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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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helicopters and dive teams converge on the sandy hook channel after reports of a sinking fishing boat. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. >> and i'm maurice debois. the coast guard with the new jersey state police and nypd and fdny searched the sandy hook peninsula for 2 hours. dave carlin with the latest on the story. >> reporter: maurice and kristine, the exact location of the fishing vessel remains a mystery despite the long hours of searching with the highest tech equipment. divers went into the channel as the rescue teams searched from above. the search began at 4:30, p.m.
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a the sighting of a sinking shrimp. the captain of another boat said he clearly saw the vessel going under. >> there's been a search underway. all are searching. >> reporter: rescuers arrived only to find small clues on the surface. a life ring, and this cooler. before sunset, we saw an oil slick that could have been from a boat in distress. divers finished for the night, and then the search relied on side scan sonar. ryan and his pushing buddies watched the massive operation unfold. >> all the ambulances and everything, and then we started to see the boats and the helicopters out on the water. we did talk to a guy, a guy and his wife, who saw the boat go down, a fishing boat, but it
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was too far off to see anything. >> it's tragic. nothing good about it. >> reporter: new jersey state police just said the search is suspended for the night, and they will start up again in the morning. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. federal invest gay res raided today calling it an international online prostitution ring, catering to men. they removed box from the 5th avenue officers and the alleged ring leader talked to reporters. >> reporter: jeffrey harant walking out of federal court in brooklyn today, charged with promoting prostitution and money laundering, the takedown of his social networking website where members pay to list and buy services. >> 230 years we have been doing
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it, and i don't think we do anything to promote prostitution. we do good anythings nor if good people and bring people together. >> reporter: ring of seven current and former employees in the largest ring to ever be busted. computer services were carried from the office at west 114th street, and the company raked in $110 million. >> this website overtly advertised its as much ass. >> reporter: doorbell had a fake name, easy rent systems, and neighboring businesses had no idea what was really going on next door. >> i'm shocked! >> i mean it's next door. working through the night! it's ridiculous. >> reporter: as of tuesday night, can't's website and
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twitter page, with over 20,000 followers were still running. each person is facing a fine and time in prison. the charges could be upgraded as the investigation continues. more losses today on wall street as stocks had the biggest one-day reversal since 2008. the closing bell down 204 points, but earlier in the session, it had been up 441 points. the nasdaq falling 19, and the s&p shedding 25. stockbrokers expecting more of a wild ride in the days ahead but said you should hang on. >> markets fundamentals, here in the u.s. market are still strong. i would definitely stay in the market whatever you do. >> the dow has lost 1700 points over the last four sessions. a confrontation on the
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campaign trail for donald trump. >> mr. trump -- >> excuse me, sit down, you were not called. sit down! sit down! >> go ahead. >> i have the right. >> , no you don't. you haven't been called. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> go back to univision g. with that jorge ramos was escorted from the trump went in ray. in june trump filed a $500 lawsuit against univision after the network dropped his pageant and that followed his controversial comments about illegal immigrants. a subway conductor feared for him life after three transit workers were assaulted in three different locations. the mentally ill and street criminals road the subways, and the employers need or rather protection.
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the j. train was operated on saturday night on the lower east side when he says a passenger suddenly hit him. >> he hoped the door and just punched me in the face. >> reporter: he didn't say anything? >> he said what are you going to do? he just punched me. when he punch med, three others tried to assist me, and he punched them also. >> mta is working to catch the suspects in all three cases. an update on yesterday's bus crash in queens. the driver who cut in front of the bus make a right turn on wood haven boulevard was issued a summons that caused the bus to slam into a building, and cell phone video yesterday showed the bus driver spined inside of his wrecked bus, surrounded by bricks. an elevators mechanic died today falling four stories down a shaft at a hell's kitchen
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construction site. the boards gave away, and the man fell, and two city council members say the site's general contractor, brf construction has already been fined for a safety violation at the scene on 9th avenue. a new jersey house keeper is accused of cleaning out more than just dirt. she was arrested last week after a customer in old bridge reported missing jewelry. police say she stole from customers' homes, and they found missing pieces at local pawnshop and traced it back to morales and in the process recovered more. her son told alice gainer his mother is taking the fall for someone else. >> she hired an undocumented person to work with her. >> reporter: it wasn't your mother? >> it wasn't my mother. >> reporter: bail for morales was set at $50,000. there's a buzz at a brooklyn neighborhood, and
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residents are not happy about it valerie castro with more there diker heights on the worries over wasps. >> they do in and come out and go in and a come out it's very depressing. >> reporter: maryjane is not happy about her recently discovered neighbors. >> i don't want to kill them. i want them moved to where they belong. >> reporter: wasps built two nests on this tree on the sidewalk. the larger of the two the size of a basketball. >> we need to do something, and the quicker it can happen the better. >> reporter: a block party is scheduled here for saturday. she is worried the wasp the may be attracted to the food and may get agitated. >> if they come down and attack people, no one will have a good time. i don't want the children to get hurt. >> reporter: shes a her calls are too easily dismissed, and
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the whole thing left her on the verge of tears. >> she called also, animal control, 311, and we get the same answer from everybody. >> reporter: 311 said -- >> they are going to send me an application. i haven't got tennessee yet. i pay my taxes and everything, and i don't get no respect. it's very hard to swallow. >> reporter: neighbors say she is rightfully concerned. >> it's scary. i don't want to come out. >> reporter: we reached out to 311, and they suggested she ask the parks department for help, and the nypd said they will look into the complaint but said they have no record of her calling in diker heights, brooklyn valerie castro, cbs 2 news. france said the suspect in the train attack last week was armed for a massacre. he was let's led into the french court building today, and he watched a jihadi video
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on his phone moments before pulling out his assault rifle. many are being hailed as heroes. one of them, anthony sadler arrived back in the u.s. today. first in oregon and then back to his home in sacramento, california. an apparent air traffic control error that may have led to a deadly crash. >> just take it down. >> that's the closest, is that correct? >> a fiery crash after a pilot in trouble was told to land on a runway that no longer exists. a dog left behind on the 6 train, and saved by an mta worker. the owner nowhere to be found. could a custody fight over kids come down to facebook? the battle breaking legal ground. more than $1 million in damage after this punch.
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. go on kitty, kitty... an air traffic control error may be to blame for this deadly crash on long island. evidence has surfaced that the pilot was directed to land at the side of an airstrip that was shutdown 25 years ago.
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it's a startling development in the crash that killed a pilot who desperately needed a place to land. jennifer mcloaiza -- mclogan with the story from hicksville. >> reporter: the pilot with engine trouble crashed less than a half mile away. the 59-year-old pilot was killed when his small plane slammed into long island railroad tracks in hicksville, near south oyster bay road. audio of the conversation was recorded by a website tracking aviation activity. >> take it down. >> it's at 10:00, and it's at 5 miles, beth page, if you want to try that one. i just know there's a runway there, 11:00 and a mile and a half. >> reporter: radio contact was then lost.
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it's unclear if the controller gave the directions based on personal knowledge or federal aviation records. >> we are confused on trying to get the facts ourselves to feel peace, and if i-misguide -- if he was misguided, it was tragic for all of us. >> reporter: the pilot said he could not restart his engines and unable to see the bethpage strip. it was closed in 1990 and now a mix of light industry and residential homes. >> the pilot should have up-to- date maps and the control consider advise on wind direction and things like that. >> reporter: it's up to the pilot to safely land the plane? >> 100%. >> reporter: he landed here to fly a friend to new jersey, and the sole passenger survived. he and the air traffic controller are now being interviewed by the ntsb. from west hampton, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news.
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an mta worker so hoping to find the owner of a dog left behind on a number 6 train. last tuesday this little guy was found in a carrier under a seat near the 143rd street station in the bronx. an mta worker took the dog to the aspca hope leg had a chip, but he i didn't. the mta worker says she has officers for overs to give the dog a home. a ground breaking ruling that could change the future of custody battles in new york. a judge in westchester is allowing a father to use his estranged wife's facebook profile to try to get custody of their home. anthony d' martino says his wife's facebook will show she was traveling the world when she was supposed to be raising their son. >> it left the de facto custody to the father. >> looking at facebook will not
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show you anything. she takes a picture of herself at a restaurant and the child is not in the picture, that doesn't mean the child was not there. >> reporter: judge ordered her to hand over all her posts by september 14th. this call me caitlyn costume is sparking outrage online. 5400 people have signed a petition against it. despite the absence online, the retailer will continue to sell it. a spokesperson said "we create a wide range of costumes that are often based on celebrities, public figures and superheroes. caitlyn jenner is all of the above, and our costume reveals just that. watch this 12-year-old boy
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trip, and his hand accidently punctures the ain'ting -- the painting that is 350 years old. organizers fear the damage is permanent. prior to the accident, the painting was worth about $1.5 million. that is a big oops! >> tough break. >> we will see how he quickly turns around. anybody see that? >> the camera doesn't blink, son. tough break! a boy being a boy. lonnie is talking about the hot one and beyond. >> it will be cooler into the day tomorrow. and i think the forecast we see tomorrow will go for the next day and next day. it's the whole weather change around here, and a live look outside, and temperatures, 60, 70s temperatures well north and west, and this is interesting. the rain fall numbers reported, we did have rain earlier in the morning, and mostly it was pretty much on the light side. but you did have an inch around poughkeepsie, but i'm going to check into that one.
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most everybody was picking up a tenth to .3. and around, what did i see? half an inch? i think the poughkeepsie number it may be a little out of the realm, but i can't say that for sure. john you could have had a cell in your area putting those numbers down. the morning hours, some of you had it, and some you didn't have it mostly clear now, hitting the 90-degree mark. 8degrees above the average. for tomorrow, you're not going to find 90 degrees, high of 84. brilliant sunshine. pretty-looking day, and the the humidity will drop. dropping significantly. okay, the front we had through the area now, offshore, and around block island, we had thunderstorms that developed, and we didn't see too much in our area, except earlier this morning, the bigger picture will show you the air mass is going to be a beauty. the air mass should go up and over the area, but it could
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push clouds over the area, and then a quick trip to the tropics, checking in on what was danny, and now a remnant storm of winds 20 to 25 miles an hour. erica is following in the wake, and erica is allowed to possibly develop, and that's how the national hurricane weather system sees it it travels over the mountainous terrain, and it's kept down to a tropical storm force strength, and then hurricane strength close to the florida coast. we will watch that one very, very closely ea. cross the board, 84 on wednesday, 82 on thursday. beautiful out there saturday and sunday, the temperatures are warmer. temperatures approaching the 90- degree weather again. nice run of weather, especially starting tomorrow. >> all right, thank you. >> otis livingston is back with sports.
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we will be right back. time for sports with otis livingston. >> the mets are certainly on a roll, winning four straight. they pounded out 49 runs, including the win over the phillies last night, and they wasted little time playing long ball tonight. the second batter in, the 2-run
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shot, and that's the mets up 2- 0, and noah syndergaard looking for his first road win ever, coming up big at the plate. he drives in travis darno to give them the lead, and syndergaard would give it back in the 3rd, allowing two 2-run homer. and phillies take the lead, but syndergaard finishes strong, and they are going to get howard swinging into the 5th. pinch hitting for syndergaard. the comebacker for the final out, and that's a 4-out save, the mets win the 6th straight. oh what a difference a day makes it took the yankees until the bottom of the 9th to score the only run of the game. the top of the 1st, and the yankees unfortunately didn't get an invite. and kobe rasmuss with the fly
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ball to center, and he tries to make up with the dive and makes it worse. that's credit for the rbi triple. the astros up 2-0, and luis doubles the lead to the 2-run double off the bottom of the wall, and the next batter, gonzalez with the single to right, and the astros putting up 5 runs with 2 out in the 1st, and talk about clutch. the yankees down 5-0 in the 5th. that's the 2-run shot off nova. that would end nova's night. things got so bad, infielder brian ryan pitched 2 innings. the yankees get hammered 15-1. rutgers will be without in m familiar faces in a couple of weeks, and that could include
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five players have been suspended for curfew breaks, and coach flood is under an investigation for contacting one player. guys at the nfl today are certainly ready for football. they held their annual media day, and they also revealed some of the new changes to the studio, including the xs and os section and the floor-to- ceiling monitor that has antonio casting a large shadow. the season will be capped off in february for what should be the highest rated sporting event in history. superbowl50. >> people want to go, and i got to play in one. to be part of the festivities, the festivities and then to call the game, it's just awesome.
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thank you for joining us tonight. >> in an hour. the late late show with james corden. >> for the entire cbs 2 team have a great night. >> good night.


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