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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 9, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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remembering frank gifford. tonight we look back at the life of the giants' icon, famous commentator, and a beloved father. i'm diane macedo as cindy hsu is off tonight. gifford reinvented himself after playing the sport, this time reporting it. this is from years before he was a famous play-by-play announcer. >> reporter: frank gifford grew
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up during the depression and defied all expectations during every leg of his career and had gridiron. >> down the middle for the impossible catch by frank giffod. >> reporter: the fancy footwork and toughness defined frank gifford. he played three different positions on offense and defense, and in 1956 he led the team to a championship and was named mvp. he grew up in california attending ufc on a scholarship. >> they were talking about the draft, and gifford went to the giants number one, and i thought i went what? >> reporter: after retiring as a player, gifford was not finished with football. he was a sports caster, first at cbs. >> next, the sports news brought to us by the only one -- or should that be the one
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and only, frank gifford. >> reporter: we dug into our broadcast. he moved to abc where he was a corner stone on monday night football, and after two previous marriages, in 1986 he married kathie lee give ford. on twitter she wrote: the couple lived with their two children in greenwich, connecticut, where he died of natural causes and his family said we rejoin in the extraordinary life he was privileged to have lived and we feel grateful and blessed to have been loved by such an amazing human being. fans are reacting to his death. >> when he was an announcer, he was the face of the nfl.
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>> as an athlete, he set the quality standard for all athletes. >> reporter: in addition to kathie lee, he's survived by five children and five grandchildren. >> great to see the videos, and reaction to his death is pouring in on social media. this was a tweet from one of broadcasters for espn. always mr. monday night, rest in peace. tiki barber rest in peace. one of our former greats. and this photo was posted with the hash tag #fightonforever. a scare in the air as flights approach newark airport. several airplanes reported drone sighting as they prepared to land. hazel sanchez with the story. >> reporter: a disturbing warning from the aircraft
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control at newark liberty international airport on sunday afternoon. >> reporter: crews from four commercial flights, express jet, northwest, and two united flights reported seeing a drone as they approached run way four right, the aircraft at an altitude of 2,000 to 3,000 feet and 8 to 13 miles from the airport. >> we just saw the drone at 3,000 here 16.5 dme. >> 3,000 feet probably 400 off the left wing. >> ability how far off the left did you say? >> about a quarter of a mile, and it's a reg drone. >> pilots are well trained, trained for emergency situations, but things like a bird strike or something like a drone is unpredictable and out of their control, and it's extremely dangerous. >> reporter: the faa has seen
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an increase in drone sightings around the country including days. and it's against the law to fly the unmanned aircraft near the manned planes, and some say it screams for tougher regulations. >> the drones can be helpful or harmful for the future, and we need to get a handle on it. >> i think it's stupid people doing stupid things. >> reporter: all the flights landed safely, and no one was hurt. there's drones with software that makes them inoperable in designated no fly zones, and some drone companies are suggesting that technology be made universal for all unmanned aircrafts. >> violators could face a fine of up to $25,000 and criminal charges if caught. crews have suspended the
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search for a missing kayaker in dutchess county until tomorrow morning. ian jones' kayak capsized on saturday. he was paddling with his girlfriend, the daughter of annie lennox. jones is still missing after she was reused. crews spent the day searching for him. boaters say the currents in the area can be dangerous. >> current can be 5 to 6 knots, and it's difficult to swim against and difficult to get to shore, and pretty serious. nothing mess around with. >> neither were wearing a life preserver when they went into the water. at 11, police are searching for a burglar who stole $4,000 in cash and jewelry, and according to police, the suspect in this video entered a building on bedford avenue around 11:30 last night, and police said he stole six guchi
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watches, and the suspect was last scene wearing a black shirt and blue jeans with white shoes. the number of diagnosed cases of legionnaires' is now at 109. ten have died, and 76 have been treated and discharged. the mayor is city council will introduce legislation tomorrow to fight the outbreak, and governor cuomo says the state is doing all they can after identifying the cooling towers that are the source of the outbreak. >> it's a combination of testing and treating the towers, and we feel like we are making good progress. i don't care if it's the south bronx or sutton place. new yorkers are new yorkers, and i'm going to make sure the government is there for them. >> the disease is spread through legionnare bacteria. if flourishes with the air is warm outside.
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many today came out to mark the 1 year anniversary of michael brown's death. there were also tributes and calls for action in our area, and steve langford has more. >> reporter: 1,000 miles for ferguson, missouri a diein at the barclays center in memory of an unarmed man killed by a police officer a year ago today. >> what's his name? >> michael brown. >> what is his name? >> michael brown! >> reporter: michael brown not forgotten in new york city as protemperaturessers made their point across the city. >> turn up to turn down. >> we are doing this for mike brown! >> reporter: the 18-year-old's death is still sad shorthand nation wyoming for --
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nationwide for the shootings of young black men. >> it's hard for me because, you know, i have like two young sons, and i don't want them to grow up in this kind of an environment, with the police attacking the african american community. >> look the the face, girls and boys. a rally in union square to remember michael brown and so many others, including this man's son killed by a police bullet in 1994. >> i have been out here on the streets protesting and rallying for the last 21 years for justice for my son, 13-year-old honor student nicholas junior. >> reporter: a long and sometimes lonely crusade for the american life. steve langford, cbs 2 news. flames shot out of a new jersey gas station tonight after a car crashed into two other vehicles, and it happened
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at the senoco on west mill word around 6:00 p.m. witness photos showed the fire and black smoke billowing into the air. the driver suffered a medical emergency, lost control, and hit the two cars and then hit the gas pump. the driver was taken to the hospital, amazingly no one else was hurt. you may remember cbs 2 demand answers about a sink hole in the bronx, and we got action. residents were complaining about the hole on young avenue, and they said they called the city's 311 number over and over again to get it fixed, and there were ridges in the pavement showing where the undercarriages of cars gouged right into it. the city had paved over the hole at least once, but the problem remained until we called, and now there's fresh black top over the hole. >> it was a terrible situation a dangerous one, and i'm glad channel 2 got into it to move things up a bit. >> earlier the city said it was the result of the two faulty
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sewer lines that needed to be fixed by homeowners. still ahead, donald trump is sounding off, responding to the backlash from members of his own party. he's refusing to apologize to women, one woman in particular. the details ofen a daring rescue that followed on the beach. back to school bargains. how much money you can save from supplies to computers. a 101-year-old man reveals his secrets for health and happiness. >> i will take some of whatever he is offering up. it sounds like amazing stuff. the forecast looking good this weekend, and rain on the way. so much needed rain on the way, and i will tell you when it's likely to arrive coming up in the full forecast. steve? vanessa, landon cassill is
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joining us to about it about racing cars and his iron -- us to talk about racing cars and
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turning to campaign 2016. donald trump says his comments
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about thursday night's debate moderator, megyn kelly are being taken wrong. some say he insisted she was menstruating, but he says he would never do such a thing. >> i will be phenomenal to the women. i will help women. >> i just wanted to get on with the rest of the sentence. blood was pouring out of her, i wanted to say nose or ears, but i wanted to go on. i have thousands of women working for me. >> reporter: the one network where he didn't appear? fox news. megyn kelly responded. >> he felt attacked, and it wasn't an attack, it was a fair question. >> reporter: that cost him his top consultant, and his rivals are struggling to respond without alienating voters. >> i made a decision on donald
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trump, if i comment on everything he says, my campaign will be consumed on it. >> it's the voter's role to determine who they are going to connect to. others are addressing it head on. >> the kind of rhetoric we have heard from mr. trump is not appropriate for the presidential election. >> i will not be quiet. i will call out mr. touch or anyone else. >> they were completely inappropriate and offensive comments, period. >> trump also called kelly a lightweight and retweeted a comment that said she was a bimbo. kelly says her questions during the the debate were not an attack. hillary clinton reportedly turned over all her work- related e-mails to the state department. the democratic presidential candidate says she turned over the e-mails after she was ordered to certify under penalty of perjury that she had done so. she repeatedly denied that she sent classified information
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under her e-mail server. new information for the search for two teenagers off the coast of florida. the 14-year-olds' families have called off the search. the coast guard found their overturned boat, but they suspended their search after a week while their parents continued to look for the boys, and the families are now starting a foundation in this the boys' honor to promote youth boating education. this sailboat went up in flames, and the emergency call went out just before 11:00 this morning, 3 miles away from ocean city. no one was injured, and no word what caused the fire. time to check with vanessa forecast. >> reporter: beautiful weekend, and rain is now on the way h many are saying we need it! let's check with our weather watchers to see what they have to say as to what happened today, where things are right
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now, and it's a very pleasant evening, and here we go. first stop, 70 degrees, and that's from barry goldburg, in bloomingdale, new jersey. looking forward to tuesday's rain fall, and he has recorded only .08 of an inch so far in august, and other reports indicate that grass, it's starting to look like hay out there, and checking here, 73 degrees near lebanon, new jersey. a few clouds, and relative humidity, 69%. a couple of things that will be changing, humidity levels will be on the rise and temperatures will be dropping, and right now, it's a beautiful evening state building. 72degrees, and the south winds at 8 miles an hour. the highs looking like this seasonal, and 74 the norm. 85 in central park, and bridgeport, connecticut, at 82, and your temperature trend, moving forward, and it's one of cooler air pushing on in. that's because we will see more
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clouds. 81 tomorrow, 79 on tuesday, and tuesday is looking to be the the soggiest day of the next 7. for tonight, no more wet weather in the forecast. just skies clear now, becoming more cloudy as the morning approaches, and generally we will start off with the mixture of sunshine and clouds. maybe a stray shower or spotty drizzle. by tomorrow afternoon, as the storm system gets closer to us, a better chance of isolated showers tomorrow afternoon, and then tuesday, we will really see the brunt of it. tuesday morning, we could see localized flooding with the system. here's what it will look like hour by hour. tonight at midnight, looking good. tomorrow morning, a few more clouds out there, and it's okay to start your day. isolated showers are possible, and into tuesday morning, for messy one. low aliasessed flooding out there, and the trend continues
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throughout the day on tuesday, and showers in the mix. wednesday and thursday high pressure is building back in with a great end to the week. isolated showers are possible, and 79 on tuesday, mainly cloudy and muggy. after that, seasonal with the the mid-80s and sun. i want to fast forward to saturday, a sneak peek chance of showers. >> a few days to enjoy your outdoor plans? >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. there may be a shortage of birthday candles right now in westchester, and william renic is the reason why. you may not believe it, but he's celebrating his 100th birthday, and there was a party for him today in mont vernon. we asked him for the secrets to a long, healthy life. >> try to be nice to peek and do the right thing. don't drink, don't smoke.
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>> his parents were slaves, and he has been living in new york since 1944. still to come, the best buys of august. the retailers offering the deep discounts, but for 1 month only. a woman's frighten moments in the water, and what kayakers used to save her. a woman goes the distance, swimming 30-miles in shark- infested waters. follow us on facebook at
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a woman from new zealand has added one to the history box. 38-year-old kim chambers is the first woman to swim a 30-mile stretch to the golden gate bridge. she did it yesterday, and it's one of the world's most dangerous crossings, notorious for great white sharks. she was followed by a boat with her mother and crew members, and she said at some points she didn't think she was going to make it. >> reporter: the yankees are still in first place in the division, and they were sent the message this weekend the bluejays are coming.
11:26 pm
tanaka didn't make a lot of mistakes, but the blue jays made him pay for the mistakes he did make. they have gone 26 straight scoreless innings, and their lead on the jays in the al east is a game and a half, and that's the exact lead the mets have in the nl east. richie schaffer just had bartolo colon's number, and that's the game winner for the second straight day. the mets lose to tampa, and later in the show we will talk to landon cassill, the nascar driver who has qualified for the ironman. >> i wish he was a little more athletic. >> steve, thank you. looking forward to more on that. the best and worst subways for wifi, and a bus driver to the rescue. >> i was at the right place at the right time. >> a baby all alone and just feet from danger.
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sweeter. japan, many parked the 7th anniversary of the atomic bombing today. many attended a mass in nagasaki. it detonated about 1500 feet from the church, decimating the largest christian community in japan. 74,000 people die in the attack. we have new information on the robbery of a bronx laundromat caught on surveillance video.
11:31 pm
jose muniese was arrested. an employee was cleaning the machines when a masked man demanded money, making off with $250. a florida woman is recovering a an alligator bit off her arm. the woman was swimming with a group of people but left to go to a secluded area when the gator attack. rescuers had to beat the gator off with paddles to bring her to shore. >> i saw her swimming, and for her to come back without an arm, that was scary. >> wildlife officers captured and killed the alligator hours later. a new tribute to elvis presley ahead. and packed platforms and stations, rush hour delays, and state lawmakers in new jersey are now trying to improve service on new jersey transit, and from laptops, supplies, to back-to-school secrets revealed. what every parent needs to
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erhi wdo bau owhal mte mt.e odssf tsanthpelee ve a bus driver in wisconsin is getting a lot of attention after saving the life of a toddler all caught on video. tim holman was on his bus route when he couldn't believe his eyes. the little girl was in the middle of the street. he pulled over and approached her. >> i asked if it was okay i picked her up, and i put my arms out and she put her arms up and said mama, and that was kind of pretty good. >> the one and a half-year-old wandered out of the house while her father was taking a nap. he said he was at right place at the right time, and if you tried to use your smart phone on the subway, you know it's frustrating. a new survey from global wireless solution shows the best and worst lines. for overall data performance,
11:36 pm
the q, b and r lines and the worst are the 5, 4, and z lines, and the city has been rolling out wifi service to the 279 stations in the transit system, but the project will not be finished until 2017. here's a look at what is happening in the week ahead. on monday amtrak's vice president will go before new jersey lawmakers to answer questions after a week of major delays for the new jersey commuters. on tuesday the ntsb will meet to determine the probable cause of a did i will crash near cranberry. one person was killed and four others seriously injured including tracy morgan, and on wednesday, forever stamps featuring elvis presley will go on sale, and it will have a black and white photo with his signature on the side, and on the corner a crown for the king of rock and roll. there's about a month left for most kids, and now is the right time to schedule a back-
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to-school physical exam, and it allows the doctor to monitor the child's physical activity, nutrition, and sleep, and it's important to have hearing and vision tested before being in the classroom. >> it can affect the way the child performs in school. if you sent them into the classroom without the eye careening, they can have problems seeing the board. >> reporter: it's recommend every child get a physical exam every year. august shoppers can expect deals on books, binders and back backs, and alex denis has what you need to know before you go out and buy the school supplies. >> reporter: save on school supplies before the first bell. the back-to-school shopping season is in full swing, and you can save on clothes, office supplies, and home goods, and august is usually the highest number of coupons up to 32% off according to and don't forget to ask for
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student discounts at stores like apple, best buy, and microsoft. during the first half of the month, dorm and office items are on sale and look for 20% to 30% off binders, backpacks, and more, and clothing offers will be common throughout the month. don't wait until labor day to plan a last summer getaway. if you can travel beforehand, you can score great deals in late august, and prices will peek during the holiday weekend. an affordable last-minute trip may be in your future. alex denis, cbs 2 news. >> the shots of the beach are looking good. now to vanessa murdock to see for us. >> tomorrow will be an okay beach day, and tuesday, we are going to say no. expecting strong to severe thunderstorms, and possibly localized flooding as well, and this evening, none of that,
11:39 pm
very comfortable out there and we will look at current temperatures, 68 in babylon, and 64 in monticello. greenwich at 71. this is from one last dry night. a few stray showers possible tomorrow, and best bet in the afternoon. better bet monday through tuesday, and it's tuesday we are looking at the possibility of strong storms, and possibly localized flooding, but we need the rain right now, and since june 1st, we have gotten 9.75 inches, but that's 1.25 inches below the norm, and we have the grounds that are just kind of parched, and rain is on the way on tuesday, looking our absolute best this week. on the vortex satellite and radar, skies overhead, and what's on the way? a two-prong system that will join forces, moving east, bringing us the chances for showers tomorrow and soaking rain on tuesday, and here's the
11:40 pm
breakdown of your day tomorrow. 9:00a.m., feeling like 75, and it's more humid tomorrow, maybe a spotty shower out there, and by noon, 78, feeling like 81. still possibly some spotty showers, but really as we get to the 3:00 and 6:00 hour, better bet for showers out there and 81 at 3, feeling like 82 degrees, and more clouds into the afternoon as well. not a washout to start your workweek again, and tuesday is the day we expect soaking rains. diane? >> thank you so much. >> thank you, vanessa. remember you get weather updates by downloading the cbs 2 weather app. you can get the forecast, check live radar, and send us your photos and videos. it's all free and available on the itunes store. still ahead, first come, first serve for the yankees and the mets, and steve overmyer sits down with a nascar driver in studio. and you can follow us on
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well the yankees have given their fans an inspiring, if not surprising season, and they have spent most of this year in first place, and rarely a comfortable lead, and no need to make the deadline trade because, why mess with great chemistry? but now the division lead is just a little bit less comfortable. trying to salvage the weekend after dropping the first series
11:44 pm
in more than a month. matsuzaka tanaka has not been the same since they discovered the tear in his elbow. mccann inside stanaka does not hit the mark. joey launches it into the second deck, and it didn't much matter because the yankees were plead nothing contest at the plate. it's been 26 innings since they last scored a run. the jays knock down the division lead to a game and a half. >> it's just a bump in the road. we have been swinging the bats well all season. it's an unfortunate timing of the series. >> it's frustrating, and obviously we don't want to come in here and sweep us, and we are like the team right behind us, chasing us. >> we definitely took a punch punch back. >> reporter: the mets are in first place by a game and a half, and the feeling in the mets' clubhouse is optimistic, and one reason is because of
11:45 pm
their captain, david wright. he will begin his rehab assignment soon, and if all goes well, we will talk about his return in about a week. how about daniel murphy? he appears to be headed to free agency, but he continues to produce at the plate. .379 this month, and they open it up in the the second. colon was undefeated in day games, but maybe it was the wrong side of the bed this morning john knocks in 2. the rays tie it, and colon's pitch count is low in the 7th inning, and so was his fastball unfortunately. richie schaffer with the mets dropping 2 of 3 this weekend, and they lead the division by a game and a half. we don't spend a lot of time talking about nascar, but landon cassill's story is too
11:46 pm
good not to. he's a qualifier for the ironman championship. i asked how he can be that kind of athlete and training to race on the biggest scene in the sport. >> i put in a lot of training this week, and i train 8-10 hours on an easy week to 20-25 hours on a heavy week. even today i had to work out, you no i before and after i see you. >> did you run through the streets of manhattan. >> yes, actually, absolutely. you know, there's just a lot of time involved in balancing my schedule and travel and being on the road for 36 weeks a year withsin car. i have to be intentional and disciplined. i can feel the benefit. in the car. triathlon is not just a hobby i'm overon setted with. >> i tunsst not only the workouts b it's really the nutrition as well.
11:47 pm
you're operatingen a plant- based nutrition system, is that right? >> a plant-based diet, and i mean really, it's the whole picture, and for me as a professional athlete and as someone who wants to put myself on the edge, you be adds fit as you want and work out as much as you want or race as hard as you want, but if you're not fueling yourself where what you want, you're not going to reap the benefits. for me, i found a plant-based diet is the way to perform. the plant-based protein helps me recover evening ever more than anything else. i'm working out 6 or 7 days a week, and products like beyond meat, i eat the beast burger for lunch, and throw the avocado on it, and that's the best thing you can do for your body. your muscles adapt so quickly,
11:48 pm
you did can get back to work. >> what happens when you're on the track and fell smelling dog but barbecue on the infield the burgers. >> reporter: you can still have a plant-based barbecue. there's ways to eat clean and still have those things, but you have to take your mind off the food as a pleasure source, and look at it as fuel. this is someone who wants to compete on a high level or as a healthy lifestyle. people are killing themselves with the food they are eating, and you can eat a plant-based diet that is cleaner than anything else. behind the wheel a 13th place finish at daytona, and a
11:49 pm
couple of top 15s. what's your measuring stick for success on an annual basis? >> i people our measuring stick is how we compare it to teams with our level of resources and funding insin car -- -- funding in nascar. >> you have to be good to be there, and i'm not just talking about drivers, but the mechanics and crew chiefs and everyone. if we can outrun the people in our group and steal the spots ahead of us, we know we are overachieving and doing everything we can and not leaving anything on the table.
11:50 pm
for us to finish in the top 15, we feel phenomenal, beating everyone we should be beating and another 10 cars. >> it's a much safer sport recently. is the fear of death that always used to be associated with cup racing, has that been eliminated because of the safer beariers with the hanz devices and such? >> i don't think it will ever be eliminated. nascar has done a phenomenal job developing the safety. the seats we use, my seat is custom carbon fiber, and it's very, very high end. for a team with limited resources, we don't shortchange the safety equipment, but the sport has also seen that we are still mortal and humans. kyle busch broke both of his
11:51 pm
legs and broke his foot in daytona in february that stuff can happen, and concussions are a big thing in our sport as they are with any other contact sport. >> sure. >> it's still -- the sport is safer than it ever has been, and the drivers and nascar are definitely not letting their guard down on it. we are constantly working on keeping things as safe as possible. >> you brought up kyle bush. he missed races this year, and even though he's a moment million time winner this year, he's on the verge of not making the cup. is that fair? race. you to be in the top 30 in points, and he has missed nearly half of the races we have raced so far. he has enough races left, he will get there, but you're talking -- looking at a guy that is more focused right now, and more determined to get to that position than ever, and he's got the cars to do it the team to do it and he has the
11:52 pm
determination, and i think he will get there, and it's a good story. >> i can't let you out of the studio without asking you about jeff gordon. the final season for jeff gordon, one of the legends of the sport. are you ever driving and thinking holy cow, that's jeff gordon i'm passing right now? >> i do! i grew up a race fan of the sport, and i'm still a fan, even though it's my livelihood. i'm as big of a fan as anybody. jeff and i have grow to be good acquaintances and grown closer over the last few years. i worked for him at hendrick motorsports when i was a test driver. i got to learn how he gives feedback and communicates with his team, and as recently has a few hourst hours ago, i spent time with him, talking about the sport and the direction of things and what the future
11:53 pm
looks like and stuff, and he's just a phenomenal person and phenomenal role model for our sport. he has had tremendous success, and i think he couldn't be retiring in a classier way. he's a great person, and i'm proud to be a part of his final races. >> which would you rather have the checkered flag at daytona or the ironman at kona, hawaii. >> i was afraid you would ask me that question. i think i would have to stick with my real job. [ laughter ] >> your sponsors are watching right now. >> that's right. my sponsors are watching, so the daytona 500, but what those athletes do and not just the world champions, but on the professional level, the 2,000 athletes that race in kona every year and complete the place under 17 hours, that's phenomenal, and that's something i can't wait to do some day, but we talk about all
11:54 pm
the training i put in right now, and i gotta double that to do kona, and that's definitely on the bucket list, but for now i'm going for daytona. this may be the first year for the new york derby, but it's serious. the fans of the red bulls, and nyfc got into a brawl outside of a bar. the red bulls going for the sweep, and they have bradley wright philips to thank for that. he scored his fourth goal in 3 matches against them. the redbulls put it away when philippe scores in the 58th minute. the nfl preseason underway. from canton, ohio, many of the regulars didn't participate, leaving room for the backups, and the vikings go on to win this one. the jets open up on thursday night against the lions, and the giants play on friday.
11:55 pm
we wrap up our segment with more on the passing of frank gifford. he played his entire career as a new york giant halfback and receiver. in 1956, he was the nfl mvp leading the giants to the title, and he was best known for his role as a broadcaster on monday night football. frank give ford was the ultimate giant. for my siblings and me, frank was like an older revered brother who we call looked up to and admired.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
frank gifford was 84. that does it for cbs 2 news at 11. for steve, vanessa, and the entire cbs 2 team, thank you for enjoying us. vanessa, enjoy the last 2
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