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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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helping to pull people out. >> a lady was screaming because she was scared and nervous. we helped her get out. an older gentleman, he was the first one they took to the hospital. and then this other guy, his leg was broken and he couldn't get out. so he put both his feet over the window and i tried to pick him out. >> reporter: the bus driver was stuck for quite some time. >> i looked at the bus driver. he was in a bad condition. i tried to move the glass and bricks and everything that was blocking him. it was too muchism couldn't help him get out. >> >> it was a precarious situation. the special operations command units had to go in and shore up the building. >> reporter: another first responders saw the driver ultimately pulled out. >> they pulled the operator out in a neck brace on a backboard.
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he was conscious and talking to the first responders on scene. >> reporter: a total of five people were inside of that bus. one, as i mentioned, was inside the apartment there where the bookcase exposed. all were taken to the hospital. resorts world casino says they are cooperate be with authorities. as for me moving the bus, this happened around 2:30 this afternoon. it's going to be some time because they need to make sure that the bidding will be structurally sound. they need to shore it up before they can clean up this huge mess. queens, alice gainer. >> this crash is impacting traffic in the area as well. let's get up to joe biermann. he is in chopper 2 right now. >> kristine, that officer stand interesting right in the middle of your picture is part of the accident investigation team. they have to take measurements. now, what is closed?
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63rd avenue is closed at wood haven boulevard. northbound woodhaven boulevard is completely closed and traffic is snarled through the area. the northbound lanes there all traffic being detoured. traffic of that traffic. is queens boulevard. joe biermann, cbs 2news. the other major story. no stop to the slide on wall street. stocks were deeply in the red for the third session in a row. at the start of the day the dow was down over 1,000 points. it regained roughly half of its losses close down 588 points. the nasdaq plunged 189 points. matt kozar joins us live from
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>> reporter: dick, for investors today was a day filled with hearts of heartburn. the dow plunged early, then it was down again. a tough day for investors. experts say you should not go and make major changes to your 401k and portfolio. rather take some dram mean and enio the roller coaster. the closing bell marked the end of an anxiety filled day. not enough to rerace the day's losses, closing down 578 points. an economic slowdown in china spooked investors. 8.5%. >> china is the place that we buy our stuff from. they buy lots of stuff from us. and china is a big, big deal china. those are the three economies
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world. >> reporter: he says another contributing factor was a drop in the price of oil to about $38 a barrel. the pump. the economy is not so good because oil. some days that's good. today the price of oil being down is bad news. >> reporter: he willstein says don't panic and touch your 401(k). if you really can't sleep at night you have to decide if you want to be in the stock market. >> one-third of my retirement is dependent on the stock market. >> reporter: she is relying on investments for income. >> this is in some ways a natural thing to happen and a good thing to happen. i am trying to trust it. but it still makes me a bit >> reporter: the wall street
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journal has taken a survey of the consensus is there are no major signs of a major economic down delay that big purchase? we will tell you what the at 6:00. >> we will hold on to the drama mean for now. were tech stocks. they both lost more than 6% of value. 4%. oil companies also suffered due economy. exxonmobil lost nearly 5% and bp was down almost 6%. an upper east side teenager is facing charges after police say he shot a member of mayor de blasio's security detail with a 19-year-old michael ver bitsski was escorted out of the 19th in jail. investigators say he shot the
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officer last night as she was getting out of an unmarc marked police car. she was hit in the back. he allegedly fired a pellet rifle from his tenth floor apartment on east end avenue. >> it's generally considered to be a high end building in new york. it would be surprising that this would happen in a neighborhood like this. anything can happen anywhere, i guess, right? >> he is charged with assaulting police officer with a deadly weapon. that officer was treated for bruising. police are looking into whether he is responsible for the pellet gun shooting last week of a con ed worker on east end avenue as well. also the pellet gun shooting raises questions and concerns about mayor de blasio's security at gracie mansion. is he safe or should more be done? cbs2's marcia kramer explains what the city plans to do now. allegations tonight of
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sexual harassment at a long island high school. emily smith has the story new at five. >> reporter: they say they have been repeatedly sexually harassed physically and certainly by a female colleague at the high school where they teach. along with their attorney they have filed a complaint with the state against the valley stream school district saying cecelia sanossian assaulted them. stop that? i felt it. that was the moment that i felt kind of the, you know, how powerless. >> reporter: dedino said it began in 90s when sinosian began touching him and making inappropriate comments. in 2014, he says he submitted a harassment claim to the valley stream high school district. no action taken.
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finally in 2015 ten teachers submitted a harassment complaint. >> it got to the point as a father, you know, as a co-worker, especially as a teacher, i had to do something. i couldn't let this continue. behavior. >> reporter: we have a cop but of the letter signed by ten staff members and it says at the bottom not all experienced witnessed it. city home. the school district said, quote, the district is aware of the allegations and is conducting an internal investigation. due to matters of personnel, the district is not offering any further comment at this time. students and parent we spoke with say sinosian has a reputation at the school. >> i think it's horrible. horrible. she has no business being a teacher there. >> she is weird. a lot of people complained. >> reporter: the new york state human rights division will conduct an investigation that could result in fines and penalties. the big question for these
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the school district taken any action? point. we had nowhere else to go. >> reporter: it's a civil suit. not a criminal investigation. it's a case that could end up in a emily smith, cbs2 news. new information about the cause of a brooklyn fire that left a toddler in critical condition. investigators say it was an electrical fire. an air-conditioning unit was plugged into an extension cord carpet. cbs2's ilana gold with on the frantic effort to find the boy home. >> reporter: paramedics rushed to this home in midwood at one this morning and scrambled to save a toddler after a fire trapped him in his bedroom. how much smoke was there? >> geez, it was black. it was pouring out of the windows right here. it was pouring right out. >> reporter: that smoke engulfed the second floor where neighbors tell us two-year-old chase pierre was sleeping. his parents and three siblings
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managed to escape. they started screaming for help because conditions in here got worse by the second. >> you could feel the extreme heat and zero visibility from the amount of smoke. >> reporter: lieutenant victor ma lucas with the fdny rushed in to save pierre. once he found his way in. >> i swept the top of the mattress to see if the baby was in that room. there was nothing on the mattress at that time. it was in flames. he frantically searched and found the toddler in an unexpected place. >> there was a pile of clothes on the floor. as i was searching the floor i came as cross the lifeless infant. >> reporter: he pulled the two-year-old from the burning home and paramedics took him to beth israel hospital in critical condition. hours later doctors transferred to kings county hospital to get more intense treatment for smoke inhalation. >> we are praying that he is good. he comes out okay. no aftereffects.
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>> it shook the whole neighborhood. it really did. >> reporter: firefighters tell us they believe the fire started in the two-year-old's bedroom. in marine park brooklyn, ilana gold, cbs2 news. >> the fire department says cooling and heating units must outlet. extension cords should never be placed underneath a rug or walls. now to campaign 2016. the big question in washington, will vice president joe biden challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination? rumors of a presidental run are swirling around the capitol and today biden met with president obama. cbs2's craig boswell reports from washington. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is back at the white house amid increasing debate over whether he is considering a presidental run. biden sat down with president obama for their weekly lunch. >> those conversations tend to be wide ranging and cover everything from would, to family. i'll leave it to you to did whether this decision falls in
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either of those two categories. >> reporter: biden had a weekend meeting with senator warren, believed to be a discussion about a possible candidacy. >> the talk is about biden. will he or won't he? >> i think it's clear that all the democrats running want to strengthen the middle-class. that's their vision. no matter who the democratic nominee is, that's the policy they will carry forth into the general election. >> reporter: hilary clinton is the current democratic frontrunner but she is dogged by controversy over her personal e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. bernie sanders says biden's entry into the race won't change his campaign. >> i will, as i have done up to now, run an issue oriented campaign. craig boswell, cbs2 news. a twist in the disappearance of rosie o'donnell's teenage daughter. what we are learning about the man arrested in connection as
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he appeared before a judge for the first time. apple recalled a problem with a huge batch of iphones and what to do if you have one. what's in the beef? an alarming new study on drug resistant bacteria found in america's ground beef supply. seemed like he kept pulling more weapons left and right. a man on a mission to kill. new honors for the three americans who stopped an armed man on a train in france. and we continue to follow breaking news in queens where a bus crashed into a building injuring the driver and several passengers. traffic is still being impact the. we will have an imdate. i am watching rain on the radar picture. i will tell you if that rain is
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coming here in just a bit. in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us. mjhs. caring every minute, every day.
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new information on the man accused of having inappropriate o'donnell's daughter. county.
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>> reporter: the judge read the charges against steven scherer endangerment to a minor. it was in the house of this 25-year-old that rosie o'donnell's 17-year-old missing daughter chelsea was found august 18. >> the picture that has been painted about what's happened here is clearly a markedly going to show. >> reporter: the attorney said he would not comment as to the over the weekend a spokesperson for rosie o'donnell confirmed the case involves her daughter chelsea. o'donnell said her daughter disappeared on august 11. it wasn't until a week later she took to social media pleading for her safe return. that night she was found safe in the attic of scherer's home. they reportedly met on a dating website and were involved in a week long friendship. scherer was arrested friday when o'donnell gave authorities
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consent to look through her daughter's phone. he pled guilty to two separate drug offenses and is currently on probation. >> he has had a drug problem. it's something he worked hard to try to eliminate. something he worked hard to move forward from. >> reporter: scheerer's bail is set at $40,000. his attorney will try to get the amount reduced. he could also face up to ten years in jail if convicted. after all the facts have been considered, it will then be determined if the the case will be presented for a grand jury. in toms river, jill nicolini, cbs news. >> and scheerer remains in jail. apple issued a recall on a batch of iphones because they take blurry pictures. this affects iphone 6 plus phones that were sold between september 2014 and january 2015. apple says some of those phones have a defect with the camera. customers can have the cameras replaced for free at apple stores, authorized service
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providers or by contacting technical support. new research finds a lot of store bought ground beef contains bacteria resistant to antibiotics. "consumer reports" tested more than 300 packages of ground beef and they found 80% had more than two types of bacteria. the study also says about 20% of the beef were resistant to multiple antibiotics. researchers suggest customers should buy beef that is grass fed organic to minimize the risk. the wildfires burning in north central [inaudible] just state history [inaudible] fires now stretch more than 400 square miles [inaudible]. 10 % contained. they could burn for several months. the exact number of homes or structures is not known. >> dealing with it for weeks. let's get a look at our forecast. [inaudible] >> yeah. you're right. this summer we have not. of course, the situation out
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west, they are not helped by mother nature. no big rain in their forecast. the picture outside right now in new york city. mostly sunny. currently 83 degrees. let's get to it. the vortex satellite and radar picture. kristine said a chance for rain. it's getting close to it. there is the western border of sullivan county. it's about like 45 minutes away. some rain will move into places like sullivan county, sussex county, orange county. the tail of this -- i got to tell you it goes all the way down -- it's like east of baltimore right now. this activity right here is going to be making its way into the city. if it holds it ef self together three, four hours from now. that is part of the forecast. once this line goes through there ising nothing behind it. we will tap into some really nice weather for a long run as well. but this is the problem for the nighttime hours. even to a portion of your day tomorrow. so let's take a peek at it. we will remain sticky for the next 24 hours and then the change comes to town when the front goes through and everything is nice by wednesday. 7 p.m.
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tonight it's 80 degrees and you start to see showers west of our area. then we keep that rain chance in through the overnight hours. 8 a.m. 75. a rain chance out there. we will talk tomorrow's high temperature and the next seven days in a bit. >> thank you. lightbulbs aren't just for lighting any more. we will show you how new smart bulbs work. it's supposed to be convenient, but riders say citi bike is anything but. stunning news about women and heart health. why more women under 55 are dying of hear disease. 13-year-old isabella in the center of the page [inaudible]. tonight at 6:00 hear how this teenager is helping her jersey
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cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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many of us have a smartphone. some might have a smart tv. >> now the smart the lightbulbs. kenneth craig explains they can do more than light rooms. >> reporter: before he gets home, jeff can use his phone to customize the lighting in his apartment.
5:25 pm
>> it's unlike any other light bulb i have had. >> reporter: his lights have multiple color settings and moods. >> the relax setting i use in the mornings. >> reporter: this is relax and this is what you do every morning? >> yeah, it's a nice way to wake up. >> reporter: other smart bulbs [inaudible] $29 twist bulb has a speaker built in. >> it's fully capable of wireless streaming audio system with a push of a button and right from your phone. >> reporter: the $400 beam bulb can protect images from [inaudible]
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. i guess that makes sense. a lot of work though. i wonder if you throw the switch. really? mood lighting? >> what happens. >> we are getting old. >> guess so. >> thanks for rubbing it in. a woman's fight to save her pets. they have been a part of her family for eight years. so why is she in a big battle to keep her beloved dogs. an armored car robbedderred. >> we were ready to fight to the end. >> heroes on a train.
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welcome back. maurice dubois. >> i am kristine johnson. it is a choice one pet owner says she should not have to make. >> the city has order add woman to get rid of her dogs or she will have to go. hazel sanchez has the story new at 5:30. >> leave me alone. you are killing me. tanya lives in east harlem with her five shih tzus. stella, racer, and glossy. the new york city housing authority allows one dog per household as is stated in her lease. they have given her an ultimatum. >> get rid of my dogs or i am going to be evicted. >> reporter: the former corrections officer suffers from hiv and has a rare degenerative bone disease that makes it
5:31 pm
difficult for her to move. she says her dogs are her family and saving grace. >> they keep me alive. >> reporter: she showed us more than a dozen doctor that's letters saying she needs her pets. >> it's for her health. >> they have been working with her for two years offering family and social services to try to decrease the number of dogs she has. but they say they have not been able to to reach an agreement. so now they head to court. her pro bono attorney tells us the demands to remove the dogs exceeds a six year statute of limitations since she had the pups living with her for eight years. she says she can't afford to move, so she would sell all her home stay together. hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> now, she says the dog limit is intended it to promote a safe
5:32 pm
and clean living environment for everyone in the development. she and boysa will be in court november 1. a truck heist. robbers stole more than $40,000 in cash. cbs2's lou young joins us live from the scene in mount eden. lou. >> reporter: kristine, the fbi is now investigating this brazen late morning robbery here at this bp station in the eden section of the bronx. the cash was in the open [inaudible] 15 yards at the station here to waiting armored car. that's all the space the robbers needed. three hours later we found the armored car running at the gas station as crime scene officers marked off distances. this is is the spot where gunmen assaulted one of the truck guards making a weekly cash pickup. an low saw it happened from inside the attendant station through the bulletproof glass and was still shaken when i spoke to him.
5:33 pm
>> yeah, i am scared. >> reporter: ever seen anything like that before? >> no, no, no, no. >> reporter: the truck is owned rapid armored car of brooklyn. someone knew what to expect. when it happened the driver was waiting in the truck behind the wheel. his partner was returning to the truck with the cash from the station. then he was hit in the head. the robbers took his handgun as well as the week's receipts. a lot of money? >> yeah. >> reporter: how much? >> probably $3,000. >> reporter: evidence markers were placed den the pavement near what appears to be a aerosol dispenser. possibly mace or pepper spray. the gas station has entrances on cromwell and jerome avenues. the robbers approached from the cromwell side and were picked up by a tan buick. the robbery happened before 11:00. the station just reopened an hour ago. this was a three-person robbery team we are told. the two men who made the grab with the gun and the third
5:34 pm
person who drove the getaway car. that was on the cromwell side apparently to avoid the security cameras on the businesses on jerome avenue. it's unclear what, if anything, the security cameras at the gas station got. again, the fbi is investigating. we are live in the mount eden section of the bronx. lou young, cbs2 news. a developing story. new safety improvements in place tonight at a dangerous intersection in brooklyn. the junction of atlantic, washington, and underhill avenues near barclay center has been the scene of many accidents. today the city department of transportation unveiled the changes meant to keep pedestrians safer. they include expanded pedestrian islands, restricted vehicle turns, and more time for people to cross streets. a pedestrian who was injured at the intersection two years ago talked about the changes. >> i have crossed this intersection now since they finished the job in every way you can. in every single way it feels like night and day. so much safer. >> the improvements are part of mayor de blasio's vision zero
5:35 pm
safety plan. a long awaited day of joy for tracy morgan. the actor and comedian married his fiancee on sunday. this was morgan's second marriage. the ceremony came 14 months after he was seriously hurt and the fellow comedian died in a crash on the new jersey turnpike. the former "30 rock" and "saturday night live" star has kept a low profile since then as he recovers from his injuries. from comedians to ceos. an exciting line-up announced for the premiere week of the late show with stephen colbert. clooney, jeb bush. colbert will have scarlett johanasson, the head of tesla many more. can you see it here on cbs2 beginning tuesday, september 8, at 11:35 right after cbs2 news at 11. >> yeah. it.
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>> you think this so? next on cbs2 news at five, city bike blunders. riders say the bike sharing service is falling behind. the big complaints about what is happening at the bike docks. more likely to ask for a divorce? men or women? the results of a new study that might surprise you. in 1992, hurricane andrew hit south florida as a category 5 hurricane. 44 people were killed across the state and the storm caused
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(taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat) since its start city bike has had problems and riders are still facing obstacles on the way. >> cbs2's meg baker has the story. >> reporter: city bike is supposed to be all about convenience. >> sometimes, and? one of those times, nothing worked in the dock. >> reporter: even with recent upgrades, riders are still wheeling into problems with the bike share program. tom is frustrated. he checked the city bike app on
5:40 pm
his phone which showed five working bikes, but when he put his city bike key into those docks none of the bikes worked. all locked in place for repairs. >> a mismatch. sometimes they are empty. sometimes they are packed. that forces me to ditch a bike or be somewhere fast. >> reporter: multiple people all had the same issue. they reached a docking station like this only to find that every bike had a red light on. >> sometimes you come to the station and they will be lit and don't know why. some of the bikes look like they work, but you don't have access. >> reporter: according to city bike this is a well used system. bikes and docks get damaged. it is our commitment to fix them quickly and effectively. city bike says the average response time for broken docks and red lit bikes are less than a day. riders cannot see in real time with a bock is in need of repair. sam schwartz says the share program is getting back on the right path. but there are still issues.
5:41 pm
>> it's a problem when we come to stations where you have a number of bikes that are broken. >> reporter: other complaints balancing empty stations versus still stations. >> my suggestion for citi bike is to have more distribution of bikes so you don't have many full docks and you have more spaces, like you can see this one is pretty much all full. >> reporter: all of the riders i spoke to agree that since first being implemented the service has improved. but when you pay for a service, you expect the bikes to be available. especially when the app says so. in chelsea, meg baker, cbs2 news. >> citi bike says it replaced the hardware at all 12,000 docking points this spring and old bikes will be phased out. well, coming up, a health warning for women. deaths from heart disease are down expect for younger women. why are they most at risk. and two decades since the pine barrens went up in flames.
5:42 pm
cbs2's jennifer mclogan was there and she returned today. the lessons learned since the disaster. dick and kristine, tonight here's what we are working on in the cbs2 news room. tonight at six more on the bus crash in regal park that left six people hurt and a lot of damage. we will update you on the road closures caused by the accident. also, how secure is your parking garage? a thief caught on camera stealing keys and cars from a local garage. see how thieves got one car out in just minutes. those stories and more tonight
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at 6:00. deaths from heart disease have gone down dramatically over the last few decades. >> but a new study suggests when it comes to young women, that's not necessarily the case. dr. gomez joins us with more. >> reporter: they have been going down despite increasing diabetes and obesity. some experts say it's due to widespread use of cholesterol lowering drugs called statins. new research shows deaths from
5:46 pm
hard disease have declined in people over 65. 55. especially women. >> the next step is trying to understand why this younger population is not showing the improvement that the older patients do. traditional citing increase in diabetes. >> reporter: researchers point out that diabetes and obesity may pose a greater heart disease risk for younger women. the study highlights a need to rethink strategies that focus on traditional risk factors like high blood pressure and cholesterol and look at other factors like depression, which is a known predictor for heart disease in young women as well as. >> stress management. sleep. all kinds of quality of life issues. >> reporter: despite the overall decline in deaths, heart disease is still the number one killer of both men and women in the u.s. it's responsible for one in every four deaths. the emory researchers say the
5:47 pm
differing trends are not due in treatment and hospitalization. it may be partly due to the fact that younger people, especially younger women, are generally considered low risk and both patients and doctors alike tend to not take heart symptoms as seriously in that population. to be done on young people and because they are often not included in research. again, that's because they are considered low risk for heart issues. the study is in the american heart association's journal circulation this week. >> frightening. >> it is. they are not at huge risk, but they haven't benefited as much as the older population has in the decrease. so we have to figure that out. >> thank you. the number of second cancer cases are on the rise. according to the american cancer society, about 19% of cancers in the u.s. are now second cases, meaning the patient fought the disease before. the 1970s. although doctors say this news
5:48 pm
is partly a success story because more people are surviving cancer and live long enough for it to recur. >> a new study finds when it comes to wanting a divorce, more women are likely to say i do. in a presentation to the american association logical association, researchers reported 69% of women in opposite sex relationships made the move to end their marriage. just 31% of men did the same. but if couples were not married, each gender was equally likely to initiate a breakup. all right. we won't comment on that. >> no, we won't. let's go to the forecast. >> lonnie quinn is standing by with an update on some rain that may roll through the area. >> yeah, it's getting close right now. a good looking day out there. i see some rain off to the west. that's the picture right now over central park. you have a temperature that's coming in at 83 degrees. the sky overhead is mostly sunny. high temp was 87 degrees. 5 degrees above the average. humidity in place as well. let's talk about the headlines. here's how i see it. that rain that kristine is
5:49 pm
approaching. two suburbs. unsettled day this week. could be like one unsettled period like from tonight into your day tomorrow because after that great weather to finish out this week. let me show you what i'm about. here is the futurecast. this is depicting the situation like around 7 p.m. some of our western suburbs there. watch how slowly this moves through the area. by 11:30 it's still basically in the same spot. that's your 11:30 picture. then in the overnight hours we see it in the new york city, metro areas, north of the city as well. that's 3:00 in the morning. not going to move. watch this. this is the picture at 2:00 in the afternoon. i mean, come on. it tilted a little bit on its axis, but it didn't skedaddle out of here. you could be dealing with trailing showers as it exits. why is it taking so long to leave the area? here is the picture.
5:50 pm
vortex satellite and radar right now showing that front approaching. the bigger picture shows you what is at play. you can clearly see this low pressure system right here. right? that low pressure system in essence kind of pushing this front through our area. but you have this low pressure system offshore which is not allowing to have it pushed through the area. it's kind of blocking it. it's like a tug of war out there and that's why this is going to take a very long time to push through the area. it will eventually skedaddle and these happen -- all this nice air behind it, the humidity will drop nicely by wednesday. now, the picture is it a good looking picture in the tropics? it's more active. i will tell you that much. let's talk about it. the remnants of danny. this is by the wind ward islands right now. danny is nothing storm currently. the turns are down to 29, maybe 30 hours. it's not a tropical storm. it's not a tropical depression. it's not nothing. behind it we have this system. doesn't have a name yet. it could however, and if it gets a name, erika.
5:51 pm
so often we call this a trailer, obviously? and it's like a blocker in football. this is taking all the hits with the incoming winds and also with the terrain. this has the possibility to grow. so we will watch erika and see what develops. here we go. 87 tomorrow. and that's your unsettled day. 84 wednesday. a beauty out there. lower humidity. 82 thursday. good looking. 83 on friday. good looking. saturday, sunday, cop on, just keeps going to monday of next week and even, dare i say, beyond that. >> we dare you. >> i dare you. >> you just did. >> i covered that. >> yeah. not much of a dare. >> thank you, lonnie. 20 years ago today a firestorm erupted on long island's east end. flames leapt 200 feet and firefighters found themselves no match to battle the blazes in the dense wind swept woods. cbs2's jennifer mclogan reported from the scene and she went back to the pine barrens today.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: 20 years ago today dean coal ver was the fire chief. credited with saving lives and homes as the wildfires raged unchecked towards breach front communities. we returned to the scene of the pine barrens fire of 1995 where it first gathered momentum. not a drop of rain had fallen all month. a cigarette may have sparked it. >> i remember standing here along this road and just seeing billowing smoke and flames shooting everywhere. panic that the entire area would be evacuated. >> embers landing like five miles away. >> reporter: undefeated embers jumped is sunrise highway at the height of tourist season shutting off access to the hamptons. today they recalled those anxious days. >> i think we remember where we were probably. i know i do. >> you could smell and taste the burning in the air. >> reporter: experts now say the pine barrens are a fire dependent ecosystem.
5:53 pm
needed to open pitch pine seed pods clear vegetation. >> this this what burned. >> reporter: it was all about prevention and preparation. lessons learned. better communication. training. more modern gear. >> the bravery of the firefighters and good fortune served us well last time. now we have to make sure we're taking affirmative action so when the next fire comes along, we are better equipped to deal with it in every way. >> reporter: for public lands that means creating fire breaks so flames can't travel. for homeowners it means keeping leaves, shrubs, bushes and woodchips away from houses and having fire-proof shingles. from west hampton beach, jennifer mclogan. a week to douse. burned. miraculously, no one was hurt. american heroes in france. they didn't think twice when
5:54 pm
they jumped in to stop a possible terrorist attack. >> the new honors today for men who stopped an armed man on a train in france. these jersey girls are making lemonade to fund hurricane sandy efforts in their town.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the president of france says the three americans who stopped a potential terror attack on a paris-bound train last friday are heroes. >> they were onered at a ceremony paris. >> reporter: france's biggest heroes bestowed the biggest honors. specialist alex charlotte toes. three ordinary guys who did an extraordinary thing.
5:58 pm
at the ambassador's residence, spencer stone described the moment he and his friends faced the gunman head on. >> he had looked to be a ak-47, tackled him, grabbed the gun out of his hands while i put him in a choke old. he kept pulling more weapons left and right. took out a box cutter. started stabbing at me with that. >> reporter: jabbing that cut spencer's left thumb clean to the bone and yet so badly injured he then helped save the life of another passenger. the suspect, ayoub el-khazzani. anthony saddler at the end there, childhood friend, side hiding or sitting back is not going to accomplish anything in times of terror. don't just sit by and watch. charlie daggett a, cbs news paris?
5:59 pm
investigators are still questioning the gunman. the french president says the whole world admires the men for composure. >> i am not sure a lot of people >> no. at five. i will see you tonight at 11. >> the news at six starts right now. a tour bus crashes into building. passengers hurt. a home destroyed. we are live at the scene in rego park as we continue following breaking news on this wild crash. also, stolen in no time. thieves caught on camera taking cars from a parking garage. how police say the suspect tricked the parking attendant. and making money and making a difference. a jersey shore teenager using a


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