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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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production! the state department of transportation and port
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authority as well as new jersey senators corey booker and bob mendez. they are talking about new jersey transit trains and how to fix them. >> in order to make this happen we are going to need everybody. new york, new jersey, the port authority, the federal government, new jersey transit. >> because thousands heading into and out of new york city have been dealing with two hour delays and cancellations. >> every day if it's a drop of rain it's a delay. over 90 degrees it's a delay. >> they might bring up the proposed gateway project entailing two additional train tunnels under the hudson to give pen station some relief. new jersey transit executives just announced the tunnels will be critical to keep passengers on the move. they support it too. >> what needs to change? >> they just need the train to be on time and stop the problems. that's all. >> track officials blame infrastructure for the issues and say something needs to be done.
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aging equipment is the problem. >> how frustrating has this been? >> very especially when you are a tight time schedule. >> although many are in favor of the gateway project it comes with a hefty price tag cost$20 billion. the solution up for discussion. >> we want to make sure there's a new hudson tunnel. we are willing to commit certain resources. we want to know what the federal government is going to do and the different sources of funding. >> so funding is the big issue. again that meeting is just getting started. it should last for about and hour and we will of course let you know what happens. >> alanna thank you. the federal government is meeting with railroad officials today after learning of possible dangerous conditions on trains. we exposed the problem on cbs 2 news at 11 last night. they are forced to put suitcases in the aisles. the federal railroad administration called today's meeting to talk about the concerns.
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>> this is more than just an inconvenience for the long island railroad commuters. federal officials are stepping in saying the commuting conditions could be dangerous especially in an emergency situation. >> does this look safe to you? >> it's like great ator to get on the train. >> i rode the long island railroad where dozens of commuters jam packed into train cars sitting in ail on top of suitcases blocking stairs and emergency exits. kim hall had to sit on the floor from pen station to montauk on friday. >> people can't pass and it would be unsafe. >> she is certainly not alone. >> just trying to get through the aisles everyone gets aggressive. >> the friday 4:00 p.m. cannon ball express train consists of 12 train cars three of which for reserved seating only. that leaves 1,046 seats in the unreverended section and according to the lirr on friday august 7 there were 1,540
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customers on board. if you do the math that's 494 people left standing. divide it between nine cars is about 55 extra people in each car. it's not just riders concerned about safety. cbs 2 has exclusively learned the federal railroad administration will meet with the lirr head of operation this afternoon. in a statement the agency says the meeting is to discuss solutions to the problem of over crowding which can be a concern as it relates to the move from one to a next in an event of an emergency. the riders want more service requesting additional cars be added. >> i have no idea why they over sell like they do. >> it isn't just on friday. once the track number is posted on the board it's a daily battle for a seat. >> they are so over crowded that during rush hour in the morning and during rush hour at night there are insufficient
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trains, there are insufficient seats. >> in a statement the lirr says it would never permit any train to leave pen pen station if it believed the crowding was unsafe. no one is forced to board the train and he or she can take any one of the trains leaving penn state t station or hunter point in queens all day and all night on fridays. >> we will follow up after today's meeting. live in penn station meg baker cbs 2 news. >> meg thank you. new laws in it effect to help fight legionares disease requiring landlords to register inspect and regularly clean cooling towers. they need to be inspected quarterly and get an annual certification. those who do not comply face up to $5,000. 12 people have died in the out break. new information in the
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deadly terrorist attack in thailand. police believe a man set off an explosion that killed 22 people. meanwhile another explosion rocked the capital today. jonathan reports. >> police say the bomb was hurled off a bridge towards a busy pier in bangkok but the explosive fell into the water injuring no one. the bomber was not seen in 41 footage. he is the man in the yellow t- shirt seen taking off his backpack and walking away without it. cell phone video shows the explosion from what police say was a pipe bomb. the blast tore through crowds of tourists and local people visiting the popular shrine. 22 people were killed and more than 100 injured. thailand's prime minister called it the worst incident that has ever happened in the country. this time they aim to take the
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lives of innocent people, to destroy our tourism and economy. >> our honeymoon and vacation will go on but with a very unsafe feeling. you don't know where it's going to come so personally being in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> it's still unclear if the two attacks are connected. police continued collecting evidence tuesday morning. the prime minister promises to find those responsible. jonathan cbs news london. >> the military is sending in 200 active duty soldiers to help in parts of the west under siege by wild fires. they are heading to the lake side down in washington state. several large fires have forced out tourists and residents. firefighters there released video showing the strength of the fire hours after it was set off by a lightning strike on friday. about 75 homes and businesses have been destroyed, 155 miles scorched. >> it's like the dark ages. there was no light on in this town.
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the hills glowed from the different fires burning. it was like the end of the world. >> in california 13,000 firefighters are battling 19 active fires. high winds are fahning the flames across containment lines. cracking down on bridge tres passers. where police track down a tourist after he took a selfie on the top of the brick lin bridge. a new request from the boston marathon bomber. why he's asking for a new trial. and will they approve the female viagra. heat and humidity. you are really feeling it today. we are going to take a look at the active radar and then the forecast for more wet weather
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by week's end.
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possible to select an impartial jury because of outrage after the attack. he was convicted in april of helping to carry out the bombings which killed three people and was sentenced to death. women will soon be able to take a pill, the food and drug administration will decide whether to approve the drug the female viagra which was created a decade ago but has twice been returned because of side effects. in june they recommend the approval saying the benefits out weigh the risks. it would be the only fda approved drug to treat sexual disfunction in women. coming up next a surprise from stevie wonder. [ music ] inside the singer's pop up concert that drew some huge crowds. plus ... >> did i make a difference? >> a real life superhero killed
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in a car accident. see how this beloved batman saved the day for kids and a number of their parents at
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[ music ] >> musical legend stevie wonder signed sealed and delivered a concert in central park. fans were able to get their tickets hours before the performance. he performed in d.c. and philly promoting his songs in the key of life tour wrapping up in madison square garden on november 24. >> nice surprise that's for sure. residents in maryland their own caped crusader died in a car accident on sunday. >> he was riding in his customized bat mobile the same car he used to visit countless sick children to cheer them up. >> some superheroes are born. others find their calling later in life. >> do me a favor. do well? school. >> very nice to meet you. >> but this bat man's mission bans to fight crime.
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it was to put smiles on the faces of children. >> weston, you guys rock. >> robinson dedicated his life to visiting kids fighting life threatening diseases but he had fans of all ages. >> love you man. you are the best. you are doing a great everybody. >> i want you to do me a favor. that will make me very happy. >> okay. >> 40 years ago he sold his cleaning business and used the proceeds to buy a lamb geneie which he modified to resemi finals bale the bat mobile. he became famous when a video was posted of him being pulled over by police. instead of issuing a ticket the officers asked for a picture. he later bought a replica of the bat mobile from the 1960s t.v. show. there's no way of knowing how many lives he touched but judging from the number of photos on social media there were plenty. >> at the end of the day you
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must ask yourself did i make a difference. >> asked and answered. cbs news new york. >> just such a tragic story. his car broke down on the side of the road and he got out to inspect it and another car hit his car from behind. >> just so tragic. >> terrible story about a wonderful guy. john elliot, let's get over to you right now. are we done of this heat wave? extract of the area will likely see 90 again today and with the humidity it's going to feel like 90 plus. good afternoon. we started our day today at 4:30 in the morning with some thunderstorms rumbling through. the possibility of a few more pop up storms. not a lot going on on the radar. weather watchers watching the heat into the hudson valley. some readings of 90 already well north and west. closer to home john has 88 in staten island and he is desperate for some rain also counting the days until fall
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along the jersey shore and i have to make this tap right there. got a tap on thomas smith, 82 manchester, bright skies, lots of humidity and happy birthday. i read those comments. folks concerned about air quality and will appreciate watching every day before work rob careson in roxbury a young viewer who enjoys it. younger than me which is not saying much. many are. 86 right now and hazy sun. 84 for the hamptons. pair of 88s in bell mount. our weather watchers watching now it's five degrees cooler than we were yesterday. that would put us at 90 this afternoon but with the southeast wind may just stop at 89. it's going to be close. dew points, 68, 70. it's really humid out there. still above normal.
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not a record. sunset at 7:50. don't forget the sun screen. still have a high uv forecast and the air quality alert until 11:00 p.m. a little better breeze will help the air quality concerns for long island. pollen is way up there and getting higher as we work our way into thursday. so it's quiet right notch. you can see there's not a lot of activity but the ingredients are there for a pop up shower or storm. the front is still well off to the west. model not very bullish on those storms this afternoon. could see a few tomorrow morning with some fog in the morning and a few more into the afternoon. it's thursday night into friday where we see a officer chance for more--a better chance for more wide spread rain, heavy at times as we wrap up the week but we stay at or above normal for the weekend. >> that heat is gone. >> better by the weekend. >> john thank you. >> has your summer garden gone wild? >> here with a seasonal dish to help take advantage of the fresh herbs and veggies
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available. >> it's time for pasta. >> that's really funny. we are doing four herb pasta with summer squash and one of those is thyme. >> right. and thyme like this make sure it is nice and green all the way around. it's got to have a wonderful aroma to it and bring it home and store it in the fridge for a day or two. don't store it for too long otherwise you'll ruin it. i love it. isn't it nice? >> it's got a great aroma. it pairs perfectly with squash and sage. those have cooked together and we added in the pasta when it was al dente to create this beautiful sauce and that's pretty much just about finished. now like i said we have four so what i'm going to do is put in a little pit of basil. just a touch right now and give that a quick toss. >> just want to infuse it all the way around and when you
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plate it--i just want to clear these off. once you plate it put fresh basil again right on top. >> look how beautiful it looks and plates. stephanie, this is absolutely- -i'm going to get some of the juices to there. >> yes and cut your squash like the spaghetti and eat it all in one beautiful bite. >> look at that. incredible. thank you bella. beautiful.
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