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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 5, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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it's like a circle of blackness around my house. how they did what they did, it's a miracle. >> firefighters in northern california make progress against a growing wild fire, but the threat remains today of more fires throughout the northwest. more drama in the deflategate saga. newly released transcripts of nfl proceedings show tom brady shared concerns with officials about air levels in footballs and was told he would not face punishment if he didn't turn over his cell phone. donald trump will be front and center at the republican presidential debate. the outspoken gop front-runner headlines a list of ten candidates getting ready for tomorrow's primetime showdown. and baby benefits. netflix makes a move that has employees and parents cheering and could be a game changer for companies allowing workers
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unlimited leave for one year to care for a new baby. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, august 5th, 2015. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. a new and explosive wildfire is threatening to wipe an entire town off the map in washington state. the fast-moving fire is forcing hundreds of families from their homes in roosevelt near the oregon border. the flames raced across grasslands overnight lighting up the sky. several buildings have been destroyed. red flag warnings are up throughout the pacific northwest. parts of washington, oregon, and idaho face sharply higher fire danger because of heavy winds and low humidity. meanwhile, fire crews are starting to make progress against the massive rocky fire in northern california. anything jaynes of our
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sacramento station kovr says the weather is helping. >> reporter: from an angry smoke-filled blackened sky to blue skies, what an incredible difference one day made. >> there's a lot of hope. a lot of hope. >> reporter: exhausted rocky fire evacuees have eaten and slept in a moose lodge parking lot off highway 20. >> this is our third day. >> reporter: long time. >> it is. it's a long time. >> reporter: tuesday they finally had reason to smile. cooler weather, even a few rain drops slowed the spread of the devastating fire. >> to get a few rain drops, that's almost a miracle this time of year. >> that's what i kept telling people. do a rain dance. keep it coming. >> reporter: for some, a day that began with fear of the unknown. >> you're not sure what you're coming back to. >> i did not know what i was coming back to. >> reporter: brought relief. >> amazing. amazing. they're amazing. they put their lives at risk for our replaceable items. >> reporter: for jennifer and doug marshall, that is a miracle.
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they live not far from the massive destructive wildfire. their home, once surrounded on all sides by fire, is still standing. >> it's like a circle of blackness around my house. how they did what he they did, it's a miracle. a true miracle. >> reporter: high atop this blackened ridge, the damage and where the fire has been comes into sharp focus. firefighters grateful for the weather, a godsend. >> it was definitely unexpected. >> reporter: even rain drops. >> definitely unexpected. >> reporter: they caution though the rocky fire may look under control, appearances may be deceiving. nick jaynes, cbs news, lake county, florida. parts of the country's mid section are bracing for potentially dangerous weather this morning. thunderstorms are forecast across the central plains and mississippi valley. the main threats are large hail and damaging wind. boston is cleaning up after getting pounded by a line of powerful thunderstorms.
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the area was lashed by massive hail, some as large as eggs. the hail coated streets and sidewalks. investigators in new hampshire want to know why a circus ignored warnings about the weather. the storm packing 60-mile-an-hour winds killed two people monday when a tent collapsed. more than 30 others were hurt. the state fire marshall said the show started seven minutes after the national weather service put out a severe thunderstorm warning. the final slots are filled for the first republican presidential debate. the top ten candidates in the polls headlined by donald trump will face off tomorrow night in ohio. craig boswell has a preview from washington. >> reporter: the lineup for the first presidential debate of the campaign is set. the top ten candidates from an average of national polls were selected to take the stage thursday night. >> we're leading by a lot. number one in the polls. >> reporter: but attention is clearly focused on the front-runner, donald trump, whose outspoken style has him
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out front in nearly every national poll, including the cbs poll. >> people are so starved for candor that they're rushing to him because he appears to say what's on his mind. >> reporter: for the rest of the candidates thursday's debate gives them a chance to go face to face. >> executing an attack on trump that would be successful is a very high wire act. >> reporter: those not in the top ten must take the stage hours earlier when fewer voters will be able to tune in. bob lehrmam, a top professor at american university, said all is not lost if you're out of the debate. >> doesn't mean you can't do well if you're in the second tier. wow, i didn't know he was so effective. >> reporter: the candidates who failed to make the cut this round have a month to get their numbers up before the next debate in september. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. coming up on cbs this morning, republican national
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committee chairman reince priebus weighs in. the fbi has opened an investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the bureau contacted the colorado firm that helped manage the system that clinton used as secretary of state. her lawyer confirms he was contacted by the fbi about the security of a thumb drive containing her e-mails. now the e-mail controversy is weighing on clinton's campaign. 55% of registered voters in a new cbs news poll say they do not view her as honest and trustworthy. president obama says it would be a historic mistake for congress to reject the iran nuclear deal. he calls this the most important foreign policy debate since the iraq war. he will make the case in a speech today at american university. on tuesday israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu lobbied against the agreement. he participated in a live
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webcast aimed at american jewish groups. he told participants the deal paves the way for an iranian nuclear bomb. a newly released transcript sheds light on tom brady's light to overturn his suspension. the nfl player's union made the quarterback's testimony to roger goodell public tuesday. the transcript was filed as part of the union's challenge to brady's four-game suspension. brian webb is in new york. brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. a federal judge is urging both tom brady and roger goodell to appear in court tuesday next week to reach an agreement before the start of the season next month. the 457 page appeal hearing transcript reveals tom brady testified under oath that he never asked anyone to alter footballs and that he first thought about football air pressure during a 2014 game against the new york jets. brady testified, i thought possibly the referees added air to the balls. after looking into league
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guidelines the transcript shows brady told a team equipment manager to make sure officials didn't make the balls any bigger. brady also went into detail about how he routinely had his assistant destroy his own cell phones and said his lawyers provided numerous pages of phone records to nfl investigators from november of 2014 to march of 2015 in hopes of clearing him of any wrongdoing. former teammate willey mcginest came to brady's defense. >> we all support tom. you know, if tom looks me in the eye and said that he had nothing to do with it, then i have to believe him. >> reporter: the transcript was made public after the nfl players' association filed a counterclaim against the nfl in a manhattan federal court asking that brady's four-game suspension be dropped. the nfl upheld the punishment last week finding brady and the patriots used under inflated balls during the nfc championship game against the indianapolis colts. we also learned the cost of the deflategate investigation.
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the league said it ranged from 2.5 to $3 million not counting the legal fee sz that are going up by the date. anne-marie. >> that's a lot of money. brian webb here in new york. thank you, brian. french experts are starting their analysis today of the airplane debris that washed up last week. investigators will try to determine if the wing fragment belongs to the doomed malaysian airlines jet liner. an expert from boeing has already said the flaperon is from a boeing 777 wing. flight 370 is the only missing 777 in the world. southeast asia is bracing for a super typhoon. typhoon saudalor strengthened to the year's most powerful storm. it clocked winds of more than 180 miles an hour in the pacific before losing some steam on tuesday. it's hitting the philippines today before it moves on to japan and china. coming up on "the morning news" an illegal drone delivery. an unmanned aircraft drops off
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this is footage from a helmet camera on a firefighter in victorville, california. it shows him using a chain saw to cut holes in a roof to try to control a powerful fire wednesday. the fire caused more than $150,000 damage to the home and displaced seven people. the jury in the trial of colorado movie shooter james holmes is hearing testimony from family members of victims. prosecutors are making their final push to have holmes sentenced to death. this is the first time the jury is hearing from families of the 12 people killed explaining what they've lost. >> i am now a single mother of one child. he was one of the two best
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things i ever did, and now my life is basically half of what it was. >> more family members will testify today. the last round of closing arguments could take place tomorrow. prison officials in ohio are investigating the delivery of drugs by a flying drone. the contraband delivery at the mansfield correctional institution was made last month. guards say they found drugs in the prison's recreational yard after a fight had broken out earlier that day. officials said nine inmates were involved in the fight over the drugs. straight ahead, blind spot on the tarmac. a passenger plane in denver backs up into some trouble. and in "moneywatch," hard liquor crackdown. viagra laced alcohol is pulled from shelves. every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation.
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shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. frightening moments caught on camera last week when a life guard in southern california comes under attack. cell phone video shows a group of people pummelling the guard on a venice pier. this morning the "los angeles times" released new video of the beating. moments before the violence
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begins the life guard is seen dumping a bucket of water on the attackers. the people were arrested. people say the fight began when the life guard asked one of the people to put out a cigarette. at denver international airport passengers had to get off of a southwest flight after they bumped into a catering truck. there were no injuries. the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital though for minor injuries. the 143 passengers had to switch to other flights while the jet was repaired. on the cbs "moneywatch," netflix changes the game for employees' parental leave and a crackdown on liquor with an unexpected boost. hen na daniels is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. >> good morning, anne-marie. netflix is offering its members unlimited family benefits. it will offer unlimited maternity and paternity leave to
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all its workers. it will allow parents to take off as much time as they want during the first year after a child's birth or adoption and still get paid. >> if netflix does this, it's going to put pressure on all the other tech companies who want to keep their engineering staff and their people happy. >> and workers will also be able to return to work and then take more leave later in the year or simply work part time. investors will be watching more earnings reports today, including time warner and tesla motors. the dow lost 47 points on tuesday. the s&p 500 was down 4. the nasdaq fell 9 points. shares of apple stocks fell for the fifth straight day on tuesday. the slump is due to investor worries on whether apple can keep growing at a rapid price in china. the price of apple stock is at its lowest price in over six months. nieman marcus is going public. they've filed for an initial public offering.
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the dallas company has 41 locations. it expects to raise $100 million from the ipo. in its last fiscal year nieman marcus had $4.8 billion in revenue. two liquor makers in china are under investigation for spiking alcoholic drinks. the companies are accused of adding viagra to its liquor. it's illegal in china. >> something to rev you up and slow you down in one shot. sounds questionable. hena daniels at the new york stock exchange. thank you, hena. it is not easy being green. a shocking celebrity split. under the helmet, rams running back todd gurley takes us inside training camp by wearing a helmet camera. and deliciously rich guacamole together on freshly baked bread for one truly amazing sandwich: the new subway turkey & bacon guacamole. only at subway.
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throw one for kaiser. >> emotions running hayat tuesday night's minor league baseball game at liberal, kansas. the sister of bat boy kaiser carlile threw out the first pitch. kaiser died thursday after he pwas struck in the head by a bat. his initials were seen all around the stadium and worn by members of the team. everything seems to be going the new york mets way in the second half of the major league season. the first place mets trailing in miami last night by one run, but they tied the game when wilmer flores bends his body to slide into home plate. new york wins their fifth straight game 5-1. here's what it looks like to be under the helmet of an nfl player. the st. louis rams attached a go
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pro camera to the rookie of running back todd gurley as he ran through drills. he suffered a season-ending injury last year. the tenth overall pick is hoping to win a starting job with the season. finally, ben affleck and jennifer garner, blake shelton and miranda lambert, all celebrity couples to call it quits in recent weeks. well, now there's another star-studded split to tell you about. after years of an on again, off again romans, kermit the frog and miss piggy are breaking up. the muppet couple announced their breakup tuesday but they say they will remain professional as the muppets launch a new show on abc this fall. coming up after your local news on cbs this morning, oscar winning actress meryl streep. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people?
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on the turnpike in this accident. >> yeah, an unusual sight on the new jersey turnpike. stranded drivers passed time by playing football in the breakdown lane yesterday. people had been stuck for hours. many stepped out of their cars to stretch a little bit, and others teed off with their golf clubs. a fiery accident earlier in the day caused the massive backup on one of the nation's busiest toll roads. a dump truck crashed into an overpass. the driver was killed. the crash took out electric lines. the turnpike reopened to traffic last night. well, the hunter from zimbabwe who lured cecil to his death is due back in court today. he pleaded guilty on failure to prevent an illegal hunt but he says he does not feel he did anything wrong. and the florida home of walter palmer, the dentist who
4:26 am
killed cecil was vandalized. someone spray painted the words lion killer on the home's garage doors on tuesday. they also left behind animal crackers as a sign of protest. researchers in southern california are celebrating the births of two new mountain lion cubs. they're tracking them. adrianawinegold of kcbs offers a first look of the baby lions. >> reporter: with their big blue eyes and spotted fur, these lion cubs are about as cute as they can be. >> this is good news. from more than a decade of research we've found that mountain lions here are reproducing successfully and they also seem to be getting enough to eat. >> reporter: both cubs are baby girls, three to four weeks from different mothers in completely opposite ends of the national park study area. one lives in the santa monica mountains and the other farther
4:27 am
north in santa suzanne na mountains. national parks spokeswoman kate kirkdol says when a mother gifts several weeks. that's how they tracked down the baby. >> even with the gps, it's like a needle in a haystack to track down the kitten. >> one of the kittens, p 43 is the daughter of p 23, the lioness who was famously photographed on top of a deer. her daughter and a tiny lion are a bit less threatening especially when they're hanging out in their dens waiting for mom to come home. >> pretty cute. that was kcbs's adriana winegold reporting. more on the deadly ledge gone nars outbreak in the bronx. holly phillips has advice plus the controversy over self-serve lottery tickets at the pump. we talk with oscar winning actress meryl streep. that's the "cbs morning news"
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for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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