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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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completely flat. cbs 2's steve langford in new milford with the story. >> reporter: some slashing spree here. whoever did it had a maniacal work ethic slashing dozens of tires on this block. >> definitely a shock for the residents to find this. >> reporter: a quiet summer morning in new milford shattered by a serial slasher overnight target, the tires of vehicle after vehicle up and down the streets here. >> a lot of damage. a lot of damage. >> reporter: flat fires on about 20 cars and suvs in some cases all four tires on vehicles. lacerated. the destruction sparking an unwanted long weekend here. >> my wife basically knocked on the bathroom door as i was getting ready and said i don't think you're going to work today. >> reporter: tow trucks everywhere in this normally quiet neighborhood now seething with anger at the unknown suspects. >> bunch of stupid wild kids, what else? >> reporter: alarm adding out aggravation that something on such a scale could be carried
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out here in the middle of the night. >> have no idea why someone would do such a heinous thing. >> reporter: even this trailer parked behind the local strip mall hit by the mayhem. >> it's horrible. we don't need this in this town. >> reporter: a town with a reputation as one of the safest in new jersey now with a rude awakening. >> we hope they get caught and shown as an example that this is just crazy. >> reporter: the cost and the hassle of replacing all these tires is mind-boggling. in new milford, new jersey, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> it wasn't just cars parked on the street that were hit. several cars and trucks in driveways also have their tires slashed, too. police say three cars caught fire at the century 21 at the bergen town center in paramus. a flatbed truck hauled them away. a fire started in one car and then spread to two others. several cars were damaged.
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no injuries, police are investigating. the nypd telling us that they are questioning the father of a baby boy after the child was thrown from a fourth floor window. it was discovered inside an apartment building in richmond hills queens. the neighbor who discovered the three-week old says she first heard a loud bang and then called 911. >> i saw blood everywhere. it's horrible. they told me do cpr and i said, i can't, i'm sorry. >> sources say there were 6 people inside the apartment including the baby's parents. the infant had been taken to a hospital 10 days ago for unknown reasons. investigators are also talking to the child's doctors. a woman was struck and killed by a metro-north train while she tried to get her wallet from the tracks in connecticut. pictures showing the aftermath at the cos cob train station in greenwich. the mta says the 28-year-old woman's wallet had fallen. the train headed from grand
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central terminal to new haven this morning hit her. her identity hasn't been released. a wild scene in the bronx today as three nypd officers were injured responding to a home invasion call at university avenue after getting a 911 call from someone in an apartment. investigators say two men went into the building to rob an apartment. when police got there, there was a scuffle in the hallway. and it spilled out on the street. there are reports one of the police officers had a broken leg. one of the suspects was arrested and another got away. the owner of the apartment was arrested on drug charges. senator charles schumer is getting some praise for his decision to vote against president obama's nuclear iran -- iran nuclear deal. sources say schumer had not planned to make his decision public until after he told his senate colleagues. but after he told the president the white house leaked it to the media in the
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middle of last night's gop presidential debate. in an apparent attempt to limit coverage, some jewish groups approve of senator schumer's decision. >> we welcome it. statement. the senate. >> a number of new york lawmakers have said they will also oppose the deal including democratic congressman eliot uncle. new york's junior senator gillibrand said she will back the deal although she called it imperfect. new york state is stepping into help handle the deadly legionnaire's outbreak in the city. the outbreak is on the decline. meantime at least one lawsuit has been filed. cbs 2's alice gainer reports. >> reporter: 101 infected and 10 dead. health officials say five cooling towers all within 10 blocks of one another tested positive for legionella bacteria in the south bronx. 36-year-old marvin montgomery believes he contracted legionnaire's from the contaminated tower at lincoln
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hospital. he has lawyered up and plans to sue the city-run hospital. >> we think lincoln hospital breached its duty to adequately check, you know, the environmental systems for legionella. >> reporter: montgomery had a job passing out flyers outside of the hospital and would often go inside to use the bathroom. in addition to money, he wants accountability from new york city officials. >> he is irate. he feels that, you know, they had notice of this. and they just were dragging their feet. >> reporter: now the state has stepped in getting ready to put a team on the ground in the bronx to help test cooling towers, this after bronx borough president ruben diaz bypass city hall and went to the governor. are you surprised that he went to cuomo than coming to the city? >> the bronx borough president is responsible for his, um, his borough, his neighborhood. and this is a collaborative endeavour. >> reporter: sitting in governor cuomo's manhattan office, flanked by a team from
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the centers for disease control, new york city's health commission, the state health commissioner and some county health commissioners answered questions this afternoon. the state stepped in but why did the city move so slow, why did it seem that way, the city has been working with us on this issue. >> reporter: we pressed dr. bassett directly. there's a lot of criticism saying the city didn't respond fast enough. the state is doing what the city should have done. how do you respond? >> the city responded promptly, effectively, as is shown by the numbers. >> reporter: dr. lucas from the cdc defends the city's response. >> the timing of it has been very typical to what we have seen in other outbreak situations and i think they have done a very good job in mobilizing their resources. >> reporter: dr. bassett says although the number of cases has jumped to 101, they have fewer reported cases in the past 24 hours leading them to believe the outbreak is on the decline. the state will pay for the
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cooling tower testing. again, legionnaire's is a form of pneumonia caused by breathing in contaminated mist with bacteria. it's not spread person to person. >> thank you. governor cuomo says the federal government needs to pay more for a new tunnel under the hudson river. in a letter to transportation secretary anthony fox, cuomo says federal law requires amtrak to maintain the tunnels. he says plans for new $14 billion tunnel connecting new york and new jersey are not possible without a substantial federal investment. the federal government has promised only three billion dollars. fox has called a meeting to discuss the project following several train delays for new jersey transit riders. and there's a commuter alert if you take the pulaski skyway. it will be closed again in both directions this weekend for that continuing construction work. the southbound side skyway will be closed at the off-ramp to 280, route 7 and route 1 and 9 southbound.
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the closure starts at 11 p.m. through 3 p.m. sunday. and it will begin again from 9 p.m. sunday to 5 a.m. monday. the weekend closures are expected to continue through the end of the month. cbs 2 demanding answers tonight for drivers who say their lives are at risk. road signs either damaged or covered up with overkrohn weeds. cbs 2's meg baker hit the road on long island with the story tonight. >> reporter: here on willis avenue in rosalyn you can barely make out the exit to the northern state parkway. take a look at this road sign. it's completely blocked by this telephone pole. and the foliage. we found about a handful of other signs that are also obscured. if you can't read the sign, how do you know which way to turn? >> we're either looking to see the sign risking getting into an accident, or we just have no idea where we're going at all. >> reporter: using gps, sam is guiding his father as they drop off dry-cleaning to clients. he says they waste way too much time making wrong turns
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because of signs blocked by tree branches and other growth. >> i don't know which way i'm going north, south, right or left. >> reporter: we drove on the northern state parkway to see for ourselves. on the eastbound side, exit after exit signs were partially blocked. >> you don't know your way around very well, it can be very upsetting and dangerous leading to perhaps a last- minute maneuver. >> reporter: aaa says the department of transportation needs to cut the foliage before it becomes deadly. >> another of many distractions drivers face these days. >> reporter: a vehicle beeped at a car that showed down near the obstructed sign near willis avenue. [ beeping ] >> we found that -- >> reporter: we demanded answers from new york state department of transportation asking why the signs have not been maintained. after our inquiry the department of transportation says, crews are checking into the areas on the northern parkway and grand central willis avenue area and will clear any obstructions.
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no word on how quickly the growth will be cleared. now, aaa says that a quarter to a third of accidents are caused by distracted driving. that number increases when drivers are confused by things outside of the vehicle such as road signs like this. in rosalyn, long island, meg baker, cbs 2 news. a burial service nearly complete but something vital was missing. >> we became suspicious and were worried that that might not be our grandfather in the casket. >> s who owe body was it? -- so whose body was it? the clue the family saw on the coffin that stopped the burial. >> students in the tri-state area will have one less exam to worry about. >> food and your mood. how eating carbs affects your outlook on life. >> lonnie? >> national weather service has issued a moderate risk for rip currents at all our beaches this weekend but will the skies, you know, justify going to the beach?
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dave carlin has the cbs 2 exclusive. >> we gathered around the casket. >> reporter: his grandfather's dying wish was to be buried with dignity. but that did not happen. the service was under way in april of last year at staten island's mount richmond cemetery when he and his mother noticed a suspicious tag on the casket. >> a tape with the name written on it which wasn't my grandfather. >> reporter: they had to know for sure. after prodding the rabbi, they were allowed to look. then when the coffin lid was lifted inside a stranger. happened. >> reporter: the dead woman was supposed to be buried a few hours before. there had been a switch. and gregory was now deep down in the wrong grave. >> so they brought over a the dirt. >> reporter: overseeing the switch back to the correct burial plot lasted six hours. >> no comment. >> reporter: cbs 2 demanded manager. she ran back into her office. the family's lawsuit names the
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cemetery and five other entities including capital funeral service. its spokesman said the problem was corrected as soon as it was discovered. there was no damage or harm to the body of the deceased. he said it's unknown who among the many defendants who handled the remains in the transport is ultimately responsible. the attorneys vow to find out as it goes to court. >> this may have happened many times before. >> reporter: now visiting the grave brings back bad memories. >> trapped in this grieving process. >> reporter: blocking closure for family members who say they are frozen in grief. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> the lawsuit includes unspecified monetary damages. high school juniors in connecticut will now have to take the s.a.t. instead of another statewide test. last year for the first time 11th graders took the smarter balance test. it's based on newly adopted "common core" standards. after hearing complaints from parents and teachers,
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connecticut lawmakers decided to replace the controversial test with the s.a.t. school superintendents are welcoming the change. >> we have invested the time and energy in the s.a.t. as a good measure of college and career readiness. >> students in grades 3 through 8 will still have to take the smarter balance test. children will soon head back to school. a new study says start times that are too early can keep some kids from getting the eight or nine hours of sleep they need. the centers for disease control says fewer than 20% of middle and high school students schools start the day at the recommended time of 8:30 a.m. the average start time was about 8:00. researchers say a lack of sleep is associated with health risks and poor academic performance. new research suggests a diet full refined carbs like white bread and added sugar can lead to depression for post-menopausal women.
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researchers analyzed data from more than 70,000 women who had been through menopause and they found women who ate those things had an increased risk of depression. those with more dairy whole grains fruits and vegetables had a decreased risk of depression. lonnie quinn now here. the weekend is here, as well. we are going to see what's up for us. >> we have lots of good news to share. beginning of this week it didn't look like we were going to be sharing a lot of good news and now it looks great. i have two pictures. i can advance my maps and open all the garage doors in the area. [ laughter ] >> let me get everybody outside. here's what i have for you right now. weather watchers are reporting temperatures around the 80- degree mark or so but really this is a day that i could have been showing you a lot of cloudy rainy pictures. did not manifest itself that way. great looking shot.
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the picture looks nice. this is august? it's 81 degrees! it's sunny. it's comfortable. such low humidity, i mean, not typical for august. it should be the dog days of summer. it's just beautiful out there. headlines look like this. the storm we have been watching, the start of this week i thought the weekend forecast wasn't going to be that great. now i think it's fine. the storm is not a threat. the weekend keeps looking better and better. first we thought peeks of sun, then partly sunny, now mostly sunny. only one caveat, rip currents. a moderate risk for the weekend due to the storm that will miss us. it's far enough away that we stay dry but it churns up our waves onshore and those waves pile up and have to exit in one single channel and that create the rip current. it's a nice looking weekend. full steam ahead at the shore. the weekend looks good
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everywhere. cloud in the mountains but no problem. you will have a nice looking weekend. vortex satellite and radar, the clouds are thickest offshore. we are in this nice batch of air and that should pretty much hold true throughout the weekend because a high pressure system is in control. it's strong enough to keep the wet weather down to the south. high pushes through. by the time you get to monday into tuesday, this system that stretches up into canada and towards michigan will give you a rain chance later monday into tuesday. and some of that rain could be in the form of storms, heavy out there again that would be the type of rain that would add up in the rain bucket. that's monday into tuesday. but for tonight it's mild, it's quiet. it's 67. tomorrow we get up to a temperature of 84 average for this time of the year. sun/cloud mix emphasis on the sun. sunday 84. sun/cloud mix. monday 83. chance of rain monday into tuesday. tuesday high 82.
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temperatures are mild across the board basically at or below average. >> i'm so glad the weekend is turning out so beautifully. >> it's the weekend. everybody loves the weekend. thank you. otis livingston next with what's ahead in sports tonight. otis. >> dana, jose bautista and the blue jays come to town for a showdown with the first place yankees and another jet is grounded. a day after antonio allen is lost for the year we get worth that d milliner is sidelined. i'll tell you what's up and
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the yankees have an important series. >> they do. >> they are all important. >> the rest of the way. big showdown in the bronx not for first place but a yankees series win would put a little more distance between them and toronto. the blue jays come in 4.5 behind the bombers. 6 in the loss column. but they have won five in a row and eight of their last 10 is tied with the mets and cubs for the best record in the majors over the last 10 games. when it comes to the scoring, no one is wetter than the yankees. 93 runs in the last 12 games. so look for a highly
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competitive series in the bronx. >> you know, i talked about the series within your division are extremely important and this is important as we move forward and we are going to see these guys a lot over the last 50 or so games. we are going to see them again next weekend as we go there. and then we'll meet up twice more after that. anytime you play teams within your division you could separate yourself, it really helps out. >> let's start it off tonight. meanwhile after sweeping the marlins, the mets head up and across the state to tampa. in football giants camp continues to roll on without jason pierre-paul. but if you think he has been totally incommunicado think again. he has been texting his defensive line coach since getting injuries to his right hand and having his right index finger amputated after a 4th of july fireworks accident. he texted i'm good. i'll be back. the coach believe it's important to keep the lines of communication open during this time.
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>> i know where he is emotional and, you know, mental standpoint and we told him everybody in this building has told him we're here for him. whatever you need, let us know. >> speaking of defense, jets defense is the strongest unit on the squad. there's no doubt about that. but that secondary has taken some major hits especially the last 24 hours. yesterday, safety antonio allen suffered an achilles injury. he is done for the year. and now the first round pick 2013 cornerback d milliner is out six to eight weeks with an injured tendon in his wrist. sadly though it's nothing new for milliner. he has been often injured in his first two seasons with the jets. he has missed 16 of the possible 32 games including the final 13 last season with an achilles tendon tear. he was thought to be a great cornerback coming out of college. got to get on the field and prove it. >> oh,. >> that's the thing. >> devastating. hoping the best. we'll be right back. >> closed captioning on cbs 2 news is brought to you by:
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empire today. maurice dubois has what's coming up on cbs 2 news at 11:00. >> new information on a crime that appears to be out of a horror movie. surveillance video shows an armed man wearing a halloween
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mask threatening a woman working at a local laundromat. we'll hear from a coworker of the employee. plus, a daughter gets a permanent reminder of her dad's support. we have that plus all the news when we see you tonight right here at 11. >> thank you. that's cbs 2 news at 6:00. a story we first told you about last night missing dog tags reunited with a new jersey family. frank lamotta of newark shared a picture with us -- [ pause ] >> he has his late father's dog tag. the priceless family heirloom found on the shore of the thames river london 70 years later lost by the world war ii veteran. the man who found the tags posted a pictures of it on social media. the family saw it, the rest is history. we'll show you the picture another time. thanks for joining us. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. a jury's life or death decision the man behind the colorado movie theater massacre finally learns his fate. good night. captions by: caption colorado


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