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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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afterwards and walking toward them with his belt in his hand. >> the truck driver was holding my hands and he was just saying, i had nowhere to go. i had nowhere to go. so he was obviously in shock. >> reporter: as soon as the paramedics arrived they took off anxious to get away from the explosions and in disbelief about what just happened. >> how he got out of the cabin, not completely on fire, is a miracle in itself. because there was nothing left of that truck within seconds. >> reporter: they all hope miller's okay but refuse to acknowledge they did anything heroic. >> i would just like to think if it was someone that i knew that someone would get out them and help them and pay it forward. >> reporter: an afternoon rescue that already won them recognize shan back in australia, jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. >> the truck driver is in serious condition at st. barnabas medical center. caught on camera a mini school bus packed with children went out of control and through a red light this morning in irvington, new jersey. it ended up plowing into a building. nearly a dozen kids and adults were hurt. cbs 2's sonia rincon looked
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into the bus company's safety record. >> reporter: a surveillance camera captured the school bus slamming into the liquor store on springfield avenue after colliding with an suv. the bus was coming down stanford avenue but the driver told witnesses and police the brakes failed before she could stop at the busy intersection. >> she was saying, oh, my god, my brakes went off on me. and that was it. and i thought, that's okay. it's going to be fine, you know,. >> reporter: this bodega owner was among all the people you can see here rushing to help the children, the smallest only 3. >> i tried to come back here. i grabbed a few bottles of water and tried to give it to the little kids because they were scared. even the ones that they were okay, they were scared. and they were crying. so i tried to help out. >> reporter: officials here say the 11 children, the bus driver, chaperone and suv driver were all alert and conscious with scrapes, bruises and broken bones. >> we take injuries to be evaluated. you don't think there's any life-threatening injuries but with children they were banged up. >> there was a severe impact into the structure here.
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so as a precaution everybody is being checked out even if they refuse medical attention. we request they be checked out. >> reporter: the suv took out a street sign. over here the school bus hit the side of the building. workers inside the liquor store say the damage from the impact inside was very severe. they have had to shore it up on the inside. the school bus was registered to horizon link in bloomfield. no one would speak to us from its headquarters but its track record with the new jersey motor vehicle commission isn't good. the last round of inspections in may had a 96% initial out of service failure rate. the vehicles all needed work before passing inspections. only 4% passed initially. officials are investigating the driver claims that the brakes failed as they reconstruct the crash. sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. >> now, police in irvington say the damaged bus has not been examined yet. most of the children were headed to a school in west orange. and over in jersey city, police say the driver of a
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church van lost control and slammed into an indian restaurant. the crash happened at the corner of tunnellly avenue and broadway. there were no passengers in the van. but one person inside the restaurant was hurt. the van driver was issued a summons for driving without a license and careless driving. the building department said the structure is safe. connecticut's highest court overturned the death penalty saying it's unconstitutional. the ruling could mean the 11 men on death row would not face execution. two men were sentenced to die for killing a mother and two daughters in 2007. and a home invasion. in 2012 the state passed a law repealing the death penalty only for future crimes. living in fear night and day. we first spoke to a harlem mother and her teen daughter last night. they say they are being targeted and terrorized by a group of teens. today cbs 2's hazel sanchez asked the nypd what they are
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doing to protect the family. >> they was kicking me. they was dragging me. i really thought i was -- >> reporter: this woman too afraid to show her face said a group of teens had been terrorizing her and her 14- year-old daughter at the king towers at 115th and lenox avenue where they live. she showed us cell phone video of what she says is a gang beating her daughter while a crowd cheers them on. >> they say because they are teenagers, they are gonna get away with it. >> this is a crime and an extreme example where bullying leads to assaults. >> reporter: the violence prompted a meeting with the family and police at the stationhouse. authorities decided the mother and daughter should be moved to another public housing building for their safety. vernon williams and to colleagues sat in on the meeting. >> this young lady i don't want to mention the name that's being attacked right now, there's a green light on her so anytime someone sees her they're gonna attack her. >> reporter: community leaders say transferring the family won't completely erase the underlying issues at the king
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towers so they are going to reach out to who they believe is the root of the problem. >> we have declared war on violence. we have to go into the families' home and deal with the families. [ indiscernible ] allows you to allow your child to [ indiscernible ] have gang meetings and sleepovers in your home. we have to do this in our community in our neighborhood that we have to take it more than just say that these kids are messed up. we got to do something to help them. >> reporter: the mother says a group at king towers continues to make threats and she fears for her life. she is hoping a new home will bring her and her daughter peace of mind. in harlem, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. >> the family does say police have been stationed at their apartment door while the city works on transferring them to a new home. 12 dead, 120 sick but now the city says the outbreak of legionnaire's disease in the bronx has been contained. at the same time the city council has legislation to prevent future problems.
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cbs 2's tony aiello has more. >> reporter: lincoln hospital, the center of the battle against the outbreak. thursday the mayor thanked workers on the front lines who treated 48 legionnaire's victims including 19 who ended up in icu but have recovered. city health officials breathing a sigh of relief after 10 days of no newly diagnosed cases. >> we have contained the outbreak of legionnaire's in the south bronx. and this took the work of many. >> reporter: she spoke as the city council met to pass sweeping new regulations of cooling towers. the bacteria multiplies and spreads in a mist infecting people with underlying medical conditions. under the law, all building cooling towers must be registered with the city. there's a required regular testing for legionella and cleaning and building owners must have cooling towers inspected and certified annually. >> we are in the middle of a emergency in new york city and this legislation is a proper court of action to deal with a
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crisis of this magnitude. >> reporter: a federal expert says it puts new york city in the forefront of legionella prevention. they give high marks to the city's overall response. >> swift, very diligent and robust. >> reporter: in the south bronx this reaction from residents who have lived through weeks of questioning and uncertainty. >> confidence, i'm the type of person you have to show me. >> i just hope that they get rid of it and everybody is going with a long life. that's it. >> reporter: critics including the comptroller scott stringer have complained the city was outbreak. in response the city released supportive statements from a half dozen experts and the mayor said listen to the experts not the politicians. live in the newsroom, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. tony, thank you. have an emergency? help could be just a text away. local lawmakers are pushing a plan to upgrade new york city's 911 emergency system. a bill introduced to the city council today would require the city to come up with a 911
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texting plan within a year. sponsors of the bill say the technology could help people in dangerous situations who are unable to make a voice call. it would also allow user to send pictures and video. >> the death toll is rising in china following those massive explosions at a warehouse for dangerous chemicals. 50 people died after last night's fiery blast in tianjin a port city southeast of beijing. 700 people were injured dozens missing. the shock waves from the explosions knocked people off their feet. hundreds of new cars in a parking lot were scorched. authorities are trying to figure out if the still smoldering chemicals pose a danger to the environment. isis has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in baghdad. the blast this morning targeted a crowded food market in the predominantly shiite sadr city neighborhood. local police say at least 67 people were killed and another 157 wounded when a truck loaded with explosives blew up. the blast was so powerful it
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incinerated much of the market. this latest attack comes as the u.s. began its first air strikes from an airbase in turkey against isis targets. meanwhile the pentagon now believes isis is using chemical weapons in iraq. the defense department says cbs news reports of isis launching a crude attack using chemical weapons are credible. in a statement today the german defense ministry said 60 kurdish fighters had breathing difficulties as a result of an attack. none of the german soldiers training the kurds in the area were hurd or in danger. the type of chemical weapons have not been identified. hillary clinton's email server is in the hands of the justice department. the server was picked up from a data center in new jersey. it was handed over voluntarily without a subpoena or search warrant. we have also had word that two of clinton's former aides have agreed not to delete any of their work-related emails. one of those people being huma aberdeen former new york congressman anthony weiner's wife.
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a night of music turns frightening. chaos at a concert, a partial ceiling collapse. see the moment that left several people injured. >> a picasso mystery solved a decade later. a $15 million painting from france found in new jersey. >> and turning the tables on a group of burglars. find out what sent these men running. lonnie? >> today it was a beautiful day with mild temperatures. i don't think the mild portion is going to hold up. let's talk about the
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temperature trend in a bit. two women and a man are accused of suspicious behavior at a hospital maternity ward. investigators say they came to the nyu lutheran medical center ward last sunday. they went into a patient's room and asked to take pictures with the baby. when the patient said no, they left the hospital driving away in a white minivan. danger inside a nightclub in minneapolis. made famous by singer prince. this cell phone video shows part of the ceiling collapse on concert-goers last night.
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that's at the first avenue club. when a 30-foot section fell as well as part of a sprinkler system. 750 people were inside when the ceiling collapsed. >> i look over, and you know, the dust kind of clears and you see this huge pile of ceiling debris on the floor and i think that i saw the sound guy he was freaking out so i'm like okay this is bad. >> building inspectors are trying to determine what caused the ceiling to collapse. prince shot the movie purple rain at first avenue. the club has also hosted tina turner and u-2. new at 5:00 a familiar face in a new place. a former new york city schools chancellor is appointed to monitor and report back to albany on one of the most troubled school districts in the state. cbs 2's lou young has the story from east ramapo in rockland county. [ yelling and applause ] >> reporter: another proposed fix for the troubled east ramapo school district where minority students attend
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public schools controlled by board members who send their children elsewhere to private schools. the new state education commissioner has taken notice. >> for whatever reason, this board has taken actions that have not been perceived in the best interests of students. >> reporter: enter dennis walcott the former new york city schools chancellor now official state monitor for the east ramapo school district. can you fix it? >> anything is fixable. >> reporter: this district needs more than cheerleading. state reports label it poorly managed and underfunded, high schools lack advanced placement programs and art and music programs being eliminated and maybe cutting back or eliminating kindergarten. >> you need paper and books. all the funding is gone. no programs. >> reporter: they need a state monitor? >> yes. >> reporter: critics had wanted a state monitor with veto power. they didn't get it. but the board seems to be
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feeling the heat and says, it will cooperate. are you guys okay with this whole monitor idea? >> more than okay. we welcome it. we hope to work closely with them. >> the commissioner was clear and i have been clear that they have to work together. if not, we are going to have to take steps to take over the district. >> reporter: a strong incentive to end a year-long struggle over public education in east ramapo rockland county. lou young, cbs 2 news. >> now, the district has roughly 9,000 students in public schools and 24,000 attending private schools many of them yeshivas. school board members have been elected with comfortable majorities by voters anxious to keep property taxes low. police have arrested a man in a deadly hit-and-run in new jersey. prosecutors say 34-year-old james reinhart hit and killed a 16-year-old boy riding his bicycle in paterson monday night. we got this surveillance video moments before the fatal accident. police say reinhart was
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driving with a suspended license. and police charge the new jersey teenager with driving drunk twice in ten hours. police say 19-year-old nicholas corsair of toms river was under the influence when he got into an accident just before 10:00 tuesday night. he was arrested and sent to jail. corsair was released around 3 a.m. and then police say he rear- ended a honda civic around 7:30 a.m. corsair's mother was also arrested for allowing her son to drive while impaired. a man from new york admits he brought millions of dollars in counterfeit poker chips to use in an atlantic city poker tournament. police say his plot was uncovered after he clogged a pipe by flushing the chips down the toilet of his hotel room. the 43-year-old pleaded guilty and will spend five years in prison. he was ordered to pay the borgata casino nearly half a million dollars to cover the cost of canceling the tournament after they discovered the fake chips. he also has to pay the hotel
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$10,000 for damaging pipes. lonnie quinn here now with a look at the forecast. another nice day out there. >> great looking day out there. we were talking yesterday, hey, look, tomorrow is going to be a nice day. day. how pretty is that picture? just a beautiful sky. it's 82 degrees. nice low humidity. the difference between today and yesterday, yesterday a showers out there. not the case today. air is too dry. nothing in the area. 83 your high temperature. and that was at 2:32. 83 should be your high temperature. 67 at 6:21 the morning low. this is a perfect august day. not too hot, not too cold. just right! pass the porridge. vortex satellite and radar, quiet out there. this is what i'm talking about. there's really nothing going on. bigger broader picture going to show you nothing going on. still the tough weather we had a couple of days ago well offshore not coming back to town. double barrel high pressures are in control so the good weather is going to continue but it's going to be getting
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warmer and higher humidity. tonight clear skies, light winds, 68 degrees. tomorrow i think it's a pretty enough day. i mean, the skies look good. a little warmer though. it's not 82, 38 for a high. now we're talking 87. getting close to that 90- degree mark. 90s can't be far away, right? let's talk about that later. good-looking day tomorrow. warmer and more humidity. back to you. >> thank you. more than 100 elvis artifacts going to hit the auction block including a firearm. >> i graduated to like social experiments. >> a man from new jersey pretends to be a pedophile. he ends up abducting girls. and their parents were in on it. >> plus, detecting adhd right from the palm of your hand. a new app making the process faster and easier than ever before. is it accurate? >> danger at the dinner table. beef that could make you sick without warning. >> but first, dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: the weather is perfect to sit outside on a park bench.
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but that's not what meg baker found today. >> do you see something wrong with this? i'm standing in a bench and not sitting on a bench here in a lower east side park and there are many more just like it. whose bright idea was this?! >> also tonight at 6:00, how far would you walk to see the pope during his visit to our area next month? 11 miles? cbs 2's christine sloan with the department of transportation's traffic and security plan.
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we'll see you at 6:00. pablo picasso painting headed back to france where it belongs. the hairdresser painting was reported missing by paris national museum in modern art in 2001. i.c.e. investigators discovered it a decade later in a shipment passing through newark last december. the shipping label described its contents as a low value handicraft valued at 30 euros. it had a paining valued at 15 -- painting valued at $15 million. lots of folks are hoping to see the perseid meteor showers. it's the final time this year to see the big show in the sky. at the planetarium in centreport entire families are excited about scanning the nighttime sky in hopes of
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spotting the perseid meteor shower. >> we're going to make a lot of wishes. it's going to look like shooting stars. >> reporter: the meteor showers have been lighting up the northeastern part of the sky. eduardo rourke stayed up late to watch them with his 12- year-old son. >> my son wanted to check it out. i didn't see anything about 3:00 but he said he saw two or three. every time i wasn't looking. >> reporter: the meteor showers are part of the perseid come mitt's tail and do appear only sporadically as they burn in the earth's atmosphere. >> it's a connection with us to the cosmos. >> reporter: frank says he lost to watch kids' faces as they explore the wonders of space. >> it's an emotional attachment. i do meteor showers for the little kids and their eyes light up when i do that in the planetarium. >> reporter: he has been besieged by parents wanting to know the best way to get a good look before they move on. >> you just don't see it that often and it should be a lot of fun. i hope i don't miss it. i'm hoping i don't need a telescope it is it.
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>> reporter: no telescope is needed just clear skies and a location away from bright lights. >> go towards the shore or go way out east on long island towards montauk or orient point or out in the countryside. a little bit riverhead. that's going to be the absolute best place you can possibly see it. >> reporter: he says the ideal viewing time for wishing upon a star tonight will be between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. now, the perseid comet is considered a near earth object that will next approach within 15 million miles of earth in the year 2126. >> you tried looking last night and? >> you got to be like the guy said you're near the city lights, forget it. you have to get out to long island. but every once in a while you may see it. >> i think you should try again tonight. maybe i will tonight. >> you'll try. good luck. but can't do it in the city. teenagers scammed on summer vacationful still ahead, two men indicted for allegedly stealing nearly $30,000 and that's not all. police say they threatened the
5:26 pm
young adults at a library. >> plus, she thought she had the flu but it ends up being something much worse. a mother without arms and legs because of a tick bite. >> and changes coming to sesame street. the iconic children's show on the move for the first time in
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[ scream ] that's the scream of a 14- year-old girl to just jumped into a stranger's van. she expected to see a boy she met online. instead, she got the shock of her life! good evening, i'm alice gainer. >> welcome back, i'm dick brennan. the teenager's parents were always in on the plot and nobody was hurt. the goal was to teach the children about the dangers of social media. but as cbs 2's dave carlin shows us, for some, the message is not getting through. >> are you crazy! what's wrong with you! >> reporter: what? >> what are you thinking! >> reporter: these parents are screaming at their underaged daughters after their girls put themselves in extreme stranger danger. the parents consented allowing this man coby person to conduct and videotape the chilling social experiment. >> i made a fake profile on facebook as a 15-year-old boy.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: would the three contacts meet with him alone? each time they said yes and each time the parents were there at first hiding. in this case, behind masks in the back of a kidnapper van. [ screaming ] >> stop it! your mother and father! >> reporter: it's tough and it's scary and it's getting people's attention. >> 21 million of these in two days. >> reporter: he found the parents with a craigslist ad. >> we approached them in a very professional manner. >> reporter: the parents, including this man who is about to surprise his 12-year- old daughter letting a stranger in the house, said not my kid. so imagine the shock. >> you're 12 years old! you could have been raped and murdered! what would i do if anything happened to you! we already lost your mother! [ child crying ] >> this could happen to anyone. >> reporter: watching the video with a child psychologist. [ screaming ] >> are you crazy! are you out of your mind! >> her father frantic. absolutely frantic.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: but she is not surprised. >> from my own personal clinical experience, many, many girls will go with strangers into potentially dangerous situation. >> we have to talk. >> reporter: dr. bartell wants parents and kids to watch the video together and then the parents lay down the law. >> you can't assume they wouldn't do it that if the they say they won't that it's truthful. you never go anywhere alone with a stranger. it doesn't matter how much you're tempted to. >> reporter: some say these parents went too far. >> a little bit drastic. >> reporter: he said they did their children a favor. >> don't you ever do this again. >> reporter: to save their children. in midtown, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. now, to see the video in its entirety visit our website, a tick bite turned devastating for an oklahoma woman leaving her a quadruple amputee. she was on vacation in the ozarks with her family last month when she thought she was
5:32 pm
getting the flu. a few days later her limbs hurt so much, she trembled. her family took her to the hospital. tests for west nile virus and meningitis were negative. then the hospital checked for a tick bite. turns out a tick gave rogers rocky mountain spotted fever. doctors to amputate her right leg and then they kept going. >> below the knee of her one leg and both arms to keep the infection to getting to her organs. >> more operations are planned. more than 100 schoolchildren many from long island may have been victimized by a charity scam they worked for two summers at concession stands but didn't earn a dime. jennifer mclogan has more. >> reporter: the students from long island high schools were recruited by a local nonprofit to work concessions at jones beach theater and citi field among other venues. and promised to be paid $9 an hour a investigators. >> somebody has to know about
5:33 pm
this operation that they are not paying me. >> reporter: these resent graduates of two high schools telomere their classmates up to 100 victims never got a nickel working all last summer and the summer before. >> we didn't get paid -- they are still figuring it out. >> reporter: they learned of the scam and contacted the nassau district attorney. an investigation led to addresses of a man from brightwaters accused of running a sham fund and alleged accomplice owens of wyandanch. mr. owens did you steal from the schoolchildren? >> in freeport alone, if students were owed more than $25,000 in compensation. these defendants are nothing more than scammers and thieves. hiding behind a charity that they created for no other purpose than their own self inrichment. >> reporter: the men are accused of falsely representing to aramark sports and entertainment that children from poor backgrounds
5:34 pm
were volunteering their services as unpaid interns but the men secretly pocketed aramark's $100,000 donation allegedly using it for personal travel, mercedes, and an online golf cart magazine. both pleaded not guilty. >> mr. her. on is a good man. >> when he find out about it he left. >> kids got a hard lesson in greed and despicable behavior. >> reporter: they threatened children not to tell the adults and giving them $36 for their summer salary. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> the aramark corporation was a victim and is fully cooperating. a trio of would-be burglars took off after coming face to face with a homeowner. a surveillance camera captured
5:35 pm
the men running from nathan's home in kansas city. standing 6'2", 200 powers, he frightened them away. he is also a blue belt in brazilian jujitsu. >> they were more surprised than i was and they were way more scared. >> now, he bought his surveillance camera after a previous burglar cleaned him out. this time around, the suspects left empty-handed. no arrests so far. >> that one guy had his hands around the tv and boom. >> not going to mess. coming up a company apologizing because of three simple words. see the controversial advertisement just ahead. >> plus, from the big screen to the auction block. some iconic items from elvis's closet if you can afford them. >> a game changer in diagnosing adhh. how an app is speeding up the process and preventing some children from getting wrongly diagnosed. on this day in history, the berlin wall was to be built to isolate themselves from the west.
5:36 pm
over the next 12 years, east germany saw three million
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5:39 pm
citizens go to west germany. a major pen company inks an apology after an ad campaign. bic honored women in south africa with a facebook post many found sexist. it said look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss. bic south africa executives are sorry for offending anyone. more than 170 elvis artifacts are on auction at graceland. it's to commemorate his death in august 1977. among the auction items, no blue suede shoes. a suit he wore in a movie. estimated price around $20,000. or for $30,000 to $50,000 you can get his viva las vegas jacket and if you have $100,000 to spend, you can own his personal handgun. elvis is engraved on the barrel and one side of the wooden grip has the emblem
5:40 pm
tcb, taking care of business and a lightning bolt. sesame street is on the move. you will soon be able to catch big bird and the gang on hbo. [ music ] how to get to sesame street >> the television show that premiered in 1969 announced today it's teaming up with hbo for the next five seasons. the new half-hour episodes will be exclusively on hbo platforms for nine months but then will continue to be available on pbs. the long-time home of the children's program. still ahead, "living large" on a 14-acre compound. the mansion with the lagoon style pool and spa house to help you rest and relax. we'll introduce you to the former tv star who lives here. >> and it looks like a scene out of bambi. but this video is real! two animals become pals in just a few seconds. >> dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: tonight at 6:00, here's what we're working on. an explosive new report about city jails.
5:41 pm
>> we need to make sure that these systems are updated right away. >> cbs 2 investigates fire hazards at local detention centers putting not only inmates at risk but you, as well. we'll explain. >> and how far would you walk to see pope francis when he comes to new york in september? miles? you will hear why the transportation department in new jersey says you should get your sneakers ready. those stories and more at
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6:00. do you have an energetic child or hyperactive child who might have adhd. there's an app for that. dr. max gomez reports. >> reporter: 10-year-old eli isn't crazy about school especially -- >> writing. >> he had difficulty with the things that require a lot of steps. >> reporter: his father consulted dr. marilyn augustine a developmental and behavioral pediatrician who wanted to rule out adhd. >> it's the kind of diagnosis that i really need parent and teacher information for. and so that's why me health was just perfect. >> reporter: me health is an online app that helps screen for adhd. >> it was a way that i could
5:45 pm
get that information in a really fast way in a really efficient way without having to fax or try to call. >> reporter: the application allows teachers and parents to fill out behavioral questionnaires on a computer, tablet, even a smartphone. and submit them wirelessly to their pediatricians who analyzes the data. >> this particular child because they had 7 inattentive symptoms we decided to treat them. >> reporter: filling out the online evaluation for both the parent and teacher takes no more than 10 or 15 minutes. before dr. augustine used paper questionnaires. and she was lucky to get 20% of them back. now she gets most of them. through the secure portal parents and teachers email her with regular observations. >> they tell me when kids aren't interested in gym. they tell me when kids don't want to eat their lunch. >> it made my job easier and better. i feel like i'm practicing better medicine. >> reporter: three me health, eli was found not to have adhd but says he will continue to
5:46 pm
give writing his best effort. >> if i don't succeed, i don't succeed. if i succeed, i succeed. >> reporter: the app just helps collect the kind of ongoing information that the doctor needs to make the diagnosis to decide if the child needs further evaluation. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. >> while some parents may not have computers or printers, most have a smartphone making the app highly accessible. fans of bambi are fawning, shall we say over a video online in a scene reminiscent of the movie. a baby deer and rabbit are playing together like bambi and thumper. it was shot at rocky mountain national park in colorado the animals were enjoying the company for more than a half- hour. workers say it's not the first time they spotted the pair playing. so cute. >> looks like bambi's imitating the rabbit there a little bit. >> i think it was thumper in the movie who said, if you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all. so lonnie quinn?
5:47 pm
>> i got some nice things to say. >> she is quoting thumper! >> channeling thumper. >> we have lots of good stuff to talk about. allow the weatherman a minute. i have a minute and 45 seconds? off we go. there's your picture. great looking outside. it's been a great looking day. temperature comes in at 82 degrees with low humidity. again, it was one of those situations where it was 82, it is 82, it feels like 81 with that beautiful sky and that low humidity. headlines look like this. you're nice below average temperature. temperatures are going up. it will be a hot weekend. beaches are going to be packed. okay? the water is certainly, you know, welcoming. i mean, you get down to the southern tip of new jersey and some of that water is running at 80 degrees right now. 76 to 80 along the jersey shore. 74 to 78 along the south shore of long island. about 74.2 is what we just checked at coopers beach in southampton. so that's nice. will the skies cooperate, as well? you know what? for the most part yes. the beaches on saturday it's a warm day 85 to 89.
5:48 pm
that little flashing clouds there so the slight chance for some afternoon rain on saturday. but for the most part it's a partly sunny saturday. sunday, same deal. 85 to 88. less of a risk for a shower. now let's say if it's a 20% chance on saturday, it's like 10% on sunday. it's a very nice weekend. same deal in the mountains. the rain chance bumps up a little north and west of the city because that's closer to the source of the rain. so 30% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon hot days all around the area. skies are beautiful right now. skies remain beautiful for your day on friday. that's your air mass right there. so friday, it's going to be a sunny one low humidity once again but you are starting to bump the temperatures up. even the humidity goes up a bit tomorrow. but the humidity and temperatures go through the roof as you tap into this air mass into the weekend. the numbers right here 87 for friday. all right? it's a good-looking day out there. look, you're going to have a bit of humidity that will start to be felt tomorrow.
5:49 pm
but really it's the weekend. 90 on saturday. and you do have that, you know, slight chance for some afternoon rain. anytime after 2 p.m. with that kind of heat and humidity you can't rule out a shower. same deal for sunday at 90. it's a nice looking weekend. monday 92. that's the hottest of this stretch. tuesday you're 89. so the potential is out there to see a four-day run of 90- degree days. but again, sunday, look, some of the models are saying 87, 88, 89. some go higher than 90. i put the 90 down just to set the tone. it's going to be hot and humid. i would be surprised to see 89 and not get another heat wave. if you are rooting a heat wave, it's not a guarantee. >> but another great weekend. >> crazy how the weekends have been so nice. >> we'll take it. thank you, lonnie. the weather we have had the past several weekend may have made people in warm states gel out and the same for a compound up for sale in new jersey. it's the attraction in tonight's "living large." cbs 2's emily smith takes us
5:50 pm
inside. >> reporter: a 14-acre gated compound is on a mountain. we get the tour. >> the buyers are from california. very reluctantly so she brought her house plans went to a local architect known for drama and they created her home in california. >> reporter: dramatic rooms with high ceilings and mostly all windows or walls dominate the single level home. the dining room has a high peaked ceiling surrounded by glass going into the kitchen. >> this is a million-dollar addition. commercial appliances, granite stone floors. >> reporter: next to a sitting area you have a mini bar and a state-of-the-art wine refrigerator stocked with the finest. pocket doors separate the great room from the family room. it has a birch floor and pitch
5:51 pm
how do you leave here? do you not just want to stay? >> i just bring my sleeping bag. >> reporter: the home has four bedrooms including two in a separate wing. >> when they designed the house, they tried to get beautiful wide hallways and these are actually closets here. so it's there but it's handy and beautiful part of the architecture. >> reporter: we met the homeowner june kimmel a former soap opera actor outside to walk the grounds with us. the property offers resort- like amenities including an exquisthe pool. >> it's a lagoon style pool with a black bottom which is light blue. >> reporter: the cabana allows you to enjoy the view. finally we headed to the spa house. >> you have a fabulous indoor pool. >> reporter: as a child, kimmel dreamed of living in a home exactly like this one. she even doodled drawings of it. so you have to dream it first. >> i guess so. it did happen.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: to live large in bernardsville new jersey, it will cost you $2,880,000. >> those soaps sure pay well. tax on the property are $51,000 a year. among the celebrities who lived in the town, mike tyson, meryl streep brooke astor and jackie o. >> live with the stars. a warning before you fire up the grill. some meat could make you sick and there's no way of knowing beforehand the simple steps you can take to stay safe. >> and just ahead at 6:00, standing room only. more than $6 million spent to install benches in a local park so what's wrong with this
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
picture? summer is in full swing but before you throw steaks on the grill a warning. some beef on store shelves has had a process that could make you sick if not properly cooked.
5:56 pm
so when it comes to eating beef what's at stake? maurice dubois reports. >> reporter: terry is an expert in grocery savings and stocks up own beef whenever it's on sale. >> we eat it about once or twice a week. >> reporter: while she knows about savings, the one thing she didn't know is that some of the beef she has bought has been manhandled a little more than she might like. >> i had no idea. >> reporter: it's called tenderizing. when the meat is pierced with nightles or sliced with blades to break down the collagen or pierced with needles. it's supposed to make it taste better but it could be sick if the meat isn't properly cooked. brian buckley of the institute for culinary education says the process drives surface contaminants including potentially lethal e. coli deeper into the meat where cooking is less likely to kill them. >> if you don't cook the meat thoroughly to 160 degrees all the way through, you could expose people who eat more medium and medium to rare to e. coli. >> reporter: but the problem,
5:57 pm
there's no way to know whether the meat you're buying is tenderized. there are no labels to alert consumers. >> no mind meat being tenderized but i need to know because it bears on how long i'll cook it. >> reporter: between 2000 and 2009 there were five documented outbreaks of e. coli linked to this type of being which made 1 74 people sick and killed one, but this person says the number of cases is higher. >> people get sick. just think okay well, i may have eaten something. i'll get over it. so it's vastly underreported. >> reporter: starting next year, tenderized beef will have to be labeled as such and include cooking instructions. >> they have to cook it differently. mechanically tenderized steak has to be cooked more thoroughly. >> reporter: this is one shopper who will be looking out for the labels. >> i'm good it's coming soon. i'm not one to normally like a
5:58 pm
lot of labeling because it ups the price of the food. but this is important enough. >> the rule goes into effect in may of 2016. about 25% of beef sold in stores is tenderized. >> maybe a nice salad this weekend. >> good idea. that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado no emergency exits, no system in place to put out a fire, a scathing new federal report shows major violations inside city detention centers and jails that put more than inmates in danger. also flying through oncoming traffic a school bus slamming in a building crashing, injuring nearly a dozen children. >> and what's going on with these park benches? whose bright idea was it to leave benches with no place to sit?
5:59 pm
good evening, i'm dana tyler. a blistering new report raises troubling questions about safety hazards in and around city jails. the report showing dozens of violations. that include a lack of fire exits, no working smoke alarms, major problems with sprinklers and the plans to fix all of these could take over a decade p tonight, cbs 2 investigates why the department of correction hasn't done anything about it. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer with the cbs 2 exclusive. >> it's dangerous. we should not have to wait for a horrible tragedy to happen before the city does what it's supposed to do. >> reporter: furious, that reaction from councilwoman elizabeth crowley who oversees the department of correction when cbs 2 showed her a report prepared for the agency's federal monitor. the lack of interest by doc in completing projects or correcting any life safety


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