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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  August 29, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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see you then. >> axelrod: tonight, a sheriff's deputy gunned down near houston. >> no apparent reason at all, no motive unknown, a callous individual. >> axelrod: law enforcement in texas now have a suspect in custody. migrant children found clinging to life as families are trapped at a train station with a ticket to nowhere. triple crown winner american pharoah is back on the track, but it is time to run away from horse racing. >> give me a kiss. >> axelrod: and pigs find a new pen after their adopted families learn the true size of a swine. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. at a gas station 26 miles northwest of downtown houston, a sheriff's deputy named darren night.
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the sheriff called it a cold-blooded execution, and the district attorney warned against "open warfare declared on law enforcement." tonight, a 30-year-old man named shannon j. miles has been arrestd and charged with capital murder. meg oliver has more. >> reporter: the arrest came less than 24 hours after the shooting. sheriff ron hickman says there was no clear motive. >> our assumption is he was a target because he wore a uniform. >> reporter: police say the atrocious attack happened fridays night under the bright lights of this gas station in houston. sheriff deputy thomas gilliland: >> the male suspect came up behind the deputy and shot the deputy multiple times. the deputy then fell to the ground. the suspect then continued over to him and shot the deputy again multiple times as he laid on the ground.
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>> reporter: 47-year-old harris county deputy darren goforth died at the scene. the 10-year veteran had just pumped gas. the sheriff called it absolute madness. >> i have been in law enforcement 45 years. i don't recall another incident this cold-blooded and cowardly. >> reporter: police tracked down this dark red truck and arrested miles. authorities believe he acted alone. >> miles is in the custody of the harris county sheriff's office. he does have previous criminal history that includes charges for resisting arrest, trespass, evading detention and disorderly conduct with a firearm. >> reporter: during the press conference, sheriff hickman zeroed in on the ongoing debate about police and the treatment of african americans. >> we've heard black live maerdz, all lives matter. well, cops' lives matter, too, so why don't we just drop the qualifier and say all lives matter.
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>> reporter: the deputy leaves children. i also learned it was always his dream to become an officer. jim, he was the oldest member of his graduating class at 37. >> axelrod: meg, thank you. the crush of migrant in places like syria nearly claimed the lives of three children. they're in critical condition tonight after becoming dehydrated while riding in a packed truck in austria hoping to find safety in europe. in neighboring hungary, charlie d'agata has a look at the despair and the distress. >> reporter: this is why desperate refugees here are risking their lives in the back of freezer trucks. it's the only way out for those stranded here at the train station, forbidden from boarding trains to germany. but syrian refugees like mohammed saleh, who didn't want to appear on camera, said hungarian police stopped him and further. he told us they left syria 17 days ago and have been living on the floor of the train station in budapest for days.
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the entire family, including seven children under five, were brought to a refugee camp. he said they were made to sign documents promising to leave hungary in 72 hours. but when they came here to board a train to munich, police stopped them dead in their traction. they have tickets for munich, but why aren't you letting them go? we went to the platform to see for ourselves, which is where we found syrian refugee swraim aand her two children, who despite having tickets were not allowed to board. >> not travel in deutsche land. it's not. it's go back in hungary. >> reporter: i just don't understand why they can't go. >> reporter: there aren't many answers in an unfolding tragedy that has seen thousands of refugees perish crossing deadly seas and battling barbed wire and border guards. the last leg of the journey was supposed to be the easy part, packing on to a chicken truck,
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seen as relatively low risk in comparison. mohammad told us now he has no choice but to rely on a smuggler, too, and so far, nothing has gone to plan. yesterday, his cousin's wife, phase agave birth to a baby girl right inside the train terminal. little serdan is doing just fine, staying at the local hospital for now, although, like her parents and her brother yezan, she has no place to call home. we questioned serdan's father about the wisdom of taking a nine-month-pregnant wife on such a treacherous journey, jim, and he said they just couldn't wait until the child was born. and, frankly, they thought they'd be in germany by now. >> axelrod: charlie d'agata covering for us tonight in budapest, thank you. tonight the state department is asking egypt to reconsider a judge's ruling against an al jazerra tv news crew. three of its journalists were sentenced to three years in prison today for what the judge says was broadcasting "false
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news "during the unrest in 2013. tropical storm erika is now breaking up as it heads for florida, but hurricanes are gaining strength on the other side of the country. eric fisher is chief meteorologist for our boston station wbz. eric, bring us up to date. >> well, jim, erika encountered a lot of wind sheer in the very mountainous island of hispaniola and it has been shredded apart, very disorganized. it will still bring an impact-- namely, very heavy rainfall. overnight, into sunday, monday, and tuesday, tropical downpours in florida. many areas seeing over five inches of rain because of these downpours. flood watch is out for all of central and south florida, and the flash flooding will certainly be the biggest issue here. to the pacific, unbelievable satellite picture. look at kilo, then we have ignacio, and jimena, all hurricane here's across the pacific. the closest to hawaii is ignacio, a category four hurricane, packing a punch tonight. this will track northwest of the
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islands but it will bing tropical storm-force winds to the big island where a tropical storm watch has been posted by the hurricane center. >> axelrod: and there's a big storm system, not tropical, but headlined to ia region of the country that could badly use some rain. >> in the northwest it's been so dry and so warm, we've got a potent area of low pressure moving in, something we'd see late fall or in the winter. 80-mile-per-hour winds on the coast of washington, and red flag warnings for wildfire growth potential. very strong wind continue tonight, will start to die down monday. jim, with all this, also a wetter and cooler pattern which those wildfires. it. eric fisher, thank you. a new poll out tonight shows trouble for presidential candidate hillary clinton. she's lost about a third of her support in a key battleground state. julianna goldman shows us how the democratic front-runner is taking hits from all sides. >> hillary clinton. ( applause ) ( cheers ) >> reporter: iowa caucus-goers
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generally view clinton favorably her support has dropped nearly 20 points over the summer. the poll shows vermont senator bernie sanders has nearly doubled his support sense may, trailing clinton by only seven points. vice president joe biden, who is deciding whether to enter the race, comes in third with 14%. but clinton is still the party's front-runner, and the focus of rival democrats as well as republican presidential hopefuls, like donald trump. >> when we're going to have victories. >> reporter: who after a fiery speech to tea party activists today attacked clinton for earlier this week comparing republican candidates' positions on women to those of terrorist groups. >> i thought what hillary clinton said about terrorists and republicans being terrorists was a disgraceful statement and she should take it back. >> reporter: clinton hasn't walked back those comments, and on fridays, she challenged the g.o.p. front-runner. >> trump actually says he would do a much better job for women than i would. now, that's a general election debate that's going to be a lot of fun.
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>> reporter: speaking at the democratic national committee summer meeting, clinton cast herself as the party's standard bearer, best fit to go up against the eventual republican nominee. but first, she needs to get the nomination, and a loss in iowa could be devastating to clinton who lost there to president obama in 2008. behind the scenes in minneapolis, clinton's campaign was working to build a firewall of support, inviting democratic leaders to exclusive meetings and a private speech by the candidate, but they could only go if they filled out this form committing to clinton. the poll also shows the controversy over clinton's private e-mail server isn't a very important issue for iowa caucus-goers. jim, that backs up what she's been saying on the campaign trail. >> axelrod: julianna goldman covering the campaign trail for us tonight, thank you. it was a solemn ceremony held in new orleans today on the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. as jazz musicians played, officials slowly made their way
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to a memorial for the dead where they laid a wreath. more than 1800 people were killed by the storm in louisiana and mississippi. more than a million people were displaced by the storm, and a decade later, some of them are still unable to return to their homes. as omar villafranca reports, it's not just a matter of 99 but red tape. >> reporter: while much of new orleans is almost back to what it was before the storm, 10 years after katrina, the lower ninth is still rebuilding. 64-year-old errol joseph is a lifelong resident of this community. >> everything was houses. >> reporter: a general contractor, he helped rebuild dozens of his neighbors' homes. >> i had somewhere to live. we were able to represent a house. so many people didn't have anywhere to go. >> reporter: years later, he is still frustrated by one final project-- fixing his own home. >> that was my mistake, working on different people's houses,
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getting them in place. >> reporter: how quick could you have had this place back up? >> when i had a lot of men working for me, within three months we would have been able to be in here. i gutted the house. >> reporter: it took four years after the waters receded for joseph to get the permit he's needed. he took his savings, insurance payouts and federal funds to begin rebuilding, but then, he says, inspectors told him he was not certified to elevate the house, and his federal money could be at risk if he continued. that meant more delays. four years later, after the "new york times" reported his story, he was finally allowed to continue, but only if he hired a contractor who was certified to elevate his house. but by this time, his money was gone. >> i'm in over $300,000-- i want to say debt, but that's what i owe people just about. >> reporter: the governor's office of homeland security and emergency preparedness told cbs news that there was a program error with mr. joseph's case and
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he was given incorrect guidance. going forward, it's our responsibility to help him and other home owners. today, with volunteer help from, the josephs are finally piecing together their home. the group has rebuilt 75 houses in the lower ninth ward. since katrina, almost 90% of residents have returned to new orleans, but in the lower ninth ward, less than 40% of the residents have been able to rebuild. alden mcdonald, jr., president and c.e.o. of liberty bank, says the high cost of rebuilding is a major factor. >> a lot of them are without homes today. priced out of their neighborhood but priced out of housing. >> reporter: errol joseph plans to move into his home in november but he hopes it doesn't take another 10 years for the neighborhood to come back. >> i don't worry about this house. i worry about this community, and showing the people what can happen. come on back. >> reporter: omar villafranca, cbs news, new orleans. >> axelrod: still ahead on tonight's cbs evening news, a
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for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3. >> axelrod: a shocker today. triple crown winner american pharoah was beaten by keen ice, a 16:1 underdog. was it one race too many? here's jericka duncan. >> while pharoah may have fallen short today, his fans remained loyal. an estimated 15,000 people-- >> i got goosebumps all over me. he's just gorgeous. >> reporter: some in tears. >> i just love him. >> brings people together. >> i just love him. >> reporter: packed the track fridays before the travers just to watch an ordinary workout by an extraordinary horse. >> i don't think we've seen a horse like him in our lifetime. >> reporter: charlie o'connor
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is sales director for ashford stud, a horse farm in kentucky, where pharoah will retire when he finishes racing at the end of the year. o'connor won't say how much the stud fees will be, but. >> he's going to have the pick of crop of good mares to breed. >> reporter: in some ways, pharoah is a victim of his own success, when he races and wins, current owner ahmed zayat, earns appearance fees in six figures, but o'connor's team which paid an estimated $15 million for breeding rights will cliekly clear $30 million a year when pharoah starts mating. there's an understandable eagerness to get him safely off the track without injury. >>, of course, we're nervous. every time we are around something special, i think you get nervous. your heart is in your mouth. >> reporter: o'connor says he's confident that trainer bob baffert's first concern is always pharoah's health. bafert considers himself
6:48 pm
treasure. >> feel like i'm protecting like states. i'm the secret service guy that makes sure nothing happens to him. >> reporter: american pharoah may be headed to kentucky sooner than expected. jim, "sports illustrated"" reports that pharoah's owners said his gut feeling is to retire the horse. >> axelrod: jericka duncan with news of a major upset in the world of horse racing. thank you. we have a tragic accident to report. one that has claimed the life of a young broadway star on the rise. >> kyle jean-baptiste, seen here in a backstage performance had just become the first african american ever to play john valled jean in a broadway production of "les miserables." he was also the the youngest. last night, jahn baptiste died after a fall fromaise fire escape of his mother's apartment. he was 21. up next, an air show tragedy before the show even begins.
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>> axelrod: today's new york ire show started with a moment of silence for a pilot killed yesterday while rehearsing for the event. it's just the latest in a series of air show tragedies. here's david begnaud. >> reporter: it was a breathtaking climb in the sky over hudson valley, new york. 53-year-old andrew wright was practicing for this weekend's new york air show when suddenly
6:52 pm
the tail section of his stunt plane appeared to break off, sending it into a nosedive. >> it was just a kind of a shock. >> reporter: ben granucci was photographing the show for an aviation news web site. >> time stood still for a moment, and i knew what was coming. >> reporter: the plane crashed into a wooded area, killing wright. the veteran stunt pilot shared his dizzying arbattics online. his death comes five days after an air show tragedy in england. a cold war-era jet crashed into a highway that was lined with spectators. at least 11 people died. the pilot was pulled out alive. two weeks ago, 32-year-old army sergeant corey hood was killed after parachuting from a plane at the chicago air and water show. already, there have been at least seven air show accidents this year, about the same number for all of 2014. these figures are lower than recent years. between 2010 and 2013, there
6:53 pm
were, on average, 11 air show incidents each year. granucci says even though there are risks, spectators will continue to attend air shows. >> man and his magical flying machine. this is a chance for them to see people do amazing things with an aircraft. >> reporter: it was a daring beginning with a devastating end. david begnaud, cbs news, miami. >> axelrod: good news for dodgers fans who will be able to pull up a chair and listen to vin scully for another taken. the team's longtime announcer confirmed he will, indeed, remain in the broadcast booth next year, and when i say long time, this will be his 67th season behind the microphone. he joined the brooklyn dodgers in 1950. vin scully is 87 years young. still ahead, the woman who welcomes messy roommates. these little piggies get a new start next. botox treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go.
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[ male announcer ] it's less of a race... yeah! [ male announcer ] and more of a journey. keep going strong. and as you look for a medicare supplement insurance plan... expect the same kind of commitment you demand of yourself. aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. >> axelrod: we close tonight with a home for unwanted pigs. some breeders tell tall tales to potential pet pig owners, insisting they will forever stay tiny, but they're pigs. here's carter evans with a pig rescuer who lets them live in hog heaven. >> reporter: the name of this five-acre sanctuary in southern california says it all-- lil' orphan hammies. >> i do love picion. i know their personality. i know their behavior. >> reporter: sue parkinson is
6:57 pm
swamped with pigs, all of them, she says, abandoned by people who were promised pets barely larger than a teacup. it's just hard to believe that this is a t.n.t. cup pig. >> yup, this is a teacup pig. >> reporter: when people buy a big like this, how big are they told they're going to get. >> 20, 20 to 40 pounds. they weigh? >> 120 to 140 pound. >> reporter: that's because pigs do one thing extraordinarily well-- they eat. and when they finish, they eat some more. how do you keep these pigs under 50 pounds? >> you don't. you starve them. >> reporter: parkinson says she sees that all too often, pigs underweight but still over-sized. and if they don't get food they need? >> a hungry pig is an angry pig. it's like a person on the diet, they're not hungry. >> reporter: that describes happy who grew from a hungry household pig to a 150-pound very happy pig who does anything he wants.
6:58 pm
even simple things like a trip to the vet become almost oh, gosh! i'm strong. i can't lift him up. if you think you're going to get a pig that behaves like a dog-- >> you're not. >> reporter: parkinson says too many pig lovers fall for the photos, and then reality sets in. >> i can't take every pig. my phone rings every single day. there are calls and e-mails, "can you take my pig?" i'm flooded with it. we all have our limits and we have to say no. >> reporter: still, she hopes for the day that her phone won't ring and that pigs won't come for in the end-- >> the dream of every rescue is to no longer be needed. >> reporter: carter evans, cbs news, solvang, california. >> axelrod: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. i'm jim axelrod in new york. and for all of us here at cbs news, thanks for joining us, and good night.
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