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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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on cbs2. breaking news in soho, gun shots at federal building ends with the death of a beloved security guard. family members overcome with grief as federal investigators try to determine what made a veteran snap. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. maurice is off tonight. the security glared was working overtime when he came face-to- face with a veteran who became a killer, and now four children are without their father. we have more coverage on the still-breaking story.
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tony aiell o is live on the scene at soho. >> the gunman apparently harbored a grudge against the federal government, sparking a massive police response to the federal building at varick and west houseton. >> reporter: a federal security officer who witnessed the killing of a colleague was escorted past the crime scene after the shocking end to a summer workweek. it happened just inside of this entrance on west houseton. the nypd says 68-year-old kevin downing entered the building with several guns hidden in a bag, and he shot and killed idrssa camara and then shot and killed himself. >> reporter: he was fired several years ago. >> we are at the early stages of this investigation and are working to establish his motive
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for coming here , if he had a motive beyond the security guard and everything else. >> camara was scheduled to complete his day at 4:00, but he agreed to stay on. landlords in the nearby buildings warned of possible danger. >> we were told to say in the building. >> it was scary. it was terrifying. >> reporter: margaret sovano says people ran for cover in the confusing moments after the gunfire. >> everyone ran out the window, and a family on the street, actually, ran into our office. >> reporter: at the lennox hill health complex, family members were strick within grief and heart ache. he was a father of four from the ivory coast. >> he's not here right now, but we pray for him right now. >> reporter: camara's union
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said in a statement that security officers around the city and country serve on the front line each and every day to keep us safe and secure. we are heart broken that one of our own has fallen. coworkers say he was a calm presence in a sometimes stressful job. he was a family man, and his months ago. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. from manhattan to the fort lee neighborhood to where the suspect, an army reserve veteran lived. dave carlin continues our team coverage with more on the man behind the gun. dave? >> reporter: kristine, just what made kevin downing snap? detectives are right now inside of his home to find the clues. this block of harvard place was taped off by police as s.w.a.t. team members moved in to secure
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the home of kevin downing and secure evidence. >> it's a shock. >> a quiet, nice gentleman. >> reporter: neighbors struggling to understand the violent final actions of the 68- year-old they knew as a polite real estate agent who lived all alone. >> his wife passed away a few years ago. >> reporter: real estate listings show downing bought the home in 1987, putting it on the market without success on several different occasions throughout the years, most recently 2013. now it's a home swarming with detectives and neighbors wanting answers. >> god only knows what happened in his life that pushed him to that point. >> reporter: cbs 2 learned that downing served in the military and was receiving veterans' benefits. there's troubling facts neighbors never knew. lawsuits say he was an economist for the department of lay box was fired and considered that retaliation for blowing the whistle on alleged
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corruption and public waste. a petition on spells out the allegations saying he believed the department of labor was in some way blocking him from getting other jobs. investigators tell me they plan to be here overnight. live in fort lee, new jersey, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> all right, dave, the building where the shooting happened houses several federal agencies, including regional department of labor offices including the department of occupational safety and post office with immigration court and immigration detention center. now to the major plunge for the dow. it was a staggering loss for the stock market this week. the nasdaq falling 171, and the dow jones down over 530 points. today's selloff was the biggest 2-day decline since the financial crisis of 2008.
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however, the bond market is up. what does this mean for your 401k? >> your bond position should be making money. your stocks make a little money, and overall, you should be okay, and again f you're a long-term investor, you have got to be prepared for these corrections. >> and the selling frenzy was fueled by growing concern over china's slowing economy, and it's also important to note the u.s. stocks are in the midst of the 6-year rally. two americans helped to stop an attack on a high speed train traveling from france today. the gunman opened fire as the train was headed from paris to amsterdam. the two americans were soldiers, and at least one of them was hurt. the gunman identified as 26- year-old moracan was taken into custody.
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senator nadler is the first lawmaker from new york to back the iran nuclear deal. we now know the cause of an school. the department of education is facing a big dilemma, where will they send students next >> reporter: blownout windows and entire walls on the side of the building gone at jfk high school on terrace avenue. >> it was like an earthquake. all ran. >> reporter: now we know what happened, contractors were installing a new gas line, doing construction in the science labs on the 6th floor. >> one of the workers lit a match to test the gas line. i don't pretend to be an expert, but i don't believe it was standard procedure. i believe it was a mistake. >> reporter: two workers are in
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serious condition, and one is critical. the school will not open in time for the september 9th start date. 3,000 students will need a temporary place to go. >> we will never allow students to go back into a building that is not foally safe. we are concentrating on fixing those three floors and investigating the cause of the issue. >> reporter: the mayor vows every student will be able to relocate for the time being, and they will start on time. as for the repairs to jfk, there's no timetable yet. alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> two charter high schools on the campus were supposed to start classes on monday, and they have found a temporary building to go to. the bacteria that causes legionnaires' was found in a building in yonkers. it was discovered after the mayor ordered all towers be cleaned following the outbreak in the bronx. the cooling tower at the school has since been cleaned and
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disinfected, and the city in the process of cleaning all city-owned towers, and legionnaires' disease has killed 12 and sickened over 100 other in the south bronx. the southbound new york state freeway has reopened after a deadly accident shut it down for nearly 9 hours two men were killed after a box truck and tractor trailer collided headon. police say the box truck driver lost control of his vehicle, and it jumped the divider, slamming into the truck. the crash backed up traffic for miles. and now to campaign 2016, and donald trump, the presidential candidate down south tonight for a rally at an alabama football stadium. before speaking, he did a flybuy in his jet there were 20,000 people at the rally. the largest rally yet of his presidential campaign. one topic he discussed, foreign policy.
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>> those 28,000 troops we have right now on the border between north korea and south korea, that's dangerous territory they are in harm's way, and we get nothing. we get nothing other than they are a good competitor. we lose a fortune with them. we lose a fortune with china. >> reporter: the organizers moved it from a civic senter that holds 2,000 people to the football stadium which seats 40,000. watch where you sit, the next time you ride the subway. the woman in this photo got so upset, she allegedly attacked a fellow rider. the question that set off the violent confrontation. a family in mourning, now trying to solve a mystery. a woman's body disappears for a funeral home before she is cremated. >> that just made me so fedup, and i had to say something. >> bullied for doing the weather while pregnant. a meteorologist sounds off against criticism and her response has a lot of people
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windows left shattered in a popular manhattan neighborhood, and someone fired air gun pellets and bbs on the stretch of 23rd street between 7th and 8th avenue last week. several stores and buildings were hit. >> i just heard the ping, like the glass just shattering. >> they shot four or five times. a hit here, ship here, ship here. >> police say the criminal mischief complaints have been filed, but so far no arrests have been made. police are searching for a woman with an apparent case of subway rage. police say this woman here, pushed, scratched, and by the a fellow subway rider who tried to sit in a seat that had the suspect's bag on it it happened last week on a manhattan-bound. if train. the attacker took off when the train stopped at 291st street station. the 45-year-old victim was
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treat the the mount sinai hospital. cbs 2 is demanding answers and getting action. earlier this week we showed you the long island railroad trains jammed with passengers. new restrictions on the l.i.r.r. took effect today after our exclusive video exposed the train. some passengers sat on the the aisles. our cameras captured less stress today with extra staff on hand to ease the crowding. a $25,000 reward is being offered to find a body stolen out of a casket. julie mont was in a funeral home in san antonio, texas. her body was stolen just hours after her funeral. there's no cameras in the funeral home out of the suspect of families, and they have motion detectors that were set her family is devastated. >> we just want our daughter's
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remains returned so we can have closure to our grief. >> she was scheduled to be cremated on monday. the funeral home director believes it could be a case of someone who preferred a more traditional burial. a new proposal on what to do about the topless painted women in times square. >> make it illegal for everyone, men and women to go shirtless in public. senator ruben diaz of the bronx says he will introduce legislation to prohibit toplessness in all public places except beaches including anyone exercising or sunbathing. mayor de blasio has developed a group to address the issue. a meteorologist is at the sent of a cyber bullying nightmare. katie falinger is pregnant with twins, and she is getting
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negative attention on social media, and as emily smith shows us, she is fighting back. >> reporter: katie is is a meteorologist at cbs in twin girls. at 9 months pregnant, she's still working, but she's being distracted from the glow of carrying her first children because she has been cyber bullying. >> it's something i've personally struggled with, letting the comments roll off my back. >> reporter: i hope the viewers this again. take a leaf of absence. we don't need to know. other comments include calling her a sausage in casing, and another saying sticking your pregnant abdomen out like that is disgusting. that's where she drew the line, deciding to address the haters. >> i just had this click, it was a moment of clarity, and i was like you know what? i'm so fed up, and i had to say something. >> reporter: we spoke with new moms at postnatal pilates class about their own experiences.
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>> i was 7 months pregnant, and someone came to me and said oh, wow, you have gained so much weight, and i was like, um, i'm 7 months pregnant, so -- >> at the nail salon they always asked if i was having twins. people at work new better. >> reporter: we spoke to a body image expert who applauds her for speaking out saying it's the best thing she could have done. >> hopefully we are moving away from that now and we are having a better conversation with the help of media online, and it's is going on. >> reporter: she suggested stretch marks nausea, extra pounds, and dark circles are the badges of motherhood, ending with the lesson our own moms taught us, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> katie is receiving a lot of support now by the way. in ohio a public art installation made a daring camera.
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you have to see this. a giant 250-pound red ball started to roll down the street in toledo, and it even rolled over parked cars. the ball is part of an exhibition at a toledo museum of art, made from the material of a rubber life raft. it was wedged between two buildings when strong winds and a storm knocked it loose. thankfully no one was hurt, but it was quite the scene. now to the forecast. vanessa murdock is in for lonnie quin. >> it makes me smile to see the big, red ball. >> we can enjoy it. >> it's looking decent, the first half of your weekend. second half more wet weather is anticipated. i would say if you're going to hit the beach, tomorrow is the better day to do so. our weather watchers now, let's see what is happening temperaturewise across the region. 76 right now in islip.
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70 in spring valley, and although right now we are down to 57 degrees in narrowsburg, new york. and north and west, it's closer to 70. live outside, it's high atop the empire state building. mainly clear skies, 77. northeast winds at 8. relative humidity, 42%. we are seeing what could become a tropical system. there's a 20% chance of becoming tropical over the next 48 hours or so. it could throw rain in our direction as we make our way into sunday. out there right now, things are looking good, and it's into the overnight hours, and for the rest of us, west to northwest of the city, skies are clear. here's the cold front that brought rain mid-night last night all the way through this evening and may continue to do
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so for the east of end long island. hour-by-hour, things are looking decent, tomorrow morning, more clouds east of the city, clear skies northwest and south. as we go to the afternoon hours, and there's still a chance across the twin forks of long island. note the clouds moving back in east to west, and the showers follow. the showers a better bet for all of us making our way through sunday, and we will have low humidity, and temperatures will be in the mid- 80s, and a lot of sun, especially for the city, points west and north and south. to the east, a chance of showers. sunday is 8h expecting more clouds out there with the better bet of showers and possibly thunderstorms for everybody. monday, lingering wet weather, and for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday, clear skies, and comfortable conditions with low humidity and high in the low 80s. >> steve overmyer is here with sports. >> kristine, one met had a night to remember.
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leonard williams had his welcome to the nfl moment in a big way. the story of tonight's jets' game is next. go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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steve overmyer is here with the updates.
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o'cities was -- otis was at the game. but as you pointed out, it doesn't out. >> reporter: the jets are okay at every position except one, the most important one. account jets figure out how to win with the quarterback, ryan fitzpatrick, getting a lot more reps, he moved the ball, using accurate. 13 for 19. no downfield throws, no touchdowns, and no interceptions, and if they are looking for a manager, he fits. chris ivory has underrate the speed, and it's a 33 touchdown. the preseason is really about identifying talent, and they have got the potential starter with leonard williams. he finishes with the safety, two sacks, three tackles behind the line of scrimmage, don't
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buy the 62 jersey. he says he will change once they break camp. here's otis on the sidelines. >> one minute you're with geno smith. how is the transition going? >> it's coming along. it is always a work in progress. i think it's knowing the offense from before with chan, and it gives them a big boost. >> metlife stadium will certainly be pull of giants' fans tomorrow night, and they will play it against jacksonville. >> the mets started a series where the air is thin and the runs are plentiful.
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all right, the yankees no longer have a strangle hold on the al east it will be tight the whole way that i need to win everything they can here especially against teams like the cleveland indians. tanaka not getting help from his defense here. tied game in the 5th. should have been the inning- ending groundout, but a run comes out to score. the indians are up 2-1. next inning, tanaka can only blame himself on this one.
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santana with the solo shot. 3 runs, 3 earns over 6 ins, shutting the lead to 1, and justin williams could not keep it close. that's a double, 7-3, and there's your final. the yankees' lead is down to a game. toronto is still playing out west. no ballpark in baseball gives up more runs than coors field. the air is so thin, normal flyouts have a good chance of being home runs. when the mets acquired johan. no one dreamed of his game like this. a grand slam, and the mets are up 7-1, and he was just heating up. 2 innings later, that's his second of the game. the solo shot making it 8-4. this is coors field, no lead is safe, right? >> colon was hit in the arm when he was batting, and he stays in the game, and he ends
11:31 pm
up giving up 7 runs over 3 2/3. the lead is not for long. that's his third of the game. the 2-run shot, and the mets up 10-8, the third time this season that's 3 runs in 1 game. the mets right now leading this 12-9 in the 8th inning, and they will not lose ground on the nationals. they lost to the brewers tonight. congrats to matt fiers who scorches the dodgers with a no hitter. >> amazingly this is the first time he has ever pitched into the 9th inning, a no-hitter this is what we love about sports. every single night you can see something special about this. history is made. >> quite the feat! thank you, steve.
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we will be right back. wi b cacy o,oernen e uscabeli a aon. on fs s 0 gwnadpes,it eql lo sed soouanpld urfari veoupo faerhacae. anwi t fs bi a,yocavi yr teaien atom oonheo. buthma rsotoetoswee tenuer inusmesasfti.y osulmaly th'shy rit w,et0 g osteettv pnefoju $.9a nt guanedorwoea.oroue urpes 1 m foju $ me 8 g fs gonne geouofheas g fs.
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