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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 24, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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opens up about being hospitalized. kevin frazier is on the way. cameron mathison here with me. >> thank you, nancy. there is big news to start off the week. tracy morgan married, mel gibson's new 24-year-old girlfriend, and we begin with george aind amal's golden life. >> the jet set couple held hands and rubbed noses. amal was, well, dazzling. a gold metallic mini dress, dior heels and a mini clutch. joined by randy gerber and cindy crawford to promote their tequila company, ibiza, and photo bombed the romantic moment earlier in the day. >> overlooked the beach. the island is the party capital of the world and that placed perfectly into the marketing of the high end tequila. they're trying to sell the celebrity lifestyle. sex, fame and fashion. >> well, said an emotional wedding, tracy morgan tied the
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knot last night with long time fiance megan wallover. to go down and not be in a wheelchair or use a cane. physical therapy to achieve that goal. >> morgan upbeat in allentown, wedding. the nuptials came a little more than a year after morgan was involved in a highway crash that >> so happy. i feel like this is the year that tracy comes back. watching him on "the today show" broke my heart. >> tracy's "30 rock" co-star jane krakowski today on the "today" show. more on in the meantime, mel gibson spotted with 24-year-old girlfriend in australia is making news down under. >> claim he shoved a female photographer. >> abusing me. beating on me. >> i reached out to mel gibson this morning. and he is denying that mel had any physical contact whatsoever with this photographer. adding mr. gibson and his friend were being harassed by this photographer and asked repeatedly to stop which did
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not. >> police tell us they are investigating and from a male in australia to an a list divorce. >> everything all right, brian? >> brian austin green pumping gas an hour before megan fox filed for divorce. the actor still wearing his wedding ring. >> true you're dating megan fox? >> meanwhile, shia labeouf was asked about possibly being transformed with his former co-star. >> megan and shia are just friends but there's an interesting angle to her divorce learned today. megan fox may actually end up paying spousal support. the couple was involved in a head-on collision last year and he was left with vertigo. difficult to work. megan has been working steadily over the last few years. brian, not so much.
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>> arrested and remains in jail. that is where he faced the judge today via video conference. the 25-year-old is seen standing in in jail. after the hearing, the judge charged him with third degree of a minor and second charge of endangering the welfare of a child. he answerentered no plea. sent a nude photo to rosie's underage daughter over the intern and judge set bail at $40,000. despite the serious charges, attorney robert tarva said we'll show evidence he's not guilty of endangering the welfare of a child. his legal team also plans to fight the accusations that he is a predator and stalked out chelsea o'donnell. well, steven's attorney said the next time faces a judge is in two weeks to get the bail reduced. and some happier news,
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barbra streisand hosted a dinner party with her husband and check out their guest list. john travolta and kelly preston and co-creator, ryan murphy and lady gaga posted this delicious shot with #funnygirl. >> good night, no doubt but the wildest party both friday and saturday night. i'm talking about taylor swift who kicked off her record-setting l.a. run and drives the ladies crazy. watch out. wildest dreams, cozy up in new video that premieres during the mtv pre-show this sunday but long before the video, scott told us -- >> who's your celebrity crush? >> taylor swift. >> scott's not the only celeb crushing on taylor. deliciously awkward moment when
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matt leblanc and chris rock joined her on stage halfway through her sold out world tour. >> nothing more beautiful, in my opinion, than the first sold out show in the staples center. >> justin tyler ferguson sold a selfie kiss backstage with ariel winter were swarmed by packs when they arrived. >> ariel zendaya hitting the tommy bahama party. break-up rumors surrounded the march. the band announced they will take a year off to pursue solo what's interesting is the band is still on track to release their fifth album. but there won't be a tour and touring is where bands make most of their money. one d. has 34 shows left on their current world tour. the group is reportedly going to take a break over christmas, but before that, they'll be back together to promote the new
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the year. they're just not going to hit shows. how about playing cookie? taratahenson was hospitalized for exhaustion back in june and actually posted this. this is her arm hooked up to an iv. much. but now taraji is back, and she's sitting down with kevin for the first time since she was >> how do you balance everything >> when i have days off, i just don't do anything. i stay home. i have things delivered. and i just chill. >> you lay low. >> i do. >> red carpet, hosting saturday night live, magazine covers, doing too much wore her down. and now back to focusing on being cookie lyon and "empire" season two. >> this is about taking the >> how is cookie with the family together?
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>> with a whole lot. lucious and cookie can love each other one minute, hate each other the next. let something go wrong with one of the boys, they forget all of their differences. >> and since emmy nominee's life easy. >> loving your life? >> yes. >> i'm married now. that was the dream i had last night. >> but there are two "empire" brides to be. boo boo kitty and co-star trey is getting married. and katelin doubleday with her dj boyfriend. >> congratulations on your engagement. >> thank you, darling. >> do you two discuss wedding plans or discuss anything going on? is it kind of fun to have someone? >> i think it's fun to, i mean, katie's my boo. we're friends no matter what. so i think we talk about
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everything. >> and who can't forget, gabray sinnbay during the teen choice awards. >> she threw that ass in a circle. >> did she? >> she did. >> you let it go. >> my baby loves me. my baby marries me. >> i love you. >> here's the repeat performance kevin posted on his instagram. i'm going to love you, baby, kiss and hug you baby >> in her heart of hearts, she is beyonce. >> you may be wondering where was terrence howard. the official word from his rep is that he was unavailable. today, a judge in l.a. ruled on terrence's divorce case. with ex-wife, michelle gent. she accused terrence of domestic violence.
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he has denied it. said it will continue and go to trial. coming up, bindi irwin is going to "dancing with the stars." has the hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am.
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do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen ward rd select tta dels.or lease 2015 jetta s for $139 month after a $1000 volkswagen me more than crocodiles. >> stay on the ground because we'll be right back. tomorrow, matt damon on his tenth wedding anniversary and falling in love with h since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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the new season of "dancing with the stars." bindi irwin. >> that was how steve irwin's little girl was introduced as the first contestant of season 21. bindi is 17 years old and like her famous father, she has no trouble wrangling crocks. but how will she hold up with that lion's den of judges? >> the judges scare me more than crocodiles. i mean, they are so knowledgeable. they're supreme athle a just this girl from australia who is used to crocs. >> but this little girl was in the spotlight since she was a few weeks old. the late father, crocodile hunter. we sat down for an exclusive interview with bindi just a few weeks ago at her family's zoo in australia where she hinted that hollywood might play a bigger role in her future. >> i suddenly think more filming work is yet to come. there's a lot on the horizon. there's a lot more i want to do.
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this is lovely minty here. minty is the australian icon. >> we've seen the young animal lover come into her own in tv shows focused on wildlife conservation and two hollywood films. >> i knew you could do it! >> throughout my life, i've learned that if you want to be, just say yes to these huge opportunities in your life. >> now that she's said yes to the mirror ball, the young girl. she might be challenged by the costumes as well. >> i suddenly love styles and getting dressed but will always be a part of who i am. >> and bindi actually has a little dance experience. she has her own dance crew, the jungle girls an danced danced in a kid's fitness video. coming up next, sofia vergara's new bridal photo shoot before married to joe. >> she thought it was a sexy dress for a sexy bride. >> exclusive with carrie
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underwood ahead. concerns balancing motherhood and career. >> you're never the same. mentally, physically, emotionally. you're changed forever. plus, what's happened to tori spelling and boyle? the photos that have fans worried. that's ahead when we come back. closed captioning provided
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by -- it is the photo that has people wondering what happened to tori spelling's face.
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>> tori spelling was spotted saturday afternoon leaving in calabasas with her skin bright red. she had gone in and got microdermabrasion, a chemical peel and eyebrow wax. totally normal for your face to look like this and it goes back to normal and later in the day, tori spelling went to an event and looked totally fine. >> got it but seemed to think she's got some to do. >> living paycheck but really goes to the spa once a week. three procedures together cost about $400. moving on, this picture of lara flynn boyle sparked concern for her. the 45-year-old looks remarkably different from the day she was on "twin peaks" and the days she dated nicholson. it's just an unflattering shot. she's truly fine and well. no story here. >> glad she's okay. well, if there's one day
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every woman wants to look her absolute best, it is on her wedding day. and that's definitely not going to be a problem for sofia vergara. there she is looking every inch of the beautiful bride trying the wedding gowns, martha stewart's magazine and telling details about her big day with zhou joe manganiello. >> in the gardens. >> it's not your traditional bridal look, but sofia is stunning in a lilac with plunging neckline and sequins and an exclusive look at what she could be wearing down the aisle. >> i think we could expect it to be a curb hugging dress and that definitely looks good on her. the red lip is modern and exciting to her. >> judging by this pic, she instagrammed of joe yesterday looks like he approves. the palm beach resort in florida
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is where they will say i do. invitations are reportedly out for the november 22nd wedding and over 300 guests are on the list. >> a lot of people come in from south america and europe. during our interview, sofia joked that reese witherspoon had originally offered to help and realized how many people were coming and chickened out a little. >> we know sofia loves cake, a big part of the wedding day. plans to have a big cake, lots of dessert. >> sofia handles the wedding detail with the help of a professional planner but there's one thing she's leaving up to joe. >> he is charged with picking up the music. the first dance is all about him. her, she would definitely be dancing to pitbull. so joe is on that one. >> actually, joe, i think everyone would love to see sofia she has it down to a science. it will take her two hours to get married and wearing her own
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fragrance, sofia. because joe loves it. >> she said she and joe want to have kids. carrie underwood and mike fischer had a son less than six months ago but wouldn't know it watching carrie in her brand new video called "smoke break." we're premiering it online right now at look at it all together behind the scenes. i don't drink, but sometimes i need a stiff drink >> i feel like everybody expects motherhood to completely change me as a writer and an artist. i felt like it just adds another wonderful dimension. >> wearing her own cutoff and serious thigh highs with fringe and umbrella holder, spent a few days shooting her first music video as a mom and hung out with daddy on the tour bus. so with the fact that she's back
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to work and looking amazing six months after baby, we broke down carrie's tips to stay true to yourself. number one, take time to take care of you. put on that smokey eye and dress in something that just made her feel good. >> it's just so important to kind of make a little time each day for yourself. have that hobby or, you know, get that time to work out or having coffee with your girlfriend. it makes you feel better about your day. >> it's interesting. this fiery red look didn't make it into the final video. which leads us to tip number two. it is okay to let some things go. >> i'm not going to sit back and make a whole album of mommy songs. you know? it's really important to me to stay true to who i was before, but now i just have this other piece of my life. >> and tip three, incorporate the ones you love into everything you do, for her new album "story teller" out september 23rd, wrote for this
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guy. >> we wrote a song for the little man. i actually was trying to resist that urge. but it just kind of happened and it was really organic and i think it's going to be a really cool thing for him. that's his song. >> can't wait to see how everything turns out. but amazing. thank you! >> carrie just did a facebook q and a with her fans. we love that with her. here's a couple of things we learned. carrie's favorite past times, cooking and working out. favorite ice cream, mango sorbet and her idol is her mom. how sweet is that. celine dion is back in vegas after caring for her ill husband and a sneak peek at big
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exclusive when we come back. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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lovato with animal love with her pup, a smooch. which star took a gorgeous sunset shot of her famous pal by the water? find out in our star shots gallery on travel consideration provided by -- time for us to go, but check out for the late breaking news.
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until we see you again tomorrow. >> here's a peek at why you definitely want to join us tomorrow. >> bye, everybody. >> bye. >> we love each other so much. >> our celine dion exclusive. her only tv interview about her husband's cancer battle. >> two months back, he was worried. is he going to be there? >> inside her yearlong hiatus and how rene's love helped her return to the stage. >> he's been there for me all my life and i've been there for him all my life. >> that's tomorrow. u y ocod po ys. zey icn d ococoinurta 'stfrtla . (rorsctc y s std sfforll olelassa.. stt meerfrh
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