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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 18, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is tuesday, august 18th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." firefighters struggle to keep up with dozens of devastating wildfires. now the pentagon is sending hundreds of troops to battle the flames. a second explosion rocked bangkok this morning. police examine security footage in their search for the suspect. >> the little pink pill is on a path for approval. the controversial decision today that could boost women's sex drives. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> it was like the end of the world. it's like the dark acheds. there wasn't a light on in this town. >> the military joins the wildfire fight. thousands of firefighters are now battling fires in eight states.
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>> nearly two dozen in washington state alone destroying dozens of homes. >> numerous tornadoes and funnel cloud sightings in colorado. >> they are concerned about damaging winds and large hail over the nation's heartland. >> another explosion has brought the city of bangkok after a day of deadly bombing there. >> officials searching for a man in a yellow shirt with a backpack. >> indonesians found the crash of a plane and a recorder. >> no survivors. >> potential victims doubled to 334 334,000 with an irs. >> from sending classified information. >> trump reported for jury duty and his civic duty. >> two female soldiers are sent to graduate from the army's prestigious rangers pool. >> look at that.
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great white leaping out of the water trying to eat a seal. >> unbelievable. all that. >> line drive. didn't quite get the glove up. >> it hit bryan mitchell in the head as he goes to the ground in pain. stevie wonder put on three pop-up concerts in washington, philly and new york. >> and all that matters. >> the birth of a baby after a routine traffic stop, police officers helped in the birth of a baby. >> there you go. there you go. >> on "cbs this morning." >> at one event, hillary met a few voters but then she disappeared behind a make-shift black curtain. if you're hiding something from us, a black curtain is not the ideal business. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning."
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norah o'donnell is off. clarissa ward will be with us all week. welcome again. firefighters will get more help from the military. the pentagon is sending in active duty soldiers, nearly 80 fires are burning in eight states. the flames have forced thousands of people from their homes. some of the most severe fires are in washington state. many people are returning home to find rubble after the flames tore through. >> nasa released images of the fire from space. can you still the smoke is rising over the landscape there. danielle nottingham is in chelan, washington, at the site of one of the largest fires. danielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the cheland complex fired has burned 88 square miles and dozens of homes. this one radioeduce to do a pile of rubble. no relief in sight for firefighters who face more long hot days ahead. firefighters released this video showing the velocity of the
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chelan fire after it sparked after a lightning strike on friday. at least 40 homes have been destroyed and that number is expected to rise as officials survey additional areas still too dangerous to explore. this is the area along the lake that was hit the hardest. you can see what is left behind of these homes. the fire even reached the dock and boat. about a thousand firefighters are working to keep the flames from spreading, but they are spread thin themselves. the washington national guard joined local fire crews sunday night, but for some homeowners, it was too late. >> pretty tough deal, you know. you leave a note that you're probably not there when you come home. >> reporter: chelan high school teacher rod cool lost his home of 14 years. >> all of the kids i've had and my kids that are firemen come down to try to put this out but they couldn't. smoke was too thick. they tried.
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>> reporter: some fires are creating their own weather including this fire whirl in idaho that sent flames shooting 100 feet into the air. there are so many wildfires, every available crew, engine, and aircraft is now committed to a fire. and the drought is expected to fuel more fires for months to come. >> we are fighting on three fronts. basically, the northwest, the northern rockies, and northern california are all stretched thin enough where we are calling for lots and lots of help. >> reporter: for the first time since 2006 the pentagon is sending active duty soldiers to assist in the firefight out west. some 200 soldiers will deployed this weekend. clarissa? >> danielle, thank you. more than 38 million americans face a severe weather threat this morning. warning sirens went off in collins, mississippi, today, as a tornado touchdown down near a
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hospital. in geoa, colorado, thunderstorms crashed barns and silos. temperatures will hit at least 90 degrees today in cities from washington from boston as a heat wave continues and high humidity will make it feel much worse. bangkok was shaken by its second explosion and happened at a rirveside pier where people were waiting for a ferry. no injuries. this was after a larger blast killed at least 20 people. we are getting our first look at the man suspected of setting off that bomb. charlie d'agata is tracking the developments from london. >> reporter: good morning. police have released that footage of a suspect they say is the bomber and they are asking the public to join in the manhunt. he was seen apparently dumping his backpack not long before the bomb went off and they are now investigating links in the other blast that rattled bangkok today.
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police say he hurled a bomb at a busy pier but it fell into the water and injuring no one. here is the suspect the police are looking on for in last night's bombing. a young man in a yellow t-shirt and backpack seen walking away from the scene of the blast after leaving his pak back behind. at the blast site this morning, they are cleaning up, collecting evidence, and struggling to come to terms with exactly what happened. surveillance footage captured the moment which is believed to be a pipe bomb, tore through packed crowds at an outdoor shrine popular with both tourists and residents aloik.ike. striking the heart of the capital and trying to kill as many people as possible. emergency teams were quickly overwhelmed. so many victims, so many catastrophic injuries, it was hard to know who to treat first. thailand's prime minister said the city had seen minor explosions in the past, but
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nothing on this scale. this time, they aimed to take the lives of innocent people, he said, to destroy our tourism and our economy. the thai government has its sure of internal enemies but, at this point, nobody is ruling out international terror groups either. adding to fears, after that explosion at the canal this morning, police found two more explosive devices following the deadly blast last night which bomb disposal teams were able to diffuse. recovery crews overnight found the bodies of all 54 people found in a plane crash in indonesia. triyana air plane went down on sunday. the victims will be moved to papua capital city for identification. the black boxes have been recovered and in good condition. crews reportedly found a portion of the aid money that was on board the plane. immigration is topic number one this morning in the
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republican presidential race. candidates are reacting to donald trump's plan to deport millions of illegal immigrants and prevent their american-born children from becoming u.s. citizens. major garrett spoke with one of the republican's rivals. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump did not campaign on monday. civic duty of a slightly different kind came first. at the iowa state fair and here in south carolina, his rivals had plenty to say about the billionaire businessman's plan to deal with illegal immigration. trump was sidelined for jury duty in new york on monday but his plans to curb illegal immigration was the talk of the republican campaign trail. after going toe-to-toe with protesters from his home state at the iowa state fair. >> i am not intimidated by you, sir! or anyone else out there! >> reporter: wisconsin governor scott walker dodged questions from reporters on whether he,
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like trump, would end the extension of citizenship to any child born in america by an immigrant. >> i think we should change the rules, the law, but in terms of deporting the best thing we can do is enforce the law. >> reporter: carly fiorina questioned trump's ability to back his words with action. >> their aspects of donald trump's immigration plan i agree with but the truth is we keep talking about this and we never get it done. >> reporter: jeb bush was in south carolina where he took issue with trump's plan to build a wall along the southern u.s. border paid foy forr by the mexican government. >> i appreciate the fact that trump has a plan, if that is what it's called, but i think the better approach is to deal with the 11 million people here illegally in a way that is realistic. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich told cbs that unlike trump, he supports a path to obtain legal status.
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>> i don't favor legal shape citizenship because you don't jump the line to go to a taylor swift concert, you just don't do it, as i tell my daughters. the idea that we would go out in cars and hunt people down, it's not doable and, secondly, i don't think it's right! i don't think it's humane! >> reporter: kasich came here for columbia, south carolina, to fill out the paper work and write the check to qualify for next year's republican presidential presidential. more paper work and more checks will be written to qualify for that republican primary race. >> thanks, major. more than 300 messages from hillary clinton private e-mail server might contain classified information. that is according to intelligence officials. they are reviewing about 30,000 e-mails clinton sent and received while is that. so far, they have examined
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ruffle 6,000 messages or about 20% of those. 305 are flagged for further analysis. the fbi is now holding on to clinton's server. the democratic presidential front-runner says none of her e-mails were marked classified at the time. capitol hill lawmakers this morning are blasting the irs. the agency is alertinging hundreds of thousands of taxpayers that they are hacking victims. jan crawford is at the irs headquarters where the size of a data breach is exploding. >> reporter: officials at the irs now say that that breach announced back in may affected nearly three times as many people as they had originally thought. now, hackers used social security numbers and other information to get the returns of 334,000 taxpayers and up from 114,000 that they first thought. the irs believes that the thieves targeted its website to get detailed information on the
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victims to help them claim fraudulent tax returns next year. the irs says it is going to be mailing letters in the next few days to about 220,000 taxpayers who were affected. it's going to be offering free credit monitoring, along with the option for victims to enroll in a program where they are given a secure pin that they must use to file their taxes the next year. when this breach was originally announced back in may, officials said they thought the fees were part of some sophisticated criminal operations that were coming out of russia. >> thank you, jan. a little pink pill to help women's libido could be a big reality today. a fda decision on whether to approve the drug is expected the next few hours. we have shown you, controversy surrounds the drug. our dr. tara narula is a doctor in new york city and joins us at the table this morning. >> good morning. >> the decision we are expecting before noon today, what do you think it's going to be and why is it so controversial?
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>> this drug was turned down in 2010 and 2013 but in june of this year a panel recommended it with be approved with some caveat. 88% of the time the fda will follow its panel's recommendations so it's likely it will be proofed. if approved it is a drug labeled with premenopausal women with low sexual desire causes stress. >> isn't it basically just an antidepressant? when i read the information here, you take it every day and not before sex and not like viagra and not addressing the plumbing but addressing a mental state. >> it failed to be used as an antidepressant but they found an increase in sex drive as reported by the subjects. this drug works essentially in the brain and changes the dopamine and other levels. you take it every day and it takes a couple of weeks to reach a peak effect and different from viagra and change the blood flow
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to the genital organs. the effects occur rapidly. >> why is to controversial? >> it's a fascinating issue. you know, there are arguments for both sides. critics argue it has modest efficacy and not much better than a placebo drug and the side effects are risky and can cause low belowlood pressure and maybe we don't need to treat it medically. on the other hand, you have supporters who say this is a big unmet need. women are suffering. we need to offer them something and there are a lot of drugs out on the market that has similar side effects but we leave that risk benefit analysis at the -- to the discretion of the physician and the patient. to make that decision. >> did anything change between examination in 2010 and 2013 and what is expected today? >> the pharmaceutical company did provide more safety data and other research to the fda. so there was more information
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this time around. >> we will be watching it closely. dr. tara narula, thank you. tomorrow only on "cbs this morning," cindy whitehead, maker of the little pink pill, she will be here in studio 57 tomorrow. in missouri they got a big scare when a dance floor suddenly collapsed during a show. we are getting our first look this morning at this video that shows what happened. dozens of people were jumping to the music saturday when the floor dropped a foot. no major injuries were reported. >> hard to believe nobody was hurt looking at the video but glad they are okay. two female soldiers will make history as they become the first women to graduate from the army's ranger school and made it through a grueling two-month training program. the armed services are under orders to open up all combat jobs to women by the end of this year. david martin is at the pentagon
7:17 am
with this trail blazing achievement. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these two women are part of a military elite which, until now, has consisted only of men. we don't know their names yet. but they are expected to appear before the media on thursday ahead of their graduation on friday. 19 women started the army ranger course. 62 days of nearly constant physical and mental stress on little food and less sleep. the two women who became the first-ever to complete it are both west point graduates. but the army has not yet released their names, in part, to protect them from harassment by die-hards who cannot stomach the idea of females wearing the coveted ranger tab. along with 94 men, they made it through a week of physical testing at ft. benning, georgia, and then went through mountain training in north georgia and swamp training in florida. men and women were all held to
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the same standards and it is frequently hard to tell them apart in the scenes that the army allowed cameras to record. >> one of the key things the students learn is that limit they believe exists probably doesn't and that they are capable of doing much more under very difficult circumstances. >> reporter: at the graduation ceremony on friday, the men and women will each be awarded the ranger tab to wear on their uniform. but unlike the men, the women will not be allowed to serve in the elite ranger unit. accepting women into rangers school was part of the army's experiment to determine if they could withstand the grinding life of the infantry and carrying heavy packs and operating in harsh terrain day after day. >> for those women who are able to complete the course, it will probably help them in some ways in their careers. >> reporter: the fact that two women have now completed the course does not guarantee women will be allowed to serve in the infantry, but it is a major step in that direction. one of the commanders of the
7:19 am
ranger school compared it to breaking the four-minute mile. once a barrier is broken, others will soon follow. >> david, such an exciting achievement. thank you. two michigan lawmakers were apparently not shy about their affair. ahead, their former aide offers details about the relationship he says announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by plenti. lots of points.
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lots of places. one rewards program! america's most important farming region is losing water so fast, intst's sinking. >> you tell this farmer you can't drill any more wells you're going to go into a store and buy a gallon of milk for $10 and a loaf of bread for 5, then the public is going to say, what happened? >> ahead how california's drought is putting farmers and farmland in a hole. >> the news is right back here
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pistorious is g good morning. 7:26 on this tuesday, august 18th. and i'm chris wragge. new this morning, police have released avid owe an -- of an alleged rapist from monday morning. he threatened to shoot the victim if she didn't follow him, and then he ledder led -- led her to a building where where he allegedly raped her. she lost two teeth in the attack, and she's still in the hospital. this selfi was posted in june after david karmauch climbed the brooklyn bridge span, and he has been arrested at his home in chattanooga.
7:27 am
dozens of nypd officers are now wearing body cameras in a pilot program as debate continues over tactics nationwide. civil right leaders have increasingly called for the officers to wear the cameras after a number of high-profile shootings by police. >> it's been a busy morning. a break in the city, and to the north and west, light rain. fog in the area as well. 74degrees right now, and 64 the cool spot in monroe. warmer for the island. rain serving to bring down the numbers, and the humidity values are way up there, and light rain, holding together in fairfield county, and breaking up for passaic and bergen county. much of the area a muggy way to start the day with clouds in and around the city. winds out of the south with an ocean breeze this afternoon and the moderate rip current risk dealing with occasional showers and thunderstorm today and tomorrow. it's friday where we will see
7:28 am
the better bet for more coverage of the rain. could be heavy at times, and after today, numbers are down a bit it will stay muggy. >> thank you, john. we are back with another update in 25 minutes. cbs this morning coming back after this. so you're telling me staples will give me everything on this list at the lowest prices? we have a 110% price match guarantee for back to school.look me in the eye and tell me staples has the lowest prices. staples has the lowest prices with our price match guarantee.
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at the iowa state fair, donald trump showed newspaper a helicopter. of course, nobody could hear the helicopter over donald trump. >> i am not a -- i am not one of you. i am one of me. build it and i will come in a chopper. >> he wears the hat, so we don't get to see what his hair looked like when the blades of the helicopter spin around. probably looks like a cotton candy machine that exploded! >> donald trump's helicopter rides at the iowa state fair captured more of the attention than the kid, the late night hosts had a field day. you knew it was coming. a funny moment, a little boy said, mr. trump, are you batman? what do you think his answer was? >> yes, i am. >> that's right. yes, i am, i am batman too. coming up in this half hour, new details about an affair involving two michigan lawmakers.
7:31 am
you'll hear a former aide's story that is putting more pressure on them to step down. california is losing ground in its drought. see how the earth is sinking deeper than some swimming pools. that's ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "usa today" report on the fast growth of high-paying jobs. a report from georgetown university looked at jobs created from 2010 to 2014. positions with salaries of more than $53,000 made up 44% of the newly formed jobs. jobs paid between 32 and 53,000 made up 29% and low wage jobs were 27%. the "chicago tribune" reports on a federal labor board dismissing an attempt by northwestern football players to form a union. the players organized themselves to try to win new benefits and a bigger share of the money from the college sports. the national labor relations board has decided that having
7:32 am
union and nonunion schools would disrupt the competitive balance between them. "wall street journal" reports on the post office ramping up same day delivery, part of a push to make the service more competitive with fedex and u.p.s. the new postmaster general is trying to extend grocery delivery and start shipping alcoholic beverages and office more sunday delivery. the "los angeles times" said more than 600 shots fired by police was excessive during stockton bank robbery. 32 officers fired rounds at a speeding suv. the hostage was killed by police bullets. we are hearing this morning from a former aide of two michigan lawmakers caught up in a sex scandal. joshua cline resigned in april and said he was troubled by an
7:33 am
between representatives todd courser and cindy gamrat. >> reporter: representatives courser and gamrat were launched together as staunch conservatives and so far they have bipartisanship widespread calls to step down but the latest revelations from a former trusted aide are adding more pressure on the two lawmakers. >> they frequently greeted each other what appeared to be long, romantic hugs and imprem braces. >> reporter: joshua cline said the extramarital affair was disrupting. >> they would disappear for hours at time. mr. courser would often nap on gamrat's floor. gamrat would toss him a pillow and a blanket. >> reporter: cline confronted courser and gamrat in january and was told to mind his own
7:34 am
business. one month later, he said gamrat's husband joe found out about the adultery. >> he called to say he saw cindy leave todd's hotel room at approximately 2:00 a.m. this morning. when we arrived that morning at work and he was late and she smelled of alcohol. >> reporter: the two were forced to admit their fidelity last week after an expo say by the detroit news. in secret audio recordings courser is heard trying to enlist another staffer who was on the state payroll to help cover up the affair. courser wanted to create a political distraction. it falsely claimed he had been caught having sex with a male prostitute. gam did the rat insisted she had no knowledge of the scheme and broke no state laws. >> i want to apologize for the negative attention this has brought.
7:35 am
for that, i am truly sorry. >> reporter: in a facebook page, courser said he had been exposed as, quote, a hypocrite in my life, a laughable joke. he also claims cline and two other former aides are blackmailing him and he released these text messages he said came from the plotters. one read i'm letting everybody off the hook on one condition only, you resign, todd. cline and a former aide flatly deny sending courser those anonymous text. courser and gamrat did not respond to "cbs this morning." courser says he plans to make a statement later today. >> i can't wait to hear that. #that whole thing "hot mess." this morning, olympic blade runner oscar was storious ise pistorious is getting ready to leave prison after was facing a five-year sentence.
7:36 am
he is expected to begin house arrest on friday. but his troubles are not over. cbs news legal expert rikki klieman is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> why was he released after serving this amount of time? >> it's customary, charlie. people think it's exceptional. they think it's because he is a celebrity. absolutely wrong. in south africa, because of the overcrowding of prisons, the normal course of events for someone like him who is not a flight risk and who is not a danger to society, is, after serving one-sixth of your sentence or in this case, he had five years, 60 months, so he winds up going to house arrest after ten months. he will be under house arrest for the duration of his sentence. which means wearing a bracelet and he will probably wear it, obviously, because of his leg on a different part of his body. being monitored, perhaps anger management, alcohol drug
7:37 am
treatment, the usual, but his troubles are not over. >> steinkamp's family has spoken and they are not happy. do you think he may go back to prison? >> i think he could go back to prison. i think the real headline here which seems to have gotten lost in everybody's fresy about the fact he is released to house arrest is this. in the system in south africa, as opposed to the u.s. system, you can go back and it's not double jeopardy there. the prosecution is going back to an appellate tribunal to say, look, we think the judge was wrong and you should reinstate the murder conviction. so that brief is going to be filed. there will be a hearing in november. i promise to report back to you, because that is where it gets interesting. prosecution says, look, it's a simple question of law. the judge was wrong on the law. there's a doctrine.
7:38 am
it is called, in english, what it means is if you shoot and, here he shot four times through a door, isn't it reasonable that you intend that there will be injury or death to whoever is the other side of that door? so it is possible a tribunal could reinstate a murder conviction, in which case, 15 years or more in prison. >> i think everybody will be watching that very closely. a lot of people looking for justice. rikki klieman, thank you so much. this morning, california's farms are slipping through the cracks. >> i'm ben tracy in california's central valley where the ground is sinking. up to one foot each year. you used to be able to fit a kayak under that bridge and now the bridge is flush with the water. we will tell you how this is being caused by california's historic drought coming up on "cbs this morning." if you're heading off to
7:39 am
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oh, my gosh. that is an earthquake. oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness. this is a good one. all right. that was a good one. >> that was a big en. >> that was a big en. he is staying composed on the air. flat up against that wall. oh, my goodness. it's a big en. all right. the dogs are going, what is going on is in there what the heck is that? that is the reaction in the studios out in oakland to a 4.0 earthquake during yesterday's weather forecast. it jolted residents and you saw the pets across the bay area and glad to tell you no major injuries or damages there. this morning, california is facing a different kind of emergency. the state's water crisis is impacting one of the world's most important farming regions. the san joaquin valley. the ground is literally sinking by up to one foot a year.
7:44 am
ben tracy shows us how the land is becoming as unstable as the water supply. >> reporter: every six weeks, michelle snead visits this white shed. she checks the pulley system and records a measurement. the numbers show that the ground beneath her feet is sinking. >> we are measuring the highest rate we have ever measured here, one of the highest rates ever measured in the entire world. >> reporter: these are the government hydraulic and says parts of california's central valley are dropping by one foot each year. some areas are ten feet lower than they used to be. we would have had many, many feet of dirt above our heads, right? >> that's right, that's right. we would be standing ten feet higher than we are standing right now. >> reporter: this is why the ground is collapsing. california's farmers are pumping ground water as fast as they can in order to keep their crops alive during a drought that has left them high and very dry. but when this much water is
7:45 am
pumped out of the aquaifer below the ground, the clay between the pockets of water collapses and the ground starts to deflate like a leaky air mattress. the sinking is buckling the walls of irrigation canals, damaging pipes, creating giant sinkholes and cracking homes. this bridge has dropped so much, the water will soon flow over it instead of under it. fixing the damage could cost more than $100 million tax dollars. >> have you to go deeper and deeper. >> reporter: steve arthur is well driller. some wells with 25 feet deep and that is two empire state buildings under ground. with water that deep is thousands of years old. but it is desperately needed because more than half of the country's fruits, vegetables and nuts, are grown here. you tell this farmer he can't drill any more wells, he can't farm as many acres, you're going to go into the store and buy a gallon of milk for $10 and a loaf of bred for $5. then the public is going to say,
7:46 am
hey, what happened? >> we see this progression from green to yellow to red as the state is literally drying out. >> reporter: nasa senior water scientist jay famiglietti uses satellite data to show the depletion of california's water resources. the state has lost 16 trillion gallons in the past four years. that is enough to fill lake meade, the largest reservoir in the country, twice. so what happens when the water is simply gone? >> that's a question that all of us, first of all, have a difficult time really fathoming. if we still want to have agriculture we have to come up with the water from other place. >> reporter: for now, the drilling continues, even with the ground all around it caving in. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, california central valley. >> 16 trillion gallons. >> i know. steve arthur, the guy from the drilling company, makes a good point.
7:47 am
$10 for milk and $5 for bread, that will get your attention. >> there is so much water, the world is mostly water. >> right. must figure that out. one day, a big clue, one day that was hotter than july, get it? stevie wonder popped up in three cities for a concert and a announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota.
7:48 am
7:49 am
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7:51 am
let's go places! it had to be. the only one for me is you. and you for me. so happy together! now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. when it comes to rewards, there's plenti together. mean the world >> great stevie wonder surprised fans in new york's central park last night playing a free pop-up concert earlier in the day to music legend performed in washington, d.c. and philadelphia, pennsylvania, to promote his current tour. wonder also talked about playing with bullet, his new campaign to end gun violence. he told fans in washington, the
7:52 am
world is more in need of love than ever before. >> no one sounds like stevie wonder. he still sounds good after all these years. everybody has a stevie favorite song. model heighty klum has a fashion statement to donald trump. how she is firing over the billionaire's comments that she is no longer a 10. what? you're watching "cbs this morning." you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] emma, emma bo-bemma banana-fana-fo-femma fee-fi-fo-femma em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite we know sooner or later, every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans, or worry about a thing.
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good morning. it's 7:56 on this tuesday, august 18th. i'm chris wragge. nassau county police say a woman is under arrest in the stabbing death of a woman in ocean side. officers responded to an assault yesterday afternoon, and they found a woman bleeding from her neck wound. she died at the hospital. police have not identified the victim or the accused killer. chris christie will meet with u.s. transportation secretary anthony foxx in new york. last week there were days of delays for the commuters, and the estimated cost of two new
7:57 am
tunnels $15 billion to to billion dollars. cbs 2 exclusively learned the federal railroad administration will be meeting today to discuss the overcrowding on l.i.r.r. trains. we road one train where jam- packed suitcases were filled with people sitting on them and people were blocking stairs and the emergency exits. let's get you to the tuesday forecast. for that, john elliott. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. we have been watching this camera shot, and now there's more definition of the clouds over the city. parts of the area, dealing with rain. mostly cloudy 74. a southwest and then south wind later. showers continue bergen, pennsylvania say sick, into hudson county, and that's it. a wait-and-see day today. you have the heat and humidity, and we will have isolated storms, and air quality alert
7:58 am
11 to 11 with the elevated ground ozone. numbers are down a bit. heavy rain thursday into friday. >> i'm chris wragge. we are back in 25 minutes with another update. cbs this morning will return right after this. [sounds of tennis racketsswinging and hitting tennis bal] c'mon! [crowd cheering] [sound of tennis racket swinging] [crowd cheering]
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8:00 am
it is tuesday, august 18th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including a warning for ez pass owners. how to spot an online scam that is trying to get tens of millions of drivers. first, here is a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> you can see what is left of the fire for these homes. >> more than eight fires are burning in eight states. >> more than 30 million americans face a weather alert. >> they released this picture of the suspect they say is the bomber. >> plenty of trump rivals had
8:01 am
plenty to say about how to deal with illegal impragsmigration. that breach affected nearly three times as many people as they originally had thought. these two women are part of a military elite which, until now, has consisted only of men. we would have had many, many feet of dirt above our heads right now? >> that's right, that's right. we would be standing ten feet higher than we are standing right now. you guys went in for a kiss on the lips. >> you want to try it out? >> you would kiss me on the lips? >> come here! >> ah! i'm charlie rose with gayle king and clarissa risrissa ward. norah o'donnell has the day off. about 80 wildfires are
8:02 am
burning in eight states and some of the most severe fires are threatening buildings in washington state. >> the chelan complex fire has forced 3,000 people to live leif their home. danielle nottingham is in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning. crews are still trying to get the upper hand on these fires. and they are facing rising temperatures in the days ahead. now you can see how this fire is just burning through homes. one of the only things you can still recognize here is the front door. we are also seeing newly released video of the strength of these fires in central washington. lightning strikes sparked the flames early friday. some areas are still too dangerous for officials to explore. now we visited a stretch along the lake that was hit the hardest. at least 40 homes have been destroyed. but that number is expected to rise. and about a thousand firefighters are working to try to keep these flames from spreading, but they are spread
8:03 am
thin themselves. >> danielle, thank you. a fire whirl in idaho sent flames shooting a hundred feet in the air and it created this incredible sight as firefighters battled flames southwest of boise. better weather is helping crews in california tackle a number of wildfires in that state, but the extreme drought is expected to fuel more fires in the coming months. the republican presidential race is focusing this morning on immigration. donald trump reported monday for jury duty but other candidates responded to his newest proposal. trump wants to deport all illegal immigrants in the united states. rival candidate john kasich told major garrett, he would not go that far. >> finish the fence. secure the border. and then anybody who would come in and violate the law goes back. no -- >> those that are here now? >> for those here now, if they are law abideing people who are
8:04 am
here in this country, i think they ought to have a path to legalization legalization. >> when you hear black lives matter what does that mean to you? >> it means a lot of people in our inner city feel the system does not only work neutral towards them but works against them. >> are they right? >> in some cases, they are. >> feeiorina and trump and others are generating excitement. it seems an appetite for people who don't have the kind of experience you're talking about in the political world. >> people want the experience. they don't want any more political talk like i'm going to do this or i'm going to do that. people kind of had it with politicians because they don't think it's working. but -- >> you're through and through, aren't you? >> first of all, i spent a decade out. but there is another part to this. and that is results. >> kasich and other republicans will campaign again today at the iowa state fair. donald trump says when talking about women, quote, sometimes i do go a little bit too far. this morning another trump target is hitting back.
8:05 am
the candidate told "the new york times" columnist maureen dowd that heidi klum, sadly, no long a 10. the model quickly tweeted her response. >>. [ screaming ] >> the 12-second video ends with a #heidi trump trumps. she had 3 million twitter followers. >> she's not a 10. >> she's a 12. >> i was going to say a ten plus. detroit tigers usually play at comerica park but this tiger got loose inside an old detroit car factory. the big cat was there for a photo shoot and somehow it got away from its handlers and started wandering. police were called and they helped the trainers pull the tiger. >> a minnesota dental office is closed. it is open again. dr. water palmer is accused of
8:06 am
hunting a lion in zimbabwe. he was not working at the office in bloomington and they say patients for the first time -- cecil's death led to a public outcry last month. in a statement today,ed following was said. dr. palmer is not on-site. this morning a young family is thanking seattle police officers for helping deliver their baby. officers pulled over a speeding car running red lights early sunday. the driver jumped out and said, "my wife is in labor!" the baby could not wait. an officer helped clear the air wave when she could not breathe. i love that officer. the newborn and mother were taken to a hospital in stable condition. the officer going, come on, baby, come on. there you go. all is well. an alert for commuters this
8:07 am
morning about dangers off the road. consumer advocate will show us a
8:08 am
cam that is so clever, even he a real life super hero devoted his life giving back. >> i watched him drive us in his lamborghini bat mobile and literally light up the faces of thousands of kids, and i could see the healing effect of his work, and it was magical. ahead, remembering the man credited with delivering hopes to thousands of sick children. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
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8:13 am
that must have been some halftime pep talk at this arena football game in arizona. players jumped in as cheerleaders performed on the field. look. this guy has got moves! he was right in sync with the women and got a very nice hand from the crowd, but the truth is he's a professional dancer. he's not a real football player at all. i thought, boy, he learned the routine quick. and he looked good. >> he does. >> but he is a dancer. still quite a show. >> absolutely. online scammers this morning are targeting more than 28 million drivers who use ez pass. the electronic tags that automatically pay your car's toll. phony e-mails claim to be from ez pass demanding money to settle an unpaid bill. >> one read you have not paid for driving on a toll road. this voice is sent repeatedly. please service your debt in the shortest possible time. vice can be downloaded here. tod marks says he nearly became a victim. good morning. >> good morning. >> how does this work?
8:14 am
>> well, it's the old phishing scam. the perpetrators of all this are getting increasing sophisticated with the use of real logos, actual fonts, mimicnimummicking the actual website and make you think you're dealing with a legitimate entity but real businesses almost never send you voices, attachments that you are required to open. that's not the way they work but we all fall for it, as i almost did. >> if you almost fell for it, tod, how can anybody real tell what is the real deal and what is not? >> you have to be careful and put on your thinking cap and be analytical. look at the url, the address. one of the things these scammers do is they incorporate elements after legitimate toolbar url and ez pass new but they will add peered symbols and numbers. add or #12579 is a give-away. second thing hover your cursor over the web address to make sure that it is legitimate and
8:15 am
it will pop up what it actually is. ez pass don't send bills, warnings or threats via e-mail. what they do is they send bills through the u.s. postal service. so what you do, if you're being threatened or being pressured like that, you go in, you type in the actual url, ez pass new and you contact their customer support and say, is this legitimate? secondlily, you also make sure that you just don't respond or ever open anything. and, again, if a company like ez pass does contact you and this goes for any big company, what they will do is -- look. what they won't do is never ask you here is your attachment, here is this, pay it, go on. about what they will do is we want you to logon to your secure account using your user name and password. >> these scams, they started out, they were pretty basic. people claiming to be nigerian
8:16 am
princess. >> that is still around too. >> they are getting more sfisted sophisticated. is there a point you say never deal with any of these type of i-mails before making a phone call? >> i think that is your safest bet. it's not like the days where you had to get an envelope, make a letter, lick a stamp, and put it on for 49 cents and mail it out. these scammers, they know zip codes, they know areas where you live. if you're in new york chances are you have an ez pass there. >> what -- >> not all are good enough. that is the problem. you need to update your operating system whether you're mac or whether you're window. when you get these security alerts to update, very important to do so. you can also add pre-antivirus software. it's free. we tested this at consumer reports and works good for most things.
8:17 am
you can add a tool bar like mcafee will show the actual icon of the legitimate site. you're getting added protection. >> have fun and make it a party. >> i can tell you're a party guy. i can tell. >> oh, well, you know? >> i can tell. tod marks, thank you so much. only on "cbs this morning," bon appetit reveals on its list of the hot ten new restaurants of 2015. plus, the nation's best food cities. can you guess what it is? thas thas that's ahead on "cbs this morning." morning.". >> new york, new york. enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy
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this morning, a man who brought joy and inspiration to thousands of sick children is being remembered as a real life caped crusader. 51-year-old lenny robinson spent 14 years as a batman impersonator visiting children in the hospital. he was killed over the weekend when his bat mobile broke down on the highway. don dahler is here to show us the huge impact robinson had on so many children. >> reporter: described of having a heart of gold. the message he gave to kids battling disease, they were the real heroes. >> very nice to meet you. >> reporter: he was a real-life superhero. >> weston. you guys rock.
8:22 am
>> reporter: instead of crime fighting, this batman fought to bring smiles to sick children's face. arriving in his bat mobile, lenny robinson visited thousands of sick kids, bringing toys, t-shirts, and inspiration. >> i want you to do me a favor and get better. that will make me very happy. >> reporter: lori strongin started a foundation after losing her son to a disease. she said she lost a dear friend and personal hero in robinson. he was a fixture at their annual superhero party. >> i watched him drive up in his lap vertebra lamborghini bat mobile and light up the faces of thousands of parents and kids and people who worked at the hospital. i could see the healing effect of his work. and it was magical. >> he is dressed like batman. >> reporter: roibsbinson gained
8:23 am
national attention in 2012 when he was pulled over on his way to a charity event and had forgotten to take off his batman costume. instead of giving him a ticket, the police officers took pictures with him. >> kid, do me a favor. do well in school. >> reporter: after selling his successful leaning business, 51-year-old robinson decided to devote his life to giving back. he spent thousands of dollars to transform himself into batman, buying a replica of the bat mobile, all for the kids. >> they are constantly fighting for their lives. this helps them. that is what it's all about. >> they forget that they are sick. you know, when batman is in the room with these kids, they totally forget that they have cancer that they are there to get blood transfusions and they are there to get chemotherapy or radiation. all they are at the moment they are with lenny, that man, they are just happy. >> at the end of the day, you
8:24 am
must ask yourself, did i make a difference? and the answer had better be yes. >> thousands and thousands of kids have lost a hero. that is a tragedy. but he made a difference in so many lives and he will be remembered always. >> reporter: the publisher of batman comics tweeted last night the following. >> he did make a difference. he really did. >> he really did. >> a sad story when we all heard it. do you know why he started doing this, don? >> he and his son were dressed up as batman around halloween time and they decided to visit a hospital. he saw the reaction of the kids and he said, "that changed my life." >> he sold his business and got a bat mobile. >> and financed it all on his own.
8:25 am
the good morning. 18th. i'm mary calvi. police have released a video of an alleged rapist wanted for an attack monday morning. the suspect met one the 52-year- old near putnam street and threatened to shoot her if thee didn't follow him. the victim lost two teeth, and she's hospitalized in stable condition. a tennessee tourist took a selfie on the brooklyn bridge this is the picture that led police to go after david karmauch. he was arrested at his home in chattanooga, charged with wreckless endangerment. essex county officials will gather newly purchased body cameras to be worn by members of the sheriff's departments.
8:26 am
dozens of member members are wearing the cameras in a debate over law enforcement tactics nationwide. civil rights leaders and others have increasingly called on officers to wear the cameras after high-profile shootings by police. [music] music legend stevie wonder signed, sealed, and delivered a surprise free concert in central park last night, and fans were able to get their free tickets online hours before the performance, and the singer and song writer performed in dc and philly. the key of life tour will wrap up in madison square garden on october 24th. will we see a fourth day in our heat wave,. >> it's likely a close call. parts will see the big 9-0, 74 right now in the city. light rain clearing in the area
8:27 am
after a round of heavy rain? motion. early commuters slowed down by that. now we are in the wait and see mode, but a breeze over the sea, and there will be a sea breeze this afternoon. don't forget the moderate rip current risks. it's hot and humid, and you have the ingredients you need for a popup storm. you could see-i havier rain -- you could see heavier rain, but you said it mary, you could see rain again today. cbs this morning will be back in a moment.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
you make me feel like i'm living a teenage dream the way you turn me on >> coming up in this half hour, new effort to discourage young athletes from playing just one sport. a lot of parents think their kids need it to earn scholarships or even go professional. this morning, one leading writer on the issue is in our toyota green room and jennifer wallace will show us why specialization can do more harm than good. >> every athlete i've ever met is good at that. only on "cbs this morning," a new list of the nation's best new restaurants. one comes from the smallest town ever to make the bon appetit lineup. that is ahead. "the new york times" says more smaller airports are changing names to help travelers find them and boost business.
8:31 am
gallentine field was renamed. and lone star executive airport is becoming conroe north houston airport. "the new york times" reporting on tracy morgan returning to host "saturday night live." this will be his first major appearance since he was badly hurt last year in a car accident. morgan was a cast member for seven seasons. it will be his second time hosting "snl." yesterday, morgan tweeted, stoked to be going home. >> we are stoked to see him in october. that is great news. "the washington post" reports on jon stewart's first major gig since leaving "the daily show." he will host wwe's summer slam on sunday at brooklyn's barclays center. he appeared in another wwe event earlier this summer. he is a long time wrestling fan. earlier this year had a ongoing feud.
8:32 am
they are kidding. that was scary. this morning, the u.s. tennis association, and the nfl are part of a new campaign trying to prevent kid from focusing on playing just one sport. in "the huffington post" jennifer wallace writes, quote. jennifer, good morning. so you're telling us now that kids don't need to specialize early to become great athletes? >> right. when we were growing up, the ideal athlete was the one who played three varsity sports. i grew up playing multiple sports. but today's child, children as young as 7 are now specializing in one sport year-round. parents have convinced themselves, as have the coaches, that the surest path to success is one sport, playing it for multiple months out of the year, at the exclusion of other sports. >> which makes sense.
8:33 am
>> i was going to say, i'm not an athlete at all, i'm the kid where they said, we had gayle last time, now it's your turn! i know nothing really at all about athletics. i thought if i was good at a certain sport, what is wrong with focusing on that one sport? >> a few reasons. one is under age 12, most sports psychologists will say a child doesn't have the capacity tond what that commitment is so it did lead to burnout and serious overuse injuries. children should be playing multiple sports, using multiple muscles, not just one sport for 10, 11, 12 month out of the year. also a lot of pressure. when a child is specializing in one sport it becomes work. it's not play. childhood is about play. >> and a lot of good tennis players will tell you playing soccer helped them with footwork and helped them become better tennis players. >> skills are transfersable. >> are people putting too much pressure on their children at these young ages to become star athletes in the future?
8:34 am
>> absolutely. i think a few things that are driving the trend. i think parents want the best for their children. i think insist coming out of love for your child but it's misguided. the idea that childhood should be spent working and not experimenting in multiple sports is not in the best interest of the child. parents are looking to get scholarships or a leg up on the competitive admissions process in college. but sports is not the way. if you look at the ncaa website, only about 5% of high school athletes will play college sports. and only about 2% will get a scholarship. so are you willing to gamble your childhood with those slim numbers? >> but there is this question, though. you look at whoever is best in sports, whether it's soccer or tennis or golf, if they start very early and find out they were very good and then concentrated on that sport, at the very top? >> very few. i would say tiger woods, yes, the williams sisters, yes. >> jordan spieth, is it true
8:35 am
about him or not true? >> when you look at the recent studies of olympic athletes and college division i athletes and minor leaguers, the majority of those players played multiple sports and did not specialize before age 12. that is why this ad is so important. that parents and coaches need to be educated. >> you're saying parents -- >> correct. >> your kids -- >> below 12? >> yes, below 12. >> got it. thank you, jennifer. >> thanks. president obama continues his summer vacation this morning on martha's vineyard. nearby, we found another powerful group. they change people's lives with a magical summer camp. wyatt andrews met inspirational volunteers and guests. >> reporter: good morning. a few miles down the road where the president is staying on martha's vineyard, it is unof the most unusual summer camps anywhere in the world and called champ jabberw on ocky and a camp for the disabled. even the severely disabled. if you come to this camp as a counselor, you better be ready
8:36 am
to do everything. the first thing you notice about the campers from camp jabberwocky is that they are noisy and all of it is the sound of celebration. on saturday, the camp hosted its main fund-raiser a 5 k race on martha's vineyard and drew almost 500 runners including 34 of the disabled campers who, no matter their disability. >> come on, dad! stick it up! >> from mild down syndrome to severe cerebral palsy, either crossed or were pushed over the finish line, even from those campers who cannot communicate, there is no mistaking the look of trying. peter bradin is one of the campers who finished the race. what does the camp give you that you don't have in the rest of your life? >> all of the fun i can get. >> all of the fu? >> yes. >> reporter: the camp is nestled in the woods of the vineyard was
8:37 am
started in 1953 when its founder helen lamb insisted the disabled involved not in institutions but they belonged outside. she died in 2011 but her vision of telling campers what they can do is alive. almost every day the campers go horseback riding and paddle boarding and minigolfing and are taken for a swim in the ocean. lee who was volunteered here for 17 years, says everyone believes that everything is possible. >> and then you bring them to a horseback riding stable and say, no, you can get on this horse. they say, i don't think i can get on that horse. absolutely. if you want to, we can get you on that horse. there is a can-do attitude i have never found anywhere else. >> reporter: one of the things that makes this camp so special is the way so many of the people here from the campers to the counselors and the cooks wind up returning here every summer for the rest of their lives. peter bradine, the camper who finished the 5k is 33 years old and been a camper for 22 years.
8:38 am
jeremy long, every summer for 30 years. there is no age limit because once are here, you are family. when we ask what the volunteerses are paid to give up their summers year after year, here is the answer. your actual monetary compensation? >> zero. >> reporter: patty kennedy has been a cook and kitchen manager for 11 years. >> i'm paid with seeing the campers enjoy their summers. >> reporter: one of the highlights of every summer is the talent show which included peterson's rendition of "grease" lightning. >> then the dancing started with the wheelchair-bound campers. to the counselors, this is the moment the big personalities for the campers emerge from their physical shell. haley love is the counselor dancing with emily. >> what did you see in her expression when she was up there dancing? >> pure joy and expressing herself in different ways.
8:39 am
i think it's so important. >> reporter: the camp operates on 450,000 dollars a year but with almost all of that coming from donors and fund-raisers. the cost of parents is governed by a simple rule. the parents are asked to pay whatever they can afford. gayle? >> what a great place. thank you, wyatt. great place, great piece. you get paid in hugs, big fun, and pure joy. sounds good to me. thank you, wyatt, again. one state is dominating dieting and may not what you're thinking about. the team from bon appetit are in
8:40 am
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now to a story i'll bet will make your mouth water. get ready to drool. "bon appetit" magazine is out with the hot ten best restaurants in america. we are revealing the picks first on "cbs this morning." california's home to the best of the best. number three is petite twa in los angeles. number two is in venice, california, drum roll, the winner is in san francisco. adam rapoport is here and along with his deputy editor andrew knowlton. i think you got the best job
8:44 am
because you get to travel around the country and eat. i'm trying to figure out how come you don't have a weight problem. >> a lot of half-marathons and cycling. >> it sounds like a diner. >> it sounds like a diner. no owls. everyone goes in looking for an owl. erin london is the chef there. it's vegetarian forward restaurant. a little bit of fish on the menu and what meat there is are the sides at the bottom. and i think this is really ushers in a new wave of fine dining because it's basically a neighborhood restaurant but you're getting this super creative level of food you can see there that you would expect in fine dining and it's basically a neighbor restaurant. >> how did you select those that you were considering and what were the standards when you making a decision as to rating them? >> so we start with probably a list of about 500 restaurants and window that down. >> all new restaurants? >> all new restaurants. may 2014 to may 2015 is kind of our time frame. we go and visit.
8:45 am
i spend about four months out of the year. hard-core just eating around america. and then kind of whittle that list down to the top fifty. what are you looking for? >> restaurants that have something behind it that are passionate and not kind of concepty. i like corky restaurants and i like small, independent ones. >> does -- matter? >> of course, it did. >> quirky, what about taste? >> taste is number one. >> it's nice to see all of them weren't big cities and you did find some sort of hittendden gems? >> home of steph curry's college, he came back town to open up a restaurant and it's become a community gathering place in a small town of about 11,000 people and you're getting chefs have done a lot of that. gone off to san francisco or chicago or new york and worked with the best chefs in the world and come home to their small towns and open restaurant at a
8:46 am
great level and so interesting now, you're seeing a leveling of the playing field and as many restaurants in this secondary or tertiary markets as in san francisco and l.a. >> you chose one restaurant in brooklyn. good for them. there were no new restaurants in manhattan. >> charlie not happy about that. >> let's not feel too bad for manhattan because it's still one of the most exciting places to dine. i think it's tough to open a restaurant in manhattan now with a lot of the rules and regulations. as we all, rents are really high in new york. so when you open a restaurant, it needs to be all, like, perfect and concepty and everything has to be planned out. you don't kind of get these very personal one chef going out and doing their own thing. >> manhattan, you could be paying 60,000 a month for rent at least.
8:47 am
unless you're in a partnership. the restaurant andrew is talking about is a little more personal and passionate and a little bit more do it yourself. >> difficult. >> manhattan is challenging playground. >> people in brooklyn are going, where is the restaurant in brooklyn? what is the name? >> a nia. >> what did you like about it? >> it's a husband and a wife. mostly vegetarian cooking. >> it's more vegetable bowls and beautiful dishes. it's like being invited into their dining room and cooking for you. king course is $75. >> what about the service? >> that is the number one complaint that people have because it's something that everybody can relate to. i think service today is better than it's ever been in the united states. i think it's not the fine dining service with the white gloves but it's very casual. people know so much about food and expect their servers to know that. >> you could be friendly and
8:48 am
professional at the same time. why not? >> four of the top ten are in california. two from san francisco. why california? >> california has always had a wealth of riches when it comes to ingredients but i don't think they always did a lot with them. the big joke they would put a plum on a plaette and call it a day, right? now they are taking techniques and hard work and what new york always had and the best of both worlds now. >> california has always done well is casual. now the casual restaurants are becoming the fine dining. >> any standout meals like one meal you just can't stop thinking about that you had? >> for me the first time i walked into a place and i had a gut reaction. this is the most amazing creative food i've had in a long time. >> i had lunch at my desk that day. busy working. >> thank you, guys. >> that's important. >> it is important. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:49 am
stay tuned.
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8:52 am
this girl is on fire it seemed like a big deal but this is huge. 5-year-old haley dawson had a 3d robotic hand to throw out the first pitch at the baltimore orioles game. she got to meet her favorite player manny machado before the game. it was a great day for haley. >> congratulations, haley. tune into "cbs evening news."
8:53 am
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good morning. 8:55 on this tuesday august 18th, and i'm mary calvi. a woman is under arrest this morning in the stabbing death of another woman in ocean side. officers responded to a possible assault yesterday afternoon, and they found the woman blooding from -- bleeding from her neck wound. she later died at the hospital. growing rail service under the hudson river will have governor cuomo meeting with leaders to decision cuss two
8:56 am
new tunnels, the estimated cost 15 to $20 billion. federal railroad administration will meet this afternoon to discuss overcrowding on thely the l.i.r.r. 500 people were left standing on the montauk express line. jam-packed crews were on top of suitcases in the middle of the aisle. it's not just an inconvenience, but it's a safety concern because they block emergency stairs and exits. now over to john elliott to see what to expect with the weather. another hot one today. >> look at skies right now, mary, a break from where we started the day. light rain in the area, and there's moisture-rich air. the relative humidity, 76%. the green on the screen is a shower for suffolk county. there's elevated moisture around the area. it's dry, but it's very muggy and ripe for more storms. sea breeze this afternoon, and
8:57 am
more of a break for the south shore. popup shower today, tomorrow, and better bet late thursday into friday for more coverage of the rain. >> mary? >> john, thank you. i'm mary calvi. have a great day our next newscast is at noon. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara it helps keep my skin clearer.
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