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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 23, 2015 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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the first cub weighed just 86 grams, and the second, 138. that's about the same size as a pack of starbursts, and the zoo director, dennis kelly. >> this is very exciting news. it was a bit of a surprise for us, although we were prepared. >> reporter: for the next several weeks, they will alternate between the incubator and their mother. >> honestly until the cubs are both out, walking around, acting normal, being a panda, that's probably when we will exhale. >> reporter: the sex will not be known until the dna tests are completed. names for the cubs have yet to be determined. these recent births give hope to the people working to preserve the endangered species. there's 2,000 pandas captive and wild left in the world. when they reach age 4, they
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will be taken to china. jericka duncan, cbs 2 news new york. concern over baby wipes they are supposed to be delicate and soft, but hundreds of participants are complaining about what they found inside. a woman losing her wedding ring down a city sidewalk grate.
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firefighter in new jersey are calling for better building codes to prevent catastrophic fires saying an a huge apartment complex fire could have stopped if it was built differently, and the fire left 500 people homeless. firefighters gather outside of the remains of the complex to demand an end to what they call the toothpick towers made of lightweight wood.
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>> that burn 800 times faster than the conventional homes from 30 years ago. on monday suffolk county leaders will hold a press conference to announce the steps taken to prevent future damage to the pine barrens area. on tuesday governor chris christie will encourage new jersey leaders including senatorbooker to oppose the obama administration's iran deal. on thursday president obama will speak in new orleans on the 10th anniversary of katrina. he will immediate with residents in neighborhoods devastated by the home. a startling find for parents using a popular baby wipe brand. word is spreading after some parents say they found sharp objects that come feared was
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glass in the huggies baby wipes. the company says it's not glass. they say it's something harmless created by fibers during the manufacturing process, but some are concerned. >> it's supposed to be soft fibers, and you know, there should be no -- not anything hard in there. >> huggies does not plan to recall any product because it's not dangerous. there's a new page on its website, and they are responding to individual complaints. a little more than a year after he was seriously injured in a highway crash, people magazine reported that tracy morgan got wed tonight. a wal-mart tractor trailer slammed into his limousine bus in 2014, and he sustained serious injuries and had to learn how to stand, sit, and walk again during months of recovery. he told "people" he was determined to walk with his wife down the aisle on his wedding day. new tonight, two complete strangers come to the rescue of
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a woman who lost her wedding ring down a storm drain. >> there you go. [ laughter ] >> cbs 2's jessica schneider captured this video at central park south near central avenue, and you can see they are hugging the good samaritans. the couple was visiting from arizona tiffany adjusted her finger. brian was trying to fish it out with wire hangers when the other men came along. >> i honestly didn't think they would do it. i was working on it for 20 minutes and they came up and said can we give if a try? >> they were incredible, and i can't believe they could do it. >> reporter: and the video then shows brian trying to give them $50, but they refused to take it we are told they were visiting from massachusetts. elise finch with another look at your workweek forecast now. what can we expect? >> you can expect a muggy and possibly rainy start to the workweek, and that's what we
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have going as we begin, but then things will get really gorgeous. i don't think there will be many complaints this week. let's see what is going on right now. live look outside, and it's partly clear, 75 degrees, and winds out of the south at 6 miles an hour. temperaturewise, we range from the low 60sin places like monticello to the low 70s in belmar, babylon, and the hamptons, and we are at 65 in edison, 76 as we head to greenwich, connecticut, and temperatures are a little bit of a mix there, but look at this. relative humidity is high. and that's at 94% in monticello, and 90 in white plains. 91 for greenwich and the hamptons. it's muggy, that's for sure, and that's something that will stay with us into the day tomorrow. the radar and satellite does not look like much is going on, however, we are starting to see the relative humidity shooting up. this is the cold front that is moving in our direction, and at
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this point it looks like it will fall apart a little bit shooting through the area, and it's good enough for showers and thunderstorms, and so muggy and mild, and and that's what we are expecting tonight. you step outside, and this is what you feel tomorrow. a sticky start to the workweek, and it's going to be a lot of humid air in advance of the front. it's going to feel hotter than it is. make sure you dress appropriately and bring your umbrella. it's not a bad idea to have it. showers on monday and even early tuesday. here's your monday planner. 86degrees, and that's the forecasted high, and feeling like 90 degrees with the humidity. just be mindful of that. if you're headed to the beach, not bad at all. we have a moderate risk of rip currents, and here's a look at your 7-day forecast. monday and tuesday, a little muggy, a chance of showers, and possibly a thunderstorm, but look what happens on wednesday, 85 degrees, and thursday and fried are also beautiful with
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sons -- with tons of sunshine, and we will be warmer for the weekend. >> i love that i approve. you can get weather updates by downloading the cbs 2 weather app. send us your pictures and video as well. it's all free and available in the itunes store. >> good news for the mets more help is on the way. and dave overmyer sits down with kyle flood in studio. that's next in sports. for all the latest headlines, don't forget to follow us on
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twitter @cbsnewyork. all right, we are starting things off with great news for the mets. not only do they have the biggest division lead in the league, they are getting their captain back. david wright has been on the disabled list since april. imagine what will happen when he joins the mets' lineup that has produced a franchise record of 33 runs in this weekend's 3- game set with the rockies. the mets didn't have to do a lot after the wild pitches gave them the lead in the 2nd, and that's a light day of lifting for logan. the spot start in place of harvey. the mets sweep the rockies, 5 gaves ahead of the nationals for first place. new york adding a new member to monument park, number 46, andy retired. the only good news for the yankees was that.
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cc sabathia would exit in the 3rd after experiencing pain in his right knee. he was going on regular rest and attributed that to the increase in his velocity which was the result of the extra rest he had been given, and then the go-ahead run in the 8th inning, and they drop 3 of 4 to the indians, and they are half a game back from the first place blue jays. the rutgers' season kicks off on september 5th, and we are joined by kyle flood. coach, great to see you. fourth year at rutgers, second year in the big 10, and last year, your first year in the big 10, you were 8-5. a lot of people said you exceeded expectations. is that an accurate assessment of the year for you guys? >> my 1 st. season, and my fourth as a head coach. it's been great to be part of what has been one of the great transformations in all of college football.
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i generally don't get involved in the preseason prediction, but i was excited about what our football team did last year, and before the season started, i said it was important for us to make a good first impression. we did that last year, and we finished strong. great bowl game over north carolina, and we are excited to get going for this year. >> you said the biggest priorities are quarterback and offensive line. last night was your scrimmage. tell me about each of the two guys you have for quarterback. you have 10 games away from the first game. we can allow you to say it right now. have you come to the decision? >> i appreciate the opportunity. we are not quite ready yet we have a nice body of work. we will do a come more things in practice tomorrow. i'm excited to see how the quarterbacks take the corrections that we have made, apply them on the the field, both hayden and chris have done an excellent job this training field. i'm confidence whoever is in the game, they will win for us. ultimately we will make a
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decision, but we are not ready to make it yet. >> which attribute do you like in these guys? >> i don't know there's a lot of separation. that's part of the reason i haven't made the decision. both are doing a good job of protecting the football and running the football team. i'm pleased right now, but you have to make great decisions and run the football, and ultimately whoever is in the game will have to do that for us. >> whoever is in the game will have to slow to your wide receiver who was all big 10 last year, 10 touchdowns, more than 1,000 receiving yards, expected to have another big season this year, and with those expectations, some guys can crumble under the expectations, and sometimes these guys step up and meet the moment. what do you see that makes you believe he will be one of the guys who steps up? >> leante has been a special player for us since the moment he stepped on campus. he's a player during the
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recruiting process committed to rutgers early. from the moment he got to our team, he produced. he produced as a threw freshman on special teams, and his second and third year, and really one of the premier guys in the conference. everyone will know where he is. he's getting a lot of attention. every time this happened for him, he has always responded well, and he has continued to be productive, and i'm confident that he will be this year, too. >> a lot of people expect him to play on sundays next year, and in the very near future, but you have a guy who has been visiting you at practice that has been playing on sundays, and the former rutgers offensive lineman, anthony davis has been joining you guys, and tell me, first off, the nfl, or ncaa has restrictions on what contact they can. what can he do? >> anthony is someone i coached as the offensive line coach at rutgers, and i had the pleasure of coaching him for 3 years before he went to the nfl as
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the first round draft pick, and he decided to take the season off, and he made the decision because he just feels he wants to do that, and he also feels he will be back to football next season, and when you get to august and have been in football your whole life, you want to be around it. he's not a coach on our staff, and he doesn't have any coaching responsibilities we have a lot of alumni that come back to practice, and sometimes, as a coach, you may say something to a player, and you may say it a different way, and someone like anthony davis may say the same thing you're saying, differently, and it may strike that player in a different way, and sometimes a better way because it's player to player, instead of coach to player, and if that's the case, that's better for us as a program. it's great to just have anthony around because he's part of our family. >> he's only 25 years old, and we have heard about chris boreland retiring at such a young age as well. is there the potential the
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concussions could be the down fall of the sport, down the road? >> i don't see that being the case. every situation is individual. i want nothing more for anthony than to live a long life and be healthy. if he feels he's not ready to play or not healthy enough, that's his prerogative, something you should ask him about. he's the one who really knows. i think football now as i said, it's a safer game now than it ever has been, and it will continue to trend in that direction. >> anthony has an open invitation to join us on set. put us in contact with him, and he will be on here. >> i will let him know. you have said rivalry, there's geography, recruiting, and competitiveness. penn state fits in all three of the categories, and do you need that rivalry to help keep this program moving in the upper trend? >> i don't believe you need any rivalry to do that, and the last piece of the buzzal rutgers need in the situation we were in, the birthplace of college football a team with a
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lot of success, it was a conference in the power 5 to call home, and for us, as a university, no conference fit us better than the big 10, and i think rivalries are great. i think rivalries are a lot of fun for the teams, and i think they are a lot of fun for the fan bases, and with our conference, maryland in our conference, have two teams that fit the bill, and two teams to play competitively with last year, and two players who were recruited by both schools. >> i'm glad you brought up recruiting. that's what this is about. it's about the work in the offseason. look up the numbers 20, 14, rutgers had 37 players in the nfl, and that's the third most in all of the big 10 schools out there, and by the way, that's more than penn state. how much does it help your brand? especially this year. you three guys who expect to play on sundays next year. how much does it help your brand you have that to fall back on? >> i think we will have a lot more than 3 when the final
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rosters are set. it helps. it it's one of the pieces of the puzzle. most of the players in our program have dreams some say of moving on to the league, and the other thing we have had is the success we have had academically. the high numbers and the graduation success rate, and those are things that are important to players, and they are even more important to the parents and the guardians of those players who we are seeing with the big picture. even if you play 10 years in the nfl, you're 32 years old with a lot of life to live. coming to rutgers assures you that you will have your degree and you will be successful. >> coach kyle flood best of luck to you. your first game is against norfolk state. again, best of luck. you're welcome back any time. >> thank you for having me on. and mls soccer and perhaps nycfc was perhaps jetlagged from their flight. they got blitzed from the legacy. they drop to 7-12-7 with the loss. the liberty in indiana to
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take on the fever. down by 1, and closing seconds, new york's epiphany price got the side. new york stills owns the best record in the wnba. yesterday fantasy football guru adam aizer was in studio, we had a great conversation about draft strategy, and tonight we are focusing on the players who can make or break duds. we stop off with the top quarterback sleeper. >> i like manning and bradford. manning after the bye week last year, they changed their identity, and he threw 40 passes a game. he would have been among the leaders, if not the leader if he had done that weekly. >> with that defense, they marinade to throw a lot. >> they are going to throw a lot, and that's the strength of the team. i like eli manning, and he has the top 5 potential. >> your dud is tom brady.
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>> good quarterback, but not necessarily great. a 5-game stretch last year. you look at the top 2 seasons, and once they got rid of welker and hernandez no longer with the team, he has not been great for the fantasies. >> sleepers and duds on the running back side? >> i think hill is is a breakout, and lamar is the guy i want to target. he has everything you want. 2 years out of 3, he has had the yards per carry of 4.9 or better. the other year a terrible offensive line. i can't see miller not getting the goal line carries. i think he will catch enough passes. >> stay away from the running backs? >> i want to stay away from matt forte, slightly concerned about forte. losing mark, he's just not on my team. >> receivers, who do you like? >> jordan matthews is a breakout, but i love matthews, getting him late third round. fourth round would be awesome,
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and nelson aglar, on his team there, one is an outside guy, one is a slot guy. the number one receiver for philadelphia under kelly, maclan and jackson, both had the number one season of their career. number two receiver last year, matthews. he was really good. that's aglar this year. for the receivers who are overhyped? >> this is a tough one. i think bryant is going to be -- he is getting a lot of hype right now. >> reporter: he's going to be a top, probably 24 to 30 receiver, and you're starting most weeks, but i avoid those receivers, and that's the boom or bust type. one week he may have 120 yards and 2 touchdowns, and the next week a total dud. >> you can listen to adam aizer with his podcast on itunes. i will be subscribing definitely. >> thank you. let's go win the league! our thanks to adam for joining us for yesterday. stick around.
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we will be right back. let's get a final look at the weather for the week it sounds like we should keep our umbrellas handy. >> at least for tomorrow and tuesday. 86, it's a muggy monday, and 86 feels like monday, and isolated showers, and a chance after of a popup shower on tuesday, and look at wednesday, things dry out, nothing but sunshine. 85degrees, and it may be the pick of the week. thursday and friday are not too bad either. low 80s, and tons of sunshine and paving the way for what look the like at this point a really good weekend. >> thank you, elise. and that does it for cbs 2 news at 11. for the entire cbs 2 team, thank you for joining us, and
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have a great week. [excited yelling] ah, yes!
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