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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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with this type of activity, the potential right here around madison, plainfield, this could potentially hold up for 20 minutes, maybe 30 minutes more. the blue is fading away. that's the first sign of a weakening storm. blue is the hail. then lightning, that's starting to fade, as well. i still see some bright red which shows you the heavy downpours but it shrunk in size. still hasn't moved. that's why i'm saying 20, 30 more minutes for you catching the brunt of it now. there will be more but it's fading. we'll have the extended forecast coming up. other news, a famous face accused of using wealth, status and secrecy to exploit children. today ex-subway pitchman jared fogle pleaded guilty to child related section charges, 14 victims involved. we discovered today that he into to you new york to have sex in luxury hotels with a teenager. cbs 2's dave carlin is live
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outside the plaza hotel in midtown with new information. dave. >> reporter: kristine and dick, this is a man with enough wealth and influence to stay at the plaza where he committed crimes. jared fogle left the indianapolis courthouse wearing a monitoring bracelet and facing five to 12 years in prison. his plea deal is on charges he paid for sex with minors and received child pornography. his defense attorney spoke to reporters. >> jared fogle expects to go to prison. he will do his time. >> reporter: the plea agreement outlines his trips to new york city to engage in commercial sex with minors under 18. victims include a 17-year-old girl who prosecutors say joined him at the manhattan plaza hotel in november 2012. the documents state the girl was paid for sex and later fogle offered her extra money to provide him with access to minors as young as 14. several months later prosecutors say he again paid the same girl for sex acts
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this time at the ritz-carlton hotel. >> this is about using wealth, status and secrecy to illegally exploited children. >> in the plea deal, fogle also admits receiving child porn from his friend russell taylor, the former executive director of the jared foundation arrested in april for producing child pornography and possessing it. investigators say girls and boys were secretly filmed with cameras concealed in clock radios in taylor's homes. in july, fbi agents raided fogle's home in indiana near indianapolis. >> i lost 245 pounds. and i have kept it off. >> reporter: fogle's fame and fortune started when he was a college student and went from 425 pounds to 180 crediting subway sandwiches and exercise. subway said in a tweet yesterday, we no longer have a relationship with jared and have no further comment." in the plea agreement, fogle will pay 14 victims $100,000 each.
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foggy it's wife released a statement. obviously i'm shocked and disappointed by the recent developments involving jared. i am in the process of seeking a dissolution of the marriage. my focus is exclusively on the well-being of my children." fogle is under house arrest. he must register as a sex offender and his next court date is not set. live in midtown, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> more information about fogle. in his more than 15 years as the face of subway, he had 300 commercials. he may be worth $15 million. fogle wrote a memoir and considered writing a second book for children. police are searching for a family from brooklyn after investigators say they locked their baby in a hotel room safe in niagra falls. the parents vanished after the rescue. cbs 2's meg baker has more. >> reporter: how does a baby get locked in a safe? that is the question police in canada are trying to answer.
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i know the search is on for the family after they fled the howard johnson by the falls hotel in niagra falls once the infant was removed from the safe. >> it looked like the people that were renting the room may have been family members. >> reporter: police say the panicked parents alerted hotel cleaning staff that their baby was locked in the hotel safe in their room. a maintenance worker came into the room and was able to unlock the safe where the infant was alert and crying. >> we do know that they are from brooklyn, new york. we don't know where they are staying or going. >> reporter: according to investigators the vehicle registered with the room is a gray ford passenger van like this one with new jersey plates b31eub. police say the family is asian and did not speak much english. but little else is known about them including how the baby got in the safe which is 19" wide, 13" tall and 16" deep nearly identical to this one seen clear it's not designed
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for animals or people to be inside. >> reporter: i spoke to the president of empire safe company in new york who says there is no way this was accidental. >> there is no means of locking the safe from the inside. the only way that you can lock it is somebody has to enter the lock code. >> reporter: guests were in disbelief. >> hard to wrap your head around. it's terrible. >> we could barely get our laptop in that safe. >> people like that should be locked in a safe like they locked their baby in a safe. it's sickening. [ signal breakup ] >> reporter: the license plate is flagged by border security but at this point police don't believe they have crossed back into the u.s. the couple doesn't face charges at this time. police want to check the child. in the newsroom, meg baker, cbs 2 news. new at 5:00 a west virginia man is facing charges tonight for calling in a phony threat to blow up the statue of liberty. investigators say jason paul
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smith used a system for the hearing-impaired to call 911 in april allegedly identifying himself as a terrorist and threatened to blow up the statue. if convicted he faces five years in prison. going topless in times square is getting the attention of governor cuomo. he joined the debate over the recent increase in nearly naked painted women. alice gainer reports on the attempts to clean up the crossroads of the world. >> reporter: red, white and blue all over these women's bodies and all over times square making many government officials red in the face. >> this is starting to remind me of the bad old times square. >> reporter: governor cuomo today vowed to join new york city officials in ridding times square of their presence. >> i think it is infringing on the investment that the state and the city made in the 42nd street area and it has to be stopped. we're talking to the city. i believe it's illegal.
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i believe we can enforce the law and clean it up and we will. >> reporter: cuomo did not get into specifics but as we reported yesterday, city hall and the times square alliance are discussing three proposals. they include parkland status for times square which would allow a van, licenses and ids for all street performers including those costumed characters, and new zones. >> they can't rid them of times square. if any of those proposals are enacted, the performers, the women, the costumed people, could go to court and challenge them. >> reporter: he explains that if a court deems what's going on commercial activity, then the city could issue licenses like they do for vendors. but otherwise he thinks that's about it. >> the fact that they make it a park doesn't mean that equal protection in the first amendment principles would not be still applicable. in fact, many of the cases that deal with first amendment rights are in the context of a park. so just making it a park
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doesn't make this issue go away. >> reporter: still, the governor and mayor say they will take care of it. now, just yesterday a newspaper front page shoulder two nypd officers posing with two of the women. those officers have been reassigned. the union president patrick lynch says they are being held to a different unfair standard. he says posing for selfies with tourists and performers is a standard practice. they did not violate any laws. >> the twist in this debate thank you. new information as investigators release more video of the man wanted for raping a woman and knocking out two of her teeth. police say he was caught on camera in bed-stuy, brooklyn, around the time of the attack early monday morning. the men allegedly threatened to shoot the 52-year-old woman. he forced her into a stairwell and raped her. now community leaders are offering a $2,000 reward. >> so that we can get somebody to say something and get this individual off the street.
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we need this person off our street. >> police say the man may have bite marks on his right hand. a licensed home healthcare aide is accused of slowly starving a man to death. the only food in the home breadcrumbs and cake frosting. the victim not just someone in the woman's care but also a relative. cbs 2's steve langford has the story now from the bronx. >> reporter: 22-year-old woman in sweatpants escorted into court wednesday accused of letting her severely autistic uncle die of starvation in the bronx apartment. >> not guilty. >> reporter: not guilty the plea from this home healthcare aide who prosecutors said not only allowed her uncle to starve to death but allegedly took most of the man's social security payments and other funds for her own benefit. >> this woman seized thousands of dollars for mr. thompson's food and housing. of that, [ indiscernible ]
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she spent $562 on mr. thompson. >> reporter: normal had taken over managing her uncle's affairs after his mother went to a home. in 2010 thompson weighed 145 pounds. prosecutors say by the time he died of neglect he weighed 70 pounds. when police were finally called here by the suspect in june of 2012, the apartment here was filthy and uninhabitable prosecutors say and james thompson was found on the floor starved to death. norman tried to leave the scene that day without talking to police according to prosecutors who say she provided him no medical assistance or care in his dying month despite fractured bones and starvation. >> mr. thompson was never brought to the hospital or doctor by this woman. >> reporter: the next-door neighbor said no one knew what was going on. >> it's creepy and scary happening next door. >> reporter: norman is charged with manslaughter and
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criminally negligent homicide. steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> if convicted of the charges, she faces up to 15 years in prison. a tv star reveals a breast cancer battle. but shannen doherty is blaming her management team for the condition. why she says mismanagement put her health at risk. >> i came to a point i'm not going to lose my son for something that's being sold out in the streets. >> we have seen what k2 can do to people. now a local father is taking a new approach to saving his son sell it. >> a warning for parents. the new kind of mutant lice that may be tougher to get rid of. >> a new landmark in manhattan after years of building. when you can finally take the dive and hop on the seaglass
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carousel. it could be a lousy start to the school year for some children. scientists have discovered mutant head lice that are resistant to most common treatments. now, some parents fear any
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lice outbreaks will quickly get out of control. cbs 2's elise finch has the story. >> reporter: ask almost any kid and they can tell you about head lice. >> it's a bug that gets in your hair and it's like a disease sort of. >> reporter: now just as kids are preparing to go back to school, scientists say lice are becoming resistant to the over-the-counter treatments parents have relied on for years. >> great. just another thing, you know, we're going to have to deal with. >> i guess it's like antibiotics. they are becoming resistant with overuse. >> reporter: researchers studied 109 lice populations in 30 states. 90% had genes that make them resistant to insecticides that kill them. >> it means more treatments and more vigilant to get rid of it. we are hoping not to get to full immunity but what to happen if we stopped using the products for a while and switched to something else, that resistance may wear off. >> reporter: these mutant lice may be reassistant to common chemicals, but there are still
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a number of oils that are very effective in killing them. >> studies have shown that rosemary citronella, tea tree, peppermints and others kill the bugs. >> reporter: this new jersey mother says even mutant lice are no match for her organic oils. nit removing comb and yeast enzyme she says kills lice. dr. day says prescription strength medications work but try over-the-counter remedies force. to avoid chemicals use coconut or olive oil for two weeks. elise finch, cbs 2 news. >> prevention is easier than treatment so children must never share comb, brush, hat or scarf with anyone, not even sibling. consider washing hair less frequently because lice clings easily to clean hair.
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shannen doherty has breast cancer. the former 90210 star is filing a lawsuit because of the severity of the condition. we explain why. >> reporter: this came as a shock today but the former beverly hills 90210 star revealed in a lawsuit that she is fighting this disease and claims her former management company is to blame. in the lawsuit filed today in l.a. superior court, doherty claims her former management company let her healthcare insurance lapse in 2014. and a year passed before she could re-enroll. as a result, shannen didn't get a regular check-up giving her cancer the chance to spread. in march, she says she discovered she had invasive breast cancer, metastatic to at least one lymph node. as a result she faces a mastectomy and chemotherapy which she says she wouldn't have needed if the cancer had been caught earlier. the suit doesn't specify the amount of money shannen is seeking in damages. in a statement, doherty's
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attorney writes, the relationship between a business manager and his client is based on trust and honesty and competence. that trust was violated and we hope the defendant will correct it in a responsible manner. >> doherty's husband is also suing her former accountant accusing them of mismanaging the couple's money tom brady and roger goodell were not in court today in manhattan for the latest "deflate-gate" controversy. both attorneys on each side met as the clock winds down to reach a settlement agreement. brady's facing a four-game suspension. no agreement was reached today. they will meet again august 31. both brady and goodell will be required to attend that meeting. our heat wave has turned into a stormy evening for some parts of the area. check out this photo. it was just sent to our newsroom from bernie in scotch plains. you can see a car submerged in floodwaters. >> several trucks are also trapped on route 22. their roofs peeking through the brown and dirty water you can see from this picture.
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>> let's check back with lonnie quinn. >> it's not looking good. when you see water up to the windshield of a car, how much rain do you think fell there? anybody want to take a guess? 3." it's a ponding and the pooling that takes place and the fact that that cell is not going anywhere. and it just continues to just collect out there. here's our picture in new york city. right now mostly cloudy 81 degrees. if you take a look at the vortex satellite and radar, all right, there's new york city. there's the hudson. every drop of rain in our area is on the western side of the hudson. nothing east of the hudson river right now. if i put this into motion, you're going to watch most of these cells are making their move up to the north-northeast except this one little old cell. the one that we see around scotch plains and berkley heights and summit and plainfield, over the last two hours, it has now moved about three miles. it has now made a push from essex and union county into morris county. i'm watching it fade a bit. i don't see the hail or the electrical element, thunder and lightning done, as well.
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putting a lot of rain down in one spot. for three hours it just didn't move. then if you look up to the north we have this one cell that came through tucks -- a lot that came through tuxedo park. there will be a light rain by the time it gets to cortland. for tonight that rain is going to calm down no matter where it is. it's muggy at 74. tomorrow, high temperature 83. partly sunny. better bet again tomorrow during the daytime hours will be inland. we'll talk about tomorrow night and what happens after that because that could be a changing situation. but for today, 87 the heat wave ended yesterday at the 9 90-degree mark so it was a four-day heat wave. back to you. >> thank you. up next, they lost so much to hurricane sandy. but they are turning down free money for repairs. >> i would not ask for another dime. >> the frustration with fema that has some long island homeowners walking away from a payout. >> plus, kicking and screaming, rolling on the ground.
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the big fight one woman put up when a mugger attacked. >> then at 6:00 several firemen injured and dozens homeless after a fire jumps from house to house in new jersey. >> and the search for a biker on a crime spree on coney island. what all the victims have in common. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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an important deadline is looming for victims of superstorm sandy. they have until september 16 to review their fema grants but many say no thanks. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff joins us now live from baldwin with the story. >> reporter: good evening. it's an offer you would think homeowners can't refuse an offer of additional money on their damage claims. but it's an offer that many are walking away from. they say they have lost trust in the system set up to help them. diane delaney's baldwin house destroyed by sandy rebuilt with the help of fema funds. but she believes the government shortchanged her. do you think your overall payout was fair? >> no, i do not. i don't think it was fair at all. >> reporter: yet she is giving up the fight. >> the work, the time, the effort, the trauma, everything that we have gone through, you just can't go through that twice.
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>> reporter: she is not alone. 142,000 filed claims following the storm. then fraud was uncovered and engineers allegedly in cahoots with insurance companies to lower payouts. fema then offered to review anyone's case. but only 11,000 have accepted. fema's invitation to flood insurance policyholders, if you believe we underpaid your claim, you may be eligible for an additional payment. >> the truth is we don't know how many people were underpaid. it's a handful or if it's thousands but for us, the most important thing we can do is to restore trust in the program. >> reporter: a spokesman says the agency wants people to have certainty they received the right payout but many say they have no energy left to tackle more red tape. >> i would not ask for another dime because just the paperwork and the aggravation and the gut-wrenching that you have to go through. >> reporter: others worry the review will backfire. >> it will open up a can. worms. it will open up a can of audits and everything else. it will open up a can of worms.
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and that's a problem and people are afraid. >> reporter: the did i aster relief clinic -- disaster relief cliff tells people to fight the fight. >> there's a lot of money on the table. we are advising everyone to move forward and in the event there is any duplication of benefits, they can deal with that at the end. >> reporter: fema promises an easy fair and transparent review process. they say they will give homeowners the benefit of any doubt. and some have already seen in their review process an additional $10,000. reporting live from baldwin, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. up next, he is watching his son slip away to k2. >> he is not here with you. he's on another planet. >> but he is not going without a fight. how this father is making a personal plea to the people supplying his son. >> danger in the sky and at our airports. how one local senator wants to put responsibility for drones back on the people who make them. >> plus, how would donald
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trump really do against hillary clinton?
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the revealing new poll. back at 5:30 now with the battle against k2 or synthetic marijuana, users end up strung
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out even passed out sometimes on the streets. and the dangerous drug is as easy to buy as cigarettes. a bronx man afraid of losing his son to 2k went to the store where workers had been selling his son the drug. cbs 2's lou young spoke to the today. >> it's a painful sight. >> reporter: lewis cruz says his adult son whose image we're obscuring becomes unhinged under the influence of the drug called k2. >> he babbles. he hallucinates. he thinks things are in the air around him and he is swinging around. i came to a point i'm not going to lose my civilian for something that's being -- my son for something that's being sold in the streets. i needed to reach out. >> reporter: so went to the source a bodega here in morris park where his son was buying the stuff for 4 and $5 a bag. he begged them with tears in his eyes for them to stop selling it to him.
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and he made an impression. you remember the father coming in here? >> yes. >> reporter: you do. what did he say? >> he said son getting sick because of that and we should stop. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he did eventually discontinuing k2. but other bodegas in the neighborhood still carry it. the state senator here says it's why so-called synthetic marijuana needs to be made illegal to buy, sell or possess. >> i passed my legislation in the senate for the past four years. unfortunately the assembly just won't act. >> reporter: jeff klein is upset with stores near the bronx psychiatric center selling the stuff to patients. the mentally ill and homeless are succumbing to it in frighten numbers. lewis cruz says getting his son to a treatment facility and is hopeful the state will make k2 illegal soon. >> they should have done this a long time ago. >> reporter: the new york state k2 bill gets another albany airing in january. we're in morris park, the bronx, lou young, cbs 2 news.
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>> one patient at bronx psychiatric center recently smoked k2 and was found in rockland county apparently having walked through the bronx across the george washington bridge and up the palisades parkway. new at 5:30, senator charles schumer wants to use technology to create no-fly zones for drones. so far this year pilots have reported more than 650 drone sightings nearly triple the number for all of 2014. there have been at least 7 reported drones seen at kennedy and newark airports in the past week alone. >> we have had too many near misses and i am introducing legislation that will require this technology, geo fencing, in all drones sold in the united states and that will prevent almost certainly any drones from crashing into a plane being sucked into its engine and causing a calamity. >> in february the faa released its draft rule on drones.
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senator schumer says it doesn't go far enough because it doesn't require the use of geo fencing technology. the nypd needs help to find a man accusing of a mugging in harlem. the assault all captured on camera. cbs 2's jannelle burrell has the story. >> reporter: the violent confrontation caught on camera. these surveillance cameras rolling as the man follows the 24-year-old woman and then pounces forcing her to the ground kicking and punching her as he tries to rob her. >> i was sickened. i was sickened. it could have been my wife. i have two young girls. it's not a pretty sight. >> reporter: residents who live on this quiet block along harlem's historic striver's row disturbed watching the assault. >> horrible. >> reporter: police say it happened around 2 a.m. sunday august 2 on west 138th street near adam clayton powell boulevard in front of this townhouse. as the suspect continues to grab and strike the woman, try
5:34 pm
to pry her purse from her she holds on trying to keep him from getting her valuables but eventually i steals the pocketbook and iphone -- he steals the pocketbook and iphone and runs off. >> i'm speechless. oh. i'm sorry for her. i'm story for the family. >> reporter: police now turning to the public for their help hoping someone will recognize this man described as being in his late teens or early 20s. >> it's really, really frightening. >> reporter: police say the suspect left that woman right on the sidewalk with cuts and bruises. but otherwise, unhurt. reporting from harlem, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> police say the victim refused medical attention at the scene. rosie o'donnell's daughter is home safe after being missing for a week. 17-year-old chelsea o'donnell was of sound mind when found. rosie o'donnell talked with
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valerie castro shortly after she was found last night. she was found in barnegat new jersey at the house of a man and left willingly with officers. still ahead a sneak peek at a new landmark. [ inaudible ] [ loud music ] coming up we take a long for a ride. [ inaudible ] >> powerful explosion levels parts of the seattle motel. the split-second decision the manager made that saved lives. >> and today in history in 1934, german voters approved giving adolph hitler executive power over the country. he was already chancellor. this vote gave him complete
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control. sfx: music throughout sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing
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sfx: crowd chanting sfx: crowd cheering music stops sc johnson, a family company. a powerful explosion ripped through amotel in washington state minutes after the manager evacuated the building. a gas company worker was critically hurt at this motel 6 near seattle. the explosion ripped off a 16- room section of the three- story motel. it all collapsed into a pile
5:39 pm
hours. the motel manager, a former volunteer firefighter, said she knew she had to do something when she saw the leaking gas line. >> it was about 50 yards from me and the smell was so intense i knew this was very big. i just made an executive decision to evacuate my building and said pull the alarm, we have to evacuate because i swear to god, the explosion. registered. two remain unaccounted for. now to campaign 2016. donald trump continues to lead his republican opponents and a new poll shows democrat hillary clinton could have reason to worry. cbs 2's craig boswell has more. >> reporter: donald trump is standing by his latest controversial comment that children of illegal immigrants who are born in the u.s. should not be citizens. >> if you are born here, you are an american. period! period! >> i don't think they have american citizenship and if you speak to some very, very good lawyers and i know some would disagree but many of them agree with me.
5:40 pm
you're going to find they do not have american citizenship. >> reporter: meanwhile, a half dozen gop candidates are at an education forum in new hampshire trying to get voters' attention. >> stop looking at your blackberry and start listening. >> reporter: trump continues to lead the field of gop candidates in every poll. but his opponents say they are convinced trump will flame out long before the first vote is cast in february. >> if you're hot when it's hot, you'll be cold when it's cold. >> reporter: so far, not only has trump maintained his lead, he is showing signs of strength as a general election candidate. a new poll out wednesday morning shows trump has closed to just 6 points. it was 16 points a month ago. clinton, who is losing ground on the democratic side to bernie sanders, is taking to the airwaves to halt the slide. >> we need to have people be rewarded. >> reporter: the clinton camp has begun a new $2 million ad campaign in iowa and new hampshire. >> hillary clinton is also making news for a heated
5:41 pm
exchange with a reporter. it had to do with the personal server clinton used for her emails while secretary of state. >> wipe the whole server. >> you know, i don't -- i have no idea. that's why we turned it over -- >> you were in charge of it. you were the official in charge. did you wipe the server? >> with a cloth? >> you know how it works digitally? >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> the reporter was from fox news. clinton also told the group she regrets that using a personal server has caused such controversy but she maintains she did nothing wrong. the server was turned over to the f.b.i. last week. when is a headache more than a headache? up next, why sudden pain could be a warning sign for pregnant women. >> and we have been seeing flooding in parts of new jersey. we'll check back in with lonnie to see when the rain will let up. >> and then at 6:00 the department of education sued by new york city's public advocate. why letitia james says the lives of disabled children are at risk on their school buses. >> a long island woman recognized for her bravery how
5:42 pm
she earned new york state's
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don't forget to follow us
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on facebook and like our page. you can find us at a warning for women who get headaches during pregnancy a sign of possible medical complications. dr. max gomez explains. >> reporter: the main worry for pregnant women with severe headaches is pre-eclampsia. the mother-to-be has high blood pressure and signs of organ damage in the kidneys. left untreated it can be fatal for mother and baby. that's why pregnancy headaches need to be taken seriously. >> serious pain in both sides of my temples. very light sensitive and sensitive to sound and stabbing pain like an ice pick to the temple. >> reporter: that's what lauren's migraines were like before she got pregnant. then they got worse when she was pregnant with her son emmett. >> they lasted for five or six days. >> reporter: were you hospitalized? >> at one point i was. i had been, um, throwing up for about 24 hours straight. >> reporter: that landed
5:46 pm
lauren in the hospital to check whether the worsened headaches might be due to some new very worrisome causes. >> typically pre-eclampsia, but certainly types of stroke an enlargement or bleeding into the pituitary gland that expands during pregnancy, infection. >> reporter: that's what led them to look at headaches during pregnancy. the study published today in the journal "neurology" found women without a history of headaches before pregnancy were at five times the risk for their pregnancy headaches being due to some other condition. if they also developed high blood pressure, they were 17 times more likely to have some other complications. usually pre-eclampsia. although headache is such a common symptom in life, can be in pregnancy, too, a severe headache in pregnancy shouldn't be discounted altogether. chances are it's still likely to be benign and maybe a migraine attack even someone who never had it before. it should lead someone to consult with their provider. >> reporter: lauren went on to deliver without complications
5:47 pm
and today he is a happy normal 19-month-old. >> i'm feeling great. i still get migraines but not as often as when i was pregnant. >> reporter: migraines get better or even disappear for most women during pregnancy but if they don't, dr. robbins says you should get checked and also know that there are no medications that are okay to take during the pregnancy so you don't have to suffer. >> no way of identifying them. she made it out already with a cute little baby. >> thank you. dozens of people hit the basketball court today at a nassau county school but not to shoot hoops. they were stuffing backpacks with school supplies for underprivileged children. every year the uja federation of new york holds its supplies for success event. it takes 400 volunteers with the jewish community organization at least three days to get ready. all the books, notebooks and
5:48 pm
erasers will fill more than 4,000 backpacks. a california couple's efforts to help change the face of beauty goes global. meet 4-year-old cora slocumb. she has down syndrome and is now featured in a new ad retailer. this year's back-to-school cat lock is about diversity. people around the world have responded. >> cora has always had the ability to really engage with people and people are really captivated by her. >> she is such a natural. >> you see her image in the catalog and she just look like she was born for it. >> the company's owners were inspired by "changing the face of beauty." it aims to get special needs children placed in traditional media. >> what a cutie and what a smile. >> yes. powerful and slow-moving storms are slamming parts of new jersey right now. take a look at this photo here route 22 in scotch plains.
5:49 pm
a section of the highway submerged. no blacktop in sight. >> a big mess in a parking lot near a restaurant. no outdoor dining but dirty floodwaters. lonnie quinn is tracking the storms. >> they are weaker in spots. they are still out there. the scene what dick was saying slow movers. there's my picture in new york city. they have mostly cloudy skies overhead. temperature at 81 degrees. the headlines look like this. so isolated storms for some of you out there but they are all right now 100% of them on the western side of the hudson. and one of those storms just did not move. plenty of them have been slow movers but one didn't move at all. now, take a look at the estimated rainfall totals. this is doppler estimated
5:50 pm
totals: >> that purple color is three to four inches of rain. one cell just not moving for about three hours it sat on top of this area and that's why you have such dramatic rainfall totals and pictures that i can show you the area. you asked the situation now. the situation is better. it's not gone but it's better. giving you a bigger picture. anything that we see out there right now is not part of an organized system. you're seeing showers and storms that are all the as a result of heat and humidity. right? as we get into the day tomorrow, even more so into friday, then we'll start looking at an organized system. that spin up there around minneapolis that's your low pressure system. this trail is your cold front. this will move into the area and give us more widespread rain. again thus far today yesterday it's all been the western side of the hudson. tomorrow late tomorrow into friday especially when you could see it more all over the place. 7 p.m. tonight, here's the picture. then thursday morning 6 a.m., a little bit out there, a little bit. that's not going to be a big story.
5:51 pm
tomorrow morning we can start off okay. little change through the day. you start to see some things popping up that will be west of the city. 6:30 p.m. hasn't kicked in yet but take a look at the line. that shows you where the front is. it will move into the area and it's going to give us more widespread rain as the front becomes part of our area. 6 a.m. on friday it's moved in. tough morning commute out there. then you will see how slow it is. from 6 a.m. in the western suburbs, 11:00 basically on top of the city and points north and south and 4:00 boy, these a problem. it just didn't move. again you have the slow-moving storms forecast for the day on friday. so we'll have to be potentially dealing with flooding again. we are going to watch that one very closely. here are the numbers. 83 degrees for your day on thursday. and i think you're okay to start off. then i do believe you will have the isolated stuff in the afternoon and then late thursday into friday is when the front will come through with heavier storms. 81 degrees. right now, they are suggesting that it's going to linger into
5:52 pm
saturday and even more so on sunday. saturday i think you could see maybe earlier in the day and then i think you will have some spots saturday where you will be okay. sunday they bump the rain chances up a little bit. we have to watch what this front is going to do. we know it's a slow mover. we know that. but now they are saying it's going to get off our coast and stall. i'm not buying into that 100% yet. that's why i'm sort of of putting, like, right now a sun/cloud mix chance of rain over the weekend. if it goes in reverse, then the weekend is washed out. i don't see that yet. >> keep us updated. >> will do. >> thank you. the massive wildfires in washington state have firefighters so overwhelmed that they are talking to new zealand and australia for possible help. more than 100 members of the national guard are digging fire lines as helicopters drop water and 200 active duty military troops were also called in. five fires are burning around the town of chelan in the cascades. overnight, one of those firefighters jumped containment lines. >> since the month of june, we
5:53 pm
have had crews out almost every week for those 14-day assignments on fire after fire after fire. >> lightning started the fires. 1,000 people are still out their homes and 75 homes and buildings are destroyed so far. some forest service workers may have a new idea to battle wildfires. take a look at this historic cabin in washington state now wrapped in a shield to shield it, rather, from heat and fire embers. the cabin was built in 1909 and the metallic wrap was used also during a 2012 wildfire. saturated ground and unstable conditions are delaying the search for three men buried in a landslides in alaska. more than 2.5" of rain fell in the area in 24 hours. several homes were washed away. local officials say there's little chance the missing men survived. >> we are sending people down to do all we can to help in
5:54 pm
the situation so it's a very -- it's a very grim situation. our prayers go out to all those. >> with more rain expected a state of emergency has been declared in the area. are you feeling stressed anxious, maybe a little bit off. the culprit could be all around you. little things, hiding in your home making you cranky and you might not realize it. tonight the secrets to a happy home including one thing that could spice up your love life. watch happy home, happy life, tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. >> looking forward that. happy home, happy life. it's not your usual amusement ride. we go to see the seaglass carvel in action. >> at 6:00 are you a worker with unclaimed wages? the search for hundreds of
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
a carousel reimagined for the 21st century is about to open in lower manhattan. vanessa murdoch takes us under the sea for a ride on
5:58 pm
seaglass. >> reporter: 30 big fish will be forever swimming in the battery to delight the young and old. >> it was a lot of fun. the first time we went on it, she goes, again, again! >> reporter: what was your favorite part? >> when we were up and down. >> reporter: this is seaglass. a modern-day carousel housed in a nautilus shaped shell. take a right and the battery conservancy hopes you'll be transported into an underwater fantasyland. >> i got my first drawing from a little child who came earlier today and there she is in her fish. >> that's what we want. we want children to become fish. >> reporter: did you feel like you were under water? >> yeah. >> you did? >> yeah. >> reporter: what made you feel most like were you under water? >> seeing all the other, like, fish. >> reporter: george designed them. >> it feels like the fish is dancing and that's what i enjoy. >> obviously, this is not your typical carousel.
5:59 pm
they are calling it a show. and that's because with each ride it contains the lighting, the music and the choreography. >> there's no limit. that's the modern technology. that's the beauty of this. >> bringing this to the battery. >> the economics of 2008, sandy put us back. it's been a while coming. but i think today, going forward, it's in the bag. >> reporter: based on the smiles and reaction -- >> did you have a good time on the ride? >> yeah. >> it was really fun. >> reporter: -- looks like seaglass will be a swimming success for generations to come. from the battery, vanessa >> a lot of fun. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now.


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