thunderstorms offshore. what we are dealing with for the day tomorrow, the wind from the northwest, and it's going to be mid-80s or so. the fact is, you're going to take the humidity out of the forecast. feeling better tomorrow, and then you look at this system. this is what i was hinting at with maurice about. the system for friday could be bringing significant rain. i want you to know the models have been pushing this right in our direction, and that's why
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we are saying, get ready for thursday, or friday into saturday, and now it looks like this is three, three computer models in a row now, putting it further to the south, looking more like it's virginia's storm rather than our storm. the computer model here at my disposal is saying the same thing. watch the system into our area. on thursday, look at that. it's close enough it will spill over the cloud cover, and a bit of rain, and right now, the bulk of the rain is to the south of us. my numbers look like this across the board. 85 on wednesday. not going to rule out a popup here or there for anybody with the air flowing from the northwest, that could squeeze out the rain, but not too much. it's trending drier for thursday, and now it's trending drier for friday as well, and keep the rain chance in, but it's looking better. >> okay, thank you, lonnie. steve overmyer is in for otis tonight. >> we are going to tell you which mets' player is closer to
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returning to the rejuvenated offense, and if d.c. comic was looking for someone to play plasticman, i think they have a leading contender.
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sports is next on cbs 2 news. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. time for sports, otis is
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off, and steve is in. >> starts things off with responsibly more good news for the team. if they need more good news, david bright went -- wright went through a big practice today. if all goes well, he begins his minor league rehab on monday. from one great to another. mike piazza on hand to see his former team, and we will have a play at the plate. here's mr. popular. flores making like plasticman on the slide. he's safe. still tied, eric campbell, a little 2-out blooper to left, and did you know the mets are the worst pitch hitting team in the national league? none of that matters here. juan has the 2-out, 2-run triple, and that's his fifth 3- bagger of the year. that's the 4-1 lead, and they weren't done. the next batter is granderson,
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goingen the other way. it's a 4-run 8th, and jon niese earned his 6th win, 5-1 the final from miami. we will check on the nationals in dc, wilson with one short to right, and zimmerman and worth both coming in 5-4 is the final, and the mets' lead in the east staying at one game. an update on pineda is not good. they do not expect to return him from ankle injury until september. they are going to need it anaka to stay healthy, and tonight against boston, he did get chased after 7. that's a 1-run game, and that's 6 plus innings, 3 runs, 5 hits, and you know what? he will pick up the win because of a 9-run, bottom of the 7th, and a-rod got it going with the 9-run single.
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along with the rbi, here's a guy earning his cash. brian mccann. how good has he been? this guy actually leads all catchers in baseball with 18 homers, and that's the 3-run jack. it was not often you get the two 3-run home runs in the same inning, but chris young making it happen. this is his 13th homer, and the yankees had 13 runs off 13 hits. a key jets' player was sitting out of practice today. we will tell you who it is and find out why the most important relationship on the team may be between these guys. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in
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. the jets were back at practice today, but not everyone dressed. wilkerson had a hamstring injury, but the coach say -- 41 turnovers, and the run of his whole new spread offense. it's working for smith. through five scrimmages, he has thrown no interceptions. >> i like the way he has moved around.
11:31 pm
the guy is in good shape. we have a ways to go. competition has been good. we have been put in a bunch of situations by coach, and that's good for us to learn and figure things out on the go. >> and you have ever wondered what it looked like to be an nfl running back, a go pro on gurly. maybe the most important skill to perfect? high fiving your teammates. honestly, that's when i would be a proballer. someone else make the play, and i will be the first to come in and give them the high five. >> as a rookie, he has to carry the water for everyone else. >> and the helmets, too.
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thank you so much for joining us tonight. coming up in an hour, the late late show with james corden. he has music from milk and chance. for the entire team, have a


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