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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 26, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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social media twist. >> in all my years prosecuting felonies, specifically murders, i have never seen anyone post or live tweet the actual murder. it goes to his frame of mind. many people would argue he was temporarily insane. i would argue he had a desire to be known, to be seen, to be noticed. >> reporter alison parker's family shared this statement, quote, today, we received news that no family should ever hear. our ambitious, smart, engaging, beautiful, and talented alison was taken from the world. this is senseless and our family is crushed. next, the love story. both victims were in new relationships. alison had just moved in with one of her on-air colleagues.
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anchor chris hurs. he posted photos of them together and tweeted, quote, we didn't share this publicly, but alison and i were very much in love. we were together almost nine months. it was the best nine months of our lives. adam ward had done some sports reporting. he was engaged to morning news producer melissa ott who watched it all unfold. it was her last day on the show. she was about to start a new job in charlotte, north carolina, and ward was going with her. recently she had participated in a makeover segment. in his final moments, ward may have captured critical evidence. >> as he dropped the camera, the last image that he captures in life is that of his killer. >> and we're learning more about the deceased gunman vester flanagan. station and went by the name bryce williams. >> after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him.
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and he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> he's had some conflict with both of his victims. and i think someone who then posts that on social media wants everyone to know just exactly how hurt and angry and disgruntled he is. >> hollywood offered condolences. ellen tweeted, sending love. sofia bush posted she was shocked and horrified. and piers morgan called the crime horrendous. >> most certainly our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody affected by this horrible event. take a look at this picture posted today of alison's boyfriend holding a photo album. chris actually gave her the album for their six-month anniversary. the couple planned to fill it with photos of their life together. >> i spoke with one of alison's family members. they said she loved the news and was devoted to her profession. they really just can't make sense of it all. i was a former local news camera man, same age as adam when he died. this kind of thing hits so close
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to home. it is such a senseless tragedy. new developments with 19 kids and counting star josh duggar. he has checked into rehab and now an adult film star stepped forward claiming when josh cheated on his wife, it was with her. >> hi, everybody. i just wanted to say hi. >> danica dillon alleges she had sex with josh on two separate occasions. both times while his wwfe anna was pregnant with the couple's fourth child. dillon, a 28-year-old adult film star told in touch magazine duggar first approached her at a strip club where she was performing in mid-march. >> he showed up and told her, i'm a fan, i followed your work for years and then offered to pay her $600 for lap dances. and then proceeded to ask her for sex and said he would pay her $1,500. she agreed and he came to her
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hotel. this was consensual sex. everything turned violent. she was terrified of him. in the end, he dropped $1,000 on the table and walked out the door. >> josh duggar's entered rehab reportedly for sex addiction. his parents issued a statement. we are so deeply grieved by our son's decisions and action. his wrong choices have deeply hurt his precious wife and children. >> danica feels that anna should leave josh and she believes that other women will come forward. this is just the beginning. >> there is more. josh's sisters are parts of a new documentary and they address being molested by their brother. it's all part of breaking the silence this sunday on tlc. last night in los angeles, taylor swift kept her streak alive of bringing super stars up on stage. and only taylor can make it happen night after night after night. that is girl power and that is what we're celebrating in tonight's quick hits.
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>> taylor's latest power play, a duet with john legend last night at l.a.'s staple center. caption quote, night four and john legend showed up. it was perfect. thank you. if that weren't enough, back in st. vincent, cara delevingne's girlfriend showed up for a jam session. now for a new hollywood dream team. >> she's the coolest chick you'll ever meet. >> that is amy schumer sharing her love for j law. the two have vacationed together. now they're writing a comedy to star in together. jennifer tells the "new york times" that after e-mailing schumer about how much she loved "train wreck" the two became fast friends. saying quote, we started e-mailing and then e-mailing turned to texting. we really hit it off to say the at least. and finally, some hard hits. >> super excited. >> ronda rousey isn't pulling any punches when it comes to floyd mayweather. >> he said you make $300 million a night, give me a call.
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i'm actually the highest paid ufc fighter and i'm a woman. i think i actually make two to three times more than he does per second. >> the ufc champ's last night ended in a knockout 34 seconds in. with a $230,000 purse it comes out to over $6,000 a second. ronda might want to check her math. mayweather's single night earnings come out to $140,000 a second. not that she's worried, though. >> when he wants to read and write, he can text me then. >> that's fighting words there. all right. you cannot add more girl power into one picture than this. take a look. melissa mccarthy posted this shot of the all female ghost busters cast standing alongside all of the women also working on the movie. and there is going to be a lot of girl power on television. we already have taraji. juliana and viola. now get ready for prianca. she's one of our breakout stars of fall tv. >> we've actually named you one of our fall breakout stars. >> awesome. i'm so excited. thank you.
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>> some call her the angelina of india. already a bollywood star. she's a former ms. world, guess model and she's reported music with pit bull. now she's taking over american screens as fbi agent alex parish. abc's quantity co-. >> indian people have always been put into a box, a stereotype of what we should be like. i love that she has this smart intelligence and she's like the female jason borne. >> they pushed beyond our limits to see if we'd crack. >> how many push-ups can you do? >> i'm thinking like 11. >> our next, jake mcdorman. he's a humble texan in person. but a total macho man who can use the full extent of his brain. he's on cbs's limitless. >> you're going to have as much as you need. >> before we get started, "e.t." named you one of your breakout stars of the fall tv season. >> no, way. did you really? thanks, guys. i appreciate that. >> you first met jake starring
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alongside bradley cooper in "american sniper." and when bradley wanted to do a tv series based on his limitless movie, well, he knew mcdorman was his man. >> bradley is the executive producer. >> another guy set to break out is josh peck. he stars as john stamos' lost son in "grandfather". >> how did the date go? >> have you ever been on "entertainment tonight? >> i am now. and it's outstanding. >> he's the king of comedy on vine. ten years ago, josh was a star on "drake and josh. now 28, he's all grown up. dropping more than 100 pounds of baby fat. >> there were moments in which i ate my feelings. for the most part, i think i was like many teens, figuring it out and not necessarily totally comfortable with myself at times. i look back pretty fondly now. >> being comfortable in your own skin. always most important. we have big tv news for you
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tomorrow. we are going to be at disney land to exclusively announce the next two celebrities who will be on dancing with the stars. coming up, steven tyler has gone country. we're behind the scenes as he hits the set of nashville. >> lord have mercy. >> and she judged others on what not to wear. inside stacey london's own story being bullied for her looks. >> i will always have some form of body dysmorphia. >> we've got that and a bunch more. >> stay with us, everybody. closed captioning provided
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"nashville." steven actually plays himself on the premier. it's september the 23rd on abc. only we were behind the scenes where steven told us his biggest challenge is remembering his lines. >> i get nervous, i can't remember my name. for dream on. >> all the problems of a rock star. meanwhile on tv tomorrow night, the star we first got to know of co-host of what not to wear, stacey london. behind that fierce point of view is the pain she has never talked about until now. >> i think that i will always have some form of body dysmorphia. >> she's a style guru to millions of fans. being diagnosed at an early age with psoriasis was devastating for stacey. >> it was head to toe from the neck down red scales all over my body. i uld get bullied at school. >> london opens up about everything in her new tlc special, love lust or run and just tweeted about her new gig
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as a contributor on the view. while she's a natural at dishing out style tips, she says retail therapy can be therapeutic for her as well. >> i know what it's like to feel less than about yourself. and i can spot it now very quickly in other women. and the more i can be compassionate with them, truly they're giving me the gift because it's allowed me to be more compassionate with myself. >> very brave of her to speak out. i've always loved her fashion sense. here's something i'm very excited to tell you about. my new clothing line is coming out and i have given the first look. check that out. please join me tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. up next, exclusive video. nick gordon's emotional visit to bobbi kristina and mom whitney houston's graves. has many asking was this scene staged? >> she's in a better place than we are. then cindy crawford's private island summer retreat.
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it's good living. her husband or her kids. we go inside her charmed life
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welcome back, everybody. you ever wonder what it must be like to be one of the most famous super models ever, with two gorgeous children, a handsome husband? and celebrity friends like george clooney. well, it certainly must be good to be cindy crawford. >> so you look at the photo of cindy in her swim suit with her kids that want their their mom to be draped all over them. then you check out this one as cindy and randy with the pretty awesome abs none of us knew he was hiding and well, we just can't with all the perfection, right? we'll just hash tag this life gold.'s look at the 7 acre retreat they own. secretly want to hate them for literally having it all. but then you realize you can't because they're just so nice. after all, cindy is a for real,
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legit super model. the nice girl with a naughty body. even though she turns 50 next year, doesn't look a day older than that day "e.t." worked out with her back in 1991. >> as a model, i have a reputation for a very round body and i didn't want that to go away. i didn't want to be super skinny. >> the kids, they are look alike gorgeous and totally not spoiled. >> mother's day is this weekend. >> we got a few things planned. it will be fun. >> yeah. >> whatever i want, right? >> it's a day for you. >> whatever i want, right? >> they've got this cute photo bomber as a neighbor and one priority is giving back. >> one of the things that keeps them, yes, we have a great life and with that privilege comes great expectations. >> okay. come on, there's no way cindy looks like she's turning 50 next year. that landmark birthday actually
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prompted her to write a book. cindy says she wants to share some of her life lessons. "becoming" is due out next month. this month, i attended the funeral and burial of bobbi kristina. it was one of the saddest stories i have ever covered. nick gordon, the man some believe may have played a part in her death attended neither. he was banned. recently nick paid a visit to her grave site, right next to where whitney houston is buried. >> nick came prepared with red and pink roses and a folder filled with photos of him with bobbi kristina and whitney. the 25-year-old carefully placed them all on the grave site. after a few minutes, nick removed his sunglasses, wiped his tears and sat quietly. nick spent about an hour at the cemetery. he was somber, emotional, and sometimes he spoke softly.
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touching the plot where bobbi now rests in peace. but of course, this isn't nick's first time at the grave. >> the feeling is completely surreal. she's in a better place somewhere. >> back in october of 2012, nick went with bobbi kristina to visit whitney's burial site for the first time, eight months after she died. the entire houston family was there. >> i can't push myself to leave her. >> i just don't know how this happened. >> this is the hardest thing i'll ever have to encounter, ever in my life. >> the moment was filmed for the houston's lifetime docu series. details of nick's visit are in this week's national inquirer. while "e.t." obtained the video, we also have to question nick's motive. there are various camera angles, so it clearly looks staged. and we know gordon has set up other opportunities for the camera. he's the target of a wrongful
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death lawsuit and believed to be strapped for cash. >> nick has been there. nick has been my backbone. he's saved my life at this point. you know he's been everything for me. >> bobbi kristina and nick always made it seem like everything was okay in their relationship. but the details from the lawsuit make you question what happened behind closed doors. it's alleged that on january 31st, nick had been out all night on a cocaine and drinking binge. there was a 30-minute argument with bobbi kristina. he gave her a toxic cocktail and she was later found unresponsive in a bathtub with a swollen mouth and a tooth hanging. >> i have been drinking. i have been doing xanax. i've been sober besides that. mom, i would never hurt anybody. >> i know, i know. >> i love people. i love babies. everything. >> i know. >> my heart hurts. i have panic attacks. >> so these are the different faces of nick gordon. on dr. phil, broken, doing
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drugs. and having panic attacks. in the lawsuit, which nick's lawyers call a fictitious assault, he's portrayed as a violent man with a temper and an addict. at the grave site, nick is a lonely man missing the person he loved. the image is full circle. whitney, bobbi kristina, nick, and the tragedy of it all. >> it's not easy looking down at that ground and knowing that that woman you spent the past 18 years of your life with is gone. now, the family really has tried to move on and has had no contact with nick. i will tell you this. at the time of her death, bobbi kristina was hoping to clean up her life which included a possible stint in rehab and wanted to return to work. i'm told one of the last messages two family members said, she hoped to do it without
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nick. couch? find out on "e.t." online. >> travel consideration provided by -- time for us to go now. but remember you can always find entertainment news any time of the day on our website "e.t." online. >> we're out of here. before we go, check this out. >> welcome to asia. you're going to love it here. >> owen wilson and lake bell
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star in the intense new drama no escape which just hit theaters today. they play an american family trapped in a political uprising. owen and lake both welcomed new babies last year. so trying to keep your kids safe really hit home. >> when it's your children and
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