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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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call 1-800-341-9716. crowds raced to get on the train cars, forced to sit on suitcases and in the middle of the aisle. this is more than just an inconvenience for commuters. tonight federal officials say the train conditions could be good evening. i'm kristine johnson. maurice is off tonight, and cbs 2 learned that the federal railroad administration called a meeting to look into the troubling safety concerns on the train. cbs 2's meg baker has the exclusive story. >> reporter: does this look safe to you? >> it's like gladiator to get on the train. >> reporter: i road the long island railroad where dozens of commuters jam packed into the train cars, sitting in kyles, blocking stairs, and emergency exits. kim hall had to sit on the floor from penn station to montauk on friday.
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>> people can't pass, and in an evacuation situation. it it's unsafe. >> reporter: she's not alone. >> just trying to get through the aisle, everyone is aggressive. >> reporter: the friday 4:00 p.m. cannon ball train has 12 train caw cars, three of which -- train cars, three of which are reserved seating only. leaving 1046 seats, is and on friday there were 1540 customers on board. that's 494 people left standing divided between nine cars, about 55 extra people in each car. it's not just the riders concerned about safety. cbs 2 has exclusively learned that the federal railroad administration will meet withed l.i.r.r.'s head of administrations tuesday afternoon. the meeting is to discuss solutions to the problem of overcrowding h can be a concern as it relates to the ability to
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move from one car to the next in the event of an emergency. >> reporter: these riders are requesting additional cars be added to popular transit times. commuters say it's not just on fridays. once their track number is posted on the board, it's a daily battle for the seat. >> they are so overcrowded that during rush hours in the morning and the night, there are insufficient trains, and there are insufficient seats. >> reporter: in a statement the l.i.r.r. says it would never permit any train to leave penn station if unsafe. no one is forced to board the train, and if the customer feels the cannon ball is too crowded her or she can take any one of the tumorous montauk- bound trains leaving penn station or hunters point station in queens all day and all night on fridays. we plan to follow up after tomorrow's meeting.
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>> the l.i.r.r. adds there are no maximum occupancy limits for the trains. third night in a row dealing with the sweltering heat after dark from water bottles to light clothing, the tri-state area is in the thick of our first heat wave in 2 years. lonnie quinn is live in columbus circle with more for us tonight. lonnie? >> reporter: it seems like i have been around central park all day today, k.j. during the 5:00 news, i was in the park, and it was a hot one right now, and right now at the southwest entrance, going into the park at columbus circle, and it's nice out. it's pleasant night. 84degrees, and let's talk about the heat. look at the numbers, i put it all together for you. you hit 95 degrees today, and that ties the record officially accomplished in 194h and officially the first heat wave since 2013, and saturday we were at 92, sunday, 93, monday, 95, and there's the all important three 90-plus days in
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a row. a fourth day tomorrow? i think it will be close, but i think it will be just shy. 89, and if we hit 90, it's a possibility of an isolated thunderstorm chance. if even if you hit 90 degrees, and you don't get the fourth day. 89 will feel like 83. we will talk about the extended forecast in a bit. right now, back to you. new video of a violent robbery on the upper west side. police are looking for the man who attacked a 24-year-old woman in the vestibule of an a.m. on july 26th. surveillance video shows the suspect is pushing the woman to the floor and then rips her purse away. police say the bag was later found with everything still inside. new tonight a tennessee tourist is arrested for taking a selfie on the brooklyn bridge this is the picture that led the nypd to go after david carnock.
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he climbed the span in june and used a selfie stick to take the photo. he was arrested in his home state. a cold case led police to trinidad. police got a tip and tracked down the suspect after saying he shot and killed a 19-year- old at a wedding on long island in 1999, and his still grieving family say it's a relief to get justice. >> for the last 16 years, we were in pain and suffering at the loss of our beloved son. >> singh is being held without bail, and he said he was relieved to be caught after living on the streets and on the run. a developing story right now, raging wild fires across the west. the flames have been nearly impossible to start in large part because of dry conditions.
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>> reporter: six wild fires now surrounding the city of chelan in washington state. in california, 13,000 firefighters are battling 19 active firefighters. near los angeles, crews battled the triple-digit heat as they tried to contain five separate wild fires that brought down power lines and jumped roads it appears one fire in el monte, california, was intentionally set. there's no rest for firefighters. >> the western wild fires have burned 7 million-acres this year, almost triple the pace of last year. now to the latest on the legionnaires' outbreak, and the crisis is in new york city, but the emergency response is now moving statewide with new rules for building cooling towers across the state and cbs 2 tony
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aiello has the story. >> reporter: it's been the busiest 11 days anyone at clarity water technology can remember. >> 24/7, nights, weekends, continuous work. >> reporter: after the city ordered the move to step the legionnaires' outbreak that has killed 12, they have been working nonstop, and now the cuomo administration is requiring landlords statewide to register, inspect, and clean cooling towers to reduce the conditions for the legionnaires' bacteria. last fall it was pointed out that the cases increased 230% from 2002-2011 and wrote greater effort may be warranted on the upkeep of cooling towers. >> i think we were slow to react and having said that, it's time to react and be proactive, and i think the health department is doing that.
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>> reporter: clarity water solutions is hearing from conditioned landlords, and there's a good chance it will expand to other states. making sure the bacteria can't grow has suddenly become quite a growth industry. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. trials and tribulations today as donald trump showed up for jury duty. he arrived in a stretch limo and opened the door before the driver came to complete stop, and he was met by a crush of reporters and some supporters coming to see the presidential candidate. scott rapoport spoke to trump about the experience. >> reporter: what have you learned through the whole process, the jury duty, doing your civic duty? >> it's a great process. the only way to do it. you to do it. >> cbs 2 got this exclusive photo of him during his lunch break. he was dismissed at 4:00 p.m. without being assigned to a case. a thrill tonight in central
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park for stevie wonder fans. he performed a free concert, and it was a surprise. and cbs 2's matt kozar was there. [music] here's your friendly announcer >> reporter: the 65-year-old grammy award winner performing in three cities tonight, culminating with this performance for several thousand in central park, new york. -- >> reporter: as soon as word of the concert got out, people jumped to get their tickets. >> heard about the concert, but it was too good to be true. we ran over, and it wasn't too good to be true. >> reporter: wonder who is about to go on tour played the songs old and new, entertaining people of all ages and background. >> it doesn't matter what you're going through, you can relate to his music.
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i don't care what time or age. it's stevie wonder, and you can just get through the day. when he took the questions for the press, i asked him about his music. >> out of all the songs you have written and performed, what is your favorite? >> so my favorite song, i always use this quote that when duke ellington was asked this question, he would say i haven't written it yet. >> reporter: wonder performed for an hour tonight, and his tour will wrap up this fall right here in new york city at madison square garden on november 24th. matt kozar, cbs 2 news. the term noisy neighbors, taken to a new level. families say the music needs to stop so they can sleep. so why are their complaints being ignored? >> where are these kids going to go to school in 2 weeks? >> school is about to start, but the classrooms are closed,
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so where are the students supposed to go? cbs 2 demands answers about a surprise school shutdown, and a frighten scene in the bronx as a yankees' pitcher is drilled in the face. that story is later in sports -- plus this -- >> single dads by choice. having babies all alone. >> my friends and family were in disbelief. clocks are ticking, too. >> reporter: cbs 2 takes you inside the new fatherhood, just
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they have got the beat, whether they want it or not. some residents near brooklyn's prospect park says a group of drummers are leaving them with a pounding headache, and their complaints are falling on deaf ears. they play in drummer's grove on sundays, and they must finish by 7 and clear out by 8, but this video shows them still playing around 9:30 on sunday night. >> there's people with horns, tambourins. >> it's nice. >> some knuckleheads don't want
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to listen to the rules. >> the parks department is now looking into the residents' complaints. a ceiling collapse is chance selling classes before they start at an elementary school in new rochelle, and now students don't know where to go. now lou young is demanding answers. >> reporter: do you have any idea when the school is opening? where will the kids go to school in 2 weeks? >> the ceiling recently collapsed at daniel webster elementary school. >> school is around the corner, and they have not told anybody anything where your child is going to go. >> the superintendant said the school is looking at three alternate sites, and they are in the process of negotiating leases. >> reporter: new tonight, it's not that unusual for a single woman to raise a child on her own, but it's happening now more with single men. just like women, they are hearing their bilogical clock
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tick, and we are seeing the new fatherhood. dick brennan with this story. >> careful, careful. >> reporter: they are constantly on the move. these 23-month-old twins are always on the move. their father was still single in his 40th. >> i didn't want to have children. it wasn't something i could go through life and not experience. >> reporter: with the help of donor eggs and the help of a surrogate, he had his twins. >> reporter: daunte here is 7 months old. happy, smart. was time. in disbelief. >> reporter: now they have have
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come around. >> everybody is an aunt or an uncle. >> i see it as a welcomed trend. >> reporter: barbara greenburger says single men who choose fatherhood are very parents. >> reporter: here is a family that developed because a father really wants to be the care giver , and in my opinion, that's very important. >> it's essential. i couldn't do it without them. >> reporter: cresto, a photographer, often takes daunte on the shoots, and saude has an exam room that doubles as his play room. >> whether you're a man or woman or married or single, it's all the same, it's parenthood. >> reporter: men now lead a quarter of all single-parent families. i think it's pretty awesome.
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>> now to the forecast. lonnie quinn is live in columbus circle, and we may hit it, but probably not according to your estimates, huh, lonnie? >> reporter: look, it's going to be close. i will tell you. there's just something that is fun and energized, and look at this it's after 11:00 at night, and i have all these people out here. look, you're on tv, and mom loves it. let me show you guys what we are doing as far as some of new york's finest right there, all right, boys and girls, we were hot today. no doubt about it, all around the area, and at this hour, the weather watchers are reporting it temperatures with new york city around 84 degrees, and most of you right now, you are in the 70s, and a live picture outside shows it's 84 degrees with the clear skyover head, 84 feeling like 85, and that's tollerrable. i do want to point out, and this is one of the hottest days of the year, officially for new york city, we have been hotter,
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earlier in the season, and new york city tied the record for this date it did not break the record, but others came close out there, and if you take a look, plenty of you were right there with the forecasted high temperature, and the record you basically tied it in newark, and bridgeport you were off, and everyone else, you're tieing the record or you're close to it the radar picture showing there's not much going on as of right now. there's a spotty here and there shower and a downpour for a select few of you. most of you are not picking it up. the bigger picture will show the high pressure is in control of the weather, and it's keeping the most of the rain out of here. any time you have the heat and humidity, you're going to have the chance for a shower or a storm into the afternoon, and that's the case for your day on tuesday and wednesday as well. the future cast will show you what i'm talking about. they are just spotty activities tomorrow afternoon, and stop it. wednesday afternoon, the same picture right there, and it's primarily the areas west of the city.
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that's the most likely spot to see a spot shower or storm tomorrow, and it's because of the inclement weather, the source of rain, is off to the west it will get here late thursday into friday, and that's part of the forecast. we keep the rain chance in for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. thursday and friday, it's heavier and more likely. temperatures in the upper 80s. the humidity will feel like 90 or above. the weekend is a nice temperature range around here. nice sky overhead. live here at columbus circle outside at the park with all my friends here. say good-bye. we have to go. >> we will let you get back to your friends, lonnie, thank you. the son of a victim of the charleston church shooting got the all star treatment at yankee stadium. chris singleton, his sister and brother threw the ceremonial first pitch. the 20-year-old is an outfielder at charleston southern university and honored as part of the hope week for his effort to help his
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community heal. steve overmyer is here now with a look at sports. >> kristine, a scary sight at a yankees' game tonight. a line drive hit so hard, the pitcher doesn't even see it coming. we will update brian mitchell next on sports. grandma, your biscuits are the best. oh, these are from dunkin'. granny! i have a life, you know. [ ringtone plays ] oh. that's for me. oh! dunkin's chicken biscuit sandwich -- tender breaded chicken on a southern-style biscuit. grab one for $2.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. steve is here for otis, and that was a really scary scene on the field for the yankees tonight. >> this is the fourth time this has happened this year that a major league pitcher has been hit in the head with a line drive. like any other sport, baseball has its risk of injury, maybe the worst thing we see is a pitcher being hit with a line drive, the kind of thing that can end a career or worse. now it's just a reminder that it's just 60 feet 6 inches from home plate, and it's amazing things like this don't happen more often. bryan mitchell drilled in the face, and he was taken to new york presbyterian, diagnosed with a small nasal fracture. mccann with the 3-run homer in the 1st, and his fourth and fifth runs of the game. 5-4 yankees, and the twins responded with a run in each of
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the next 3 innings, and trevor plouth driving one of those, and more injuries here. teixeira had to lead after fouling one out of his leg and x-rays were negative, and beltran has been clutch all year. 8 of his homers have given them the lead or tied game this goes into extra innings, and chase has the bases loaded and the ground out to nunez who boots it, and the winning run will score. the yankees win a wild one, 8-7 in 10 innings s we stick with the yankees here, and sabathia was nearly involved in a street brawl this weekend. friday night in toronto, he got into a heated argument with hecklers, but fortunately he was ushered away before it got physical, but he said yelling back at them was "a bad decision." eli manning was in the same
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draft class as ben roethlisberger and rivers, but he is the greatest quarterback in giants' history, and he will be set to be a free agent this offseason. it's nearly impossible to imagine him in any other uniform, but the giants have yet to make his position official. >> i think he's prepared to be better than he has ever been, to be honest with you. he's young, obviously very driven, and he's in a great frame of mind that having been said, it's an exclamation point. >> what has been said with the backup quarterback situation? we will talk about that, and what happens when you ask three competitive kids to race while wearing costumes?
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. welcome back. the jets were off today, and nothing new on another quarterback joining the ranks. they brought in a couple of possible backups for physicals, and still no signs right now. petty and heaps are the backups for the jets.
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out to the kids' version of the condiments race. ketchup and mustard getting all tangled up, but relish is all alone. ketchup loses the costume and wins. apparently they gave it to ketchup on the dive, without the costume! >> wow! wait a minute. >> trips, loses himself, mustard just says i've had enough. >> i don't know. >> i agree! i think upon further review, relish has an argument! >> i don't know about that one. thank you, steve.
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