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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  August 9, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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live from studio 46 this is cbs 2 news. an nfl hall of famer, a veteran sportscaster and husband to kathie lee, frank gifford has passed away. i am diane macedo. gifford died this morning in
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connecticut. matt kozar is live. >> reporter: in the days of football's infancy when padding and helmets offered little protection, frank gifford stood out as a player that could excel on offense and defense. his fame and popularity grew in his second career as a broadcaster and subsequent to his wife kathie lee. >> gifford is trapped. that doesn't phase frank. >> reporter: with fancy footwork and brute toughness, frank gifford led the giants to a league championship in 1956 and was named mvp. he grew up in california where he played for usc and a documentary, gifford he said he caught the attention of giants' owner while playing against army at yankee stadium. >> when i arrived here in 1952, $8,000 and a $250 signing bonus. >> reporter: after retiring from the nfl, gifford worked as an analyst and announcer.
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first at cbs and then abc where he was a cornerstone at monday conservative games. in 1986, he married talk show host kathie lee gifford. they had two children and lived in greenwich, connecticut, which is where he died this morning natural causes. said, we rejoice in the extraordinary life he was privileged to live, and we feel grateful and blessed to have been loved by such an amazing human being. his wife tweeted, deeply grateful to all for your outpouring of grace. we are steadfast in our faith and finding comfort in knowing where frank is. phillipions 4:13. fans of the hall of famer are reacting to his death and remembering his football and broadcasting career. >> when he was an announcer he was the face of the nfl. >> he was very effective on a very effective team. >> as an athlete, he saturday
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quality standard for all athletes. >> reporter: frank gifford grew up poor during the depression. his father was an oil worker and gifford said the family moved 47 times before he entered high school. occasionally, they slept in parks, the family car and sometimes ate dog food. his accomplishments are a testament to his perserverance. steve obermeyer will have more in sports. >> thank you. new at 7:30, another report of a drone seen flying near a tri-state area airport. the port authority says the drone was flying in the path of an oncoming plane. it happened at newark liberty airport today. last week there were three reports in three days of drones near jfk airport. and the search continues tonight for a missing kayaker in duchess county. rescuers pulled singer annie lennox's daughter from the hudson river. they have not found her boyfriend. they went into the water saturday morning. mark morgan has more from the scene.
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>> reporter: search parties continue to comb through the water and shoreline along this one-mile stretch of the hudson river. they are looking for ian jones, who disappeared when his kayak capsized on saturday. the 32-year-old jones seen here in instagram photos was kayaking with his girlfriend, the daughter of sedgier annie lennox, when their kayak overturned. fruit man was rescued by a passing vessel, but jones remained unaccounted for. neither person was wearing a live preserver when they went into the water. dan has been boating on this part of the hudson for 12 years answered knows how dangerous these waters can be. >> the current can be five to six knots. so difficult to swim against. difficult to get to shore. it's nothing mess around with. >> reporter: and search crews starting early in the morning were dealing with that current on sunday. at least two boats were equipped with sonar scanning and divers
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were underwater as well. meanwhile, annie lennox made no official statement, saying only, tully is okay. the sheer size of the search area and the rough water conditions have made this investigation very difficult. reporting from statsberg, new york, mark morgan, cbs 2 news. and crews will suspend that search after sundown tonight. well, there is a dramatic rescue from a burning boat off the jersey shore. look at these images. the coast guard rescued two people and a dog after their sailboat went up in flames. an emergency call went out just before 11:00 this morning about three miles from ocean city. luckily, no one was hurt. no word yet on what caused that fire. >> it been one year since a black teenager was fatally shot by a white police officer in ferguson, missouri. michael brown's death set off weeks of unrest in ferguson, and nationwide protests. it also led to greater scrutiny of police departments and how officers interact with black communities. gathered to mark the anniversary. cbs 2's don champion is live
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with more. >> reporter: good afternoon, diane. today's march and moment of silence capped a weekend of remembrances for the brown family. one year later, one thing is for certain. anger over this case is still raw in ferguson. surrounded by family members, michael brown senior laid teddy bear at the spot where his 18-year-old son was killed a year ago in ferguson, missouri. >> personally, it's the a loss. a lot of good came out because he is still right here with us. >> reporter: wearing t-shirts bearing michael brown jr.'s picture and the words chosen for change. they led a four and a half mile march in normandy high school where the team had graduated. hundreds took part walking along west florissant avenue where violence and looting rocked the communities in the weeks and months following brown's death. the white police officer responsible was cleared of any wrongdoing. >> we don't believe things like this should happen in america. >> reporter: gary orr brought
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his 7-year-old grandson to the march. what do you tell him? >> i try it tell him to remain who he is. we try to teach him to respect police. >> reporter: in the year since brown's killing, the city of ferguson has started making changes. officials hired an interim police chief who is black and overhauled their court system. the department of justice found it has been unfairly targeting blacks and minorities. >> racism that is really build this town. >> reporter: now, crowds are expected to gather here along west florissant avenue tonight. it is the same strip that saw the violent clashes between police and protesters after brown's killing. tonight diane brown's county is calling for peace. >> thanks so much. here at home protesters are gathering in union square to mark the anniversary of brown's
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death. cbs 2's steve langford to covering that demonstration. >> reporter: about 100 people gathered here in union square late this afternoon to remember a young unarmed black man who died at the hands of a white today. a thousand miles from here in ferguson, missouri. the modest turnout acknowledged by some who pointed to marches and demonstrations that continue in ferguson, versus this, new york city, home to 8.5 million people in the city alone. be that as it may, those who alive the memory of michael later. in union square, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> and there were similar demonstrations in brooklyn and in harlem. now to the bronx outbreak of legionnaires' disease. the health department upped the numbers of diagnosed cases to 1-0 nine. towers again today.
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they have hit well over 100 buildings. the city has added dozens more towers to its list of those needing inspection. the governor promises the work is being done quickly and thoroughly. >> it's a combination of testing and treating the towers. we feel like we are making good progress. i don't care if it's the south bronx, new yorkers are new yorkers and i am going to make sure their government there for them. >> ten people have died in the outbreak. the last depth was reported three days ago. donald trump isn't backing down and refuse to go apologize for comments he made suggesting megyn kelly was hormonal when she questioned him. he tried to clarify his comments today on "face the nation." >> i said blood was essentially pouring from her eyes, blood was pouring -- and i wanted to get on with the residents of the sentence. i was going to say nose or ears and i said let's get on.
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i said wherever. and there was nothing -- only a deviant would have thought otherwise. >> trump has been very critical of the questions he received during the debate. he also called deli a bimbo and a lightweight. next horror in houston. eight people, including six children, found dead. the suspect police have in custody and why they think he went on this killing spree inside a home. also a dead away tack in yell stone national park. the search for a grizzly bear after a hiker was found dead. another beautiful day. another weekend where we really didn't see any rain. so what's in store for the work week. will we finally get much needed rain? i will have details coming up. more reaction from the giants on the passing of the legendary frank gifford. and the yankees bats fell silent once again. they also snapped a streak that's lasted 16 years. we will explain later in sports.
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police have made an arrest after a family of eight was brutally murdered inside a texas home. authorities say six children and two adults were handcuffed and house. the suspect 48-year-old david connolly has a violent criminal history. after getting a call from a family relative to check on the home last night, sheriff's deputies spotted the body of a child through a window. they forced their way inside and the suspect began shooting at him. he surrendered after ap hour long stand-off. he had a previous relationship with the mother. >> the killer's motives appear
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to be related to a dispute with valerie, who was his former domestic partner. >> the six children murdered ranged in age from six years old to 13. and a deadly attack in yellowstone national park. authorities believed a grizzly bear killed a hiker. the victim's body was found in a popular off trail area on friday. investigators say partial tracks found at the scene indicate that an adult female and one cub were involved. the victim was a long-term seasonal employee who worked for the company that operates the park's urgent care clinics. biologists have set the bear traps in the area. and in florida a woman is recovering in the hospital after an alligator bit off her arm. she was swimming in a river with a group of people yesterday but she left to go to a more secluded area when the alligator attacked. kayakers rescued the woman and wildlife officers captured and killed the gator hours later. we have a sad update now on the dolphin discovered in the rare ton river. marine workers say that dolphin died. now, it was spotted there
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wednesday. crews did try to coax it back into the bay, but they were unsuccessful. rescuers then took the bottle nosed doll phipp out of the water when it was trapped. veterinarian. 6th avenue. hundreds turn out for the dominican day parade. and a beautiful day to in the park. up? vanessa is next with your
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. caribbean pride was on full display in midtown today. take a look. the annual dominican day parade took over 6th avenue from 34th to 54th streets. as always, parade goers came
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with dominican flags and enthusiasm. many of the marchers also were wearing heavy costumes, but luckily the temperatures didn't climb too high. so a beautiful day for the dominican day parade. vanessa murdoch is here with your exclusive cbs 2 forecast to let us know what is in store for the rest of the week. seasonal today. cooler over the next couple. that's because we have rain on the way. it will get more humid into monday, and especially tuesday. tuesday looking to be the most muggy and soaking day of the next seven. we do want to check in with our weather watches. temperatures for us hanging on in the 70s and 80s. what's happening right now, let's take a look. 80 degrees says elaine. she says sunshine in brooklyn, new york, right now. beautiful way to end the weekend. and then 81 degrees not too far away says kathy in new milford, new jersey. relative humidity at 44%. i assure you that will be climbing over the next couple of days. live outside right now a
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beautiful picture from high atop the empire state building with mostly sunny skies and 79 in central park with south winds at 11 miles per hour. let's talk about the rain because we actually could use some rain at this point in time. since january 1st, about 25 inches in the bucket. but that's 5 inches below normal. well tighten the time grid here. since june 1, we have gotten nearly 10 inches. 1.75 below normal. my grass is parched. i could use some rain and i think we will get some tuesday. tomorrow there ia slight chance, tuesday, a better bet. on the vortex satellite and radar picture right now more clouds on the eastern end of long island as expected and generally at that point in time things are starting to settle down a little. so looking nice to end the day out there. high pressure in control. but that does not last. we have low pressure making its approach. in fact, this warm front you see right here is the beginnings of what's going to make a very soggy tuesday around here. so hour by hour, what can you
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expect? tonight looking okay. but as we head towards the morning hours the clouds will thicken across the region. winds out of the east. a slight chance of some spotty drizzle and spotty showers early tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon better chance of some isolated shower activity. as we go into tuesday morning here we are at your morning drive time tuesday morning. we could see some flooding rains. towards 10:00 a.m. we are looking at strong storms possible. and as we go into the afternoon it doesn't end. tuesday it the best bet for getting some rain. 81 into monday. we will see more clouds around tomorrow and that chance for spotty drizzle early. some showers late. early tuesday through the day a chance of rain and thunderstorms. we could have some isolated flooding with a high of 79. it will be very muggy. high pressure builds in after that. wednesday, thursday, friday looking great. seasonal. in the mid 80s and comfortable. looking at chance for showers next saturday. >> people might not be happy about the rain, but the plants these it and so do the reservoirs. thanks so much. coming up in sports, a
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strange scene at yankees stadium. find out what hit brett gardner
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in the back after this. time to check in with steve. >> a tough day today, obviously, because frank gifford was guy who left new yorkers with so many fond memories. today though it's tough to feel anything but heartache.
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gifford passed away at the age of 84. he played his entire career as a new york giant, wells fargo number 16. in 1956, he was the nfl mvp title. an eight time pro bowler, hall of famer, best known as a broadcaster on monday night football. but always a giant. team president john mayeris said frank gifford was the ultimate giant. he said from my siblings and me, he was a revered older brother admired. an ebb and flow to a baseball season. ridiculous 90 runs in ten games, balance out at some point. this offensive slump is particularly ugly because it comes at a really bad time facing the team behind them in the standings. does tanaka have a home run problem? he gave up two more home runs today. josh donaldson got to him and so did jose bautista. these two are the best sluggers
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in baseball. but tanaka's home run per nine inning ratio is 1.63. that is the sixth most in baseball. watch what happens afterwards. a fan throws the ball back on the field and it hits brett gardner in the back of his neck. gardy was fine. he stayed in the game. he is a trooper. the yankees' bats were dead quiet again. today they are shut out for the second straight game. they have not been shut out in back-to-back starts in more than 2600 games. not since 1999. how did that season end? jays end up sweeping the series. they cut the yankees' lead to a game and a half though. >> it's a bump in the road. we have been swinging the bats well all season. this is just an unfortunate timing of the series. >> it's frustrating. obviously, we don't want anybody to sweep us. >> we definitely took a punch this weekend. good teams punch back. >> megs looking to take the rubber game series against the rays. it was another quick start.
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three in the first last night. today three in the second. murphy a two-out single. mets wouldn't let a three-run lead evaporate for the second straight game, would they? bartolo colon has given up a lot of home runs. 18 to be exact. john jaso would tie it here. a couple of innings later colon still on the hill. shaeffer gets a hold one. that's not coming back. the rays in front 4-3. the mets never threatened the rest of the way. granderson grounds out to end this one. the rays take two of three. 4-3 the final. the nationals also losing. so mets remain a game and a half up. well, jets fans, geno smith has a bit of an earful last night. he was booed mercilessly after fumbling a couple of times. he said we wished we could have seen his face because he was smiling. the jets' qb seems to have improved composure in his -- he is certainly the face of all this tough love.
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he has bounced back to throw two touchdown passes to brandon marshall, both of which drew huge cheers. the jets' first preseason is game thursday night against the lions right here on cbs 2. >> the best way to answer criticism. play well. >> throw some touchdowns. >> thanks so much. at 6:30. for the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks for joining us. we will be back again tonight 11.
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see you then. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks


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