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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> former president jimmy carter shares his struggle for the first time since a cancer set back. >> the 90-year-old toll the nation this morning he will undergo radiation treatments starting today. we have more on carter's cancer fight. >> reporter: good afternoon. during the press conference just other an hour or so ago, carter was upbeat and said he had not been experiencing any pain just yet. and the president called his cancer a challenge that he's ready to take on. >> an mri showed that there was a cancer or a growth, a tumor on my liver. and they did a pet scan and that kind of lights up. >> reporter: former u.s. president jimmy carter spoke frankly about the cancer that has spread within his body. >> there were four spots on my brain. >> reporter: the 90-year-old revealed his health battle last week, saying it was discovered during liver surgery. and he told reporters he was
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surprisingly calm when he received the diagnosis. >> i've had an exciting and gratifying existence. so i was surprisingly at ease. much more so than my wife was. >> reporter: carter founded this center here in atlanta in 1982 to promote global human rights issues. supporters say his openness about the cancer is another way for the president to help others. >> hope for the best and accept what comes. >> reporter: president carter has a strong family history of cancer. he writes his father, brother and two sisters fried cancer. the former peanut farmer says he will see how the treatment goes and will cut back on activities as necessary. >> play on the teach sunday school this sunday and every sunday as long as i'm, you know, physically and mentally able. >> reporter: now carter is
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still undergoing test and will get a radiation treatment later today. and doctors have told him he will get the treatments every three weeks or so. if he's healthy enough, he may go to the nepal in november to help build homes. cbs 2 news. >> we wish him well. thank you. and now to a developing story, one of two men who escaped an upstate prison has just been arraigned on charges related to the escape. sweat and richard matt escaped from the clinton correctional facility on june 6th. officers shot and killed matt three days later. and 35-year-old sweat is already serving life without awe parole for the killing of a life without parole -- without parole for the killing of a sheriff's deputy. a woman was seriously
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burned. we are live in long island city this noon with more. >> reporter: about 6:00 last night, a woman who works across the street came out to get in her car and somebody yelled at her and that individual threw some is sort of chemical liquid into her face. she now has third degree facial burns. the suspect fled. the woman works across the street for the challenged. the people who run the place are not talking. but people who work around the area are alarmed. >> that is some sick stuff. but that almost sounds like maybe targeted. >> reporter: now the woman has told police she does not know her attacker. the attacker is described as a black male in mid-30s, medium build with dark shirt and shorts. the victim is listed in stable condition with third degree facial burns. >> thank you.
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new information. service has been restored after a train hit a car. and officials say the driver, a man in his late 80s was killed. he got on the tracks on the 1st street crossing and kept driving on the track for almost a mile. none of the passengerrers were injured. service was temporarily suspended during the investigation. and a woman was killed when she was hit by a bus. it happened on 57th street around 9:30. witnesses say the 69-year-old woman was crossing the street mid-block when the bus hit her. the nypd is turning to the public for help in identifying two men posing as police and robbing people on staten island. so far, investigators have connected them to three separate incidents. >> reporter: one of the hold- ups in this stop and shop parking lot, one suspect flashing a gun according to police and then steel stealing
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a 57-year-old woman's purse as she put her groceries in her car. >> there's no morality anymore. there's no law and order anymore. >> scary right here. i thought it was a safe area. >> reporter: investigators say it happened around 9:30 the night of july 12th at this plaza on highland boulevard. a good samaritan chased the suspect for two blocks on foot only to be confronted by an alleged aaccomplice. the accomplice pull up in the white chevy with a walkie talkie prethe ending to be under control and telling the good samaritan they had things under control. >> that's stupid. >> reporter: investigators say the pair was busier earlier in the day as well. around 2:00 a.m., the suspects follow 2 men in their 20s in the same white chevy on mid land avenue telling them,
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quote, police, get against the wall. robbing them of $300 cash. and after midnight on august 7th, investigators say they teamed up again. police say the suspects followed an 18-year-old who was walking outside of his bank, asked him for his id so when the teen went to pull his wallet, they swiped the $50 cash inside, handed him back the wallet and then took off. >> the cops do a good job on staten island. but you can't be everywhere all the time. >> reporter: police now hoping for the public's help in identifying the men before they can attack once more. cbs 2 news. >> police say the men were not wearing police uniforms and were not carrying weapons. in parts of new mexico njtv, yesterday's pow -- parts of new jersey, yesterday's powerful thunderstorms left behind major flooding and big repair bills. good afternoon. >> reporter: there is a big mess here. take a look at this gas station parking lot.
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this is just off of park avenue. and you can see workers out here using this heavy duty equipment to clean up the aftermath of the flooding. but this is nothing compared to the inside of the convenience store. the water damaged almost everything inside. and this is just one example of what we saw in town today. what looked like a river of water rushed through wednesday afternoon, leaving the area under several feets of water. >> i haven't seen anything like this in other 40 years. >> reporter: he took this video of the storm outside his home. it sat over this town for about three hours and the rain went right into his basement. >> the water kept coming and the rain wasn't stopping. >> reporter: he is spending his day airing it out. and he says several inches of water damaged everything in the corner. >> some furniture and computers and tools and stuff. >> reporter: these images show the severity of the flooding on route 22. the roadway was impassable.
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and some drivers had no choice but to abandon their cars. and many vehicles are still full of water. take a look, the owner still had gallons of water in the exhaust but he's glad it still runs. the water -- still runs. >> the water got up to the first step. >> reporter: the water in the basement of this business nearly reached the ceiling. >> it's just a total mess, chaos down there. >> reporter: and that means none of the equipment can be salvaged. >> just ruined. >> yeah, ruined. terrible. >> reporter: such a tough the situation for so many people who live around here. they tell us it could take days to clean up and some even say insurance won't cover the damage. we're live in new jersey this afternoon, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. still ahead, why making
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more money could be a hazard to your health. plus, a developing story out of the west. the race to contain wildfires ends in tragedy and the problem that's making matters worse. plus, what would you do if you saw this driver, a postal employee using his cellphone behind the wheel. and stepping up security, the changes that could affect your next movie experience. but first, here's john. we've got a front on the way so we are mindful of the possibilities. heavy rain tonight and tomorrow. we will talk about that and we have a hurricane to tell you about.
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traffic and weather coming up. a developing story on the wildfires out west. three firefighters 14 died after their vehicle crashed nearby one of the fires in washington state. the governor says at least four more are injured in a town that is about 200 miles northeast of seattle. the fire there has grown to about two square miles. the weather is not helping the fight. temperatures are expected to be over 90 degrees with very dry conditions through tomorrow. a cbs 2 exclusive. danger on the road. video shows a u.s. postal worker driving a tractor- trailer while apparently using his cellphone. we spoke with the man who
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recorded the incident. >> cause this guy is texting while driving a truck. >> reporter: this is what a driver saw during rush hour traffic monday morning on the northbound van wick expressway in jamaica queens. >> it doesn't appear that he has his head up. >> reporter: the driver didn't want to show his face but says the man driving the u.s. postal service tractor-trailer needs aa wake-up call. >> just looking into his phone like as if he just was looking at a video or something. >> reporter: in the video, you can see the driver staring intently at his cellphone. and the man says he knows he shouldn't have used his own phone while driving to record the incident but says he couldn't let the dangerous driver pass him by. >> it's not like he was driving a honda. he was driving a 53-foot trailer. even at 30 miles per hour, a smaller car is going to get crushed. >> reporter: a spokesperson with the u.s. postal person said in part, drivers of postal
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vehicles are expected to follow the traffic laws with no exception. safe driving is a requirement. this video appears to show unacceptable conduct. this man says he doesn't want the driver to lose his job but hopes the complaint leads to more driver training. >> an accident doesn't happen now but there's tomorrow and the next day. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the u.s. postal service didn't say if the driver in this case has been reprimanded or even identified but says this incident is under investigation. reporting in midtown man -- midtown manhattan, cbs 2 news. working overtime may be good for your wallet but what about your health? the door of a plane takes people on the ground by surprise. and some cloudy skies today but what about the weekend? john elliott is tracking some
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storms. the country's largest movie theater chain is stepping up security. they say they'll begin inspecting bags after two unrelated theater attacks this summer. a gunman killed two women and himself in louisiana. two weeks ago, a man attacked movie goers with pepper spray,
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a hatchet and a pellet gun near nashville, tennessee. he was killed by police. they have many theaters in the tristate area. working longer hours could improve your bottom line but may be dangerous to your health. the report looked at 25 studies and found that working 55 hours a week or more is link linked to a 33% greater risk of a stroke. and risk of heart disease rose by 13%. an act of nature caught on camera. a jet was struck by lightning during a powerful storm on tuesday. a passenger sitting on a plane at atlanta's hartsfield jackson airport captured the lightning strike. he says he did not notice it until he looked back at the video. the man was planning to send the video to his wife to show him what delayed his flight. the faa wants to know why an airplane door panel fell from the sky as a jet approached charlotte, north carolina's airport yesterday.
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the panel landed on a golf course. luckily no one was hurt. the american airlines jet originated in dallas. the door covered the services area. it purse about 15 inches by 16- inches and weighs just a few pounds. american says it did not cause a safety issue. >> that could have done the major damage. ask it's now time for the cbs 2 forecast from john elliott. no plane doors. >> i'll tell you, yesterday that one cell just sat there, 4 inches of rain. and then at the base of one of the areas there. good afternoon to you. let's see what the weather watchers are watching. they are sweating just like you. right now, let's see, we will check in with big ed, 86. 90 for about two minutes and he is waiting for the rain there. and a nice trip to the jersey shore. and she says here's a great way to beat the heat, enjoy the game.
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i hope she's watching now. it's going to be steamy for the yankees tonight. and then this final weather watcher, this guys, i used to like bruce adams because he is so reliable. 84 degrees in northport. but a recent picture, not from north port, low humidity and a new car for ed. thank you. yeah, dry in san francisco. we are dealing with high humidity values. you scan this city, and you see some blue overhead. some breaks in the gray. looks pretty. just those dew points are so high. so sticky. partly sunny, 86 degrees, winds southeast and 15 in the park 25- plus miles per hour winds at the airport at the airports. that's the engine. 82 in the hamptons. you throw in the dew point which is are in the upper 60s and low 70s. heat index values in excess of 90. 91, 92 on average.
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going for 88 today. warmer than we were yesterday. and warmer than we should be. and again, throw in the dew point and its warmer than that. sneaking away to beach, force the fluids and wear the sunscreen and take a buddy. and high rip current risk. moderate risk for the jersey shore. and don't forget your nose, i bet i don't need to tell you this, the pollen count has been high and relief tomorrow. and numbers are going to head back up as we work our way into the weekend. and in the city, the broken sky, we have some showers now and a little bit of heavier rain starting to fill in. and then look at this mess here, there's some training rain there in central pa. and that's why we're leaving the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast this afternoon. late tonight, in fact, after midnight, we see activity the city. and tomorrow morning's commute could be slow with rain. and then, we see a better exit, a quicker exit for this. and saturday and sunday
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actually starting to shape up. which is good news. could see some showers to the east. and the possibility of those slow-moving storms has us concerned about some flooding concerns. and to the beach this weekend, numbers will be cooler than they are right now. and still a shower chance for the mountains as well. and looking better in the mountains. and an update, danny now a hurricane at 57 miles per hour, moving west, northwest. and picked up a little forward speed now at 12 miles per hour. and our concern for you tonight, overnight into friday morning, periods of heavy rain. and be smart and remember, we will be on tomorrow morning to help you through it. >> all right. corn on the cob is a must- have at any summer barbecue. >> here's our tip of the day. >> reporter: one of the most popular crops in all of america is corn. we love it. and of course one of the best things to have in the summertime is corn on the cob right on the grill. but before we get to that, bring it back to the market and talk about selection.
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when you see the corn in the market, check that the husk is nice and tithe. and if you can, peel it back and make a small window. this is why you see the two different colors. and you see how the -- the kernals are in a straight line. use it as quickly as possible. the sugars are so sweet but they quickly the turn into starch and that's when you lose the sweetness. >> it's been delicious. >> a few days ago. the ice bucket challenge bringing real results. thousands of people did it including our own chris and mary and how their actions led to a major break through in the
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fight against als. here at humana, we value sticking with things.
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when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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coming up tonight at 5:00, they look like they're working on real patients but this is only practice. the state of the art training some local doctors are getting to improve patient safety. and at 6:00, preparing for the pope. a catholic school will play host to the pontiff. what they're doing to get ready for the visit. that and much more tonight on cbs 2 news at 5:00. the ice bucket challenge has paid off with a bit of a
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break through. more than 17 million people rose to the challenge last year, getting soaked for charity. our own chris and mary cooled off for the cause. the viral campaign raised more than $220 million to help fight als. researchers say the money funded vital studies at a critical time. and supporters plan to keep it going until the there's a cure. >> we wish there is one. and that is it for us at noon. thank you for joining us. >> cbs 2 news is back at 5:00. and we will see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great afternoon. look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out.
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