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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on the beach i would consider it a moderate to high risk. happen is because this person was not in a lifeguarded area. >> a bunch of people who ran familiar with. >> reporter: witnesses say lifeguards who were not on duty at this beach jumped into action immediately. time. this he just -- they were incredible how quickly they got over here. it was so rough. >> reporter: we are back life in sea bright, new jersey, where this is an unguarded beach. over the weekend the state police marine unit also recovering the body of a missing swimmer at sandy hook. rip currents expected to get worse tomorrow. chistine sloan, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. tides right now? for us. speak is at moderate for all of our surfside beaches.
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but you heard kristine say they are due to get stronger tomorrow. they are. a high risk tomorrow because of a our seas being churned up by an approaching storm. it's not here yet. i will give you a broader picture. tomorrow you will get rain. a lot of rain. it's going to do a job on the oceans. making those waves big and rip currents and the rip tides tomorrow and rip currents go up dramatically tomorrow. it goes from moderate risk to high risk. i often hear about the surfers wanting to hit the big waves. the timing on the rain coming up. to the legionnaires' outbreak in the bronx and the numbers are climbing tonight. the city now says 12 people have died. that is up by two from yesterday. the legionella bacteria have been found at two more locations. they are the department of homeless path intake center and
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home. new information now on efforts to end the outbreak from hazel sanchez. >> reporter: an unprecedented preventative move by new york city. legislation requiring the inspection of cooling towers. >> we are dealing with a new set of realities that we have never encountered before in this city. and as we experience this outbreak, we are making a series of changes in the approach that we undertake. >> reporter: the regulation would be the first of its kind in the country. all cooling towers would have to be registered with the city. willing lar testing and cleaning would be required. building owners would also need to be cooling towers inspected quarterly and get annual certifications.
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regulations are long overdue. >> nearly every commercial building has a cooling tower. some of the larger residential buildings. there are issues if the equipment isn't maintained properly, then issues like this can arise. >> reporter: cooling towers are not air conditioners. they pull heat from inside a building and use water and an evaporation process to transfer the heat outside. excess water lands in the catch basin where the bacteria can grow. why now? >> it's not a summer-oonly event. >> the majority of the cooling towers in new york city are running. they are 100%. it's our hottest days. so i think you just see a frequency of more units operating. >> reporter: the governor's office says his inspectors have discovered legionella in cooling us tokers outside the bronx, including rockland county. perhaps a sign that regulations should be more widespread. hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news.
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>> lawmakers still have to hammer out what the fines would be. there is a hearing set tomorrow with a vote scheduled for thursday. now to a developing story. a state of emergency has been declared in ferguson, missouri after protests marking the one-year anniversary of the police shooting of michael brown turned violent. cbs2's dana taylor is in our newsroom with more. >> reporter: prosecutors have filed ten counts against an 18-year-old suspect who was critically wounded after police shot him last night in ferguson. police say plain-clothed officers returned fire after tyrone harris fired that the hood of an unmarked van carrying the officers. and now st. louis county has taken over policing in ferguson bracing for possibly more unrest. tension remains high in ferguson. several demonstrators, including princeton university professor cornell west, were taken into police custody while staging a sit in outside the st. louis county courthouse. it comes after a night of
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violence and destruction. for the second time in a year delaine a jones is struggling to clean up her hair salon after looters stormed in overnight. >> i was sitting tears and frustrated. >> reporter: a weekend of peaceful protests was interrupted when a gunfight broke out between two groups sunday night. hours earlier more than 1,000 where unarmed michael brown junior's was fatally shot by a white police officer. plain-clothed police caught up with one of the alleged gunmen and shots were exchanged. >> get him some help victim. >> reporter: 18-year-old tyrone harris was hit multiple sometimes and faces charges including assault. some community leaders are criticizing the st. louis county police department for deploying plain-clothed officers during the protests. >> what you doing in plain clothes? how would i know if you with us or them? >> reporter: the police chief has not responded to the concerns but insists the problem
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is not police or even protesters, but a small group of chaos. u.s. attorney general loretta violence in ferguson in a speech today before the national fraternal order of police. she thanked officers for their service and praised their work >> thank you. it appears the body of a missing kayaker has been found in the hudson river. cbs2's lou young has the story from dutchess county. >> reporter: after three days a search ended not far from where it began here in the hudson north of poughkeepsie, not far from fdr's historic home in hyde park. search times pulled away from the river mid-afternoon after finding the remains of 3-year-old manhattan photographyen jones. >> it's a tragedy. going in the water out a life jacket is awful. >> reporter: it was a friday night of partying and a bad decision saturday morning that led jones and his girlfriend to
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the middle of the hudson river on a trip only one of them would return from. the survivor, 22-year-old tally fruchtmann, the daughter of singer annie lennox, was found swimming in the river alone mid-morning saturday. alcohol may have played a role. we are investigating that. >> she was pretty intoxicated? of alcohol. >> reporter: the two drove down from a bed and breakfast in columbia county to a party. after daybreak they decided to take the kayak trip rather than drive back. a fatal mistake. >> the river is as dangerous as it is beautiful. >> reporter: mike are archer is working the drowning where the survivor has been charged with murder. the similarities include alcohol on the fully clothed victim without a life jacket. the dissimilarity is tally fruchtmann was without a life jacket and in the same kayak. the defense team for the suspect
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in the case angelica gross walled is keeping close tabs. >> obviously, everyone involved in the first case is papering attention to this one. >> reporter: the search took three days. the last victim was in the hudson refer for more -- river for more than a month. new at five, sentencing for two of the three world trade center base jumpers. james brady was given 250 hours of community service and andrew ross ig got 200 hours. the judge fined both men $2,000. he said the stunt was disrespectful to the memories of people who left from the original world trade center on september 11th. the third jumper will be stepsed next week. thousands packed penn station when mj transit faced delays in july. now lawmakers are calling on the transit agencies to get back on track, but amtrak warns problems could get worse and passengers may face even more delays.
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dick brennan live at five at penn station. >> reporter: maurice, it seems that everyone agrees a tunnel needs to be built. the question is, who is going to pay for it? stakes political poker is developing. on one side the governors of new york and new jersey. on the other side the federal government. >> these are 1930s vintage. >> reporter: amtrak vice president steven gardner showing off some of the ancient delays month. he appeared before the new jersey senate oversight committee and paint add dire picture of the future if nothing is done fast. >> the age, ongoing damage from superstorm sandy and the intense utilization of the tunnels, issues like the recent disruptions are not likely to be entirely preventible. in fact, may increase over time. >> reporter: he says there are too many trains trying to get over too few tracks with decades old equipment that took a battering from superstorm sandy and commuters have had it up to here.
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>> if it rains, it's delayed. it's if sunny, it's delayed. wind, delayed. >> it's unbearable. their answer is to take another mode of transportation. i mean, rails are supposed to be the most efficient transportation that we have. >> reporter: the solution is to build another tunnel. but that's far from a short- term fix. >> you are telling us that the gateway project, if we were to start right away, wouldn't be completed until the late 2020s, early 2030s? >> reporter: with a projected cost at $14 billion, where does the money come from. cuomo says the states want grants, not loans. senator gordon says he doesn't believe it's a stand-off. >> i learned for the first time that the federal government is willing to put up 80% of the funding and that there is a loan program available at two or three percent. >> reporter: now, yesterday governor cuomo said a meeting with the transportation secretary is pointless. he says we talk and we talk and
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we don't get anything done. we are live in penn station, dick brennan, cbs2 news. >> thanks so much. the war on isis hits home. we will have more on that story coming up a little bit later. in just a moment at five, a split decision. new york senators explain why they are voting the way they are on the iran nuclear deal . >> i don't feel like a hero. >> strangers jump in to rescue an entire family cling to go a singing boat. also, more drones spotted around our airports. what's being done to find the people at the controls before this danger turns into a tragedy? >> and are your kids nervous about heading back to school? how you can calm their anxiety before the first day of class. a stung number of people admit to sexting. experts explain when it can help
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bay. >> an entire family clinging to their sinking boat pulled to safety. reports trained volunteer firefighters came to their rescue while boating nearby. >> you notice something floating in the water. >> reporter: bill deke can't believe what he, his two sons and a friend encountered as they returned from boating yesterday. a terrified family desperately hanging on to a sinking boat. >> and we realized that it wasn't one person. it was five people holding on to each other and holding on to a little piece of boat sticking out of the water. >> reporter: dea k's sons and friends are trained volunteer firefighters who immediately jumped into the rough bay waters. >> there was a little girl six or seven years old and she couldn't swim very well. i put her on my shoulders. when i went to the boat she didn't want to get off. >> reporter: the three firefighters then scooped up two women who were tangled in a toe rope. ultimately, the entire family of
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to shore. they have nothing but thanks for their rescuers. >> we are happy. to be saved. >> reporter: 11-year-old kristine contreras says everyone had their life jackets on, but she worried no one would see them bobbing in the waters. >> whenever we waved it some other people, they really didn't actually help except them. >> reporter: the family's from the bay and it's drying out in their backyard. the suffolk marine patrol says the engine on the 18-footer stalled. meanwhile, the deaks are humble. >> i don't fool like a hero. anybody could have done that. >> reporter: the contreras family has no doubt they are heroes. in suffolk county, jessica snide e, cbs2 news. >> agreed. while the marine patrol credits the family with helping save their own lives by wearing their life jackets. both new york senators spoke today about their upcoming vote on the iran nuclear deal. senator schumer says he decided to reject the agreement because
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he does not trust iran's leadership. >> the odds are too great they'd hold on ten or 15 or 20 and try to use this agreement unfortunately to achieve dual goals. getting rid of the sanctions, but still creating trouble, nuclear and non-nuclear. >> schumer is the highest ranking democrat in congress to announce he will vote against the deal. as for senator gillibrand, she says while the agreement is not perfect, it is the best option. >> there are risks within the agreement and risks outside the agreement. and i think it's a tough decision for all members. but i believe that the risks are great are outside the agreement. >> it appears both houses of congress will reject the deal, but not with a wide enough margin to stop the president from using his veto power. now to a story in isis. a former new jersey man wanted to form a small army that would fight for the islamic state group.
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nader saadeh has been charged with attempting to provide material support to the group. he traveled to the middle east in may to join isis. his arrest comes weeks after authorities arrested his older brother and a fort lee man on similar charges. cnn will host the first democratic presidental debate on the season campaign on october 13th in nevada. an exact location will be announced in the coming week. former secretary of state hillary clinton, senator bernie sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley are among those expected to participate. cbs news will participate in another democratic debate november 14th from des moines, iowa. meantime, donald trump today remains defiant, insisting he was not suggesting megyn kelly was hormonal when he said kelly had blood coming out of her quote-unquote wherever during a heated exchange at last week's debate. since making the controversial
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comment, one of trump's senior advisors has reyou grind and opponents who were trailing trump in the polls are on the attack. gop strategists say coming back from could be a test for the frontrunner. >> i think we are about to find out if he can learn the lessons and get serious and have self-discipline. >> reliable polls have not yet been released since the debate. it's uncertain whether trump's comments hurt or helped him. changing gears and talking about the weather now. we have a chance for wild weather tonight. >> lonnie quinn in the weather center tracking that for us. >> i think tonight if you are heading out on the town it's going to be cloudy. the clouds are out there right now. the 77 degrees the further east you go. a bright sky. look at the east end of long island. twin forks look good. the further west you find thicker clouds, even light rain out there in some of the western communities. the bigger picture shows you what's going on. a low pressure and a front moving in our direction. so dynamically what happens is ahead of that front you always
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get that surge of southwest air coming ahead of it. tomorrow the humidity is going way up. way up. and then you bring in the instability of the front itself. that is just a bad dynamic together. there is going to be rain, big rain coming out of this. i will give you some of my estimates on amounts. we will time it out for you. this is 6:30 tonight. not here yet. 4:00 in the morning. 4:00 in the morning is when the flash flood watch goes into effect by the national winter weather advisory, but it's not here yet. i think it will be after that. take a peak. 7 a.m. real heavy primarily west of the hudson. it's moving into the metro area. 9th:30 right over the city. you get to lunch time, 12, 12:30 it's still with us. starting to move to the east. but still hanging out as far west as new york city with the heavy stuff. what you should be expecting, not too much tonight. flood watch into effect 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. toughest period is going to be during the morning. one to two inches widespread. count on that. some will see a lot more if some of those storms set up on top of your area.
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it's not a fast mover. we will have the extended forecast a little bit later. >> lonnie, thank you. how about this rare sighting off the gold coast of australia? a white humpback whale today. what a thrill for sight seers. it just kept on putting on a show. marine experts believe the mammal is different from the white humpback often spotted swimming in the area. >> i took one of those whale watching tours once in hawaii. nothing. >> i saw once in the caribbean. it was close enough. but not like this. this is very, very cool. coming up, an environmental disaster is floating down a colorado river and if you see the before and after video you will see the change. why a government agency is taking the blame. plus, one small step for man, one big salad for mankind. space today. but first dana tyler with a look at what's coming up at six. >> the great tree debate. one of the stories we will have on cbs2 at six.
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scott rapoport is working on that. >> here we go. let's get to it. this tree is 150 years old, 85 feet tall. there are some who feel it's rotting and could fall down and they want it removed while others say the tree is fine and it could last another 30 years. three decades. the great tree debate, dana zand as you talked to both sides? >> yes. they have a lot to say. >> i am sure you will see that and more cbs2 news tonight at snakes tomorrow morning traffic and weather on the 2s with john and alex. leasing versus financing. >> what you need to know if you are in the market for getting a new car. wake up to cbs2 news tomorrow followed by cbs2 this
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a developing story. a 12-year-old boy digging a hole on a southern new jersey beach had to be freed when the sand suddenly caved in on him. it happened in surf city this afternoon. witnesses say lifeguards and bystanders were able to get the boy out and lifeguards did perform cpr on him. authorities say the boy was breathing when he was flown to a hospital. a huge leak of contaminated water in colorado and new mexico. 3 million gallons of sludge have leaked into the animas river. cbs2's maria del real from colorado. >> reporter: it reached new mexico this weekend disrupting life along the animas river. >> i cannot shower. i cannot cook.
5:26 pm
i cannot do anything with the watt from my water well. >> reporter: the etan patz triggered the leak -- epa breached the dam. since then, the toxic spill has stretched more than a hundred miles from colorado through new mexico and is creeping closer to utah bringing with it chemicals including lead, arsenic, and copper. in a conference call sunday, the epa revealed that in the durango, colorado, area of the river levels of lead increased around 3500 times, but dropped as the plume passed. >> yes, those numbers are high and they are scary because they seem so high. however, risk associated with exposure to a chemical is not just a matter of the toxicity of the chemical. it's also a matter of the exposure. >> reporter: it's unclear how much polluted water remains in the mine. for now the epa has set up two containment ponds to treat the yellow sloganeer the site of the spill.
5:27 pm
durango has declared a state of local emergency. the epa says, however, they have not seen any health concerns with humans, although there have been several reports from residents of water discoloration. >> the con tapnated water continues to drain -- the contaminated water drains. coming up next, a car on a collision course with a starbucks, and this crash was caught on camera. we will take you through what happened. plus, is it blaming the victim or raising red flags? a new report says what went wrong at a deadly fire on long island. and something new is popping up outside of penn station. why lanes of traffic are being taken away to let pedestrians
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after a tragic fire claimed the life of a long island firefighter, the department looks at safety standards. that firefighter died in december days after he rushed into a house on fire in nassau county. >> but he was alone, and should have had a partner. now his death may change the way
5:31 pm
volunteer fire departments operate. cbs2's carolyn gusoff has the story new at 5:30. >> joseph sandford's gear still hangs in the inwood firehouse from the volunteer's final call. a fatal house fire in woodmere. now nearly eight months after his death this new york state labor department report cites his department for violating standards. failing to sub mitt id tags like these which keep track of those who enter a burning hours, failing to maintain constant visual or voice contact. experts say firefighters are ground in pairs to account for everyone. >> the rule is in place to protect the lives of firefighters and firefighters, most firefighters are well aware of it. >> reporter: sanford was unaccounted for inside the basement. the report also cites training lapses. sanford had missed annual and quarterly training sessions. >> joe is the teacher. the instructor. >> reporter: inwood fire officials blast the report for
5:32 pm
blaming the victim. >> i'm sure maybe somewhere along the line we skipped, we break a rule. you know, depending on who you are with, what you feel the experiences of the other people around you, joe was a highly >> reporter: the tragic december fire at the home of cbs2's vice president of news. the firefighter's family's attorney says they hope the report saves lives and believes sanford may have gotten separated from his team for reason. mission, sometimes somebody gets pulled away for a reason. maybe they heard a noise for who knows? and that's why you can never criticize even his partner, if he got pulled away, to help somebody else who was doing something. >> reporter: the inwood fire department is rewriting guidelines in response to the report, but the former fire chief says if firefighters are to comply with the new regulations, it will require
5:33 pm
even more of their volunteer time. on long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs2 news. >> paramount construction of in charge of the home renovation, tells cbs2 it thinks no blame should be assigned to the fire department or the firefighter, that they think it was simply accident. a morning coffee break turned into a close call on the upper east side. surveillance video shows a car cross the curb and slam into a starbucks at first avenue and east 69th street. store. the car's driver and a fresh direct deliveryman have minor injuries. no one has been charged. there is a new temporary pedestrian plaza right next to penn plaza, penn station. temporary plaza just opening to the public. it's on 33rd street between 7th and 8th avenues offering free wifi, performances, movie and games and fitness october. some of the city's best chefs and their famous food will be featured at a new pop up food
5:34 pm
market called penn place. paying tribute to a young girl hit and killed by a car. mayor de blasio signed a bill renaming thoroughfares and public places in the city including an intersection in downtown flushing for 3-year- old allyson lau. she was struck by an suv while crossing the intersection of cherry street with her grandmother in 2013. the intersection will be called allyson lo way. >> when people drive around the corner on the street, i hope they look up at the sign and be extra careful . an innocent young girl three years old was killed there. >> the girl's family issued a statement saying, quote, we are glad the city is recognizing our daughter and the work that was done in her name. even more concern tonight over drone dangers after pilots spotted four more of them near newark airport. their planes were landing when the drones surfaced last night.
5:35 pm
cbs2's jenel burrell talked to worried flyers. >> reporter: imagine the pilot of our flight looking out the cockpit to see one of these. a drone hovering feet away as you are flying thousands of feet in the air. >> it would be unsettling. you see a bird outside. that could bring down the plane, too, right? this so much more serious. >> reporter: it happened to four different flight crews sunday as they approached the newark airport preparing to land. >> we just saw the drone at 3,000 here, six and a half. >> you saw the drone? >> 3,000 feet. left wing. >> and about how far off the left? >> about a quarter of a mile at the light drone. >> reporter: that's a pilot from one of the four commercial flights. all of them between eight and 13 miles from the airport at an altitude of 2,000 to 3,000 feet when the drones came into view leading to this warning to all newark pilots from air traffic control. >> use caution. drone reported.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: these are just the latest of several recent drone incidents. last week there were three separate reports of drones spotted by pilots near jfk airport. the federal aviation administration says drones can be just as dangerous as large birds during an airstrike because of their ability to potentially bring a plane down. the planes sunday landed safely as scheduled at newark, but many passengers calling for stricter restrictions for drone operators who they say put their lives at risk. >> that's crazy. you know, especially when you are dealing with planes coming in with a bunch of passengers a day. >> some drones are built with software that prevents them from working when they are too close to airports. the faa is trying to determine who was flying those drones yesterday. still ahead. something is changing in the toy aisles at target. what they are getting rid of in hopes of putting boys and girls on a more level playing snelled tough weekend at the boxes office.
5:37 pm
why superheroes could not pull off a super win. and today in history in 1921 franklin del low roosevelt was struck with polio at the age of 39. his legs were paralyzed by the disease and although he could walk with assistance, he did his best to conceal it from the
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something new and historic on the international space station. for the first time astronauts grew red romaine lettuce inside the space station. u.s. astronauts scott kelly showed off the produce and enjoyed the fruits of their harvest. cultivating lettuce was part of an experiment to see if space explorers can grow food away from planet earth. it of grown in a special box. i think we found tony tantillo's next tip of the day. space lettuce. >> our green grocer right there. that is really cool. all right. during the summer the box office usually breaks records, as it did with "jurassic world" and "inside out." >> but this weekend it brought the arrival of the box office bomb. cbs2's jill nicolini has the details.
5:41 pm
>> what you have created is incredible. >> reporter: bringing back the superheroes. it was expected to make around $40 million, instead debuted with just over $26 million. >> "fantastic four" was more like a fantastic flop. i mean, they didn't really have any big named stars in this film. >> reporter: the franchise didn't do as much advertising as usual and the fact they changed the cast left many fans disappointed. >> they changed it without letting anybody know. >> reporter: the last week the director put down the film on social media but saying the final version of the film wasn't his, but hinted that his version would have been better. the tweet was soon deleted. another film rookie and the flash was expected to be a hit. >> it only opened in a little over 1600 movie theaters. that was making $7 million. >> it doesn't bother me that the reviews were not that great. it's meryl streep. it's rick springfield. her daughter.
5:42 pm
>> there are bad things in life. >> the gift did kind of good because it made $12 million but cost $5 million to make. >> reporter: this psychological thriller starring jason bateman had good reviews unlike "fantastic four." >> give it a chance. people have different opinions on movies. >> reporter: and for the kids. >> i was disappointed that more people didn't see sean the sheep. so cute and fun and funny. unfortunately, a lot of people are seeing pixels "inside out." >> reporter: "mission impossible - rogue nation" is leading the pack with $29.4 million and still. jill nicolini, cbs2 news. >> and another disappointment this summer has been the vacation reboot with he had helms and christina applegate. >> that cost $31 million to make. so far it's taken in $37 million. these reboots, i don't know. come up with something ne . >> absolutely. the days are numbered for summer vacation, and the idea of heading back to school can create anxiety for some kids.
5:43 pm
how parents can help calm their children's nerves about what's ahead. dana tyler with a look at the news at six tonight. >> maurice and alice, here is what we are working on. deadly derailments and crashes in the tri-state area and technology would could have prevented them. the feds want all trains outfitted with the devices by the end of the year, but it's not likely to happen. so what's behind the delays? also, a school district sued over mrsa after a teenager contracts the infection. what the family claims the school did not clean adequately that led to him getting sick. and a troubling studying on air traffic controllers and fatigue.
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we will see you tonight at six. with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their own home.
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survival rates are on the rise for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. the disease has long been associated with a very high death rate, but according to researchers that's changing. a recent study from columbia university medical center shows women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are now 50% less likely to die from the disease than women diagnosed decades ago. >> they are living with the disease for longer and longer periods of time as we have new
5:47 pm
chemotherapies, new drugs, new ways to deliver drugs for ovarian cancer. >> the american kansas -- cancer society says early detection increases survival rates. currently, there are no reliable screening tests. first day of school is about a month away. so it may seem like an odd time to talk about back to school anxiety. but parenting experts say now is the best time to address those issues. cbs2's dr. max gomez tells us how to spot the anxiety and what to do about it. >> a little excited and a little not wanting to go. >> reporter: actually, jamie was a little more than not wanting to go back to school. >> she really didn't want to attend school. couldn't explain what was upsetting to her. >> reporter: back to school anxiety is pretty common but can be hard to distinguish from other childhood issues. look for a child who won't talk about school or help to prepare for it. one who cries a lot, throws
5:48 pm
tantrums or has headaches, stomach aches or insomnia. tammy gold says it can be due to academics to social anxiety or sometimes because it's a new school, grade or teacher. >> just the change is an anxiety. so talking about the new teacher, mentioning her name often in sentences so they feel comfortable, touring a new playground. >> reporter: for younger kids academic anxiety can be about not feeling as smart as other kids and can strike students who are doing well in school. gold suggests doing a few end of summer subject worksheets or so-called bridge books to prep them for their upcoming subjects. >> maybe meeting with the teacher or a local high school kid who can help tutor them a little bit so they feel some confidence. >> reporter: for teens, social anxiety tends to top the list and can be the hardest to overcome. >> if hits social anxiety, you want to talk about that. have them meet up with some friends. >> reporter: of course, getting
5:49 pm
your teen to talk about his or harang zate isn't easy. if you are anxious, kids pick up. enlist an entrusted non- parental adult they can confide in. dr. max gomez, cbs2 news. >> and a good place to start is with your child's teacher or guidance counselor, especially if the anxiety has anything to do with being bullied at school. well, a big move made by target. >> that's right. after a customer backlash, her going to stop separating items. two months ago a mother called out target on twitter for a sign that separated building sets and girl's building sets. target says it will reduce gender-based signage in the children's department. they will take down pink, blue, green, yellow paper on shelves that suggest items based on gender. we are getting ready for big rain tonight, right shh.
5:50 pm
>> we need the rain, actually. when it comes too dry stretch and the ground is parched and then you bring in the rain. sometimes the ground can't absorb it quick enough. i think that's why we will have flooding problems tomorrow. flash flood watches in effect for tomorrow 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. because of what i said. incoming clouds. take look at the top of the screen. there or so. it was a pretty morning out there. not as pretty right now. 77 degrees currently. let me talk you to about the headlines because tomorrow your day on tuesday is really the only rough day this week. you get through tomorrow, it's going to be a nice week. tomorrow is a rough one out there. we are not talking about spotty showers around the area. we are talking about a line of rain that's going to come through. everybody is going to pick up a fair amount of rain. here. by 6:00 in the morning you are not into the bulk of the event suggesting a few-tenths of an inch.
5:51 pm
that's 6:00 in the morning. about 7:00 it starts to kick up. here we go. by the time 6 p.m., one to two inches widespread. some spots more than that. 2.5. these are estimates by a computer model. is doesn't mean trenting is picking up 2.8. it means the possibility is out there for communities to pick up that kind of rain because it's a slow mover. the other concern rip currents. today at a moderate risk. today the storm churning up the cease, pushing that water on shore. a high risk for rip currents at the surfside beaches. it brings out the thrill seekers. just be cautious, okay, because you hate to hear more tragic stories. vortex satellite and radar showing us some spotty little light showers out there. not a big player. the big player is off to the west still. and you can see it here. we are going to be seeing rain through the area. this is tuesday's weather. again this is going to get more energized once to interacts the ocean.
5:52 pm
tuesday's weather right there. slides through wednesday. nice air mass by wednesday. let's get into all of your numbers for you. here is how we see it with the futurecast. around 4:00 in the morning starts to come into the western communities. 4 a.m. then 7 a.m. i need you now to focus on we can pick any town you want. just because the bulk of the population in our area lives in new york city, watch this. new york city under the red radar at 7 a.m. under the red radar at 9 a.m. watch in. under the red radar at 12:30 lunchtime. the red shows you the real heavy downpours. there could be a lot of rain by 6:30. it fades away and is out of here on wednesday. 79 tomorrow. wet weather day. then you get to 84 on wednesday. nice day. partly sunny. thursday and friday look good out there. partly to mostly sunny at times. 83 thursday. 86 friday. the weekend right now 88 and 89. very possible to see the 90s return because the heat is not done with us. it will be back. >> we are going to need to dry out. >> right. >> thank you, sir. summer is the season of weddings and now a new trend
5:53 pm
among ceremonies includes the bride and her hired bridesmaid. what used to be friend or family is now paid. someone to handle the dirty work, pick up the slack. sometimes even write the toast. >> there was nobody behind the scenes who was supposed to be there just for the bride. and that was crazy to me. it should be all about the bride. >> so is it worth the cost and will it really take the stress surprises? watch help wanted bridal party tonight at 11 on cbs2. i have been a bridesmaid i think five times. >> did you get paid? >> no. paid in love, i think, right. >> you deserve something. all right. in just a moment, could sexting help your relationship? up next, a new study reveals a surprising number of people doing it. experts explain what it can do to a couple. at six road rage in new jersey. a man attacked and stabbed as
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
his family watched. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
5:56 pm
a new study shows more stults are sendk sex messages
5:57 pm
and it could be beneficial to relationships. >> not as helpful to others. amly smith explains. >> reporter: when you hear the word sexting, you think? >> any text message that has -- is erotic in nature. >> adult photos or adult language. >> reporter: everyone has a different definition of it and everyone seems to have a response. >> have you ever been involved? >> no. no. no. i think it's a little young for me. >> guilty on both counts. i have and he regret it. >> reporter: 88% of adults surveyed admit to having done it. 74% say they sexted when they were in a committed relationship. cashual relationship. and 12% said they sexted with someone else while cheating on their partner. the study done at drexel university in philadelphia relationships.
5:58 pm
researchers found them to be extremely beneficial those in casual relationships, but not as relationships. dr. judy kuranski. >> people in a good relationship who have good sex don't need to find other venues that they can other on. they are turned on. but people who are in the in-between phase, who haven't really gotten there yet, who have a lot of spice in their sex life, need some extra help. >> reporter: but psychologists say, remember, anything you send can be saved forever or shared. a quarter of those surveyed said they received a sex message and showed it to an average of three people. news. >> and the study involved adults in committed relationships between the ages of 18 and 82. >> 82. all right. i miss the days of the flip picture. just got phone calls. >> all right. that's going do for us at
5:59 pm
we will see you again at 11. >> the news at six starts right now. safety delayed. should be installed by the end of the year. so why won't railroads in our legionnaires' outbreak. two more deaths and more bacteria. can the city stop the spread? and a mrsa lawsuit. a teenager hospitalized. his family claims his school did not properly clean athletic equipment. a town divided over the industry. it's on city property. it could soon be chopped down. that's just the beginning of this tall tale. aim dana tyler. we begin with disturbing news for rail commuters after a series of deadly train derailment and crashes.


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