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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  August 23, 2015 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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it was a multi-vehicle crash in the bronx. a man tied up in his home. what he is saying about the tearyfying ordeal. >> a queens' woman with a chemical attack. cbs2 sunday morning continues right now. live from studio 46, this is cbs 2 news this morning. good morning. it is 7:00 a.m. 2015. i'm alex denis in for diane. >> nice to have you with us again alex. here is vanessa murdock tracking the forecast for us. >> good morning. big changes over yesterday. more clouds already. a little more humid and today there is a chance for showers for all of us, but it won't bow a washout. i think overall it will be a pretty decent day. let's take a look.
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72 in the city. 57 franklin. i hope you're having a great start so far. on the vortex satellite and radar picture, we have more clouds than yesterday. mostly cloudy for most of us, but the more north of the city you live, the more west, clearer skies. sunday planner looks like this, the humidity will have a slight chance. 73 feels like 74. mostly cloudy. we might have a few showers. by 3:00 83 is our high but it feels more like 85. skies mostly cloudy and at that time there is a chance for all of us to have wet weather falling and by this evening 76 feels like 80 and mostly cloudy. still possibly a few stray showers out there. no the a washout today. certainly not a terrible way to end the weekendnt i'll have
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your full forecast coming up and we'll talk about the pristine weather. the nypd released a sketch of a man wanted that left a woman badly burnednt they say he threw chemicals on her face and took off. here is more with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning alex. the attack happened right outside of this building on skillman avenue and police say they have a better idea of who is responsible. take a look at this picture, a sketch from police. they say the suspect is a man in his 30s and they have been trying to find him since the alleged crime on wednesday. police tell us the victim is 59- year-old alexandria dyer. she helps people with mental and physical disabilities. she was walking to her car and a man came up from behind and said can i ask you a question? when she turned around, he allegedly threw a cup of
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chemicals in her face, a substance similar to draino. she started screaming and someone nearby called 911. she was rushed to the hospital with severe burns. this is what her boyfriend toll us about her condition. >> very bad. she can't open her eyes. in two or three weeks, maybe and operate the face. >> reporter: the victim has been released from the hospital, but she could have a long road to recovery. again, police say this man is behind the crime and they need your help tracking him down. police say the victim did not know the attacker. we're in long island city this morning. thank you. new this morning, seven people are injured in a multiple-vehicle pileup on i-95 in the bronx. morning. it involved two box trucks and a van. police say four people in the van were ejected but all the victims are expected to be okay.
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the driver of one of the box trucks was taken into custody for not having a valid i lense. no word on what caused the crash. new information the city's health department is investigating at least three rockaway. and they are asking anyone who is sick to stay home while still infectious. it is contagious. symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches, loss of appetite and swollen planneds. there were 120 cases city wide last year. a 76-year-old keeps' man is recovering after getting batternd and tied up yesterday morning. he said a masked man came into his home through an upstairs window. he says the gunman let two accomplices in through the front door and began beating him asking for money. >> he started punching and hit me once here with the gun and then he punched me on this side. what am i going to do, a 76- year-old man, he is 30 maybe.
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>> reporter: they left him tied up after making off with his wallet, $25 in cash and a television and other items. he has a black eye as you can see and a fractured nose. he said he will now install security bars on all of his >> >> well, a daring stunt ended uk. they watched as a pilot pulled his jet up towards the clouds as he was doing a loop maneuver. it was a success but it started to barrel down to the ground. quick enough. >> i just thought you're too pull up. ground. the pilot survived although he local hospital. new information in connection with the
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disappearance of rosie o'donnell's daughter. police arrested the owner of the home where they found the 17-year-old earlier this week. steven shearer now faces child endangerment charges. prosecutors declined to identify the victim but a spokesperson said it does involve her daughter. there is a new push from the anti abortion movement to try to defund planned parenthood. protests were held across the country. there were some counter protests like here outside of detroit. it is in response to a series of the undercover videos by an anti abortion activist and they claim they are selling fetal tissue to researchers. planned parenthood deny that. two women tied the knot yesterday. it took the couple four years of fighting to make it down the aislend a they were all smiles when they did.
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in 2012 the couple sued the state of michigan for not letting them legally adopt each other's children as a same-sex couple. that grew to litigation and the sweeping ruling in june that helped same-sex marriage across the country. >> they are such dynamic people, such positive people that just they continue to do what they are doing and make a difference in everybody's life. >> [applause] >> about 300 people including the couple's lawyers who served as their witnesses attended the ceremony. memorials were held across the country for julian bond as many regard as a trail blaze there for the african-american community. while his ashes were spread across the gulf of mexico yesterday, many of his contemporaries spoke including dr. martin luther king, iii.
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he started the center and was the board of the naacp for 11 years. andrew young says his death does not end his spirit. >> his spirit of humor, of dedication, and commitment to make the world a better place remains with everybody who knew him. hundreds of people also put flowers in the waters of virginia yesterday to remember bond. he died on august 15th from complications from vascular disease and he was 75 years old. coming up a warning for parents. the new kind of mutant lice that may be tougher to get rid of. >> governor christie ripped by activists on the campaign trail. how he responded when they stormed his stage. first a look at the forecast. >> it is a different day than yesterday, but not a bad day by any stretch. i'll have details on what you can expect to end the weekend
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d nice live shot out there on this sunday morning august 23rd. 7-eleven, 72 degrees. we'll have the full forecast for the second half of the weekend coming up. new this morning, police are investigating an overnight shooting in bush wick brook charged. shortly before 3:00 this morning, a 17-year-old was shot four times in the torso. he was brought to the hospital where he is in critical condition. no word yet on any arrests. a commuter alert fort george washington bridge
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beginning on monday the lower level eastbound lanes heading into the city will close overnight. the lanes will closed-head injury from 9: close. the port authority says workers will remove temporary construction work that will affect your morning ride. i'll be watching it for you. >> campaign 2016 demonstrators stormed the stage and interrupted chris christie as he was speaking in iowa. three animal rights activists protesting the use of hog crates jumped into his speech. he vetoed a new jersey bill that would have prohibited the crates that some consider in humane. he quickly brushed them off and they were dragged off the stagement >> let me be complier about that the when something like that happens and i'm here in iowa, man, i feel right at home. [applause] after, he said he thinks
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farm ers not the government know what is best for their livestock. >> >> imagine thugs blasting into your home when you try to sleep. their complaints have fallen to deaf ears. she is calling for answers. >> reporter: sunday afternoon in prospect park, drum ers grow and he plays drums here every weekend and he is far from alone. >> 400 come out every sunday. >> reporter: the permit says they have to stop by 7:00 and cleared by 8:00 p.m. but neighbors say that is not happening. they are still going strong around 9:30 sunday night. >> that is a carnival setting, not a residential setting. >> they have drums and tampa roons. >> it is nice, but there should be a limit to it. >> they are there until 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1 in the morning.
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there are no consequences. >> this mother of a three-year- old fearing retaliation asked not to be identified. over the last two years she filed multiple drumming complaints with 311, the police and parks department but nothing has been done. this is cell phone video from inside her apartment with the windows closed. >> it is as if i have an entire apartment filled with drummers. >> just so you have an idea how close they are to the drummers, make your way through the trees and it is right here. >> i'm not here to stop the drummer sickle on sunday. not at all. i would love to have some >> some knuckle heads don't want to listen to the rules. complaint. they are investigating along with the prospect park alliance, the 78th precinct and more.
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will post signs there stating allowed. lighter winds gave firefighters a chance to attack the flames yesterday as deadly wildfires spread through six western states. it spread to 355 quer miles growing more than 100 square miles since friday. three firefighters died this week. another four were injured. time now is 7:15. time to get back over to vanessa murdock who is watching the forecast for the second half of our weekend. >> it is looking very beautiful out there right now, just not those clear skies of yesterday morgue. we have a chance for showers, but it won't be a washout. i think it is going to be a pretty decent end to the weekend. let's go ahead and take you live outside and show you this picture. as we look across the skyline, you can see mostly cloudy skies. 72degrees. northeast winds at 6 miles per
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hour on the hour on the >> your weather headlines, a few showers today. the best chance is east of the city, but it won't be a wash shut. overall you'll be pleased by the end of the day. today's high 83 degrees. normal high is 82 so close to where we should be. sunrise was at 6:14. sunset is at 7:43. we're steadily losing daylight. summer is not ending anytime soon per se but certainly we're getting closer to the back end of the summer season of the >> right now there are clouds overhead but thankfully, no showers as of yet. as we go to the mid morning hours, that is when it becomes more likely showers east of the city and by afternoon they will spread to the west. why the chance for showers? why the clouds? we have the stationary from the here hanging out. that combined with low pressure that is retrograding moving closer to us creates this
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chance for showers today. just be coming more unstable as the day progresses but certainly not a washout. here we go hour by hour. we do expect more sunshine to the southwest of the city. more sun shines to the north, but into the afternoon the clouds try to spread more across the region. 6:00 this evening, some isolated shower activity for us. again not a washout. overnight, that chance for showers continues but at that point it is east of the city and through the day tomorrow for at least the first portion of the day, showers are possible mainly east. this is out ahead of a cold front that is approaching. late monday, showers possible again. they will linger into tuesday. lovely. today 78 to 82. if you're going to the beach, there is a slight chance of showers, but the lightning risk is low for today. winds will become more south
7:18 am
easterly this afternoon 5 to 15. water temperature 70 to 78 degrees. rip current risk moderate. uv index at 5. mountain forecast 76 to 80 degrees and partly sunny skies. slight chance of a shower. for today passing shower possible, yes. more humid. feeling pretty decent out there though. 83 will be the high. winds will become southeasterly at 5 to 10. overnight mostly cloudy. 60s north and west. then tomorrow still a chance for showers getting much more mug di to start the workweek with a high of 86. we'll feel like 88, 89. now your extended forecast. for tuesday, 85 degrees, showers and maybe thunderstorms possible, but the cold front crossing. after that high pressure settles in and we'll return to a forecast, so many have been hoping for after yesterday.
7:19 am
mid-80s sunshine and low humidity. in fact, that forecast looking almost like a carbon copy of yesterday. >> yesterday felt like september. >> i was going to say fall- like. >> it was 86 and very warm but the air was so dry that it felt comfortable. >> exactly. iferth is a breeze and you're in the shade, it felt very refreshing. >> you need a sweater if you're me. >> thank you of the >> well, some times money does grow on trees or at least hides in then. in california hundreds of people gathered in a sacramento park looking high and low for hidden cash. this happened friday. businessman hid money in plastic containers sending park hunt. >> it is a cash cow. >> it rubbed off on many who found the hidden cash. one vowed to match her find and donate the amount to charity
7:20 am
and others said she would buy someone a meal with her cash. >> i love to hear that people say they are not going to keep it. that is heartwarming. >> very unselfish. felt like deja vu for the mets against. bats were on fire. top of the third. game tied at 3. and juan breaks it with a solo shot to the right and then the hits keep on coming. he scored two more runs. they win by the exact 14-9 score for the second day in a row. >> here is steve overmyer with your sports update. today the yankees will be retiring andy pet tich's number. yesterday it was another member of the core four. he was presented with a placque at monument park. as for the game, the yankees came out swinging against the indians.
7:21 am
top of the first, one on for brett gardner. a couple batters later mccann's turn to go yard and just a solo shot. the yankee's catcher said he always looked up to him so what away to a tribute. 3-1 in the first. he hadn't gotten a lot of run support. the 21-year-old did give up a first inning homer but not another one. he earns his first major league victory 6-2 the final. >> >> one thing we know about the giants this year, they will be able to score in the offensive side and given the injuries to the defense, they better. this week they e spent time working on their vertical passing game. beckham jr. was working on those one-handed grabs during warm ups. he has this down pat. maybe he better work on the two- handed grabs. here is vertical attack here. nice throw. a completion down to the four
7:22 am
hold onto it. the first string offense fails to get in the end zone for the second straight week and beckham still held without a catch in this. they have injuries. seven injuries coming in. two more last night. safety bennett jackson goes down with a knee sprain. justin curry with a broken ankle and linebacker suffering a concussion. and john beeson leaving with a knee sprain. the giants with a costly victory over the jags 22-12. overmyer.
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have a good weekend. love it or hate it, there is no denying that block cly is god for you. >> the tip of the day. >> i want to talk about one of
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the most loved and hated vegetables out there and that is broccoli. the way i see it, if you can prepare it right, and pick it right, you have a much better chance of loving in the. when you see broccoli in the store, first check the crowns. they should be nice and green. avoid really any yellowing what so also look at the stalk. a smaller to people yum stalk will have a better sweetness. now when you bring it home, store in the in the refrigerator. when it comes to cooking it, if you blanche it quickly before you sauti a roast it will go a long way. it only takes 30 seconds to a minute and i promise you, you will love it a lot more. it is a superfood so make sure you eat as much as you can while still fresh in the market. my sister loves broccoli. i give mine to her. you can eat it. >> maybe with this tip you'll pick it up. >> exactly.
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>> time is 7:25. this is cbs 2 news sunday morgue. a growing concern for parents a week before the start of school. >> the lice the tha may be hard to get rid of coming up. plus this. >> police need your help finding the man who allegedly threw chemicals on a woman's face and leaving her badly burnedn't they will show you
7:27 am
7:28 am
who they are looking for. a queens' woman recovering after she is burned with acid- like chemicals. the new clue police release to hope to find her attacker. a an elderly man beaten and tied up. he is speaking up. injured passengers rushed to the hospital.
7:29 am
all of this after a bad crash in the bronx this morning. cbs2 sunday morning continues right now. good morning. it is just coming up on 7:30 on this sunday, august 23rd, 2015. i'm andrea grymes. >> i'm alex denis. first vanessa murdock has a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. it is going to be a decent end to your weekend, just not as perfect as yesterday. temperatures are warming up nicely now that the sun is up. i think overall it is not going to be a bad way to end the weekend. let's take a look at the temperatures. 72 in the city. 62 now in spring lake. so cool crisp start. stanford at 68. on the shore text satellite and radar picture, it is
7:30 am
challenging to see, but mostly cloudy in the city and by later this afternoon, a chance for showers for all of us, but not a washout. the best bet for wet weather will be east of the city. 73 is feeling like 74. skies mostly cloudy. by noon 79 feeling like 80. at that point likely showers east of the city. 83 is the high for the day. it will feel like 85. most of us will deal with stray showers. tonight mostly cloudy and feeling like 80. if you recall yesterday, the air was incredibly dry. today we have rising dewpoints but it is not going to feel incredibly uncomfortable, just noticeable. if you're heading to the beach, 78 to 82 along the coastlines and a chance for shower but the lightning risk is low.
7:31 am
water temperature 70 to 78 degrees with a moderate risk of rip currents today and uv index of 5, that is a burn time of about 30 minutes. we'll talk back to beautiful coming up. back to you. >> vanessa, thank you. >> another plea for help to find a man behind a frightening attack in long island city. >> he threw chemicals on a woman's face leaving her badly burned. here is more live with the new details. >> reporter: police need to track down the suspect linked to the attack outside this office building and they want you to see this new picture. take a look. this is a sketch of the man who they are looking for. he is in his 30s and his alleged crime happened on skimman avenue. she works in that office building helping the mentally disabled. around 5:00 that night the suspect approached her from behind and asked her a question, but when she turned
7:32 am
around he threw a cup of chemicals in her face and took off. it was similar to draino. she was rushed to the hospital with severe burns and she is now recovering at home. her boyfriend talked to us about her injuries. >> reporter: very bad. she burned too much. she maybe in two, three weeks she will do good, but they have to operate the eyes and operate the face. >> reporter: dyer could have a long road to recovery but police want you to look at the sketch of her alleged attacker. she doesn't know who he is, but if you know who he is or know where he could be, police want you to call them right away. thank you. a 76-year-old queens' man
7:33 am
is recovering after a brutal home invasion. he says a masked gunman came into his home through an upstairs window and then let two accomplices in through the front door and they beat him asking for money. >> he started punching and hit me once with the gun and then punched me. what am i going to do, a 76- year-old man, he was about 30. they left him tied up after taking off with his wallet, $25 in cash and at v and other items. he was able to get aid. he has a black eye and a fractured nose. he said he will now install security bars on all his windows of the >> they are investigating at least three cases of the mumps in far rockaway. anyone who is sick should stay home.
7:34 am
the mumps is caused by a virus and symptoms include fever, head take, swollen glands. last years. were injured after a multiple- vehicle pileup in the bronx around 1:00 this morning near connor street and east chester. van four people in the van were ejected but all the victims are expected to be okay. the drive ore driver of one of the box trucks was taken into custody because of not a valid license. no word on what caused it. police are investigating an overnight shooting. they said shortly before 3:00 a.m., a 17-year-old was shot four times in the torso and brought to king county hospital where he is in critical condition. no word on any arrests. it could be a lousy start to the school year for some children. mutant head lice are resistant
7:35 am
to the most common treatments. >> parents fear any lice outbreaks will quickly get out of control. here is more. >> reporter: ask almost any kid and they can tell yeah about head lice. >> this bug gets in your hair and it is like a disease sort of. >> reporter: now as kids get ready for school, lice are becoming resistant to the over the counter treatment parents have relied on for years. >> another thing we'll have to deal with. >> it is like antibiotics, they are be coming resistant when you overuse them. >> reporter: they studied 109 lice populations from 30 states. 95% found it may take more treatment and you have to be more veg gent to get rid of it. if we stop using the product for awhile and look for more natural products or switch,
7:36 am
that resistance may wear off. >> these mutant lice may be resistant to common chemicals but there are still a number of oils effective in killing them. >> studies have shown that rosemary, tea tree, lavender oils can help repel lice. >> she has a lice survival kit. even mutant lice are no match for her oils. she says it helps. >> doctor day says prescription strength medications are effective against them, but you should try over the counter remedies first. if you want to avoid chemicals, a daily coating of coconut or olive oil for two weeks. doctors say lice prevention is eitherrier than any treatment so make sure your child never shares their comb, brush, hat or scarf with anyone, not even a sibling and
7:37 am
you may want to consider washing their hair less frequently because lice cannot cling to that hair. a new york kerr a new yorker on the journey to walk. >> today is not a bad day to go out there and walk. we have showers it forecast. it won't be a washout. i'll have the full forecast coming up, but rain or scientists, you can have the forecast any time with the new york weather app. crew can check live radar and send pictures and video. it is free in the itunes store.
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good sunday morning. the time now is 7:40. 72degrees outside. it was beautiful yesterday. well, that weather continue? vanessa will have your forecast coming up. although we may not want to face it, tomorrow is monday and for many of us the start of a new workweek or maybe a continuation of the workweek. >> or my friday today. john is on the move to find out about the craziest things you have seen happen at the office. >> i'm an engineering the one day a cockroach fell on my
7:41 am
back. >> it was senior prank day. every senior walked out of the down the line. everyone was screaming and it was a total wall street situation. >> have had a child maybe stand on top of their desk and started dancing. dancing. what happens? >> the whole entire ship rocks and everybody falls. >> what is he dancing to? >> he was doing the doug gi. math lesson. >> no e. >> imagine your feet falling from underneath you. >> what do people do? >> they throw up and get sick. >> how many cockroaches? >> quite a few, maybe seven, brushed them off my back. >> they curse and throw the phone up in the air and hit
7:42 am
garbagen cans across the room. >> instead of causing addition runs, i just -- did the dougie. john moan tone 10-10 wins. a 200 student congo line. >> yes. it was awesome. >> >> i've only you could see vanessa during that congo line out of the camera view. let's check in with her for july 26th, 2015's forecast. moves? >> no. the channel. things are looking good so far, midst today. more likely this afternoon. at this time here is our weather watch ers. we have had crisp morning lows out there. starting off in the 50s. let's check in. holly says it is 63 there. mostly cloudy skies. she sends us this comment. a cool and calm morning.
7:43 am
the same. i hope it is very calm and relaxing. just a beautiful picture she shared from yesterday. how about that, all those boats at point pleasant beach today. i suspect many will be at the beach today, but don't expect as much sun and expect the chance for some showers. it will feel a little more sticky out there with winds be coming more south easterly by the afternoonn't outside right now, from high atop the empire state building, mostly cloudy and 72. northeast winds at 6 miles per hour. a few passing showers today, yes, but by no means a washout. similar story tomorrow. tomorrow look like wet weather east of the city during the day. then your mid-city forecast back to beautiful. i'm looking forward to wednesday through saturday. we're talking about setting a new record we did this a couple days ago, but 44 straight days so
7:44 am
far at 80 or above and we are still counting. i think we're going to make it to 50 straight days. we set a new record when we reached the 43rd day. today i think we make it 45. the last time in the 70s or below was july 9th. it was 79 degrees. what is going to happen? we'll see even more clouds this afternoon and we'll see specifics of green overhead as showers start to form through the mid morning and afternoon hughes. here is why. we have a stationary from the just off the coast. we have an area of low pressure that is swinging back in and a round toward us. it will force in stability overhead and a chance for showers. >> tuesday a cold front crossing that will bring another chance. today a few showers, not a washout. i think overall an okay end to the day. tomorrow, it will start feeling even more muggy. today a little bit of an increase in a mount of moisture in the atmosphere.
7:45 am
tomorrow it is feeling sticky out there. then into tuesday, this cold from the will cross. we'll have showers and skies will clear out late in the day and high pressure with much drier air again. midweek forecast to the end of week looks like a carbon copy of yesterday. >> a few days in between now and then. today a little more sticky. 76 to 80. beach forecast 78 to 80 degrees. about 5 to 15. your ocean temperature 70 to 78 degrees. the lightning risk for july 26th, 2015 for to day is low. >> 83 in the city. one degree above the northerly. passing shower is possible. getting a little more humid. through the overnight hours, cloudy. still showers possible mainly
7:46 am
east of the city. 70s. tomorrow 86 degrees. still a chance for showers and muggy to start your workweek. for tuesday, still a chance tor showers, maybe a thunderstorm clearing. 85 for the high on tuesday. west nile virus, thursday and friday and saturday, the forecast is similar. lots of sunshine, highs in the mid-80s and low humidity. again, almost a carbon copy of what we enjoyed yesterday and what so many were pleading for again today. >> a little bit off today. >> is it too late to request off for the rest of that week? >> i don't have a right to approve vacation time, but it is worth a shot. all the people off this week, this is a good week. >> yes. >> starting wednesday, take along weekend. >> thanks. well eight young winners of a special lottery are gearing up for a meeting of a lifetime among 24 students from catholic
7:47 am
schools selected to meet pope francis. hay smell sanchez has more from east harlem. >> i feel really excited. butterflies were in my stomach flying around. >> reporter: she may only be eight but she is about to do something many catholics could only dream of doing in their entire lifetime. she is going to meet pope francis. >> i pray to god and said thank you forgiving me this kind of opportunity. >> reporter: she is among 24, third and fourth grade ers from her school and three other catholic schools who will sit down and speak with him when he visits the school on east 112th street at the end of september. >> i feel very excited because he is the head of all catholic churches. >> it is incredible because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> it is the pope. he is very high. >> what did i get myself into?
7:48 am
>> reporter: noah and the other students will sing and pray with the pope and share their school projects, showcasing how catholic education putting their faith in action. the kids say they have some questions port pope, too. >> how does it feel to be so much famous and how does it feel to be like the pope? and like what channels do you watch on tv? >> principal joanne walsh said this will be a sacred moment for the children and her. >> i get the opportunity to thank him first of all and then to assure him that god's work is being done. >> i would share that i have an amazing family and that god is always going to be in my heart and i love him so much. >> that is so precious. pope francis will be in new york september 24th through the 26th. he will address the assembly
7:49 am
museum. on cbs 2. >> and those children are so well-spoken and they understand who this is. >> their parents must be so proud and excited for them. , the bats were on fire. top of the third. game tied at 3 and juan breaks right. the hits keep oncoming. in the third, jonathan, laces scoring two more runs. they win by the exact same 14-9 row. >> now, here is steve. i got into that. >> [ laughter ] >> good job alex. >> here is our sports update. a man with numerous big moments for the yankees, but the one that set the tone for his career was may of 1998. game.
7:50 am
afterwards wells said not once did he shake off his sign. that is respect. >> he gets a chance to hear the chances one more time at yankee stadium. the rest of the core four were there including derek jeter. pa sat ta played his entire career with the yankees winning four world series and going to five all-star games. that 20 will never be worn by a yankee again. >> i can honestly tell you this is one of the happiest days of my life, having a plaque in the park and number 20 retired is an honor and a dream come true. in my life and career, the most comfortable place for me was always behind the plate on yankee stadium. as for the game, the yankees come out swinging against the indians. one on four brett garner.
7:51 am
that is a vintage home run. they have a 2-1 lead. then mccann gets his shot. the yankees' catcher says he has always looked up to him. what better way to pay tribute to him. >> he has not gotten run support in his short career here. 21-year-old gave up a first inning homer and then six strikeouts, three hits, the first major league victory. 6-2 the final there. now to the nfl. one thing we know about the giants this year, they will be able to score and given the they better. this week they spent a lot if 0 time on their vertical passing attack. let's see if it paid off. odom beckham jr., we know he knows how to catch a ball with one hand. he has that down pat but maybe handed grabs.
7:52 am
first quarter, beautiful throw by eli manning. a completion down, but it was not. he fails to get into the end zone for the second straight week and beckham again, no catches. they continue to get hammered with injuries especially in the secondary. seven injuries coming in, two more last night. bennett jackson goes down. justin kerr with with a broken aging. he has a concussion and john be san leaving wilt a knee strain. a costly victory for the giants who beat the jags 22-12. i'm steve overmyer have a great day. it ilike having a dunk' store in my home which is what i've always dreamed of. bring home delicious dunkin' k-cup packs today. your coffee, your dunkin'.
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this morning's living large, we go inside a 12,000 scare foot home that is four stories tall. >> there are many amen dis from top to bottom. emily smith reports from garden city. >> reporter: it is a home called high on the hill in a prestigious area of long island. >> hi i'm emily. >> i'm from remax beyond. >> reporter: the entry foyer has a marble ma deal yen and plaster walls. >> you walk into the living room here which is set as a parlor. you have 30-foot ceilings here.
7:56 am
>> reporter: it has a gold leaf finish and mahogany. >> it was built in 2008 and it was built custom. >> a grand formal dining room with a gold leaf and multiple the floors all oak. gourmet chef's kitchen. >> we have a six burn ner stove and double oven there and another double oven. it is great for entertaining. >> a lot of ovens in here. >> this is an elevator that goes to all four floors or you can take the grand staircase. >> now we're going into the master suite. >> with french doors, a terrace and a glass shower and lots of marble mixed with mahogany. >> this is the third floor. if you want to call it the man cave, you will understand why because it has a full billiards room. the walls.
7:57 am
>> reporter: down on the lowest level, you have a pool. >> it is maintenance free. >> how is that even possible? >> it has a full system back there that does its own thing. >> there is also a sauna to warm up. >> this is great. cedar. this is living large, right? >> this is it. doesn't get better than this. >> reporter: you can even watch movies in style in your own >> it is sound proof. >> reporter: choose a bottle of wine from a spacious temperature controlled wine room and live large in this 12,000 square foot home. it will cost you $4,700,000. that is living large. so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money.
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