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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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construction accident on manhattan's west side. a worker dead after falling for stories down an elevator shaft. dave carlin is live at 6:00 in hell's kitchen with details. >> reporter: dana, the site of this fatal fall over here, let's give you a look. this is 42nd and ninth avenue. the building right here, what police say is that the top area where the construction worker was, was very unstable and gave way. shut down and locked up, this high-rise construction site at 577 ninth avenue was off limits to everyone except officers and building inspectors investigating the death of a 30-year-old worker. the unidentified victim was a mechanic who police say was wearing a hard hat but not a safety harness four stories up. it was lunchtime and the boards gave way above the elevator shaft and the worker fell down into several feet of standing water at the bottom. the man died at bellevue hospital. >> it's very sad that these
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people risk their lives. and it's just very sad. >> reporter: going up on this site is this, 25 story hotel condo building. signs identify the contractors for the project as brf construction. we reached out with questions about safety at the site but we have not heard back. across the street a spring of cafes and delis visited most every day by construct workers whose jobs are on temporary hold as the construction workers mourn the loss of a of a coworker. >> it's sad. >> reporter: no word yet from the buildings department when this construction site will resume its operations. live in hell's kitchen, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. police tonight searching for a bicyclist who crashed into a child in riverside park. the accident raised new concerns about pedestrians on pathways where bicyclists also are riding. the story new tonight at 6:00.
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cbs 2's hazel sanchez live on the upper west side. hazel. >> reporter: dana, the cyclist ran into that 2-year-old girl right here on this shared pedestrian bike pathway. one witness says he surprised the little girl survived the impact and he is hoping the cyclist who hit her will turn herself in. >> from my personal perspective it's worst thing i ever saw. >> reporter: joshua is still shaken up after witnessing a bicyclist crashing into a 2- year-old girl on the shared pedestrian bike path along the hudson river on the upper west side. >> as soon as i saw the collision, my eyes were on the child kind of -- being pulverized. >> reporter: he says the accident happened around 6:00 saturday night. he was standing with his 7- month-old son in a stroller overlook the path near west 95th when he says the woman plowed into the toddler at a high rate of speed. >> she was hit with just massive force and smashed down on the ground. the bicyclist got a little defensive because she was already upset and said she
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didn't see the child and apologized, uhm, several times. but then within under five minutes left. >> reporter: police are now looking for the female rider who they say is a white woman in her 50s about 5'7" and 130 pounds with brownish gray curly hair. she was riding what witnesses described as a multicolored racing bike. >> this is a dangerous situation. if you look there's not a definitive bike lane for one side for the bikes and one side for the pedestrians. >> reporter: this man says many cyclists are often distracted and not watching what's on the path ahead. >> i just had the dog over here. the guy just missed running over my dog. >> reporter: but not everyone agrees. >> i do think most bikers are very vigilant of who is in front of them. parents have to hold on though their children, for god's sake. >> reporter: the little girl suffered a pretty serious bruise to her forehead but we are told by police that she is expected to make a full recovery. the cyclist, if caught, can face criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident resulting in injuries. live in riverside park on the
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upper west side, hazel sanchez cbs 2 news. homeland security investigators raided an international prostitution ring operating on fifth avenue. the alleged ringleader has little to say as he left the federal courthouse today. cbs 2's meg baker reports from brooklyn. >> reporter: 50-year-old jeffrey hurant tried to avoid the press as he left federal court after being arraigned on charges of promoting prostitution and money laundering. >> it's alarming to have people at your door at 6 a.m. for sure. >> reporter: police say hurant is the ceo and ringleader of, a multi-million dollar worldwide social networking site for the male sex industry where members pay fees to list and boy services. authorities say the company made proceeds of more than $10 million. a ring of 7 former and current employees was arraigned in federal court today. this is the largest online male escort service to ever be busted.
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hurant denied claims that he or the site promotes prostitution. >> 20 years we have been doing it and i don't think that we do anything to promote prostitution. i think we do good things for good people and we bring good people together. >> reporter: hurant's father posted a $350,000 bail bond releasing him. this morning, federal officers carried boxes of documents and computer servers out of the "rentboy" operations center on 14th and fifth avenue. just blocks from posh fifth avenue stores. >> this website had a twitter account that had over 11,000 followers. therefore, there's a public safety aspect to this investigation that falls within homeland security investigation's purview. >> reporter: the doorbell for the company has a fake name, saying easy rent systems. neighbors are shocked that this is going on right on their block. >> i'm surprised. >> i'm shocked! it's next to us. >> reporter: the seven charged face up to five years in prison and the judge warns that those charges could
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become more serious as the case is investigated. at the federal courthouse in brooklyn, meg baker, cbs 2 news. added pressure tonight on governor cuomo to positive a new tunnel under the hudson river. it follows massive delays in the existing tunnel shared by amtrak and new jersey transit. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer with the latest on the cross hudson connection. >> reporter: there are some cases when it might be better to write a letter than send t take governor andrew cuomo's letter to the "new york times" taking issue with its demand he get on board construction of a new rail tunnel under the hudson river. cuomo insisted he supports the tunnel but the primary obstacle is the federal commitment to fund it, he wrote, adding that washington's only offer so far of a partial loan is not a viable financing plan. the let provoked a strong response the feds saying cuomo is wrong several sources saying cuomo was promised both grant money and low-interest loans. the grant money which would be
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billions could come from the government's new starts program among others, sources say. cuomo fired back in the late afternoon phone call to cbs 2. >> i only wish that that were true. we're now in this bureaucratic maze where the federal government is saying one thing, different governments are saying different things. the only thing they have offered is a loan. thank you very much. but it's not enough. >> reporter: senator charles schumer also getting into the act suggesting that governor cuomo and new jersey governor chris christie set up a public corporation to build the tunnel. this public corporation with fastrak planning and design and provide a pathway to pull down the billions in federal sport needed to build this tunnel, said a schumer spokesman. this as commuters complain about the constant and massive delays caused by aging equipment and tunnels also damaged by superstorm sandy. the backups causing this couple to take precautions before boarding today. >> we were saying let's make sure we have water and snacks just in case.
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so we are preparing for the worst. >> do it now. do it now. >> reporter: meanwhile, sources say building the tunnel is viewed as a national priority it will be eligible for large federal grants. the feds have already paid $500 million for planning and design for parts of the project including the tunnel and a new portal bridge. a very bold robber has residents of a long island condo complex on edge. as cbs 2's carolyn gusoff reports, victims say the thief sneaks right into their homes, even when they are inside. >> sleeping on the couch here. >> reporter: retired carpenter charles muller sleeping on his couch last thursday says he awoke and noticed his cell phone, cash and even some food missing. >> this window was ajar about that much. >> reporter: he then saw his back door open and outside, a chair propped up to allow aburg floor rip through a screen to climb through the kitchen window.
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>> i think it must be somebody who needs a fix and needs cash and, you know, they just -- they don't care. >> reporter: police say in the last two weeks, a single burglar has broken into three homes and attempted to break into four more in the whispering pines complex just off the l.i.e. in yaphank. one neighbor caught is your suffer the prowler but so far police are not releasing the video as they caught surveillance video of the prowler. >> i saw a young kid couldn't see the face because he had a hood on. >> reporter: kelly watts viewed the surveillance video after the burglar tried to get through her kitchen screen only to find she locked the window. watts says the burglar relies on his cell phone light. >> cell phone was used to show light on the screen of the back door to see if he could get in. >> reporter: neighbors suspect the burglar is someone from the condo complex and knows his way around. unable to sleep charles muller has armed himself with a heavy walking stick and says other neighbors have firearms if he ready. >> it could be tragic for that
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person if he picked the wrong house. believe plea. >> reporter: police advise against confronting the burglar. >> that includes leaving the home and trying to call 911 or alerting a neighbor. a mother's social media post could cost her custody of her little boy. how ex-es are trying to use facebook against each other in court. >> back to school clothes, supplies, and eye exams. why doctors say now is the time to test your child's vision. plus this. >> before i joined this nine years ago, i had never played a sport in my life. >> a hidden oasis in central park reserved for lawn bowling. we'll show you how it could be the next new thing. lonnie quinn now. >> all right. coming tomorrow will be a change in our weather pattern and i think it's a change you will enjoy. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and coming up on the "cbs evening news" another wild ride on wall street. norah o'donnell is in for scott pelley tonight. hi, norah. >> hey, good evening to you, dana. that's right. and you have been reporting it
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was another big loss for the stock market today so we are following the developments and we'll look at one economic sector that is heating up so some good news, as well. >> find out what it is. that's all ahead here on the "cbs evening news." in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick
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and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us. mjhs. caring every minute, every day.
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coast guard searching for a boat that might have sunk near sandy hook. joe biermann live in chopper 2 over the scene. joe. reporter: dana, this all started with a witness reporting to the coast guard that a 40-foot fishing boat sunk just north of sandy hook. this is actually the lower new york bay. there's a massive search under way. boats, helicopters from the coast guard, nypd aviation, new jersey state police, all searching to put divers in the water. there has been some limited debris spotted. but like a life ring and a water cooler, nothing that ties it to a missing boat north of sandy hook. it's all prompted by one telephone call. you can see the amount of emergency equipment that has responded to the lower new york bay to possibly locate a missing boat. live in chopper 2, cbs 2 news. a groundbreaking ruling
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that changes of future of custody battles in new york. a judge in westchester is allowing a father to use his wife's facebook profile as a weapon. it will prove he says she was out of state while she was supposed to be raising their 4- year-old boy. >> i think it's going to demonstrate that mom traveled the world and outside of state leaving the de facto custody of the child with the father. >> looking at facebook is not going to show you anything. so she takes a pictures of herself in a restaurant. the child is not in the picture. that doesn't mean the child wasn't there. >> the judge ordered antoine to hand over all of her facebook posts by september 14. the couple split after five years of marriage. an extra back-to-school assignment for parents. make sure your child gets an eye exam. according to the american academy of opthalmology there are important ages for vision checks when children are first born preschool and then every one to two years during kindergarten through 12th
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grade and especially when the children hit puberty and before college, as well. vision problems can hinder how well your child reads or comprehends in the classroom. from eye cams to math tests, your child's success in math could depend on how well you keep your cool. a university of chicago study found first and second graders did worse in math when they got homework help from parents who were anxious about the subject. experts advise parents to stay positive, show your children the importance of math in their daily lives in everything from counting change to calculating when dinner is ready. a sport in central park has been played in the heart of the park for nearly a century and it's something new yorkers don't even know exists. cbs 2 emily smith shows us what lawn bowling is all about. >> reporter: tour guides and pedicab drivers have been known for telling folks that the new york lawn bowling club is an exclusive clique for millionaires but it's open to anyone.
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off of west 69th street in central park, you find a bowling green which by definition is a finally laid stretch of lawn for bowling. it's been around for about 90 years in new york city yet it's referred to by its 100 members as the best kept secret in new york. >> i think central park has an oasis here that not many people know about. >> the vice president of the central park new york lawn bowling club for attire he says weekend tournament members wear white. during the week there is no dress code. for equipment, you use a roughly 3.5 pound ball supplied by the club if you don't happen to have your own set of four. before you bowl, you roll the white ball known as a jack to mark the spot. to roll the ball properly, you need a combination of finesse and speed. i gave it a try clearly falling short of the jack. in the end, it's about who is closest to the jack. a game with more similarities to bocce than bowling. >> you don't have to be a
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sportsman. before i joined this club nine years ago, i had never played a sport in my life. >> reporter: so next time you're walking through central park, peek over the fence. >> will they teach you how? >> they will teach you how. >> look at that. i had no idea. >> been here since 1926. >> it's an old sport but not necessarily an old person's sport. suitable for most anyone looking for a genteel experience in central park. emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> to join the new york lawn bowling club it costs $105 for the season, which runs from october and includes a clubhouse locker. lonnie quinn with nice weather keeping our grass green, rain on the way? >> well, you know what? i don't really see rain. and today we were talking about the chance for rain out there especially early this morning for some of you but not for everybody. same thing right now. what we see over central park, the skies look nice. you got to refer to that as partly -- i'd say mostly sunny. there are a couple of clouds.
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i know you see them at the top of the screen but all in all that's a good-looking picture. again, 85 degrees. today's high 90. that gives us 12 days of 90 degrees. i don't see it tomorrow. brilliant sunshine out there. less humidity because the winds are going to shift north- northwest and it's going to cap the temperatures and it's going to be the humidity way down because today were you 90 degrees with the humidity it felt like 93 in the city. vortex satellite and radar, we're not void of moisture. the front is making its way through the area. this is actually the front right here. this little bit of cloud cover here around the twin forks that's a little bit of residual moisture behind it. a little bit after shower out there right now in portions of northern westchester and putnam county that's about it. i'll keep in a chance for a little rain tonight. for your day tomorrow i don't see it happening. this low pressure system is going to be pushing primarily to the north. it could push through a few morning clouds and then it will be nice looking sunshine out there. it's not just going to be for
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tomorrow. >> your day tomorrow about 84 degrees. you're going to feel the change. trust me on that. thursday 82. another good-looking day. friday 83 degrees. and now we get to saturday and sunday, now we start, you know, dialing it up a bit. it's going to be hot. about 87 degrees on saturday. 88 on sunday. humidity goes up as well for the weekend. so sort of feels like beach like out there. and then you get to monday and that's where we start talking about another chance for wet weather but all in all, we need some rain and didn't pick up too much. >> all right. thank you. otis livingston is next. he is talking football. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living
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their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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here's otis with a big night for the mets. >> reporter: as if they needed an injection of energy the mets got a huge dose yesterday captain wright returned to the line-up and made an immediate impact. >> hit deep to left field! this one is going a long way. [ applause and cheers ] >> holy smokes! the captain is back!
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he hits one into the upper deck. in left field! ! unbelievable! >> holy smokes! [ laughter ] >> wright said at the beginning. game the emotions got to him but he was careful not to pull a wilmer flores and begin to crime. wilmer had a huge night couple of home runs part of a met explosion. eight homers as a team on the night. that's a franchise record and they become the first time in major league history to have their first 7 batters homer at least once. the mets hammered the phillies 16-7. the tone was sent by the captain's comeback. >> you think of different scenarios and you think of your first at bat and what's it's going to feel like and keeping your emotions in check. i can't remember if i have ever been part of an offensive game like that. everyone was hitting it heart and have good at-bats. this team seems like it's on a mission. i'm glad to be part of it. >> it's as if the yankees were asking the mets can you spare a couple of runs? struggling against the astros last night scoreless into the
6:25 pm
bottom of the 9th when carlos beltran comes through with the walkoff sac. fly. the yankees pulled even with the blue games. nova starts tonight. finally the guys from the nfl today had their annual media day to get us pumped up for the 2015 season. the new set will have all the bells and whistles including a floor-to-receiving monitor which on this occasion features the jets' antonio cromartie. james brown and the analysts won't be anchored to the set. they will unveil it september 13 and culminates with what should be the highest game in television super bowl 50. >> just a magic number. so people are going to want to go. >> i got to play in one. won two super bowl rings so to be part of this whole festivities, and then to call the game, it's just awesome >> super bowl 50, that says it all. it's gold. >> it certainly is. and you know what? i was going to say jim nantz when you hear that voice it's
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football season but he is the man for all seasons, basketball, golf it doesn't matter. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> thank you. we'll be right back. >> closed captioning on cbs 2
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i'm maurice dubois in the cbs 2 newsroom. tonight at 11 a wasp problem in brooklyn neighborhood. neighbors say their calls for help are going unanswered and are concerned for their safety. >> also tonight, stranded on the subway! a dog discovered under a seat. we are talking to the mta worker who saved the animal's life. we have that plus all the news at 11. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. the news is on at 9:00 on tv 10/55. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," donald trump in iowa lobbying new information for fellow republicans and a fox news anchor. norah o'donnell is next. good night. captions by: caption colorado


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