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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 8, 2015 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> beverly hill's housewife, kim richards, arrested again. >> shoplifting from target, and is she homeless? coverage of the final farewell to bobbi kristina and the family feud at her funeral. > the whitney will not pass houston from the grave. >> the wrongful death lawsuit, new claims her ex gave her a toxic drug cocktail. >> taylor swift shares the girl squad secrets as they bust out a hit as only he can. you come and pick me up no headlights >> now, "e.t." with all of this week's top stories. >> thank you for joining us. >> we have a full wrap up to get you caught up ons been an eventful few days. first up, jennifer's secret i dost. >> always reports out there what' about when your wedding date is. >> i think we already were
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>> so "e.t." got a tip that jen and justin tied the knot and were getting married. we raced down to the mansion. there was a truck setting up. there was a white tent in the background. f was getting shuttled up the hill, and everyone was told it was a birthday party. a little after 8:00 p.m., we started hearing music and staf cheering and we're hearing that gusts did not leave until 2:00 a.m. >> the pastor arriving at 6:00, and then this cake of the couple was the first that made us think it was an i do, and not i dn't. sources say, quote, it was a beautiful celebration. all the usual suspects were on di hand. emily and john, jimmy kimmel, his wife, and howard stern. >> how was the party? >> sia, kyle courteney cox, and
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ellen degeneres was on hand, and she says the habit of being very secr is it a faert or wedding, she said it was confusing for the inner circle. >> like, when we're invited, we just go, we can'tetive, be in town, but should we be in town? >> yes. >> red flowers and candles were the centerpieces for the 11 round and rectangular tables. the pooled with a wood floor to be a place for the dj and guests to mingle. >> so why a wedding on a wednesday? my guess is to throw ever cover off. it's been years of speculating and questions for the two, but justin turns 44 this monday, and he actually proposed to jen on his birthdayy years ago. it's almost full circle. >> their honeymoon location? four seasons bora bora with friends. >> they had courteney cox and jason bateman, why not continue celebrating on the hon? >> just very happy and lucky.
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it's the summer of splits. we're blaekreaking it down ineymoon moments, but first, the arrest of kim richards again. michelle turner on the scene last weekend. >> the reality star detained by a security guard at this target store in the san fernando valley. a source claims that richards attempted to leave the store with a cart full of toys worth more than $6 00. richards pled not gto one count of petty theft, a pretrial set for august 20th. considering the history, the question asked wasuilty he under the influence when she was arrested? kim's first ex-husband, monte, told e.t., quote, this is a clear smisunderstanding, this is not alcohol or drug related. this is kim's second recent brush with the law. this past april, she was arrested on challe of public intoxication, battery, and resisting arrest after
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causing a disturbance at the befr ri hills hotel. ngerspled not guilty. >> i'm an alcoholic. >> when we spoke to kim, she was painfully honest about the continuingshe's struggle. >> i've been sober four years, two years, and three and a half years. i'm an alcoholic, and sometimes that happens. you take a drink. >> news now, check out miranda getting a big hug from shania twain after watching her more weekend, she posted this picture high above the audience with the hashtag music is medicine. >> we could meditate on that. we don't halast time. meanwhile, miranda's ex, blake shelton, is back to business on "the voice", and we were the one and only to sit downve with him. >> what's in the cup, sir? >> a little vodka. >> i smell it. >> thought i'd go ahead and get started. one of those weeks. >> yep, one of those weeks, just two days after announcing the
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split from miranda. no ring on his finger. before the interview, a contestant asked the superstar how he was doing, and he said, well, i got divorced, cracking up the room and totally easing the tension. thex thing, he's laughing with brad paisley. >> he's going to take my job. no, really? >> he's going to take my job. >> i come in here, i'm not drunk. that's the secret. >> you're going to have to work on that. to fit in here, you have to work on t >> i need to be less professional to help in. >> helping mentor blake's team. they sang together back in season one. give mhat.skinny on the team this year, a four-time champ. >> well i, you know, i hate to brag, but you're exactly right. >> how much pressure is there? howe the badly do you want the trophy, and is this the team to get you there? >> this is the team to get me there. they don't hire me to be on here to lose. you know what i'm saying? i want to win this thing. every season.
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know about mr. shelton, way back in the day, he competed in a different kind of show. >> blake, i read you used to be a pageant kid. >> did you? >> wait, wait, what? >> anyessons there -- >> like, he competed in beauty pageants? >> that's what i heard? up. >> tell me it's true. ls. tell me it's true. >> youtube it. >> really? >> yes. i was in pageants. young boys? >> no, there's not! that is littl blake. >> picking up chicks, man. that's why i did it. >> that's why you do it. >> so thise is not a talent show. it was a talent portion of a pageant, and in order for me to sing in the pageant, my mom wanted to, i hado do the evening wear and all that crap. this is the greatest thing i've
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ever heard. >> that's sad. >> that is so sad. >> blake is crazy busy right now, of course, back on "the voice," back in the studio working on new trsic, and he's working on the latest performance this weekend in minnesota. >> representing. switching gears here for anomu big story of the week. bobbi kristina's burial, next to her mother, ather after the funeral filled with drama last saturday, we were inside the funeral and at the cemetery with the family.nd and i will always love you >> at the funeral home, deon, her aunt pat, and grandmother sissy houston, hands folded in prayer in the procession to the burial site.
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under a tent so the family could have some privacy. neither bobby brown or perry attended. they laid a rose on the casket, and pat and sissy held each other, sobbing uncontrollably watching the casket get lowered into the ground. now, the one troublesome moment was in theeral in georgia. bobby brown's sister suddenly is going off the rails. as fun path stood to peek, leola brown stood up yelling at pat saying, how dare you, tyler perry others quieted her, and she was escorted out of the church by security. >> whitney will haunt pat houston and from the grave. she will haunt her. that is not over. it's just begun. it has just begun. >> the rest of the funeral loving and respectful, her father declaring just as whitney
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sang, i also will always love you. at one point, the waschoir sang jesus loves me as whitney did in the body guard. loves me so >> the similarities between the way they died found unconscious in a bathtub were eerie, similar, burials, transported in a gold hearse from the same funeral home, buried side by side in new jersey bodies flown into town on perry's private jet, and tyler thanked the funeral program. on,on not there was nick gordon. >> this, as a report says the court appointed conservator amended the wrongful death lawsuit filed againste pers on june 24th claiming he gaveo' her a toxic cocktail and put the face down in a tub of cold water. >> it also alleged that around 6: nick
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returned home after a cocaine drinking binge, and00used of her of cheating, and then, quote, everything quickly became quiet. according to the conservator, acc bobbik. was found 15 minutes later in the tub with a swollen mouth and tooth hanging. we got no response by the time of tdline. >> you know, amid this, the family told us to keep the hughesnds in your prayers, nothe dea burying her own child, but a grandchild. >> incredibly sad. coming up, the latest on summer's biggest breakups. or jen, this is the ultimate betrayal betrayal. >> back with kimmy gibler, secrets from the set of "fuller >> f house," including to the dodge ball bruisers, to the team rally cruisers,
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a. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. welcome back, everyone. so many breakups rocking hollywood this summer. it's crazy.
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gwen and gavi >> and reba and her husband, doing well, though, 26 years, though. >> in the entertainment business, that's like 26 hard years, not dn. years. >> exponential. we're going to delve deeper into the the splits. insideog jen's heart breaks -- >> absolutely devastated that despite anything else that may have gone down during their marriage, for jen, this is the ultimate be. >> their timeline of the fateful vacation. >> the june vacation was a make or break trip evaluating their future. >> ittrayalually started with jen flying to boston for work and ben and nanny and julian flew with the kids, and after a day join actem, the couple announced their divorce. >> sources tell people that jen had a fuller understanding of what was happening with the nannyed th and realized there was no point to go for it. ben then had to leave for a charity poker tournament.
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though the kids stayed behind, the nanny left with a >> that poker tournament was in las vegas. they reportedly told friends of a tryst of the hotel belle air. >> several sources said she was in love with him. for his part, sources close to ben are telling people that he absolutely denies that there was ever ancvh affair. >> next, gwen stefani and gavin rossdale. the divorce document shows irreconcilable differences as cause, but could it get nasty? gwen worth 80 million, and gav vin is worth 30 million. she denied filings, and gavin left the spousal support open. with no prenup, there is room to maneuver maneuver. >> it's an open issue to be discussed for leverage reasons
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because he has less money. >> it was a human surprise on social media, especially what gwen said last month. >> what do you say when you hear people in the tabloids saying you and your husband are having problems. i mean, that's ridiculous. >> i would say that that's crazy. >> exactly. >> there's reports that the divorce has actually been in the works for awhile. >> it's also been reported that gwen had issues with how much gavin was touring, saying he was not home enough, and ording to one report, gwen had suspiciouses gav vin was cheating, but he denies anything was going on. >> the couple appears am acc micble in the statement, saying in part, quote, we're committed to jointly raising our three sons envit. she asked for joint legal and physical custody of her sons. reba and her husband, 26 years ronmen more surprising. in a statement, the couple's rep said, quote, despite this being
7:16 pm
the enof the marngriage, they continue to support each other, working together for 35 years and will continue to do so. could it get complicated knowing that he will continue to be reba's manager? >> the separation is interesting because he's been a very successful manager of hers. might be in the best interest to keep everything together. >> a sad irony to the split too. just listen to her gush about him just a few years ago. >> i love you. appreciate youery much. putting up with me and guiding me, and being my buddy, my husband. >> it's not all breakups, though, in the news, right? v >> no, it's not. >> zooey gave birth to a baby girl with jason, and they anounlsa announced tied the knot. awesome congratulations. >> her show "new girl" returns to fox in january. now, take a look at this tv starthey from back in the day, d.j.
7:17 pm
kimmy all shooting "fuller house," cameron posed this picture too. up for show time. she told me she couldn't be more thrilled to be back with her tv family. >> we are shooting on the same lot that the studio lot that we did the original and when i went in and opened that door, and i smelled that smell, it was, like, the flood gates of memories from being 10 to 18 just washed over me, and i just cried. >> hi, deej. >> hi,guys. >> she starred as the tv daughter, d.j. tanner. now 39, candice is a mom of three and just like most moms, trying to balance with being a good parent. >> there's always that piece of you that thinks, am i doing the right thing? am i not with my kids enough? work i have a dream that i want to do, and the opportunity is here, but how is this going to
7:18 pm
or my but family life? >> one of her dreams? making the finals on "dancing with the stars," but candice nearly cracked from the stress. it was week 9, i was so frustrated. i was so tired. and i went under the stairs and found >> a closet to hide in so i could hide from the cameras. >> those trials inspired dancing through life in stores now. >> i learned so much about myself and having courage and standing by my conviction that i thought this is the perfect way to tell this story, and share the experience. >> i also talked to candice about joining "the view" this fall, if she's going that being so busy, but "the view" is working around the "fuller house" schedule. what a dream. >> lucky girl. on the way, valerie takes us behind the scenes of her new food network show.
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from duran, are they the last
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>> we're still here.anon fs veyo upadspdss sts urdolo sed
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erhi wdo bau owhal mte mt.e odssf tsanthpelee ve at 535 . at 55 years young, valerie had quite the career. wrapping up six seasons of "hot in cleveland" in june, and an author writing books on weight loss, well, now, she's combining her passion for tv and food into a new show for the food network. we got a behind the scenes tour. >> hi, e.t., today, i'll make you my hopney mustard salmon. >> she has health conscious recipes recipes, and life in front of the cameras is not easith haters out there looking to body shame. >> you can't control the trolls. you don't feed them.
7:22 pm
when you start, you know, saying the negative voices in your ahead, that's what i loved about the movie "inside out," i timely made friends with the voices in my head. i just learned to accept that i am who i am, and i'm just going to love me for who i am. >> well, valerie, we love you too. always smiling, always honest. eight years ago, val made a splash by losing 40 pounds on the jenni craig program only to reportedly regain 15 pounds, and now, she's not checking the scale. >> it's always going to be a struggle for me my entire life, up and down days. i don't eat as much food when you co you do when you go out to eat and enjoy meals that way. >> with her show premiering saturday on the food network, she's sok as secret family recipes. >> some of you know me as an actress, but friends and family know i love to cook. >> learned from my mom, tweaked theharing recipes, now they're my own,
7:23 pm
and i don't think she'd like it, but she loves it. >> there's the mustard. that's me making a mess in the kitchen. a little chive, get the recipe on etline >> their financial planner husbandare empty nesters. their 24 -year-old son plays bass. >> lives on his own now. my boy moved out, b he's 24, i guess he should have. cares more about music than anything else. so proud of him. >> he comes home for turkeyut meatball soup, as they kick off the hot in cleveland series. >> her son, wolfgang is on tour with dad through october 4th. so cool. >> touring with eddy van halen, are you kidding? van halen. that takes me back. so does this. i'm hungry like the wolf >> another '80s classic, duran
7:24 pm
cover of billboard calling them the last band standing. they not only ruled the '80 c but they endured. we sat down with the boys to talk about the new album, and how the music world has changed. s, her name is you don't need to understand >> three decades later, how do you maintain the stamina on the ad? >> we manage our energy a lot better than we used to. there was a lot of other stuff going on apart from the show, ro so i think we tandend to be more focused now. >> 47 years, over 100 million albums sold, and two grammys. >> when it came time to talk about the new album "pap gods," they wanted to sit down with e.t. first, but they didn't want to sit down with each other. the guys asked us specifically they be interviewed erapart. >> when there's four people,
7:25 pm
then you have to listen to three other people before you speak yourself, where at least now i just listen to one person before i speak myself. >> that's singer simon, now 56, with the drummer, roger taylor, at age 55, and the keyboardist is 53, and bassist john taylor is 55. you got to take the pressure off >> with the the unlikely voice, lindsey lohan, and getting her in the studio was not easy. >> i got asked, was she on time? >>wo weeks late, but that's okay, but we're loose. >> she was tricky to tie down. she's got her schedules that seem to run on differen no, t than the rest of the planet, but that's what's great about her. she's unique. she's got at time fantastic energy. duran duran loved it. >> these guys have been through it all, including an ira plot to
7:26 pm
kill princess diana while she and prince charles were at a >> shocking we were at the center of this ira t, and, apparently, close to being completely blown to smithereens. >> their staying power is rareplo in a world where bands come and what advice do you give to one direction? >> take it easy. give yourself spacend time because, like us, you know, there's a lot of people pulling them in different directions and saying, you got to get on this tour, make the next record. i think if you aok at the really successful long careers, it's bands that have really develop. >> i would say do lo not underestimate the importance of compassion with each other. >> okay. >> i had a john taylor poster plastered to my camp bunk wall. >> loved him. the guy's next stop is las vegas, and a couple party stops, music radio festival in
7:27 pm
september. >> will be fun. straight ahead, we talk to meryl streep. >> telling me all about her new movie. >> favorite springfield song? >> hang tight for that.
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here are the top five stories of the week. number five, blake exclusive after splitting from miranda. >> what's in the cup, sir? >> vodka. >> i smell it. >> t i'd get started. one of those weeks. >> two days after he announced the break up, no ring on the finger, we hear break telling ahought contestant on the voice set, i got divorced. number of four, reba's split, she and manager husband are separating after 26 y of marriage. >> i love you. appreciate you very much. putting up with me and guiding me and being my partner. >> number three,ears gwen stefani's
7:31 pm
>> what do you say when tabloids say you and your husband are having problems. that's ridiculous. >> i would probably say that, no, that's crazy. >> exactly. >> that was last month. the sked for legal and physical custody of their sons. number two, ben and the nanny inside jen's heart break is the headline in people's out now. gwen a several sources close to khristine told people that she said she was in love with him. >> ben denies >> all allegations. the number one story this week is jennifer and justin's backyard i dos. >> staff shuttled up the hill, and everyone was toll it was a birthday party. >> a source inside said, quote, it was a beautiful celebration. go to e.t. online for the latest on those stories and more. and there is some movie news, fan tasic 4 against meryl stre rick spreeng field.
7:32 pm
>> could meryl be rick's new jessie's girl? you have that on your play list. >>ep and my workout one. >> we sit down to talk about their new movie premiering in new york this week. >> we needed a shredder and somebody to act. he brought everything to it, and i'm so grateful. meryl. doesn't get better than that. >> a love fest on the carpet and together. >> meryl, favorite rick and springfield song? >> jessie's girl. >> how did you two meet? >> i think i held an electric guitar one week, when he said, come on out, we're going to audition some guys. oh, god, at least it'll be a lot of actors who also can't play. in walks, you know, picks up the guitar guitar, and -- >> i wanted to show that i could play. >> meryl's a mother of three who
7:33 pm
rock in' roll dreams. give me the b boys >> comeing home are reconnect with her troubled daughter, played by her own daughter. >>eat like the 80s all over again. >> what was the toughest part working opposite your mother? >> she had a much larger dressing room than i did. [ laughter ] >> the nerve. >> yeah. >> go figure. >> yeah. >> what was the most challenging part of working opposite your daughter? >> oh, well, the weird thing -- our director asked me not to speak to her about the movie during the movie. >> said not to talk about the film? >> said not to talk to her. >> wow. >> so i ignoredhim. >> you talked to her? >> i gave it away, and then just -- >> do you think you screwed up once, you don't get a second chance? >> the third singing role for meryl, tracing her love of music
7:34 pm
back to teen years. what was the first concert? >> beetles, '65. >> an internet rumor says this is streep, a friend of rick's sent him the image. >> said, here's photo of meryl. i said, is this you? no, come on, that's me? no, no, there's a photo a going around. >> i always had my hair flipped. >> so this girl had like a leather hat on. >> yeah, right. >> no. everyone tht's you, though. >> i was a dork then. >> in the spirit of time travel, we showed him a younger version of himself. >> i got zits.inks i >> oh! >> you know, i'm going to stay in here until i'm old and ugly, so, you know, i'm a ham. i'm sorry. >> horrible. >> a shameless ham. >> so you see meryl rocking the guitar in the movie. she's really playing it, she had a coach workingh her eight hours a day every day for a
7:35 pm
>> no big wit. >> amazing. >> sticking with that theme of music, we are sitting down with natalie who is about to release a new album inspired by her favorite men. wide awake and i can see the perfect sky deal torp >> you know natalie for her hit song "torn," but you may not realize the song's now been around for 18 isyears. >> i can't believe it's been that long. and just the fact that it gets so many plays and it still sounds fresh. i feel blessed to be part of its success. >> natalie continues to make new music with the latest album titled "male," a collection of classic and contemporary songs all performed originally by men. >> when i was thinking about doing songs by female artists, some of them i didn't want to touch their vocals. i thought, how will i even try and do a vocal that would even -- it became scary for me. somehow thinking about male artists, with the text, it's not
7:36 pm
as scary, but more fun. >> the first single i"instant crush," reworking of the daft punk hit. >> and, actually, natalie is ons vacation with another fellow aussie, and, you know what other singer she just totally digs? >> tell me right now. >> how did you know? >> another lady from down under, iggy, and there must be something in the water in australia because they turn out amazing musicians. >> there's more to come.
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and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. i'm going to go get a drink, and i'm sure i'll see you guys before i % leave. [ cheers and applause ] >> this week, fans said good-bye to jon stewart after 16 years. eers and applause ] >> now for the ultimate jon stewart flash back, we are digging deep into the vaults to show you his evolution. >> show designer [ ch me, my life, kind of conceptual thing. >> it's the comedyon network. >> e.t. on the set of jon's first late night desk for comedy central called short attention span theater, a 28 -year-old
7:40 pm
>> j-o-n-s-t-u-a-r-t. >> he broke up with standup, rehearsing the come special the same year. >> the make or break everybody sees. >> this is the part they try to make me look like i was not up to 4:00 morning slamming whisky with the boys down at the plant. >> he was up until 4:00 a.m., two years earlier, a nervousin the wreck for mtv. >> i stay up until 3:00 in the dentist. questi >> i can't believe this. everyone wants to make sure my more hair. look at this. oh,ons. spinach. stern. >> this show already has been cancelled. believe it or not. >> oh, not again! >> i first started, i wanted to down.
7:41 pm
like by a day and a half. >> he was his own worst critic, but the next year, his show was the replacement. >> all right. here's the theme. da, da, da, da >> two failed talk shows, one on mtv, one on syndication. failed in sense of the ratings. people noted he was a big talent. they could see the talent. in fact, the letterman people had him under contract as a potential 12:30 host. >> then his moment came in the daily show needed a new host. >> welcome, welcome to the "the daily show," one on assignment, i'm jon stua'99. >> when the show was conceived, it was to be a mock newscast doing silly news, basically, andrt. and he hurricaneturned it into political satire, much smarter. >> he was the voice of a generation that thought he
7:42 pm
explained the news better than the news. >> if your ice cube mels in the glass, it does not overflow, it is displacement. the icecaps melt, and it's ever where, we rstand! >> he's poignant in difficult times like 9/11. >> i wanted to tell you why i unde grieved. but why i don't dispair. >> and he was unafraid to call anyone out >> i have come here tonight to plead to the mayor of [ bleep ] mountain -- >>. the daily show won ten emmys in a row for a variety series, more than any other show and got offers to host the grammys and oscars. had the baby. >> yeah. >> have one in diapers at home. >> yes. >> you are doing a daily show, no pun intended. >> yes.
7:43 pm
>> yes. and i'm a cardiologist, so, you know, between those five -- >> you might need one. >> it is an exciting life. always on you never know. >> well, it's been fun. you go around once. so, believe me, there'll be plenty of time later on tocall. sit quietly watching reruns. >> the first sign fans knew he would step away from the desk was takingextended hiatus to direct a film. >> that was nice. >> he directed one film, liked that experience, but i think basically jon has had senioritis for a while, ready to go, really next thing. >> daily show's forever, man, we'll all be in the ground, and that'll still be going with just a little guy, a head in a box hosting that thing. up next, getting a star on the walk of family, and she's talking all about her new man.
7:44 pm
plus, taylor swift shows off her man, opening up about her closest relationships. >> like jaded that we hang out all the time. >> bringing her big fans on board with her girl squad? >> when will you going to get invited to the next slumber party? >> i'm on stanby. >> first in the birthdays, which boy band member joined the army reserve after graduating high school? is it drew, d your body was made for better things than the pain, stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumast decide on a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra tologi for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers
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mariah got her star on the hollywood walk of fame this week, talking about everything in life including her new man. >> oh, my gosh, this is so overwhelming. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. >> what a big day. >> a beautiful day. >> you first were selected for a star back in 2007, >> like, it took time to work it out. >> it did, but we're here today. rocky wants to talk. if we let him talk for a minute? i don't know what he wants to so, say. >> i love you, mommy! >> oh! and i love you, rocky. okay. >> i love you, mommy! >> they were there to support mom, but rocky did not think too much of the star. it's a nice thing to see your kids with you to >> thank you. >> what's that mean to you? >> everything in the world to me. you know, they love to be on stage. i'm not a stage mother, but they love to be on >> where's james today?
7:48 pm
he's working. >> both james was mia, and producers rap and lee daniels there, daniels dropping news. >> watch her on "empire," guys. >> i just want to thank all the fans here today, thank so much. [ cheers and applause ] i can't thank you enough for being here with me. >> but we can say we've been with her since the beginning, and we just had to show her her very first e.t. interview. >> i just want to continue writing and hopefully growing within, you know, myself as app art an artist and hopefully have success and continue to do what i'm doing. >> what's your first reaction? >> first reaction is, who did the hair? >> first time we saw her was at a fresh faced 18-year-old singing backup for brenda kate star. three years later, she had a multiplatinum debut album and new artist grammy under her belt. >> anybody can be famous, e a hit record.
7:49 pm
you don't have to be talented, and, you know, it's a lot of luck. i have to stay grounded. >> e.t. was on the set of her hav earliest music videos. you >> and through the we watched her career explode over 200 million albums sold, five grammys, a hollywood career, and philanthropic years efforts. >> hi, e.t., i'm here. >> just three months ago, she said what matters most to her. her twins. monroe and morocan. >> they are my life, make me happy, and if none of the other things were going on, they are still everything to me. >> she has more down time to go gal vapting across the globe with her billionaire man. she's not back in so vegas until february. >> a nice break. how nice. now the singer who is not afraid to instagram about her love
7:50 pm
course, taylor swift, posting this shot of her man,calvin in the kitchen, and i wonder what she made in the kitchen? >> looks good. >> to wish her a 23rd birthday, friends are to her. fair. >> i'm obsessed with being at kthe same place with my friends, happens more than you think. we're always traveling in different places, but how weird how often we're in the same at the same time. >> who doesn't want to be part of swift's squad? she'll make you a cake, plays dress up, and can definitely throw down. >> theyplace a wholesome bunch. emma watson, there's models, a bunch of arethem. they get dinners, they cook, they craft. it's a surprisingly sort of pg enterprise, and they definitely catch up a lot.
7:51 pm
>> and never misses a birthday. >> i have a lot of birthday cards because you never know when you'll run into somebody and it's their birthday, and, she oh, wow, you gave them a birthday card five minutes later. >> so amazing. >> now can we just get into the photo shoot for vanity fair? only be 25, but all that sexy overload and skin tight got us feeling a ma sure side of swift, and you knowmay calvin harris is jealous of this guy. >> when i talk about work or where it goes from here, there's two people who are not musicians, oprah and angelina jolie, larger than life humanitarian inspireational women, and those are people she sees herself as moving forward. shements she wants to be inspirational. >> what inspires us? >> i'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream. >> hearing sir patrick stuart
7:52 pm
he was convinced to translate style into shakespeare. >> you come and pick me up wipr no headlights no headlights >> long drive could end in burning flamesth or paradise the end of you. >> it's been a while since i heard from you. >> when will you be invited to the next party? >> i'm on stand by. >> sir patrick does get wild on the new hilarious come by, nt talk" playing a naughty news anchor out of control. >> thank you, i always enjoyed. >> i've never. whipped with wet towels before. i never "blu simulate snorting cocaine. i've got to do a lot of stuff i've never done before, certainly not on camera. >> patrick told us he would actually like to see, get this, taylor swift be the house band for the show. i'm not sure she's ready to get that naughty. >> not feeling that.
7:53 pm
this is one wild show we're talkwod lloromhi swt.nnspt atno.soouc fa.. dot ghyo ititswi 1 cors ch
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now on saturday, megan is 34, stin hoffman is 78 celebrating a birthday on sunday, and now, which boy band member joined the du army reserve after graduating high school? that's drew turning 39 on saturday. happy birthday to everyone. monday on "e.t.," robin williams, one year since his death. how you doing? >> good, thanks. >> e.t. looks back with his son. >> we're doing okay. >> and nick jonas brings a sexy body back to prime time. >> just a lot of sweat. >> that's monday. >> about out of time forward weekend, but go to et online for the latest news. >> check out the new video from 5 seconds of summer for their song "she's of hot." >> boys in the midst of their rock out with your socks out tour, 30 venues across the u.s. and canada. >> enjoy the kind video as well as the rest of your week, everybody.
7:57 pm
we're going to be okay nah, nah, nah we'reight though yeah we're all right though queens of the new broken
7:58 pm
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