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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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call 1-800-341-9716. drivers trapped with water up to the windows, property damaged, people stuck at work, and a freak storm causes flash flooding in new jersey, and tonight, traffic is still affected. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. maurice is off tonight, and cbs 2's tracee carrasco is following this developing story, and she is live in scotchplains, where the cleanup is now underway. tracee? what do you have? >> reporter: kristine, westbound traffic opened up a little bit ago, but eastbound, it's still shut down. behind me, you can see the crews are still cleaning up that side of the highway. a few hours ago, this whole area that i am standing in was completely under water, and many say the afternoon's flash flooding caught them offguard. it came and went this
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afternoon, and it left cars stranded in the streets, areas completely flooded out. >> i have never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: there's the aftermath of an afternoon storm that set over union county, new jersey, for hours, leaving up to 4 inches of rain behind. drivers caught up in the flash flooding, and many abandoning their cars, stub in the water, and others like jean moreno got out just in time. >> cars were going slower and slower, and it was a matter of time before someone got caught. >> reporter: those stranded could only watch and wait for the water to recede and the roads to open. multiple homes and businesses throughout the county flooded out, including this one where the water came up to the door, trapping the employees inside. at tony's foreign car repair a couple of inches of water poured into their offices? >> there's a large squeegie. >> reporter: how much water did
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you have in here? >> maybe 2 inches. >> reporter: across the street at a different auto body shop, most of the cars were destroyed, and charlie helkin's was one of them. his 21-dollar oil change is now thousands of dollars in damage. >> my honda is over there. it's garbage now. >> reporter: and now it's unclear when route 22 will completely reopen, and now this is a massive cleanup effort, and as you can imagine, at one point we even saw the snowplows out here scooping up the mud, and we did hear some reports of the local roads buckling, and will will probably need to be repairs done there, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. >> tracee, thank you. the wet weather we saw today could be just the beginning, and vanessa murdock is in for lonnie quinn.
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>> definitely more storms tomorrow and friday especially. we look back to this afternoon, and we had slow-moving thunderstorms, training over the same location, such as scotchplains, and flash flood warnings for essex and union counties, and the storm is just sitting here, pouring rain over 1 particular spot, and it was a bull's-eye over scotchplains, and the purple represents 3-4 inches of rain falling in a few short hours. the storms are likely again tomorrow, and the flash flooding is possible again tomorrow, and with an approaching storm system moving very closely, it does look like friday could be more widespread flooding, kristine. a major mess tonight after an nyu contractor working on the street near the greenwich village campus broke a 12-inch water main. the intersection of mcdougal and west 3rd street were flooded out. the workers had to cleanup and make repairs.
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at least one nyu dorm was left without water and two buildings had flooded basements. breaking news from the west coast tonight. three firefighters died battle thing the wild fires in washington state. at least four more are injured from the fires burning in the town of twisp. the weather is not helping the fight. temperatures are expected to be over 90 degrees with the dry conditions throughout the day. the wind also not helping, and this video is from boise, idaho, showing how fierce it can get. a fire whirl or firenado forms, and the heat is kicked up by the weather and then spins, creating the look of a tornado. it can become dangerous and send the hot dirt and ash raining down. danger on the road. cbs 2 obtained exclusive video of a u.s. postal worker driving a tractor trailer and apparently using his cell phone
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behind the wheel. and cbs 2's valerie castro spoke to the man who recorded the incident. >> this guy is texting and driving a truck. >> reporter: this is what the driver saw on the northbound van wyck expressway in jamaica, queens. >> he doesn't even is his head up. >> reporter: the driver didn't want to show his face but says the man driverring this u.s. postal service tractor trailer needs a wakeup call. >> he was just looking into the his phone as if he was just looking at a video or something. >> reporter: in the video, you can see the driver staring intently at his cell phone. the man says he knows he shouldn't have used his own phone driving to record the incident but he said he couldn't allow the driver to pass him by. >> it's not like the guy was driving a honda. it was an 18 wheeler, 53-foot trailer, and a smaller car
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could be crushed. >> reporter: a spokesperson said "drivers of postal vehicles are expected to follow the traffic laws with no exception. safe driving is a requirement. this video appears to show unacceptable conduct. ". this man doesn't want the driver to lose his job but he hopes it leads to driver training. >> it's for tomorrow and the next day. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the u.s. postal service did not say if the driver has been punished. valerie castro, cbs 2 news. a train passes over a blind man who fell on the subway tracks in brooklyn, and the man accidently stepped off a platform at the church avenue station, and a northbound g. train came in. the man was struck and is now in serious condition. from subway sandwich
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pitchman to prison. jared fogle will likely spend 5- 12 years behind bars. he didn't comment when he left federal court in indianapolis. he agreed to enter a guilty plea, and he admitted to possessing child pornography and paying for sex with minors, and federal prosecutors said some of the crimes happened a ritz carlton. >> jared fogle expects to go to prison. he will do his time. >> he admitted he repeatedly traveled from indiana to new york to engage in commercial sex acts with victims he knew to be children. >> as part of a plea deal, fogle will pay 14 minor victims $100,000 each and will register as a sex offender. new at 11, police arrested a man who manages painted topless women in times square.
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chris alavarie was picked up on a drug warrant. the governor has vowed to help clean up the cross roads of the world. new information on the massive fire in largemont. police arrested a new york freeway employee for the fire that destroyed a freeway salt shed yesterday. richard cast is now facing an arson charge, and thankfully no one was hurt. there's no word on a motive. confusion tonight over a port authority effort to collect money from the toll violators. drivers wonder if the demand for payment is a scam. cbs 2's tony aiello reports. >> i didn't think it was reel at first. >> reporter: when anthony spanado got this letter demanding money for unpaid port authority tolls, he was skeptical. >> reporter: it didn't look official? >> anyone could have sent it out it didn't look official at all. >> reporter: he's not alone. dozens of people have posted about getting similar letters,
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and many think it's a scam. >> if i received one of those letters, i would have thought it was a scam. there's so many of them going on. >> reporter: mike riley says an e-zpass scam made the news this week to try to trick you into downloading the virus this retired cop did detective work. >> it's not a scam. >> reporter: in deed the demand for payment from alliance 1 from washington state is legitimate. the port authority hired alliance 1 earlier this year to try to collect millions of dollars from thousands of people. the letters don't specify when and where the violations took place, adding to confusion and doubt, but a port authority official tells me any letter with in phone number. 866-897-5349 is a legitimate attempt to collect. doubtful drivers should call for more information. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. iran will be allowed to use
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its own experts to inspect a site possibly used to develop nuclear weapons. according to the associated press, the u.n.'s nuclear atomic agency reached the side deal with iran. it sparked harsh criticism from the republican congressional members. sneaking up on an innocent woman in the middle of church. terrifying video shows what happened next. people like locked their baby in the safe! it's absolutely sickening. a family from brooklyn fleece after their baby was dis- - flees after their baby was found in a safe. fedup parents are taking action for their kids. cranky, anxious? a bit off? the culprit could be your home. >> it doesn't make me feel relaxed. >> now simple secrets to a
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happier home and what could spice up your love life. happy home, happy life.
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just ahead. new video of an elderly woman attacked inside of a church this disturbing scene unfolded as the 76-year-old walked into the parish. two suspects followed her inside. one stole her purse and the other punched her in the head and knocked her to the ground. rescued from a hotel safe but now missing. a baby from brooklyn along with its parents, and the family had been staying at a howard johnson in niagara falls, ontario. the parents alerted the hotel staff yesterday that their infant was locked in their room's safe. a maintenance worker freed the baby, but the parents took off before the police arrived. experts said the baby must have been place in the safe intentionally. >> there's no handle on the inside, as well as there's no marines of locking the safe from the inside. the only way you can lock the
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safe, someone has to enter the lock code in there. >> police say the family was driving a van with new jersey plates. a lawsuit has been filed against the new york city department of education over sweltering buses carrying disabled students, and parents and the public advocate filed the suit after multiple complaints to the d.o.e. and bus companies. 27,000 disabled students ride the buses through the summer. city code requires all buss have the air-conditioning turned on when it's warmer than 70 degrees outside, but not every bus is up to code. >> part of this is mechanical, and part of this is unfortunately just turning a blind eye. >> no kid should have to call 911 because their school bus is too hot. >> the department of education says 86% of the buss have ac, and they are working to get all in compliance. new tonight, feeling stressed and anxious at home? look around you. the reason may be on the walls.
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right in front of you. cbs 2's alice gainer with secrets to a happy home and a happy life. >> what is going to make you feel relaxed when you walk into your home? what makes you feel intense? >> reporter: according to robin wilson, the answer is the color of your walls, it can trigger all kinds of emotions. >> i get kind of sad to think that we had a year when we endured the mustard yellow. >> reporter: she is working with tranessa to banish that color, and beside sadness, yellow triggers frustration and anger. >> i don't think people understand the emotional impact color has on them. >> reporter: she saw it firsthand when her son asked for a red wall in his room. she knowed a disturbing change in his behavior. >> he was more reluctant to go into his room on his own. he didn't want to sleep in his bed. >> reporter: she paints this picture of red.
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>> when people walk into a fast food restaurant, it's red or yellow, and people don't realize the colors make them anxious. >> we are going for blue. he's rambunctious 7-year-old boy, and there's a beautiful blue color. >> reporter: the first priority for this homeowner was to get rid of the color saturated wallpaper. >> i felt anxious. the word is anxious. >> reporter: she is working with debora cling who suggested a clean light pallete for the feeling of calm. they will decide on the green to compliment the view outside. >> i do really like this color. >> green is is a great color to help with eye fatigue. blues and greens are calming. >> reporter: this psychologist says the study of color is is a mainstay in his procession. >> we can absolutely be living in a place adding to our being
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cranky, depressed, anxious, and not even know it. >> your home is your sanctuary. >> reporter: popular colors are soft blues for the bedroom, light yellow for the kitchen, and white is the in demand wall color of the home, and there's nearly 100 shades to choose from. kristine? >> time to do some redecorating. vanessa is in for lonnie quinn. will we see more rain coming tomorrow? >> absolutely. possibility tomorrow, and then a better bet on friday, throughout the day. the slow-moving storm system will cause problems for us, making your way thursday into friday, and more flash flooding is absolutely a possibility, and let's check with our weather watchers right now. at this point, what we expect through the overnight hours, the temperatures will not be cooling off much from where they are right now. temperatures for most of us, mid- to upper 70s, and christie says it's 79 in new york. long beach, 76.
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pleasant valley, 72 right now, and adam heater says it's 72 there. you can get the point, it's not just warm, but it's muggy, too. we look from high atop of the empire state building to show you this picture. mostly cloudy and 79. the heat index, feeling like 82 degrees, and it's 11:20 at night. feeling sticky and storm this evening. we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture, the good news after a soaking afternoon, we have one tiny shower, and it's continuing to peter out a bit. not a lot of activity right now, but tomorrow, we believe things will change. here's the situation. to the west right now a very slow-moving storm system, bringing with it a lot of moisture and still a relatively large amount of warmth, but it's going to be the moisture and the atmosphere that does it to us over the next few days.
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over the great lakes region, here's the cold front, slowly but surely making its way to the east. for the overnight hours, into the morning, yes, we could see isolated showers and thunderstorms, and it's similar to the trend into the afternoon, and that cold front really makes its approach friday morning, and here we are at 7:30, the drive time, and it is at this point in time, we could see big time isolated flash flooding, and as we head to noon, notice, the line has not moved over much as we continue through the day on friday. a slow-moving system, and we will definitely be on the lookout for more flash flooding. it's muggy and mild. 73 for the day tomorrow, and 83 degrees, and then mostly cloudy tomorrow, and showers and storms are possible, and isolated flooding possible. for friday, 81, mainly cloudy, foggy, and stormy. soaking rains expected. saturday into sunday, unfortunately the system lingers close but just off the shore. it's not days with drenching rains, but drier air for next week. >> thank you, vanessa.
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>> otis has a look at sports. >> kristine, always humble, and always confident. eli manning denying he wants to be the highest paid player in the nfl. greg bird earned his
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curtain call.
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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the mets are away tonight, and otis has sports. >> another one of the young guns was on the hill tonight. noah syndergaard down in baltimore. looking for the rare 2-game sweep over the orioles. tonight they had to wait until the 2nd game, daniel murphy clearing the big wall in right. syndergaard pitched in and out of trouble all night, and he finally got burned, that will tie it at 3, and then it's wilmer flores. it's time to go deep. the solo shot in the top of the 7th putting the mets back in front, but the lead was short lived, and you guessed it, another home run, this off the bat of adam jones, tied at 4, and it was another long ball that wins it. unfortunately not for the mets.
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henry's first major league home run, and the nationals lead the rockies, 3-1 in the 9th inning, and the the -- and the nationals are leading. last week's lose streak seems like such a thing of the past. they were looking for the 3- game sweep of the twins, and greg looks more and more like the big leaguer, crossing this off his bucket list. his first career home run, and that's into the upper deck. 2-0, yankees, and nathan is perfect for 5 1/3. the big blow, a 2 run, 2 out single courtesy of mauer. bird can cross another thing off his bucket list, his first multihomer game. that's worthy of his first ever curtain call or maybe we should call it a bird call. the yankees sweep the series increasing their lead to 2
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games over the blue jays who lost to the phillies tonight. when we return, we will check in on the new york quarterbacks, the jet and the
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giant. welcome back, everyone. a judge ordered tom brady and roger goodell to be in court on august 231st, if they have -- on august 31st if they have not reached a deal in brady's opposition against his punishment for deflategate. >> eli manning says the report that he wants to be the highest paid player in the nfl is inaccurate. the first he heard of it was from his father on tuesday. >> never came out of my mouth. never did my agent said it. don't know where the reports are coming from. >> that doesn't sound like him anyway. the jets picked up matt flynn to add him to the mix.
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he took a physical last week, signing a 1-year contract today, and he will presumably be insurance for ryan fitzpatrick. ready for takeoff friday night at 7:00. my one-on-one interview with the head coach and todd decker, and we will get you set for preseason game number 2. stay tuned. >> what kind of a mood was todd bowels in? >> handling it like a champ.
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thank you for joining us tonight. in one hour, the late late show with james corden. his guests include robin thicke.
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have a great night.


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