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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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cbs 2's tony aiello with tonight's exclusive. [ pause ] [ sirens ] >> reporter: harlem, hard hit by hard core users of k2 marijuana many of them homeless. >> this neighborhood is riddled, it's infected. >> reporter: wednesday a cbs 2 camera captured these men smoking k2 at 125th and lex. and a viewer recognized this homeless man in the black t- shirt. hard to believe he is the same person in this photo, celebrating his sister's wedding two summers ago. when you look at this picture of him happy and smiling what goes through your mind? >> it breaks my heart. he could have been something in life and living on the streets -- i'm a father. and like any other father out there, they don't want to see their kids in the street. >> reporter: peter says his son peter junior attended dix hills high school and suny albany. every advantage a loving family could offer vanquished
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by the demon of drug use that started 15 years ago. >> he is what he is now because of his addictions. >> reporter: he is particularly worried about his son using synthetic marijuana, which can permanently damage body and brain. >> these drugs can make these people very violent, very unpredictable. the way i saw them today -- >> reporter: he said he tried many times to get his son help and even tried to get tough. >> i went to the police station. 34 years old. there's nothing we can do. we cannot hold him. more than 72 hours. >> reporter: he says he feels for all the families of these troubled souls who are in the grips of a dangerous drug. tony aiello cbs 2 news. more information now on k2 from the city's health department. despite it being illegal to sell k2 in new york state, officials say synthetic marijuana is often sold as incense, herbal mixtures, plant food or potpourri.
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in new york city, men make up to 90% of k2 users who end up in the emergency rooms. and most of those patients are over 18 years old. the average age of users is 37. mayor de blasio today unveiling plans to deal with the homeless situation taking over new york city streets. cbs 2's political reporter marcia kramer with details. >> reporter: how many homeless people will the mayor's plan take off the streets? well, not many. that's right. officials estimate that only several hundred will be affected by the new homeless plan which focuses on what officials say is the narrow problem of the mentally ill homeless who are violent. the $22 million effort will fill three mobile treatment units to service 75 people. establish other treatment teams to handle 272 with violent behavior, send more cops to police areas around shelter, and increase the number of peace officers in inside shelters. the plan unveiled today is part of a larger program to deal with the mentally ill.
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arrival date sometime in the fall. marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. a scary school bus ride for some special needs students on their way to camp. their bus fell into a giant hole. cbs 2's jessica schneider live in the tremont section of the bronx with the story of this ride home today. jessica. >> reporter: yeah, dana. a frightening and scary and unexpected series of events out here. take a look at that school bus. it was traveling down the street at 3:00 and went over what was at the time a small pothole but it ended up plummeting into what became a huge sinkhole. the ground opened up under the bus to something that was about 10 feet long and 6 feet wide. several special needs students were on board when all of this happened. they did all get off the bus safely and they weren't injured. but their parents rushed out here and were startled by what they saw many concerned. now, city crews have been out here.
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they have been pulling that bus. it's finally out of the sinkhole this evening. but traffic out here on creston avenue is still blocked off right near east burnside avenue. again, there were no injuries out here, none of the kids on board was injured. but the school bus driver was seen by paramedics and we understand that she is doing okay tonight. but this street still closed. finally the bus pulled out of what's become a massive sinkhole out here. so a lot of repair work for these city crews in the hours to come. we are live in the tremont section of the bronx, jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. also in the bronx tonight, the death toll has now climbed to 10 in the outbreak of legionnaire's disease. the state health department now offering free testing of cooling towers where the legionella bacteria can flourish. mayor de blasio has also announced the buildings with those cooling towers must have been tested and disinfected within the next 14 days. the bacteria that causes legionnaire's is spread through water.
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100 people have been infected in the current outbreak in the south bronx. witnesses say it's it sounded like a bomb on a bus. a freak accident caused a manhole cover to rip through the floor of a city bus with riders on board. cbs 2's steve langford with the story from mount eden. >> reporter: so you get a seat on the bx11 bus here in the bronx. the bus is at the corner of inwood and 170th when the manhole cover explodes into the bottom of the bus injuring a rider. this is how the mta bus looks after a manhole cover shot up right through the floor scaring the living daylights out of the woman sitting here. >> i hears a boom. >> reporter: up and down the street they could hear the sound of a manhole hitting the bus. >> boom! i see a bus stop and bam fire shooting up and people start running down the street. >> reporter: michael parker thought it was a bottom, he says, until he saw the manhole cover fly.
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>> shot up through the bus straight up through the bus. >> reporter: one witness says he noticed the manhole cover was loose in recent days. the city's department of environmental protection says it has no record of any problem with the manhole. and no reason to believe that gas played a role here. the death. p telling cbs 2, quote, heavy -- dep telling cbs 2 heavy vehicles could damage manhole castings and that could lead to a cover being dislodged. the woman sitting here when the hole came through the floor was treated for minor injuries at the hospital and released. the mta says it is thankful no one was seriously injured. in the bronx, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> as for the visibly shaken bus driver, he was given the rest of the day off. a big thank you for from a suffolk county father to the coast guard for rescuing his sons from a boat fire. the two teenagers took three friends on the father's boat last night. they ran into shallow waters at the robert moses causeway
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bridge and the boat's engine caught fire. the boys called their father, he told them to put their life jackets on and get into the the dad called 911. coast guard officers found the vision goggles. phones. >> being that there was flames and they had life preservers the best thing. they can walk off and stay nearby. boat. i'm blessed just glad "the kids are all right." >> the boat engine was destroyed. the nypd is looking for a group of people who viciously beat a man with a bat to steal his cell phone. the sunday night attack left jorge huerta with 20 stitches, broken ribs and bruises on his body. the 21-year-old was going home from flushing meadows park in corona when police say he was jumped by six to eight men. the attackers took off with his smartphone. now to the papal visit.
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when pope francis comes to new york next month he will say mass with wooden furniture. lou young has the message in the woodwork. >> did we have any instructions fro rome? >> no, keep it simple. >> reporter: cardinal dolan checked on the progress of the simple preparations for pope francis' september visit to new york. a wooden throne being built in a port clester garage by immigrant day laborers who may or may not have legal status. no one is asking. it's in a port chester garage. >> these are men who look for work can't get a job every day. so they get work when they can. >> reporter: but here they volunteered. their presence and example of this pope's overriding concern for the underclass. more work is under way in somers new york in a school for troubled teens who have work assignments of their own. >> the kids are in here doing all the work. >> reporter: this is where the pope will stand at madison square garden after a week and
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a half of work you see the ambo or pulpit beginning to take shape and over here this is the altar where he will say mass. the archdiocese could have had anybody build these pieces. but the cardinal had some very specific ideas. >> from the beginning, he said part of his mission as the successor of st. peter is to go out to those at the side of the road. >> reporter: and those at the side of the road know they are loved. >> you could have had anybody, professionals. he gave us the honor. >> i'm feeling great, you know? it's a happiness you cannot describe. >> reporter: the workers are following plans giving to them given to them by the archdiocese but the work is all theirs. a receiving group from yonkers is doing the mass linens. >> the message is don't forget the poor. if you forget the poor, you're not with christ. you're not with jesus. >> reporter: the pope's message being heard before he says a word in our town. in port chester, lou young,
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cbs 2 news. >> we're told the woodwork will be finished next week. coverage. pope francis will be in new york city september 24-26. he will go to the general assembly, 9/11 memorial and museum, visit our lady queen of the angels school and say mass at madison square garden. broadway goes hip-hop again. it's opening night for one of the most talked about broadway shows in years. we're live on the red carpet for "hamilton." >> and the brooklyn boys baseball team that stole our hearts when they couldn't afford to go to the championship tournament is heading home. we'll let you know how they did. and lonnie quinn here with a nice thursday. >> it's been good a few high clouds over the area but now i'm watching some rain getting close to philadelphia. will that come to our area? we'll talk about that in just a bit. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," the stage is set for tonight's first republican
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primary debate. and it's a big stage. it needs to be. scott pelley here live with that and more. scott. >> reporter: it is a really big stage, dana. there are ten participants in tonight's debate. but that's only just a little over half of the 17 republicans who are running for the nomination. our major garrett is out in cleveland where the debate will be held tonight. he will have a preview for us and we'll have all the rest of the world news coming right up on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing,
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and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us. mjhs. caring every minute, every day.
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people hoping to share the last laugh, they were camped outside the studio on manhattan's west side for the taping of "the daily show." the last one. they wanted to be in the audience for jon stewart's finale. the fans started lining up at 2 a.m. on 11th avenue. stewart is ending a 16-year run as a very popular talk show host. hip-hop and history in tonight's much-anticipated opening night of "hamilton" on broadway. the musical is based on the life of caribbean born alexander hamilton who moved to new york and later became one of america's founding fathers. the show's journey to broadway blockbuster is a real new york story, too. cbs 2's jill nicolini live outside the richard rogers theater with more. jill. reporter: after a successful run at the public
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theater "hamilton" has made it here to broadway. yes. the opening night is tonight. and fans came out earlier and the cast came to give them some free tickets but a lots of celebrities also came out to show the cast their support. >> there was a long silence broken by the murmured words, i'm tired. it's so wrong. i want to see "hamilton." >> reporter: the music lyrics and story are all written by lynn miranda who plays alexander hamilton. he got emotional when reading the biography. it was this book which inspired him to write the musical of our only immigrant founding father. >> he brings theater to the people. and he makes them understand it. >> young crowd hip crowd an excited crowd. [ music ] >> it's in some sense the arc of a tragedy but it's a beautiful life and it's a man
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who gave this country so much of the fabric and the fiber of who we are today. >> reporter: he was born in new york best known for creating a tony award winning musical and is now bridging the gap between broadway and rap. >> it never gets old. >> i didn't get to see it when it was downtown so i'm here. >> reporter: other celebrities who came out to support the cast include bon jovi, samuel l. jackson, sarah jessica parker, matthew broderick. >> the beautiful part is the creators, we wanted to tell a story that looked like america today. >> reporter: the first family has already been to see the musical and there's plenty of buzz about how it will be nominated for a tony award. jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> or more. thank you, jill. an update now on a story that touched our hearts generous donations from cbs 2 viewers helping the bonnie braves of brooklyn youth baseball people get to the
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championship series in illinois. the team nearly went all the way. but they lost by one run in the last inning of a semifinal game. still, these children so grateful for the chance to make their hometown proud. and it's really, really exciting. viewers contributing money to -- let's check in with lonnie quinn. congratulations, boys, for getting as far as you did. >> quite an accomplishment. our weather today, started off with a beautiful sky. more clouds out there right now. but it's not terrible. all the talk is about what tomorrow and saturday holds because it could be big rain. i don't see it that way. weather watchers show you how the day sort of transpired perfectly. here's charley hoffman. okay? this is up in pennsylvania the delaware river. see the clouds over there? all right. they came in later in the day. all right? wait until you see what it looked like earlier in the morning. we'll get the sunrise from northport. rain not a big risk.
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right now in new york city, you have clouds out there. currently it's 79 degrees. still going to call it partly sunny. all right? as you take a look at the almanac, you were as high as 83 today at 2:46. newark, new jersey, all right, it's been having that run of 90-degree days. newark hit 85 today so their heat wave ends at 9 straight days of 90-plus heat. overall newark everybody else will have a decent weekend that lies ahead. let's get right to it. vortex satellite and radar, this is isn't alarming but you see some clouds out there, right? but they are just society clouds. they are aahead of the wet weather but the wet weather that's off to our west wants to move in our direction kind of slide to the south. i would say basically with the center of this system being right here around kentucky, it's going more towards raleigh, north carolina. we are going to get a little spillover so i'm not going to take rain out of the forecast. i just don't see too much of it for us and i think if you get it it's going to be while you're sleeping. watch this. here we are, 8:30 tonight. the clouds rolling in all associated with that system. but not doing a lot of damage or not doing a lot of harm to the area. then you get into the overnight hours. 1:30 in the morning we talk
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about some of the rain squeaking up to the north and sure enough, you know, spotty little stuff out there. maybe you catch a little embedded heavy downpour in those places like ocean county maybe monmouth county. but it's not going real north of our area. i don't see the storm being your storm at all. if you are anywhere say north of route 87. what happens on friday, some cloud cover, yes, but there's also some bright spots out there especially again those areas north of the city. but we'll keep the partly cloudy skies in there. we are going to keep a ran chance at only 0% for friday. then you get into your day on saturday a little bit of new information to share here. i think the shoreline is going to be okay on saturday. beach looks like this. 80 to 83 on saturday and sunday. i think sunday will be brighter but at the beach it looks okay on saturday. ironically the mountains could now see a pop-up on saturday because the system will drop in from the north. it's not going to be much of anything but it's a possibility. sunday sun and clouds. 82 friday. 84 saturday. 83 sunday. rain chance for friday into saturday is slight.
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more significant rain chance could be monday going into tuesday. numbers wise right across the board is looks to be the lower 80s so all those numbers are at or below normal for this time of the year. >> they are mild. thank you. otis livingston is next with what's ahead in sports tonight. otis. >> hey, dana. tom brady still waiting for his hearing. he has at least one supporter in jets country. i'll tell how that is. >> and it's mighty hard to live up to the hype especially yankees hype. a 21-year-old luis severino did just that in a loss last
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otis is here starting with the yankees tonight and the new player. >> yeah. they just got cooled off a little bit last night. the knuckleballer did 'em in. yankees going to try to take the rubber game of the three- game series against the red sox tonight. it's going to be cc sabathia getting the call. he has a tough act to follow. fans still buzzing about the debut of rookie pitcher luis severino last night. he lost 2-1. but he became the first pitcher in american league history to give up no more than two hits with seven strikeouts and no walks in his first big league appearance. he did make one mistake,
6:24 pm
though, giving up a bomb to david ortiz but who hasn't? afterward big papi says he has the stuff. i think he is going to be pretty good. now the baton is passed to the struggling cc sabathia tonight. >> the bottom line is location. getting the ball up and in the center of the plate too much, and not getting it where he wants. >> this is the guy that's been through this. that's been through this time of the year. has always been a guy willing to take the ball under any circumstance. and his attitude is something that we need. mets have the day off after their sweep over the marlins. jerry blevins has the rest of the year off after slipping on a curb and breaking his arm. second place nationals trying to gain ground on the nets hosting the d-backs. ramos two out two-run single 4-1. if the nationals hold on they will trim the mets' lead to a game and a half. now to football. hopes continue to be high for the giants offense this upcoming season which includes a healthy victor cruz and o'dell beckham following up his freshman season.
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the man controlling the offense eli manning coming off one of his best seasons and doesn't appear to be slowing down in fact his quarterback's coach mike sullivan says he doesn't think his arm has ever been stronger. and at age 34 and entering his 12th year in the league, he agree. >> it feels good. i think that's the goal, to keep it strong, healthy. especially as you get older, you start listening to your body a little bit more. >> i know what he means. [ laughter ] now to jets camp. which is the last place you would think you would find someone supporting tom brady. well, we found him. antonio cromartie never one to hold back on his opinion backing brady in the "deflate- gate" case thinking he should should have been fined $25,000 no game suspension and added he wants to be the patriots at their best. that way, they will have no excuses. >> i love having crow back. you can't teach an old dog
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new tricks but you can feed an old coach dog biscuits. rex ryan raising the awareness of prevention of cruelty to animals. >> these are a little small. [ laughter ] >> i said lap band size so here we go. i have no idea on the flavor. [ eating dog treats ] >> that's terrific. >> so terrific he had a couple more. >> enjoy your dinner. we'll be right back. >> closed captioning on cbs 2
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news is brought to you by: kristine johnson has at 11:00. >> we are counting down to the first republican debate, the seven candidates trailing in the polls have already taken the stage. now we are less than three cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer will have analysis from experts on who came out on top in cleveland. plus, how do you sleep? a new study says that there's one position that can actually prevent disease. those stories and much more at 11. >> thank you. thank you for joining us here at 6:00. we hope you can watch the news at 9:00 on tv 10/55. the evening news with scott pelley is next. two movie theater shootings in two weeks. what theaters are doing to keep people safe. thank you for joining us. good night. captions by: caption colorado


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