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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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only on cbs 2, rosie o'donnell revealing new details about her runaway daughter. our cameras outside of her home as she waits for the teenager to return home. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. and maurice is off tonight. 17-year-old chelsea was found safe on the jersey shore earlier today and is believed to be on her way back home right now, and valerie castro has the exclusive new details, and she is live outside of the police department in south nyack. >> reporter: christine, the south nyac police just updated us and said chelsea will be reunited with her family around midnight tonight. rosie o'donnell spoke to us
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exclusively earlier today to say shur daughter had been found 130 miles away, and she's been found after missing for 7 days. >> reporter: a roadway leaved roe -- a relieved rosie said that her daughter had been found. she said she's mentally ill. she says she doesn't have any friends, she's real the i will not well. 179-year-old was last seen on august 1 st., and on tuesday o'donnell tweeted pictures of her daughter and her therapy dog. what mental illness the teenager suffers from has not been made public, but she posted "chelsea stopped taking her medicine, and she's in need of medical attention." >> she has a mystery of mental
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health disorders, and i can't reveal more information. >> reporter: more chelsea was seen rosie was on the front porch of her phone call and later tweeted chelsea has been found and is safe in police custody. thank you all for the help and the light #missingchildren. we asked rosie how she was doing and she's said it's not been easy for any mother of a child with mental illens ill -- illness or for all the siblings. earlier today police said they did not suspect foul play, and she has never ran away from home. her family did receive a phone call from an unknown number, and she would not say where she was during the time she was gone. valerie castro, cbs 2 news. valerie, thank you. a 10-year-old girl has died after being accidently run over by an suv driven by her own mother.
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investigators in new rochelle were seen marking the scene at drake avenue. it was around 4:30 this afternoon. the mother who reportedly thought her car was in park ended up backing over two children, and her daughter and a 12-year-old boy who is in serious condition. >> good mom, excellent mom. she took care of my kids for like a year. >> reporter: the suv was removed tonight, and police say it's an accident that is still under investigation. a massive fire destroyed a building on property belong together new york state freeway authority. chopper 2 was over the scene in largemont as the flames and smoke came out this morning. there's no word on the cause. new video on a man wanted for raping a woman and knocking out two of her teeth. surveillance cameras captured the suspect walking through bed- stuy during the time of the attack yesterday morning.
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he forced the 52-year-old woman into the back stairwell of his building. the suspect may have bite marks on his right arm. police say a family argument ended in murder on long island, and 56-year-old susan grossman kerner, the mother of three, wearing a hospital gown on her way to court today. she is charged with murdering her own mother on monday in her oceanside home. were fighting over the daughter's bipolar medication, and her attorney says she has battled mental illness for years. >> if the allegations are true, that you stabbed your mother, one can imagine there's a serious mental illness in this. very decent person despite what happened here. >> a to judge ordered grossman held without bail, and she's in psychiatric care. the owner of a farm is under arrest, accused of neglecting two dozen animals.
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michael donebeck was charged with failing to provide proper substance. animals were seen with their ribs visible and infections. part of a fence was chewed off by a hungry animal. he's due back in court on september 4th. high-level meetings today to develop a tunnel under the hudson river, but governor christie did not feel like speaking christine sloan. >> we put out a state. and you can all read the statement. will you support the tunnel project, sir? what happened in the meeting? >> read the statement, christine. >> reporter: i did. >> "all of us are committed to working together on a path forward on this critical project" and it was released by the governor, anthony foxx, and robert menendez, and cory booker. commuters who saw the encounter with the governor were not pleased. >> reporter: do you think he
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should say something? >> he probably should, you're right, but he cares more about his presidential run. >> he seems indifferent. calls for the new tunnel have grown louder since the recent train delays. tonight mayor de blasio is vowing to do something about the painted ladies of times square, and this comes after complaints from tourists and also concerns from the people who rely on tourists' dollars, and tony aiello reports. >> reporter: they asked to get paid after posing for picturing wearing nothing but a thong, body paint, and a smile. many visitors are not amused. >> naked women should not be running around times square. >> i don't think it's the most appropriate thing with tourists and kids and tourists walking around, i don't. >> i don't like the situation in times square, and we will address it in an aggressive manor. >> reporter: the city is looking at several options much to the relief of the times square alliance. >> the worst case scenario, people don't want to come to
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times square. >> reporter: a typical comment, we have to exercise our freedom to spend our money elsewhere. >> what has been one of the greatest engines of our prosperity of the last 20 years? it's been tourism. >> reporter: the manhattan scholar worried that tourism is at risk, pointing to increased crime at central park, and homeless at grand central terminal and here on the museum mile. >> especially when i'm with my kids, it's sad. they are asking questions, and they don't understand why people are living on the street. >> the sense of disorder is very much, very much with us. >> reporter: for those who see the painted ladies as a sign of decline, the mayor's vow to do something comes as a relief, even if the city can't yet say what he will do. at times square, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. another prominent congressional democrat plans to vote against the iran nuclear deal, and during a speech at se
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it ton hall university, robert menendez outlined the reasons why he objects the white house deal. menendez is a senior member of the senate foreign relations committee and said the deal hands too much power to iran, and he's concerned about a potential arms race in the middle east. >> at the end of the day, what we appear to have is a rollback of sanctions, and iran only limiting its capability, and not dismantling it or rolling it back. >> reporter: the congressional vote on the deal should happen in september, and new york's senior senator, charles schumer opposes the deal while kirsten gillibrand and chris murphy both say they support it. booker and blumenthal are weighing their decisions. the fda has approved what is being called the female viagra.
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the controversial bill alled addy is the first designed to boost the sexual desire in women it can cause low blood pressure and fainting as some of the side effects and will have a warning on it. the hiring of a transgender staffer after the obama administration outpointed ralfie says he's the first openly transgender official to serve in the white house. she was a policy adviser for the national center for transgender for equality. two women have completed the grueling 62 training day program alongside 94 men, and all participants were held to the same standards, and the ranger school the is the premier course, pushing
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students to the mental and physical limits, and there's reports tonight that the former subway pitchman, jared fogle will be pleading guilty to child pornography charges. 6 weeks ago authorities removed computers and other electronics from his home near indianapolis, and tonight subway said they are no longer having a relationship with fogle. still ahead right here at 11:00, new clue in the worst terror attack in thailand's history. now investigators are zeroing in on a bench a backpack, and the man carrying it. the unwanted souvenir from sandy that has stuck around for 3 years. >> come on, baby! there you go. >> a routine traffic stop is a life-saving miracle. it was a hot one out there again today. 4 days in a row. today we hit the 90-degree mark as well.
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will we see a fifth day? let's talk about it after the
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police in thailand believe the man in this surveillance image is responsible for the worst terror attack in their nation's history. the security video shows the man in the yellow t-shirt removing his backpack and leaving it under a bench where the deadly bombing took place. moment was a he left, the bomb went off. 20 people were killed and 100 were hurt. another explosion happening today in bangkok. a man threw a bomb at a pier, but it exploded in the water, and no one was hurt. a staten island couple has struggled since sandy to remove this rusted wreck of a sailboat, and so far the government agencies have failed to help, getting in touch with the boat's original owner has not worked either. >> he told us if we continue to bother him, he's going to sue us. >> reporter: who can take the boat away? >> nobody. that is what we are told. >> reporter: the army corp.
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of engineers says because it's up against the dock and not in a federal navigational channel, it's up to the boat's owner to remove it. traffic stops rarely end with joy, but there was certainly a bundle of it when police pulled over a driver in seattle. it turns out the man was speeding to the nearest hospital because his wife was in labor, and the officer who thought he was just making a routine traffic stop ended up saving a life. >> she's in labor, man! >> reporter: the father wanted to continue the race to the hospital. >> let me go, i can make it man, let me go. >> there's an ambulance en route right now. >> reporter: but the baby could not wait. the most beautiful sound. the baby soon could not breathe. officer reynolds sprang into action and cleared her throat. come on, baby! there you go! there you go. [crying] >> reporter: an ambulance took
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mom and the new daughter to the hospital. dad sent the seattle police a thank you note saying you helped to deliver a precious gift, and we are so grateful. >> i love happy endings! ikea is recalling 400,000 children's night lights because of a risk of electrical shock. they are taking all the night lights off the market, and these dome-shaped plastic coverings can detach, exposing the electrical components, and ikea is telling people to stop using the product and contact the company for a refund. let's go to lonnie quinn with the latest on the forecast. >> reporter: we did okay today, still at the 90-degree mark, and it was hot and humid, but not as bad, and then into the afternoon, and some of you actually had thunderstorms rolling into the area. did it give you much rain? the weather watchers with the temperatures right now, and the rain fall amounts, i saw
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1/100th by barry, and right now, a 75 right here, and this comes to me from? barry! look at this. that was not planned, barry, but kudos to you! what do you have to say to us? it's currently 5 degrees warmer than it was at this time last night. barry, you're a statistician. he is logging everything hour- by-hour, and let me show you what we see in new york city right now. 79degrees, and a mostly clear sky, and it feels like 82, and factoring in the humidity, and the high it temperature was 90 degrees, and the interesting part about this 90-degree reading, i was watching it like a hock. could see 89, but i went with 89, and we hit 90 from 1:00 in the afternoon, 1:04 until 1:19, and a burst of sunshine, and you had your 90-degree reading, and 89 was wrong.
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we are expecting rain but not a fifth 90-degree day. the heaviest rain is late thursday into the first half of friday, and then cooling down after that. if you look at the temperatures, it will be warm. i don't think we will find the 90-degree mark, and the computer models are in agreement with that, and this time of the year, the 2:00 hour is typically when you find your warmest reading, anywhere from 1 to 3 this time of the year. the sun angle is nice and high. we can see the 87s or the 88s, but not like the 95s you had a couple of days ago, and now we had afternoon rumblers out there, and a lot of us didn't see anything, and the bigger picture will show you, i think we could see a repeat performance tomorrow and the high pressure is pushing offshore, and you will have a chance for the showers or the storms, primarily north and west of the city, but that's the afternoon hours because of the heat and humidity, new is not heat and humidity related. heat and humidity related showers are typical summer
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garden variety of storms, and it will push into our area, looking like late thursday, and that's the wettest time period, thursday into friday, and i just want to update you. we have the most recently named storm, danny is still -- okay, there's the coast of africa, all right? it's so far away from the lesser antilles, and i will watch this for you. here's how we can see it working out as you look across the board. the numbers, 86 on wednesday, and could have isolated showers or storms on the board. and it's more clouds during the first half of your day, and the p.m. hours are when you could see rain. 82 for friday, and that looks to be a good wet weather chance there, and into saturday, more clouds will linger than you will have on sunday. sunday, 82, and that's the cooler air behind the cold front. >> we do need the rain, and i think the best chance is going to be probably friday, more so than thursday. >> lonnie, thank you. and otis livingston is here now with sports. >> otis?
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>> kristine, it looks like the quarterback room is getting crowded for the jets as they reportedly add another signal caller. jacobde l0grom -- jacob degrom
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is showing plenty of light. time for sports, and otis is joining us now. i still see the hit from last night, and it makes you cringe. >> baseball is a dangerous sport, and bryan mitchell said he was lucky for sure after taking the line drive off his face last night, suffering a nasal fracture. the twins got to sabathia in the 7th. the big blow here part of the 3- run innings and how is this for drama. the yankees lead the bases in the bottom of the 7th, and with the fans on their feet, he doesn't disappoint. how about this? a grand slam home run, and he knew it as soon as it left his bat. the first home run since his
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birthday on july 27th and get this, his 25th career grand slam. definitely worthy of the curtain call. here's a-rod after the game. >> i wanted to get a good pitch to hit and put a good swing on it the team has been carrying me for 2 weeks, and it's nice to contribute. i said in spring training there will be ups and downs, and it's important in a long season to keep prospective, not only when you struggle but also when you're doing really well. i thought that day was way behind me, but it felt good, and it was an important game for us. >> yankees had to have one eye on the action in philly where the second place bluejays were playing. it turned the 5-4 deficit into the 7-5 lead, and that's his second homer of the night. the jays stay within a game of the yankees, and david wright drawing three walks tonight from port st. lucy, and he's expected to return next week in philly.
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the mets and orioles further down the pike. game delayed, and it didn't bother granderson one bit. that's a new mets' record. 1-0 in the hurry, and how about more from the grandyman. he had 20 home runs all last season, and that's 22 for this season. that gives the mets the 3-0 lead, and that's more than enough for jacob degrom, giving thanks to michael in left. that's a nice throw by the rookie, got him. degrom goes 7 2/3, and he lowers his e.r.a. to the the second best in the mlb. the bases are loaded here, and he finally gets manny to end it. the mets hang on to win it, and degrom is now 12-6 to go for the sweep of the rare 2-game series tomorrow night. time for a quick break. when we come back on the other side, the jets appear to have added another quarterback to
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welcome back, everyone. with geno smith expected to miss at least the first four
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regular season games, and the jets are shoring up the quarterback position. the gm said the jets had reportedly agreed to a 1-year deal with matt flynn, his sixth nfl team. he also asked about geno's on and off the field issues including being late for a team meeting in san diego and cursing out a fan at metlife stadium. >> only thing i can judge geno on is what he has done so far. i'm aware of the past, but the headache, a good offseason, very positive things. we will support him and every other player to try to come together as a team and work through this. >> and that gets you set for preseason game number 2. tune in to our half an hour pregame show, ready for takeoff at 7:00 before the 7:30 tickoff and the jets, falcons, met life stadium, and michael did not say they have reportedly signed matt flynn, but sources said
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new worries tonight about parents about head lice. lice have now developed a genetic resistance to popular over-the-counter treatments, and it's found in 25 states including connecticut. in new jersey and new york, and the lice had a partial resistance. the good news, most prescription medications are still effective. and the cdc says as many as 12 million american school children get lice each year. and on that note, thank you for joining us tonight. in one hour, the late late show with james corden. for the entire cbs 2 team, have great night. i will see you back here


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