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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: he showed us the bottle of pills. authorities say donald lee edwards would call into a pharmacy for a prescription with a similar name. it was undetected. >> i saw the name and it was strange. >> reporter: was it a red flag? investigators released picture of the practice he allegedly ran for three years out of a basement apartment. they say it's where he treated at least 100 patients and never took insurance. only a cash copay. police raided it this week and confiscated medical equipment blood vials and a doctor's badge and took him into custody. >> i have been here 11 years. i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: today we talked to the suspect's mother about the allegations. she says he recently finished online classes to practice psychology. >> you don't know if he had a license? >> i don't know. i didn't ask. i don't ask people at that age if they have a license. >> reporter: but police tell us that's not true. and that he has no medical background. they say donald lee edwards
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used to be a flight attendant and eyebrow threader but apparently boasted to his patients that he worked extensively with the victims of 9/11 and their families. right now, police are trying to track down all of the patients who he treated so if you were under his care, they want you to come forward. reporting on staten island, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. developing on staten island now, a shootout with an armed suspect -- [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> reporter: up until the last minute there was some reason to believe that garland tyree would surrender but as you may be able to tell from all the bull markets over there, police say the wanted man died shooting straight at them. at noon. police moved in on 38-year-old garland tyree. he walked out of his home fired this loaded assault rifle according to police
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after refusing to be taken alive on a probation violation warrant. loved ones were hysterical as the wanted gang member died in a barrage of police gunfire. the standoff began at dawn. u.s. marshals and the nypd came to take him into custody. he was armed to the teeth with guns and ammo. when police tried to take tyree in about 5:45 a.m., firefighters were called to battle smoke inside the home. that's when police say the wanted man shot fdny lieutenant james hayes twice. >> once through the right buttocks and left calf. >> reporter: both bullets exited his body. for hours there was dialogue between northerners, the suspect and his -- negotiators, the suspect and his family a facebook post said, today i die. still police say garland tyree finally told his mother over the phone that he was giving up.
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>> they exchanged that they loved each other. and at that point, mr. tyree indicated that he was going to surrender. >> reporter: just before noon, six hours after the standoff began, garland tyree exited the home shooting police say. both the mayor and fire commissioner went to the richmond university medical center to visit hayes the mayor calling him a true hero. authorities say when firefighters arrived at the scene they had no reason to believe the man inside was armed and dangerous. so lieutenant hayes rushed in as fellow firefighters stood at the door. >> the smoke was building up. the lieutenant made a decision to go in and fight this fire and find this person who was possibly unconscious. the lieutenant in crawling in and looking for the fire and a victim was suddenly shot twice. >> reporter: the lieutenant comes from a family of firefighters. three of his brothers are with the fdny. live in staten island, steve langford, cbs 2 news. it was a question on many
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people's minds. after the firefighter was shot, where was mayor de blasio? the answer? not there. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer has more. >> reporter: it was a spoof. a video released by the mayor himself showing him working out in a gym with the actor steve buschemi to train for his appearance at a political roast. >> labor contracts you need to sign, mr. mayor. >> reporter: but to some, the spoof was emblematic of gym. critics claim that on several occasions since de blasio took office gym took precedence. after the fire lieutenant james hayes was shot by an ex- con, the mayor decided that the a workout at his gym and ticketed. it didn't sit well with those who should have gone to staten island immediately to be the firefighter and his family. >> i think his priorities -- i think he should be with the
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family at the hospital. >> reporter: also not amused once again saddened for all new yorkers as to the lack of leadership from city hall. the mayor's spokesman insisted de blasio spoke with the police and fire commissioner several times about the incident which started at 6 a.m. he got to the gym at 9 and stayed until 10:40 she said. reporters looking to talk to him claim he left by a back door which according to one member is no easy task. >> there's an emergency exit from the swimming pool on 8th street. >> reporter: the mayor was asked about his workout during a midafternoon press conference on staten island. and he did not seem pleased. >> we're briefing you all on a very serious situation. and that's just not a serious question. >> reporter: well, this was not the first time the mayor's dedication to his workout was called into question. last december, he skipped the funeral of herman badillo the city's first puerto rican born congressman to get to the gym and after returning from
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pushing his agenda across the country a few months ago he went to the gym skipping the 30th annual aids walk in central park. >> does this add up to be politically damaging along the way? >> well, it adds to the general impression for being late to events, skipping things he didn't -- he was late to the memorial in queens for the people were lost in the flight to the dominican republic. he has had a whole history of public events. it adds to the whole thing. >> thank you. new information tonight on the hunt for two escaped murderers from the clinton correctional facility in june. payroll records from the controller show it cost more than a million dollars a day sweat and richard matt. over time costs alone for state troopers and corrections officers were $22 million higher than last year. more than 1100 officers took part in the search. matt was shot dead and sweat waswoundedaddrecaptured.
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forthefirst forthefirsttimein54yearsthe u.s. was reopened at u.s. embassy in cuba. hundreds of americans were on hand as the star-spangled banner played during the ceremony. secretary of state john kerry is the first u.s. diplomat to visit cuba in 70 years. three marines who took part in fact flag lowering in 1961 took part in today's flag raising. new york senator charles schumer has launched a statewide internet lottery for a single ticket to see pope francis address congress. would you have to go to the senator's website to apply. he will be the first pope to 24. schumer is also offering 100 pairs of tickets to new nation's capital. the drawing will be held the final week of august. and pope francis will be in new york september 24-26. he will address the u.n. general assembly, go to a service at the 9/11 memorial museum, visit our lady queen of angels schools in east square garden.
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we'll have full coverage on cbs 2. a 2,000-pound steel beam from the world trade center site is now in its final resting place. the piece of cargo arrived at the kennedy space center in cape canaveral today. the beam will be part of a 9/11 memorial at the space center. it will be displayed to it the public after a ceremony on september 11th. just ahead, a commuter alert part of a dump truck dangling dangerously offer a bridge causing lane closures on route 80 in roxbury. >> plus, an earthquake in new jersey? shook the town of bernardsville. >> right now as i take a peek at the vortex, i see good sized thunderstorms north of the area around albany. what's the possibility of them dropping south into our area? stick around, we'll talk about
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that after the break. the highway is open now, but this overturned truck made a mess of route 80 in new jersey earlier today. the back end of a dump truck separated from its cab landing on supports above new jersey transit railroad tracks. this happened between exits 28 and 30 in roxbury township in officials suspended rail service unless the truck hopper could be removed. no one was seriously injured. some local beaches are heavy rain. long island sound.
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now one group wants to solve that problem. when heavy rain hits westchester county in many of its municipalities water from storm sewer drains and in waterways, a connecticut based environmental group is suing westchester county and four sound shore communities over the periodic large sewage spills. and the constant drip of smaller leaks from pipes along the shore. some residents told our lou young they think the push to end the problem is good. >> there are times the beach is closed. it could be sewage. thunderstorm. >> are you glad somebody is >> yes. >> westchester officials say they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to upgrade sewer systems at the coast to end the problem. helpless and hopeless, those emotions from parents of a toddler with a rare laughing condition that made life hey nightmare. so they turned to surgeons on
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long island. jennifer mclogan reports from manhassett. >> reporter: 3-year-old dom mick couldn't perform the simplest of tasks like singing without bursting into uncontrol anxious laughter. >> he could have six, seven a day. >> the reason is because of a lesion. this produces a peculiar form of epilepsy. it causes people to break out in laughter. >> reporter: they live in slovakia. their child was laughing, passing out and getting worse. their internet research led them to america where they contacted surgeons where they operated on this child recently. dr. harold of north shore lij is a world-renowned expert in treating the condition. >> it's remarkable.
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this is not just a problem for the child. >> it was a laugh but natural. temple. laugh. >> reporter: dominic's groundbreaking surgery using light energy a laser probe heating and zapping the tiny lesion birth defect without destroying memory vision and emotion hunger or thirst. >> is this a life changing surgery. >> yes. normal life. we can have a normal life. days. the surgery deemed a complete success. they are on the way home to slovakia, dominic will begin bree kindergarten next week. from manhassett, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> what a beautiful boy. and dominic will enjoy his week. shaken awake. a small earthquake rumbled in central new jersey early this morning. the u.s. >> he launch survey confirms a
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-- the u.s. geological survey confirms a 2.7 quake struck a.m. it caused no damage but the sound and movement woke people >> like a thunderclap rumble woke up because the windows were shaking. >> i woke up and felt like the house cracked in the night. >> the last earthquake in new jersey was 1.9 east of trenton last december. forecast. >> is the great looking friday going to come into the weekend? you have to get it into the weekend. it looks like mother nature is going to cooperate. the picture is a good one. nice looking sky. degrees. today you were close to 90. i think the 90-degree mark we
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hit it tomorrow. it's a beach weekend with slight chance of showers. warm water at the shore. sea temperatures from 74 up to 80 degrees down around portions of the jersey shore. that's a mild water for us out there. so what will the skies be doing? again, they look good for the entire weekend. saturday has that slight chance for a shower. but around the beaches i put it at 20% or less. it's a warm day 85 to 89. sunday partly to mostly sunny skies. temperatures warmer about the same 58 to 88. now if you take a look right now, it's quiet out there except for those areas north of us right around albany. you have some thunderstorms pushing through. a couple could slide down. they are not going to go well south but they could make and dutchess counties. if you are in the mountains that same trend is more so for you.
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your rain chance in the mountains 30% chance for saturday. 84 to 88. sunday 20% or less but a slight risk, not major. mountains or beaches it's a go this weekend. it looks really nice. if you look at the heat, it's all coming in from those areas south and west for us, where this air mass is coming in from. [ mispronunciation ] >> it's not moisture. it's going to be rainfall. it's going to be the humidity. you will feel the humidity on the way up. otherwise it will be a nice beach weekend. rain possibly making its way down into sullivan county and you willster. not a big problem. a big day, make you can find a shower in the mountains. i don't think mother nature subscribes to this computer model but it could drop down a bit so i put in a 30% chance for a shower if you are heading north or west of the city. not a big risk if you are at the beaches for saturday.
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then you get into your day on sunday. looks good. is there any rain? i mean, could be some. remember, when the computer models show you a light green color like this, that's a real light shower. so if you see any rain on sunday it's not going to be too much of anything. it's really a good weekend from start to finish. heat is going to be one of the big stories of: so you're right there, that would make a heat wave for four days in a row. we were close already. we had a two-day run and the third day was 89 couple of weeks ago so no heat wave but this could be the same. just know it's going to be hot and humid. >> the streak continues. >> right. >> another great weekend. >> the weekend have been fabulous. >> thank you. otis is up next with a look at sports. >> after lackluster preseason
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debut the jets bringing another backup quarterback candidate i'll tell how it is. for the second straight weekend yankees blue jays first place showdown this time around, the yankees are the
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hunters not the hunted. cbs2/wfan sports update. we'll get to the jets news in a moment. but the yankees we are going to start with. further back. turn about is fair play. after getting swept at home last weekend the yankees will try to return the favor in toronto beginning a three-game set tonight. unlike the previous series the yankees are the team in second place thanks to a five-game losing streak. the yankees went from 4.5 games up to half game back. there's a little matter of the blue jays being the hottest team in the majors. don't expect this to be easy for the yankees. they are going to have to take it. >> at home the last few days, know, it will be tough. i know it will be a big series
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and, you know, their fans are pretty rowdy up there. it will be a great atmosphere. i'm looking forward to the challenge. if the blue jays are hot, the mets are riding a four- game winning streak. they have won 11 of 13 going into the series opener against the pirates at city fields. now to football. the giants kick off their preseason action tonight and they will be very familiar with tonight's opponents having practiced against the bengals the last few days. beckham has looked good so he is healthy. let's not forget, before he went out and had that spectacular rookie season, he didn't play at all in the preseason with the hamstring injury so this will be his big blue preseason debut. >> what do we have to wear to the game stuff like that because i really -- i didn't know i was at home every weekend every time they traveled i was at home. and i got to go to the preseason games last year but whole thing. so this is all kind of ne -- new to me, as well. >> the quarterback was a question mark for the jets
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even before the jaw breaking punch to geno smith. now they have to decide if bryce petty is a capable backup. he went 10 for 18 last night. he took a physical with the jets, matt flynn. he was just released by the patriots four days ago. finally tonight remember the hard feelings between yankees and a-rod heading into spring training? the jinx trying to see if they can get out of paying for his milestones because of ped use? the things have changed. they will honor his 3,000 hit in a pre-game ceremony on september 13. they didn't even acknowledge his 660th home run to tie time. so things starting to work out for beat sides i guess. a-rod having a successful season helping them get to almost first place right now so -- >> and he is saying all the right things. >> he is. he knew he had to fall on his sword. [ overlapping speakers ] >> all right. we'll be right back.
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>> closed captioning on cbs 2
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news is brought to you by: lonnie has a final check of the weekend weather. >> let's do it twice it's so good. the deal is it's going to be a great beach weekend. here's the beach forecast. climb up those steps get up on that observation deck. look at the sailboats. warm tomorrow 85 to 89. sunday similar temperatures. skies overhead for the weekend it will be partly sunny. i think it's not going to be void of clouds. there will be a couple of clouds. it's a niece weekend. then a slight chance for a shower saturday even smaller chance on sunday. those are your temperatures at the beach. the shore in the mid- to upper 80s. in the city it's possible to see 90 not just saturday. i think you could see 90 from saturday through tuesday outside chance, you get into wednesday, even. >> all right. >> it's possible. they get hot around here. >> sounds good. >> thank you. coming up later on cbs 2 news at 11:00, a woman attacked on the subway in broad daylight hear from the good samaritan who not only
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stopped the sexual assault but dragged the suspects to the police station. >> plus a popular trend with teens and their teeth but dentists say it can do permanent damage. those stories and more tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. well, butter sculpture are a escapeful of the iowa state fair. this year artists transformed but the near pieces of monopoly to celebrate the 80th anniversary. it weighs 600 pounds and would butter more than 19,000 slices of toast. butter sculptures have been on 1960. >> let's hope the air- conditioning holds up. [ laughter ] >> all right. thanks for joining us. on tv 10/55. and up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," disturbing new revelations about an american woman who was abused by her isis captors. thanks for joining u at 6:00.


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