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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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residents face a long haul for the clean-up. powerful winds yesterday brought down trees and power lines and a tangled mess. 10,000 customers are without power. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports live from port jefferson. >> reporter: good evening, this is what we have seen repeated over and over in the path of the storm. there will be no enjoyment anytime soon for this family on their backyard patio and swimming pool now filled with a maple tree. >> this is worse than sandy. six trees were lost about 200 years old. it's a mess. >> reporter: he and his family still feel trapped on quaker path in stony brook amid toppled trees and wires. his neighbors are moving with caution as homeowners prepared for another day without power. >> murphy's law my generator
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broke yesterday so i got a new one. that's the good news. once you get out of this neighborhood there's gas and stuff. >> reporter: getting out is not easy. north shore roads in suffolk county are littered with massive trees. wrapped around lines pulling down poles. traffic jams are miles long. >> if there was an emergency it would be big trouble. >> reporter: the storm cut a 50-mile s.w.a.t. from smithtown to southold. >> my kids thought it was the end of the world. >> reporter: the town supervisor called pse&g to the carpet late yesterday complaining response was slow of the now he sees thousands of crew members on the job. in its defense pse&g said it had 87,000 out at the storm's heighted. 82% restored this morning.
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>> we stayed at a local hotel. >> reporter: the mann family of setauket counting their blessings. uprooted trees buried in the deck sticking to their skylights. >> i hope we get our power back soon. i don't know, i have my doubts. >> reporter: above us you clearly see the sheared treetops from the dangerous winds. now power here until tomorrow night with a warning from the health commissioner, do not eat any foods that have thawed in your refrigerator or freezer. live in a powerless section of port jefferson, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. victims should be on the lookout for price gouging. the new york attorney general says it is against the through excessively raise prices for essential goods and services after a major event sorry watch out for sudden jumps in the cost of gas, food and supplies.
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he says that lawbreakers should be reported. three bergen county towns are under a "boil water" advisory tonight hours after a water main break cliffside park and a construction crew is being blamed. county officials say the boom was lowered for repairs to a sensor. when it was lift up, water started rushing in. steve langford reports from cliffside park. >> reporter: they are building a retail residential office complex here at the corner of anderson and lawton in cliffside park using this giant crane which apparently had to be moved into the middle of the street for repairs. let just say the street was no match for the weight of that crane. >> it's a 600,000-pound crane sitting in the middle of the street, is it normal? no. um, i could probably tell you that this road surface is not equipped to handle that kind of weight. >> reporter: the crane crew saw water gushing from the
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street as it began to raise the giant boom this morning, a 24" water main ruptured under the weight of the crane as the neighborhood got hit hard. >> we have water in the bracement. what you see up here sludge not just water but sludge, dirt and everything else in the basement. >> reporter: this pizza shop closed and hundreds of residents lost water pressure or lost water completely. a "boil water" advisory in effect for englewood cliffs, cliffside park and fort lee. >> the only stipulation is not to cook food. >> reporter: now begins the arduous task of moving the crane, very carefully. >> every inch that we move that we have to ensure that the road surface, plating and everything else is not changing on us. >> reporter: the crane had been moved to the middle of the street to make a repair and who authorized that is now a key unanswered question. >> that's still being, um, looked into.
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and again, that will become part of the investigation. >> reporter: there are anywhere from 10 to 200 people still without water according to officials. there were no injuries. now begins the task of moving this crane back on to the construction site within the next 8 to 12 hours we are told. live in cliffside park, new jersey, steve langford, cbs 2 news. a developing story now. the plane part found near madagascar did in fact come from malaysia airlines flight 370. investigators confirmed the news this afternoon and they are planning further study of the wreckage saying it could provide clues as to why the jetliner crashed. the plane vanished from radar thousands of miles away in march the last year. and so far, this is the first piece of evidence of its fate. >> it is my hope that this confirmation, however tragic and painful, will at least bring certainty to the
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families and loved ones of the 239 people on board. >> investigators say it is likely that other pieces of the plane floated off rather than sinking to the bottom of the ocean. a man has been charged with -- and two others and now they are in custody in connection with monday night's shooting in red hook, brooklyn. police say the men opened fire in front of an apartment building from a jeep. 5 people were hurt including a pregnant 19-year-old who lost her baby. police have charged a 19-year- old with five counts of attempted murder, assault and weapons charges. now, charges against marquise fredericks and elijah wells both 19 are now pending. mayor de blasio postpones the announcement of his plan to deal with the mentally ill homeless plaguing the city. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer here to explain why. marcia. >> reporter: the mayor's spokesman says the homeless plan was delayed because at the 11th hour officials discovered they needed, quote
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to finalize one aspect of the policy, no further explanation. but for a progressive mayor wary of stepping on the rights of his constituents, any plan to get people off the streets is a land mine of legal and political issues. he and the police commissioner have to make sure of every detail. >> any individual who is homeless and breaks the law will be subject to enforcement. >> reporter: tough talk yesterday from mayor de blasio about his now delayed plan to get the mentally ill homeless off the streets. tough talk from a mayor under pressure to deal with an increasingly difficult issue, homeless everywhere. like this homeless man taking a bath in the fountain at columbus circle. >> we have to get to the root of that problem and we will. >> reporter: $1 billion has already been added to the homeless budget for the next four years to fund improvements in shelters, rental assistance prevention and after care and shelter for runaway and homeless youth. the mayor's spokesman says the new plan will deal with ways to get the mentally ill homeless especially the
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violent homeless off the streets. but the progressive mayor has to deal with legal and political concerns that it doesn't violate constitutional rights and doesn't offend his political base with what might be interpreted as heavy-handed police tactics. [ screaming ] >> reporter: and there is now a new problem the propensity of the homeless to smoke synthetic marijuana demonstrated in this video distributed by the nypd. a naked homeless man in brooklyn stopping a school safety vehicle recently. the drug makes users violent, irrational and hot so they strip off their clothes and makes it dangerous and difficult for the police to arrest them. >> super human strength, impervious to pain so some of the normal takedowns that we would use, um, are not going to work. it's going to take a combination of taser, often times take more officers. >> reporter: because of this, the nypd plans to train as many as 10,000 cops in new strategies for dealing with the homeless. nypd actions limited also by the fact that because it's
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synthetic, smoke the drug also known as k2 or spice is not illegal. >> it's laced with chemicals and as fast as we are able to identify the chemicals and get that particular chemical, make it against the law, they change the makeup of it. >> reporter: the plan is now scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow. it will involve money and programs from several agencies. >> thank you. one of the places commissioner bratton said is a hot spot for the homeless using k2 is central harlem and we checked it out today and it appears he was right. but what can police do about this? that part of the story coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 6:00. president obama continued his push for support of the iran nuclear deal. that despite a new cbs poll showing more americans disapprove of it than support it. cbs 2's weijia jang reports that may be true for lawmakers, as well. >> reporter: in a speech at american university, president obama issued a warning.
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>> let's not mince words. the choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy and war. >> reporter: the president defended the international agreement to lift some sanctions in iran in exchange for restricting the country's ability to develop a nuclear weapon and he compared opposition to the deal to congressional support for the iraq war. >> it was a mindset characterized by a preference for military action over diplomacy. >> reporter: time is running out to secure support from lawmakers. they are set to vote next month but president obama is still trying to convince members of his own party to support the deal. >> not yet reached the conclusion. >> reporter: new york senator chuck schumer is among a handful of democrats who still have doubts. schumer is getting pressured by the white house but also by opponents of the deal. >> i owe it to my constituents to make an informed decision. i won't let party, pressure, politics, interfere with doing what i think is right. >> reporter: if enough
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democrats vote down the bill, then congress could overright a potential presidential veto which would kill the agreement for good. in washington, weijia jang, cbs 2 news. >> now, the president has displayed a rare level of personal engagement in the fight for support. he has had individual or small group conversations with several dozen members of congress about the deal. up next a police detective on the wrong side of the law. convicted of a road rage attack on the west side highway, today he learns how long he will spend behind bars. >> did they open the door? they opened the door and saw you? >> yes. >> hiding in a closet as strangers broke into his house, the 911 call that could start an important conversation with your kids. >> angelina made it look easy but chef sandra lee's cancer complications bring up the real dangers behind double mastectomies. what women should know about. >> plus a new list ranks the best dressed in the world.
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the surprising names that made it to the top 10. >> a great looking day out there today. one community did hit 90 degrees. wait until you see how long their heat wave is. i'll also give you an update on the storm in the mid section of the country. the latest coming up. in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing,
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and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us. mjhs. caring every minute, every day.
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84 degrees as of right now. high temp in central park was 87 and three degrees above the average and humidity was lower and it felt nicer out the. hottest spot in the area was newark, new jersey i thought newark would be 88 maybe 89. nobody you hit 90 degrees on the nose. that now makes the heat wave in newark nine days in a row that you've been having 90-degree heat every single day. vortex satellite and radar you know look i remember talking to you yesterday you may see a pop up should have out there. nothing major and only a select few of you are seeing anything out there. a little bit right now making its way through morris county. it's a sprinkle at best. bigger picture is going to show you where the weather story lie. this low pressure system to the west of st. louis. it is pushing to the east but it really looks like the bulk of this wants to stay south of our area. so i think tomorrow you can see some spillover and more clouds come in later in the day but i don't think this is our storm. tonight a stray evening shower and it's comfortable and it's
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67 and here's that tomorrow forecast. 83-degrees and a sun and cloud mix and a pleasantly warm day right about average for this time the year, christine and dick over to you. up next, it's not what you want to see in your tub. that's for sure. grimy dirty water flowing out of the faucets. as a lot of people on long island asking what is in the water? >> and netflix gets rave reviews from more than just their streaming. what they're now offering parents that may be a game changer. >> right now dana tyler has a look at what's coming up at 6:00 tonight. >> the nypd needs help catching a cat burglar. tonight at 6:00 you'll see more of this video. police say a man using a fire escape climbing into people's apartments and stealing their stuff. cbs2's diane macedo with that story tonight at 6:00. >> also take a look at this video. it happens every time there's a downpour, the bronx river spills out onto the streets. tonight a new plan to fix the flooding problem and clean other westchester waters of pollution. lou young with that, we'll see
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now i know about novolog . taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog . it can help provide the additional control you may need. residents in one long island community say the water coming out of their faucets is brown. >> village of rockville center says it's a temporary problem but the residents say it's not
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one they can live with much longer. dave carlin has the story. >> reporter: sandra wild says the attainer her home is -- water in her home is only okay for yard work not for anything else. wide won't think of taking a bath ever since her hot water started coming out brown. >> it's all rusty. it's stains. the grout in my bathtub. it -- stains the ceramics if i do white laundry i have rust stages all over -- stains all over the laundry and can't get itout. i have to wear gas mask to open my windows. >> reporter: wild is so fed up she's sharing pictures of her murky bath water on facebook. neighbors chime in that they have the same problem. the rockville center water district blames ongoing renovation of its main water tower which has an iron filtration system. the village's drawing its watt fresh an older -- water from on older tower on maple avenue that has much more iron in its piping because of its age. in a statement the water
5:26 pm
district says -- >> reporter: but not all residents are convinced. >> i feel like i drink this tap water and i'm going to be exposed to it in the shower and i'm kind of concerned yeah. >> reporter: one local convenience store oncer selling a lot of -- owner is selling a lot of bottled water. >> put it in the morning and now it's -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: wild says she just wants the problem fixed. so she can feel comfortable taking a bath again. in rockville center, dave carlin, cbs2 news. now the rockville center water district says it hopes repairs will be made to the main tower and will be done in a couple of weeks. following the repairing engineers will flush the system to clear it. certainly doesn't look to inviting though does it? >> not to me. no it's fine. it's a 911 call that will send a shiver down your spine. >> where are you at? >> i'm in the closet. please, please help me. >> a little boy's frightening
5:27 pm
call for help could have parents rethinking what they tell their children to do when they're home alone. >> and fbi investigation, a war of words. big news on the campaign trail on the eve of the first big presidential debate. >> and walking across every single borough. the mission that's sending this
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man on a very long stroll. where are you at? >> in the closet. >> a child makes a desperate call for help while hiding in a closet. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> welcome back, i'm dick brennan in for maurice dubois. the terrified 12-year-old's call has police rethinking their strategies when it comes to stranger danger at home. >> cbs 2's vanessa murdoch explains. >> reporter: monday morning two men knocked on the door of the scottsdale, arizona, home a 12-year-old home alone didn't answer. police say that was exactly the response the burglars needed. >> they might be inside. >> where are you at? >> in the closet. please, please help. >> reporter: a few minutes later he heard them enter the room where he was hiding. >> did they open the door?
5:31 pm
did they open the door and saw? >> yes, they saw mean! >> reporter: seeing the boy must have startled the suspects. they took off and ran into police positioned outside the home. the boy wasn't harmed. with an increase in the number of daytime burglaries, police in scottsdale say they are changing what they do. >> how we train citizens to respond to these and if their home, speak up, say something, hopefully they will move on. >> reporter: parents and kids we spoke to say they will stick with their simple straightforward rules. you never answer the door if it's somebody you don't no? >> no. >> ignore them, don't take chances. >> they are not allowed to open the door. >> reporter: are they allowed to say anything? >> no. >> perhaps allowing your child to say i'm sorry, my mom or dad's in the shower, please come back tomorrow. >> reporter: licensed therapist and parenting expert tammy gold says speaking up can work. but it has to sound believable. >> that if your child can say it confidently and that would scare them away and it makes sense and they are ready, then use it. if you think they sound
5:32 pm
nervous tentative and vulnerable, it's better to say nothing. >> reporter: if they are worried that the person at the door is up to no good, then call a parent or 911. >> please send help. >> reporter: just as the brave 12-year-old from scottsdale, arizona, did. vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> and gold stresses children need to be home with confidence and confidence comes with experience. role playing, rehearsing different scenarios will prepare your child to be home alone. followups to the complaints that the nypd mishandled a reported sex attack. pepper elet te says she was raped at a bar in the lower east side. she says she may have been drugged and an employee followed her into the bathroom last wednesday where he attacked her. she says when she went to police, they treated her more like a suspect than a victim. >> he insinuated that miment
5:33 pm
from and i were partiers and he actually said that regrettable sex is not the same as rape. >> police told us today they are investigating both the rape and ellett's allegation of mistreatment by officers. and the mayor's office also told us that they are looking into it. [ music ] now to campaign 2016. less than 24 hours we're way from the first of two republican debates and on the democratic side, more questions for hillary clinton about her emails. donald trump is riding high riding into the biggest campaign event of the year. trump will have center stage as the 10 top polling republicans face off in debate in cleveland tomorrow night. >> the poll numbers are not only good, i mean, they're phenomenal. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie will be on stage with trump, who has not been afraid to talk trash about his rivals but there are signals we might see a kinder, gentler billionaire when he meets up with other republicans. >> i'm not looking to hurt or
5:34 pm
embarrass anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies, i'll bring them up. >> reporter: jeb bush says he will will be ready in trump attacks. >> i'll have my big boy pants on. >> reporter: just days before the debate he stumbled abou planned parenthood. >> he has no problem giving billions way to super wealthy and powerful corporations but i guess women's health isn't a priority for him. >> reporter: in the meantime the fbi is looking into the private email server used when she was secretary of state. there's said to be concern that classified information could be mishandled the fbi has contacted clintons attorney, who has possession of a portable thumb drive containing copies of clinton's work emails. now, he says he is cooperating with the fbi, who says the government is seeking assurance about the storage of those materials and in the meantime a spokesman for
5:35 pm
nor receive any emails that were marked classified at the time. being president doesn't keep from you having to fulfill your civic duty. former president george w. bush appeared at a dallas, texas courthouse today for jury duty. president bush wasn't picked. [ laughter ] >> really? surprise! [ laughter ] >> but he did pose for pictures with other potential jurors. >> everybody gets called. that's the message, right? >> at least it passed some time today. speaking of the white house, a former first lady is leading the list of women who people want to see on the $10 bill. see which one. >> also, a star is born. well, she was already one. why it took mariah carey so long to get a star on the walk of fame. >> today in history in 1962 marilyn monroe was found dead in her home in los angeles found in her bedroom surrounded by empty bottles of pills. her death was ruled a probable
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the greatest city in the world with so much to see. and one new yorker has walked every block in the city as part of a unique journey. cbs 2's scott rapoport has the story from lefferts gardens in brooklyn. >> reporter: step by step, block by block, borough by borough, 69-year-old william helmreich has walked them all. >> if i had any idea how this would be i wouldn't have done it. >> reporter: an astounding feat by any measure, the sociology professor says he hoofed 120,000 blocks and 6,000 miles of new york city, virtually every square foot. it took him four years. crazy in. >> it is a little meshugina but you wanted to do something interesting, you have to be crazy. >> reporter: all of which of course raising that one unavoidable question: why! why do you do this? >> i do it because i love the city. the city is fascinating to me. the world's greatest outdoor museum. >> reporter: he says he has
5:40 pm
performed his pilgrimage through a variety of meteorological miseries, sleet and heat, rain and snow, taking it all in stride. >> just awesome. it's unbelievable. you walk in the street, there's nobody around, you say, what the hell am i doing this for? >> reporter: the result, a book called the new york nobody moss and a seemingly endless array of enviable experiences. there's the tree with 1140 stuffed animals on it in bergen beach, brooklyn. the school bus limousine in sunset park. and ultra exquisite sunset in battery park city. a view of the gorgeous mosaic that is new york city. >> every day i learn something new. didn't know existed. >> reporter: a life-long new yorker who took the time to take in all that new york has to see. one step at ail time. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> he says the craziest thing he ever saw was a man in bushwick walking down the street with four pit bulls and two boa constrictors wrapped
5:41 pm
around his neck. [ laughter ] >> that's strange. >> yeah. i know. >> don't see that every day. >> meshugina! >> what a clever idea. that's such a clever idea. >> good way to get you motivated every day? four years? i don't know. voters want a former first lady to be on the redesigned note. that's according to a new marist poll. eleanor roosevelt first, harriet tubman second. the treasury department has asked the public to weigh in now with some ideas. up next, sandra lee rushed to the hospital after complications from cancer surgery. how common is this for patients? dr. max has insight. >> will the skies stay clear for the weekend is this we'll get a sneak peek with lonnie quinn. >> first, dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: dick and kristine, tonight at 6:00 a new scourge on the streets. homeless people strung out on
5:42 pm
synthetic marijuana. >> you're smoking k2 right now? >> yeah. >> reporter: this man admitted he was smoking it in public. police right across the street. so why aren't they dog anything about it? >> also, a long island man says he has been the target of police ever since i filmed a violent protest. the details in a lawsuit against officers. >> and new information on prison escapee richard matt. what an autopsy revealed today. those stories and more at 6:00. john is just two weeks away from walking down the aisle with emily. didn't see that one comin'.
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now we're groomsmen. we're just 475 short miles away from... shenanigans. it's not going to get too crazy. might get a little weird. you have places to go. let us worry about getting you there. bp gasoline with invigorate. fuel the journey.
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governor cuomo's girlfriend sandra lee was rushed to the hospital last night with a painful build-up of fluid in the chest. dr. max gomez is here with more on the type of complications women may face after similar breast surgery. max. >> reporter: that's right, dick and kristine. sandra lee we know had a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction in may. what we don't know is what kind of mastectomy, skin or nipple sparing, for example what kind of reconstruction, implants or her own tissue all of which impacts the kind of complications that might arise. here's the most likely scenario. sandra lee has been very open about her breast cancer
5:46 pm
diagnosis posting videos and tweets from the hospital after her double mastectomy and breast reconstruction but now she is suffering a complication described as a fluid build-up on her chest wall two months later. dr. cassel chief of breast surgery at lenox hill hospital said she probably had brings implants because she is too thin to use her own tissue which means probably she has an infection. >> i think the statistics place it at less than 5% and it's only a few percent of patients who will develop it but it is one of the things that patients are told that could potentially happen. >> reporter: the fluid build- up on lee's chest is easily drained but the fact that doctors want to keep her in the hospital for a few days suggests that they suspect an infection which is treatable with iv antibiotics and is a known possible complication after reconstruction. >> sometimes what they actually do is take her to the operating room, wash out the area and if possible, exchange the implant and sometimes if that is not successful or not
5:47 pm
possible, they may have to actually remove the implant. >> reporter: the implants would have to be removed because they are foreign bodies that can harbor bacteria making an infection extremely difficult to eradicate but a high-profile complication should not prevent women from seeking breast reconstruction according to dr. cassel. >> reconstruction is an important part of a woman's body image. it is a great thing that we have to offer patients who undergo mastectomies. >> even when there is a complication like an infection, after treatment, the implants can usually be replaced and the reconstruction completed. again, we don't know whether this is what's actually happening with sandra lee but it is a known issue after reconstructive breast surgery. >> thank you. ironman is worth his weight in gold and just about every other metal. we're talking about robert downey, jr. making $80 million
5:48 pm
this year followed by jackie chan at $50 million and vin detroitle with $47 million. also in the top five, you see bradley cooper who beats adam dollars. what's a half million. >> not much. >> gravity stars sandra bullock topped that one with $51 million. so chew on that. >> jackie chan doing well. mariah carey now has a star on the hollywood walk of fame. it was unveiled today. she was selected for the honor in 2007 but her team wanted the ceremony held after she finished her residency at ceasars palace in las vegas. carey is the best selling female recording artist of all time with more than 200 million albums sold. she released her first album in 1990 and has won five grammys. >> kind of doesn't really need the star. think we already decided that. "vanity fair" announced its 2015 best dressed list
5:49 pm
today from hollywood stars to magicians, even newcomers. cbs 2's jill nicolini has the story. >> reporter: singer-songwriter taylor swift takes the number 2 spot. >> she has an incredible sense of style, "vanity fair" describing it as prep power. she always looks amazing on the red carpet, very well put together. >> she wears it well. she can put on the sheet and it looks fabulous on her. >> reporter: another new yorker who just recently named principal dancer for the american ballet theater misty copeland. >> she has an amazing sense of style especially because she is a performer, she is in amazing shape. her style icons nicole ritchie and the ultimate new yorker sarah jessica parker. >> reporter: also on the list is rhianna. >> her style could be described as sultry swagger. she is not always necessarily -- she is an icon herself to so many young women. >> rhianna to me is more fashionable because she is like a trendsetter. a lot of things she wears you wouldn't normally see on
5:50 pm
anyone else. >> reporter: others include sophie hunter and matt bowmer. >> can you believe george and amal didn't make the list? but amal made the list no surprise. she in particular is a style icon and loves british designers. prince william and kate didn't make the list as a couple which is surprising because she looks amazing. together they still look amazing. it's surprising that prince harry landed on the list because when i think of him, he always looks more disheveled. >> reporter: hollywood actresses emma stone, emma watson and charlize theron made the list. jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> they all look good. >> amazing. all look amazing. >> amazing! absolutely. [ laughter ] >> i agree with a lot of those choices, though. >> george clooney? they look good together that's for sure. [ laughter ] >> time for your forecast. lonnie always looks amazing. amazing. >> dickie boy, thank you. listen, we're looking amazing outside with those skies and that makes me feel good about things. hopefully you do, as well. temperature readings now new york city and central park
5:51 pm
coming in at 84 degrees. i have a little warmer south of the city. i have an 89 right now from walter in bradley beach and walter is saying, how low can the humidity go? right you are. it felt so nice out there today. we called it the pick of the week because humidity was going to be low nice temperatures and that's what you got. there's your picture now. seeing a shadow cast over central park. sort of like a dark underbelly after cloud above but it's still partly sunny officially. it's 84 degrees, no rain in new york city. there's a slight shower for a couple of folks out there but not a big threat. in terms of the headlines, i have mostly good news. i'm still watching the storm off to the west but now it's heading towards delaware. i think we'll get clipped by it but we don't take the full brunt of this system and the brunt of the system now is around -- the transition you're going from arkansas into tennessee that little yellow band there. severe thunderstorms. we are going to watch this and the computer models are watching it, as well. here's how they see it progressing.
5:52 pm
early friday morning, i'm saying we are going to get clipped by it but most is south of the area. that's about the center off delaware. and yeah, ocean county, monmouth county, a little bit of rain maybe early friday morning throughout the day could see a few breaks further north. all i'm same most of this is -- all i'm saying is most of this is somebody else's storm, not ours. the weekend it breaks up into two pieces and it starts to curve up the easter seaboard. it's better for the mountains than the beaches. it's not terrible. saturday more cloud cover. so i'm going to go with a temperature of lower 80s at the beaches on saturday. but you will see more clouds out there. on sunday mostly sunny 80 to 83. for the mountains again i think your forecast is nicer. you're further north from where that system is. 83 tonight at 7 p.m. feeling like 82. 77 at 10 p.m. there's no feels-like
5:53 pm
temperature because the humidity is low. 8 a.m. sunshine and 70 degrees. it feels like 70. so that's nice. if you look at the extended forecast, high temperature will get up to 38 on thursday. more clouds later in the day so you start off with the bright sunshine and the clouds come into the area late. friday i'm still going to keep the spillover cloud cover in the area slight chance for rain. better bet for rain would be south of the area but again the bulk of the rain is going to somebody else's state not ours. >> good for us. a year off work without a pay cut? how netflix is breaking new ground with parents and has nothing to do with tv. >> at 6:00 crowds of homeless smoking synthetic marijuana on the streets of the city. and there's not much police
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
can do about it. a decision by netflix to extent leave for parental leave for employees. >> how the new policy could be a game changer in the
5:57 pm
corporate world. >> reporter: teacher claudia was only allowed 8 weeks off after the birth of both her children. she and many were stunned to find out netflix is offering their employees paid presented tal leave for an entire year. -- parental leave for an entire year. >> they feel they can maintain good employees. >> then you actually want to go back to work. you feel good working at a place that cares about you. >> reporter: most parents took about three months off work to be at home with their newborn babies while most dads didn't take anytime off at all. >> when my wife gave birth to my oldest son i got two days off. >> reporter: the streaming media company is allowing both new moms and dads to take off as much time as they want during the first year after their child's births or adoption. >> that's great! are they hiring? >> it would be good if both parents get the time. >> reporter: this workplace expert says the reality is very few companies can afford such a flexible leave policy.
5:58 pm
but it could influence change. >> smaller companies that can't afford to be at generous will find other ways so maybe you have four weeks maternity leave now. gee. a light bulb will go off and you might increase it to 8 or 12. >> reporter: he says netflix could find itself making more changes for nonparents who might find the policy unfair. >> i would love to see an extension of this policy to caring for elderly parents. and that's a fair and equitable way for those of us who may not have children or need maternity leave. >> reporter: he says they just want their employ -- netflix says they want their employees to be able to balance the needs of families without worrying about work or finances. in midtown, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> this news from netflix definitely got a rave review from "blue bloods" actress: great job, netflix. hopefully more companies will follow in your footsteps. >> what a cute baby with hazel. >> looked like her.
5:59 pm
>> i think did it. >> anyway. [ laughter ] that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. >> you're smoking k2 right now? >> yes. >> strung out on the streets feeling the effects of synthetic marijuana. police nearby but can't do anything about it. >> also tonight -- >> my kids were like the end of the world is happening! >> trapped by trees, still without power for some long island residents damage from this week's storm worse than superstorm sandy. >> and suing the police after a violent arrest caught on camera. the man recording the video says officers are now targeting him. >> and the search for a cat burglar who uses fire escapes to get in.


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