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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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among others things details delays in installing fire alarms and fire suppression systems. just some of the more worrisome findings, at the north infirmary on rikers numerous life safety issues not being addressed that range from fire alarms to sprinklers to combustible loading. at the center on rikers the recommendation of special smoke detection be provided in every cell was ignored. center the major life safety item is the inoperative stairwell pressurization system for maintaining them clear of smoke during a fire evacuation. this man was released recently from the manhattan detention center. >> they got to fix that because the fire -- because the fire happened the other day so they got to fix it there because they smoke all the time in there and everything. >> reporter: with 11,000 inmates and thousands of guards and visitors, safety concerns are real. crowley says it's not like the department can't afford the fixes.
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do they have enough money? >> they certainly have enough money. there's hundreds of millions of dollars in their capital budget. >> reporter: they say failure to do the fixes will result in tragedy. the controller says that 2245 personal injury claims are filed last year against department of correction a 37% increase. >> this is a situation that's gone on far too long and we have to be mindful not just that this puts a financial pressure on the city, but it also has a human element which is you don't want to put people in harm's way. >> reporter: late today a department of correction spokesman said the agency, quote, has robust fire evacuation procedures in place and commissioner ponte is committed to ensuring that staff and inmates alike are not a risk. the department has taken significant steps with fdny to address the concerns. >> it can take 11 years until 2026 to fix everything. the agency does admit to
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having over $100 million in the budget for fire safety. it says it has installed you in a large systems in nine facilities. >> that's daunting all that time. >> reporter: and scary. >> sure is! marcia, thank you. now to the challenge for the city health department. 12 dead 120 people sick in the city. but no newly diagnosed cases of legionnaire's disease in the past 10 days. and now city health officials say the outbreak in the bronx has been contained. cbs 2's tony aiello reports today, the city council took action to stop future clusters of the disease. >> honestly, it should have really been done before an outbreak or something. >> reporter: vivian miller voicing a common sentiment in the bronx. almost 40 years after legionnaire's was identified, killing 34 people who attended a convention in philadelphia, why is new york city only now requiring cleaning and inspection of cooling towers? >> i don't think anyone would have hesitated to put new
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rules and regulations into effect if health authorities had specifically recommended them. >> reporter: the mayor says this outbreak was an unprecedented crisis for the city requiring a new approach so next week he will sign the bill the city council approved thursday affecting hundreds of towers on large buildings where legionella bacteria can spread. all cooling towers must be registered with the city with required regular testing for legionella and cleaning. and building owners must have cooling towers inspected and certified annually. violators face heavy fines. >> this has become an emergency situation. and so we -- the fine structure is one that is going to really ensure that there is compliance. >> reporter: city health officials are breathing a sigh of relief after 10 days of no newly diagnosed cases. >> we have contained the outbreak of legionnaire's in the south bronx. >> reporter: residents have lived with weeks of worry. >> i'm confident with a prayer. everything works with a prayer. >> reporter: praying the new
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regulations serve to prevent future outbreaks. in mott haven, the bronx, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> the health commissioner says the number of legionnaire's cases will never go to zero and there will always be sporadic cases because the bacteria are so prevalent in our environment. a dozen children were hurt when a bus hit a building in irvington new jersey. surveillance video captured the out-of-control bus blowing through a red light hitting an suv and then plowing into a liquor store. this is springfield avenue. people rushed to help the children and the driver. the youngest, only 3 years old. >> i grabbed a few bottles of water and started to give it to the little kids because they were scared even the ones that were okay were scared and crying. >> 14 people were treated for scrapes bruises and broken bones. the bus driver told police the bus's brakes failed. we check the bus company's records with the motor vehicle commission and at last check
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96% of the vehicles needed work before they passed inspection. many catholics are making their plans to celebrate mass with pope francis when he is in manhattan and philadelphia next month. but state transportation officials are cautioning some people will have to walk far and some commuters are being urged to stay home. cbs 2's christine sloan explains. >> reporter: pope francis busy when he visits manhattan thursday and friday september 24 and 25. a mass at madison square garden and speaking to the united nations that by the way meets all week. add to that a giants game at metlife thursday. why new jersey transit is sending a warning to regular commuters. >> you may want to consider a "stay-cation" and staying put. >> reporter: nj transit had problems with the super bowl more recently electric wires issues on amtrak tracks causing delays and cancellations but the executive director says the
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agency's ready with extra bus and rail service. especially for the holy father's friday mass at the garden. >> we have 30,000 rail seats going in and out between 4 and 7 p.m. >> reporter: but officials focusing on the pope's main event during his u.s. trip, a public mass sunday in philadelphia. two million people expected. the ben franklin bridge connecting new jersey to philadelphia will close friday night and won't re-open until monday. >> if you are driving, leave morning. make sure you have sleeping arrangements in advance. this is not woodstock. >> reporter: might feel like it though. some will be hoofing it from 11 miles away according to this map. no parking for cars in camden. the city at the tip of the ben franklin many will walk over. walking. we are not worried about people getting to the event. the return will be in darkness. >> reporter: officials also
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warning any bus going to the philadelphia event whether it's a local parish van or a chartered bus has to be registered before the event. at penn station in newark, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> and transportation officials tell us nearly half of the people going to the pope's philadelphia event are senior citizens. pope francis again will be in new york september 24 through the 26th. he will address a u.n. general assembly, attend a service at the 9/11 memorial and museum, and visit our lady queen of angels school in east harlem. and say mass at madison square garden. cbs 2 will bring you complete coverage of all of the pontiff's events right here during that visit late next month. frustration for straphangers as subway delays are on the rise. an audit of on-time performance from 2013 to last year by the state's controller's office said it's getting worse.
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in 2013 subways were on time nearly 81% of the time. that was below the mta's goal of about 92%. last year, delays were worse with just 70% of trains rolling in on time. mta officials blame equipment problems. new employees who are inexperienced with schedules. and track work. just ahead here at 6:00, rush to the rescue. a woman recounts the heart stopping moments as she tried to help a truck driver who caught fire in the explosion on the new jersey turnpike. also ahead -- [ screaming ] >> a terrifying moment involving a young girl has social media fired up. is this the way to teach your children about strangers? >> and this one a head scratcher. dozens of benches in a city park with no seats. so hose' bright idea was this? -- whose bright idea was this? >> and tonight we're debuting drone 2. you're looking at a
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live feed from a drone hovering over sunset park in brooklyn. the images being provided by aerobo. this is the first legal commercial drone flight in the city. we are proud to have that. here's lonnie on a clear thursday. >> after a nice day like today mild temperatures, hard to imagine we have another potential heat wave brewing out there. i'll tell you when it arrives and what to expect in just a bit. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," new information on the deadly widespread explosion in china. scott pelley here with that and more. scott? >> reporter: dana, our correspondent seth doane managed to get to ground zero at that explosion site today. what i saw in the daylight was amazing. the death toll still rising rapidly. many people are missing. we'll have the very latest on the catastrophe in china and the rest of the world news all coming up on the "cbs evening
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news" at 6:30. new video slowing the moments after two tractor- trailers crashed on the new jersey turnpike last night. you can see the truck driver's pants on fire as he jumped out of his rig. he was injured in the explosion. this is in east brunswick.
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there you see the man in the top of your screen. an australian tourist saw it and ran to help. >> how he got out of the cabin, not completely on fire, is a miracle because there was nothing left of that truck within seconds. >> it's right in front of you. you're 20 feet from it. what do you do? you know? it's into the like -- you can't just sit there. >> the truck driver is in serious condition tonight at st. barnabas medical center. a new jersey man is helping parents scare their underaged daughters into making better decisions. [ screaming ] >> ah, ah, ah! >> stop it, your mother and father! >> parents devised a plot with professional prankster coby person to teach their daughter not to trust everyone they meet online. the girls made contact with him through facebook. est posing as a 15-year-old boy. he asked if they would like to meet him. they all said yes and each time their parents were there to surprise them and confront them. >> you're 12-year-old old!
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that guy is 20 years old! [ girl crying ] >> you could have been raped and murdered! we have already lost your mother. what would i have done if i lost you! >> the video got 21 million views in two days. all right. questions tonight. whose bright idea was this? millions of tax dollars spent to improve a lower east side park but take a look at the benches. they still have no seats! cbs 2's meg baker live to explain the problem and we hope the solution. meg. >> reporter: beautiful weather outside in the park but you can see something is very wrong here. i'm actually standing in the bench because i can't sit down on it. there is no seat. and i found about a dozen other benches here all along the allen mall that are also broken. they have been like this for two years.
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walking down the mall between three lansi and -- between delancey and broom it's hard to find a place to sit. >> it's not inviting. that's just saying we don't really care about the community enough to be able to fix the benches. >> reporter: one bench after the other broken, missing slats of wood. a mess since 2013. >> everybody is unfinished. i mean they started something and they did nothing to fix it. like i mean, they threw in some bright colored chairs, what's in it? >> >> reporter: daniel is referring to a reconstruction project started by the new york city parks department in 2012. he says fixing the benches is way past due. >> if i want to sit down, just relax across the street, i would like that to happen. >> reporter: others agree. >> that's part of the community they need to be fixed for the community. >> reporter: neighbors have taken matters into their own hands installing plywood and other remedies to sit down. >> we would really like tuesday the space because we work around the corner. so it would be nice to get a for lunch. >> reporter: the mall project took a year and cost more than $6 million. we contacted the city parks
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department for answers. the agency would not give an on-camera interview but says the original wood slats for seats were defective. the wood was improperly treated and was not from an improved supplier. the agency says the replacement slats have been ordered and are expected by the end of september. and so residents have been without seats for two years. so we'll follow up to make sure they are fixed come september. we're live on the lower east side. meg baker, cbs 2 news. the replacement slats at no cost to new york city parks. here's lonnie quinn and we have some heat on the way. you've got westchester to start with tonight. >> we'll start off there but yeah, just plant that seed. the heat is coming back. my weather watchers reporting temperatures today very mild. high temperatures today barry goldberg in bloomingdale, one of our esteemed weather degrees. you should see the equipment
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this guy has at his house. 79 degrees for a high temperature. 84 pleasant valley new york. 79 bradley beach. new york city 83 degrees. and that's exactly where we should be this time of the year. new york city looks good. it's pretty. this is all compliments of drone force 2 flying up and over sunset park looking good out there. [ music ] >> let's talk about the headlines and how we see things coming together. we'll be using the drones throughout the newscast here as we move forward just incorporate, the technology. temperatures going way up. the water will be drawing you, water temperatures even on the south shore of long island where we have the coolest water temperatures around montauk, somewhere in the lower 70s. i checked coopers beach. they came in at 74.2 degrees today. that's pretty nice and you were hitting the 880 mark well south around cape make -- 80-
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degree mark well south around cape may. nice weekend. saturday warm sunshine, sun and cloud mix, partly sunny with a slight chance for a bit of rain during the afternoon. 85 to 89. sunday a warm finish 85 to 88 and less chance of a rain shower on sunday. the mountains bumping the rain chance from 20% of the shoreline to 30% for the mountains. it's only because the area of disturbed weather is coming in from the north and west and that's where we find the mountains in this area. that you have 30% chance for afternoon rain but otherwise partly sunny in the mountains a good go. sunday looks good 80s. beautiful skies overhead now. we have had a couple of clouds here or there but mostly very pretty and it's going to be very pretty as we get into the day tomorrow. there's your air mass. day on friday. it's going to be warmer than today like mid-80s maybe upper 80s but not lower 80s stuff that we dealt with and some of you as i showed you 70s. this heat will surge in for saturday, sunday and monday
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and the potential is out there for a heat wave. tomorrow, 87 degrees. nice sky overhead. the humidity starts to inch up. on saturday 90. a bit more humidity out there in the afternoon hours. we will put in that chance for some rain and then on sunday, 90 degrees. monday 92 degrees. tuesday you're 89 degrees. so if you get the 90 to 90 to 92 that would be new york city's first heat wave. i mention it every day although i'm not harping on it. it's odd we haven't had one yet. >> it's unusual. >> it is. >> thank you. otis is with the jets tonight. steve overmyer is here with sports. >> dana, we're all curious if ryan fitzpatrick can actually move this jets offense. we'll, otis livingston is live in detroit to tell us about that. and are the mets for real? what we have seen over the past two weeks is making mets fans believe again.
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a salt laky starts for the -- a shaky start for the mets but they are showing
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themselves to be true play-off contenders right now. over the past two weeks, they have redefined their season. and now they have the third best odds in the national league to win the world series. the mets are 14-5 since that trade that brought them juan uribe and kelly johnson. and here's johnson finally his breakout game as a met going three for four with three rbi one of the six doubles for the mets this afternoon. they have been swinging for the fences, as well. over the past two weeks they have the most homers in the league. curtis granderson makes it 6- 3. then juan lagares making the most of that pinch hit at bat in the 8th. the met sweep the rockies in four games 12-3 the final. they are 11 games over .500 for the first time in five years. the jays also won today so the yankees trail by a full game in the a.l. east. tonight they will try to avoid losing their sixth straight. and the jets quarterback situation is certainly the intriguing story line as the preseason gets under way against the lions. otis livingston will be
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sideline reporting for tonight's game. he now joins us. >> reporter: all right, steve. the ryan fitzpatrick era officially begins tonight. geno smith is opting to have surgery so he will be out 6 to 10 weeks so the new starting quarterback is going to make his debut with the first time offense font. also making his debut the first draft pick for the -- [ signal breakup ] [ no audio ] records -- getting the call because pro bowler sheldon richardson will be serving a four-game suspension for the failed drug test. likely will be out even longer for an additional off the field indense so big cat gets his big shot. >> i think i'm coming in with even a bigger light on me but i believe you work hard and it pays off so, you know, i been coming to work every day and just trying to stay in the playbook and listen to everything the coach says. to see more of our interavaya stadium with the
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jets first-round draft pick -- to see more of our interview with the jets first-round draft pick, tune in tonight on cbs 2 at 7:30. but for now, reporting live from detroit, otis livingston, steve, back to you. >> thank you. finally sucker punching linebacker ikemefuna enemkpali joined the buffalo bills today. he met the media and took no questions. he just made this statement. >> i want to apologize to the jets organization, the fans, the teammates and the coaches. i apologize for what happened. should have never happened. should have walk away from the situation. it was never my intention to hurt anybody. >> the most conspicuous name of that list of guys he was apologizing to. >> geno smith. >> geno smith! he didn't even apologize to geno for the whole situation! i can't believe this. >> that statement he just made seems exactly like the one that they put out like in a print statement. >> absolutely. he took no questions. at some point he is going to have to answer some questions about what he did.
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he can't just pass this off. >> jets tonight 7:30. >> should be fun. >> thank you.
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we'll be right back. coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, water so dangerous, fish are dying. and now the fight to save the animals. and those are still surviving and just gasping for oxygen so what's killing the fish in this water in flushing, queens? also tonight at 11, a major change in the lotto law could be coming to new jersey. how your chance of win millions will be more convenient. those stories and more tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. we hope you can also watch our news at 9:00 on tv 10/55. but coming up next, the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." and forecasters warning of a monster sized weather system they call godzilla el nino. how it could affect the weather across the country! we thank you for joining us tonight at 6:00. have a good one. captions by: caption colorado


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