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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this is the most terrifying thing he ever experienced. he want to show you the motorcycle after he slammed into the guardrail, the impact was strong, surprisingly didn't have much damage, he flew over the front of it and wasn't prepared next. jason just had the scare of a lifetime. he spent the night in the hospital and he has the bandages to prove it. >> how are you feeling today? >> just good. i mean, you know, extremely sore, i feel like i got beat up and fell off a bridge. >> because that's exactly what happened. montoni was riding his motorcycle home from work in rutherford new jersey at 7:00 last night when police say a car in front of him swerved. >> hit the car, the car i guess pushed me to the right. >> police and paramedics rushed to the scene and his bike flew into the barrier, his impact so strong he flew over it into the river. >> did you think you were going to survive this?
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>> no. not at all. mind? >> what i did was panic, you're drowning, you know, it is a terrible feeling. a few seconds later the 29- year-old swam to a pillar on the bridge, held on for several minutes until rescuers pulled him to safety. >> i was extremely relieved, it was a good feeling knowing i was going to get out of this. >> after getting out of this he says he had an emotional reunion with his loved ones. >> my mother passed away in a car accident, i knew it was going to be extremely tough for my grandmother to get the call that i was in an accident, i really wanted to make it not only for myself, but for my family. such a scary situation. but montoni says this accident won't keep him off of motorcycles, he is ready to get a new bike and ride again. all right alana thank you. an early morning shooting left one person dead, three
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people hurt in brooklyn, police are searching for the person responsible. andrea grimes joins us with more. >> reporter: it is still a very active scene, the gunman and the man killed had an argument inside this lounge before the shooting took place, he was the intended target, the others shot were not. many neighbors say this is something they saw coming. >> shattered glass litters the sidewalk outside, inside, you can see furniture over turned as members of the nypd crime scene unit investigate, all of this, reminders of a deadly night at the buda hookkah lounge. police say someone open fire around 3:00 this morning in the lounge, shooting 4 people. 3 men and a woman, all of them in their 20s. one of the men shot in the head and torso, later died at the hospital. the others are expected to
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survive. >> i knew something like this would happen, see, that's what it is now. many neighbors like al bowen said they are not surprised the lounge turned into a crime scene. >> a lot of people, you know, fighting always being at it something always going on over there. this woman agreed, she did not want to be identified. >> i called and said something bad is going to happen. >> you told them something bad was going to happen. >> every night people fighting running into the street. 311 officials confirmed 10 noise complaints logged against this address since may. they say 311 referred the complaints to the nypd. and o'brien john says he does not believe the lounge deserves a bad rep.
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>> people said it is rowdy. >> no it is a crowd. police have not released the name of the victim who was killed or any description of for. we did reach out to the owner of this lounge but so far have not heard back. reporting leave this noon from prospect gardens, andrea grimes. new at noon investigators are trying to figure out what caused a partial building collapse on staten island. we are on the scene as firefighters inspected from anadjacent rooftop. happened before 10:00 on a construction site on vanpelt avenue. all of the workers have been accounted for no one was hurt. prosecutors say they arrested a man who brought two teenagers to new jersey to work as prostitutes. from fresno california, charged with human trafficking and sexual assaults investigating toes say they woman called authority, her niece and another girl were listed on
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social media as being as an elm wood park hotel, 13 and 15 years old. the shopping plaza where a tv crew was gunned down reopened in virginia. craig boswell says while people are moving on they say the victims of wednesday's ambush will not be forget. reopened for the first time since the murder of two young journalists. been a long two days, i was happy to get back here this morning. at the entrance to the shopping center well-wishers for alison and -- >> it hit me as soon as i hit the parking lot, 24 years old, prime of her life. some idiot takes her out.
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parker and ward werambushes at this spot during an interview, the two victims will not be forgetten. >> vester flanagan tried to make the get away with a gun, ammunition, additional license plates and a potential disguise, flanagan, a former reporter who went by the name of bryce williams later killed himself after a police chase. dozens gathered outside the cbs affiliate in roanoke for a stop the violence candlelight vigil as life slowly returns to normal, many home the deaths of these two young co-workers will bring some change. the governor of virginia is visiting staff at the tv station today next week a memorial service planned for adam ward, in lieu of the funeral parkers parents say they plan to hold a celebration of life with close friends and family in honor of their daughter.
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a memorial service for east harlem, 200 people gathered another memorial held by the federal protective service, the 53-year-old shot in the head while he stood watch at 201vvarick street. the gunman then killed himself. >> and a larger than life for pope francis, the team has been working on this 225 welcome message, it is going up in on eighth avenue and 34th street month. pope francis will be in new york on september 24th through the 26th address the u.n. general assembly, hold mass at madison square, we'll bring you complete coverage of all of his
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events here on cbs 2. the governor of florida has declared a state of new jersey emergency as tropical storm erika is approaching the united states, we're in west miami where the storm could make landfall. tropical storm erika hit puerto rico monday, the winds knocked down trees and power lines on the southern part of the island. the storm caused deadly flooding and mud slides thursday as rivers over flowed into the streets. the building collapsed as water crashed into its foundation, erika could intensify to a category 1 hurricane by the time it united states. >> this is where it gets tricky possibly a tropical storm monday morning and riding up
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the spine of the state of florida. declared a state of emergency for what could be its first hurricane in a decade. here a local concrete company is giving out free sandbags to residents as they prepare for tropical storm erika, residents are taking advantage of this more than 1,000 bags have been given out. >> just in case, getting ready because it says they'll come with water, lots of water. crews have been setting up pumps to keep the water from flooding miami's beaches. cbs news, west miami. meteorologists say the gulf state could be in jeopardy if the storm veers west. why you might soon need an id to buy your favorite drink. and authorities find bodies of adults and children in ab abandon van in europe. this 5-year-old has the
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sweetest reaction to his mom's pregnancy announcement. speaking of sweet, how long will this great weather stick around? it is the last weekend in august, going to be a hot one,
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numbers coming up. . new at noon, police in hungry have arrested 3 people in connection with the deaths odozens of migrants found
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inside a truck yesterday on austria's main highway. investigators say the victims likely suffocated inside the abandon vehicle, several children are among the dead, tens of thousands seek refuge in europe. a school is being dedicated in honor of a teacher who died in the school massacre, she was among students killed, renamed the honey shot house school victoria soto school, her mother posted this on facebook quote, vicky would plan for weeks and set up her classroom to perfection, she would have been so excited to meet her kids, life is not fair. a staten island lawmaker wants to ban the sale of over sized sugary drinks to minors, sites in part the ill-effects
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of sugar, the american beverage association says bans don't change people's behavior, they plan to go into south bronx to help residence reduce their daily beverage calorie intake by 20%. 12:14. hurricane katrina forced people out of their homes. 15 feet of water demolished this zoo, 10 years later, protecting the sanctuary. and could warm up into the 90s, john elliot has the
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details right after the break. . next dr. phil, she lost everything in vegas, blames her daughterring if being broke. do you even care about me? >> not now. today at 3:00 on cbs 2. tomorrow marks 10 years since hurricane katrina battered the gulf coast and it wasn't only people that needed shelter but threatened animals as well. shows us how a zoo had with the animals. you wouldn't know about looking at the animals at the alabama gulf coast zoo, that many lived through an extraordinary zoo. we are the only zoo in recorded
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history who ever scaled a full- fledged evacuation for a natural disaster. hours before hurricane katrina pushed 17 feet of water into the zoo. workers and volunteered loaded up animals. >> there was no choice. >> says she could never leave a family member behind. >> we love them. no other way to explain it. no different to me than my children. >> zoo director brought the ap malls to her farm, 22-miles inland, a decade later, she still worries about the next storm. every day when we're watching that news we've get a knot in our stomach. scientists are watching this coastline, the more time that goes by by. when a storm comes in, it
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will be that much more impactful in terms of flooding and damage. >> it is known as the little zoo that could, the staff is now trying to raise $15 million to permanently move to a safer location on higher ground. news. the little zoo that could. glad they are okay. there are new concerns about a tropical storm and we're going to turn it over to john elliot and find out about that and our weather as well. >> erika looks like heading more towards the west, we're going to be watching that in mississippi, alabama, of course the panhandle as well. good afternoon mary and chris, good afternoon to you too, we're watching great weather, weather watchers chiming 75 in ridge, 74 in long beach, 77 and cliffton, and tammi, beautiful skies there, eva, great day for golf. she sent this in from brunswick, we're also watching
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the barkleys today, i like this from charlie hofmann, beautiful. narrowsburg, the eagle capitol of new york. and that's the blimp over the beach. enjoy make sure you're watching those waves. nice and confidentable dew points nice and low. variable wind at 3, wind north and west and light relative humidity low. and there's that spread 66 to 78 on the big board. 77 for the jersey shore right now, this morning, yeah. you weren't imaging things we had readings in the 40s from jeffersonville, a hint of a change in the season but yeah we'll turn it around sunsets at 7:35 should be a nice one. if we hit 80 today.
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50 consecutive days, 80 or 80 plus. right now we're on track to go down in the books as the third warmest august and it is going to be warm as we work our way through the last weekend in august, but fall only 26 days away start raking now. one season sign to the season high dew points today tomorrow, sunday into monday very little early so make sure you're ready for that. show you the radar and the satellite, few clouds north and west a big ridge of high pressure what's interesting is expanding our focus to include blocking high right? well, it is going to keep us nice and dry and warm over the next few days, but then we're waiting to see how it will steer and director erika that will be the first and middle part of next week. looks great, there it is, it is on the green. nice today, warmer saturday and sunday. warm for the beach, particularly on sunday more
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clouds over head for your beach and mountain forecast on sunday with higher dew points, flirting with a heat wave you start to feel it tomorrow, heat and tuesday. >> looks like a nice weekend john, thank you. blueberries small in size but rich and flavor. today's tip of the day is local grown blueberries, they are a super food, loaded with nutritional value and taste so good, you only have to put blueberry muffin. wash them and eat them. make sure the darker the better this time of year they should be fairly good size the plumper the better check the bottom of the tray make sure it is free from any decay whatsoever that mean ifs there is water there, they'll start to decay, look for water or decay in the
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bottom of the tray. when you bring them home put them in the refrigerator enjoy them two or three days at the most. blueberries locally grown, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy, blueberry pancakes are back. after the break the cutest reaction you'll ever see. i'm going to be a new big brother! see the rest of his
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response to her pregnancy. . coming up on cbs 2 news at 5:00, a suspicious search, accused of molesting a passenger. and dining alone is it okay to talk on your cell phone? what about reading a book? experts weigh in, beginning at 5:00. 5-year-old british boy has the most precious reaction when he finds out he is going to be a big brother. you're going to be a big brother. >> is that your baby? is it in your belly? is it in there? >> yeah! it's about that small. i'm going to be a new big brother!
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saw the sonogram at first, he was puzzled but explained it was his future sibling, took awhile to sink in but let his future brother or sister sleep in his room, so cute! everything sounds better with an accent, doesn't it? so much more adorable with an accent. that's going to do it for us for the news team thanks so much for joining us. i'm mary calvi. have a wonderful weekend everyone. look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk.
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