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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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an explosion underground so strong it shattered glass. a manhole fire in the middle of manhattan ties up traffic for hours. i'm alice gainer. maurice and kristine are off. the fire overnight. >> dave carlin has more for us. >> reporter: on west 45th street at 9th avenue right now where the con ed workers are, they have been toiling in the heated, smoky conditions for going on 12 hours now and the machine you can see right now connected to the truck vacuums out the water and the debris out of the man whole where the blast was, heated situation for
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the workers and also a super heated situation for drivers ever since the explosion. >> suddenly i take a video and a really big explosion. >> reporter: the 12 seconds wallop. her camera rolling, and after the fire ball roars out of the ground, you can hear breaking glass. whoa! >> reporter: this is the cracked window, five floors up, and over here a schoolyard fire hydrant which was struck by the manhole cover. >> cover just boom, came off! we all just screamed and ran out of the juice bar. we thought everything blew up behind us. >> all the flames were like blowing up like it was really scary and really fast. >> reporter: remarkably in the place so packed with people, no one was hurt. chopper 2 was over 9th avenue.
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>> there's one with the lid on it still smoking a bit and one with the lid off. >> reporter: 14 blocks were shut down, and after lanes reopened, traffic was jammed, and the tempers flared. >> this is frustrating. >> trying to get to jersey right now, and don't think it's going to happen for like another 2 hours, so i'm femaling pretty not okay. >> reporter: con ed says underground cables overheated, sparked and blew, possibly taxed by all the extra energy demands of a hot day. con ed crews are expected to be working on the repair job through the night. live in hell's kitchen, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> dave, thank you. new tonight a knock at door helps the new jersey family get out alive. you can see the intensity of the fire at an apartment building on avaline drive it started in a dumpster around 7:00 this evening, spreading to a garage area. one resident didn't know it was
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approaching her apartment until a friend banged on her door telling her to get out. >> i walked over and saw everything engulfed in flames, and the first thing i thought of was to grab my child and get him out of there. >> the resident's disabled son was treated for smoke inhalation, but he's expected to be okay. >> a dump truck caught dangling from a bridge in new jersey. it landed on beams of an overpass, and the crash delayed traffic in both directions for hours, and three people suffered injuries. tonight a suspected gang member is dead after police say he fired on officers and earlier shot a firefighter. cbs 2's jessica schneider reports on a violent end to a standoff. >> my son would not want to hurt a firefighter or nobody. i don't think he wanted to hurt nobody. >> reporter: the mother of garland tyree defending her son
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after he died with a shootout with police. this is the ak47 he fired, the end of an intense 6-hour standoff that started around 6:00 a.m. when federal marshals and nypd officers arrived to serve a warrant. >> as the task force members approached the front door of the basement apartment, they observed the thick smoke coming from the fire department. >> reporter: lieutenant james hayes moved in when the fdny arrived and he was shot twice by tyree. >> once through the right buttocks and through the left calf. >> reporter: lieutenant hayes is expected to make a full recovery. tyree has 18 prior arrests including murder when he was a teenager, and he was convicted on a lesser charge. >> my name is garland tyree, and everyone knows me as si. >> reporter: earlier friday he
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posted three words to his facebook page. today i die. following the standoff, police found a trove of weapons inside. >> we recovered three handguns, one ak47 which was in his hands when he came out, and one smoke grenade, two magazines, one is a drum magazine with 75 rounds in it, and the other is a banana clip with 30 rounds in it. tyree was being investigated in connection with several other homicides in the city, and police are worried that members of his gang could retaliate for his death. jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. tonight we are hearing from a subway hero who literally collared a man who was trying to rape a woman on a train platform. >> as soon as she said he was trying to rape her, i just reacted. >> reporter: despite getting six stitches above his left eye and a swollen right hand that looks more like a water balloon, maurice osbourne says
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he would do it all again. >> nope! i wish someone else did. i wish the conductor stayed, stay. the train left. >> reporter: while riding the 3 train on wednesday morning at the bergen street station, osbourne heard screams for a woman who investigators said was being sexually assaulted by 40-year-old alvaro denica. denica was fondling himself in the last subway car before chasing the victim and jumping on top of her. osbourne leapt into action and grabbed him by the collar as he demonstrated on me. >> reporter: what was his reaction when you grabbed him? >> he said he didn't do anything. >> reporter: osbourne continued to grab the man by his shirt, pulling him all the way up the subway steps and across flatbush avenue to 78th precinct where he turned the
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man a into police. the 28-year-old victim was following close behind and told investigators what happened. >> reporter: as for 37-year-old osbourne who is living in a shelter in bedstuy, studying to become a medical assistant. >> i like helping people, and it makes me feel useful. >> reporter: he hopes new yorkers will follow his lead, helping new yorkers the next time help is needed. >> the suspect is being held on $150,000 bond. a small earthquake rattled central new jersey in the middle of the night. the quake struck around 3:30, centered 2 miles north of bernardsville. people in neighboring morris and somerset counties felt it as well. >> we thought the bed was going to go through the house. that's what we thought, actually. >> we thought it was a thunder clap, more of a rumble. i woke up because the windows were shaking. >> reporter: no reports of
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damage or injuries. lonnie quinn with more on the earthquake. >> thank you so much, alice. if you look at the earthquake stats for our area, okay, i'm talking the tri-state now, and i'm talking small earthquakes, much smaller than they experienced this morning in bernardsville, they have very common. i'm talking about earthquakes so small, most of them can't be felt. they are out there. the reason they are out there, we will rest in the area of a fault line. where it was felt this morning, bernardsville, watch this. there's bernardsville. it's right on the ramapo fault line it feeds into the east coast fault line, intersecting with the new madrid fault line, and then the big daddy of them all, the san andreas. but without the ramapo fault line, you would have the appalachian mountains or the poconos.
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it is hot and human tomorrow a p.m. chance for rain, and it shouldn't spoil the day. a hot one at 90 degrees. dick, over to you. >> lonnie, thank you. a major step for the normalized relationships between the u.s. and cuba today. [music] with the national anthem playing, the american flag was hoisted in havana as the u.s. reopened the embassy more than 54 years after it closed, and john kerry said the relations between the two countries has improved but critics say the cuban government continues to suppress the basic human rights. >> for over 54 years we had a policy that was isolating us, not changing the world. >> the notion that the cuban people will be allowed freedom of speech and freedom of information that now president obama made concessions to the very government denying them the rights, that's complete fiction.
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>> after ceremony, cuban met with a group. a 2,000-pound beam has arrived at kennedy space center for a 9/11 memorial. it will go on display after a ceremony on september 11th. payroll records from the state comptroller shows it cost more than $1 million a die search for richard matt and david sweat. overtime cost ace loan for the state troopers and correctional officers were $22 million higher than last year, and more than 1100 officers took part in the 23-day man hunt. matt was shot dead, and sweat was wounded and recaptured. rescued from the rubble. next at 11, a firefighter trapped for 36 hours after a deadly explosion. plus -- >> i'm going to put it behind my teeth, around -- >> online instructions for a trend involving teens and their teeth, but dentists say don't do it. a little prince harassed by paparazzi.
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breaking news tonight, police have just released new
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video of last night's triple shooting in brownsville brooklyn. you can see the man open the door to the building before firing multiple shots and running away. isaiah sissaro was killed. a chinese firefighter is rescued after being trapped under rubble for 36 hours after an explosion. it was reportedly his first day on the job. the blasts sent the fire balls into the sky. the death toll is at 85, and the number is expected to rise. after demanding answers, cbs 2 got action for a woman who had her car stolen and was going to get billed by police to get it back. someone took off with jolie hagaza's honda last week, -- last month, but she had no idea they found it the next day. after we profiled her story,
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the tow company said they would drop all her fees. now the money raised will go to pay for her car left damaged by the crooks. some long island residents are fuming over the plans to open a medical marijuana dispensary. new yorkers can get a prescription for cannabis, but parents say having this near a high school is sending the wrong message. >> to ask us to take on the responsibility for all of suffolk county, that's unreasonable. >> these are folks in need of medicine, and i don't think they are going to pose a significant problem for communities. we have pharmacies on every corner. >> medical marijuana should be available at the designated dispensaries throughout new york by january. riverhead is expected to have the moratorium drafted soon for public debate. you can find all kinds of
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do-it-yourself videos online, but this one has dentists worried. >> i'm going to put behind my teeth, around the teeth i want, so like that, okay? >> the girl in this video uses rubber bands in an attempt to straighten her teeth, and the online trend is popular with teens, but orthodontists warn it could lead to a lifetime of trouble. >> you can actually damage the teeth, the supporting bone structures underneath, and it can result in loss of teeth. >> the american association of orthodontists warns the cost of repairing damage done is more expensive than just getting braces. prince william is warn the paparazzi to back off. william and his wife want the paparazzi to stop taking pictures of george saying the photographers are getting too aggressive and are stalking their son. sometimes they use other children to draw the young prince into view.
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and the palace is promising to take action if prince george or princess charlotte is put at risk. sharon stone is seen in a revealing photo spread, crediting yoga and a low-carb diet for her body. alcohol. impressed. >> she is fantastic. i hope to look like that. >> i feel like she looks better than i do. >> she's a lot older than me. >> i think i need to work out more. >> interestingly enough, stone tells the magazine when it asked out. >> it's so difficult it being a big star. it's so hard, you know? lonnie quinn with the weekend in front of us. >> it's going to be a nice one out there, and it's around the
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70-degree mark or so, and it's from connecticut. 76degrees, the reading from stan in greenwich, connecticut, and what do you have to say to me? i saw a couple of the meteors last night. it's been a good show, but it's getting less and less as we move forward. it was a good show a couple of nights ago. i didn't see 60 an hour, about 40 in my 15 minute ride from the train station to the house. clear, 77 degrees, and your high temperature was 88 degrees. typical 83. a nice 5 degrees above the average. hotter out there as we go into your day tomorrow, and it's going to be a beach weekend. you could have a shower out there for a few of you, especially north and west of the area. the water and the beaches, it's warm. i'm giving you all the actual numbers for the buoy readings, and anywhere from 74 to 78 for the south shore of long island, and down to the jersey shore, i mean you're pushing the 80- degree mark the further south you go. if you go to the website, i
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just went to the website for coopers beach at south hampton. 71degrees, and that's pretty darn nice, hitting the water around our area. skies are beautiful tonight, a shower up around the northern fringe of ulster county, and it couldn't push to the south at all. it wasn't rain for us. the bigger picture will show you what is going on this air mass is filtering in. the source of weekend heat, and you will notice the showers around the great lakes, and it's possible there's a slight chance a few of them will slide through into some of our northwest areas, and i think if you're going to the beaches, it should not be a big risk. 10% to 20% chance of a shower tomorrow afternoon, otherwise, it's a beach day. 85 to 89, warm finish on sunday, 85 to 88, and the mountains, again, i showed you where the mountains are streaming in. there's a 30% chance for a thunderstorm north and west of the city in the mountains. 84 to 88 on saturday and sunday. good-looking weekend out there, and it's going to be all about
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the heat, i think, and that's the big story. 91 on saturday, and 92 on monday, and 90 on tuesday, and that's going to be the big story. 90-degrees is not all that big of a story. the dog-days of summer, but we have not had the string of 90- degrees yet, longer than 2 days. we had a 2-day string a couple of weeks ago, but we haven't had it. we got to 2013. >> hot and humid though. >> light clothing, stay hydrated, got it. >> otis is here with sports. otis? >> the big blue preseason debut, head-to-head matchups could determine the winner of the american league east. the first-place show down for
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the second straight week. otis is here with your cbs 2 sports update. talking about the yankees. >> it's time for revenge after being swept by the bluejays last weekend in the bronx. the yankees try to return the favor up in toronto this weekend. half a game back for first place. just so happen to be going for their 12th straight win tonight. nova gets hit up again in the 3rd, and it looks like the price was right in toronto. david price undefeated. strikes out 6, and he is left
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with the 3-1 lead in the 8th, and he had sit and watch the lead off the bat of beltran. the 3-run pop to make it 4-3, and the last few outs took longer than expected, tieing and winning runs on base it took andrew miller 12 pitches to finally put out troy tulowitzki, and that snaps the 11-game winning streak. the yankees back in first place with 4-3 the final. if the bluejays are the hottest team in the majors, the mets not far behind them. host the pirates. colon giving up a homer in the first, and it took awhile to get even. here it it is. his 20th of the season. colon settling down nicely after hiccup in the 1st. 1-7 over the last 9 starts, and he left tonight with no decision. striking out 7 in 7 innings, and parnell gave up 3
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consecutive hits in the 10th. polanco with the 4-game winning streak, and 3-2 the final from citi field. time to step aside for a moment. like the jets, the giants open up the preseason with a
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oh, welcome back, everyone. after going head-to-head the last few days in practice. the giants and the bengals teeing it up for real or as real as it can get. the secondary carved up by the first teamers. 31yards and the td. 432yards for the bengals, doubling that of eli manning, and the giants, he was out of rhythm with the receivers, and he had to play 4 series after going 3 and out. eli 4 for 8, and 22 yards with the 13-point loss. 23-10 just the start of it, folks. the jets lost to the lions last night, and the quarter back was going to be a question mark, and now they have to decide if bryce petty is capable of being a backup. today journeyman, matt flynn took a physical with the jets.
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he didn't work out for them. he was just released by the patriots 4 days ago. the pga championship suspended because of weather. john daly, 1 over par, and the tee shot goes into the water. another ball, splashdown, and another ball! finally he hits the green, but he wasn't done with lake michigan. she's so frustrated, he will throw his club into the water. [ laughter ] >> it's not over, either a kid in a boat restreets the club, and daly 3 putts when he gets on the green. the kid has a souvenir. >> the kid stays dry. >> does it the boat float? >> he put his leg in there, and he lifted it up. >> talented toes, man. >> those were wild pants. >> that was it. the pants sent it into the river.
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after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. dozens of couples in times square kissed today to reenact a famous photo that celebrates the end of world war ii. vj day was exactly 70 years ago. today couples were given sailor hats and roses to reenact the famous kisses. the photographer who took this photo in 1945 never got the couple's names, their identity is a mystery, but what a famous shot. >> a lot of kissing going on there. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> in 1 hour, the late late show with james corden. >> cbs news. we will see you tomorrow.


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